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BREAKING: KABOM!!. Speaker Paul Ryan tells confidants he will retire after 2018 midterms !!!. MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!…
Speaker Paul Ryan has redefined the word "complicit" to mean "Republican". Then he watched Trump support an alleged pedophi…
Speaker Paul Ryan is doing some “Soul Searching” about his political future and may leave Congress after 2018. Hey
Speaker Paul Ryan has had soul searching conversations about his future with friends, some of his close friends tell CNN. T…
Speaker Paul Ryan and current chair of the House Ways & Means committee, Kevin Brady, have kept the essent…
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Speaker Paul Ryan say Rep. John Conyers should resign from Congress as he faces…
President Donald Trump, Sen. Mitch McConnell, and Speaker Paul Ryan's attempted shaming of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck…
This is a blatant lie; one that was spewed earlier by Speaker Paul Ryan. If fear-mongering is necessary to pass the…
Republican majority leader and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan believe the women too. Just cause you bli…
House Speaker Paul Ryan calls for Roy Moore to drop out of Senate race in Alabama after accusations of sexual misconduc…
No Paul Ryan the voters will decide who is right and it was wrong close up. She would not be Speaker o…
House Speaker Ryan calls for Moore to drop out of Senate race. “He should step aside. No1, these allegations are credibl…
The liberal media continues to show their true colors. They need to just become a super pac for the DNC at this point.…
I really don't like Paul Ryan, but I would sleep better if Speaker of the House was followed around by a second nuc…
Paul Ryan is now trolling his constituents. Ryan is hosting another fake media event, but this time, he isn't even bot…
Speaker Paul Ryan announces House of Representatives to require sexual harassment training…
They need to follow the money with The machine needs to come to an end! . Rep. Jackso…
House Speaker Paul Ryan announced Tuesday that there will be a new mandatory anti-harassment and discrimination tra…
House Speaker Paul Ryan says Roy Moore allegations "are credible" and "he should step aside."
BREAKING: Speaker Paul Ryan says House to require lawmakers to get training to prevent sexual harassment.
House Speaker Paul Ryan orders mandatory sexual harassment training for all House members and staff
We just expanded our battlefield to target Speaker Paul Ryan in 2018, because no GOP seat should be safe next year -- not even th…
Speaker Paul Ryan touts the new GOP tax reform plan, saying it "will deliver real relief" to the middle class
Speaker Paul Ryan says the GOP tax plan will "deliver real relief for people in the middle"
You and Chris made the night for me, now go and tell coward Speaker Paul Ryan to ge…
WATCH: Speaker Paul Ryan roasts Donald Trump at the annual Al Smith dinner. Read more:
Speaker Paul Ryan actually had some pretty funny one-liners at the Al Smith Dinner in NYC tonight
His Sarah Palin joke was not half bad. Speaker Paul Ryan roasts President Trump at Al Smith dinner.
U.S. NEWS. Speaker Paul Ryan roasts Donald Trump at charity dinner – video | US news -
Speaker Paul Ryan: &prayers have been answered&for S... | At his weekly press briefing, House ... |…
Have you complained about Speaker Paul Ryan on a Government Plane? Have you complained about yourself? You are in a glass house.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Speaker Paul Ryan brought to tears as he embraces Steve Scalise, who is back on Capitol Hill, reports
Lou Dobbs on NY Talk Radio calls Speaker Paul Ryan a "Do nothing incompetent snake who is NOT supportive of President Trump
Speaker Paul Ryan: "The House has been more productive than any Congress in the modern era."
Speaker Paul Ryan on Daca: "President Trump was right in his decision. He made the right call."
Speaker Paul Ryan says President Trump “made the right call” by ending DACA
Do you believe Republicans should hold Speaker Paul Ryan accountable for his subversion of and his…
Speaker Paul Ryan's Approval Rating Plummets as He Fails to Deliver for President Trump - Breitbart
Nancy Pelosi just called on Speaker Paul Ryan to join the Democrats. Here's why...
READ AND SHARE: House Republicans feeling the heat back home includes Speaker Paul Ryan.
Speaker Paul Ryan is good at hiding from constituents. I guess that is what makes him an effective Republican Speaker
Republicans control the House and Senate yet Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) is not advancing national reciprocity. https:/…
hit the pretty hard, earning a very interesting email from Speaker Paul Ryan
Make Sen Lingsey Graham GOP leader of the Senate he make since unlike Mitch McConnell & Speaker Paul Ryan
Speaker Paul Ryan does'nt want 2 face his own people at home, because he…
Speaker Paul Ryan and Leader Kevin McCarthy arrive for briefing on shooting at congressional baseball practice this mornin…
Activist, Ironworker, life-long resident of Wisconsin, & running for Congress against Speaker Paul Ryan. - RBFC.
A standing ovation in the House for Speaker Paul Ryan as he proclaims: "An attack on an attack on all." https:…
Speaker Paul Ryan gave a statesmanlike powerful statement on the House floor speaking for all House members about the sho…
How cool! President George W. Bush & Speaker Paul Ryan surprised in Dallas to thank them for their service
I want to commend Speaker Paul Ryan on his powerful statement concerning today's
BREAKING: Speaker Paul Ryan on special counsel probe of Russia meddling: `Let Robert Mueller do his job'
BREAKING: Speaker Paul Ryan says FBI director needs to be independent, says Trump unfamiliar with protocol, `just new to this'
Speaker Paul Ryan says it's "obviously" inappropriate for President Trump to ask James Comey for his loyalty
Half of New Jersey 8th grade class refuses to pose with Speaker Paul Ryan.
Calling on Speaker Paul Ryan to bring H.R. 377 - Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act of 2017 House vote.
Speaker Paul Ryan signals he would still seat Greg Gianforte in the House if he wins Montana's special election
Speaker Paul Ryan says he doesn't agree with President Trump that former FBI Director James Comey is a "nut job"
Speaker Paul Ryan on Russia probe: “We’re going to do it the right way and follow the facts wherever they may lead” https:…
PICTURED: Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), holds his weekly press conference
Last week Speaker Paul Ryan visited & was greeted by protesters angered by the healthcare bill.…
Protesters in front of Harlem's Success Academy before Speaker Paul Ryan's planned visit.
Rep. Joe Kennedy III's message to Speaker Paul Ryan on repealing Obamacare
Speaker Paul Ryan tells members to not expect a vote on health care this week, per sources on afternoon call.
Rosie, to see Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitchell McConnell arrested…
Now comes Speaker Paul Ryan, still protecting his House Republicans from the political dangers of voting on war.
curious, what's ur thoughts on Speaker Paul Ryan? Frankly, I'm kinda feeling he's more of a thorn than I initially thought...
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi calls on Speaker Paul Ryan to call House back into session.          
Speaker Paul Ryan says Texas Republican Mike Conaway will take over the House investigation into Russia.
Speaker Paul Ryan meeting with the national restaurant Association documented by EPNAC…
"You uh, today Speaker Paul Ryan stops Kansas Rep. Roger Marshall’s son from government monitoring, is Izzy and directors!
House GOP leaders postpone vote on health care bill in setback for President Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan
Let me make sure I'm getting this right. Paul Ryan is STILL our speaker?
doesn't exist bc it never was; so... Paul Ryan Must Step Down as Speaker of the House . . https:/…
Remember how much Paul Ryan didn't want to be Speaker of the House?
Ryan has only gotten 3 bills passed in his entire miserable career
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Do you agree with Speaker Paul Ryan not having a vote on the GOP Health Care plan?
You’re President of the United States, and you use “Judge” Jeanine as your messenger to the Speaker of the House?
Judge Jeanine said it like it is. Paul Ryan failed to lead his party as Speaker. He knew who he was dealing with th…
Before any other bill is worked on, Paul Ryan has to go as Speaker. 7 1/2 years and this is what they deliver. Time's up…
RESIGN Pres. Trump loses confidence in as Speaker after stunning FAILURE of bill. htt…
That bill was more Paul Ryan than anybody. The failure is on the Speaker, not the President.
Judge Jeanine Pirro: "Paul Ryan needs to step down as speaker of the house."
Donald Trump tells every1 to watch Judge Jeanine last nite. She starts off with a call for Paul Ryan to resign as spea…
Its Friday BROTHERS N SISTERS REST WITH THIS:. "Speaker Paul Ryan says / NATION will be 'living with Obamacare 4 the fo…
"Speaker Paul Ryan says the nation will be 'living with Obamacare for the foreseeable future'."
Speaker Paul Ryan blames bill's failure on "growing pains" of moving from "an opposition party to a governing party". https:…
"Speaker Paul Ryan has arrived at the White House to update President Trump on the health care bill vote."
BREAKING: Trump ready to make Speaker Paul Ryan fall guy if health care bill fails today.
Speaker Paul Ryan and the GOP are treating the bill like a real What else might they…
White House officials and Speaker Paul Ryan tell House GOP they're done negotiating before Friday's health care vote
Aides for Speaker Paul Ryan and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy say a vote on the GOP health care bill is still planned for t…
Because lack the 60 votes the Democrats had in 2009, Speaker Paul Ryan is...
Tonight! Why is Speaker Paul Ryan 'encouraged' by the CBO report on his GOP health plan?
"Speaker Paul Ryan should resign". He's not trustworthy or for America!
Chanting "We are dying, talk to Ryan" as John Donnelly from Wisconsin ADAPT is talking to Speaker Paul Ryan staff! https…
Speaker Paul Ryan said Attorney Jeff Sessions should recuse himself from Department...
Speaker Paul Ryan: I see President Trump as a 'chairman' who delegates details
Speaker Paul Ryan is turning out to be another GOP dictator throwing out congressman Luis Gutiérrez from a meeting he requested with ICE.
Speaker Paul Ryan, Should evidence of POTUS "sedition" emerge, House GOP will have no choice but to act
Speaker Paul Ryan is on the Jay Weber Show on WISN at 8:10 this morning.
Speaker Paul Ryan: ‘We will not stop fighting until every life is protected under the law’ – 'This is truly...
Speaker Paul Ryan: "Torture's not legal, and we agree with it not being legal"
BREAKING: Speaker Paul Ryan says he has invited President Donald Trump to address joint session of Congress next month.
Speaker Paul Ryan proudly shows Boris Johnson a bust of Winston Churchill in his office as they meet on Capitol Hill.
Speaker Paul Ryan just made Obama sorry he didn't have Israel's back at the U.N. via
During Monday's swearing-in ceremonies, lawmaker's son confuses Speaker Paul Ryan with the "dab": http…
Just announced: Jake Tapper will host a town hall with Speaker Paul Ryan on January 12th by via
Speaker Paul Ryan: "The people have given us unified government ... how could we live with ourselves if we let them down?"
House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) on Tuesday brushed aside comments that he and Speaker Paul Ryan ...
115th Congress starts today. Speaker Paul Ryan (House) and VP Joe Biden (Senate) swear in members at Noon.
Speaker Paul Ryan, who is likely to win re-election, will face a very different job. via
Speaker Paul Ryan pretended to oppose House Republicans vote to gut ethics oversight. He could have stopped the vote but didn't
btw House vote for Speaker is Jan 3rd. Paul Ryan needs 218 votes. We need to block him from getting speaker again…
House leader Paul Ryan linked directly to to Russian hacking because his PAC used hacked data against Democratic...
Nancy Pelosi accuses Speaker Paul Ryan of "power grab"
You might want to consider writing up a little something about Wisconsin - the home of Speaker Paul Ryan, and Gov Scott Walker.
."Speaker Paul Ryan, I have come to appreciate him...He has been terrific."
"Speaker Paul Ryan"...crowd start booing (as they are used as Trump spent months trashing him). "No, no, he's fine"…
Notably absent from this list is Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
there are 3 rats. Mitt Romney,Mitch McConnel and Speaker Paul Ryan. ppl
Breaking! Speaker Paul Ryan releases major news affecting all of our military men and women!
URGENT: I have just asked Speaker Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi to immediately delay changes in Rule 41 (link to...
Speaker Paul Ryan sold out the American people with his first omnibus bill. He's still selling them out. The...
"This Thanksgiving, while I give thanks for my Medicare, Speaker Paul Ryan and his Republican Congress are...
Speaker Paul Ryan declares "dawn of a new unified Republican government"
Speaker Paul Ryan set to address reporters momentarily at the Holiday Inn Express in Janesville, Wisconsin
Now it looks like he has his sights set on current Speaker Paul Ryan.
The House will have a smaller Republican majority, maybe no Speaker Paul Ryan, and Nancy Pelosi will resign her seat.
Speaker Paul Ryan says he is going to seek re-election to the top job if Republicans maintain control of the...
I wonder why MSM haven't flocked to Speaker Paul Ryan the way they used to flock to Nancy Pelosi?.
"SCOOP -- MIKE PENCE will appear in Wisconsin with Speaker Paul Ryan and Sen. Ron Johnson Saturday morning,...
to know that Speaker Paul Ryan is to vote Trump.
There's a post-election storm a-brewing in the House for Speaker Paul Ryan:
Speaker Paul Ryan will visit Representative Jeff Denham's campaign headquarters in Modesto shortly
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All here who are anti Speaker Paul Ryan in a RABID way, unfollow me now. I adore him as I love Gov Walker and Sen. Ron Johnson. BYE.
Speaker Paul Ryan is a punk who was never on our side. Not surprised at all by his recent behavior.
Speaker Paul Ryan tells GOP lawmakers he won't defend or campaign with Donald Trump, won't rescind endorsement
Speaker Paul Ryan disinvites DT to Wisconsin event. He shows he has one ball. Now grow the other and pull your endorsement.…
BREAKING: Speaker Paul Ryan says he's "sickened" by Trump's lewd comments, calls on him to show respect for women.
House Speaker Paul Ryan to campaign with Trump in Wisconsin on Saturday:
Tomorrow House Speaker Paul Ryan will campaign with white nationalist presidential candidate Donald Trump.
Ryan wants Trump 'to pick up where Mike Pence left off' for debate: House Speaker Paul Ryan wants Donald Trump to…
This speech should be... interesting.
“If Donald Trump is elected president and Republicans hold onto Congress, House Speaker Paul Ryan is bluntly...
Speaker Paul Ryan to Campaign with in Wisconsin! The knee has bent, folks. h…
A great turnout for Speaker Paul Ryan and Lloyd Smucker
Despite his purported angst, Paul Ryan to cam: House Speaker Paul Ryan doesn't seem to like or respect Donald...
Campaign stop latest bump in rocky Ryan-Trump relationship - It's long been clear that House Speaker Paul Ryan ...
I especially look forward to ANIMAL protection rights new relationship with speaker Paul Ryan as our new powerful supporter, thank God
Speaker Paul Ryan signs bill for crippling world ANIMAL trafficing, now awaits President Barack Obama signature.
Public support at an all time high, overwhelming bi partisan support in house and Senate this week thanks to speaker Paul Ryan signing bill
.waves tissue box as he concludes his farewell speech to Congress
Photo of the Day is Paul Ryan US House of Representaives Speaker -
Speaker Ryan says he'll use budget reconciliation to bypass Democratic obstruction if Trump wins.
Shame on Paul Ryan Speaker of the House for backing Donald Trump a racist and isolationist!
SATURDAY: & attend the Annual Fall Fest in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. Watch LIVE on C-SPAN.
Speaker Paul Ryan. P.S. A single moment can ruin a campaign just as easily as it can create an opportunity. A+
Speaker Paul Ryan demands Clinton's classified info access be blocked by DNI Clapper who has already admitted directly lying to Congress.
Speaker Paul Ryan: The FBI played politics with its release of the Clinton probe details
Alas, Speaker Paul Ryan did not bleach his hair and faux hawk it, as I had dreamt last night
Speaker Paul Ryan should lose his seat.
.students watch Speaker Paul Ryan address OH delegation
Speaker Paul Ryan is considering how to punish Democrats for last month's House floor sit-in
Ryan keeps breaking GOP fundraising records: Speaker Paul Ryan has set a new record for House Republican fund...
During the Speaker Paul Ryan defended his support of Donald Trump
Why does Apple CEO host a fundraiser for Speaker Paul Ryan and won't help Trump or the RNC? Easy: Apple CEO Tim Cook ow…
Speaker Paul Ryan is finding out how lonely it can be at the top
Speaker Paul Ryan remains defiant after sit-in tests his control of the House
Speaker Paul Ryan seeks to end Obamacare while keeping its most popular parts
The House screams and chants over Speaker Paul Ryan on
Black Caucus leads chants Speaker Paul Ryan was ran out by House Democrats, failing to retake control https…
House Democrats, holding a sit-in on the House floor over guns, shout down Speaker Paul Ryan.
Speaker Paul Ryan: Going after the Second Amendment is not how you stop terrorism
Speaker Paul Ryan says the GOP party is "divided," but he won't tell his members whether or not to vote for Trump. https:/…
This is stupid will not be speaker for long. He's going to get ousted. RINO
A+ analysis: "House Speaker Paul Ryan, who has been playing a disapproving Marge to Trump's wild-eyed Homer Simpson act..."
Belly laugh of the day.-> “I would sue any president that exceeds his or her powers,”. - Speaker Paul Ryan.
US Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan (R-WI) praises Sikhs during his meeting with the Indian...
SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE PAUL RYAN has gone completely insane! Threatens to sue Trump.
modern-day fascism 101 GOP Ldrshp blindly behind conman (Party not Principles) Endof
How does Ryan expect to have pull? Already, Trump's lackeys are saying he's "just Speaker" - that's going to change?
I'm working right now to unseat Paul Ryan as Speaker and getting ready for a Trump presidency.
TIME TO GET RID OF SELL OUT PAUL RYAN! He sold us all out! Enjoy your last months as speaker ht…
Speaker Paul Ryan: My ideal Father's day includes fishing, hiking, and grilling with my family
We were happy to welcome Speaker of the US House, Paul Ryan, to and
Speaker Paul Ryan sounds more Presidential than Clinton, Trump, or anyone else!
Speaker Ryan would sue Trump over executive moratorium on Islamic immigration
Speaker Ryan you are a globalist bought and paid for.
By the time Trump takes office the voters need to work with Congress to over throw Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House.
.cites regulatory burden study. More in this week's on
Speaker Paul Ryan tells Republicans to follow their conscience on whether they will support Trump!
Great Father's Day piece from on and putting "dad" before "speaker."
Well, here is the rub: the same republicans who laugh at their *** pick, TRUMP who doesn't know one thing about...
Paul Ryan to Republicans: think twice, vote once, maybe not for Trump – live: House speaker tells Chuck Todd in interview set to air ...
Paul Ryan needs to go. Can't wait for Prez to announce new speaker!
House Speaker Paul Ryan says he will continue to speak out in defense of conservative principles, despite a warning from Donald Trump that
Paul Ryan knows discuss a budget and stays away to speak of policy ... . Peace! and peace there ! Vagus nerve!.
But HE isn't running. And Speaker Paul Ryan's "in no hurry" to find solutions.
☆☆If Congress was worth a dime they would NEVER elect Paul Ryan Speaker!
House Speaker Paul Ryan instructs Republicans to follow their "conscience" on Donald Trump:
"Paul Ryan isn't...the majority leader of the House. He's the speaker. That's a constitutional office."
"Speaker Paul Ryan calls Orlando shooting ‘Another Act of War,’ but no plan for Congress to vote on a declaration."
Julia Hahn:"Washington Post:Paul Ryan and Hillary Clinton Could Strike Deals"Urge your member--replace this Speaker!
6/2/16 - Speaker Paul Ryan endorses nominee who wants to ban Muslims from the country. The hostile takeover of the GOP is n…
Laura Ingraham,tore into Speaker Paul Ryan,saying he fueled Obama’s exec orders on guns by giving OK to funding 4 much of W.H. agenda
Speaker Paul Ryan blast VA secretary for Disneyland comparis...
Speaker Paul Ryan to endorse according to the Trump campaign. More:
Senior level Trump campaign sources confirm to ABC News that Speaker Paul Ryan will endorse Donald Trump
So at tomorrow's gala, apparently that Speaker Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi are celebrity chefs...that should be interesting.
Kansas congressional lawmakers pleased with Speaker Paul Ryan six months in
Wisconsin is blessed with leaders like Senator Ron Johnson and Speaker Paul Ryan.
Rank-and-file House Republicans warn Speaker Paul Ryan to get behind Donald Trump
Video of Paul Nehlen for Congress. He is against TPP and challenging Speaker Paul Ryan - Truth Resurrection
Donald Trump will meet Thursday with Speaker Paul Ryan and top GOP congressional leaders soon
🚨 BREAKING: Globalist puppet Speaker Paul Ryan says he doesn't endorse Trump. Here's what he did endorse https:/…
Speaker Paul Ryan is pushing a crime reform bill that would result in the mass release of criminal non-citizens from fede…
.hosted a town hall with Speaker Paul Ryan to talk about issues important to millennials.
Help Samantha Kerkman, Speaker Paul Ryan and Ron Johnson get on the ballot by circulating nomination papers.
Williams: Ryan’s Leadership Failures Getting Louder - Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) last week turned his back on c...
Speaker Paul Ryan to GOP: "I do not want, nor will I accept the Republican nomination". GOP:
Challenger Paul Nehlan exposes traitor Speaker Paul Ryan. I hope Wisconsin gets it right.
Speaker Paul Ryan spoke of Jack Kemp and his optimistic view of America Those atNewOrleans GOP Convention for Bush 41 expected Kemp to be VP
Paul Ryan Wants Us To Be Nicer To Each Other: . Here is Speaker Paul Ryan today in an address to a group of Hou...
WATCH LIVE: Speaker Paul Ryan to speak on the 'State of American Politics'
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Nancy Pelosi calls on Speaker Paul Ryan, to delay holiday recess, and consider public health emergency funding.
Speaker Paul Ryan faces trial by fire as Republican convention chairman
Speaker Paul Ryan could be at center of the fight if the GOP nomination is contested
Speaker Paul Ryan wants to keep spending levels negotiated last yr btween John Boehner & Obama! CONSERVATIVES want 2 renounce it!!
WASHINGTON -- With the House Republican budget facing increasingly long odds, Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) met with more than 25 members of
Speaker Paul Ryan, black lawmakers, may join forces on "10-20-30" poverty plan
News | USCA : Speaker Paul Ryan (Wis.) and other top Republicans are taking a serious look at adopting a sweeping…
Speaker Paul Ryan wants House vote this week to 'pause' Syrian-refugee resettlement
Speaker Paul Ryan promised conservative activists at the Heritage Foundation that the House GOP Caucus will enact...
9:16 p.m. | Speaker Paul Ryan is *still* meeting with House Freedom Caucus members about the budget.
Speaker Paul Ryan: Join our virtual March for Life! Tell key Republican lawmaker to stand for LIFE in 2016 - Sign:
Speaker Ryan "believes the GOP will craft a plan in the next six months" according to
This week in Congress: Pres. Obama’s final State of the Union address & Rep. Paul Ryan’s first as Speaker.
Thanks for standing up to Trump's Facist platform. An open letter to to
The Speaker is trying to build a different identity for House Republicans.
Speaker Ryan's guests at State of the Union include poverty fighters: Washington, D.C. -- House Speaker Paul…
Why Speaker Ryan is like a baby on the AUMF.
As Speaker Paul Ryan Focuses on Poverty, He Admits He Was ‘Wrong’ to Refer to People Using Government Assistance as ‘Takers’
ICYMI: interview with on Obamcare repeal, poverty, and
House Speaker Paul Ryan on Gun Control, Obama, and the 2016 candidates
U.S. lawmakers are getting off to a slow start in responding to House Speaker Paul Ryan’s call to throw a...
“I think it would be nice if [President Obama] would actually focus on defeating ISIS,” Speaker Paul Ryan told...
Speaker Paul Ryan was outstanding on Hannity tonight. Conservatives can be proud of his leadership.
Please join us in asking Rep.John Kline, Sen. Mitch McConnell, Speaker Paul Ryan and Sen. Lamar Alex... via
What's in the closets, Speaker Paul Ryan, Senator Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi and Senator Harry Reid?
The House Democratic leader talks about gun control, elections and Speaker Paul Ryan
Obama calls Speaker Paul Ryan to thank him for 'making government work'
Speaker Paul Ryan's strategy for preventing a government shutdown is taking shape:
Broader Perspective on Speaker Paul Ryan`s Freshly Minted Beard of the House...
RINO Speaker Paul Ryan (conspiring with Obama to bring 10,000 Syrian "refugees" into US. Source:
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Speaker Paul Ryan, shut down the special committee on Planned Parenthood NOW! Leader Nancy Pelosi, pull Democrats off that committee NOW!
Waukesha GOP applauds Speaker Paul Ryan, Sen. Ron Johnson and Gov. Scott Walker for protecting us from terrorist infiltrators.
Speaker Paul Ryan taps Hensarling and Flores as key advisers . via
Speaker Paul Ryan just pulled off what no House...
.All President Rubio would need to do is reluctantly sign Speaker Paul Ryan's amnesty-fir…
Republican Senator Lindsey Graham rips Speaker Paul Ryan for blocking vote on immigration reform.
They may be political opposites - but President Obama and Speaker Paul Ryan are no strangers to working together.
Matt Mackowiak and Edward Espinoza discuss Speaker Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson in this Point/Counterpoint:
Post-debate, Lindsey Graham tells that Speaker Paul Ryan would be "open-minded" on immigration:
Speaker Paul Ryan would put corporate lobbyist in charge of his office
Say hello to Speaker Paul Ryan: House Freedom Caucus lends its support
Harry Reid could get behind a Speaker Paul Ryan:
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