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Spandau Ballet

Spandau Ballet is a British band formed in London in the late 1970s.

Tony Hadley Martin Kemp Steve Strange Boy George Gary Kemp Steve Norman Count Basie Theatre George Osborne Loud Internet Radio Mike Tucker

Duran Duran were one of the first bands I ever saw live on their own. Fell out with a mate when I went to see Spandau Ballet too 😂
Trolls are nothing more than *** Here's a song about them set to Spandau Ballet's 'Gold'. Enjoy!!. xxx
Listening to Spandau Ballet on the beach I feel like I'm in an 80's film
can u put Gold by spandau ballet on
Jeff Rathbone rocking out to Spandau Ballet with a bottle of corona 😂😂 Friday night is made
please play Spandau ballet - gold for me as need a confidence boost both generally & also to move to Germany next year!
*. Spandau Ballet. - True (Lyrics). . . Don't know background or anything. but catchy song. - that much is true!. *
When you're on-call gold, do you ever find yourself humming a certain Spandau Ballet song? 😀
After a few days of Clearing, fears of Spandau Ballet being permanently stuck in my head are very real.
ooh looky what was in my local paper yesterday .Spandau Ballet's Steve Norman in Birmingham show via
Man City fans may have already won the best chant of the season award with this Spandau Ballet improvisation! 🎶
.Latest 'Audience with...' Events. Martin talks about his acting career, Spandau Ballet and beyond htt…
Me and Martin Kemp working in Leeds a few years ago. Lovely man. Spandau Ballet. 🎤
Join us for this up close and personal evening with Martin Kemp as he discusses life with Spandau Ballet and beyond…
Join us for an evening with EastEnders and Spandau Ballet star Martin Kemp on Jul 29th!. Tickets available here >…
first they were playing Huey Lewis and the News then they went straight into True from Spandau Ballet.. really can this d…
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
You are aware that the term Spandau Ballet refers to the dance prisoners made when shot dead with a machine…
Why has Tony Hadley left Spandau Ballet! Gold singer leaves after cryptic statement hinting at probl: via
Tony Hadley quit Spandau Ballet 'to focus on solo career after new feud derailed the band's plans': via
Even worse: Spandau Ballet are up next
Ironically, wrote the last song on the last album. Now he's left the band >
You are lucky Mr Kemp forgave you and reformed the band.Write the hits and you deserve the rewards!
In the wake of Tony Hadley's shock departure from Spandau Ballet, it turns out the equally interesting spanner has lef…
Following Tony Hadley's shock resignation from Spandau Ballet, Howard Jones throws off his mental chains...
Has he left Spandau Ballet to join Lawnmower Deth?!?!?!
Singer Tony Hadley quits Spandau Ballet with cryptic statement on social media
Has George Osborne got the Spandau Ballet job yet?
BREAKING: Rees-Mogg to quit music: "I enjoyed my time in Spandau Ballet but politics must come first," announces the MP…
Spandau Ballet have released this in response:-
Awful news about Tony Hadley leaving Spandau Ballet. Absolutely tragic even. Never mind, they were gold and that's true
Only when you leave: Tony Hadley quits Spandau Ballet
When Tony Hadley left Spandau Ballet - our favourite 9 jokes
in the meantime she will go on tour with her band Spandau Ballet
Tony Hadley quits as Spandau Ballet frontman. Never even realised they were still together so he will be hardly missed
Answer! Wimbledon beat Blackpool 5-0 at home on ... 7th May 1983 ... while Spandau Ballet reached with "TRUE"
If 'new frontman for Spandau Ballet' isn't a job for George Osborne frankly hard to know what is
I don't always believe things I read on the internet but Tony Hadley leaving Spandau Ballet, I know this much is true.
"So you're saying there's a job vacancy for a singer in Spandau Ballet?"
I am no longer a member of the band Spandau Ballet and will not be performing with the band in future.
Tony Hadley cuts ties with Spandau Ballet to Cut A Ling Story Short
Tony Hadley no longer to be singer of Spandau Ballet. . In other news, King Henry the 8th to break ties with Roman Cath…
BREAKING NEWS! Tony Hadley has left Spandau Ballet! I'm also hearing that Limahl is no longer with Kajagoogoo. Stay strong,…
Roman Quaedvlieg (with 2 groupies) takes time off to audition as new lead singer for Spandau Ballet
Oh no - why the breakup with Tony Hadley and Spandau Ballet?
Numerous sites are reporting that Tony Hadley has left Spandau Ballet. Has someone found a Press Release from 30yrs ago…
Tony Hadley announces departure from Spandau Ballet with oddly-worded statement
Is it just me? Tony Hadley cuts ties with Spandau Ballet
That's the problem with Tony Hadley, he's always thought of himself as bigger than Spandau Ballet, rather than being a…
Spandau Ballet singer Tony Hadley quits to go solo after fierce year-long feud over money but ...
in the news: Tony Hadley announces he is leaving Spandau Ballet two days after Exeter gig - Devon Live
Was pleased with my "Tony Hadley's Spandau Ballet press release was condensed to 1 sentence as he found it hard to write th…
Spandau Ballet is not Spandau Ballet without Tony Hadley in it . I know Kemp wrote most of them . Royalties $$$
BBC News - Tony Hadley cuts ties with Spandau Ballet
Just read that Tony Hadley has left Spandau Ballet. Did I drive home in a DeLorean?
Someone called Tony Hadley just applied for a job at the palace. Apparently,his last job was in Spandau Ballet. Is that l…
In another shock for the rock and pop world, Spandau Ballet announce Tony Hadley's replacement.
What the dickens??? Tony Hadley was the reason I supported Spandau Ballet over Duran Duran! 😶
😟 Tony Hadley has quit Spandau Ballet. 🎶 Which is their best song?
What ... Tony Hadley announces he has LEFT Spandau Ballet in cryptic statement .
Shock news: Spandau Ballet lead singer Tony Hadley leaves for a new job, no he has resigned it's true
You're indestructable 💥. Always believe in 💫. Cause you are 🥇. 😙. Spandau Ballet. Quite happy to replace Tony Hadley!! .
Little Giant Ladders
Tony Hadley has quit as lead singer of Spandau Ballet. I'm sensing Georgie boy is seeing another job opportunity 😹 https:/…
After all these years, Tony Hadley, lead singer from Spandau Ballet is leaving the group... We wish him well.
IT'S TRUE : George Osborne has joined Spandau Ballet as the new frontman as Tony Hadley leaves the band...
Spandau Ballet are trending cause Tony Hadley left ? I had no idea they were still touring
Today's poll: Who should replace Tony Hadley in Spandau Ballet?
very sad news Tony Hadley is Spandau Ballet please come back soon !! Steve Norman & Gary Kemp good singer s !!!
Tony Hadley leaves Spandau Ballet, Steps' new album is out & Nigel Benn is fighting Steve Collins. Did I fall asleep & wake up in the 90s?
Spandau Ballet can still carry on with the Gary or Martin Kemp as lead singer. Steve Norman is an incredible Saxophonist.
herbie yamaguchi's early photos of Boy George and depeche mode... and Spandau Ballet.
Virgin Trains using Spandau Ballet in their new advert, always loved that Richard Branson bloke.
Ideal romantic situation: shopping at Trader Joe's with your SO & "True" by Spandau Ballet comes on as you both reach for chocolate PB cups.
I was struck by the Gary Kemp biography. Never pegged Amir as a Spandau Ballet fan.
Spandau Ballet legend Tony Hadley becomes Festival patron Read more at
Number One on this day in 1983 was Tony Hadley and Spandau Ballet "True"👊
Comment on It’s true – Spandau Ballet singer Tony Hadley is named as Lichfield Festival patron by The Scribbler
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
INTERVIEW: talks his career, the current state of darts, fans in Asda and Spandau Ballet.
To cut a long story short, the has a new patron (and we're maxing out the Spandau Ballet punometer!):
That's cool. I had George Michael, + also Martin Kemp out of Spandau Ballet at my wedding…
As Good as It Gets, starring Daniel Radcliffe and Geoffrey Rush. Directed by Richard Kelly, music by Spandau Ballet. Budget: $10m
He was the mysterious 6th member of Spandau Ballet. Sacked for stealing Tony Hadley's girlfriend off him.
At 5pm this every San Marino announces its entry. Is is really going to be Spandau Ballet's Tony Hadley?
Spandau Ballet - Through the Barricades via one of my favourite songs oh love Tony Hadley, his voice wow
Thanks to Spandau Ballet videos the world will always know how many fillings Tony Hadley has
I'm going to crank up some Spandau Ballet and drive straight off a cliff.
True by Spandau Ballet would be an amazing song for to cover! if it's not on this one then ma…
The talented bringing all the Spandau Ballet vibes to 80's Weekend
Now playing on : Spandau Ballet - Only When You Leave. 80's : Nothing but the best!
well we only get Spandau not Ballet but will do!
There will be 99 Luftballoons, oh yes, there will be. And some English Beat. And Spandau Ballet. And ABC.…
Tonight I celebrate Year Of The Rooster with ABC, Spandau Ballet, and many other '80s new wavers at…
The 80s Show continues until 2am with music on the way from Eric Carmen, Spandau Ballet & THIS group!…
Imagine spending years doing singing and dancing lessons only to be told you are crap by the bassist from Spandau Ballet…
Had an Alan Partridge moment in the car on the way back from the beach when Spandau Ballet's Gold came on the radio. My daughter was amused.
😸 Who is Amber Riley? Let it Shine judge, Glee actress and Dream ... ♥♥
💩 Old contestants from Let It Shine and The Voice make a return ♥➡️
Martin , is handsome gentleman Spandau Ballet guys are the first boy band always be !! SB forever !! x x
I feel pained that Tony Hadley from boyband/manband Spandau Ballet has a house like that 😭
I've had Spandau Ballet in my head all week! It was when he said 'Gold' 💫✨
Seeing as we won I've consented to a viewing of "Soul Boys of The Western World" Spandau Ballet DVD. You know what, I really enjoyed it
Spandau Ballet are singing Gold on TOTP now. That's 1983. This is killing me.
It my Nanna anniversarty this week Spandau Ballet music help when die !! x
Spandau Ballet - To Cut A Long Story Short via I remember guys used to dress like this in Edin
Why have I just found out Spandau ballet are named after a nazi prison, I am in shock
no joke I've spent half my life thinking that the lyrics 'gold gold' in that spandau ballet song were 'go home'
If anyone in Spandau Ballet fancies being my sugar daddy i wouldn't object.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
One time I was accused by a middle aged man of being a Spandau Ballet fan because I'm *** which makes absolutely no sense really
now playing:. Spandau Ballet - Through the Barricades. from the Decades of Music.
I added a video to a playlist Band Aid with Sting,Duran Duran,Spandau Ballet,U2,Bob Geldof,Phil
it's awesome that u vary with music. It's not all current (spandau ballet) 😁
Who is Martin Kemp? Let it Shine judge and former Spandau Ballet star - all you need to…
Spandau Ballet & Duran Duran are NOT boy bands they're man bands
I heard Musclebound by Spandau Ballet on the radio this morning and it's been in my head all day.
Why has changed its profile pic gold? I reckon Spandau Ballet are about the announce. Or Neil Youn…
Anybody seen that gaffe where the BBC newsreader mistakenly said Nazi Albert Speer had spent 25 years in Spandau Ballet : ))
skuul salutes, Global respects to the ff, Silver convention, Spandau Ballet, Kleeer, Chaka Khan, Patti Austin and Peter White.
heard a radio station that played a whole bunch of classics in the bar/cafe I was just in. Spandau Ballet, Madness, Take That, heck yeah
A very Happy Birthday to English bass player with new wave band Spandau Ballet, Martin Kemp, 55 today. Brother of g…
Happy 55 years of GOLD to Martin Kemp from the Spandau Ballet!
Happy birthday to amazing bass player Martin Kemp from no 1 band Spandau Ballet !! x
Watching soul boys of the western world amazing film from Spandau Ballet & all the fans around the world wishes Martin Kemp Happy Birthday x
Happy birthday to Spandau Ballet's Martin Kemp, played here by Paul Hollywood
A huge happy 55th birthday to Martin Kemp of Spandau Ballet (amongst other things).
Today's the birthday of musician and actor Martin Kemp, who was in Spandau Ballet with his brother Gary and Eastenders with his brother Ross
English singer-songwriter, bass player, and actor (Spandau Ballet) Martin Kemp 55 today
How come every time I see Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet on an old Top of the Pops he reminds me of Hitler.
Join Gary King on for Spandau Ballet, Gladys Knight and tickets for to be won after 7 this morning!
I think Gary Kemp from Spandau Ballet just tried to talk to me in a taxi queue and I accidentally ignored him
Eyebrows, Canada, Yukon Cornelius, Spandau Ballet and Santa get the call up... Oh SNAP BACHELOR FAN GETS A ROSE!
Just heard a cover of Spandau Ballet's "True" that sounds like it was right off the Lawrence Welk Show.
on air now Spandau Ballet to cut a long story short - 1980 - - Ballet
Very interesting re imagining of Spandau Ballet's Through The Barricades
So the results of the poll are in! And your favourite Spandau Ballet album chosen by you is.Through the Barricades!
Trying REALLY hard to not bust out singing...
Spandau Ballet are amazing fantastic band !!
What is your all time favourite Spandau Ballet album from 1981-86?
Steve lovely photo of you & your Mammy cheers from all the Spandau Ballet fans around the world !! :) x
(my own hashtag). For my Dwarf miners carts one full of GOLD! - Cue Spandau Ballet
"Listening to Marvin (All night long). This is the sound of my soul. This is the sound"...True--Spandau Ballet.
Good evening from Ireland love this amazing memories Spandau Ballet together !! thank you Martin !! x x
We'll see how they like some Spandau Ballet !
Why do I have the urge to loudly sing "Gold" by Spandau Ballet...on a packed train...which is really quiet.😱
True by Spandau Ballet will forever be my midnight jam
Oh it was spandau ballet - True . it didn't go do do do do do it went ha hah hah hah hah
Spandau Ballet hooking up with John Fogerty in a jam band style, produced by John Paul Jones
Answer! Millwall beat Newport 3-0 at home on ... 2nd May 1983 ... while Spandau Ballet reached with "TRUE"
True by Spandau Ballet is in Double Gloucester, Gloucester. Download it now at
When? Reply or Millwall beat Newport 3-0 .. while Spandau Ballet topped the charts with "TRUE"
Another song from the on Spandau Ballet - True (Edit).
I'm definitely not listening to Spandau Ballet. Nope. Wouldn't do that.
Spandau ballet are genius. This much is true
Gonna have to be Spandau Ballet for that one now! :)
this is the sooound of my soul... True de Spandau Ballet ♫
Steve is incredible sax play & love the solo on the Spandau Ballet song !! x
without Spandau Ballet all the best
Congrats Gary on lovely interview all the Spandau Ballet fans are very proud of you !!
Remembering the music of the 80s: Spandau Ballet, Kajagoogoo, Paul Young and more |Grimsby Telegraph via
Congrats Gary & Martin on amazing fantastic video all the fans around the world love Spandau Ballet & you guys !! x x
Martin Kemp & Steve Norman out of Spandau Ballet played for Melchester Rovers so there's a way to go yet Chris.
Cycling to work with Paul F. Tompkins and Scott Aukerman singing 'Gold' by Spandau Ballet. Comedy Bang! Bang! is the best.
Nuff respect to Tommy Vance for doing the proper German 'sch' sound at the start of Spandau Ballet, tho.
Spandau Ballet graces the halls of Washington.
I need to go to sleep...but Spandau Ballet. Once again reminded that Tony Hadley missed opportunity to be my husband.His loss.
Spandau Ballet's Tony Hadley to release Christmas album -
Watched Legend, a bit boring but Tom Hardy's portrayal of the blokes out of Spandau Ballet was top notch. Shame Tony Hadley wasn't in it tho
Before discovering kpop ,I was listening a lot to Cindy Lauper and Spandau Ballet and Human League.They are on my FAV list.
Spandau Ballet - Through the Barricades now on Affinity Radio
tuning in to see the gorgeous Mr Martin Kemp of my favourite 80's group spandau ballet 🎸🎶❤😍
is this to the tune of Spandau Ballet's "I Know This Much Is True"?
Listening to people doing a circuit with Spandau Ballet's "Gold" as the workout music. Jesus H Trump.
True by Spandau Ballet is 1 of the best songs ever from the 80s. Got it set up as my helicopter music in MGS5: The Phantom Pain
Having a Spandau Ballet song marathon then on tv later now that's what I call a perfect evening x
You must be haunted by the signing of Carlton Cole and the introduction of Spandau Ballet "classics" to the stands!
bless, you know Gary and Martin from Spandau Ballet are related.
But as you lounge on Mother Base watching things happen, listening to Spandau Ballet's "True," finished with your revenge a chapter ago...
New song coming to terrances near you to the tune of Gold by Spandau Ballet
nope!! Defo 19th the day Spandau Ballet was meant to play at
Playing Bongo To Spandau Ballet - Gold Thoughts and creativity change the world.
80s rock Spandau Ballet True Download the smart phone app now.
Nothing like a bit of Spandau ballet and Fleetwood Mac on the journey home 😋
80s rock Spandau Ballet Highlt Restrung Download the smart phone app now.
Duran Duran have done a Bond Theme and they have a friendly rivalry with Spandau Ballet so why not! Tony's voice would be perfect x
Now playing in my sad Cubs fan playlist: Spandau Ballet - True
when is Spandau Ballet going to do a Bond theme??? and Martin Kemp needs to be Bond.
- Really useful session with citing The Stone Roses, Spandau Ballet and FGTH
hi gang! Sippin on some joe last night and you guys played an awesome spandau ballet mix of true - who was it by?!
True by Spandau Ballet, found with Listen now: with
Having a full 80's cheese fest today. Can't beat a heavy dose of Tear for Fears and Spandau Ballet 💖
Are you a huge fan of Spandau Ballet? This may interest you!
at the concert of spandau ballet I was not drinking eating going to toilet
For now we'll just have to make do with the video of him singing and dancing to Gold by Spandau Ballet.
Best I've come up with so far is Spandau Ballet's massive hit - Mold.
So I've been lovingly woken up by my fathet blasting spandau ballet great
Added "True" by Spandau Ballet to my All Out 80's Playlist on Spotify
Spandau Ballet's Gary Kemp tells CNJ that cyclists should be spared speed humps
Now playing Spandau Ballet - True. Listen to TNT Radio at TuneIn.
I liked a video Gary Kemp and Tony Hadley perform Spandau Ballet's Gold
Yisss ! lets get a Strim of Brian singing Spandau Ballet !
This entire story was just an excuse for to sneak a Spandau Ballet lyric into BI UK.
This Patrick Marber/Ross McWhirter Krays film has the potential to be even funnier than the one with Spandau Ballet. And that had Blakey.
Spandau Ballet end UK leg of world tour in style at Newcastle Racecourse
After the news at 11; number 2s from Mantovani, Boomtown Rats, Spandau Ballet, Suzanne Vega, Truesteppers and many more, all on
Gary Bailey now looks like he should be playing bass in a Spandau Ballet covers band
You know Spandau Ballet, Culture Club, Gary Newman, Rick Astley, none of these had to deal with over exaggerate fan girls.
Boys of Summer / GoWest frontman Peter Cox singing with Tony Hadley , frontman of Spandau Ballet
Spandau Ballet's Martin Kemp: "Everybody has a Spandau song that means something special to them"
Spandau Ballet at Count Basie Theatre on Friday, May 1, at 8 p.m. (Up to 49% Off)
Martin and Gary Kemp take a break from Spandau Ballet in LA... |
In fact, as a bonus, if he ends up RB15 or better in PPR, I'll use whatever avi you want. Spandau Ballet, Pee Wee Herman, all good.
loving PM Dawn on & the Spandau Ballet sample. Reminds me of The Wedding Singer
Blog - Spandau Ballet in Boston for with the amazing Shelby Lynne, Lou Gramm and
making my day working from home 1,000 x better. Kanye West into Spandau Ballet? Brilliant. How about J5 'What's Golden?' next?
80s revival art world fashion. Spandau Ballet at summer party
Made my history...through the barricades!:-) ♫ Through the Barricades by Spandau Ballet —
DJ Abbott WKDfm is playing Spandau Ballet - Glow Live, Legal and Loud Internet Radio
So what record did you get? Whitney Housten, Engelbert Humperdink, Hardhouse, Shakin' Stevens, Spandau Ballet?
Top gigs in Sydney: Gang of Youths, the Getaway Plan, Adam Harvey, Spandau Ballet, Jack Ladder and the Dreamlanders
· Steve Strange funeral: Boy George and Spandau Ballet stars carry coffin on
Love seeing Stewart Copeland out to support Spandau Ballet for their LA movie premiere.
Spandau Ballet (Official) will soon come to Brisbane! Tony Hadley, Gary Kemp, Martin Kemp, Steve Norman and John...
At the House of Blues to see Spandau Ballet, the hit 80s band. I think I'm the only person here under 30.
Ben Howard, Paloma Faith, Elton John & now Spandau Ballet tickets all in the bag for
Lisa says... "On the hate meter it's Mister Mister first, then Bruce Hornsby and the stupid Range, then Spandau Ballet". Me: "that much is …
There was a lovely tribute to Steve Strange tonight by Spandau Ballet too. :-)
Boy George and Spandau Ballet brothers Martin and Gary Kemp carry the coffin of Visage singer Steve Strange at his funeral in Porthcawl.
Old Romantics reunited: Boy George, ABC and Spandau Ballet carry the coffin at funeral of Steve Strange:
Boy George, Gary and Martin Kemp and Tony Hadley of Spandau Ballet join hundreds for farewell to Steve Strange
Does anyone fancy a trip to Manchester this Saturday? We have two for Spandau Ballet for sale!
Fade To Grey: Stars At Steve Strange Funeral: Boy George and Spandau Ballet members act as pallbearers at the ...
Very surreal that Boy George and members of Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet are in Porthcawl
Boy George and Spandau Ballet carry Steve Strange's coffin today at his funeral in Porthcawl 😢
Don't forget fans of gold;true and other Spandau classics log on and listen tonight plus enjoy interview with...
;´) I see several members of Spandau Ballet...
Would love Spandau Ballet tickets! Thanks to the Grange Hotels for offering this chance!
Steve Strange funeral: Updates as Boy George and Spandau Ballet lead tributes to Visage singer: […] The…
Spandau Ballet's Kemp brothers and Boy George are pallbearers for Steve Strange
Fabulous evening back in the 80s for a few hours in Brighton watching Spandau Ballet😀
Steve Strange's funeral: Spandau Ballet and Boy George are pallbearers - via
spandau ballet in Cardiff tonight . Shall we gatecrash
Steve Strange's funeral in Wales today. (There was a moving tribute at last night's Spandau Ballet gig). Keep a little V…
On 94.3 radio you are listening to Spandau Ballet - Big Feeling
Frontman Tony Hadley talks about Ballet on tour with next.
Over the last quarter of a century there have been times when the prospect of Spandau Ballet performing in Not...
Time for some sight seeing The Cavern Beatles then off to Spandau Ballet...
I would pay good money to see Mike Tucker guest sing with Spandau Ballet ⭐️😎
Available in all good record shops - Mike Tucker sings Spandau Ballet
Managed to get Spandau Ballet sung at Sixfields. My proudest moment as a Cobbler
I first noticed this in ads for easyJet and for the latest Spandau Ballet "greatest hits" album. It is now rampant.
Thanks to Martin Kemp from Spandau Ballet being on calendar just now I can exactly date it was 1984 those stupid girls had me rammed up..
Hearing gold by spandau ballet always makes me feel a wee bit happy
Btw you seen this? Does age? I just wanna put him in my back pocket he's so cute! lol! x
I can imagine! Yes, The Script, Usher, Spandau Ballet in March & John Legend in June. Will need a rest in April!! X
I know far too many spandau ballet lyrics and I don't know whether to be proud of that
If you sang. Spandau Ballet - Gold. Echo & the Bunnymen - Silver, and. Queens of the Stone Age - The Bronze. As one song, it would be a medally
Would love to go see Spandau Ballet on tour next month, they are amazing.
Spandau Ballet - why one night in changed our lives forever
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Spandau Ballet - why one night in Liverpool changed our lives forever
VIDEO AND PREVIEW: So true - 80s legends Spandau Ballet are coming to Merseyside on new album tour
Watch again and join us in the studio
Liverpool boxing legend John Conteh inspiring the city's next generation of champs
.chief reporter has been interviewing Spandau Ballet's Steve Norman + Martin Kemp
Gary Kemp: 'Steve Strange paved the way for Spandau Ballet'
Tributes have poured in for singer Steve Strange, from Boy George, Spandau Ballet and more
Spandau Ballet just dedicated their performance at the Italian festival to the memory of Steve Strange. Touching.
On AHBS: is Gold by Spandau Ballet on Wake up with Webbo
Spandau Ballet: Canceled concert. Spandau Ballet's concert at Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank on 11 Feb 2015. ...
(18/9), & Spandau Ballet (19/9) will b performing at F1 night race in SGP 2015 Yess :)
Next week I will be at Harvard to keynote the conference! I'll talk about Attali, Spandau Ballet, and Taylor Swift.
A Spandau Ballet is just like any ballet but with tons of spandau. ..
Quote Spandau Ballet and you always win the girl
Did you know that Spandau Ballet's hit "True" was written about Clare Grogan?
Tryna figure out who's "Ha-ha-ha, ha-ha-hiii" was better. Spandau Ballet or Lloyd?
im guessing Spandau Ballet would be next or Wham or Duran Duran? 😁
True by Spandau Ballet gets me every time
Pharrell Williams, Maroon 5 and Spandau Ballet to perform at F1 this year -
I would hang out at just to listen to the 80s mix they always have on there: Bon Jovi, Spandau Ballet, Ah…
Feb 12 ... Spandau Ballet in San Remo TV festival ... Break open the Barolo.. We're back!
Yeah I love Spandau Ballet, the best group ever!! I love Gary and Martin Kemp!❤️
Spandau Ballet pair reflect on good times and bad: Tony Hadley and Martin Kemp came to Tyneside as an advance party…
Interview with Tony Hadley & Martin Kemp of Spandau Ballet in The Journal Wednesday. One day it'll be online. For speed, buy the paper.
Martin Kemp fans, where are you? Well, this is mostly his brother talking about how he mended the Spandau Ballet rift
Spandau Ballet playing in the background of Eastenders but Spandau wouldn't exist in soap world because Martin Kemp was in Eastenders.
If Martin Kemp from eastenders was in Spandau Ballet then I reckon there'd be room for me. Me and Tony Hadley belting out GOLD
I'm listening to True by Spandau Ballet on
You've accidentally used a stock photo of Spandau Ballet with that.
Do yourself a favour today. Listen to Spandau Ballet, Gold. Just do it.
Despite a few lawsuits and a reformation that was two decades in the making, Gary Kemp of Spandau Ballet knows this much is true: “To play live as Spandau Ballet is unbeatable.”That’s why the guitarist for the ’80s B
Delivery man singing Spandau Ballet like he's auditioning for Harry Hill.
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