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Space Needle

The Space Needle is a tower in Seattle, Washington and is a major landmark of the Pacific Northwest region of the United States and a symbol of Seattle.

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Thanks for letting me crash your trip! Love my mom. Loved Seattle. @ Space Needle
I'm gonna be in Seattle on April 20th - 23rd. Is there any sights I could see? Besides the space needle.
The is going dark for the same reason Gov. spoke at the UN. From our week in review:…
Lost my phone in seattle. If I contact you for weed or money, its probably the hobo next to the space needle. Tell him…
Don't let the Space Needle hit you on the *** on your way out,
Space Needle to go dark at 8:30pm Saturday (3/25) to support action on climate change. (ph…
We’re already working on a space needle made out of TP rolls so you’ll feel at home and we re…
We love how The Evergrey finds the bright lights in a dark subject, in two minutes or less. .
Yes please! It's on top of both our list. I've been to Seattle airport & got to see the space needl…
"Stay weird, Seattle. We love you that way."
"For now, it’s a real good idea not to drive around downtown between 4 and 6 p.m."
Gov. wasn't called the “greenest governor in the country” for nothing. How's he's proving it this week:
On Saturday, the Space Needle will go dark at 8:30 pm to join the WWF's Earth Hour movement. h…
- filled with cerulean liquid. He wasted no time staking the gauged needle between the open space of his thumb, finally -
Boy, would we love to get around our own city. 😀 From today's Seattle week in review:
I wanna take a flat earther up in a hot air balloon, hand them a telescope, and say "find the Eiffel Tower and then the Space Needle"
Space Needle in Seattle over clouds looks like the cloud city from Star Wars. credits: reddit/user boytijan
Restaraunt in Space Needle has unadvertised happy hour from 2-4.
Ferris Wheel by kerithmarie Chihuly Garden and Glass,Space Needle,Ferris Wheel,Bridal Gowns,Fell in love with Seatt…
Sun and Storm by kerithmarie Chihuly Garden and Glass,Rocky Mountains,Space Needle,Ferris Wheel,Window shopping,Bri…
the Broadwalk and Space Needle for sure! Capital hill if you're looking for a fun bar run night
New cover photo: the Space Needle seen from Lower Queen Anne, June 2016.
A view of South Lake from the Space Needle!
Basketball star we met at the Space Needle, Breanna Stewart, just helped the USA slaughter Senegal at the Olympics
'Box the Space Needle came in' sells in biggest Seattle real estate deal of the year Hills
Close shot of the Space Needle half hour before sunset. If you look closely, you can see al
Another shot of the Space Needle just after dusk. You can almost see one of the screen
Some of the great sights in Seattle and Alki Beach. Headed to the Space Needle today.
At the top of the Space needle overlooking South Lake Union @ Space Needle
pike place, space needle, Chihuly Garden & Seattle center are my faves. have fun and welcome to Seattle! :)
We used to call it The Space Syringe.
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Was doing the utter most at the Space Needle😂, but thanks for the pic.
Is there a Giant Drake Considers Existence from Atop Toronto's Space Needle meme yet? Asking for a friend looking for a brand alignment.
. vs Portland Thorns, in the shadow of the Space Needle
Oh! Is that that French place a few blocks from the Space Needle off Mercer? .Toulouse Petite?
Please help me support Space Needle Foundation for Base 2 Space 2016
Lunch today was in the space needle:) 🗼🛩🎡
Any homies in Seattle tonight wanna take to the space needle?
Do I have any friends in Seattle that wanna hang? I wanna see the space needle
I have loved the space needle since they built it
I liked a video from inFAMOUS Second Son: The Space Needle Is Destroyed!
Strike against the needle valve maneuvering space in relation with africaВќ!: cOH
Passenger only ferry back to Vashon and ready for a can of Space Needle Golden IPA
Why Arizona though? Seattle would be the ideal city for you to set up shop in. Picture it Cheese Fries, and The Space Needle. Epic!
It we win tonight I'll take a picture in me shirt on the space needle this week.
LIVE on and Tommy at the Space Needle and EMP   10% Off
Want another piercing.. It's been, I dunno, too long since I've had a needle in the ear! No space tho. I WILL FIND SPACE.
Shrimpin in Elliott Bay. That's the space needle in the background. What a country!…
Cool, near the Space Needle grows a sapling planted from an acorn from the tree Anne Frank used to look out at.
LIVE on and Tommy at the Space Needle being tourists!
happened when I climbed the space needle 4 years ago and I was pised bro
It's the with the and Lower Queen Hill
y'all space needle a bootleg version of CN tower in Toronto
Is there any famous people in seattle right now like im on the space needle lurking to take pics with some. 😂
I've still never been to the space needle smh
Connor your book is on the space needle !!!
From tonight in Seattle: 30 seconds of sunset zen and
Hello Seattle 💕 currently enjoying the view at the space needle.
MYIG staff take on the space needle!
is the space needle or Ferris Wheel better?
The coolest playground ever is right by the Space Needle.
Grand hotel of Seattle.very close to the space needle
Some early morning shots of the Space Needle here in Seattle. 󾍇 — feeling fabulous
The Space Needle is nice. But we hear the views from are really where it's at.
there's the space needle and the pier and Starbucks we have lots of Starbucks
How far is this from the Space Needle/Pike Market. I'm in this area now.
ICYMI: water shooting out of this am was annual testing of the sprinklers. (But man, it was pretty!) https:…
Pikes Place Market is a must. Of course the Space Needle. If you like sushi, a great place downtown is Umi.
You & Simon Amstell in Space Needle during Zombie Apocalypse & maybe Danny Dyer! Think about it, Really!
When this bad boy is in town, Seattle’s poor Space Needle just can’t compare.
1962 Seattle ..our Space Needle reaching for the sky... thx to FB Seattle Center Monorail.
MY dream vacation is a trip to Seattle, WA to visit the Space Needle and listen to live music
is a great place to ponder your next film. @ Space Needle
A8 To the top of the Space Needle in Seattle
Sparky checks off item Visit the Space Needle in
putting Drake on the Space Needle is mad disrespectful to Seattle
Starbucks on After visiting the Space Needle, Chihuly Garden and Glass, and Princess Nails (yes, being a tou…
And this explains why you would be in @ Space Needle
Seattle at twilight. wish it wasn't as cloudy... @ Space Needle
also got tons of nice beaches & golf courses,theme parks, sounds cooler than that Space Needle in Seattle
Bravo *** has a nice view of the Space Needle from Gas Works Park, Seattle.…
The view of the Space Needle at night from the harbor cruise. @ Seattle Waterfront
Previously unpublished photos of Space Needle construction via
The Marriott on Alaskan Way; great location near the "sites" such as Pikes Place Market, the Great Wheel & Space Needle.
Chris Petersen took Washington on a trip to the Space Needle. Then he made them climb it
After 832 steps, Chris Petersen greets players at the top of the Space Needle. Petersen took the elevator.
Where is your favorite place to visit in Seattle?. 󾀍 Space Needle. 󾀍 Pike Place Market. 󾀍 Chihuly Garden and Glass
Witnessing the Space Needle's beauty from inside Chihuly Garden and Glass thanks to Instagram user
I tag anyone who wants to do it~ Song: It's Only Love or Space Needle (Stevie Nicks). Movie: The Craft
Tonight's crescent moon as she sailed past the Space Needle
Seattle is more than just the Space Needle... Maybe do a print with the infamous gum wall!
Seattle's Space Needle aiming for the stars with digital signage
A little boy asked us if we could show Flat Stanley around Seattle. Here he is at the Space Needle
Time for a new Space Needle, one that actually dominates Seattle's skyline like it pretends to in illustrations
It's not right next to the Space Needle, but if you are near the Pike Place Market try Seattle Coffee Works on Pike Street.
Former Seahawk Marcus Trufant prepares to raise the 12 flag atop the Space Needle
Space Needle on a Wednesday night. for the
In Spite of being in seahawk's colors, this pic of the Space Needle here in Seattle is pretty Cool!!
Have fun at the Gatlinburg Smoky Mountain RV Supershow! Get great burgers at Blaine’s beside the Space Needle.
24 flying high above the Space Needle for Ken Griffey, Jr.'s election into the
Ken Griffey Jr's number atop the Space Needle in Seattle. The GOAT.
Ken Griffey Jr.’s No. 24 flies above Seattle on the Space Needle after his induction
Appropriate he returned on the day Seattle flew the 24 flag over the Space Needle.
Wait why is Seattle raising Marshawn Lynch's number over the Space Needle? 24? Huh? Wut?
Ken Griffey Jr.'s number flies above Seattle on Space Needle after HOF induction
Oops... Gas Works Park was for July 4th. (once 100 deg). NYE was at the Space Needle. Sometimes out in freezing weather.
only place is Space Needle. So somewhere around Gas Works Park / South Lake Union.
Space Needle fireworks and dance party by the fountain.
The Chihuly Museum at the Space Needle is awesome! The amazing glass garden is literally in the…
Chihuly Garden and Glass Art Museum right under the Space Needle.
It's at the top of the Space Needle. Along with Jimmy Hendrix's tomb.
We have one wheelchair onsite. You can valet at the Space Needle or drop off and street park. Those are the closest options.
Seattle Skyline with Space Needle at Night from Kerry Park - Seattle Washington
There used to be an amusement park at the Space Needle until just a few years ago. :(
You can save money on Seattle attractions with a CityPass. Space Needle, Aquarium, Harbor Cruise & More.
Yeah I think at least a full day to go around the area near the Space Needle! That's where Experience Music Project is
In Seattle for super secret project investigations. @ Space Needle
Fall's flowers in Chihuly Garden and the Space Needle.
Sky City rotating restaurant for the full view of from the @ Space Needle
Is that a pterodactyl flying toward the Space Needle? AGENT OF ARTIFICE
A pawsome picture of Seattle, with the Space Needle & the Great Wheel. I love the reflection in the water. 😊
you should be the Space Needle to really get that Seattle experience 😁
Pitch black around the Space Needle on Saturday night!
Triple Exposure; an apartment in Paris, the Space Needle in Seattle, and a sunset in Southern Calif…
Space Needle, Pacific Science Center, Pike Place Market (definitely go there!), the mall, Starbucks on Pike, FERRIES!
Thank you ESPN for showcasing landmarks of our lovely city other than the Space Needle or Pikes Place Market.
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