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Space Coast

The Space Coast is a region in the U.S. state of Florida around Kennedy Space Center (KSC), where NASA launched space shuttles until the last one on July 8th, 2011 at 11:29am; and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, site of unmanned civilian and military space launches.

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We have people in space with internet access and yet the east coast mainline still has mobile signal blackspots. What gives.
*** yeah! I was soo happy when I saw it was on Hulu lol. I miss Space Ghost Coast 2 Coast as well
Quake kills at least 272 along devastated Ecuador coast: "This is the greatest tragedy in t...
When u gotta go Coast to Coast cuz ur a Space Ghost
Star show & Tuesday night at the Planetarium with Space Coast SWE!
do your business class seats on Coast Starlight have more recline/space, and less ppl than in coach?
From Deal to bring satellite builder OneWeb to Space Coast
Space Coast Nerd Fest dresses up fun - Florida Today
3d Printed Watches From The Space Coast ... - project is at 9% funded
I need Space Ghost Coast to coast to come back on
Had an awesome time today at Space Coast NerdFest!
It's Deano AKA live from the East Coast rehearsal space!!
It's day here at Space Coast. John Smoltz and Heidi Watney interviewing manager Dusty Baker.
Blue Origin ready to build on Space Coast: Blue Origin hopes to break ground within months on a ro...
OneWeb eyes Space Coast for satellite factory via
WE ARE LIVE from the Space Coast of Florida with on The Morning Buzz!! Here is our first...
New player Masten eyes Space Coast for launches, research(Orlando news)
Michael Scott Wolfe is accused of vandalizing a mosque along Florida's Space Coast, with lights and windows smashed by a machete and bacon
Also seen: Cocoa Beach, Palm Bay, and Cocoa Village. All Billboards are on farmland. A+ for advertising there, Space Coast.
The last of 2015, seen from the Space Coast of Florida (Satellite Beach) cc:
Brevard County is home to the John F. Kennedy Space Center. Brevard County is also often called the Space Coast!
hello Tim from East coast of England , so happy to see you in space , have a sweet orbit from shaun
Merritt Island wrestler is named Space Coast's best of the week.
Space coast actually right across the river from Kennedy Space Center
Sandra was kinda enough to sell her old toys and clothes at the Space Coast Kids Sale so she could buy donations...
Time-lapse video shows and it's eye off Mexico's west coast
Of course there is the Space Coast and many of its photo rich targets!
Update | Just a little dry around the Suwannee River & Space Coast. A little drier than last week
Businesses struck by falling office space on south coast -
"I'ms throwin' Thursday backs to my fun va-ca on da Space Coast! I hads tons a funs! Miss you,…
Space Coast Festival is around the corner. Come and check it out. I will be leading several Workshops for a week!...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
The Morning Buzz is LIVE from the Space Coast Of Florida with Here is our first trivia...
A wonderful video highlighting the Space Coast!
how's space Tim? I was 36,000.ft closer to you this morning. Will look out for you from Spain tonight. South east coast.
Good news for Space Coast -- Budget deal fully funds Commercial Crew via
Been a launch every morning this week... and SpaceX this weekend from the Space Coast!
Serving communities all over the Treasure and Space Coast from Vero Beach, Sebastian, Palm Bay and Melbourne to...
Read my latest blog! SCB Friends: Help Us Welcome Porter Airlines to the MLB & the Space…
Keeping swimmers save from shark from space
Just realized Brak from Space Ghost Coast to Coast sounds like the lead singer of The Kingsmen
Mercury found in fog off California coast
The entrance to Space Coast Lightfest is lit up again, thanks to a donor who replaced a stolen generator:
Join me Saturday afternoon to welcome a new airline to the
Hey west coast fans! Us and the crew have some very exciting news for you all coming tomorrow! Watch this space 🕵🤘🏽
A great Cannondale Bicycles SuperX carbon cyclocross bike we ordered in for one of the Space Coast Freewheelers.
Launches on Florida's Space Coast go above & beyond. Catch the next one in 3 days.
why is the west coast so BIG why would you restrict yourself to having all that space. also replace the midwest with an ocean
Runners inspired, joyful at Space Coast Marathon - Florida Today
From coast to coast, collectors can't wait for our SPACE GHOST figures! Arriving in stock 2016!
A large chunk of an American space rocket, likely from the ill-fated SpaceX Falcon 9, has been found off the coast of Engl…
Florida Comics Experience is busy working on our next convention on the Space Coast! Until then, why not go for a...
The Atlantic coast of seen from by the astronauts of Gemini 6, December 16, 1965. htt…
True. But space makes them think expansively, yet contained. And that is the same trait as Americans (ex-East Coast lefties)…
Looks great. We are a vendor for Mission patches here on the space coast too.
Thank You for the shout out! The cows & I loved our time down in sunny Florida on the space coast
Last day to order for west coast shipping!
Proud to announce that I have been named 2015 STEM Educator of the Year by the Space Coast STEM Council.
33 [M4F] Space Coast Florida - Help a 6'4 guy enjoy first day off in months
The closest point in China to BC's coast? >5,200km. Point in China farthest from Russia? ~3,200km (& all of that space is in China!)
Space Ghost Coast to Coast is hilarious though
The Morning Buzz IS LIVE from the Space Coast of Florida and here here is our first trivia question:. What...
Space Coast's 'simulation' school grades released by FDOE
Hundreds of cans of Café Bustelo that washed ashoe along the Space Coast may be linked to recent tumblilng car
Orbital Sciences will launch its Cygnus rocket from the Space Coast next month. Why this mission has a few "firsts":
Orbital Sciences preparing for Cygnus rocket launch from Space Coast: The next launch on the Space Coast is just a…
Space Coast recycling rate ranks second in Florida
Cruise from New York City down to the Bahamas for some fun in the sun, stopping on Florida’s Space Coast.
LeBlanc draws Buzz to the Space Coast - Florida Today - Florida Today
Save the Date!. Nov. 12:. PROMATION to exhibit at SMTA Space Coast in Melbourne Florida!. https:/…
Astronaut gets a huge rushing night from Hawkins in win over Space Coast
Beautiful Callia on a cloudy, partly sunny, sprinkley day here on Florida's Space Coast! She OWNED it!...
what you said is what I thought when I first read about it. She's clearly processing it & should be given the space to do so
I was called the Left Coast Lifter and now named I lift NY. Should have been called The East Coast Erector.
Trusted and used by U. S. and Canadian Defense Forces, the U. S. Coast Guard, and outdoor enthusiasts around the w…
Anyone wanna tattoo I have space become available on Thursday morning it's my last slot before Jurassic coast...
On the West Coast at to talk sustainability in space ex and learn from the green-minded here.
This will happen near Sri Lankan Coast! O.o
*** : Mysterious artificial space object heading towards Earth - just off the southern coast of
Join the Space Coast Florida Public Relations Association on Tuesday, November 10 for a special, private happy...
Mysterious space object to hit the Southern coast!.
Coast On Line Southport Our Album of The Week ~ We're exploring CATS in SPACE 'Too Many Gods' and playing a new...
Space Coast Credit Union is hiring a Underwriter, apply now!
I'm a Space Coast kid, Brevard County Cocoa Florida we was taught to reach for the stars when we grew up.
Chunk of space debris to hit the Southern coast next month
space projectile/debris to hit Earth off the coast of Galle in on November 13 it seems.
mark I moved to Florida Space Coast Titusville ever in the area let me know!
The Space Coast could see a stormy winter
A space debris gonna hit Earth off the coast of Sri Lanka ?? Dude!!
I would love to see you at the space coast country music fest in Florida!!
Mysterious artificial space object to impact off SL coast
Small businesses in Brevard can get help from Space Coast SCORE
Outside the International Space Station, cameras captured Hurricane Patricia off the coast of Mexico on Friday afternoon.
Went to the Space Coast a couple of times on TDY back in the day - then lived north of there in Jax.
Canaveral is in a beautiful part of the country. I lived on the Space Coast for a minute after I retired. Love it.
Space Junk Will Burn Up in Orbit & Splash into South Coast of on November 13
Incoming space junk a scientific opportunity - Astronomers prepare to observe an impact off the coast of Sri Lanka
A mysterious chunk of space debris will hit Earth off the coast of Sri Lanka on November 13. Scientists have no...
Check Out the List of Top Five Lunch Spots On the Space Coast - SpaceCoastDaily.
Space debris to fall off the coast of Sri Lanka. Who knew that 1190 was the code for "actual"?
Love the Space Coast! photo of an F-22 Raptor patrolling above Cape Canaveral, Fl during a launch!!
This might be a great fit for you: Outside Food Sales Representative - Melbourne/Space Coast, FL -
i used to watch Space Ghost Coast to Coast a lot when it first started but it's amazing how much better the later episodes are
Exciting news for the Space Coast: is creating 550 new jobs for FL families this year.
West coast is staring to look as dry as the moon now. The space race continues!.
LOL I am foreseeing a drinking contest if you’re ever on the Space Coast...
If anyone is going out in Straight sets this year, it's not Sydney. It's West Coast. Watch this space
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
This weekend & I are at Space Coast Comicon! You guys are all coming to see us there, RIGHT?!?
VS015 Space coast ooh Lucky you shame no Launches are going off
This is the space I have in mind for the permanent* home of "Dinosauria of The Amber Coast". Just…
Space Coast people are honestly still soo immature.
"We put a table on the roof of our two story school..." -Space Coast
'Youth' on the west coast, the bay specifically, is considered up to age 29 as it relates to services and established *** space.
"The Space Coast Comic Con will be an all-encompassing comic con," organizer David Grace said. "We've got...
Big thanks to the user group at Space Coast SQL and .Net for letting me come speak tonight. We had an awesome turnout!
My favorite Coast to Coast episode was when Space Ghost was under a strange spell and wanted to eat people, including Moby.
Tomorrow September 11, is our Third Ripple on The Sunshine Coast. Please register and I look forward to seeing...
"4 car accidents in one week is normal for the student parking lot" -Space Coast
Space Coast Veg Fest - organized by your very own Healthy Planet of Brevard is only a month away. We need...
space coast? more like space ToaST amirite ladies
rocket successfully launches from Space Coast carrying satellite into orbit!
Blue Origin expected to build rockets on the Space Coast
It should have been re-televised for West Coast time. I had no space on my DVR!
Color palette of the coast is an appealing morning view. from http:…
Space Coast Music Festival - One week until the big event in Cocoa Beach!...
Geek out at Space Coast Comic Con: If you're a fan of "Dr. Who," "Star Trek," "Star Wars," anime, DC, Marvel, ...
They will be at Space Coast Comic Con this weekend!!!
Make sure you come down this weekend and meet KATIE KATT at Space Coast Comic Con.
The Space Coast is known for launching rockets. It could soon be known for building them, too.
These Space Coast events will remember the 9/11 attacks
Geek out at Space Coast Comic Con: Get ready to geek out -- the Space Coast Comic Con is this weekend. If you'...
New and Only Aviation Maintenance Technology program on Space Coast at Eau Gallie High School Melbourne FL.
Hope the surf is great, but doesn't cause you guys any problems David Stanley and friends on the Space Coast!...
I just had to call a business with Space Coast in their name, but think I may have called them Space Ghost on the phone. problems
Space Coast tourism officials applaud stadium deal with USSSA.
Scenes of the over the Indian River, 7/19/15 from Merritt Island and the Space Coast of Florida. cc:
Apollo 11 46yrs Live Radio Broadcast from Space Coast of Florida July 20th 1PM
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
From is drawn to Space Coast for fundraiser.
July 19, 1950 - First launch attempt at Cape Canaveral. 65 years of history for Florida's Space Coast.
Space Coast artist hooks up with Jimmy Houston via
Court: Most EDC records open: Most records of the Economic Development Commission of Florida's Space Coast are...
Harris Research Leadership Team met with the Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast to discuss ways for H…
Stay up to date on upcoming events and specials on Florida's Space Coast! Sign up for our events newsletter:
So exited to be a sponsor of Space Coast Pride 2015 on Sept. 26 in Melbourne, FL.
Space Coast Cancer Center has been selected as one of the initial ten “Vanguard Practices” to assist in the...
Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report: . Welcome to this months Native Fly fishing report for the Space Coast of Flo...
Starting our week on the West Coast! . Excited for Day 1 at the Cooper Design Space in LA! Come stop by booth...
U.S. Coast guard C130 Hercules that flew over Kennedy Space Centre today.
Do you know we have the only East Coast reps for Bison Innovative Products? Read more here:
Placed 3rd in the inaugural Dancing for the Space Coast event. It raised over $225,000 to give back to our community!
Eclectic looks bright and fresh in this home!
is proud to support Dancing for the Space Coast
We were named Best Local Attraction by readers! See the current issue for the full list of winners.
See you at the Space Coast League of Cities dinner meeting tonight...
It is 6 AM here on the Space Coast of Florida and we are just two hours away from going live to help you make it...
Just showed my daughter the joys of Space Ghost Coast-To-Coast circa 1997. I am the world's best dad.
Here goes the cover for the upcoming On the Rock's Exclusive Edition issue of Space Coast Comixx. Enjoy!!
I liked a video Space Ghost Coast to Coast - The Room
Tom: I usually don't like random/weird comedy but I do enjoy Space Ghost Coast to Coast! Maybe it's the inclusion of the guest stars?
Coming too Space Coast Comic Con. Make sure you get your tickets now.
Look who is coming to Space Coast Comic Con!!!
Space Ghost Coast to Coast was a total reboot of the 60's superhero series intended for adults reinterpreted as an absurdist spoof talk show
Space Ghost Coast to Coast is an American animated parody talk show, hosted by the 1960s Hanna-Barbera cartoon character Space Ghost.
Now watching Space Ghost Coast to Coast s05e09 "Curses" (1998) and s08e04 "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" (2003) Links to follow!
Ghana women team couldnt qualify to the world cup? IVORY COAST is just a waste of space and resources. 10 - 0?. Were they on their periods. 😂😂
Whoever treats this Ivory Coast keeper to drinks after the game is the real MVP.
Brendan Rogers: Ivory Coast showed great character today.
Happy 20th Birthday 777! Here's Speedbird 43C descending over the space coast
My fave type of clouds seen from space - von Kármán vortices off the Atlantic coast of Africa: (via
VIDEO REPLAY: Don't Miss the Excitement of 'Dancing For the Space Coast' -
Ivory Coast's defense needs to get back a little more, they're leaving Germany with too much space.
Germany is doing the same thing to the ivory coast as what they did to brazil last year
Ivory coast is leaving so much space open
Alright, Ivory Coast I need you to shoot when you have the space okay?
Ivory Coast fluffed it again oceans of space down right wing
Ivory Coast has to be the worst team in the World Cup. Lots and lots of open space for Germany.
Why is Ivory Coast able to break with so much space? Germans chasing the game, or what?
Travel Agents from Argentina, invited by All Seasons enjoying the afternoon in Cocoa Beach, in Florida’s Space Coast.
Some travel agents from Argentina are meeting our products in Cocoa Beach, Florida's Space Coast!
Veteran Job Fair being held June 23rd on Central Florida's Space Coast. Please "like" and "share" with those...
Space Coast Pads transitioning for the new era
It's such a pleasure living in Florida and on the Space Coast!
Well Space Coast Nerd Fest 2015 is over. I will state that I gave away over 500 copies of Space Coast Comixx...
Just made it back after my drive home from the Space Coast! ^.~
I liked a video "Macho Man" Randy Savage on Space Ghost: Coast To Coast.
It was great talking to you at the Space Coast Nerfest! Love the comics!
R.I.P the Saturn. Space coast treated you good 😂. Out with the old in with the new!
Great to see my brother Al at the Space Coast Nerd Fest. He is recovering from skin cancer treatment. He is also a veteran.
Oh my it's my favorite Spaceball Michael Winslow. @ Space Coast Nerdfest
my pleasure! I'm going to use to set up writing space with my pals on the East Coast.
Through thoughts and wishes. Transcending time and space. From coast to coast. Love breaks the distance. It defies logic. Pure m…
yo re amaba mirar Space Ghost from Coast to Coast ❤ muchos feels
Ghost there, ghost here, like three ghosts of Jacques right over there, Casper the ghost, Haunted Mansion ghosts, Space Ghost Coast to Coast
East Coast - unless you’re trapped in space, you have no excuse: tune in now for an ALL NEW
2nd and last day of Space Coast Nerd Fest!!! Come by and say hi!!.
Space coast nerd fest (@ Melbourne Auditorium in Melbourne, FL)
Start your Love Alison art collection today at the Space Coast Nerd Fest... You know you want to!!!…
The Love Alison / Randall Paints Megabooth is open for business at the Space Coast Nerd Fest today…
End of One Era. Start of the Next Gen as Historic Launch Sites Transition
It turns out a certain someone was quoted in a Florida Today article.
Last day of the Space Coast Nerd Fest! We went yesterday and it was so much fun!
Check out video from Space Coast Jr/Sr High graduation
Space Coast Pads transitioning for the new era |
Kicking it droid style at Space Coast Nerd Fest! @ Melbourne Auditorium
With my best friend Jenifer Ann at Space Coast Nerd Fest all weekend! Today is the last day, so come say hi!
Space Coast Pads transitioning for the new era | via
Space Coast Comixx continues to pick up Celebrity endorsements. :)
"Not saying I had anything to do with that missile off the coast of CA. But I hope the vacuum of space is cold enough f…
For those unsure about Australia's position in Europe this map proves its just off the coast of Portugal htt…
Space Coast Pads transitioning for the new era | |
Day two of Space Coast Nerd Fest is upon us! If you haven't come down yet make sure you do and get your exclusive...
Where will you be today? Lots of entertainment, "eye candy" at Space Coast Nerd Fest, which ends today in...
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
A very pretty sunrise from the Space Coast. A few coastal showers this morning in Brevard County. 30% inland later.
it's right in the middle of the east coast, and also kinda nowhere. Lots of space to train
Seaweed farms dot the mint-green waters off the South Korean coast:
Lots of 'eye candy' at Space Coast Nerd Fest - Florida Today: Florida TodayLots of 'eye candy' at Space...
Limited exhibitor space at the Social Media Day Gold Coast. .
We're a fan of any home that has an instant indoor/outdoor space!
Space Coast Jr/Sr High graduated 200 seniors today. Check out the photos by
County approves incentive money for Blue Origin, Lockheed Martin expansion on Space Coast.
Space Coast FPRA chapter recognized for meeting 100% of its membership renewal goal--thanks to everyone in our...
At -- Space Coast Gator Club would like to welcome UF head basketball coach Mike White to …
can't go wrong with FTL or Miami beach. But the space coast is nice :)
i dont think i ever told anyone other than my fiancée that i made a takizawa blog and put a track from Space Ghost Coast to coast on it
the salt water coast lifestyle centre.. I know floor plans space name, and elevation in material.. please.:)
The is the same distance up from the surface of Earth as the Coast Path is long: 280 Miles http:…
Fincen director discusses the bureau’s ongoing in the digital currency space
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Thank you for following us. Did you know that was created on the Space Coast of Florida?
International Migratory Bird Day May 9, 2015: Our Space Coast, our refuge and our...
Google-News- Houston come in! Daily explores space for stickers series - The Sunshine Coast…
Join us starting Thursday for the VIP kick-off party for Space Coast Superboat Grand Prix 2015! If you haven't...
Really stinks that my West Coast air/space tweeps are sleeping, though. I don't have East Coast to oogle/drool with :-/
StationCDRKelly: Subtropical Storm churns off the East coast. Space_Station.
Subtropical Storm churns off the East coast of USA. from
Catch up with Eau Gallie's and Space Coast's Jessica Griffin, now college softball players:
Our county is the home of the John F. Kennedy Space Center. Brevard is also often known as the Space Coast!
New Eyes The Sad Decline of Florida’s Space Coast: The shuttle program may have ended, but dreams of space can...
Beautiful and interesting architecture on the Space Coast! @ Exploration Tower at Port Canaveral
I live near the Kennedy Space Center on the Space Coast of Florida
Hearing good things about several guys: Antonio Londono of Space Coast, Ryan Hudson & Daniel Caron of Merritt Island
I'm out on the Space Coast for State Girls Soccer this week, but was able to scout 3 boys playoff games tonight for next weeks finals.
Kate Upton, who grew up on the Space Coast in Melbourne, has been selected People's first-ever Sexiest Woman Alive.
I admit it doesn't look too lively, but hey it wasn't even dawn yet at the Challenger Learning Center of Tallahassee! I rushed in just before NASA’s Orion Spacecraft was supposed to lift off. Learning the countdown was on hold because of a boat too near Cape Canaveral, I thanked my brother Leo, sure it was him holding up the launch until I could take my seat in the IMAX theatre. Of course, this morning's launch was ultimately scrubbed for reasons having nothing to do with Leo or any other members of my Space Coast family. The watch party was fun anyway. I hope they do it again.
Arctic blast brings big chill to Space Coast via
HS football games tonight at Space Coast and Merritt Island Christian. Follow updates here.
I just got back from playing softball with 20 other Jim Rome softball guys. Umm the WS is played in KC tonight & not in the Space Coast.
Georgia exec in line to lead Space Coast tourism office: He previously held management positions at a promotio...
Space Coast!. I will be at Fitness Club Merritt Island at 9:00 this morning leading the BEST calorie burning class...
Looks like I'm headed to the County Line Saloon tonight for Patrick Fleming's couples class which is West Coast Swing. Thanks to Steven Dandeneau and Melissa I have a couch to crash on so I won't have to make the drive home late at night. Which also means I'll also be visiting Space Coast for their dance after the class at County Line. Watch out Melbourne here I come :-) If your in the area it would be great to catch at either of these places if not both! Steven feel free to enter your dance info so folks know where to go!
4 Great New Contests just up on the site: Palm Shores Bistro, Sun on the Beach, Endless Windz and Space Coast...
Just in for Eukanuba 2014 Orlando, FL :) News Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 2014 AKC/EUKANUBA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP JUDGING PANEL RELEASED NEW YORK, NY (January 8, 2014) – The American Kennel Club® is pleased to announce the judging panel for the 14th Annual AKC/Eukanuba National Championship to be held in Orlando, Fla. on Saturday, Dec. 13 and Sunday, Dec. 14, 2014. The 2014 event will showcase the top national and international dogs and will also include popular attractions such as the Best Bred-by-Exhibitor competition, the AKC National Owner-Handled Series Final, AKC Meet the Breeds® and the eighth Eukanuba World Challenge. The AKC Agility Invitational will again be held in conjunction with the 2014 event, and the AKC Obedience Classic returns after a successful first year in 2013. The AKC Juniors Agility Competition and the AKC National Juniors Obedience Competition will continue to be held with these events in December. The Brevard Kennel Club, the Central Florida Kennel Club and the Space Coast ...
It's Tuesday already, BC!! Time to strap 'em on! 5am at the Shell station just North of Roosevelt Bridge and BC-Tradition Square. 4:45am at Downtown Stuart and 6am at BC-FtP Jaycee Park. Any other BC groups D&E? Except for Advanced Marathoners headed to Chicago, training has not officially started... Is it time yet to start thinking about Tuesday Speed Repeats? At some point here we are going to need to get back in that groove. 19 weeks to Chicago, 21 weeks to Halloween Half, 23 weeks to Savannah, 26 weeks to Space Coast, 39 weeks to Treasure Coast Marathon. Who is in dark & early??
On newsstands In the June issue: **We celebrate dads! In the cover feature, “Born in Brevard” local dads share growing up and raising kids on the Space Coast. **“Fizz Boom Read” is the theme for this year’s Brevard County summer reading program at each of the county’s 17 libraries. Get a sneak peek into all the fun incentives and activities. **Add a pop of color to everyday meals and outdoor celebrations. We inspire you with three delicious recipes. Also, get summer grilling tips. **Get ready for all the family fun happening this month. Storytimes, Father’s Day crafts and nature activities are just a sampling of what is happening in June. Space Coast Parent is Florida Today’s free parenting magazine available at local libraries, recreation departments and more than 400 locations across Brevard.
Northrop Grumman deal puts focus on Space Coast as tech leader: With speed that might make Chuck Yeager dizzy,...
Good afternoon, This week we announced a huge victory for families on the Space Coast. The expansion of Northrop Grumman could create up to 1,800 jobs in Brevard County. The new jobs will stem from an additional expansion at the company’s campus in Melbourne. Thanks to our work to cut taxes, pay down debt, and cut government waste, companies like Northrop Grumman are bringing jobs and opportunities to Floridians across our state. We look forward to welcoming more businesses to the Sunshine State and to growing our opportunity economy so that more Florida families can succeed. Have a great weekend. Rick Scott Governor This message was sent to cfneeleyfrom: Executive Office of the Governor | 400 South Monroe St | Tallahassee
Cruise News: Carnival Cruise Lines’ Liberty departed on its 1st voyage from Port Canaveral - its 3rd yr-round ship sailing from Space Coast
We are located on a Barrier Island, just 6 miles from Melbourne International Airport, or 65 miles from Orlando International Airport. The Kennedy Space Center is just 37 miles to our North, and Vero Beach is 34 miles to our South. Between those two points, you will find 72 miles of Sun Drenched Beaches known as the Space Coast. Grab a Beach Chair, and walk to Windemere Inn’s own uncrowded beach (winning awards as one of our nations cleanest beaches year after year). If you’d like to venture a little further out, the Sebastian Inlet State Park and Recreation Area is a short drive to the South. The many Theme Parks of Orlando are only an hour and a half away. Area activities include Golf Specials, Surfing, Paddle Boarding and Scuba Diving. Eco-tours of the Indian River Lagoon by Kayak are available, as are AirBoat tours along the Saint Johns River. Antique shops, Restaurants, and small night clubs are just across the river in Historic Downtown Melbourne. Visit Port Canaveral, the second busiest cruise ...
Cram Session: Summer event focuses on digital filmmaking: Students ages 14 to 18 from Astronaut, Space Coast a...
Another launch from Cape Canaveral...I can hear it from my condo. When I first moved here, they would launch and have to destroy the would see them spiraling downward. They still had drive in movies and you would see the destroyed rockets spiraling...amazing at night. It was an exciting time to live on the Space Coast.
=» Indian river in Central Florida's Space Coast is a great place to visit/see them.
Launch managers today gave the "go" to continue preparations for Monday's liftoff of SpaceX's third operational cargo run to the International Space Station. The launch readiness review included presentations from top NASA and SpaceX officials, ensuring the rocket, payload and ground systems are prepared to support launch. Launch from Cape Canaveral's Complex 40 launch pad is set for 4:58 p.m. EDT (2058 GMT), the instant the space station's ground track passes over Florida's Space Coast. SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket will boost a Dragon cargo capsule into low Earth orbit, beginning a day-and-a-half pursuit of the space station culminating with grapple by the lab's robot arm early Wednesday. The Dragon spacecraft is packed with 2.4 tons of experiments, supplies and hardware for the space station. The mission is the third of 12 flights under a $1.6 billion commercial resupply contract with NASA. The weather outlook is generally favorable for launch Monday, with Air Force meteorologists predicting a 70 percent of ...
BIG ANNOUNCEMENT I have finally decided that I need to follow my heart and true calling which is teaching swimming and help to keep children safe. I have jumped around a lot of jobs the last few years to have a steady paycheck but never truly enjoyed working in those places. I never stopped teaching but did it on the side. All the people that I have worked with at those other jobs were wonderful but I was not following my heart or what God had blessed me to do. I gave the county 5 weeks notice plus agreed to come back and Volunteer when needed but as of this Friday it will be my last day. So Safety Susie Swim School LLC will be in full force and we are starting the Space Coast chapter of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance. I will be teaching CPR and First Aid Classes as well as doing Water Safety Classes and of course Swim Lessons. I will continue to work with Uno Pizzeria and Grill because I love what they do for the Community and they give me the freedom to put together unique fun events th ...
This iconic triathlon will be competed on Central Florida’s Space Coast and is the first major public sporting event ever held on the Kennedy Space Center.
Oh, and we're tapping Space Coast IPA tomorrow as well.
Has anyone heard of the Space Coast Nerd Fest??
Heading to the Space Coast Fair in Palm Bay, FL to minister in song. . If you're in the area come out &. worship with me @ 8pm!.
A view of the U.S. Atlantic Coast from the International Space Station.
Coast to Coast was the best, whether Space Ghost or Art Bell!
We are now taking submissions from bands to play at the 2nd Annual Bikers4Backpacks festival at Space Coast Harley Davidson on Saturday May 24th. This will be a huge event with over 2500 people in attendance. Please contact me if interested. Please send a video link...
It's Snowing again on the east coast.. I need a space ship not an Ark!
A.J. Holbeck grew up watching Space Coast launches like the rest of us, enjoying the rockets’ glare and rumble with little idea how many parts and...
Fly me to the moon space cowboy ! See ya in Paris in a few weeks. Bonne journée sur la west coast !
Nats say they set a team Spring Training attendance record (5,540 per game) this spring. A total of 77,564 fans came to Space Coast Stadium.
Thanks to the 77,564 fans who joined us at Space Coast Stadium! The 5,540 per game attendance is the best in Spring Training history!
One last selfie as we leave Space Coast Stadium
Meet A.J. Holbeck. He grew up watching Space Coast launches. Now he helps make them happen
I am officially upset with Space Coast Credit union. They have opened a credit card account without my authorization! In no way is this legal. TO BE CONTINUED.
Zack Wheeler started well but it all fell apart for him in the third inning as he surrendered a 3-run HR to Bryce Harper to cap off a 5 run inning as the Washington Nationals beat the New York Mets 7-3 @ Space Coast Stadium. Travis d'Arnaud homered & David Wright and Eric Young Jr. each had an RBI for the Mets. Next game will be tomorrow @ 6PM ET as the Mets will play the Houston Astros. It's an away game so no SNY television tomorrow.
top the 7-3 to close out the Spring Training slate at Space Coast Stadium!
amazing view from space East Coast cities
Off to the races. Orlando Runners and Riders 9.5 mile Time Trial at Space Coast Parkway, South East Orlando ?. Promoted by Orlando Runners and Riders @ 6:30 PM It's going to be a windy one, wind gust's at 20 MPH should be interesting on a TT bike . Wheel choice will make this fun or not so much.
If NASA used the same class of technology that Space Coast Stadium uses for its press box internet, we never would have made it to the moon.
Stephen Strasburg exits to a rousing ovation from the Space Coast Stadium crowd after 5.2 innings of work. Seven Ks & a 6-3 lead over
Wolf + Lamb remixes came in today for an upcoming Roam Recordings release I did with Space Coast/Sleazy McQueen and Audio Angel and they sound amazing! 40 Thieves album coming out soon with a couple colabs they let me do with them. My next EP on Roam ships on vinyl this week with a remix from Anthony Mansfield. And I'm in Berlin having the time of my life hearing Mozhgan set it off at the Michelberger Hotel, TONE of ARC rock it at Watergate, Solar absolutely kill it at Pbar, Jason Greer get down at an after party at the Chalet, and a whole crew of SF family gettin' silly and living it up. About to head out to a party to hear Dave Aju (official) and Alland Byallo. Someone pinch me! Or don't...I wanna keep on dreaming.
Did you know? USM Gulf Coast is a leader in Prof. Scott Milroy's research is headed to space!
At the game with my partner in life my wife at Space Coast Stadium---Go Mets!
Wow - a great music day indeed. First the album release and now... I just found out the Space Coast jingle I composed and produced won a Gold Award at the District Addy competition (in addition to the earlier local award) and will be moving on to the National Awards!
Glad to be accepted, it is nice on my side Space Coast today have only had rain late at night. Lucky my cat uses his box not a out door cat Desert Lynx thinks he is king good guy though
The Last Chance Band's last song of the night played at Runaway Country Space Coast Music Fest. "Freebird"
Watching the Washington Nationals and the Mets play at Space Coast Stadium! Beautiful day.
At the Space Coast Stadium with the Mets playing the Washington Nationals go Mets
Back in 1996 "Space Ghost Coast to Coast" met "Southern Culture on the Skids" at the unlikely party spot of Cape Canaveral as part of the "Space Ghost on the Space Coast" CN PR extravaganza. I can assure you it was a weekend Like no other. (Note the shuttle on the launching pad outside on the big monitors - We all watched it take off around 4am)
In Florida, the $414 MILLION winning ticket was sold at a Sunoco convenience store in Merritt Island on the Space Coast.
Stop by The Scott Center at Holy Trinity (centrally located for everyone in the entire county) at the Space Coast...
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