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Soviet Union

The Soviet Union , officially the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR; abbreviated СССР, SSSR), was a constitutionally socialist state that existed in Eurasia between 1922 and 1991.

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To see what a life of listening to a government spouting alternative facts does, look to the Soviet Union.
Sergey Brin, founder of Google, was refugee from Soviet Union.
is a Soviet Union with a parliament: at Wilson Center describing the fear to speak up for rights
capitalism is sustainable, that is why the USA still exist and the Soviet Union wither away.
Reagan "Leaders of the dictatorial world...shook in their boots when he called the Soviet Union an evil empire & the free wo…
Happy +1 to the pride of Bharat and Hero of the Soviet Union, Mr. Rakesh Sharma
Israeli News Agency admits Jewish guilt in the mass murder of over 20 millions Christians in the Soviet Union.
in 1988 the XV Olympic Winter Games opened in Calgary. Top 3 medalists were the Soviet Union, East Germany, and S…
New Year's Messages of President and President Mikhail of the Soviet Union. January 1, 1989.
[Collapse of the Soviet Union, 1991] - Mikhail Gorbachev resigns post as president, leading to the end of the USSR.
Neither did josef mengele. truth be told, I'd trust a 1947 USA over 1947 Soviet Union
26th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union - 1981 The Internationale
I'm reading up and watching videos on both right now. Both bad. But this former soviet union citizen I'm watching says
This is nothing more than classic textbook 'Propaganda', straight from the previous. Communist Soviet Union.
Hi, citizens of the Soviet Union of America. You'll find out how millions of people lived under communist regimes in the 50's
yeah like when we intimidated the post-WWII Soviet Union into doing what we wanted (until they got The Bomb)
Today in 1966. The Soviet Union launches the unmanned Luna 9 spacecraft as part of the Luna program.
The Soviet Union happily made deals with Hitler when it suited them. They weren't antifa
The Cold War was a state of political and military tension after World War II between powers in the Eastern Bloc (the…
It's also familiar to me just from having lived in the Soviet Union as a child, having been directly traumatized by Soviet racism & ableism.
finally: the desert has teeth is something everyone going into Afghanistan and Iraq learn. The war there ended the Soviet Union
"Lies concerning the history of the Soviet Union" by Mario Sousa.
You are not in a prison and The Church in South Africa is not in a prison as the Church in the Soviet Union was...
Same. My family fled communist Soviet Union in late 70's because they faced religious persecution for being Jewish.
Aliya Moldagulova (1925-1944) - Kazakh World War II sniper and Hero of the Soviet Union recipient.
Russia in biggest Arctic military push since fall of the Soviet Union |
"We have come off track since the Soviet Union" "We must bind together in this bloody war and form a Christian Militia"
God! What have we done to get the past as our future? Why "diesel locomotives of Soviet Union in 2017?
While fleeing the Soviet Union to the US, Sergey Brin spent a few months in Austria and France…
1990 - "The first McDonald's in the Soviet Union opens in Moscow, USSR."
What did the USSR look like in the early 1950s? An American spy photographed a bunch of cities, & here are his pics. https…
Thanks for the follow - today in 1929 Trotsky was exiled from Soviet Union.
The future US ambassador to the EU wants to bring down the EU just the way he "helped to bring down" the Soviet Union h…
Future historians may record that both the Soviet Union and the United States lost the Cold War
Ugh. Comparisons between the Soviet Union and the European Union are grotesque, as three former Soviet republics can attes…
Later Pak became a part of CENTO of which USA was a primemover. These moves were meant to counter the Soviet Union in Indian Subcontinent.
British knew about Soviet threat. UK wanted pro-West nations surrounding Soviet Union but they had no bases in the…
In 1979, the Soviet Union awarded Angela Davis the International Lenin Peace Prize. You can see her receive it here:. https…
Photos from Soviet Union in 1950s taken by US diplomat Martin Manhoff, put up by Douglas Smith htt…
Granted that the Russian Federation is a shadow of the former Soviet Union, but it's still not something to be ignored.
"Long story short. I was dead and I did defect to the Soviet Union as part of my mission to retrieve the Philosopher's legacy.
Russia is not weak. The fall of the Soviet Union was a ploy. Read Joel Skousen
After the Soviet Union collapsed, people thought I wasn't funny a...
How a long dead Tonga King tried to give away one of his islands to the Soviet Union .
Closest example is the Soviet Union. Like the Balkans, we'd be the first out the do…
CIA found no evidence the Soviet Union had infiltrated S'Pacific media or the anti-nuclear movement in 1985
Anything other than a world cup qualifier against Soviet Union...
..Truman declared the US doctrine for the containment of the Soviet Union and the protection of Greece and Turkey from the “communist threat
Remember when said that that Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale and Michael Dukakis would appease the Soviet Union?
A cabinet line-up of which the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany would certainly be proud. (+ shady UKIP gang at Inauguration).
This is what an official government propaganda channel looks like. Trust me, I was born in the Soviet Union.
Trump called Gorbachev weak for Soviet Union disintegration; praised China for massacre. https:/…
The reason many in Europe are becoming more pro Russian is the EU is th new Soviet Union & Russia are talking sense ht…
OTD in 1979, the Soviet Union started its war in 1 mln Afghans would die, and 15,000 Red Army troops
.Putin is making it easy to spot the Iron Curtain descend again 25 years after Soviet Union fell…
My grandpa is from the Soviet Union so he knows that
I- All Russian sponsored terror like PLO, PFLP, and Amal etc., went down with the Soviet Union.
The soviet union collapsed 25 years ago as the Cold War ended...& here we are again. :)
During the 60's and 70's academics and even the CIA believed the Soviet Union would surpass and economically dominate the…
They're a UN NGO member, initially made by the Soviet Union and still surviving (as far as we know) from the funds inves…
Nov. 3, 1957: The Soviet Union sends the first living creature—Laika, a dog—into orbit
You do realize that the Soviet Union is gone, right? You do realize that Russians were its biggest victims, right?
EU is really doing its best to self-destruct. Trying their best to emulate the Soviet Union and we know what happen…
"The breakup of the Soviet Union is a national tragedy on an enormous scale." - Vladimir Putin
and this from a real country Soviet Union(Russia) library of science.
The front page in 1991. Mikhail Gorbachev resigns as President of the Soviet Union.
The 25th Anniversary of the End of the Soviet Union | Richard M. Ebeling via
what US did years ago against Russia to split Soviet union is happening now for US.dont?. No excuse for US.!!!
6 leading experts discuss the unlearned lessons from the collapse of the Soviet Union.
Given the tender mercies of the Soviet Union... yes.
You do realize how whacko you are sounding? 50% per capita GDP redistributed is worse than Soviet Union.
.explains the West's unlearned lessons about Moscow since the collapse of the Soviet Union.
and Putin sits back and laughs. Like the fall of the Soviet Union the fall of democracy without a shot fired.
Inside the KGB: Terror of the Soviet Union via
'We got Christmas back': readers mark 25 years since fall of Soviet Union
Russia isn't the Soviet Union anymore now. And they're white and restoring Orthodox Christianity---so it's Ok to hate them
million German Wehrmacht personnel were held as POWs by the Soviet Union one million die in their hands.Tru…
We need a truly great leader right now, a leader that wrote the Art of the Soviet Union. It's my second home.
Zia did it at behest of USA to oust Soviet Union from Afghanistan When She ran away But Zia continued his own Jihad
The Soviet Union officially collapsed on this day 25 years ago
White House to shut down alleged Russian spy base hours from DC, acquired by the Soviet Union in 1972 https:/…
In the 25 years since the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia has changed…
Putin says the EU is MORE of a dictatorship than the SOVIET UNION:
Moscow 1991. Soviet Union has just collapsed. Metallica plays for 1.6M in one of the largest concerts ever. This is Ame…
Deplorables hate this, so sharing it once again!. America Becoming Like The Old Soviet Union
Who waves the former Soviet Union Flag??? Clinton supporters did outside the Chicago rally that was shut down. Wa…
Well we know how the last Cold War ended - anyone seen the "Soviet Union" lately?!
🇺🇸 The term was first applied to the British Empire, the United States, and the Soviet Union. However, following World War II…
But notice Soviet Union is gone but Holy Roman Catholic Church is stronger and bigger than ever, soon to swallow heretics.
"My idea of American policy toward the Soviet Union is simple. We win and they lose" — Ronald Reagan to Richard V. Allen,…
1991: Russia - Mikhail Gorbachev resigned as Soviet president as Ukraine's referendum was finalized and officially lef…
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Everything you think you know about the collapse of the Soviet Union is wrong.
Was Nordic freedom after we defeated Nazi Germany/Japan or after the withdrawa/collapsel of the Soviet Union. We…
comeback has proved that 25 years after the Cold War's end, a stable world order is as elusive as ever.
NPR, like the Guardian, hates the USSR. Means that 28% of Russians don't have a heart.
I liked a video from The Fall Of The Soviet Union
25 years later, a look back at the breakup of Soviet Union
This is also the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Soviet Union. Learn more:
The same thing happened before the collapse of Soviet Union. This is a warning sign.
Exactly 25 years ago today Gorbachev resigned and the Soviet Union ceased to exist. Someone tell Joy Reid.
TIL that in 1945, 57% the French population thought the Soviet Union contributed the most to the defeat of the Naz…
25 years ago tonight: Michail Gorbachev announces dissolution of the Soviet Union.
Vladimir Putin: "European Union had stricter control on member states than the Soviet Union’s supreme council"
25 years ago today, the Soviet Union collapsed. A whole generation has grown up without it. Who are they? My piece: https:/…
Pakistan is the one who defeated the Soviet Union and made US the single supper power
25 years ago today, Mikhail Gorbachev became the last leader of the Soviet Union.
On this day, 25 years ago, Mikhail Gorbachev resigns and the Soviet Union collapses. From the archive:
The Cold War was fought with Moscow leading one side.What evidence is there that the Cold War finished when the soviet union collapsed?
December 25 is such a great day:. Jesus is born. Washington crosses the Delaware . The Soviet Union collapses. Beautiful
Today it's 25 years since the final demise of Soviet Union. The Soviet flag over the Kremlin was lowered.
USSR falls 25yrs ago today. Text of Gorbachev speech. Admits that Russia lagged behind West and communism failed.
"5 Ways the Soviet Union Could Have Won the Cold War" - a salutary piece of counterfactual historical analysis
The Soviet Union 25 Years On: 'A Story of Crushing Tyranny and Oceans of Blood' via
What China didn’t learn from the collapse of the Soviet Union.
As with so much of national identity in the Soviet Union, it's complicated. Depends on what his papers said on a given day.
Russia is the same Soviet Union, but the leftists have become its propaganda's victims after its one-time suckers.
teasing EO. Learned about Soviet Union, Russia news during dinner. I don't think that's for me to be honest. Huge NO.
Interesting... Would mean that Russia is more successful tha Soviet Union...
Putin was KGB during the Cold War and Russia aka Soviet Union was our adversary then as they are now, tovarich mag
25 years after fall of Soviet Union, Putin fights back by helping to make US election look as ugly as a Russian one.
This time it will be Russia that goes bankrupt. The last time this happened the Soviet Union fell, and the Berlin Wall tumbled.
Hamilton Collection
Soviet Union did a better job at feminism in the period of 1954-1991 then feminism from 1929 to 2016 lol
Why is Russia our enemy? Soviet Union has been dead for almost 30 years.
It worked for Reagan. Broke up the Soviet Union and, sadly for so many, led to the fall of communism in Russia.
communist Soviet Union for there gov provided everything.
yes the Soviet Union is no more. Russia is no longer communist RUS was just a scapegoat by the Dems
If Trump can end this simplistic image, believe in US that Russia is still the Soviet Union and all communist it will be a great achievement
25 years ago on Christmas Day, the Soviet Union dissolved without a single shot fired. It was the end of the...
1) it was called the Soviet Union, not "communist Russia," & 2) when they brought u to heel, it wasn't a simple apology
in 2017, think "Red Wedding". in 2018, think 1938 Plenary meeting of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. First…
25 years ago on this week, Soviet Union broke down. All the 'Comrades' can take turns sucking each others *** now
Why do so many people miss the Soviet Union?
In the R party it is. It's now a communist plot to rebuild Soviet Union and profit off it.
"The McCarthy Era. Communist Witch-Hunts. Although the United States and the Soviet Union were WWII allies against...
I'm not a communist, this isn't the Soviet Union, and your straw man is burning
why did the communist Soviet Union, imprison, oppress and murder *** .
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
researcher Christian Gomez has traced to the Islamic Revival Party, created by the during the final days of the old Soviet Union
Reagan brought down the Soviet Union but nothing like the North Korean nuclear…
w emergence of Soviet Union, rebellion caused great fear among t German people Th country appeared to bon verge of a revolution
A communist Soviet Union was a threat to America's way of life, and vital interests; Putin's…
Also before you come at me with 'read the communist manifesto' I have, the Soviet Union was not communist lmao.
- persecutions in the previous Soviet Union & Communis…
- persecutions in the previous Soviet Union & Communist Chinese--
By the "Russian empire" I imagine you mean the communist Soviet Union, a regime which killed 60 million people right?
you realize the irony the Soviet Union is communist and Donald is a business man, dude funny joke
if by failed example you're referring to the Soviet Union; it didn't fully reach to become a communist country
Pakistan helped destroy the Soviet Union. Don't sympathise with communists. A good communist is a dead one.
Hey moron: Putin is not a communist. Soviet Union hasn't existed since 91.
As the Soviet Union fell, the Russians outlawed the Communist Party. Can't we do the same with the Democrats?
Pravda - of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, . Circulation: 100,300 (2013)
We are actually much worse than the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. We are destabilizing the planet itself.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I'm not a communist. Soviet Union tried communism but became nationalist/fascist
I came out of the Soviet Union no longer a communist, because I ...
Putin longs for the days of Soviet Union. He is a communist.
Sure, communist always surpassed plans on paper. Soviet Union commies- surpassed goals before fall and crumble
RBTH looks at how the Soviet Union refrained from trying to spread communism in
Today's Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev (1906) - Brezhnev joined the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPS...
BD of Leonid Brezhnev, General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. "Economics must be economical."
Growing up in communist Czechoslovakia it was the Soviet Union deciding who our president will be. Now it is Russia deciding U…
When the communist (Jews) took over the Soviet Union the most bloody murderous time in history took place 27M+ died…
Happy birthday Leonid Brezhnev! Head of state of the Soviet Union, born on this day in 1906.
Ask a country what happens when they shut down on fake news. It's called Communist China and the Soviet Union.
I would think you would be elated... Mother Russia (The Soviet Union) is where your Communist ideology was born
DemocRATic party reminds me of Soviet Union's Communist Party-An Oligarchy that controlled media to keep
He seems like a self proclaimed communist, despite the Soviet Union being a Police state pretending to be communist
OTD 1949 Khrushchev appointed to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union
Reading. History of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (Bolsheviks) : Short Course. By Joseph Stalin.
happy birthday Joseph Stalin! General secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union
How many Democrats would whine about Russia trying to influence our election if it were still part of the Soviet Union (I.e., communist)?
the Soviet Union has fallen fam Russia ain't been communist for ages ???
Just look at the consciousness of the communist worker in the Soviet Union under Stalin and compare it to the... https:/…
The Russian Federation is not the Soviet Union. The European Union is more closely modelled on the Soviet Union.
This is actually correct, it is a Politburo modelled along that of the old Soviet Union and the current Chinese gov…
The Politburo was the highest policy-making government authority under the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
It's still 1959 and Castro is deciding to buddie up with Nikita Khrushchev. That's pretty foul because he's the leader of the Soviet Union
1939: Winter War: The Soviet Union is expelled from the League of Nations for invading Finland.
Was Ted Kennedy a traitor? Did he asked the Soviet Union to help beat Reagan in 1984? The Russians F-35.
Margaret Bourke-White was the first western photographer allowed to photograph inside the Soviet Union
Major events in late 1991: . September: I turn 3. . November: Beauty and the Beast premiers. . December: Soviet Union dissolves.
don't buy don't read this garbage oz is like Pravda in the old days of Soviet Union mouthpiece of the LNP politburo
An in depth article but worth exploring next semester.
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Unfortunately Ethnic Soviet union don't know that person and don't want to use any card to do any transactions i deal only to abank
25 years after the Soviet Union dissolved, Stanislau Shushkevich says action had to be taken to avoid a "Yugoslav scenario" http…
The Soviet Union fell apart 25 years ago. Take a look at our timeline of the events leading up to the collapse:
The Soviet Union collapsed overnight. Don’t assume western democracy will last for ever | Paul Mason
another communist Soviet Union flag? Does your school support an oppressive regime that killed 100 million? Wow
On December 8, 1991, the Soviet Union had "ceased to exist."
what's up with the Communist Soviet Union flags? Those are the good guys? Lol k
thats the same thing they said bout Reagan..ask Iran or the former Soviet Union..
I've written "soviet onion" instead of "soviet union" at least 5 times today and I honestly just need winter break
I'd say the same happened with nazi Germany attack on the Soviet Union.
Obama made fun of Romney in 2012. Putin is reassembling the Soviet Union.
People like her will force people into being dissidents of the type seen in the former Soviet Union. She's a true Fascist.
What does the Soviet Union have to do with any of this...
8th December 1991 (25 years). The leaders of Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine sign an agreement that dissolves the Soviet Un…
On December 8, 1991, leaders of Russia, Belarus, & Ukraine signed an agreement dissolving the Soviet Union
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My hunting trip with Yeltsin killed off the Soviet Union
1991: The leaders of Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine sign the Belavezha Accords, dissolving the Soviet Union.…
Photos from the former Soviet Union, with love and loneliness: .
Which was done most recently and w/remarkable skill in the former Soviet Union. It hemor…
he attacked the Soviet Union. he was indeed retarded.
Read Filip Slaveski's article in collection on Soviet Union via
He didn't just predict the fall of the Soviet Union. He correctly predicted numerous historical events. We are...
Be wary of the sources you use, everyone. The first man to orbit Earth was Yuri Gagarin of the Soviet Union.
No it's not. Supporting Stalin is what they did. Ask Bernie Sanders. He honeymooned in Soviet Union.
Paul Mason on a key question: will the collapse of globalised capitalism kill liberal human values?
This week in history: America and the Soviet Union agree to ban an entire class of nuclear weapons
The Politburo unanimously votes for John Glenn to be made Honorary Hero of the Soviet Union. You're welcome and ha…
"Seumas Milne regrets the fall of the Soviet Union. [...] . Stop the War [...] replaced support for the Soviet Union with support for Putin"
"We forget that also had an enormous impact Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Soviet Union"…
How the Atomic Age was Imagined in the Soviet Union
^ Metropolitan Hilarion compares w the atheistic Soviet Union
Putin's main interest is restoration of the Soviet Union, former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said Thursday."Let's not kid anybody."
What's a good book on the Soviet Union and the second world war?
The modern country of Georgia in the Caucasus region of the former Soviet Union (The place where European Albinos...
Castro's communism fell with the Soviet Union. The "Bolivarian Revolution," a version of communism developed in...
In Jerry Pournelle's Co Dominium universe, the United States becomes a close partner of the Soviet Union, figuring together, they rule.
In spite of unreserved support by Cuba and the Soviet Union, It took nearly 3-years for the Ethiopian Army to gain a full c…
Fidel Castro literally requested the Soviet Union to wipeout the US (and by extension us as well) with nuclear weapons. The Soviets said no.
It's obvious when high school and college kids are carrying Soviet Union flags at "protests".
THAT is why Russia installed the Orange Rat. we will see the Soviet Union re-established
Fidel Castro defenders are claiming he was anti imperialism yet he was a puppet of the Soviet Union who occupied many countries.
Castro opposed occupation and colonialism so much he supported the Soviet Union, opposed the Prague Spring.
Fidel Castro pressed the Soviet Union hard in 1962 & in early 1980s to start nuclear war
>opposed occupation . >close ties to the Soviet Union. WEW LAD
. Cuba's alliance with Soviet Union did bring the brink of war to the US back door in the early 60s.
Wrong. Castro loved the Soviet Union & its Communist philosophy. Castro probably despised modern Russia with its hy…
In the 60s Castro allowed the Soviet Union to point missiles at the United States and created a world crisis. We must support a free Cuba!
The delusion is real with this one. Let me guess, you think Stalin was a blessing for the Soviet Union?
not to mention the former Soviet Union? Will the world realize the blessings of liberty with the rights to property & profit?
..was responsible for the majority ofthe deaths that occurred first in the soviet union and then again tragically under Mao
reference found from the memoirs of James Bartleman- chief FP advisor to P Trudeau.
I got news for you. The American left kinda romanticized the Soviet Union during the Cold War!
Reminder, the EU is the Soviet Union with a new flag, these globalist scum are actively destroying Europe
1)I love it when as an immigrant from Soviet Union and a proud American i get to hear from Americans that were born here how evil America is
Unlike China and the Soviet Union, which had explicitly communist revolutions, Castro outright refused that he was a communist.
The Soviet Union had nuclear missiles aimed at our major cities and uncertainty in his successor counseled caution.
that's a bit unfair on Krushchev, who at least tried to liberalise the Soviet Union
was a murderer who oppressed his people and was a surrogate of communism & the Soviet union. He should've died in 1962.
"Castro couldn't even go to the bathroom unless the Soviet Union put the nickel in the toilet." -Richard Nixon
Mitch work for the KGB and got trigger words that throw him into Soviet Union mode😂 featured in NBC s Science of Love
For the record, this is the message that President Eisenhower sent to the Soviet Union on the death of Stalin:
Gabriel García Márquez on Fidel Castro, the Soviet Union, and creating a government which would make the poor happy. https:…
in 1939 Soviet Union's Red Army briefly lost its sense of direction
It's worse than that. He wanted to give the Soviet Union the ability to murder tens of millions of us in under 10 minutes…
Have there ever been two more pressure-packed FTs than the two Doug Collins swished v. Soviet Union in 1972 Olympics? No. Clu…
Michelle Bachmann: Americans fear the rise of the Soviet Union. Little do they know that I am now running the USSR.
In Ottawa? Join us at Carleton University this evening for an event on the economics of the Soviet Union with...
New ideas per Trump: Our new Capital, the Kremlin; Library of Congress of the Soviet Union; America's best, Fidel C…
Donald Trump election proves the high days of liberal capitalism since the fall of the Soviet Union are finally over
Learn about the secret maps of the Soviet Union from another time...
Trump's Comment About the Soviet Union and the Chinese Government at Tiananman Square
Russian Empire and then Soviet Union set world records in death and misery. Face reality.
So how long did it take you, if you were politically aware, to accept and process that the Soviet Union had collapsed, the Berlin Wall
Bush saw the fall of the wall as a sign that the Soviet Union and its young leader Mikhail Gorbachev was serious about reform; he was right
We then came to the Soviet Union. One day we were walking and carrying ...
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I certainly hope Leon Trotsky takes power in the Soviet Union.
These *** Leftists disgust me as much as the *** Leftists who spied for the anti *** & genocidal Soviet Union.
What was behind the visit, Prince Faisal - Special Envoy of the King Abdul Aziz Al Saud - the Soviet Union in 1932,
Just like the Afghan Mujahideen were used in the 80's to fight/bleed the Soviet Union and free their grip..
The West used to boast of its 'freedom of speech'. Now, our media is MORE controlled than the Soviet Union!
I blame the Soviet Union. The more The merrier. Old school terror.
It'd be worse than the soviet Union if this Criminal gets in goodbye Freedoms but she's losing winners don't need to slander
Russia, erstwhile Soviet Union, far more reliable as an ally than the US can ever be. Bad handling of relationship by
It always happen in the countries which forgot about GOD+God's MORAL: Ancient Vizantie and Israel, Russia (the Soviet Union)
when the government controls the media, it is nothing more than propaganda. Anyone else remember the old Soviet Union???
time we live in. It’s as if they never got over the fall of the Soviet Union, & have to create a new omnipotent enemy for us to be against.
On this day in 1964, the Soviet Union launched the Voskhod 1 space flight. .
Main Stream Media Won't Report it Any longer..!! They are the Fascists!! U.S. just Like Stalin…
1958: Olympic Gold Medalist, scored the Soviet Union's first-ever World Cup goal!
in 1964, the Soviet Union launched the first multi-manned spacecraft, Voskhod 1. Its crew of three remained in orb…
America is becoming the same Communist Soviet Union they despised in 70s and Freedom of Speech
remember what Pravda was in the good Ole Soviet Union days...that's what our press is for us now.
You do realize that's the soviet union or is that the point?
From Russia with love: When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, the communications trade union for which I th...
Your missing the point- Think of the Old Soviet Union to travel from state to state you had to show papers(ID)
"We have to accept that the golden decade that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union will never return" - Jean-Davide Levitte ,Syd
We are becoming the Soviet Union under liberla Democrats.
Her is podesta talking about subverting the Catholic Church. This stuff is straight out of China and the Soviet Un…
have you thought for one second that perhaps American government is so corrupt that it has become the Soviet Union? I'll wait...
Basically says the Democratic Party is the same as communism in the Soviet Union. That is ridiculous.
It's like we're living in news reels from 1930's Germany or 1950's Soviet Union. I'm not kidding! STOP step back and LOOK!
President Reagan's STRENGTH crushed the Soviet Union & won the 40+ year Cold War. Obama's WEAKNESS has sparked BOTH back to life.
10/12/1964 the Soviet Union launched the first multi-man spacecraft 4 years after Nikita Khrushchev pounded his sho…
.nailed it. Our is like the old Soviet Union. Welcome to America.
Soviet Union: 'We investigated Ronald Reagan's claim that we are an evil empire. We found him to be wrong.'
Pats send out Brady press "transcript", deleting uncomfortable Trump question-and-response at finish. Like old Soviet…
"This audio recording is of Komarov cursing the Soviet Union officials, shortly before his death."
If we trade and are allowed to visit China, Soviet Union, etc, then there is no reason we can't trade and visit Cuba.
Do people understand the enormity of this ? The old Soviet Union was more transparent.
Several thousand athletes come from across the Soviet Union. They are mostly women, because the men are dead.
Media/GOP/DEM axis is the opposite of a democratic republic and has all the earmarks of Stalin's Soviet Union.
We're all realizing that we live in the Soviet Union!!
This is like living in the 1970's Soviet Union. This censorship is Hilary's New America.
Soviet Union anthem, heheh so funny amrite
LOL. Seriously made me giggle, as someone born in the soviet union.
Welcome to the old Soviet Union, comrade.
"much like its sister newspaper Pravda of the Soviet Union. The New York Times R.I.P.".
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