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Soviet Russia

The Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (Translit.: Rossiyskaya Sovetskaya Federativnaya Sotsialisticheskaya Respublika), commonly referred to as Soviet Russia, the Russian Federation, or simply Russia, was the largest, most populous and economically developed republic in the former Soviet Union.

Nazi Germany Soviet Union United States Cold War Middle East Roman Empire

Why is Russia our enemy? Soviet Union has been dead for almost 30 years.
Scarce Open to best offers 1991 Russia Soviet Union Proof Set With Case via
because we all know in Soviet Russia road forks you!
It worked for Reagan. Broke up the Soviet Union and, sadly for so many, led to the fall of communism in Russia.
Based Pat Buchanan calling out neocon shenanigans. . It's like they think Putin's Russia == Soviet Russia.
In former Soviet Russia, lemons are humany fresh.
Segal's Law: A man with one watch knows what Soviet Russia and its Communist international organization intends to do if you want to transfe
In my country, Soviet Russia tells joke about Yakov Smirnoff.
A Code of Forced Sacrifice, of everyone for everyone else, will get you: Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Maoist China-and ISIS!
US saw Castro as too close for comfort, especially with Soviet Russia involvement, Cuban Missile Crisis dangerous moment in Cold War
75 yrs ago today Hitler attacked Soviet Russia. By the end of the war over 30 million had died on the eastern front.
I'm all for brexit not that my opinion matters there's a reason old Soviet Russia, Roman Empire, Yugoslavia are gone. local govt is best.
the Cold War with Soviet Russia was a walk in the park compared to what's going on today. What a mess!
Political violence Kerala & Bengal resembles the blodletting of opponents by the Red Gangs in Soviet Russia of 1920s or Mao's Red Guards...
From the chap who brought you The Thick of It, a satire of Soviet Russia...
Oleg Koshevoy was a Soviet partisan, a founder of the 'Young Guard'
do not try and refute Ma knowledge on Soviet Russia rolwich
The only reason why Obama normalized the USA Cuba relationship is to avoid the Soviet nuclear crisis. The...
Those Russian -Germans fled to Germany, right after Soviet Union collapsed. And,now back to Russia! Believe me, Russia is safer
Top 10 Soviet-era experiences in St Petersburg: It’s 25 years since the USSR imploded but in St Peter...
"Even the stoical Russian people have a breaking point" — goes to site of bloody 1962 Soviet labour unrest:
Meet the punk record dealers who traded x-ray records in Soviet Russia:
City where Soviet workers rose up stays calm in Russian crisis
except millions and millions of Jews were also exterminated. Soviet Russia wasn't picky in who they killed.
so... That man built a property on his own land for his own use and he is forced to take is down. Soviet Russia resurrection...
Life on a desert island is safer than and incomparably preferable to existence in Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany.
TV show idea: Parks and Recreation, but set in a large suburb of Tomsk in 1977 Soviet Russia
The closest person to Willy Wonka is Petro Poroshenko. He's got the alliteration but its not as catchy. Soviet Russia does not approve
Japan cannot conquer China with America in her rear, Soviet Russia on her r...
Also, Jonathan Meades so good on the moral equivalency between Nazi Germany's and Soviet Russia's occupation of the Baltic States.
My Aunt went to Russia when the Soviet Union fell, in order to help the Russians research Heart Surgery.
The issue here was that he flew on May Day, when there was minimal air traffic over Soviet Russia. RADAR picked him up immediately.
Why did Soviet Russia wait to invade Nazi Germany?. Because they were Stalin.
-over dramatized Russian accent- In Soviet Russia, little bird top /you/
queue herr Nietzsche about how in Soviet Russia, abyss becomes YOU (get into politics, become dumb.)
laws don't apply during football... what do you think this is?? Soviet Russia?? Commie town?
Alumnus Goldberg writes first novel about Soviet-era Russia - Duke Chronicle
In soviet russia, brain uses you oO
96 years ago today and Soviet signed Tartu Peace Treaty.
"Returning to strategic control has been a long-term goal since the break-up of the Soviet Union".
Why does no one make Soviet Russia jokes anymore?
Who were the badass night witches of Russia?! explains:
Wow, anti-American thugs contributing to this Soviet-Era *** The funny thing is, he couldn't get elected in Russia!
Soviet Russia. 98% of the vote went to Stalin. Who won?... Hillary Clinton
Because it is a new but this time seems to be as auduacious as the Soviet Union in the worst times
Please!, of all time? do a little research on Soviet Russia, Mao's cultural revolution, cambodia, Laos and Bushido Japan featured in NBC s Science of Love
No. In soviet russia, the yak shaves you.
i'm listening to some music from Soviet Russia and these fools got funk. Funk International *** Funk world wide.
Meanwhile in Soviet Russia military is very serious about snow plowing activities.
1920 - Soviet Russia and Estonia sign the Treaty of Tartu, ending the Estonian War of Independence
In Soviet Russia, you don't find Magnus Bane. Magnus Bane finds you.
"In Soviet Russia, star wishes upon you."
Iowa Dems can't decide between a corrupt liar who enables a sexual harasser and a guy who honeymooned in Soviet Russia.…
"he's a throwback" "his supporters are sexist and trolls" "something to do with Soviet Russia" "Putin loves him" etc
Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg: a match made in Soviet Russia. Bridge of Spies, available now on Shaw On Demand.
.And a very chaotic caucus it was, so I hear. About as "genuine" as elections in Soviet Russia
Ukraine’s president Monday accused Russia of sending troops and weapons into the ex-Soviet state’s conflict-torn...
no I'm not but maybe you should look at the French empire and Soviet Russia
even in Soviet Russia people mix it with soda
4: in brackets write "in soviet Russia wall writes on YOU"
In soviet Russia, legos step on YOU
It's unbelievable that 25 yrs after the death of Soviet Russia the UK & US are still trying to kick-start a Cold War.
in Soviet Russia gulags became expensive, so to cut costs political opponents were fired for "thought crime"& livelihoods cut
Russia should go back to being the Soviet Union
Could sanctions spur Russia's ascent to agricultural superpower?: Since the end of the Soviet era, Russia's ag...
What he should realise is that like Soviet Russia there are millions in their countries who don't want a NWO. It'll collapse too
The economic crisis in Russia is affecting the uncompetitive post-Soviet economies of EEU
KGB, torture and Soviet terror: why Latvia worries about today's Russia (NATO Review)
Mark Harrison publishes a new book on Soviet Russia, using material from https:…
Because it worked so well in . . Soviet Russia.
Hire me and i'll turn things into Soviet Russia. I'll start accusing the dissidents of listening to Nickleback. 20 years in Gulag
Soviet Russia\'s Space Program During the Space Race: The History and Legacy of the C
Turkish planes shot down a Russian jet right before Thanksgiving this year, reminding Americans that "in Soviet Russia, Turkey shoot you"
change Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany's to and the Middle East caliphate.
Swans of the Kremlin: Ballet and Power in Soviet Russia (Pitt Russian East Euro
Last chance to see transition from Soviet Russia to present day country in show, ends 22 Nov…   10% Off
Facts don't matter to the Democrat-Communist party. Only their one-party rule just like Soviet Russia.
A fun thing is how the US boasted of its achievements in color filmmaking in the 50s/60s, specifically vs. Soviet Russia, but Tarkovsy is...
Russia Audio Analysis: Controlling Communications - From the Soviet Era to Moscow's "Red Web" -...
Soviet's "find me a man & I'll find a reason to prosecute him" alive & kicking in Putin's Russia
Russia and Saudi Arabia to continue pumping oil
1964 RUSSIAN book, Soviet Union criminal code of the Ukrainian SSR, USSR, Russia
Trotsky was deported from Russia in 1929 & assassinated by Ramon Mercader in 1940, a Soviet Agent.
In the USA, we make jokes about DT & what he does. In Soviet Russia, he makes jokes about what we do. He knows what we do
Just bizarre. if you have a moment you got to see these Soviet era bus stips in Russia
As does chicken fry you in Soviet Russia.
In Soviet Russia, you do not game the game, the game games you!
as wud u teach a lesson & mov quickly to induct all willing frmr Soviet nations 2
*** right he did. You don't choose to HEP, HEPing chooses you. Like a wand. Or Soviet Russia
you're right ann. No guns worked very well in soviet russia👍🏼.
Found a guitar I like on ebay but it's located in Russia, and in Soviet Russia you don't play guitar, guitar play you.
In western Europe, the bus stop is the most humble of building types, a meanly utilitarian structure that adds...
Not having cable is like living in Soviet Russia I'll tell you what
oil production hit post-Soviet high in Sept. That's one reason for low price of oil. Analysts predict price to stay low thru 2016.
I get a chuckle when I think about Prez campaigning in 2008 on "reset" with you suppose they covered Soviet Union at Columbia?
Output Hit Post-Soviet Record High in September of 10.74m b/d
One link: =Muslim terrorist and complicit U.S. Government. This is Soviet-esque.
Russia doesnt consider Syria part of the old Soviet Union. If you listen to what Putin said on American television, hes ...
When hanging out with people from Russia, making Soviet Union jokes are frowned upon.
and you can’t say it hasn’t happened. Look at Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, Pol Pots Cambodia. All with great anti gun laws for citizens
Russia’s post-Soviet military engagements beyond its borders
concedes dominance in the Western Mediterranean & Black Sea to Putin & the Soviet Un…er…Russia
Russia and Saudi Arabia to continue pumping oil $WTIC via
I love how they still refer Russia to the Soviet Union lol
US Is Using Bulgaria to Supply Arms to Ukraine. Standard US practice. It supplied anti-Soviet mujahedeen in...
The Soviet Union was an Evil Empire and Joseph was the reincarnation of the Devil.
In Soviet Russia, you do not accept hurricane. Hurricane accepts you.
please tell me why it is France who has sold minstrels to Russia through Egypt and Germany which has forgotten Soviet horrors
Russia and Saudi Arabia to continue pumping oil via
This just about sums up current day Russia. "Although post-Soviet Russia no longer subscribes to a communist...
Soviet Russia sought to reassert by military force the Russian Empire's century-long hegemony over the Baltic states
In fact, the majority of the 'Hard Left' has no real sympathy with Soviet Russia. Trying to idenitify with a dictatorship-
Donald Trump blocking a certain newspaper is the type of leadership we need in 1959 Soviet Russia!
Cohen: .America won the war in the Pacific and Soviet Russia won the war in Europe.”
The term "bootleg" originated when Beatles music was banned in Soviet Russia and they used x ray negatives to create flexible vinyl records
and unlike these, she was born and raised in Soviet Russia.
Soviet Russia was the best in the world at ballet. My discipline was installed in me by my Russian ballet teachers
We enjoyed listening to interview with Vladimir Ashkenazy today! Intriguing insight into music during Soviet Russia
Does Sushant Singh Rajput realize that he is one vowel away from proclaiming himself to be former Soviet Russia?
'Red Notice': American Bill Browder examines the high cost of doing business in post-Soviet Russia: Doing busi...
In Soviet Russia... dogs can fun off!!
In Soviet Russia a bar walks into men. The case of the man-killing-bar remains unsolved.
In Soviet Russia, the Internet wasn't really developed before the fall of communism!
"We are grateful for the support from the former Soviet Union (Russia)." Zuma
In Soviet Russia the president kidnaps himself
Time: Kremlin critics fear political 'hit list' as Putin drops out of sight: Rumors of a power strugg...
Russian Combat sheep Boris Attack. In Soviet Russia sheep fights with you. The Best of Youtube
Map of Stalin’s GULAG - Forced Labor Camps in Soviet Russia, 1951
yes and Thats why I say it needs a US Invasion in Russia Like in Nazi Germany to DEFEAT this Soviet ideology
There will never be change in Russia until Soviet KGB dinosaurs die off. Why we thought end of USSR meant end of their ide…
Didn't you have to be a communist party member in Soviet Russia, whether you wanted to or not?
Part- Time Job Opening for graduate student in NYC Red Square Productions is currently seeking a part-time Education and Outreach Coordinator for our award-winning documentary film, My Perestroika. My Perestroika follows five ordinary Russians living in extraordinary times – from their sheltered Soviet childhood, to the collapse of the Soviet Union during their teenage years, to the constantly shifting political landscape of post-Soviet Russia. Together, these childhood classmates paint a complex picture of the dreams and disillusionment of those raised behind the Iron Curtain. The film had its world Premiere at the Sundance Film Festival and went on to be screened at many international festivals and academic conferences. It was released in cinemas in over 60 cities in the US and Canada and had its Russian premiere in Moscow last year. My Perestroika aired nationwide on PBS in 2011 and is a New York Times Critics' Pick. We are looking for a detail-oriented, responsible and energetic person, able to coor ...
The author of the Bloody tragedy. Mikhail Gorbachev, Soviet Russia,
Liberal Jews and the acceptance of GUN CONTROL. Jews in America: A False Sense of Security.. Many Americans have unthinkingly accepted -- thanks to endless repetition by some politicians and media personalities -- that "gun control" can and will produce "safe streets" or reduce "violence", by which they mean criminal activity. Some American Jews agree. Few see that "gun control" is lethal, especially to Jews. "Gun control" can reduce "violence" by ordinary criminals. But only if it is enforced by use of the same brutal police-state measures, as was the case in Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany. Common criminals were restrained in these countries. But so were ordinary people. Much more important: governments with such wide powers that they were able successfully to enforce "gun control" committed mass murders of tens of millions. Between 1929 and 1953 in the ex-Soviet Union, 20,000,000 were murdered by Stalin’s forces. The Nazis murdered some 13 million people, including 6 million Jews. JPFO’s published r ...
Friendly reminder: America made a boxing movie, set in the Cold War, blatantly demeaning Soviet Russia and its athletic practices. Crickets.
Naxidou: Bulgarian communist narrative remembers WWI as a wrong war, fought for bourgeois aims and against Soviet Russia
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Here is supporter of our film Angela Davis. She was a hero in Soviet Russia being involved in Black Panthers movement.
The Ten Planks of The Communist Manifesto (In parentheses below) by Karl Marx; a German whose ideologies were embraced by Soviet Russia after the Bolshevik Revolution "to free the people". On this the 25th Anniversary of the Berlin Wall being opened so East & West Berliners could pass back and forth freely is deemed as Freedom finally being embraced by the Communists and the death for Communist rule. I say just the opposite. They took down the Berlin Wall because Western Culture had finally embraced all the main tenets of Collectivist Communism. READ CAREFULLY - ALL TEN PLANKS ARE NOW ACCEPTED AMERICAN LAW Some have been law since Reconstruction of the South. (the camel's nose under the tent) (1. Abolition of private property in land and application of all rents of land to public purpose.) The courts have interpreted the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution (1868) to give the government far more "eminent domain" power than was originally intended, Under the rubric of "eminent domain" and various zoning ...
Volume 8 (2014) of The NEP Era: Soviet Russia, 1921-1928 will soon appear with four articles and twelve book reviews.
They attempted to ally with Nazi Germany, fascist Italy and Soviet Russia believing Britain to be a greater threat to the Jews than them.
This anthology offers a rich array of documents, short fiction, poems, songs, plays, movie scripts, comic routines, and folklore to offer a close look at the mass culture that was consumed by millions in Soviet Russia between 1917 and 1953. Both state-sponsored cultural forms and the unofficial cult…
Are you brave? WATCH ON YOUR OWN RISK! So this is a 3D sound video, you're a teenager that has bee captured for secret informations and now are tortured in soviet Russia, wear headphones or earbuds, close your eyes, rise up the volume, don't move your head as the noises move around you. WARNING!!!: it's soviet Russia, and you're being tortured, don't expect it to be like taking a candy from a child. It's horror and the thought of having it realistic might give you a fright, watch on your own risk, you've been warned..
Do post-Soviet Russia’s designs for the European Union carry legacies of the strategies of the former Soviet Union ? As part of its (...)
Welcome to “CIS Market,” a new grocery store selling products from Russia and other former Soviet republics.
I'll give art history one credit... it gets me to raid historical photos of the Soviet Union. 1st McDicks in Soviet Russia
In soviet Russia the fast lane is in you
in Soviet Russia, cheap beer drinks you!
Stalin 2.0! “The Guardian: considers plan to unplug from 'in an emergency'
In soviet Russia, ducks make YOUR face
Escape Soviet Russia, send your friends to Siberia, and brave the wicked Kommissar in the 1960s board game presented by AUTHOR.
and in soviet russia the hat tips YOU
Update your maps at Navteq
Ukrainian ambassador: Putin's Russia now worse than Soviet Union | i24news - See beyond
In Soviet Russia, browser keeps tabs on YOU!!
be obeyed – although this committee is elected and controlled by the rank and file. SOVIET RUSSIA IS ON STRIKE AGAINST THE WHOLE CAPITALIST
Oh look the Soviet Union thinks the Scottish vote was rigged.
Q: in soviet russia you don't make joke. joke ma... A: Nice to know:
So now it's going to be "Pabst Red Ribbon"? In Soviet Russia, Pabst divides by you
In Soviet Russia, PBR drinks you, hipsters: can't believe I missed this story earlier today
resurrects ways in treatment of the Crimean
New documentary goes behind the scenes of Soviet-era hockey:
A former Soviet state that refused to let Russia manipulate it ended up with a frozen conflict within it's borders. Sound familiar?
In soviet Russia you don't hit road. Road hits you.
Amos is addicted to a computer game where he works at immigration and stamps people passports in soviet Russia.
Russia wants Bulgarians to stop vandalizing Soviet monuments to look like superheroes:
complains of 'provocations': WW2statue of Soviet soldier painted blue&yellow, flag colors ht…
Putin behaving progressively more like Kim Jong-Un.
Russia, Sevastopol, the new Russian aircraft carrier "Soviet Union": via
COMMENT: Russia’s attempts to increase its influence over post-Soviet states is a cause for serious concern
GAlert: The Guardian: Putin considers plan to unplug Russia from the internet 'in an emergency'
threatens to unplug from the internet. Resurrection of the Soviet Union to follow.
To kick Soviet Russia out of the Middle East. It seems that ISIS is very useful to this classical American foreign policy (3)
Of course! It's the "boogeyman" West who is always responsible.. Not Russia! Old Soviet tactic
Always. Tries to draw attention away fr dire straights in Russia- uses the West "boogeyman" to do it. Soviet trick
New Russian supermarket selling food only from ex-Soviet states proves to be a business hit
.Just replace "Soviet Union" with "Putin's Russia". Bonus, and I didn't know this, apparently he's from Odessa.
In Soviet Russia, we have longer lines just to USE phone.
In soviet russia, the game crushes you.
In other news Russia are still trying to re-establish the Soviet Union by invading Ukraine against their will
The Guardian: considers plan to unplug from the 'in an emergency'
Review: Kommissar, 1960s Escape Soviet Russia, and send your friends to Siberia!
Koch Industries was indicted for and pled guilty (!) to 24,000 (yes, thousand, not hundred) counts of theft by taking for underreporting the number of barrels of oil or cubic yards of natural gas taken from Federal and State public lands, from landowners, from Native American nations, and from other corporations over periods spanning decades. The practice was known among Koch employees as "Koching the books". Do you think Charles and David Koch didn't know about this practice? (They were given a "slap on the hand" by the Bush administration, paying some $300 million in fines, a very small fraction of what they profited by stealing, and were not required to pay restitution.) Their father was run out of business in the United States after WWII for infringing on patents for oil refining technology. He subsequently went into business with Erich Koch, a high ranking German Nazi and probable distant relative, selling that patented refining technology and oil to Soviet Russia. He only stopped and fled back ...
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9. The Nuremberg Trials 1945 to 1949 1945-1949 the Nuremberg Trials were held in the German City of Nuremberg... these Trials were held by the victorious Allies... France/ Britain/ USA/ Soviet Russia with the Germans as defendants... they were the worst sort of show trials with the main Judge being Nikitchenko who had presided over the 1936-1938 show trials of Stalin in the Soviet Union... the Court came up with ridiculous findings like Jews being turned into lampshades/ soap... these claims are now discredited... even the Jews admit they were untrue...
Just heard a comment which made a great deal of sense. In Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia and Imperial Japan the "peaceful majority" were/was irrelevant. Tens of millions died under the leadership of philosophically radical, militant governments. Why should we expect anything different today from the 1.2 billion Muslims who are being dragged into oblivion by the radical Jihadists? Yes, the situations are not completely analogous but the results will be the same if someone (USA) does not stand up and put a stop to it.
Bose was refused permission by the British authorities to meet Atatürk at Ankara for political reasons. During his sojourn in England, only the Labour Party and Liberal politicians agreed to meet with Bose when he tried to schedule appointments. Conservative Party officials refused to meet Bose or show him courtesy because he was a politician coming from a colony. In the 1930s leading figures in the Conservative Party had opposed even Dominion status for India. It was during the Labour Party government of 1945–1951, with Attlee as the Prime Minister, that India gained independence. On the outbreak of war, Bose advocated a campaign of mass civil disobedience to protest against Viceroy Lord Linlithgow 's decision to declare war on India's behalf without consulting the Congress leadership. Having failed to persuade Gandhi of the necessity of this, Bose organised mass protests in Calcutta calling for the ' Holwell Monument ' commemorating the Black Hole of Calcutta , which then stood at the corner of Dalho ...
One thing Russia had going for it since Soviet times was the advancement of women. The depressing Skolkovo team list:
Q not if wants or USSR back, but if wants for new Soviet territory = weakened vulnerable eurozone
In soviet Russia the hair wears you.
Stephen Cohen Warns of Nuclear War Danger and Calls for 'Patriotic Heresy' Dr. Stephen Cohen has published a scathing attack on the Obama provocations against Russia in the latest issue of The Nation under the headline "The New Cold War and the Necessity of Patriotic Heresy." Cohen, who is professor emeritus of Russian studies at New York University and at Princeton University, was formerly an advisor to President George H.W. Bush, and remains one of the most respected voices among Russia scholars. The article, based on the text of a speech he delivered on June 16 at the Hart Senate Office Building at the annual US-Russia Forum, warns that, as the result of the US and NATO support for the illegal overthrow of the Ukraine government in February, the world is facing the gravest crisis since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. "The seemingly unthinkable is becoming imaginable: an actual war between NATO, led by the United States, and post-Soviet Russia." Cohen warns that the situation today is more dangerous t ...
The Moscow Times: Putin argues against confrontation in front of bellicose elites in Crimea
Wow! Literalmente, da para un meme. Onda, "In soviet Russia, even ruins are cooler than you".
A former 16th Soviet Union state. . president went to on request to discuss situation in
In soviet Russia terrorists disarm bombs planted by the FBI, except it's Japan
are ill informed,try google Ukraine,they've been in/out of Soviet Union/Russia Many times,Europeans know betterIMO
Anyone who thinks is a subset of has been brainwashed by homogenization propaganda.
President Vladimir all-out effort to recapture Soviet might may very well succeed during presidency… Way 2 go O!
Journalists in Ferguson are being arrested and having footage confiscated. Thought this was 'murica not Soviet Russia.
In Soviet Russia Mother Nature provides us our weapons
"Putin is just a variation on the Soviet Union, which was just a variation on the monarchy."
are you saying modern day Russia has nothing to do with the Soviet Union?
These records were printed on human X-rays to sneak music into Soviet Russia
“you mean Soviet Union.” What's the difference? Formally the Soviet Union, exclude places like Ukraine & now Russia
Which when read as Russian text means: Russia. I literally have a Soviet Russian Military Cigarette casr.
I now know of two depressed comrades... Father Stalin wants smiles! In Soviet Russia, EVERYBODY SMILES!. Seriously...
I'm bringing sexy back? False. In soviet Russia sexy was never authorized to leave
Russia is like America in the '50's and America is like Soviet Union of the same time.
Anything you see on Russian TV or from Russia is pure propaganda, more aggressive that Soviet propaganda ever was.
CNN: Which foods are off Russian menus? (INFOGRAPHIC)
What you should know about early emergence and the former Soviet Republics (Part 1): Please RT
“scary guns shouldn't be carried by any1 except military” In Soviet Russia, we agree
Yall need to get your facts straight. You call America the new Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany, but I DON'T SEE OBAMA FLAGS EVERYWHERE
And Soviet Russia killed more people then Hitler, so worst world leader I'd give to Stalin. Not defending Hitler tho
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
.Worse than Nazi Germany soviet russia because this is all with the US backing on RU's door step.
in soviet Russia, the butt grabs you
60's in Soviet Russia: Sergei Kourdakov, top Soviet Operative. BIO OF DEFECTOR. Amer's future if we don't turn back??
In soviet russia you kill cops and get away
In soviet Russia toothpaste choose you
My dad was illegally searched And arrested once for telling a cop he didn't know this was soviet Russia.
If soviet time weapons are found in Ukraine, they're "from Russia" if US weapons today are w. ISIS, "they were stolen". LOL.
Literally sitting in a chair until it's time for me to pee. Welcome to life in Soviet Russia people. It ain't pretty.
it is just another part of the Obama admin. Hard work to make us feel like we live in Soviet Russia
In Soviet Russia,the ROFLCopter laughs at you.
In soviet Russia the alcohol drinks you
Heavy must be resisted, but not style —
IN soviet Russia, opinions disagree with you. Eh? eh? eh?
Heavy drinking, smoking must be resisted, but not Soviet style — TAXES on poor but not rich.
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty: checking its bomb shelters
Estonia claims Russian military plane violated its airspace on Aug. 13 - Kyiv Post
Soviet style to charge people for imaginary things. The only proof of war crimes points at and
The ruble survived the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991 and became the currency of post-Soviet Russia:
not too mention Germany would have crushed us like a fire ant if it wasn't for the US and Soviet Russia
The impossible object: Relics, property, and the secular in post-Soviet Russia
It's been revealed the US secretly distributed 'Dr.Zhivago' in Soviet Russia. Literature as propaganda
Jolyon Howorth:"The current debate in the United States (US) (and, less stridently, in Europe) over ‘who lost Iraq’ is largely irrelevant. Although the 2003 US-United Kingdom (UK) invasion was in some ways a starting gun for the present scramble, and although the failure of the Obama administration to negotiate a Status of Forces Agreement in 2010 resulted in Iraq being left to the tender mercies of Nouri al-Maliki, the seeds of the current chaos were sown much earlier. Iraq, in its many guises, was largely a European creation, only impacted by the US from the 1980s onwards. Run, on a shoestring, as a British mandate throughout the 1920s and subjected to massive British influence until 1958, the country veered towards Soviet Russia in the 1960s before coming under French influence in the 1970s after the UK pulled back from ‘east of Suez’. ‘Governance’ was engineered by empowering the Sunni Arab minority to keep both the Shi’a majority and the Sunni Kurds in check. France and Germany armed S ...
Photo: bleedgold: Children in Soviet Russia exposing their bodies to a UV lamp to make up for the lack of...
In Soviet Russia the black market, ooops strike that, in Pennsylvania man steals human skin worth about $350,000
Russia's War in Afghanistan : Documentary on 10 Years of Soviet War in A...: via
. In soviet Russia you don't look for parking spot. Parking spot look for you.
Who helped Putin consolidate the media industry in Russia? (and spread Soviet-style propaganda)
“Thus the metaphysics of corn demonstrated the growing complexity of the Soviet economy”.
develops plan for economic union of former Soviet states
Why are all the teas at panera unsweetened? What is this, Soviet Russia!?
In Soviet Russia we have MMA move called Gorbachop!
Putin's rebooted Soviet Union is weak and doomed by via
in Soviet Russia, matches strike you! o.O
We've seen these Soviet Russia, in Kaddafi's Lybia, in Saddam's Iraq...oh, and don't forget three generations of North Korean rule!
Ukraine, Russia, and the Final Days of the Soviet Union
Actually, there are Soviet-style cafes complete with sickles & hammers in several cities in Russia. But it's weird, I agree
Childhood Stories - a memoir of Soviet Russia by Irina Howell by
Me and trying to deduct who was the nicest Soviet leader and it has to be Gorbachev for giving Russia it's first McDonald's
This Weekend - a memoir of soviet russia, a novel by & atheism in the military
Since the break up of the Soviet Union, Russia have only won 2 matches at the Finals. How will they fair in Group H?
via The Restoration - Will the Eurasian Union be yet another post-Soviet project that goes nowhere?...
Giles Milton - the story of an eccentric band of British spies smuggled into Soviet Russia in 1917.
Former Soviet countries that don't give their twelve points to Russia get invaded the very next year.
roses are red. violets are blue. In Soviet Russia,. poem writes you!
"Russia meets about a quarter of the European gas needs, though most of that runs through the Soviet-era transit network in Ukraine.
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In soviet Russia, motorbike drive you.
Animated Russia On the blog; cartoon TV, proto CG and Soviet featurettes. .
Russia strengthens ties with former Soviet republics
# Every Soviet, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan - origin aircraft in the fleet of Indian Air Force & Indian Navy is Flying Coffin.
Markets will react to Russia-Ukraine fist fight for weeks to come as tensions heat up between former Soviet partners.
Russia supported nazis until 1941.. USSR armed hitler in 1930s.. If not for soviet support ww2 might not have happened
Part time cabbies (Uber), part time hoteliers (AirBnB). Sharing economy in US mirrors post-Soviet collapse.
In soviet russia, you carry the clown.
In Soviet Russia, you no write rules... rules write you!
still has no baseline inventory of all nuclear materials the Soviet Union produced and where they are today
Russia creates ex-Soviet Bloc. If the was alive, poor India could be an ex-soviet Bloc nation.
Russia strengthening ties with former Soviet republics
Cherkasov: 'Igor Strelkov, may have committed crimes against civilians in during Russia’s 2nd post-Soviet military campaign there'
I will attend the opening of a memorial museum at the former Nazi concentration camp for Soviet prisoners of war in Maribor in July
Also Kotenok Gav is about the best thing to come out of Soviet Russia
Now we know why Russia grabbed Crimea: Medvedev Plans to Restore Vineyards to Soviet Glory Days
IN Amerdica you have weight Soviet Russia, we have no weights.
Let them speak for themselves, the writings of the historians, the records of chronographers, the races of mankind, the languages of earth, and even the calendars of time. DISCOVERING THE SABBATH OF JESUS. The little town of Nazareth is located on the most southerly of the mountain ranges of southern Galilee. Quietly it lies nestled on the side of a shallow ridge that ruins in a horseshoe. Here among the dwellings and groves of this small town, is where Jesus grew to manhood. But, just now, come back with me in imagination to that village, where so many years ago, the Master walked among men. Another day is quietly dawning, as the early rising sun chases away the bright mists that hang over the slope of Nazareth. From the home of the carpenter, Jesus steps forth and walks to the little church in the center of town. It is Sabbath morning in Nazareth. Oh, how much you and I would like to go to church with Jesus! And, perhaps more important−how much we would like to go to church on the same weekly Sabbath ...
Putin's economic pact in other news: portugal, italy, greece, spain to form pa…
Today Soviet organization ordered ISPs to block access to in Russia (RU).
Consume the low-hanging fruit first: "Russia strengthens ties with two former Soviet republics" via
In Soviet Russia, AC/DC are more political than you thought...
I was out sick yesterday, so I didn't do a A-hole of the day. I still feel like someone beat me with a sack of doorknobs, but I still feel better than yesterday. Today's Republican A-hole of the day is a repeat offender: Joe the Plumber. In Joe's blog, he lists a reason that we should own guns, one of his reasons was "for hunting down politicians". The tried to throw up a smoke screen by mentioning dictators such as Hitler, Kim, Jong il, etc. But he sounds more like Jared Loughner than a freedom fighter. Especially since he's often referred to President Obama as a "lawless tyrant". PoliticusUSA sums it up rather nicely: "Right-wing defenders of unrestricted gun rights have long entertained delusions of fighting off government forces in an epic struggle for liberty. In their absurd guerrilla fantasies, they draw analogies between modern America and Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia to validate their insurrectionist paranoia and to paint themselves as defenders of freedom. However, when people like Joe the Plum ...
In Soviet Russia, People. actually spiders still scare people in Russia. Check out the guy at 2:05! Hilarious! -Paul
"In America you have right to bear arms, but in Soviet Russia we have whole bear"
Looking at my wall it has come to my attention that people might get the impression I support Russia over Ukraine in the current conflict. Let me assure everyone that this is the opposite of my opinion (I just like to sometimes post interesting articles from the other side of the debate). I, of course, support the Ukrainians in their effort to get free from under the boot of the neo-Soviet Russian Federation.
the greatest spy of all time who wasn't even an espionage he smuggled the nuclear bomb formula from USA to soviet Russia he did it only to balance the world power true hero, red salute
Now what on earth is this FinCEN thing? This is not the IRS. This really sounds like something that came from Joseph Stalin and the Communist Party of Soviet Russia. Where did the Republicans in the House, where this nightmare originated, get their education? From the Comintern? If you don't file by June 30, you're going to the Gulag.
CENTRE URGED TO OPEN SECRET NETAJI DEATH FILES Monday, 26 May 2014 | PNS | PURI | in Bhubaneswar The All India Legal Aid Forum on Saturday demanded that the Central Government soon make public the secret files relating to the ‘mysterious’ deaths of three national heroes, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Dr Shyamaprasad Mukherjee and Lal Bahadur Shastri, soon. Earlier, reports of two committee endorsing Bose’s death on August 18, 1945 in a plane crash in Japan were not accepted. The KGB, the then intelligence branch of the Soviet Russia which was dissolved and whose files were opened to all in 1990, gave clear-cut evidence that Bose was in Russia after August 18, 1945. “Unfortunately, the Central Government is yet to write an official letter to the Russian Government for disclosing the top secret KGB files,” a Press release issued by the Justice SM Soni-headed legal aid forum lamented. Stating that different research workers are getting the KGB documents through unofficial sources, the forum demanded ...
*in Russian accent. "First we take all the communists to Soviet Russia.and then the we bomb Soviet Russia".
Hamilton Collection
My answer to Why did Blitzkrieg not work for Nazi Germany when they invaded Soviet Russia?
huh.Soviet Russia "only" killed more than 50 million of its OWN people in the past 50 years.. not to speak of Chechnya etc.
"Europe needs to find ways of deterring Russia from further interference in the former Soviet Union" -
From paying Soviet debt to gas discount Russia supported Ukraine for $200 bln while Kiev treat our journos despicable
New Podcast: Martin McCauley - The USSR and the Historical Method via
The alarming spread of fascism in Putin’s Russia
In Soviet Russia Youtube tank will kill you!
"countries with direct experience of Soviet occupation cannot agree on via
Foreign Policy: Who cares if Putin torpedoes the Russian economy?
Two great quotes, the first from Ludwig von Mises, the second from Stanislav Andreski: 1. "There has been a lot of empty talk about the non-existence of differences among men. But there has never been an attempt to organise society according to the egalitarian principle. The author of an egalitarian tract and the leader of an egalitarian party by their very activity contradict the principle to which they pay lip service … In Soviet Russia egalitarianism is proclaimed as one of the main dogmas of the official creed. But Lenin was deified after his death, and Stalin was worshipped in life as no ruler since the days of the declining Roman Empire." [Source: Ludwig von Mises, Theory and History (Auburn, Ala.: Mises Institute, 1985), p. 331.] 2. "[T]he word 'marxism' contains an implicit negation of Marx’s basic tenet that individuals are unimportant; from which it follows that, having been individuals, Marx and Lenin are unimportant — and therefore those who accept the collectivist view of social causati ...
Deutsche Welle: Aging Russian military scales up rearmament
planning Commision will be done away with. Soviet Russia hangover.
Some say Soviet Russia lives in him.
"Roses are red,. Violets are blue. I lost the game,. So did you. And in Soviet Russia, . Poem writes you."
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