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Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines Co. , operating as Southwest Airlines, is the largest low-cost carrier in the United States, and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

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Pepsi, Southwest Airlines, Whole Foods & The Container Store, all have "love" or" caring" as a corporate value.
Southwest Airlines offering one-way flights from Louisville starting at $47: via
Muslim man thrown off plane after woman overhears him saying 'inshallah'
Wish bis had southwest airlines so i could take a cheap *** flight somewhere cool
Southwest Airlines will sell you select round-trip tickets for less than $100 for the - via
Dallas based is having a 72 HR Sale! One way fares from $49! Tell us where you'll be going!
Thousand ISIS surrender, is there a Battle of Lepanto connections. . Sorry Southwest Airlines 👎🏻. It’s official,...
Southwest Airlines' fare sale has arrived.
Alright, Southwest Airlines has that sale going on so which one of y'all is hosting ya boi for Christmas?
I love Southwest airlines for having their $49 sale. They’re the best ✈️❤️
the most inconsistent Racist airline on the planet! shame on you Southwest Airlines never…
What a rip off 600 bucks for 2 flights on Southwest Airlines and both delayed shame on SWA
Are you going to take advantage of the Southwest deal??
Get ready west coast , I am on my way!!! — feeling excited at Southwest Airlines at DAL
Pilots at Ryanair Holdings Plc got a boost in their bid to unionize from counterparts at Co.,
This week's prize is a Southwest Airlines gift card! Want in on the fun?
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
The sale ends on Thursday, October 12 at 11:59 p.m.
Southwest Airlines has round trips for the low low right now y’all! 👀👀
Take a trip - you deserve it! And we'll take you to and from the airport.
Four of my last six flights on Southwest Airlines has required a reboot of the wifi by the cabin crew shortly after takeoff.
TRAVEL ALERT: Southwest Airlines has round trip deals on flights for under $100. So...where ya wanna go?
Southwest Airlines is offering round-trip tickets for below $100 on dozens of routes. Details here:
Southwest Airlinesrip tickets for less than $100 for the next 72 hours - via
Southwest Airlines launches fall sale, with fares going for as low as $49
Southwest Airlines revealed a plane and we're feeling on top of the world: 😊✈️ ht…
A Christian flight attendant is suing Southwest Airlines and a labor union.
Air General to begin Cargo Handling for Norwegian Airlines in Denver, CO and Southwest Airlines in Washington-Dulles this f…
traveling to Denver, Colorado from Southwest Airlines at DAL
Were coming home for a few days!!! Yay! — traveling to Denver, Colorado from Southwest Airlines at SAN
This woman wore it out BIG TIME! She clearly was resisting and it out police officers in an awkward spot. .
Charges filed against passenger forcibly removed from Southwest flight after complaining of serious animal allergy
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Police drag woman off Southwest Airlines flight:
And you're right, knowing ahead of time would be a great idea. Doesn't work w how southwest b…
Woman dragged off Southwest Airlines flight facing disorderly conduct and resisting arrest charges
Police drag woman off Southwest Airlines flight - ABC News
BOYCOTT who put pets and profit before the health of humans!!! .
.selected by Southwest Airlines as its new U.S. paid media agency of record:
They've done it again! What is it with public cops evicting people (with all the brutality and abuse that...
very bad. right when I was considering for the first time, taking SOUTHWEST AIRLINES . next week.
What happens to old planes? Southwest Airlines is retiring 30 of its 'Classics' ✈ ⚱ |
I liked a video VIDEO: Woman dragged off Southwest Airlines flight
VIDEO: Woman forcibly removed from Southwest Airlines flight after claiming to have a pet allergy
I have a deadly pet allergy, but NO! I will NOT get off the plane. 🤔
Southwest Airlines is probably The Best American airline. keeping the other passengers safe!
Police officers physically removed a woman from a Southwest Airlines plane before it took off from Baltimore, the...
Southwest Airlines passenger dragged off plane after claiming to have life-threatening pet allergy
A woman was dragged off a Southwest Airlines flight after complaining she was “deathly allergic” to two dogs onboard. https…
Australia:> Southwest Airlines: Woman dragged off plane after complaining of dog allergies - ABC Online
Southwest says it's apologizing after police drag a woman off a flight.
Police drag woman off Southwest Airlines flight after telling crew about pet allergy
Charges filed against passenger who complained of allergies on Southwest flight and was forcibly ...
Southwest Airlines issues statement on video of woman forcibly removed from flight at BWI
Police drag woman off Southwest Airlines flight
Southwest Airlines apologizes after woman forcibly removed from
Southwest Airlines has apologized for an incident involving an animal allergy and a woman dragged off a plane.
Police drag woman off Southwest Airlines flight.
FROM YOUR LINK: Southwest Airlines is unable to guarantee an allergen-free e…
Woman dragged off Southwest flight from Baltimore in latest passenger scuffle to be captured on video. htt…
I liked a video Southwest Airlines takeoff from St. Louis Lambert International Airport
Southwest Airlines: Herb Kelleher Founders must listen! HowIBuiltThis by guyraz of NPR …
Southwest Airlines: Herb Kelleher Founders must listen! by of
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Southwest Airlines the number one airline brand on TotalSocial
My favorite airline program is Southwest Airlines! Can't beat the value of the Companion pass!
Great job Southwest Airlines! If and when I need to purchase an airline ticket, I'll remember this! 😍
Corporations choosing human need over profits ! YES to Southwest Airlines for doing the right thing !
Southwest Airlines flew animals out of Hurricane Harvey
JP calls Southwest Airlines the 'safe' airline pick INVESTINGcom
JP calls Southwest Airlines the 'safe' airline pick
JP calls Southwest Airlines the 'safe' airline pick $LUV
Southwest Airlines is now our official airline! We love you Southwest - thank you, thank you!
Southwest Airlines flew a cabin full of dogs and cats displaced by Hurricane Harvey to safety.
Sooo who's traveled on Southwest Airlines DM , need ya help you
Southwest Airlines you have my business from now on for doing this!!!
Southwest Airlines flew a plane full of rescue dogs and cats from Texas to San Diego
Book your next flight on Southwest Airlines, yes I own SW stock but that's besides the point lol.
A cheerful, feel good story about the airline that I prefer to use for my travel.
My grandma trying to recite a code to Southwest Airlines: "V for Victor, D for dog, Q for *** " DEAD SILENCE 😂
Don't fret, there is still good in the world and people who are dedicated to helping animals in need like us at... htt…
Southwest Airlines is successful because the company understands it's a customer service company. It also happens to be an airline.
Southwest Airlines told me 15 min callback time... it's 5 hours later and they just called 🙄
With help from the Glendale Chamber & Southwest Airlines, we can provide Houston students affected by the floods with a dry pai…
This is the 2nd time! Traveling Southwest has become very unreliable! Delayed twice in 2 hrs. Just sw…
Southwest Airlines Flew Entire Plane of Dogs and Cats Orphaned by Hurricane Harvey to New Homes
I guess price gouging goes for airlines as well. Oh Southwest, you're better than this, or at least used to be.
(PSA unlike other airlines, southwest doesn't advertise their fares on aggregates, so make sure to check their website!)
New data suggests Southwest Airlines has the best online booking experience in the U.S.
flies more than 60 animals to shelters after Hurricane Harvey - :
Southwest Airlines flies cabin full of dogs and cats rescued from Harvey-struck Texas ❤️ . https…
Southwest Airlines flew a plane full of puppies to help them escape from Hurricane Harvey. https:…
PAWS UP to Southwest Airlines and the Helen Wood Animal Shelter in Rancho Santa Fe, CA.
Great fast-acting work from Southwest Airlines in Houston.
Southwest Airlines CEO has never taken a bonus or given himself a raise
Why Southwest airlines treating me so good ☺
Is American's Doug Parker too optimistic about the future of US airlines? Is Southwest's Gary Kelly too cautious?
Up close and personal with Southwest Airlines from the front baggage…
On I extend my gratitude to executives at Southwest Airlines & Delta. Thanks for your generosity allowing me to fly.
Applies to all brands, not only airlines.
nxt time flight outta Buffalo...Southwest Airlines flys to Vegas direct...done it many times...😀
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The 2017 State Fair Classic is Oct. 7 & take on at the Cotton Bowl! Get tix at…
Farewell South West Trains! I'll never forget the striking similarities between the railway and Southwest Airlines 😂
Dang. Can't get ticket to Chicago yet on Southwest airlines. Already looking forward to it!.
Shout out to 🛫✈southwest airlines for the amazing hospitality. Made our trip that much better.…
Imagine a super budget southwest airlines. Spirit is the ghetto in the air
smashes into the Airlines jet as it was taking off from New York's LaGuardia Airport.
Southwest Airlines flight from San Antonio to Las Vegas just diverted to Albuquerque - reason unknown
Update on the flight situation. Southwest airlines is paying for my flight home for Christmas 😂😂😂😂
Southwest airlines we are still waiting on Flight 2008 in Milwaukee for almost 5 hours. We just need to know what the plan i…
Dearest if I were Southwest Airlines, would you eat my peanuts? Love, Bill
Southwest Airlines still has the to lower fares of competitors, says
I'm on a flight with Southwest Airlines and my TSA pre check is not on my boarding pass. Can you help me?…
😂 it's cuz they know will run you off the B concourse soon...
Southwest Airlines still has the power to lower fares of competitors, study says (LA Times)
Where could this Southwest Airlines jet be going just after its takeoff from Chicago Midway Int'l Airport on 7th Au…
Sad to leave Dad Isaac Littleton, but glad to be heading home! — traveling to TPA from Southwest Airlines at RDU
There's an important leadership lesson in the story of a Southwest Airlines founder serving passengers drinks
To scale is hard. Ask British Airways what was learned from 2016 Southwest Airlines
You can learn more about which flights will offer the best views here: ^MR
That was such a fake smile on that ladies face for the Southwest Airlines commercial.
Southwest Airlines plans seasonal, nonstop flight between Omaha and Tampa
Aerial Eclipse-Viewing Parties: For the first solar eclipse since 1979, Southwest Airlines will be hosting an aerial https:…
Southwest Airlines profit falls 9 percent as expenses rise
B.) Southwest Airlines promoting special 'eclipse' flights... C.) GE cutting hundreds of jobs at Pennsylvania plant, relocating to
Seen at Chicago's in June 2017: Southwest Airlines in special Tennessee livery.
(LUV) Tops Q2 EPS by 3c, Beats on Revenues - :
How is the Southwest Airlines commercial not on here
traveling to Atlanta, Georgia from Southwest Airlines at DEN
What's the cheapest to NYC? We searched Southwest and all airlines and made a list here:
Southwest, hoping that the airlines will someday be held accountable for their…
A Southwest Airlines B737 approaches Chicago's on a sunny afternoon in July 2017.
Happy employees should be everyone's business .
I added a video to a playlist Roblox flight simulator with Southwest Airlines
Special livery: Southwest Airlines' Florida One B737-700 is serviced at in June 2017.
Southwest Airlines' Colorado One B737-700 is seen at Gate A4 at in June 2017.
Lyft is partnering with you & giving you 10 free rides Use code: DUSK >>> Crazy about Southwest Airlines?
service will be offered weekly, flying on Saturdays, and will launch March 10, 2018.
Seen at in October 2016: Southwest Airlines' Lone Star One livery (B737-700).
Special livery: Nevada One livery sported by Southwest Airlines, seen here taxiing at in June 2017.…
Today in the news: Why Do Southwest Airlines Employees Always Seem So H... via
There are no words for how much I hate Southwest Airlines.
Southwest Airlines : converts last B737-800 options to MAX 8s
Southwest Airlines shares sink on unit revenue growth concerns .
Southwest Airlines is having a flash sale with international flights below $150 right now https:…
"Leadership is about people. Period. Great leadership is about inspiring people". Gary Kelly, CEO Southwest Airlines
Historian fools Southwest Airlines with joke about Philly’s yellow fever epidemic
Southwest Airlines to offer flights from Tampa to San Diego: helpful?
traveling to Atlanta, Georgia from Southwest Airlines at HOU
Southwest Airlines has announced a flash sale. Let us know if you book a good deal!
Southwest Airlines about to take off from Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG)
Watch: Dad explains how Southwest Airlines refused to allow him, his husband, and kids to use "family boarding" https:/…
It's a doggone packed flight airlines ftw here we come…
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Grant Morse, his husband, their children and his mother-in-law had to wait until the whole plane had boarded.
shame on you Southwest airlines for discriminating against a family in Buffalo only because they are same sex…
Florida man says Southwest Airlines employee refused to let him board flight as a family with his husband.…
Travel snobs who don't fly Southwest because they don't want to be "herded like cattle"... have you seen yourself b…
Grab your bikini: Southwest is planning flights to Hawaii
Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 taking off from Detroit to Atlanta✈️
Seriously Southwest Airlines agent could not see a family infront of their eyes. Cause there were 2 men & three kids. It's my family...
Dallas Love Field has Chick-fil-A AND Whataburger, not to mention Southwest Airlines.
What do we think here... is Southwest Airlines being AWFUL, or were the passengers maybe a little "unruly?"
Off to SF via rental car — feeling happy at Southwest Airlines at SJC
Fire this gate agent NOW or lose your loyal customers like me!
Same-sex couple accuses Southwest employee of discrimination after entire was not allowed to…
You won't believe what did for this passenger:
'Certainly, you could not find a more playful leader than Herb Kelleher, chair and founder of Southwest Airlines ..…
Quote4Today: “You have to treat your employees like customers” (Herb Kelleher, Southwest Airlines). Is your…
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
This podcast with Southwest Airlines founder Herb Kelleher is fascinating. $LUV
A word by Herb Kelleher, founder of Southwest Airlines
Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines on the importance of every customer. (ht
traveling to burbank airport from Southwest Airlines at OAK
Watch: One arrested, one hurt after tussle on Southwest Airlines flight
Southwest Airlines Poised for Big Move to Amadeus Reservations System. Apparently, the go live was today.
Fight breaks out on a Southwest Airlines flight after it lands in Burbank from Dallas; 1 person arrested -- VIDEO:
Southwest Airlines completes transition to Amadeus Altéa via
FIGHT OR FLIGHT: One man was arrested after a vicious brawl aboard a Southwest Airlines airplane in Burbank was...
Southwest Airlines turns on new reservations system - Fort Worth Star Telegram (blog)
Ready for the Mousehouse!! — traveling to Orange County, CA from Southwest Airlines at SJC
Southwest Airlines turns on new reservations system
1 arrested after brawl aboard Southwest Airlines plane in California
FIGHT OR FLIGHT: Vicious brawl breaks out aboard Southwest Airlines airplane in Burbank
Southwest Airlines to stop overbooking flights, CEO says.
No other partner Asian airlines to my knowledge beyond Delta & United. Been looking for Southwes…
Southwest Airlines says to stop overbooking flights
Southwest Airlines to end overbooking policy via
Southwest is planning to stop overbooking flights. Don't expect other airlines to follow suit.
Totally understandable. I just enjoy the perks of flying with Southwest over other airlines.
Social media pressure often works. Keep up the good work, resisters! . Southwest Airlines to end flight overbooking
Southwest Airlines Co Boost Price Target by Imperial Capital (Ranked 31st) to $68 as Outperform $LUV
Southwest Airlines Co Boost Price Target by Cowen & Co (Ranked 55th) to $62 as Outperform $LUV
Southwest Airlines to end practice of overbooking flights | |
Southwest Airlines to end practice of overbooking flights.
Except JetBlue with a policy that bans overbooking, major airlines like UA, Southwest and American Airlines have maintain the policy.
Southwest Airlines to end practice of overbooking flights via Yahoo!
Dallas-based will no longer overbook its flights in wake of fiasco:
Airlines plans to end overbooking flights
[Yahoo News] Southwest Airlines to end practice of overbooking flights.
Southwest Airlines CEO just said the company will no longer overbook flights via
Southwest Airlines to end overbooking, cites United incident | Airlines content from ATWOnline
Southwest Airlines, the dominant carrier at BWI, says it plans to stop overbooking flights.
[[ Southwest Airlines to end practice of overbooking flights...
Most airlines sell more tickets than there are seats available. But this airline is done with that.
Problem was not overbooking... Airlines set new policies on overbooked flights via
Southwest Airlines to stop the practice of overbooking flights
Southwest Airlines to end practice of overbooking flights
Southwest to stop overbooking flights!
Southwest Airlines to end overbooking flights by June 2017. Sound business decision or not? https…
Southwest Airlines says it will no longer overbook its flights
Southwest Airlines to end practice of overbooking flights:
Southwest Airlines to stop overbooking seats
statesman: Southwest Airlines to end overbooking policy
Southwest Airlines to end overbooking policy
Let the madness begin 🤘🤘🤘🤘 — traveling to Baltimore, Maryland from Southwest Airlines at BDL
Meanwhile, Southwest Airlines plans to stop overbooking flights
Southwest will no longer overbook flights in wake of United fiasco: $LUV
The winner of the Southwest Airlines tickets is Dan Curry!! . Keep a look out for who wins the Disney tickets...
Southwest Airlines will stop overbooking flights
Getting ready to cruise the southern Caribbean! — feeling blessed at Southwest Airlines at TPA
Flights booked to Michigan! I love everything about Southwest Airlines!!! Other airlines - not so much!!!...
Now, book that flight via Southwest Airlines to Hobby Airport in Houston, visit NASA, Baybrook Mall, Moody Gardens, and if you have time,
Plane from PHX makes emergency landing: Southwest Airlines says a plane that took off out of Phoenix Sky Harbor…
Southwest Airlines flight 118 from Phoenix to Atlanta made an emergency landing today due to loss of cabin pressure.
Southwest Airlines about to grow again Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport 12 News
I liked a video 25 Year Anniversary with Southwest Airlines ~ Luis Alonso Hernandez
If the Wright brother were alive today Wilbur would have to fire Orville to reduce costs.-Herb Kelleher, Southwest Airlines
Mardi Gras 17 — traveling to New Orleans, Louisiana from Southwest Airlines at MDW
Buffett’s Berkshire bets $2B on Southwest Airlines, doubles down on American: $AAL $LUV
First unsettling experience at a Southwest Airlines counter. Airports are funny places.
There are some decent deals on Southwest Airlines, Allen...
Jay Glazer’s wardrobe provided by Southwest Airlines.
Glad to host Southwest Airlines 2017 Business Development Managers, Hope you enjoyed Thank you
Rather vulgar. Southwest Airlines trying to make a statement but it looks more like Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
Southwest Airlines is adding a new (international) non-stop destination for travelers coming from San Diego!…
Southwest Airlines is planning a major expansion of its flights to the Caribbean region, the carrier
Southwest Airlines announces new transcontinental flight from Oakland Airport (OAK) to Newark/New York City…
Southwest Airlines expected to announce its coming to
Southwest Airlines commercials make me feel more uncomfortable than Lincoln commercials
I'd rather take my chances on Southwest Airlines than deal with United.
Can't Get There Fast Enough! — traveling to St.Louis, MO from Southwest Airlines at PHL
Passengers aboard one Southwest Airlines flight received free 3DSs and voucher for Super Mario Maker
.01/12/17 event on w/Heather Figallo Senior Director at Southwest Airlines.
Thanks to Southwest Airlines for flying our Native American Honor Flight Nevada veterans to Washington DC to be... featured in NBC s Science of Love
Getting emails from carnival cruises and Southwest Airlines daily is torture
Enroute to 80 degree weather!! — traveling to Orlando, Florida from Southwest Airlines at PIT
traveling to Tampa, Florida from Southwest Airlines at MDW
I have arrived. — traveling to Fort Lauderdale, Florida from Southwest Airlines at FLL
American group ends partnership with Southwest Airlines over racial profiling.
UPDATE: Southwest Airlines employee shot at Will Rogers World Airport in OKC has died:
Shooting of Southwest Airlines employee was planned, police say - Los Angeles Times
Southwest Airlines employee fatally shot at Oklahoma City airport
Southwest Airlines employee dead in Oklahoma airport shooting
Best deals and offer best seats free wifi use it for all my travel need out f town great ...
Southwest Airlines employee shot dead at Oklahoma airport. via
Southwest Airlines confirms one of its employees died in shooting at Oklahoma City's Will Rogers World Airport
A gunman lay in wait outside Oklahoma City's Will Rogers World Airport on Tuesday before shooting and killing a...
It's a sad day for Southwest Airlines over the tragic shooting that took the life of an OKC Ramp Supervisor.
Brownsville (TX) Herald: Police: Shooting of Southwest Airlines employee was planned . More -
Southwest airlines: buy it like buffett? by
UPDATE: Southwest Airlines employee gunned down at Oklahoma City airport, suspect found dead
Chaos at Oklahoma airport after Southwest Airlines employee and father of NFL player.: via
Southwest Airlines employee dead after being shot at Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City.
Shooting of employee in Oklahoma was planned
Our hearts go out to the Winchester and Southwest Airlines families. We’ll never understand why, but please know…
A Southwest Airlines employee who was shot at an airport in Oklahoma City has died, the airline said. h…
Police: Shooting of Southwest Airlines employee was planned (from
Southwest Airlines worker killed at Oklahoma City airport was father of NFL player
Manhunt underway after Southwest Airlines employee shot and killed at OKC airport. has details now on
- Southwest Airlines employee dies in shooting at Oklahoma airport; suspect dead
Oklahoma police: Shooting of Southwest Airlines employee at airport was planned.
Police: Shooting of Southwest Airlines employee in OKC was planned
CBS DFW:Southwest Airlines confirms an employee was shot and killed at Oklahoma City's Will Rogers Worl…
updated: Police believe shooting of Southwest Airlines employee was planned
Police: Shooting of Southwest Airlines employee was planned
Southwest Airlines employee in at airport; - Nov 15 @ 10:21 PM ET
DEVELOPING: Southwest Airlines employee dead after shooting at Oklahoma City airport
He was employee of Southwest Airlines working at Oklahoma City's Will Rogers World Airport--
Oklahoma Will Rogers World Airport resumes operations after shooting; murder of Southwest Airlines employee...
Thank you Dallas Love Field (DAL) and Southwest Airlines for all the as our Veterans left this morning for...
Flight Wheels Up on Friday. Thank-you Southwest Airlines and Dallas Love Field for your support of the Honor Flight…
Southwest Airlines flight at Sac International detained. Passengers ordered off flight.
Southwest Airlines starts non-stop service daily from SAT to Kansas City International Airport in 7 more days.
TELL Dept of Transportation General Counsel put safety over PC in CAIR discrimination case v. Southwest Airlines
New post: "Southwest Airlines is getting slammed after missing on revenue and giving a bleak outlook (LUV)"
Boston at night as seen from a Southwest Airlines 737. Photo by Tamas Kolos-Lakatos
business: Southwest Airlines tumbles on bleak outlook
Southwest Airlines Q3 bottom line dropped to $582 million
Southwest Airlines is getting slammed after a miss on revenue and a bleak outlook
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Southwest Airlines tumbles on bleak outlook
I CAN believe Trump has gotten this far because I still see people laughing at Southwest Airlines flight attendant jokes.
Southwest Airlines in Austin Texas honors WWII Vets boarding for Honor Flight
A smoking Samsung smartphone forced the evacuation of a Southwest Airlines jet preparing to take off from Louisville
What?! Again?. Alright, I fly at least 30x a year and I'm done with INSHA'ALLAH.
Official: Southwest Airlines plane evacuated after smoke from Samsung device via the App
Y'all, pay attention to this whole thread. Also, never fly Southwest Airlines.
Our planes are under attack by Explosive Samsung Devices, and Obama can't even say their name
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