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Southfork Ranch

Southfork Ranch is a conference and event center located in Parker, Texas, U.S.; it contains the Ewing Mansion, which was the setting for the 1978 to 1991 television series Dallas and is the setting for the 2012 version of Dallas on TNT.

Ebby Halliday Larry Hagman Dallas Cowboys Patrick Duffy Jesse Metcalfe Aloe Vera Bobby Ewing North Texas

Kristin or Afton...all day every day!
Not a dream sequence: Did you know you could saddle up for a horseback ride at Southfork Ranch? |…
Happy belated birthday to the King, Mr. Elvis Presley! Don't miss at 5/26-28:…
Next stop which is inevitable in Dallas: the Ranch!
We had a great day at the Bridal show at Southfork Ranch!
Bridal show at Southfork Ranch today . 10 AM to 5 PM come out and See us
Don't forget all day we will be for the ! Come take a picture with us!
Spending the day at Southfork Ranch. Parents are fans of the old show!
We are ready for the DFW Bridal Show at southfork_ranch tomorrow from 10am-4pm! Be there or be…
Visiting the Ewing mansion at Southfork Ranch today.
I drove past that place once. Too woodsy for me:) I want a place like Southfork Ranch where you can see people coming for miles.
We will be ready make sure you don't miss out Southfork Ranch TONIGHT tickets at the gate, show starts 8 pm ,...
i dunno but we had camp out when I was a DCC. So fun
Next up keynote with shares tales of growing up on the original Southfork ranch.
In just a little under two weeks you'll find out the lineup for ! This…
No trip to would be complete without a visit to
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Just for the record, Hagman's remains were scattered across Southfork Ranch. Born in Texas, died in Texas. Enough said.
might not have the appeal we hoped for. & ranch? Glitz & Glamour?not ditz & disaster .
Dnt forget! tshirt packages are on sale NOW while supplies last!!
My trip to Southfork Ranch: I visited Dallas, TX a few weeks ago for the very first time. I staye...
Such a happy day for my good friend! @ Southfork Ranch
What a great way to start off like going to
I'm going to at Southfork Ranch in Parker, TX - Jun 25
As I've visited the Dallas area, I loved the Botanical Garden in Fort Worth, the Stockyards, Reunion Tower and Southfork Ranch.
For those looking to apply for stalls at Madras Market 8, happening at The Southfork Ranch on April 16-17, 2016,...
Hi Bryan something different but how about the them from Dallas great memories from visiting Southfork ranch n JR'S dress room
Ray Krebs sold that *** his ranch, then he proceeded to build dam to drain SouthFork.
Southfork Ranch, Ewing Energies and JR Ewing's bourbon! The show Dallas must go on!
Southfork Ranch is half an hour drive from here :-)
Bout to hit Southfork Ranch and get my cowboy on! ( for work, don't have a choice)…
Just Pinned to {Pin-4-All Shared Board}: Southfork Ranch - Dallas Tx. Out of all of the places I have seen and bee…
Hamilton Collection
wonder where that Southfork ranch was located?
In Dallas for USAV conference. Touristy afternoon for this Dallas super fan
The Texas Tribute to Elvis Festival festival will be held at Southfork Ranch on March 4-6. The three-day fest...
What we need to do is create a gathering in support of
we need a by 2017 gather in May 2016 on the 25th ann…
On the ground in Dallas. First up, Then we drive to AUSTIN 🎉🎉🎉
Stop one for the day. Touring Southfork Ranch. Can we please bring back Dallas??
one of the dumbest fun things I've ever done was visit the ranch from the Dallas TV show
At Southfork Ranch, got a chili dog and got it everywhere. On Ke$ha shirt, face, hair, etc
Inviting you to save your spot at The Chapel of Hope Awareness Event at Southfork Ranch at 11:30am on September 15 info
I know there is a network that wants to give a home to and the Is it or
Please save Dallas and gain millions of fans z
Please save Dallas and gain millions of fans s
Please save Dallas and gain millions of fans e
Please save Dallas and gain millions of fans t
Please save Dallas and gain millions of fans .
Please save Dallas and gain millions of fans
I just wrote the first tip for Miss Elie's Deli @ Southfork Ranch on Convenient right after tour. …
Its gonna be a good shopping weekend on September 11th and 12th!. Head up to Southfork Ranch in Parker on Friday...
.rally Aug 5. Fans are not giving up. Bring Dallas back!
So happy to have made it to one of my spiritual homes: ranch
Growing up in NYC my mom use to watch Dallas 15 years later I lived not too far from
Tour of Southfork Ranch From The Tram via Gonna upload more videos of my trip to SF very very soon. :) :)
We wi sites today in met with J.R and others😃
It will be an awesome time at Southfork Ranch and our Boots & Bling Gala. Golf the next day for
Just completed a 28.19 mi bike - Rode up to Southfork Ranch and back, had some really awesome climes ...
Newly Listed! Neighbor with famous Southfork Ranch! Beautiful country sunsets and clear...
An in the Heart of on an Ranch just 30 miles North of JRs Southfork, just North...
What are we to attribute this phenomenon of strong power of fans supporting, primetime soap opera?.
Bring us back to And no I don't mean by airline or automobile. ;)
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yous are all pretty good customers yourselves, thanks Theresa xx
thanks for best Christmas meal ever last week
Hey I worked in Plano once years ago, management training held at the Old Southfork Ranch house, Loved Plano and Dallas
The King Ranch just woke up all of Southfork
Plano loves a Christmas celebration! More about this Texas-themed holiday event here:
The beautiful first bauble on our Xmas Tree - The Yellow Rose of Texas... purchased at Southfork Ranch, Dallas!...
If you are in DALLAS,TEXAS over the holidays, go to Southfork Ranch and celebrate the holidays!
Swellin' lol. Now I want to watch it again. My cousins have been to the Southfork ranch.
Meeting clients to go over their upcoming 2015 Wedding details.
during this Christmas / Holiday Season. Photo provided by Roger Dodson with the team
Southfork Ranch on The main museum building... I'm pretty excited to go!
My top 12 photos. Any what not make it 12 I couldn't just choose 5 :) 1 - Superman in a museum 2 - My little strummer 3 - My amazingly awesome boys 4 - My fantabulous family 5 - Completely honoured to be there you totally gorgeous people! Claire Russell John Russell 6 - What can I say - the Maldives Daniel White we need to go back!! 7 - Happy 10th wedding anniversary to my bestest Claire xx 8 - The sistas hit Rome Julia McDonald - love you baby sis xx 9 - Down with the kidz 10 - My Gatsby Birthday - Faye Shuttleworth Kirsten White, Erica Twining Mariel Murphy Irenie White, Nikki Owen 11 - America girls - Julia what a great childhood we had xx 12 - American living - this picture means so much more to me now then I ever would have known at the time - the one and only Southfork Ranch, Dallas when I was 7 ish...
Working at the ranch tonight. Been a while! However events are loud and obnoxious. lol
In preparation for my premier party of I'm having a cake made in the shape of Corny or what?
Lovely evening after all the rain, but it's like bloomin' Southfork Ranch on the decking. Persevere we shall !! 😊
ONE WEEK TILL DALLAS! I visit Southfork Ranch (the set of Dallas!) and meet the Vampire diaries cast AND go to...
I wish everyone I knew was willing to travel to Texas so I could get married at Southfork Ranch.
my 5yr old and I are huge fans, we visited and she thought we were actually on TV. Can not wait for season 3
My house still looks more like the Clampett homestead than the Southfork Ranch. SO much I wanted to do around the house.
Ranch Throw Blanket 191 products lots of Dallas designs
Those of you who still remember the TV series 'Dallas', you might want to bring the charter bus around to...
"Southfork Ranch of Dallas TV show 3d model" by jasonb via
Patio table used to film outdoor scenes at Southfork ranch in old Dallas and new Dallas.
Awesome weekend in Dallas visiting the oh &
to my tour of Southfork Ranch in 2007. Also pictured: Larry Hagman's handprint.…
The Southern Methodist University I graduated from is in Dallas. Also: There are still a few movies I worked in either I sang, played music, acted, and I made about 25 or 30 television commercials. Movies: "Semi-Tough" with Burt Reynolds, Kriss Christofferson. "Finding the Way Home" with George C. Scott and Hector Elizondo, "The Trip to Bountiful" with Geraldine Page, Gil Glasgow, and Dave Romo. Our part was filmed in Venus, Texas where Johnny and Dottie Foster live. Some of these movies still show from time to time. My band and I played at Southfork Ranch where "Dallas" was filmed almost the entire time of filming. When cab drivers found out I was from Dallas and worked on the Dallas shows and thatI knew several of the Dallas Cowboys they would shake my hand and not charge me for the cab ride. I traveled to all parts of the United States doing shows for General Motors. I made other films which were sent to Germany and to South America. I did the warm-up for George Strait at the Cattle Baron's Ball. ...
Big fun last night with the private event at Southfork Ranch. Off to Cowboys stadium for another fun event...have a good night friends!!
yes that's true . Plus we get to see Brenda instead of only in flashbacks
and 3 from dh are on dallas now. Can't beat that! ;)
Entire town of Southfork evacuated. No injuries so far. All structures are safe. Fire has jumped to 60,000 acres and is 15 miles from Creede.
Working at the beautiful Southfork Ranch.. Gorgeous day in Texas..
no, I am going to a concert at Southfork Ranch.
I don't He's gonna move,. but I know. He knows what I need.sometimes He's water. to the thirsty. Sometimes He's fire .all consuming... Sometimes His voice. is louder than thunder...Oh. But sometimes... Sometimes He whispers!! Love this song by Adam Crabb!!!
Another quick update. Highway 149 will be open, conditions permitting, between Creede and South Fork until 11:30 today. If the fire flares up they will close it earlier. Also, there are concerns that Creede could lose power as our main feed is in harm's way. Make sure you have a two-day supply of water and other necessary provisions on hand, just in case.
Listen to this fascinating interview with one of today's most successful travel and healthy lifestyle business owner and the Founder and CEO of Forever Living Products International. Rex Maughan continues to taste the sweetness of success by acquiring Southfork Ranch at an auction in 1992. Now Dallas is back on the map with another hit TV series, and Southfork is still the familiar backdrop. TravelTalkRADIO - Rex Maughan interview June 24, 2012 with Sandy Dhuyvetter
Off to Southfork Ranch today home of JR Ewing.
Ranch designs home apparel more big SALE
SOUTH FORK, Colo. — A massive wildfire threatened a tourist town in Colorado's southwestern mountains on Friday, as its roughly 400 residents emptied out ahead of the fast-burning blaze fueled by hot, windy weather. Wildland firefighters teamed up with local firefighters to try to protect Sout...
I used to work on a ranch between Creed and Southfork, this looks really scary!
We love the little town of South Fork!
Hey Im leaving for and to visit June 28th. Could you please wish me and my mother a safe flight? :)
Ran into a former BHS teacher in our quinlan walmart this afternoon...she was Mrs. Janice Dennard when we had for Home & Family classes. I never took the Homemaking classes..which my poor home is suffering from now. Can't cook, clean, sew...LOL!
Sounds like SF Ranch would help cheer you up a lot right about now!!
anyone wanna take me to now would be the PERFECT time!! :)
head out to Southfork Ranch to see JR.
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BBledsoe: As of 3:10pm, South Fork Mayor Kenneth Brooke, says no structures inside have burned.
Just realized I have to work the day after Celebrate Freedom.not my best move, but oh so worth it!!
best pic- the photo that showed Cliff holding Sue Ellen instead of Kristin. Have you seen the original?
Update: Christine says the ranch is okay for right now but it looks like Southfork nearby will be gone by tonight. She has two friends who live there and they stayed awake all night on their front porch watching the flames move closer to them. She says she feels like she is in a dream and feels numb. Thanks for putting up with me sharing so much but it helps me.Thanks for your support!.
I was a distraught teenager! Lol. Convinced it was Pam. Even wrote 2 Lorimar pleading 4 her not 2 b dead.
Is this the most famous moment in the history of the swimming pool?
I'll be doing Afghanistan Memory Wall at Southfork Ranch June 29th at Christian Concert 'Celebrate Freedom'. 8am-8pm. If you are going and would like to volunteer with me I will need people to do simple things like: hand out flyers, sit next to my donation box, sit next to a sign to make sure it doesn't blow over. Just simple stuff. I won't ask you to do it 12 hours but maybe 3 shifts 8am-12pm, 12pm-4pm, 4pm-8pm. If you are going to be at concert and would like to help out let me know
Looks like some of my favorite, most beautiful CO backcountry is burning...even if Little Squaw never was my favorite route, I don't want it scorched! Beautiful area...Praying for rain and diminished winds...
One week from Tomorrow Halo BBQ will be serving up our Texas Style Chopped Brisket Sandwiches, Sausage on a stick, Chips, Best Maid Dill Pickles and drinks at the large Christian Concert in America. Its FREE...bring your family out to Southfork Ranch for an all Day Free Christian Concert with top names to include TobyMac! We hope to see you there.
Free tickets to Celebrate Freedom. Kwik Kar of Allen has free tickets to Celebrate Freeedom on June 29th at Southfork Ranch. Stop by and get your free tickets today. See for more information.
Just me then. Got free trip there on account of being a fan too. Gotta love that! Your reviews are funny. :-)
Running down my to-do list, looking forward to a weekend in Dallas. Industry event and a visit to the Kennedy historic area at Dealey Plaza. Another thing to scratch off my Bucket List!
Just read about a group of brothels in the Metroplex.Sounds like an idea for a new HBO series.wait for it."BAND OF BROTHELS".
For the honeymoon, we went to Dallas, Arlington, and Parker, Texas. We visited the Sixth Floor Museum, Dealey Plaza, Six Flags over Texas, and Southfork Ranch. I have always been fascinated by the Kennedy Assassination and the conspiracy theory. I even did a 2000-word essay for English (which I made an "A", by the way). I also did a speech in college for my speech class. The professor gave me a "C" because he was biased and didn't like Kennedy. I know it was an "A" speech because I used most of the info from my "A" essay! I didn't argue with the professor C because I liked and respected him. However, I know I had a case! We also saw a professional baseball game between the Texas Rangers and Oakland A's. The Rangers lost, though. Southfork was beautiful and Six Flags was fun!!! That was the best trip I ever had--and I got to share it with my love.
A bear attacked a man working in an irrigation ditch near Cody, Wyo., early Thursday.
June 29!! My bad!!! Next Saturday, JUNE 29 is te free Christian concert on Southfork ranch... It's always a huge event with big artists :) ill be there!
July 29 (next Saturday) KLTY is putting on Celebrate Freedom at Southfork ranch! It's FREE! Would love for anyone and everyone to come out. I will be there- even if I go alone.
Please pray 4 Nick Patrick who was attacked by a grizzly early this morning on his ranch up the southfork. Hes in a denver hospital in serious but stable condition.
Our visit to Southfork Ranch (The Ewing Ranch from the TV show Dallas).
Time to get your Cooler N *** Tickets and make plans for August 3 at Southfork Ranch! It is just around the corner and tickets are going out fast!! so don't be the last to get your indoor concert tickets!! Go to
Carl Mullino and I are not able to go. So, would anybody be interested in a Family Four Pack of VIP Seats for Celebrate Freedom 23 on Saturday June 29, 2013 at Southfork Ranch. Message me if your interested. :)
Southfork Ranch is a conference and event center located in Parker, Texas, U.S., about north of Dallas; it contains the Ewing Mansion, which was the setting for the 1978 to 1991 television series Dallas and is the setting for the 2012 continuation of Dallas on TNT. The ranch is located at 3700 Hogge...
Tonight on an all-new DALLAS (Thurs, 9PM): Affairs and blackmail complicate a power grab of Southfork ranch. Meanwhile, Christopher and Elena take a look at a business deal while attempting to suppress their real feelings.
Good memories of being at Southfork Ranch last summer.
I wanna get married up the street at Southfork Ranch...or at least have the reception there
Today's totally off-topic trivia... sent in by Tony! Thanks Tony this is a good one! "If you could live in any television house what would it be? For instance, Brady Bunch house, or Munsters or whatever." I want to live in the JETSONS's house! I love their robots that do all their bidding. Either them or.. maybe.. Andy Griffeth's. I would LOVE to taste Aunt B's cooking! what about you?
Celebrate Freedom is coming up June 29 Southfork Ranch. 94.9 KLTY - Safe For The Whole Family! annually invites our Arapaho Road Awana Summit group to come and work the merchandise tables and hang out with the bands. Toby Mack and Switchfoot are the headliners this year. Gonna be a big day -- all for God's glory.
Have you ever seen Southfork Ranch after dark?
Have you ever seen the ranch after dark?
Enjoying my vacation on Dallas right now...just came from the Southfork Ranch..
Little Giant Ladders
Last of the Camp $$ is due tonight! Girls we are continuing in "Fearless Daughters of the Bible" study, Garage sale was a great success thanks to all who helped, Celebrate Freedom free event is Sat June 29th at Southfork Ranch
The vote for the People's Choice Awards is back! Click on the buttons and cast your vote for the contestant you feel should be a finalist in the 2013 Miss Texas Pageant and Miss Texas' Outstanding Teen Pageant. Each vote is $1 per vote. The Teen and Miss contestant with the most votes will automatic...
Want more JGLM? Come to our June Camp Meeting to be encouraged and spurred on.
Father's Day Part II.we just thought we were gonna get him on a plane...well.road trips are more fun anyways!
You can catch us at Celebrate Freedom festival w/ and more in Dallas June 29th for FREE! Southfork Ranch!
At Southfork Ranch trying to figure out who shot JR.
Coming up next weekend: 23 at Southfork Ranch. Who's going?
Q: Any chance you will come back to the "new" Dallas ? A: Wouldn’t that be something? It’s a possibility!
We have FREE tickets to 94.9 KLTY Radio's "Celebrate Freedom" concert on Saturday June 29! The whole family can enjoy this all-day, multi-band concert event at the world-renowned SouthFork Ranch. Featuring TobyMac, Switchfoot, Mandisa, Josh Wilson, Jamie Grace, Capital Kings, Jason Gray, Royal Tailor, Kyle Sherman, Montel Jordan and Victory World Music, Byron "Mr. Talkbox" Chambers, GateWay Generate, and Kingsdown, and MANY more! Come and get them at any of our 4 locations!
Insane, Its raining in my front yard but not my back yard...Weird!
Dallas bound for work. Get to have dinner at the Southfork ranch tomorrow night.
Kenneth and I are in Mineola, Texas.. A small town outside of Dallas. Ken is at school to get his waster water license. He will go to Austin sometime in the fall for another round of schooling. Being city superintendant of a small town is alot of work but he loves it. The city is very lucky to have him. I know I am and I am very proud of him! Heading home Wednesday but not after he takes me to see Southfork Ranch in Dallas. Be nice if we could run into Bobby Ewing! :)
Once again, citizens rights are infringed on... but the illegals get away with breaking the law.. ***
As we continue to go through Larry’s office, we are adding items to our online store that we wanted to give Larry’s fans a chance to purchase. If you haven’t visited our online store in a while, there’s plenty new there. First, are limited number of Larry’s memoir ‘Hello Darlin’ in both French and German, some signed and the rest comes with a signed bookplate inserted in the book. We came across some wonderful original and somewhat rare Dallas cast shots that you will find in the 8x10 Photographs section, along with one of Larry’s last publicity photos taken. We have also come across many of Larry’s scripts from all of his work, some of them his actual working scripts that he had autographed at the time along with unsigned working scripts; also autographed scripts from Dallas and Desperate Housewives, as well as a number of unsigned Dallas scripts. There will be lots more scripts added in the coming weeks. We also added the Dallas DVD complete sets from season one to nine. And we just ad ...
How to take my mind of this week.Start a plan for the states not only portland oregan on my list so is la and kyle but omg THE ACTUAL SOUTHFORK RANCH (that is my graceland as I don't like elvis).
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Places I want to go before I die...Graceland, Nashville, Southfork Ranch in Dallas...Mmmm, that is all.
On my back from Plano,tx. Went to wedding at SouthFork Ranch Saturday nite. Went looking for J.R. but only found his Bud (light) and was talking to his # 2(Equis) later.
Update on our holidays Been to Dallas seen baseball Texas rangers v Toronto blue jays, JFK museum, shopping beautiful clean place. went to southfork ranch was able to go inside the dallas house. gotta love Dallas! Next was Memphis visited stax studios, seen the poorer parts of Memphis only there overnight Today went to Graceland omg what an amazing place spent four hours there went through Elvis's house Drove to Nashville 4 hour drive Time for bed going to buy some Boot scooting boots tomorrow Love to all
I hope to visit Southfork Ranch someday . I've heard it's awesome!. & a lot of fun . It's neat people can get married there 2
Southfork wants to wish all of the Fathers out there a very Happy Father's Day!
Just watched Frozen on Film 4. The girl waits for the wolves to feed on her boyfriend and his mate then makes good her escape. You women.
I've lived in Texas 4 years now and finally getting to see Southfork Ranch-sad since it is only 7 miles from my house.
I'm going to be visiting after I fly into June 28th and staying at
Celebrate this Sunday at - 9am at Southfork Ranch...see you there!
Outstanding! I liked the fact I could wander around on my own timetable. Thx for letting me indulge in all things Dallas!
Drank, swam in pool, ate chocolate chip cookies, drove by Southfork Ranch, went to Lake Lavon, ate dinner, I am tired. Now watching the RFD channel and some hillbilly country music show on. If this is Tanya Tucker she did not age well.
Been going there as far back as I can remember!
Oh and as an added bonus for all you Dallas lovers.Forever OWN Southfork Ranch ! Little piece of random information for you. Rex even had a cameo role in the first episode :-)
I am really missing my grandparents jock and ellie love you both very Southfork Ranch 'm coming next week
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Fun day out on Dartmoor at Haytor and Houndtor, woof, woof ;0) xxx
Southfork Ranch today & it was actually pretty cool. I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did but it was really neat. And I got to sit in Patrick Dempsey's chair!! LOL
EMR13 Highlights video hot off the press.
Alyssa's learning to ride. Loves it.
My beautiful sister Erica Coats is in town! Now for some much needed family time. Off to Dallas we go.
Switchfoot. ;-) Parking is $15.00, but we can load up as many as we can in each car. Sure hope you will make this a priority and join us. I have never done anything like this, but I am vibrating with excitement to get to.
Here we go friends!! KLTY's Celebrate Freedom Concert and Festival Southfork Ranch, June 29th, 9am-11pm, Fun and Fellowship for the whole family!!! Check out the website for a list of all the activities and lineup. We are So Excited!!! A group of us women are getting together to go to it. Tickets are FREE, if you want to go in our group, just let us know, and I will have Rachel pick up all the tickets for us! It is going to be a GREAT day of music, games, food, fun, fellowship, and most importantly, a time to be amongst fellow Christians, to hear God's Word, and to share in our common joy as believers. SWithfoot is playing! TobyMac!Mandisa! And many more. There is a whole place setup for the kids with their own entrtainment, games, rides, and such!!! It is sure to be a day of worship, joy, love, laughter, and memories!!! Come be with us! Love, Kat
We are gearing up for a week in Dallas TX. What do you reccommend we do and see while we are there?
I will be 45 this month ~ planning to go to Celebrate Freedom on that day- haven't gone in 14 years! Any of my fellow choir ladies wanna join me and my daughters? If I somehow missed your name, just know you're invited!
T.V. TRIVIA: Who entered the world on Southfork Ranch in 1939
Not long now till the new girls arrive !! Friday 14th June x
I am flying to DALLAS tomorrow for the week! Any recommendations on where to take Toby??? His first time!!! Anyone want to help???
Having fun at Southfork Ranch in Plano TX with Region 10 Education Service Center teachers and administrators! Thank You Kay Irlas!
I had the best dream last night.i dreamt that we lived on a huge farm with multiply houses on it. Jessi and I lived in the main house, Matt and his wife lived in one with their kids, Josh and Krista lived in the other one. It was a great dream and everyone was so happy. Fishing lake, horses, cows pigs, it was perfect.
Rex Maughan, Owner of Southfork Ranch, enjoys Warner Horizon Television and TNT's Stars of Dallas. Rex Maughan, CEO, Forever Living Products, one of the world's largest distributors of Aloe Vera-based health and personal care products, and Forever Resorts attended May 31, premiere of the "Dallas" TV...
I think I might go to the Celebrate Freedom all day concert at Southfork Ranch on June 29.
We went to Southfork Ranch today (ie Dallas) Wolffy got a little bit too excited over the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders I thought.
Look out Dallas this chick will be there LOVING summer with real temps in 10 days! Wahoo!
Great day at Southfork Ranch with my Favorite Cowboy-Scott Ellis, Great friends and the new look-a-like for JR Ewing...
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Hi from Dallas!!! Beautiful here😎!! Went to Southfork Ranch to visit the Ewings but they weren't home!!! It was so cool! Big Dallas fan:) went to Dallas aquarium and it was amazing!!! Hot and sunny!! Love it!!!
Touring Southfork Ranch from the hit tv show Dallas! :)
What's your dream? what do you want to get out of life? comment below
I want to visit YOUR church tomorrow...Where we going? What time I need to be there??.
Can't believe how much can change in a week- at both ends of the happy/sad scale. You never know what's round the corner.,
Champagne and strawberry daiquiri's on the garden. We are we are. Bliss. With the full crew
playing in McKinney tonight at Hank's for Tommy and Ed's birthday party, won't be there till late due to an earlier gig at Southfork Ranch. Love double headers, but it's always like an *** whippin for an old man like me. JR has left the building .
In Dallas Texas!! On the way home, gonna stop to see the "real" Southfork Ranch!! (from the Dallas tv series) :D
Ebby Halliday celebrated her 102nd birthday with a Pancake Breakfast Benefit at the iconic Southfork Ranch. Learn more:
Having biscuits and gravy, style before heading to ranch
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I just wanted your opinion about making an Harlem Shake at Nothing more:)
Month next week i've been in Texas - i've picked up some slang :-D so now i cant slag MeeLisa for saying Huh. Off To Dallas tomorrow to visit Southfork Ranch. :-D
TMR 17 is HERE hope to see each one of you at Southfork Ranch for a day of awesome Music!!
Gonna be @ Southfork Ranch tomorrow for Texas Music Revolution w/Narrow Trail Cowboy Church, sharing God's word & Christ w/fellow Texas Music Fans. Come out & see us!!!
Here's the video of the tshirt cannon test
I have an extra ticket to TMR17 at Southfork Ranch. Please let me know a.s.a.p. if you want to buy it for $15 which is what I paid during a special KHYI promotion. Tickets will be $45 each at the door tomorrow. I'll post the lineup in comments below. Thanks!
We have a pair of concert tickets and meet & greet tickets to give away to Little Texas tomorrow night to the first person who can answer the trivia question below. Please put answers in comments below. Trivia Question: Little Texas' 2nd album, Big Time, included the song "God Blessed Texas" which featured classic lyrics about the state of Texas. A popular music video was also produced for this song and was filmed at a famous ranch near Dallas. What is the name of the ranch?
Tells us on Monday South Fork will raise a glass for the late JR Ewing.
Southfork Ranch to toast memory of Larry Hagman on Monday | from
invites you to raise a glass to Larry Hagman's memory on Monday night:
Tomorrow is the KHYI Texas Music Revolution here at the ranch! Who will we be seeing here? Let us know!
My parents...touring Southfork Ranch like its a giant candy store because they're so obsessed with the show Dallas. This will be me with Gossip Girl one day...
Got my kiddo a cowboy hat at last week. Kinda wish I had gotten one too.
TMR 17 14 hip bands tomorrow @ Southfork Ranch too cool for school
TMR 17 is Tomorrow @ Southfork Ranch Jack Ingram was off the hook last night
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Sharon what a great picture .Southfork is a wonderful place to visit
most important meal of the day. In my fave mug from
TGIF all day! looking forward to heading out to Southfork Ranch tomorrow to check out some great bands and an amazing lineup at Texas Music Revolution 17. time to get my boots ready!
it's Texas Music Revolution 17 at Southfork Ranch, this Saturday! lots of fabulous TX country music :)
Storylines Ray worked for Jock maintaining Southfork as its ranch foreman. Initially, Ray was a bit of a rogue, dating the much younger Lucy Ewing on the sly, and collaborating with J.R. Ewing to break up J.R's younger brother Bobby and his new wife (and Ray's old flame) Pam. Despite this, Ray had a good heart, and became a trusted and upstanding friend of the Ewing family. Eventually, his step-father resurfaced in 1980 to reveal that Ray's father was Jock Ewing. Jock welcomed Ray into the Ewing family with open arms (except for J.R., who still regarded Ray as "the help"). [1] Because of the incestuous implications, Ray's prior relationship with Lucy was never referenced again. Ray eventually found happiness with politician and the widow of former Texas governor Sam Culver, Donna Culver and they married in 1981. However the marriage began to collapse and in 1985 they separated. Donna found out she was pregnant and Ray tried to reconcile with her, but she refused. During the "Dream Season" Ray and Donna ad ...
Background Ray was born on October 19, 1945 in Emporia, Kansas. His alleged father, Amos Krebbs, left him and his mother Margaret Hunter Krebbs when Ray was age 3 and at age 15, Ray was sent off to Dallas and to the Southfork Ranch with a letter from his recently deceased mother to Jock Ewing. His mother, a United States Army Air Corps nurse, was an intimate of Jock Ewing during World War II.
Anyone need a ticket to I've got an extra.
Day playing, just lucky to be considered. (@ Southfork Ranch w/ 2 others)
by Candy Evans of Candy's Dirt :: Almost 500 members of the Ebby Halliday Companies gathered at Southfork Ranch on Tuesday, March 5, bright and early in the morning to celebrate Ebby’s ...
seriously!? I'm so jealous of you & your family right now! You live nearly next to Southfork Ranch & the Steve-O thing! ;)
~goes ta the stables. Thinks I'm gonna have a ride around the ranch. I grab a horse and starts to straddle. Rides off across southfork~
Has anyone actually visited Southfork ranch from the show Dallas??? Was thinking of going but not sure if it would be any good
Happy birthday, See our pics from the real estate icon's 102nd bash at Southfork Ranch:
I think we should take a room,Josh:)) i'm just joking. RT:)
TMR, March 9, at South Fork Ranch... Texas Music Revolution 17 Saturday, March 9, at Southfork Ranch, $30-$200 Independently-owned KHYI 95.3 The Range has won their share of DOMAs for a reason. The station knows how to appeal to the North Texas region with an especially diverse brand of Country and Americana music. While mixing in more local and regional talent than just about anyone else, the station has soldiered on for almost two decades. Their annual bash at Southfork Ranch has also been a sign of why the station's survived this long. This year's line-up is a great example. The two-stage line-up features local favorites (The O's, John David Kent, Zane Williams), and bands that are on the national map (Chris Knight, American Aquarium and Turnpike Troubadours). the best part of this year's show however, are the regionally-based acts that are on the cusp of really breaking-through to something bigger. Dallas-own Ronnie Fauss, El Paso's Dirty River Boys, Austin's Uncle Lucius and Houston's Folk Family Rev ...
I am speaking at Southfork Ranch today for the US Parks Dept, resort managers. They bought each one of them my book.
Looking forward to a fun filled day at Southfork Ranch today with our partners.
Mark your calendars we are going back to SouthFork Ranch for our next Team Sorting Event on Saturday, March 16th. Please come join us for a great day. If we have any bad weather we will post on this page or you can email me at dupuy143 Drop me a note also if you want to pre-register.
turns 102 on Saturday, but she celebrated in style yesterday. Here's how the party played out:
LOL. We live about 10 minutes from Southfork Ranch.
As a reporter, I was a bit nervous when Ebby Halliday turned to ask me a question.
I have for sale 2 tickets to TMR (Texas Music Revolution) 17 in Parker, TX for Saturday, March 9 at Southfork Ranch. This is an all-day event with a great line-up of bands. Face value is $30. I would like to get $30 each OBO. That will save the buyer the service fee of almost $5. The tickets are electronic so they can be emailed to the buyer.
Ebby usurps Miss Ellie’s throne at Southfork as celebrations for her 102nd birthday on Saturday begin.
Ebby Halliday, compares her boots with our General Manager Bud Bush during her 102nd birthday at Southfork Ranch.
Ebby had an outstanding birthday party at Southfork Ranch!...
Ebby Halliday, one of Texas’ most outstanding businesswomen and the founder of Dallas-based Ebby Halliday, REALTORS®, the largest independently owned residential real estate company in Texas and 12th in the nation, will celebrate her 102nd birthday on Saturday, March 9. Always committed to following...
Wednesday Morning Headlines 03/06/13 Today is a nearly-sacred day for Texans. Ceremonies in San Antonio will commemorate the pre-dawn assault of The Alamo on March 6th of 1836. At least 189 defenders died while several hundred of Santa Anna's Mexican troops were killed or wounded. The slaughter ended the 13-day siege of The Alamo that bought enough time for Sam Houston to muster and train the troops that defeated Santa Anna once-and-for-all seven weeks later at the Battle of San Jacinto. Even though Ebby Halliday's birthday is not until Saturday, a lot of her friends and employees threw a little party for her at Southfork Ranch yesterday. Ready to turn 102, the iconic Dallas businesswoman seems as energetic as ever. Born the year before the Titanic sank, Halliday was 34-year-old in 1945 when she founded the real estate firm that bears her name. She remains active in the business that, last year, conducted 16-thousand transactions with nearly five-billion dollars in sales volume. It turned out to be the se ...
Good evening friends will stay with God out of lucy kisses bye...
Larry Hagman and his character, JR Ewing is a legend. Next week be on Southfork Ranch for his funeral. The show will go on with his spirit and I will always be watching for the twists and turns that are true to the show. Other characters from the past will be added and last night we saw Gary Ewing return to partner with brother Bobby. RIP JR!
More on today's festivities at Southfork Ranch:
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Thinking about heading to southfork ranch.
Linda Gray shares this story of Larry: For 35 years at Sunset, Mr. Hagman (as he liked me to call him), would go to a window, a balcony, a terrace or simply his own back yard; take a very deep breath and shout out as the sun hit the Horizon ... GONG BONG!!! It was always drawn out ... GONG BOOONNNGGG! IT WAS ACCOMPANIED BY A GLASS OF CHAMPAGNE! On March 11 (this coming Monday) I would love it if everyone would raise a glass of "whatever" and do Gong Bong at Sunset. He would love it!!! Fondly, Ms. Gray (as I insisted he call me)
His character lived by the gun, and it died by the gun. Granted he left us to serve God in November. But you gave us one *** of a ride Larry Hagman! Rest in Peace JR Ewing. Larry, have fun with the Southfork Ranch and oil fields in the great beyond!
Next week, we get to see JR Ewing's funeral!
Mungarian & are puttin on the annual Texas Music Revolution on 3/9 on out
is so gracious to pause for photos with guests of her 102nd birthday at Southfork Ranch
what about a Harlem Shake at the Southfork Ranch?:) (Sharon) and I,we like very much the idea.:)
Headed to Southfork Ranch to celebrate the First Lady of Real Estate's 102 birthday. Happy Birthday Mrs. Ebby!!
Larry Hagman died the day after i toured Southfork Ranch back in November!
Happy 102 b day to our leader, Ebby Halliday. Southfork Ranch celebration is a perfect way to honor you today.
The series Dallas is awesome. People from the past r resurecting. Wow they look old. They need a wrinkle free treatment.
Hey! Are you going to the concert this weekend weekend at the Southfork Ranch?
Just a little trivia for Dallas fans. The man who owns Southfork now owns our family ranch in Peeples Valley . We sure do miss it!
Dallas Season 2 Episodes 6 and 7 Review Episode 6 of Dallas titled "Blame Game" that aired on February 25, 2013 was complete badass. It had some fight scenes which was cool. While Ann is still in court for shooting Harris Ryland, the Ewings are at each other's throats but Vicente causes chaos in the family by threatening and holding them hostage at the ranch. All goes good by the Ewings defeating Vicente and his men and Ann gets probabtion. By the end, everything becomes *** when Sue Ellen and her son John Ross become partners and try to screw Bobby, Christopher, and Elena for control of Ewing Energies. Tonight's (March 4, 2013) episode 7 titled "The Furious And The Fast" was JR Ewing's final episode on Dallas. Elena tries to get back to Ewing Energies after her shares get screwed by Sue Ellen but helps her brother, Drew fulfilling their papi's promise. There's a race that holds the fate of control of Ewing Energies and of course Christopher wins. Bobby and JR's brother Gary Ewing comes back to make sure ...
Dallas was an absolute blast!!! ACX Purr-fection placed 4th out of 13 teams from across the nation!!! So proud of my Baby Jag and the entire team!! Of course you can't go to Dallas without visiting South Fork Ranch!!! Our girls had no idea where they were, but Terri Padgett Goley and I were livin' the dream! So much fun, but glad to be home!
Someone shot JR. Please don't accuse me of spoilers. This cannot be a surprise.
I liked this episode but that is the one thing I bated - looks like Christmas
To any of you Dallas lovers. They killed off J.R. Ewing tonight at the very end of the show. I knew they would kill him off because nobody could replace him. Next week's episode will be his funeral at Southfork Ranch. An all star cast will attend from the original show over 30 years ago. I will see if I still want to watch it after he is gone. It will never be the same.
My parents were such big DALLAS fans in the 80's we actually visited Southfork Ranch on a family vaca - RIP JR Ewing
New episode of Dallas but also the last time we'll see Larry Hagman on the show.
Awww, makes me think of MIss Ellie biking around
Tonight is the finale episode for J.R. Ewing to live. Dallas has been a staple in my life since middle school. Television fans the world over are losing an iconic character tonight. RIP Larry Hagman
I get to attend a wonderful breakfast birthday party tomorrow at Southfork Ranch for our Elegant Ms. Ebby who is allowing us to share in her 102 birthday celebration. We love you, Ms. Ebby!
I'm excited to help celebrate Ebby Halliday's 102nd (!!!) birthday tomorrow at Southfork Ranch. It will be my first birthday party for someone about to turn 102!
Tonight will be a Sad Dallas when JR Ewing Passes away there will never be anyone like him ever again R.I.P Larry Hagman
{He starts the car, he shifts gears and begins to make his way towards the Southfork ranch}
T- 90 minutes to Larry Hagman's last episode.
Come on out to Texas Music Revolution March 9th at Southfork Ranch -
At Cedars Sinai Hospital in LA, recovery room with Caroline who had foot surgery today (4 hrs.). She did great! Thank all of you for your kindness. Oh, and in the next recovery bay to Caroline, Larry King chatting it up with his wife, Shawn. He looks and sounds just like Larry King...not always the case with those celebrity types!
I never thought I'd ever be saying all my years as a tv don't tell anyone...but "I CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH DALLAS TONIGHT!"
is just gonna remind any "Dallas" enthusiasts (like me) that I think tonight is the night that JR is sadly going to be gone (from his real life death back when they were in the middle of taping the shows). These are pictures of JR over the years that I took when visiting the Southfork Ranch in Texas in 2010. Loved it.
Tell me whose house this is and win a prize. Took the photos myself. Hint: It hasn't changed since the 80s and you can see it tonight on TNT.
We just got back from a wonderful trip to Dallas for Mike's tool fair. Had a nice time seeing the Cowboys Stadium, Southfork Ranch, Fort Worth Zoo and Stockyards, got to relax at the pool.and then back home to snow.
9 Facts about Forever Living Products!FLP has featured no less than 4 times in its history in the Fortune 500 - an annual report on the top 500 fastest-growing, privately-owned companies in the US35 year track record of uninterrupted growth around the world2011 worldwide turnover of almost $2.6 Billion with a 4% increase in sales in 2012Operating in over 150 countries world-wideCash rich and debt free with over $1.5 Billion in assets around the world, predominantly in real estate and the leisure industry - Southfork Ranch, ski lodges, trail lodges, waterway marinas, hotels, etc.FLP is vertically integrated, owning the land, the machinery, the manufacturing and distribution facilities, the research and development, so the distributors are assured of world-class products at realistic prices.World's largest producer of Aloe Vera products - we grow around 80% of the world's cultivated Aloe Vera plants and we do not sell to other companies. Production is totally organic and the individual mature Aloe leaves ar ...
So as I took off from Dallas a few minutes ago, I couldn't help but look for the Southfork Ranch while humming the theme to "Dallas". No luck.
I have recentley discovered I can foretell the future! Oh, you don't believe me, huh? Well, what this... "I predict that tragedy (?) will cast a heavy blanket of sorrow over "Southfork Ranch" tomorrow evening. J.R.EWING IS DEAD!" (sooo, not fer nutin', but if this comes to fruition tomorrow night, you may be very interested in what I see in YOUR future...)
The Southworths Eleanor "Miss Ellie" Ewing (née Southworth) on Southfork Ranch: We Southworths have been here a long time. It's what we're made of. We love this land. Clayton Farlow to Bobby Ewing: Land that your great-grandfather staked out. Miss Ellie: My daddy had a feeling for the land that only a rancher could know. Matt Devlin: Or a rancher's daughter. Miss Ellie: My father was an early person. He said the ranch was always at its best in the morning. Miss Ellie: I used to love the cattle auctions. My daddy used to take me. When I was four or five and found out what the auctions were, I made a terrible fuss. I didn't want them to sell any of the livestock. Then pride took over. Once we got there and saw the other livestock and listened to the buyer, I swelled up. The steer on my daddy's ranch was always the best in the state. Matt to Ellie: You haven't changed since you were a girl. You were always fighting other people's battles.
Blessed to preach at Southfork Country Church in the morning 10:30 am.
Wish I could go to the Shinyribs show at the Blue Bonnet :(
Getting four new tires in preparation for our trip to the Dallas ( Arlington) area. Anyone know of any good (not too expensive) places that are must see?
Let the venue hunt begin!! Checking out Dallas venues with my sis and aunt!
Many wonderful items were sold at the Faith Lutheran School Fundraising Gala and Auction on February 23, including a generous donation from Southfork Ranch - Dallas Texas / Southfork Ranch! Their "stay and play" package included an overnight stay at the Southfork Hotel and tour of Southfork Ranch for two, plus a gift basket. Thank you for your generosity!
Mar 2 question: What was the name of the Ewings' ranch in Dallas?
Remodeled! 4 bedrooms upstairs including master suite with sitting area. 2 dining, 2 living with Huge Backyard. Spacious tiled kitchen with Granite Countertop, backsplash and Stainless Steel Appliances. Newly painted inside and Carpet. Very close to Shopping Complex and famous Southfork Ranch. See it to believe it.
After months of speculation and hope that Victoria Principal might return to Dallas in the role of Pamela Barnes Ewing, today that has come to an official halt. It has been previously reported that it is the Ewing clan finding out that J.R. is behind Pam's disappearance that will be the r
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Spent part of the day touring Southfork Ranch. Ewings were not home.
A day at Southfork Ranch with Patrick Duffy and Jesse Metcalfe! Go behind the scenes of the Cowboys & Indians...
It was a wild day at Southfork Ranch with 'Dallas' stars Jesse Metcalfe and Patrick Duffy.
Does anyone reload or know anyone that reloads or know of any place where I can find some dang .40 S&W ammo???
Wow! Wow! what a vacation I had! Got back from Texas today. Went to Ft Worth Stockyards and saw my first rodeo! Then went horseback, saw the Cowboys stadium, then to the Winstar casino, then saw the famous Southfork Ranch where Dallas was filmed, then to the *** Texan and ending the vacation going to see the Mavericks play at the AA stadium. But not only these places, there was also other many places I saw like Grapevine Lake, downtown Ft Worth, downtown Dallas. And went to the restaurants like Cattlemens Steak House, Taverna in Ft Worth, Weinbergers Deli in Grapevine. All this was possible because of JoAnn. Thank you JoAnn! Your the very best!!
My flight is booked, Texas here I come!
Ok, this is weird. I'm in Dallas, watching Dallas on TV. Quick, someone, shoot J.R.
Just checked into the hotel here in Weatherford. Any trouble i can get into tonight??
Looking for a car dealer who wants to be part of the TMR 17 March 9 at Southfork Ranch! If you know of any let me know!
Here's a pic of some of the ladies at the Denim and Diamonds luncheon at Southfork Ranch. What fun we had! Our "queen" is shown on the right of the pic, Queen Rowdy Red, alias Rita Woodman. I'm standing in the back.
More crap goes on at SouthFork Ranch!
Next week is JR Ewing last time Southfork Ranch tune into TNT and see JR make one last move next Monday at 9 pm
Sitting on the runway at Dallas/Ft Worth waiting to take off!!! I thought chicago was supposed to be the windy city! Wind advisories have shut down several runways so it was rough landing here and taking a LONG time to get back in the air!?! Late night arrival to Des Moines! :)
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