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Southern Rail

The Southern Railway (SR), sometimes shortened to 'Southern', was a British railway company established in the 1923 Grouping.

British Airways Sadiq Khan Chris Grayling London Underground Post Office South West Trains

Southern Rail users' misery into musical Southern Fail. Geniuses!
Can you share the email response with a…
Visitor numbers drop at London museums as tourists can 'no longer rely on Southern Rail to get them there'…
will renationalise the railways, ensuring regular scheduling, strong investment & fair pricing. Tory policy:.
"A disgrace": the Chris Gibb report on will now not be published until after the election…
Government refuses to sack operator.
Why is Gibb report being held back, we wonder? "It is scathing of DfT. It is dynamite"
Time to explain your filibustering, your southern rail malaise & support of destruction of greenbelt then. Only eve…
also leaked report on Southern rail troubles Tory's are trying to cover up. £ to…
National debt x2, crime up19% Tories sitting on reports on Southern rail trouble…
Disruption on Southern Rail services for Croydon commuters
Rail Vikas to execute TN line electrification.
Just come in to stock Oxford Rail Southen DCC Sound Adams Radial.
Typically Tory. Totally contemptuous of the British public in particular the long suffering Southern passengers. https…
Research Southern Rail in the UK. Makes the DC Metro look like the embodiment of efficiency.
New high-speed rail line to connect southern Ont.
Website Builder 728x90
I have LOI tonight, Tyling tomorrow and two lodge meetings next week all in London…
Bad, bad news for commuters as govt backs Southern Rail appalling company, and a highly political decision
Transport Focus: have you claimed compensation? - Deadline is April 30th (Sunday)
Government delays report on Southern rail troubles until after the election via
BBC News - Southern rail: Seven facts about the dispute
Which is worse for NHS comms: purdah or Southern Rail?
- UIDesigner needed for rolling contract in London Rates but without the need for Sout…
Good explanation of Southern Rail situation here: http…
Tories refuse to publish report on until after election. Privatisation has failed and they know it
[Rail has requested Southern and Thameslink to amend some sou…
I'll definitely keep my position after the due to all my brilliant work with Southern Rail
"I rely on people to physically help me + if that help is not available I can't live my life..."
Privileged to be asked to speak to Rally to discuss their honest dispute over passenger safety with Failed Franc…
`Two hours of disruption expected on Southern trains for Croydon commuters.
Burying more bad news on failing privatised railways until after the election...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Government hides report on GTR Southern troubles until after via Another purdah cover-up by Tories!
I think southern Rail just like to cause stress especially when I'm pregnant- blood pressure is high 😟
Oh my god southern rail can you not
The Tories sitting on report because Tory voters among majority of those affected. Up to their necks. https:…
Relatively Low Price to Forward Sales Detected in Shares of Genesee & Wyoming in the Rail…
"The govt have now been forced to admit they are keeping Gibb report secret until after
Southern rail: Seven facts about the dispute.
RMT National Union of Rail Maritime and Transpo : on Southern Rail response to union call for talks
Southern Rail commuters exploring alternative transport to London!
Transport for All voice support for Southern Rail judicial review:
I take back all my Southern Rail rants, even with them it never took me 1 1/2 hours to get home from work everyday. 😩🔫
Coburn gets off on Unions bashing using Southern Rail incompetent company milking profits providing sub standard service not strikes
I believe it does. Only desperate people would apply to work for such a company as Southern Rail. Prob is there are…
Southern Rail is the best performing train company in the UK
Brilliant piece by on the Southern Rail crisis. This situation is a national embarrassment.
Trains: For information, today's Southern Rail Crisis debate from Chequer Mead will be on both BBC1 South East & BBC1 London t…
TRAVEL: Southern Rail - industrial action disrupting their services again today.
"I'm not striking for more money, better conditions or shorter hours. I’m striking to protect passenger safety"
Week of misery for commuters starts today - 24 hour strike across the London Underground network and 3 days of strikes on Southern Rail
Turning to Southern Rail to get me to work on Monday... THANKS tube strike
Tube strike. Southern rail strike. Bus wanker it is then
Southern Rail and tube drivers on strike. So looking forward to this
Southern rail crisis: Grayling backs regulator described as 'shambles'
When you spend Southern Rail refund money on season tickets that will inevitability be refunded again
What Southern Rail say train drivers can see is nothing like reality, say Union
“We are worried that no guards means ticketless travel, vandalism, severe security threats, anti-social behaviour,…”
THE GOVERNMENT has hit out at transport unions responsible for organising Tube and railway strikes, insisting th...
Government hits out at Tube & rail strikes 'intent on causing maximum pain’ to commuters ^D…
ASLEF Driver lays it on the line: . "I work for Southern rail: . this is why I am striking".
Southern Rail's failed. We want to see Govia stripped of the Southern Rail franchise, and a publicly owned service.
Southern Rail strikes to bring fresh chaos next week with no service on three days - . ...
Southern Rail apparently cancel trains due to staff shortages. This is Barham mess room with available staff. Someone i…
Typical Europeans coming over here to steal the benefits of owning our railways - The Independent. The Independent…
London Underground strike kicks off week of tube, air and rail walkouts
Southern strike: GTR boss 'agrees to fresh talks': The boss of Southern rail and a…
In these Southern train strike times recommend playing the Southern Rail Fail game by the talented
Southern strike: Fresh talks set after TV debate: The boss of Southern rail and a union chief have agreed to h...
Majority of people want 'unfit' Southern Rail and other franchises to be renationalised
London Underground is poorly staffed and needs more staff... don't compare this to the pathetic Southern Rail strik…
Can't blame Southern Rail failures on privatisation. Militant left-wing unions.
No coincidence 3 companies subject to strikes: British Airways, Southern Rail & Post Office are over overmanaged by overpaid…
*dying with laughter*. HOW. "Southern Rail hit by delay... on road".
Here's some good for once. Claim a free pint of London Pride if you are affected by the Southern Rail strikes!
50 minutes to get from Putney Bridge to Edgware Road. You're the not Southern Rail!
British Airways, Royal Mail, Southern Rail - nothing but Christmas strikes. Wish the public would go on strike and NOT…
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Ian Hislop nails it on "Southern Rail have been utterly useless... it's a put up job to have a fight to get ri…
Don't blame unions for Southern Rail crisis - opening train doors is far more complicated than you think |
I've enjoyed the Southern Rail strike – it's turned Brighton station into Casablanca (via
Go-Ahead warns of Southern Rail strike impact.
Save electric this Christmas. Buy your kids a Southern Rail train set.
This week's strike update: Argos, British Airways, Southern Rail. Shall we just have done with it and call a general st…
With British Airways, Southern Rail, care in crisis etc, this is more than our winter of discontent. But hey, Theresa…
British Airways workers to go on strike. Just like Post Office & Southern Rail who face strikes, it was public company that…
Here at City Hall for today. Sadiq Khan opens with comments on Southern Rail, 'an embarrassment to London'.
The morning news headlines: Paddy Ashdown - Aleppo must not become another Srebrenica; Talks aimed at resolving Southern Rail strike to be …
Angry commuter is caught hurling abuse at Southern Rail train staff live on TV
Commuter caught hurling abuse at Southern Rail staff live on Good Morning Britain
Southern Rail services - even those which have had no guard for decades - are severely messed up today. Want to try an electric bike?
Huge Network | Southern rail services 'severely reduced' after strike
Southern rail services 'severely reduced' after strike
No Southern trains again today. Not meant to be a strike
As Southern Rail consultation closes, we have responded formally
How does the southern rail guy afford a jaguar when he's on strike like 90% of the year
🎅 Santa, can we have a fully running Southern Rail for Xmas..or is that make believe
yes. The commuters support the unions so why don't they also take action against southern rail.
yeah I know, just sick of southern rail is all!
I'm actually grateful I never had to rely on Southern Rail to commute. I thought Southwest trains were bad, but it's a luxury
Southern Rail makes rice and peas with garden peas
My response to the High Court’s ruling against GTR’s application for an injunction to stop ASLEF’s industrial action on…
Southern Rail train drivers' strike to go ahead next week after legal bid to halt it fails
The Guardian's urges 'commuter rebellion' re delays - with a shout-out to the St Albans protest on Mon
Time for rail travellers (including those on Scotrail?) to mount a long overdue peasants' revolt | Polly Toynbee
Sam this situation on southern rail is intolerable - something has to be done - innocent livers are being ruined
there is nothing 1st class about Southern rail except your failings ! Disgrace
Cancer sufferers in South East 'giving up treatment at London hospitals' over Southern Rail crisis - The Telegraph
BREAKING: High Court judge rules GTR/Southern rail does not have grounds to challenge drivers strike under European freed…
Desperate commuters, it’s time for a rebellion the government can’t ignore | Polly Toynbee
For Chris Grayling trains are always about ideology, not passengers | Christian Wolmar
NEWS: Southern Rail owners LOSE high court case to stop strikes by drivers
I love this call to arms by She's right, we are far too passive, inviting the thieves into our homes:
Southern Rail Disrupted due to strike action. Tickets via any reasonable route Please see or h…
"Ha! My genius plan to keep Southern Rail out of Labour's clutches has worked and now when people think of Southern Ra…
Southern rail bosses lose court bid to ban strikes—now workers must turn up the heat.
Latest warning from Southern Rail about reduced services (received yesterday evening):. "We are very sorry to let...
My message for every passenger affected by this week’s strikes on Southern rail
Should he be sacked over Southern, the TfL letter scandal and his obviously knee jerk decisions over…
My take on the hapless Chris Grayling and his letter writing. Ideology rules OK!
Latest warning of reduced services from Southern Rail. "We are very sorry to let you know that we expect services...
Why don't commuters on Southern Rail strike? Every single 1 should refuse 2 pay, and still use service. Can't stop every1 at rush hour.
Three-day strike hits Southern Rail: Commuters face more delays. via
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Southern Rail and Tube strikes: Everything you need to know via
It's every day now. Service is totally unreliable, being run into the ground just like Southern Rail
This cheap train station hot chocolate is the only thing keeping me from having a mental breakdown over southern rail
Turns out it's not just southern rail that are wankers 👍🏻
Virgin trains are so nice compared to southern rail. . I should come up north more often 🚂
Warning! Southern Rail appears to be running things today.
seriously, the only buses stopping here are the scheduled buses. Some of which say rail replacement, despite not being.
Southern Rail strikes: Travel chaos for thousands as walk-out continues into Bonfire Night - London Evening Standard
...sorry old thing, these cursed Southern Rail strikes mean I just can't be certain we'll meet again soon...
Southern rail strikes set for Christmas and New Year’s Eve | Sapsu News Portal:
BBC News - "Passengers know that Southern rail under GTR (Govia Thameslink Railway) is an unmitigated disaster ..."
the train was on the other platform but the sign didn't say that and someone asked the guy why and he just shrugged. bloODY SOUTHERN RAIL
just said on snapchat that i was on a replacement bus. waiting for the "blooDY SOUTHERN RAIL" comments
Top of The News: Great Australian Train Journeys with Great Southern Rail see more
Southern Rail can suck a fat one the massive ***
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Southern Rail can't even run a replacement bus service on time
The History of Southern Africa, by Train: Rhodes built rail lines north from Cape Town…
Southern rail strikers backed by marchers in Brighton -
Okay, so there's a strike, but upside...
The Man Who Lost Scotland still thinks he knows better than the Scottish. Obv. not a Southern Rail user.
Southern rail strikers backed by marchers in Brighton - BBC News - Protesters take to the streets of Brighton i...
London to Brighton car run. Old crocks are in town. Come and wave at the freezing cold participants. Cars more reliable than Southern Rail.
To everyone on a Southern train to's my letter to the rail minister about this week's shambles and what needs to…
Update: The Southern Rail Commission reiterated in September 2016 that the Gulf Coast Working Group will get a...
Train to circle CBD in new rail plan: A CIRCLE Line connecting Perth’s southern suburbs and a railway extension…
Union offers talks to resolve Southern rail crisis
There you go folks - the best way of keeping crowds under control isn't more police, it's Southern Rail strikes stopping people arriving!
This man was 17 when he caught a southern Rail train home last night
Southern Railway strike set to disrupt travel plans of thousands who will attend world's biggest party
- Southern Rail owner Go-Ahead Group expects annual profits to be on track despi...
Southern rail strikers backed by marchers in Brighton
don't get Southern Rail, we're South West Trains x
I.T. - Blokes: Stories of the Day; Southern rail strikers backed by marchers in… see more
the old southern rail operated with pride and respect. Now all that matters is profit.
Southern rail strikers backed by marchers in
Southern Rail wins contract to transport souls of the damned to *** - via
So sad I had to miss this year because of Southern rail 😢
on total chaos on Southern Rail and Gatwick Express last night
John Carpenter was ace, Southern Rail were not.
Chris Grayling is unavailable to comment on Southern Rail as he's giving his bank details to a Nigerian Prince who needs financial help.
Wouldn't go down well on Southern Rail just now methinks.
Norman Baker: Chris Grayling should strip Southern Rail of its catastrophic franchise
It seems that compromise, like competence and contingency, aren't in the Southern Rail dictionary. I think someone stole the C-section.
Not Interested in UKIP, Southern Rail, Junior Doctors, Melvin Odoom, Theresa May or Hurricane why are they hogging my timeline?
It's Southern Rail v Head v Virgin v Aston Villa for who's made the biggest corporate *** of themselves on social media this week
Wow. Southern Rail fails to tackle union, so southern England has no rail service for months. . And they get awards!.
The real reasons why Southern Rail went wrong
Henry Smith MP secures public meeting with Govia Thameslink Railway, the operator of Southern Rail: 25th August 7pm.
have a read of this Top article on Southern Rail trains would run, and be on time!
Southern Rail strike travel disruption: Everything you need to know
David Boyle’s very interesting blog on what exactly is going on with Southern Rail.
Hundreds of thousands of rail passengers face a week of chaos as a 5 day strike on rail begins
Southern Rail: Conductors to go on five-day strike after talks break down
Southern rail strike: what does it mean for the future of Britain's railways?
Southern Rail 5-day strike via not one comment fr passenger in article always forgotten most effected
Southern Rail commuters face the longest strike in 50 years starting today 
Commuters set for travel chaos as Southern Rail begins longest strike in 50 years
| Southern Rail strike to cause travel chaos as workers stage walkout over conductor…
Local paper mocks over failures via
Southern Rail passengers face chaos - as ministers attack union leaders over longest ...
Southern rail continue their quest as 'Pillocks of the year'...what a total farce
Southern rail passengers face week of disruption because of RMT strike j9
Southern rail five-day strike set to cause travel chaos for commuters
Local paper mocks government over Southern Rail failures via
(BBC News):rail strike: Five-day walkout begins : Commuters across London and..
New post: ". More travel chaos for Southern Rail commuters as they face the longest strike in 50 years starting to…
Southern Rail strike looms after talks fail - Conductors set to walk out from early hours of Monday
Southern rail strike ahead ... what alternative transport will you be using to get to work???
Southern Rail commuter fined after her parking ticket faded in the sun | Daily Mail Online!
I've written a column on the triumph of Southern Rail, to pass the time if you're stuck on a Southern Rail train
Elements confirmed as hating Southern Rail: Water, Earth, now Fire. Wind can't be far behind.
Southern Rail services are an insult to Londoners. I'm calling on the Government to take action and fix this mess
WATCH: Sadiq Khan says he wants TfL running Southern Rail as soon as possible
when will Southern Rail be able to advise if services are resumed between east grinstead and London Bridge.
Government should consider stripping Govia Thameslink Railway of franchise over Southern Rail fiasco https…
Link from Southern Rail to National Rail Enquiries doesn't work. A bit like Southern Rail really!
Major disruption to Southern Rail services due to power failure at Clapham Junction
Southern Rail bosses must take responsibility for this chaos and stop blaming their staff and unions. via
Southern Rail ( GTR) do not have a franchise. They operate the trains forDepartment of Transport as an operating contractor DFT in command.
Is anyone able to explain to me why Phil Green and Mike Ashley have to Commons inquiry but Southern Rail is protected by Claire Perry? 1/2
2 trains cancelled in a row at this time of morning? Have a laugh southern rail
Good news! The Southern Rail timetable has been shortlisted for the Booker prize for fictional literature.
Who would of thought southern rail would of cancelled my trains AGAIN
Tonight I'll attempt to get to The Oval in as quick as possible time after work, however I fear that Southern Rail may screw me over.
Southern rail are having a laugh!! Radiators on full blast on the train this morning 😳☀️
Southern Rail are at it again canceling trains due to lack of staff.
Southern Rail are an incompetent bunch of money-grabbers. . But, at least your commute isn't this bad:
The performance of southern rail continues to be a complete disgrace. Every day this week my train has been late. # southern rail
swear everyday I look at the southern rail app there are delays and cancellations, actually ridiculous
Southern says sorry for 'not particularly good' rail service: After months of frustration over delayed and ca...
Tory MP crying out for a halt in southern rail madness
Southern Rail are a different beast. Horrendous. If I rant on here then I don't take it home. which is good. :)
Petition: Remove the franchise for Southern Rail from Govia Thameslink.
she is doing a rubbish job. I'm calling for her to resign over the Southern Rail shambles.
Received this letter from the Transport Secretary regarding ongoing rail disruption on Southern and Thameslink.
Hi Maria, maybe one of the Sussex MPs can raise Southern rail at PMQ?
it shouldn't be but when Southern Rail are involved it inevitably will be
Southern Rail.Southern *** more like! Both trains cancelled again tonight.
My letter to CEO explaining how I feel about this terrible rail service.
I think this disease spreading through Southern Rail Staff could be a major concern -
Another frustrating meeting with Southern Rail today, who continue to promise improvement for commuters with...
Be aware that a Southern Rail ticket only really entitles you to stand on a platform, we don't really have any way of…
Southern Rail commuters braced for rush hour chaos
Not such a good meeting with Southern Rail. urged them to resolve dispute with unions to end delays and cancellations. Meeting minister next
This couple were teenagers when they got on a Southern Rail service last night
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
So glad has cancelled my train AGAIN. I just love hanging out at London Bridge rail station on my own
can you advise what's going on with Southern Rail service even worse than normal at moment it needs addressing
"southern rail are running the service into the ground." Staff quote .BHS method of theft?
Don't know who's more useless, Southern Rail or Student Finance
My guitarist husband has just told me he's making a delay pedal.he's gonna call it 'southern rail' 😂😂😂
RAIL ALERT: Delays after cow spotted on tracks: Southern Rail is warning passengers of delays after cattle we...
I think Southern Rail has put paid to my plans of a drink at Lords tonight.
Sounds just like Southern Rail, and you are in Southern Germany.
Southern Rail up to usual standard, David stuck at Haywards Heath - no driver - nobody to split the Train
Man loses case against Southern Rail train service after 'continuous delays'
Forget cancer. Southern Rail have found an even more effective way to scare the British commuter out of smoking.
It's quicker for Tim Peake to go to space, than it is to get home on Southern Rail.
Southern Rail must surely be an organisation created by a madman dedicated to driving the British commuting public insane.
Travellers on the Southern Rail and South West Trains networks face problems this morning but commuters claim the weather isn't bad e...
third day of huge delays (i.e. even worse than your usual puppetry). Thank you for putting the F into Southern Rail
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
the third evening in a row that Southern Rail have managed to ruin for me, appalling service.
I'm learning front end development, I like Star Wars and I had a 2.5 hour commute home (thanks to Southern Rail) and…
2hrs from Lewes to Clapham Junction.Southern Rail on fire,yet again
spot on! Are you sat in the Southern Rail command centre?
Playing a show in Carrboro, NC at 7:00 PM today at The Station at Southern Rail
Places to be, people to see. Once again I will be late thanks to Southern Rail 👏🏻👏🏻
Massive congratulations to southern staff at LEWES on their wonderful win at the National Rail Awards!!!
Southern Rail are disastrous. Delays upon delays upon delays. Shocking. Ironic that the train has had to stop again as I write this message
Southern rail are proud to announce their support for the nabimia national rugby team. Winners stick together... Bloody sweepstake
is here! And if the Southern Rail uniforms don't get a big fashion shout out, there's going to be some trouble
Young Southern Boobook in Port Melbourne light rail reserve right now!
Arizona Restaurant Week begins TOMORROW! Come on down to Beckett's Table and Southern Rail for some delicious...
Salta Properties’ port concept popular as Sydney steals a march on southern rival.
In a taxi provided by Southern Rail with a bunch of drunk *** I literally want to cry for days.
A new plan may finally make XpressWest a reality for Southern Nevada. .
getting bored of southern rail, their never ending delays and raping of my purse..NEED to get driving
Oh Southern Rail. Cancelling the train I'm on at the stop before mine due to 'lack of staff' is just excellent 🍆
Yesterday you unfairly treated me like a criminal, I wrote a post about it here:
Absolute hero of a train driver slagging off the "new babies" Thameslink for delaying this Southern Rail service every day
Thank you southern rail for fine ing me £40 ///now I am broke. YOU LOVELY PPL
I have just got off the phone to them. They told me southern rail are holding it.Are you not southern rail?
Laura Mohr joins HNTB as rail and transit group director for Southern California
customer service at Balham National Rail is not acceptable - no announcements or messages on trains re suspended tube line
That one Southern Rail carriage that announces the coach numbers like a dalek
Them southern rail job advertisements on the train are pathetic.
Dakota Southern selected to lease Napa-Platte rail line: PIERRE—Ending what had become a 10-year stalemate, the…
"One line. Infinite Possibilities" Take it down a notch Norfolk Southern, you're a rail transport company not the intro to Sliders
Just in time for :-). A light rail station is underneath the southern terminus of
nope! Hoping for a southern rail provided cab from Littlehampton - Worthing!! 😔
The guys at Southern Rail are SO AWESOME! They've just donated THREE $25 Gift Cards as prizes! Make sure to Crawl...
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
The last line should be "So why are you sitting on Southern Rail?"
Southern rail are as useful as Chelsea's defence ATM
Southern Rail up to their usual tricks - station hopping so I can't get off at Coulsdon South
Will continue to push Transport Committee for individual inquiry into Southern Rail. via
Transport Committee responds to my Southern Rail inquiry request. Campaign continues. via
Kensington (Olympia) is right opposite us! Jump on the London Overground or Southern Rail to get there.
Dropped down a ton of cobble, walls, torches, and rail along the southern roads for the road builders /cc
1933 Rule book for Great Southern Rail signal staff and drivers
# He cancel metro rail project,imprison southern govs,flog ppl on d street in d name of waI,but u can see Idiagbon was d man
How would you love "Let the World go bye" on Luxury Rail Safari? . Click Need to know more ASK me Adrian "Contact Us"
A few services running Southern, SE and Chiltern trains No national rail today and click on train icon ps
Los Angeles by light rail: how to get around Southern Cal by choosing to go car-free | –
Started today in southern Illinois with in-laws. Ran me out on a rail. About to leave the train in Chi-town. Strapped & ready for my family.
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all our friends & loyal guests. Southern Rail & Beckett's Table will be...
Just been scrolling through December's battle with Southern Rail - absolutely hilarious, you grumpy old bugger 😂
remember Martin on the southern rail, just thought of it and it made me laugh😂😂
Trying not to get passive aggressive and condescending with Southern Rail right now, but seriously?! Your service currently ***
Either I'm in a Black Mirror Christmas special or have been stranded in Eastbourne by Southern Rail
Train has broken down.. And there's no toilet on here.. Guess what that means southern rail...
Holiday Express. Southern Pacific restored by the Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation. photo from Flickr by N...
Norfolk Southern Railway plans to abandon 1.3 miles of rail line in 44647 zip code of western Stark County on Jan. 6, 2015.
Will Southern Rail accept my ticket? Need to get all the way to Brighton so will have to change to one of their trains at some point.
So Looks like the Arun Local Plan is a *** up. WSCC, Southern Water, Env Agency & Network Rail not happy.
merry Xmas Southern rail. What you saying about the trains from Brighton to LDN VIC today?
as its the season of goodwill I forgive you . At least you are not southern rail
Yiwu – World’s largest wholesale market of small goods, connected to Europe by rail:
rail UK 23:01 (now 23:06) London Victoria to Sutton. Need to get last train from Sutton to Banstead.
Trivia Notification: Southern Rail @ Weekly from 8pm to 9:30pm on Tuesday (Trivia in the Triangle (Chapel Hill)) (
first of all its we're. Secondly. Southern rail were a lot more helpful. The truth hurts ;)
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