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Southern California

Southern California (SoCal) is a megaregion, or megapolitan area, in the southern area of the U.S. state of California.

Kathy Bates San Diego Northern California Silicon Valley Southern California Edison

Exactly WHAT does a Priest of the Diocese of At Augustine in Florida KNOW about ministering to Southern California?!!!
Photoset: The last stop on our quick trip to Southern California was the San Diego Zoo Safari Park...
one of the victims was from my City in Southern California and worked in the school district :-(
It's been getting chillier a lot earlier than normal here in Southern California... ❄️
Kaiser Permanente, Target opening 31 more in-store clinics in southern California |…
Buildings and the courtyard of the Southern Branch of the University of California, Los…
Fun Facts:. There is a real place in Northern California called Little Norway and a Danish village called Solvang in Southern California.
Hey any chance you need an opener for your southern California tour dates?
We are Carpenters. There were 6000 shops in Southern California b4 the crash 08. Only 600 are left.
I can’t move out of Southern California ever because Disneyland
Hello Kitty and her friends are embarking on a new adventure this fall in Southern California.
is an in-depth exploration of Latin American & Latino art with 70+ exhibitions across Southern California.
Can't wait till my girl gets to Southern California since am in need of a friend to hang with it will be fun times 😁
The seismic activity in Southern California is showing signs of increasing again this week.
Z-Man was well known in Southern California, growing up in the area & spending much of his youth hanging out with...
Southern experiencing numerous 2.6 to 2.9 earthquakes
You will be able to hear me in Southern California!
I'm looking for a roommate in southern California! anywhere in the city, not the high & low deserts ✌ hmu if I seem cool en…
I just entered to win an awesome Southern California vacation, including park tickets!
Live a vibrant life just a short walk from the
Surprising that Southern California doesn't produce more ecoterrorists
At the Miss Greater Southern California Pageant, celebrating Pageantry at its best! . How much do I love these...
You know you want to read the rest 👉 A Southern Renaissance – Pleasure Faire 2017…
Almost a year removed from when I wrote this feature on high school athletes kneeling during the National Anthem
"Local, state and federal agencies were investigating a male music teacher who visited schools in Southern...
Help reinvigorate our Southern California chapter! Get involved! Lots to do! https…
Mosin Nagants are good rifles for trench warfare, a thing that will defi…
Ready to retire? We have two lovely 55+ communities in Southern California!
plan to be LA's team: tank, draft Darnold, win southern California's heart. Am I close?
That was in Southern California! My mom was like, "UH. SHE IS A US CITIZEN. GUAM IS A US TERRITORY."
Victories come at a premium in the upper echelon of the National Division of the Southern California Football...
Far North California and Southern Oregon are pretty much GOP-Land - but our PBS and NPR Stations are very popular, and very essential.
I'm here listening all the way from Southern California!! So excited for our U.K. ARM…
Here in Far North California / Southern Oregon we have an NPR station called, 'Jefferson Public Radio', for the 'State Of Jefferson'...
You know you live in Southern California, home of Americanized Mexican food.gotta love some cilantro!!!
A fire in Southern California, has spread more than 1,700 acres and prompted mandatory evacuations, officials say
Puerto Rico is under water Puerto Rico is under water. Southern California is on fire Southern Cal…
Surfing dogs hit the water in Southern California via
Surfing dogs hit the water in Southern California
Junior Kevin Dayan moved from Sao Paulo, Brazil, to Southern California to play water polo.
I grew up in the imperial Valley in Southern California. We didn't get dismissed early wh…
California, eh? (Swimming Pool Association of Southern California's 1963 "pool of the year")
Autumn is here (sort of in southern California.) Now the heats gone, time to dress up & wear jewelry! OOAK Inique!…
It’s weird that he and Marqise Lee are on the same team. They’re from different eras of Southern California football.
Why do people go to that awful campus? Why go to California at all? Do you hate nice places?
Congratulations to our Explorers who placed in 7 separate events, and placed 2nd overall in the Southern California…
Come and Learn the power of wisdom especially if your an entrepreneur..
Somewhere in Southern California, Darnold and Rosen and letting off a huge sigh of relief
They say it never rains in southern and today is proof of that! This is a snapshot of Anaheim early thi…
to cus it's listed as The 13 Places You Should Go In Southern California In 2017
I live in southern California and it's not even 80° here today. It's close to 90° in foxborough though, weather is weird.
Aweee someone got me a cupcake @ Great Wolf Lodge Southern California
San Simeon Elephant Seals Southern California wildlife was the highlight of our amazing California  Road Trip. We
Didn't even know BY was a thing outside of Southern California
.1/5/14. ➖➖➖. radiation is in SoCal soil,desert,seaweed.
Looks like police were justified. Southern California is full of losers like this.
A tornado flew around my room before you came. Excuse the mess it made, it usually doesn't rain in. Southern California, much like Arizona
Oh, as a side note: Every single driver's license in Southern California should be revoked. Y'all be crazy and vicious.…
Just when I started getting excited about fall, Southern California decided to 💩 on my delight and heat up. Temps in the 90s all week 😐
It's a sunny day in Southern California ☀️
25 great white sharks spotted off Southern California coast by via
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Disc Dogs in Southern California is here at the Wiggle Waggle Walk
A southern raise racist living n making money in a progressive Great State of California is an expert…
This big Earthquake coming to Southern California makes me nervous.
The LATIMES will take care of Southern California, the NYTIMES should mind thier on business, and report on NYC
Reason why I hate Southern California Passive-aggressive neighbor throws lemons from her lemon tree into our yard as rev…
Anthony was a key player in the Southern California Seismic Network operations and special earthquake reports team https:…
Orange - OSP Engineer III - We specialize in staffing the best a...
Some TV viewers in southern California startled after an apocalyptic emergency alert flashes on their screens.
Why Southern California gets to see the Giants play every week is beyond me 🚮
PT's Chief Economist and Vice President of Business Intelligence, Selma Hepp, dives into the current real estate...
Good luck today, Most, if not ALL of Southern California, is with you today!
Did you know the Orange Empire Railway Museum has been preserving the Southern California's railway history since 1…
Los Angeles (CA) Times: Southern California home prices jump again. Lots of residents worry about affordability
MapR is looking for: Territory Sales Director - Southern California.
Getting the Best Garage Door Services in Southern California with Insta Garage Doors of Riverside County…
Hehehe... I'm thinking Southern California right about now...😉 @ Ohio
Bowl projections: Southern California replaces Ohio State in Playoff after...
6.2 earthquake is likely in Southern California during the next 36 hrs - most likely to hit NW Los Angeles -
Southern California freeway to be named for Obama - SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — State lawmakers in California hav...
Calling all my (that's like most of Southern California right)... what do y'all think?
First of all, this is a result of global warming. There has been ongoing desertification (google that) in Southern Cali…
Florida and southern California when the rest of us are talking about fall weather
just another day of loving life sunny Southern California. thank God the heat waves over.
Welcome to Southern California where the wheather changes faster than my mood
The current system cannot continue if we are to have a republic. It is unsustainable.…
I'm in California. If LA gets hit the standing family order is, keep driving to destination in southern Arizona.
I haven't seen this in other parts of the world. Is it uniquely Southern California? Is it a problem? 7/
Recent public cases: Southern California Edison, University of California and Disney p…
See our latest CA job and click to apply: Field Sales Support Associate - Southern California and Hawaii -
Three SoCal residents were confirmed as the state's first deaths this year due to West Nile virus.
Southern California is essentially a desert, coastal Texas is essentially a swamp. We'…
Here are the rain totals across Southern California through 530 PM.
Was just in Southern California, at Disney in fact, and something struck me - the surprising number of older service workers. 2/
I don't think anyone knows that Southern California natural cycle involves brush fires
Find a roundup of flash flood warnings and watches across the Southland here:
Harvey will cost Southern California at the pump and 4 other ways
On the parade route with many different labor unions from all over Southern California we're here with the fighting…
In at least one southern California show...maybe more?! Rumor has it he has a car now!
Doing something about transportation in Southern California at Mobility 21 Summit
Jimboy's to open 20 locations in Southern California.
STRONG THUNDERSTORMS rushing in to the Southern California area!. Weather Report/Radar shows Storms…
Looks like we are done with the triple digits for now back to regular weather for Southern California
Shout out to the fire depts across Southern California that helped us battle the Burbank thanks you!
Why have I wasted so much time living in places that aren't Southern California
Thinking of friends and family in Southern California. Accursed Santa Anas. 🔥
67 Arrests in Crackdown of Inland Empire Gangs Linked to Mexican Mafia | NBC Southern California via
I see some football games being cancelled around Southern California, if you see one in the Inland Empire please let us know, thank you! 😎
Two severe thunderstorm warnings and a flash flooding warning in effect for the Inland Empire of Southern California.
With record heat hitting Southern California, stay in the know on West Nile virus in your area. INFO→…
Palo Alto Networks is looking for: Major Accounts Manager - Southern California.
You need to see this massive art series in Southern California:
Record-breaking heat will persist across Southern California today, with San Bernardino temperatures up to 18...
The rent check hurts in Southern California.
Southern California to be under the broiler this week; heat wave could set records - The Pasadena Star-News
It's a Hall and Oates, Morgan Fairchild, cruising your red 560SL with the top down kind of Southern California day
Scripps Women's College in Southern California recruiting visit to Tempe Prep this Tuesday! Sign…
Kathy Bates stars as the owner of a Southern California pot dispensary in series that…
98 thats not hot i was born in Southern California and my moms from Arizona thats nothing lol
Climate change will affect people and businesses in What can we do to prepare?
Small industrial properties in Southern California have outperformed their office counterparts in the battle for inv…
Here’s where SoCal Assembly members stand on the state bill via
🌟🌟🌟Join us in celebrating our 5th anniversary of Southern California's most premier Oriental dance training event...
Hey So*Cal! Wanna go party with & their friends at Enter our a for a chance: https:…
It appears a group on the University of Southern California is worried that their mascot,horse has a similar name...
Varsity Times Insider: The latest sports news from Southern California's high school teams.
If you go to Southern California bro on everything roscoes got the best waffles
Y'all listen. that was top ten hottest strangers I've ever seen. And I live in Southern California
I'm in Southern California this weekend ... any brews I should look out for?
Describes southern California. Mansions sorrounded by hills. In tjose hills are squatter camps of illegal Mexicans.
Simulation of a major quake on the San Andreas fault, showing ground shaking throughout Southern California.
Ve There were two earthquakes on the San Andreas‼️
pasta trio with chef Celestino Drago Downtown LA one of the best restaurants in all of Southern California…
Hot Motor Vehicle Deaths a Danger in Southern California: Throughout the year in southern California — and…
Researchers at and of Southern California study ways to make plants
IKR they live in southern california the most sjw place in the states
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Southern California restauranteur & Chef Bruce Marder couldn't wait to taste BBQ Hero ribs at our annual Chefs
Less than 1 hour until a launch from Vandenberg AFB in southern California with landing attempt ~11 minutes…
Please have a Southern California show soon. I would love to see you!
California has many more than pictured in the southern region on the red side.
I never been to Northern California, but I love Southern California…
About how long does something take to ship to Southern California?
I challenge you to leave your comfort zone and break 80 in Southern California.
Another beautiful day in southern California!
They no rain in Southern California!!! 😂🤣 dry as ***
I think you could easily end that sentence with, how could anyone in southern California be grumpy? . It's cold up here.
Check out these spy shots of the upcoming three-row Lexus RX, including some interior photos!
well LA is one of the most expensive places to live so there's that😂 never have I been to a place I lik…
A train going from west to east across the desert of southern California transporting goods along its route.
A massive wind farm in southern California is the largest that i have ever seen, literally hundreds of windmills.
Who says it never rains in southern California..starting my off right in sum new booty if u enjoy good sex ht…
Flying into Southern California? Let us show you how we can exceed your expectations.
Above the clouds this morning! We're gearing up for the next heatwave in Southern California. Get ready with https:…
Hiking in Southern California on the South Fork Hike - San Gorgonio Peak
Where to hike in Southern California - San Gorgonio
Southern California hiker dies after she's hit by boulder - The San Luis Obispo Tribune
Depends entirely on the lake. Lake Perris in Southern California is notoriously nasty or at least it was when I was a kid. 💩
today to say i am blowing this racist stuff out of proportion. Think about walking down Crenshaw Boulevard in Southern California with a
What Kamala Harris, LAPD and Islamic Center of Southern California have done to me. Please share and donate
What a great shot of the Vincent Thomas Bridge in Southern California. Anyone California Dreamin' tonight?. Follow ……
Oh, right, forgot there is no mass surveillance, especially not in Southern California. It just never rains there 😉.
Marine Corps considers opening up combat training in Southern California to women:
Planning a road trip to Southern California? Check out our fun adventure in the CX-9!. ad
Nick Leichliter served as a Volunteer in Namibia and is now a recruiter in Southern California.…
Lightning has already struck 2,100 times in Southern California this wee.. Related Articles:
Southern California always has cannamazing events for YOU to enjoy! Bring a friend!
Preview of My next song is Detroit/California inspired with a southern touch to it 🔥😅💯
I'd be happy with that but I don't think Southern California and Silicon Valley would let that happ…
UNFAIR!. as ASSURED me that the world's best waffles are in Southern Ca…
Startups nemen de volgende stap Flexport to open first warehouse in Southern California via
New affordable listing in Southern California for ages 55 and better! Check it out!
I'll be in Southern California for a few weeks and I'm taking meetings, preferably by the beach
Do immigrants need to know English?. Nearly half of LA county's citizens speak a language other than English
Not since Aikman and Peete have two such talented QBs vied for Southern California supremacy.
Might have a fun gig for any social/digital experts looking to work into American soccer and based in Southern California…
Woow! I was in southern California in 2009 when the biggest fire was going on, it wa…
They believe they’re the chosen people, whites are the devil & women must be subservient. Meet the Sicarii:…
Unbearable heat and smoke haze. It's like you're in southern california! :P
What's behind Southern California's rain and thunderstorms?
Yesterday it was raining and today it feels like I'm baking in the oven - *** is Southern California weather
Ok that's cute but you don't have any Southern California location so your queso is basically nonexistent to me
Flash Flood Warning for... Southeastern San Bernardino County in southern California... * Until noon PDT
I only see a portion of Southern California. Where is the rest of the state?
The massive art series in Southern California you need to see.
Our PBX A/T tires exploring on the Gold Mountain trail in Southern California. .
Local Oregon News: Triple digit heatwave! Smoke from wildfires choking the city!. Me: Just another summer day in Southern California. 😑
Wouldn't it be nice to live in one of the most beautiful places in Southern
Looking for this Mark your calendar with this guide from
Good morning from Enjoy our Southern California sunshine with us! Thank you to IG ✨ tamtajomardid…
Br, it's chilly in Denver! Cat-thryn had to put on her hoodie, this southern California kitty…
Southern California is routinely screwed by interests in Sacramento. They put up with it cause they need the water.
Inside of me to somewhat habitable order. Hope to see you speak in Southern California if that eve…
Please check out my awesome friends play !!! Best band ever from Southern California-Orange County !! You won't be…
WHOA!!😮. There were some thunderstorms in southern Wednesday night that put on quite an impressive ⚡️ lightni…
Trilogy Financial is a proud sponsor of the Southern California Seahorses Soccer team. Good Luck in the playoffs!
Looking to get pictures taken in Southern California? Shari Hanson Photography is having an amazing special for...
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Our family owns 5 homes and businesses in Southern California and have roots in the area ba…
Huntington Beach raccoon rescued by Southern California Edison workers
I'm up near the Canadian border. It feels like summer in Southern California when I was a kid in the 80s. C…
Advocacy groups challenging this California state housing rule say it uproots farmworkers' children from schools
We are excited to announce that we are working on a promo with ! Footage will be from 🇺🇸 🎥
Ever heard of Mount San Gorgonio? It’s the highest peak in standing at how many feet?
ICYMI: mod turns the game into a near-photorealistic recreation of Southern California. This is amazing stuff: http…
We really do not appreciate humidity in Southern California.
101 Fun Things to do in Southern via ->
California has a bigger GDP than all southern conservative red state *** hole…
These Southern California heat waves are wild
A straight legal Citizen guy in Southern California does not get hired
Back to work? Southern California employs on illegal Mexicans & ***
if you have him back, ask what Southern California would do when we keep al…
Best runs in Southern California at our gym. Kobe, Kawhi, Aldridge, Tyus Jones, Devin Booker, Tony Gonzalez, Miles…
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
A small town in Southern California, just outside San Bernadino. Lol.
Canadians and Europeans in Southern California? A few for holidays at the hotels and…
I fr went from Southern California to living in Southern Georgia. . It's hot 😂
Droning on about why we are living it up in Southern California
Though living in Southern California, it does not look like this 😂
Spreading the word about local and global sustainable living initiatives at university in Southern California. Joi…
I love and hate living in Southern California. This weather we're having is so weird. 😭
There's one person happy about the fact that it is raining in Southern California. And that person is
Abc news headlines – Search resumes for Southern California couple who went missing at…
Search suspended for Southern California couple who went missing at Joshua Tree National Park, rescuers say…
This might be the perfect time to sell your Southern California home, as sales continue to rise. h…
University of Southern California head coach Clay Helton says the school decided against welcoming back O.J. Simpson
Seattle (WA) Times: 3 killed in wrong-way crash on Southern California freeway
As a resident of Southern California, . I want to inform all those who may not be aware, there is NO such thing as the Catalina Wine Mixer.
If you live in Southern California it's located at . 21516 Golden Triangle Rd. Santa Clarita, CA 91350. United States…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Did you know there are in Southern California? They also navigate using stars like the ones in Africa. https:/…
Met a short girl in Southern California. I guess you could call her Ma-lil-bu
3.1 in Southern California, users download the Earthquake app for more information,
For real, I need Southern California to cool it. It's been way too hot for too long.
Southern California friends: I'm still booking appointments for headshots and portraits this weekend. Let me know if you'd like to schedule!
Shark sightings are up in Southern California. "Sharks and the City: LA" explores WHY. Starting NOW on for
The immigrant community commits very little crime overall and you know it. I live in Southern California.
Are you aware of the long history of immigrants in southern California ? Alll uva sudden
So in A school, i would *** off all my southern friends by telling them i was from the south bc southern california is in the south.
Southern California sees strong home sales and sales prices in June via
Check last news. Southern California tech grows, even in Silicon Valley's shadow
New print for sale – this superb 1920 relief map of the Pacific Electric Railway in Southern California!…
Coach Inland Empire Southern California. You're old team mate Kyle Turley is the OL coa…
I'm extremely excited and lucky to be able to further my education and baseball career at the University of Southern Califo…
Southern California man arrested for smuggling cobras in potato chip cans
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Excited to have this linebacker from Southern California on campus!
I am saying that any city in Southern California will be okay with me
Home prices in parts of Southern California are at record highs — and keep rising
Shortage of ag workers in southern California forcing farmers to leave entire fields to rot. Watch https:/…
In many corners of Southern California, home prices have hit record highs. And they keep going up. htt…
Check out what we're doing at Millikan!
I live in Southern California what stars.
FBI and LAPD offer warning about kidnapping scam that targeted hundreds in Southern California https:/…
ServiceNow is looking for: Regional Sales Director, Commercial - Southern California.
Never have I ever been more excited to be a resident of Southern California 🌮💞.
Salvation Mountain, located in the lower desert of Southern California, is Leonard Knight’s…
I love living in Southern California and being f'ing sunburnt all the time
An outdoor play space is the warm-weather antidote to a messy house. Here’s how one Southern California famil...
Pinned to Instagram on The perfect plant for Southern California living.
The perfect plant for Southern California living.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Wish you were playing at the Orange County Fair in Southern California!
4 Southern California journalists fell to cancer in recent weeks – Orange County Register
When will it start cooling down in Southern California?
It's so dang hot here in southern california I gotta change my underwear practically every day
can you please open a store in Southern California?.thanks 💖
Blessèd be forthright preserver, impetus, and catalyst for certain Very Southern California musickes.
Believe it or not, Southern California where we're used to single digit humidity. Anything over 25% is drippy!
Dangerous waves from Hurricane Eugene will threaten California’s southern coast through midweek:
So apparently yesterday was the hottest day in Southern California in the past 100 years, and I was wearing a Supreme hoodie during it. DOPE
Maybe I should expand my job search to include Southern California as well. Hmmm...
That's a wrap on me tonight. Far too hot in Southern California! Best to All, D.
Ongoing series. Two boys. Southern California. By me and
[July 10, 1962] Fly to Or, if you live in Southern California, just drive...
Hopi Priest at the Pueblo of Walpi, Arizona, 1898. ⊕ Courtesy University of Southern California.
At any time, somewhere in Southern California, a song from No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom MUST be playing. It's the law
Thousands of cows dying as heatwave bakes Southern California | SOTN: Alternative News & Commentary
It's been a hot couple of days in Southern California!. This bear decided he needed to cool off, pronto:
Royal Tern bathing, Mission Bay, San Diego photographed in between storms last winter. htt…
The fate of 100K wild horses & burros in the West may be determined by this Republican from Southern California https:/…
Southern California is in the grip of a blistering heat wave with temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit
Southern California wildfires blossom as the new GOES-16 satellite watches the action from space - ImaGeo
yeah I see you when you get here sweetie love you yeah it never rains in southern California
Thank you. I'm in southern California so there is no snow, so we can start spring gardening early.
These are the great white shark hot spots along the Southern California coast.
Tonight we live aodmondaysla. it never rains in Southern California my *** .. PULL UP !!!…
Any grocery store in Southern California that doesn't have cilantro needs to get it together ? Like hello?
Rip currents, waves lead to hundreds of rescues in Southern California beaches
Southern California billionaire Thomas J. Barrack is the mastermind behind the scheme, founding a company five... https…
Expand the study to examine abandoned oil wells. Tens of thousands in Southern California still venting.
Changing The World From Here, Southern California edition. Talking to new students about getting…
Little Giant Ladders
Hearing from San Diego that Dean Spanos should have been included. How about a Southern California bad owner special?
Welcome to Monday. Is it hot where you are? Sure is hot here in Southern California!. It's a new work week (for...
Southern California coyote attacks from August 2012 to August 2016 – Orange County Register
Orange County Real Estate News! As investor demand for apartments rises, so do rents in Southern California
New post (A Top Christian College in Southern California – Azusa Pacific University ...) has been published on -…
In the California region, Bakersfield is considered a territory of Southern California.
Point Dume: "The zit on the nose of Southern California" ™ @ Point Dume
The relaxed vibe of this Southern California wedding has us completely captivated!.
They have these in Southern California too! I touched one in San Diego not knowing what it was!
Not in Southern California. Close to $4.00 a gallon here in San Diego.
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