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Southern California

Southern California (SoCal) is a megaregion, or megapolitan area, in the southern area of the U.S. state of California.

University of Southern California South Carolina Los Angeles Orange County Chula Vista

She was convicted in the 1969 slayings of actress Sharon Tate and four other people in Southern California.
LA Considers Paving the Way for Rodeo Road to Become Obama Boulevard | NBC Southern California via
With major fault lines running through Southern California, it’s important to be proactive about earthquake safety:…
How's this for the view before morning practice or class? Ventura is the destination city in Southern California!…
"Scientists at the University of Southern California say the discovery could be particularly beneficial for...
Live from Southern California, it's the Jim Rome show on premier radio networks…
NORMS Restaurant on Norms is the last great coffee shop in Southern California. 24 hours- perfect for the l…
Southern California on smog alert - “Warnings of a ‘summertime smog season’ have been made by air quality offic...
Reflecting on this time in my life made me realize that I hate the sun and I do not belong in Southern California
If you live in Southern California, you know that earthquakes pose a very real threat:
"Southern California at it’s finest." Thousand Oaks' own Sycamore Canyon made the list of the five best running trails in…
• Ride • Our out in the wild on Southern California's Ortega Highway.
St. Joseph Hospital is proud to be the first hospital in Southern California and the third in the United States... http…
After visiting The Huntington in San Marino, I am reminded that Dr. Seuss resided in Southern California. I think I…
(FS Investigator training) # 33 ... University (UK), the Southern California Safety Institute (SCSI) and University of Southern California.
2.2 in Southern California, users download the Earthquake app for more information,   10% Off
Science fiction no more: Robots bring your food at new Southern California restaurant - The Pasadena Star-News
Junior Gina Yang will be attending the Resident Honors Program at the University of Southern California next year.…
Jordan Blair, Southern California ’07, was recognized as the 2016 Sacramento Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 class.
I am blessed to say I have committed to my Dream school The University of Southern California blessed to be a Trojan F…
It is 67 degrees in sunny southern California. What say barbeque and the beginning of summer?
Coffee on the move. Lucky for small, southern producers, costs are high | Your Coffee Is From Where? California?
Lucky you Southern California went from sunny to overcast just like that...
A Southern California firm also struck with the scientists then, backed after the 1983 transistor state loan meltdown.
Yo, 💚 I miss you, and you should come headline in Southern California, please🙋🏻
We're no stranger to the rigours of xeriscaping in Southern California. These ornamental herbs help boost serious...
You could not ask or dream for a more exciting day of horseracing in southern California!
Ah 2 Live Crew...reminds me if high school in Southern California.
Right now this typo exits on countless freeway traffic signs throughout Los Angeles / Southern California…
agents arrest nearly 200 in Southern California. via
Out for a hike with the dog above the Southern California sprawl.
Slide thru tha if you n Southern California or 4 da hook up dis weekend…
Legend says he was an explorer. All voyaging around Southern California, straight up naming roads after himself.
Southern California is enjoying a wildflower "super bloom" after years of extreme drought
The Jacarandas are blooming in Southern California and at John Lyman Photos * Giant wall…
Found a chunk of weed in my jacket last night that definitely didn't start as mine. I love Southern California.
Top story: Costco's New Burger Looks Remarkably Similar to Shake Shack’s - Eate… see more
Nina Macc lets work... Wanna book you for a upcoming show in Southern California, can we make this happen
ROUND IT UP Peninsula tennis team falls in Southern California Regional semifinals via DailyBreezeNews
See our latest CA and click to apply: Business Development Officer (Southern... -
I saw these posters on my way to WB this morning and on my way home 2nite. Please share if you live in Southern Californi…
Check out what is doing with Southern California real estate investments!
Beautiful Southern California day, the world's best fitness competition, what else can you ask…
Kababayans in Southern California, on June 10 our Immortal OPM concert is coming to Chula Vista!…
Your elegant is wonderfully comfortable…
I love being a fan in Southern California with all of the Dodger fans wondering what's happening withthe NL West. 👍🏻
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
all the way out here in Southern California!!! Let's do this fellas!
No Sunday Gathering this week. Go enjoy some Southern California weather, find a great BBQ, and…
This mexican American from Southern California is with you guys!
Mothers & fathers are living in fear because they are an ICE raid away from losing their kids.
A delightful . __. Why are doughnut boxes pink? The answer could only come out of Southern California.
Southern Section Masters Preview The only preview for best section final in California. Help sprea…
COS Project in Southern California ROCKS!. Please join us at . We than you!
Southern California are you ready for the San Diego Foam Fest 2017 headlined by the…
Sometimes I really miss living in the Midwest. I forgot how great some things rain. It never rains in Southern California. 😐
Hopefully we can get my older little brother in University of Southern California
We love this quote from Will Ferrell’s commencement speech to University of Southern California! . Have a safe Memor…
"A major Sanders organizer in Southern California himself, John Mattes admitted that 'we were played.'"
Built by Boston Dynamics and programmed by the CLMC Lab at the University of Southern California, this robot is...
sent me this 👍 @ Vanguard University of Southern California
Blessed to receive my 30th offer from The University of Southern California!! 🗡🐎
So pumped to be attending the University of Southern California for the next 3 years. Fight on!! ✌🏽️
So I just graduated from the University of Southern California with a B.S. in Business Administration 🌹✌🏽
Louisa Breckenridge, Pima mother with her child, Arizona, 1900. ⊕ Courtesy University of Southern California.
Blog: Tobi ‘17 describes his journey to the University of Southern California. Check it out!
Blessed to announce I will be committing to the University of Southern California, FIGHT ON!
Engineering undergrads at the University of Southern California have just designed and manufactured a rocket –...
"ORANGE, Calif. (AP) — A Southern California university has awarded an honorary degree to the mother of a...
think twice as more swim near Southern California shores via
Russo and Steele heads back to Southern California for its fifth annual Newport Beach sale June 2-4 at the Newport.…
Young whale finds its way out of Southern California harbor - New Jersey Herald
Nashville always has been and always will be better than Southern California
Hockey season is over in Southern California. Ducks down 6-3 with 1:34 to go
The irony being that he's currently on vacation in Southern California
Definitely download our app. You can offer your services on our site for free. Its all about Southern California.
How some Southern California drug rehab centers exploit addiction
What's with all the shark sightings in Southern California? - The San Diego Union-Tribune
Welcome to Southern California. It's expensive as *** but well worth it if you can make it work. Good luck!!
Southern California in the summer is like living on Helion Prime.
"I'm going to southern California in a couple days, going to be cool.". ... boul
Seafood tacos changed my life. Thank you Southern California. Even if I'm late.
JUNE 2017 - SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA TOUR. Here are the dates for my second Southern California Tour.
Well, I guess it's even rarer now. Rare, 90-pound opah fish caught off Southern California coast
spoke at The First for football out in southern california ,shed light on the hbcu experience & why more should…
Southern California beach closed again due to sharks
23 Museums to Take Your Kids to this Summer, featuring the Insectival.
Monrovia - Project Engineer - Experience with MS Project and con...
Southern California girl marries 4 times & has 4 disasters. Dead Flowers for Hollywood-true story.
This is why Southern California better than Northern California.
Southern California beach closed again due to sharks:
Air quality suffers as smog and fire seasons start in Southern California featured in NBC s Science of Love
New details released for big Fashion District Flower Market redevelopment.
Scheer Law Group has a new Southern California office location! We are now located at 26522 La Alameda, Suite 205,Mission Viejo, CA 92691
Beach closures and more great white shark sightings off the Southern California coast- Marine biologist/shark expert Dr. Chris Lowe is next
Surfers think twice as more great white sharks swim near Southern California shores
Voting is open until May 22nd! Let's pass up Los Alamitos for Top Student Section in Southern California! 😤🍴 Vote: http…
VA and Navy partner to open prosthetics lab in Southern California - Veterans - Stripes
Lets try this again (@ AAA - Automobile Club of Southern California - in Burbank, CA)
Team HONMA Golf video shoot with staffer Randy Chang in sunny Southern California. http…
May 17th FNX off air announcement will only affect for Southern California residents.
We're Read about our latest opening here: Regional Sales Director - Southern California -…
New trademark 'GREEN CAR GUIDE' filed by Automobile Club of Southern California
Southern California traffic on a Friday at rush hour. And an Angels game across the street at the same time. Traffic jam.
I'm at AAA - Automobile Club of Southern California - in Chula Vista, CA
Authorities in Southern California spotted 15 great white sharks swimming in the Pacific Ocean:
25 great white sharks spotted off Southern California coast
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A.K.A. JR's Upholstery on After searching all over Southern California we came across JRs upholstery shop. W…
I can't imagine wearing a coat in Southern California. But I'm from northern Canada so...
Opioid addiction is strangling the nation, but in Southern California, Orange County is the hardest hit
Brandon Roy is expected to make a full recovery after shielding children from gunfire in Southern California.
It's a bitter sweet feeling leaving the Central Coast to go back to Southern California but I've made nothing but happy memories here...
What to expect for fire season in Central & Southern California? Revised Seasonal Outlook (May-August) *pdf*
LR Central '18 ATH has been invited to a camp at Southern California!
In the last round of the draft the pick Normandie Marie, a rookie out of Southern California.
Longer-duration is fast becoming an essential for transforming the grid; more here:
I hope he can contribute. Those Southern California players are usually softer individuals lol
Several people shot at La Jolla, CA apartment complex
A shark attacked a woman wading in the ocean with friends at a Southern California beach: https:/…
Shark attacks woman wading in the ocean with friends in the ocean off a popular Southern California beach.
California has a fantastic imposing fence about 20 feet high that goes along about 40 miles of California’s southern border.
Shark attacks woman off Southern California beach
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broadast by Essential Education: No major mishaps as hundreds demonstrate at UC Be...
Eight people wounded in shooting at California apartment complex, gunman dead |
FAST FACT: Khalil Gardley, a 6-4, 220-lb. DE from Silver Valley HS in Southern California has transferred to Buena HS in Sierra Vista.
Several people shot at Southern California apartment complex
Woman injured in shark attack at San Onofre State Beach via
The view from a lifeguard tower in Southern California, Spring 2017. Photo by .
Like I said, just another day In Southern California .
SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA! Excited to blast!!! Closing out Sunday Night in the heat 🔥 On sale Fri 4/28 9am PT https:/…
Betsy DeVos cancels L.A. school visit due to 'an unforeseen scheduling conflict'
People really don't be living in Southern California? *** life must be terrible
Swimmer injured in shark attack at Southern California beach
From the 🌄 of Big Creek to the 🏖️ of Southern California, SCE covers a diverse and often stunning landscape.…
If you get to Southern California, you have to try an El Pollo Loco Burrito.
Southern California! I will be in Irvine for five shows 4.20 - 4.22 at the See you there, merci!
Bay Area in the front, all of Southern California in the back
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Moved to Hayward from Southern California back in my freshman year (2013). It has been life changing since then.
It's one of those beautiful Southern California days up here at the Reagan Presidential Library. Snow capped peaks and…
Installation view of our gorgeous glass exhibition with the Art Glass Association of Southern California -thru 7/9 https:/…
✌ "Rattlesnake season begins with a vengeance in Southern California"
Today we are at the High Times Cannabis Cup in sunny Southern California. If you are out and about - come connect with us! ht…
Jalen Hurts now has the same completion stat line he had in week one against Southern California last season: 6/11
your header image looks like my home in Southern California. Taken near antelope valley by any chance?
Soro’s Mediterranean Grill, located in the heart of Old Town Temecula in Southern California offers homemade...
- It Never Rains (In Southern California) / Tony! Toni! Toné! (1990). you're missing out if you don't know this song
State will increase water deliveries to Southern California via
Excited to say that I will be attending Chapman University this fall! Super pumped to live in Southern California a…
State will increase water deliveries to Southern California
I love a good "gang violence in Southern California is the same as tension between management and general staff" commercial.
Rock 'n' roll Periscope: Driving home in Southern California traffic
If only the weather and food were the same as Southern California...
Catalina Island, right off the coast of Southern California. . Home of 9 Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) that include……
Southern California's has created an astounding visual album, 'Amar Y Vivir.' See the titular video.
Southern California weather forecast Monday - Southern California will be treated to a beautiful ...
Super bloom: after years of drought an explosion of wildflowers in southern and central California is drawing record crowds…
This summer I'm flying out to Northern Cali like what up! & I may never return. I love California, NY States Country side, &Southern Florida
In California we used to say, "Did you feel that?" but in Southern California we now say, "Brah, what the F&
From Southern California to the Gulf of Mexico at Lower Rio Grand/Brownsville then turn North to Hous…
Florida is interesting so far... Seems like Southern California to me. I don't travel too much. Feels odd being 3,000 miles from home.
Authorities say 42 people were arrested at an annual spring break street party in Southern California.
internet is down in Southern California? Any estimate when back up?
Hello who's ready? Registration opens at 3 pm Grand Foyer.Welcome to sunny Southern California
I'm just tryna be committed to the University of Southern California ❗️
Drove 250 miles... Spent $$$ to watch the in Southern California. It just sucked
I just moved from Southern California to upstate New York this week. It seems like everything is more…
It's so fitting that his last game is Kings vs. Ducks. He's meant SO MUCH to the fans of Hockey in Southern California.
All purpose parts banner
Your chance to see Southern California’s epic wildflower bloom is running out. Here’s where to go.
Everyone here is in standard Southern California wear and I am wearing a shirtdress with the collar popped. Typical.
These should be on every major street in Southern California, Texas, Arizona...
I'm gonna be in northern, central & southern California next month. Party! 🎊 a surfer he explored the beaches of Southern California, from La Jolla to Leo Carrillo and...up to...Pismo...
my internet is down, live in Southern California, any idea why and how long it will be out for?
ps. Did U ever see the 'grunions running' ?? (Southern California is the ONLY place in the world 🌎 it happens).
NEW SHOW: Friday, April 21st at Solid Pad. Mixed lineup with rappers and hardcore bands from Las Vegas and Southern Cali…
Great visit at the University of Southern California ✌🏽🔴
Southern California is one of the best places to take a hot air balloon adventure, go conquer the skies!
Attention: supporters in the Southern California area who support ❤️
I feel like The Observatory takes the cake for worst/rudest security in Southern California 🙄
There's more to cuisine than Trust us – and your tastebuds will thank you…
Perfect Sunday for some ⚽️in Southern California ☀️. Checkout this new Fusion goal we setup for…
White House to nominate Lyft’s GM for Southern California for Under Secretary of T... via
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
i might be going to LA in june. ive been missing southern california. i wish i could bring a friend that would make it 100x better.
Already a major destination for Chinese tourists, Southern California primed for an even bigger boost:
Adorable Owen is waiting for his forever loving home. If you are in Southern California and are interested in... https:/…
I'm dreaming of a White Christmas... (in Southern California...)
Thank you hockey fans of Southern California.
She moved BACK to Southern is probably a 213# again.
Because a noose wasn't hung on the campus of University of Southern California, Duke and University of Delaware.
Southern California and the Los Angeles area is home to many different species of spider, and unfortunately, sometim
Glad to see our friends from Southern California enjoyed their stay at Chelsea House Hotel in Key West .
Most College Head Chaplains are Christian but at the University of Southern California, a Hindu ...
Can't wait to get to drive to the airport, even if my flight is at 6am. Goodbye soggy damp New England, hello Southern California 😍
Until this weekend I was under the impression Samford University was in Southern California.
she can be a professor in a Southern California university
Criminal migrants on the run as Trump administration restores law and order ...
🚨. Looking for bulk buyers for Royal 1s in Southern California . Multiples sizes of 8-12,13. 90 pairs total for sale. DM if…
Update your maps at Navteq
The numbers of such entanglements have been climbing yearly.
Rescuers in Southern California looking for tangled whale
Nets in trees is something that started in northern California and then later in southern California.
It has complained that much of Southern California's states have overrome drugs for original personal reasons.
Southern California rescuers on lookout for tangled whale - ABC News - via
California is known for its coastlines. But within the next eight decades, beaches will be eroded down to sea cliff…
Travelling the freeways in southern california are just so confusing.
Rescuers in Southern California looking for tangled whale via
This photo was originally published on 500px.Southern California Lifestyle by jondavatz
Southern California rescuers on lookout for tangled whale
California is looking pretty spectacular right now. Where to see the best wildflower shows around Los Angeles:
Southern California's view on clown sightings
Southern California rescuers on lookout for tangled whale
Inglewood, k-town, Glendale... mostly around Southern California but I'll probably go up to San Fran for a bit
Seriously people, especially in California, Southern CA. These SCAGS are bogus thieves getting away with destroyin…
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You don't know driving in southern California until you have to drive on 5 different freeways to drive 20 minutes.
A New Vocabulary of Urban Landscaping for Southern CA via example of Theodore Payne’s "wild garde…
further "Imagine what it would be like if half the plants in Los Angeles were from Southern California."
Southern California was amazing. If you've never been go. Go live life man, life's too short.
More time with the family on break 😎🌺💯 @ Southern California
Southern California rescuers on lookout for tangled whale: (from
very Gud Morning to all!!! Heard that my dad is letting me to visit my Elder bro. who studies in Southern California... U.S.A glad...
If you live in Southern California, you must check out before it's over. So many great sights 🌵☀️
Southern California rescuers look for tangled whale
Rich white ladies jog on a beach. Someone gets murdered at trivia night. It's "The Slap" only in southern California.
I wish I could I would bring the whole menu but I live in southern California 💞
Wait... wait everyone is moving to texas now I mean come on get real LOL. its hello southern California for me in a few weeks anywho...
I'm planning on some southern California trips in the near future. You might not be rid of me so easy.
First Southern California child born with defect caused by Zika virus - LA Times
See Chapter: Book arts in Southern California at Craft and Folk Art Museum in through May 7…
Electronic Device Insurance
Avant-Garde Avenue selected Boys Hope Girls Hope of Southern California as their charity partner for their...
I saw it the other day and it makes me miss living in a beach community in Southern California.
The ‘Tesla of bus makers’ arrives in Southern California, as Metro considers buying electric buses
ramps-up in Southern California, as LAMetro considers buying electric buses
Louis Zamperini Plaza @ University of Southern California. Zamperini, memorialized in Unbroken, was…
Hey Friends in Southern California! One of my artwork will be there on THIS Sat! 3rd Time's A Charm" Exhibition...
It's raining at Dodger Stadium. I thought it never rained in Southern California.
Southern California. San Gabriel Valley. Home to the only 1 true NFL team. Los Angeles/Oakland/Las Vegas? Raiders
This Southern California girl is all about her Gamecocks!
Fence off Southern California and you'll find your man inside
there's two USCs University of Southern California and University of South Carolina 😂
University of South Carolina & University of Southern California.. both refer to as USC... what's the difference?
That game was definitely not on the officials. Southern California outplayed us in the second half 100%. No excuses.
Domonique Jones, 22, a graduate of the University of California, Merced, is a Capital Fellow working full time in...
Also just an FYI USC stands for University of Southern California. Not South Carolina
If you say "USC", I'm never going to think South Carolina. It's Southern California.
Kenny Smith: “When people used to say ‘USC’ peopled used to think Southern California.”. Me: “That’s changed?”
Are there any Southern California cons you're intetested in this year?
Not the Onion, just America in 2017:. "African business summit has no African delegates after all are denied visas". ht…
African US summit 'has no Africans after all are denied US visas'
A Southern Pacific unit assists at snowbound Truckee, California in February of 1975. Drew Jacksich photo. http…
The difference between southern California and Oregon.
MG will participate in the MG Invitational on Mar. 20 & 21 in southern California.…
Southern California is experiencing a wildflower ‘super bloom’ due to heavy rainfall during the winter months.
If our immigration policies don't change, the entire Western world will look like New York City and Southern Califo…
Thanks to abnormal amounts of rainfall in Southern California deserts, they're now experiencing a "super bloom" AND JUS…
South Carolina is very different than USC - University of Southern California.
South Carolina is now the premier USC. Southern California is USCe
speed dating in southern california in Kansas
Southern California waiter fired for asking customers for proof of residency.
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Southern California. AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION. Meet Olivia Jean! . My name is Olivia Jean and I was a staff favorite...
Hot Air Balloon Ride at Sunset The Southern California coast glistening at Sunset as seen
As someone from Massachusetts, it was a pleasant surprise to find this cider in Southern California.
Easily the most exciting thing you’ll see on FSW tonight unless you are a Flames fan in Southern California.
African business summit 'has no African delegates after all were denied US visas'
frank: a tornado flew around my room before you came . me: EXCUSE THE MESS IT MADE IT USUALLY DOESNT RAIN IN SOUTHERN CALIFO…
When South Carolina beats Duke I promise to respect it enough to call it USC too, not just the University of Southern California
Waiter at Southern California restaurant fired after patrons say they were asked to show "proof of residency"
If the Gamecocks win I will lift my ban on Rhode Island and Southern California.
me when everyone assumes they're in/living in LA just because they're in southern california
Southern California stations would lose big in proposed Trump budget cuts for NPR and PBS
Baylor holds off Southern California, moves to Sweet 16
Got to the top of Santiago Peak here in Southern California. Perfect Sunday!
I wish I can Go but it's too far for me. Y'all need to come my way in Southern California, Anaheim CA
African business summit in US 'has no African delegates after they are all denied visas' More Trump BS
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Winter, spring, summer, and fall in Southern California 😍😩
So this is happening in Southern California this month. Must. See. These were taken yesterday at Chino Hills State Park…
Having the University of South Carolina and the University of Southern California both playing this evening has been very confusing
Smokey says "How you doin'?" Two year old male Akita available for adoption in Southern California...
In honor of the season // Jillian Banks at her college graduation in 2010 from the University of Souther…
Middle eastern girls don't exist in Southern California bruh
...first upset pick come to fruition with Southern California over Southern Methodist. I am looking forward to getting my mitts on...
This Southern Methodist University and University of Southern California basketball contest is an excited one
Is Andy Enfield the best basketball coach in Southern California?
If anyone living in San Diego or Southern California for that matter complain about temperatures…
Southern California can't see anything anyway.
'I am hopeful': Selena Gomez makes donation to University of Southern California to fund research into therapeutic…
Study reveals whopping 48M accounts are actually | |.
Did anyone in Southern California feel that earthquake or am I high
The hooded orioles are back in Southern California. I love to hear them chattering.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Want to rent a house? It'll cost you $3,114 a month in Orange County: For years, Southern California apartment……
Southern California: Where the ice cream trucks come out as soon as the weather gets over 70...even in March.
Why some people are fleeing Southern California
People trying to survive and it was about 95 degrees here in Southern California 🔥
OMG! A sweltering heat wave will broil Southern California this weekend! Not only is the heat expected to be...
with preliminary magnitude of 3.8 shakes Loma Linda. Felt in many parts of southern California. h…
Too bad you have to use such a southern launch area. A lot of less windy places in California.
USC professor Raphael Bostic makes history as first Black president of a Federal Reserve regional bank
Sunset in paradise Southern California, gotta love it!!!
Southern California: where if you aren't sure whether or not there was an earthquake, all you have to do is check Twit…
How to see the Southern California 'super bloom' before time runs out - KABC-TV
Stoked to announce that I have committed to play baseball at Vanguard University of Southern California. Go Lions! ⚾️ https:/…
While the East Coast hunkers down for a blizzard, Southern California hit 100ºF today for the first time in 2017, a month a…
There’s another “super bloom” in Southern California—now is your chance to catch the rare phenomenon
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