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Southern Belle

A southern belle (derived from the French word belle, 'beautiful') is an archetype for a young woman of the American Old South's upper class.

Scotty McCreery

It's hard being an old Southern lady. I'm on the line of being a fine Belle and holding my tongue and "do unto othe…
Only a Southern belle w/ attitude could be bold enough to clutch a serpent by the throat, then be the essence of delicate femininity in bedπŸ’˜
True Southern Belle, born and raised in Texas USA! I am live now, wanna see me ?
No Belle but I have known a few back in the day.
I was so thirsty for a southern belle lmaooo
I specifically wrote this in southern belle to make it as different from my voice (and my opinion) as possible.
I want to be known for my sweet tea. This is the first step to me becoming a true Southern belle.
.. You are a beautiful person who we all believe. . A wonderful beautiful southern belle. Hillarys day coming
"I didn't know dressing like a southern belle made you *** -marissa sloane schubert
Your perfect Southern belle name is:. Hyacinth. You have a timeless beauty and a youthful outlook on life. You...
Channeling my inner southern belle today!
I might be a but I was also raised by a southern belle/Emily Post mother and being a good host is important y'all
Follow that great Southern Belle and her clan
Well, kind of sort of... I also have a french maid outfit, cheerleader... oh and a couple southern belle dresses :p
Keep stealin' those kisses from your southern belle and keep lovin' those Friday nights
Destined to move to the south and marry a southern belle
Little Giant Ladders
You are not southern? as in Southern belle? You even look the part and have the mannerisms (of a belle) LOL
Land to Goshen!. **In real life, I'm an 85 year old southern belle.
I keep imagining you as a middle aged Southern Belle in a hot church
GASP oh my heavens and stars! Age gap in my fiction that has no set ages? How dare! My southern belle heart!
Tale of the Murderous Southern Belle at from
"Ms... Butter Pecan Caramel... Southern Belle... She's hotter than a summer day in *** .." 🎢
be slayin in thay kitchen honey. Southern Belle at its best
16 commandments for dating a Southern Belle: Photo: Lauren Nelson. Thou shalt be her sous chef in the kitchen.
which accent though lolol, it migrated from unconvincing English to fried Southern Belle to preposterous Eastern European /o\
Southern Belle - Perfect Ten. Sleep over with the stars. South Florida is home to some super-stylish hotels.
If you have ever seen a Southern Belle who thought she was being cute & coy & precious, that is what Burke Ramsey was acting like.
If you read this is the voice of the late, great Julia Sugarbaker you really are a Southern Belle. I know I did.
Foster-Me-Friday: Meet ELIZABETH, a true Southern Belle from South Carolina who believes that a lady should not...
Keep up the great work! Can't wait for album Southern Belle needs to be on it !! Love ya!
Today is the birthday of many great writers. Shakespeare, Cervantes, and the acclaimed author of The Byline and The Southern Belle.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Go back to Georgia and get a southern belle, you deserve a wedding also.
keep stealin those kisses from your southern belle, keep loving those Friday nights
My latest interview on Southern Belle Humanism podcast (beware that it promotes heresy)
Missing my fam just came up on my only you! https:…
My southern belle. She is horse race ready.
always thought of you as a hero, Georgia peach, southern belle, etc (looked all this stuff up)!!
I'm a southern belle, get crazier than ***
Click here to watch the movie: Southern belle Kagney Linn Karter takes on fat coc
In the case:. Cream Dream (below!). Crunchy Mama. Birthday Cake. Inside Out. Heart of Gold. Miss April. Southern Belle...
Oh yeah I'm a southern belle. I told ya'll once before I get crazier than *** ŸŽΆ
Charlotte with a Southern Belle accent should be a thing because it sounds amazing and I die
Trying to convey the coy, eyelash fluttering, fan-flapping of a Southern Belle.
Watch southern belle get stuffed. WATCH NOW:
Just in case you forgot I'm a Southern Belle and I'm going to do my *thang* πŸ˜πŸ‘’.
I wish. I'm just an ol naive sheltered southern belle
She is my favourite MILF she is perfect, thick, busty, wide, wild and sweet she is Southern Belle!!
She is the Southern belle renowned for her dress sense.
Keep stealin those kisses from your southern belle. Keep lovin those Friday nights. Keep rollin with your buddies raise a little ***
Mint juleps transform me into a Southern belle in the Antebellum South. Mercy me!
adorable is an understatement lol and right, she's the definition of a Southern Belle lol.
MystiVixen Hi Im Mysti a southern belle who loves just about anything and a d…
I'll probably take her to Yankees game, she a southern belle I'm a Yankee mane
Keep stealin' those kisses from your southern belle 🎢
Keep stealing those kisses from your southern belle
The only people that use the term "Southern Belle" are men who aren't from the south.
Incredibly sweet as well. A true southern belle.
rofl. I've lived in GA since 91. I can act like a proper southern belle when needed πŸ˜‰
At the movies with my southern belle 😜😜😜
There's a woman fanning herself like a Southern belle at this show. you're so dreamy l.
Southern Belle, it took me a while to find the right fragrance and call it Southern Belle, but I finally found it...
Adopt Kallie! This rescue is a Southern Belle, and currently in a New Jersey foster home. Shy at first, she has...
Scotty McCreery - Southern Belle listen, like, share at
Cheering on some of my strongest female friends while they compete in Strongest Southern Belle…
Friday is the weekend are for YOU! Check out our sausage and gravy, aptly dubbed The Southern Belle https…
What did y'all do to that Southern Belle. Lol. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
CAN'T FOOL ME TWICE Southern belle's boss isn't who she thinks he is.
A wacky grandma, a southern belle, and two lonely hearts make for funny
Shy Southern Belle. Louisiana camellia. blushes by the bayou. pic: minou
Oh, the strength of a southern belle – TROUBLE IN PARADISE
Happy birthday to my favorite southern belle!! I hope you have a wonderful day, you deserve it. Love you so much πŸ’ž
That is awfully sweet of you to offer. I wouldn't want to impose (also said in extreme Southern Belle).
We found this southern belle walking around looking like a lost puppy. Nicole was late for…
Hi, everyone. Please check out my friend wonderful poetry in her first book here.
HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY to this Krispy Kreme loving girl, southern belle…
Southern Legacy has all the elements of intriguing antebellum of Charleston
Ok, one monogram and a string of nice pearls are the standard for you as a top notch southern belle.
My resident Southern Belle patron's Southern idiom of the day: "If frogs had wings they wouldn't bump *** so much."
It aint nothing ring like a southern belle
You can now book your reservations at for some southern cuisine!
Named one of THE BEST KINDLE BOOKS OF 2015 by Digital Book Today! Belle of Charleston
Had a dream I came down to visit and she turned me into a southern belle. 😊❀️
I'm a sweet smart & passionate southern belle who loves to meet new people!
One of my followers "southern belle" I am honored, you go girl vote for Trump.
Happy 23rd birthday to my southern belle sister πŸ’– I hope your day is filled with glitter & monograms! πŸ‘―
Had a ball interviewing Ms. Southern Belle herself in on Monday... She was indeed a belle! Thanks for a great interview
Ima southern belle that's crazier than ***
Since July I've learned that nothin' rings like a southern belle πŸ˜‰
Some girl in my class has perfume on that smells like a southern belle. I can't tell if I like the smell or if it makes me want to puke.
Which is your favorite of King Cakes? We love the Mississippi Mud, the Bourbon Street, & the Southern Bel…
This southern belle will be glowing at her debutant ball. Norvell spray tan is the healthy way to get that...
Update your maps at Navteq
So apparently my accent is a big hit in Florida.Every where I go people call me a southern belle. Not sure how I feel about that,ha.
McCreerians - please don't forget to vote for Southern Belle by on GAC -
Justin Roy might be onto something with this Southern Belle over northern native girl debate
Please like and support our own Southern Belle of Blue Ridge, Artemis Blayze for us. -- Falco Polaris
I am voting for Southern Belle by Scotty McCreery the sexiest man in country music for hot9MERCY!!
Hi Al, I'm voting for that handsome young man in that awesome jacket "Southern Belle" Hot 9 at 9 . Thanks!
Meet Lily, a Southern Belle and good friend who helps Colin be the best he can be. http:/…
LaToya from Alabama...a real southern belle...
Al, thanks for playing "Southern Belle" by Scotty McCreery It sounds AWESOME on
Thanks so much for playing Southern Belle...just love that song!
*** .. /fans self like a southern belle in LOVE WITH NOAH SYNDERGAARD. *** by, I gotta sit down.
Stop what you're doing and listen to 95Q! SOUTHERN BELLE by is about to play!
I voted for Scotty McCreery - SOUTHERN BELLE on Vote at BTYB Swartz Properties
SOUTHERN BELLE by is playing in a few mins on 95Q Listen & Vote at
Thank you so much for playing Southern Belle by - such a wowza song!! Its a winner.
Thanks so much for playing my song, "Southern Belle" by Scotty McCreery. SuchAJam!!!
She was so cute in her Southern Belle costume!
Voting for my favorite song, Scotty's Southern Belle! Hot 9 at 9
AL I'm sending my vote for Belle for your 9Thanks a bunch!
My vote is for Southern Belle 9 at 9
voting for the hot9Southern Belle Thanks!
voting for Southern Belle for The Hot 9 at 9
OK then my vote is for and his Southern Belle for tonight's Hot 9 at 9.
many southern moms expect their daughters to be a certain way, adhere to Southern Belle Culture. *wet poop noises*
We're about to play SOUTHERN BELLE by Listen & Vote 4 More:
How fun! Obviously, this would be a great time to play new single, Southern Belle
I'm a southern belle, crazier than *** 😈
⚑ ⚑. The Beautiful Southern Belle is closing in on πŸ’¨ πŸ’¨ πŸ’¨ 5K!🏁. Hit this Babe's button! πŸ†—πŸ‘ˆ. 😎🚬
This is my Italian Greyhound Chloe as a Southern Belle.
Warm up with our ice cream flavors like Bourbon Pecan Pie & Southern Belle! via
Our very own Southern Belle, Christy, is getting married today in Alabama on World Card Making Day.
Had a great day watching the Tide Roll with this Southern Belle! 😍 by this…
TODAY! Southern Belle officially goes to radio! Let us know WHEN & WHERE you hear it in YOUR part of the US!!
Dyne as L'Arc. Southern Belle as Ryfia. Gomer Pyle as Niko. Kefka as ???. ??? as Cecillie. More to come as I think of them.
this Southern Belle wants you to come back to West Virginia see what I did there ?
Here's the latest Southern Belle in my Lady Lidded Jars series!. Too silly and sweet!
Just wanna be a southern belle and live in victorian houses
And a beautiful Southern belle to boot! :-)
4th of July 2015, cleaning and preparing our Southern Belle β€” feeling positive
Happy birthday to my Southern belle, God, we're so talented πŸ’†
Today's my southern belle's birthday. 😍 Happy birthday to my grand momma. πŸ’™πŸŽ‡πŸ‘’
Scotty McCreery - Southern Belle lyrics: Scotty McCreery Southern Belle is the lead single from ...
Tried to be the sweet southern belle but my yankee is coming out πŸ˜‚πŸ‘‹
Sneak preview of our 4th of July outfit brought to you by the "Miss Southern Belle" mug!
Happy Fourth of July to everyone in the good ol' U.S.A! . Love from you honorary Southern Belle 😘
Read a good review not long ago stating Southern Belle had PG lyrics. When you have a voice like Scotty you can make PG sexy,
… … Thank you so much for review it was everything we fans feel about music & the song!
It's wedding day for Dominique and John! Dominique is the ultimate southern belle and we can't wait…
From Southern Belle to a Nymphomaniac starring Dixie Belle , video here
Wow, love this review of Southern Belle describing what fans see in great new sound! …
Great article/review of 's awesome song ..I'm So excited. can't wait 4 the album!!
That’s how you know she’s a true Southern Belle of a lady. LOL! Next lap sheikhs offered you a glass of iced tea. πŸ˜ƒ
Miss butter pecan caramel southern belle she hotter than a summer day in ***
One of my local stations has Southern Belle & there going to play it for me. Happy Fourth of July !
Cool fact about Southern Belle Gifts: Our tanks are designed and handmade individually. We take pride in everything we create.
please play 's new song Southern Belle
You will still are and always will be the sweetest southern belle☺
What is it like to be a vampire's pet? Ask Lindley. Southern belle gone rogue
Southern Belle imperial porter with pecans by Three Stars brewery
OK Scotty fans we are in the clear to request Southern Belle whatever we want to keep it up so that way you can have a number one
she is typical stepford southern belle. Her perfect life is all smoke and mirrors. TY!
Southern Belle Marketing, LLC would like to wish everyone a safe & Happy Independence Day! THANK YOU to all of...
I want to hear Scotty 's Southern Belle great song
GM my southern belle. Hope you have a Happy 4th love you sweetheart...xoxoxo
Hi everyone. Please check out the excellent writing in my dear friend first book here:
50% Southern Belle, 50% Yankee Doodle Darlin'. 50%. You are the perfect mix of North and South! Whether you're...
I may forego the delicate Japanese hummingbird for a feisty Southern Belle
you can go as a Southern Belle, can go as a Northern Bellend
Sooo what do you think about the new jam 'Southern Belle'? Awesome, right?! Hear it again at 12p!
Chef Eric's Southern Belle sandwich features country ham, peach chutney and more on toasted banana bread!
When I'm at work and guys realize I'm from Mississippi, I immediately get this ridiculous southern belle accent.
Hey southern belle, glad to see you lived through the winter!
😍😏- my southern belle πŸ˜‰ kinda mad at you for never hanging out with me but I guess that's your loss lol. I hope to not be ditched sometime
Lawdy mercy this ole Southern Belle has just doctored her sweet tea with a healthy dose of vodka
Calling all county boys!!! This southern belle needs a nice southern gentleman to take her to prom!! DM me for info πŸ’―
Hunter Leigh, the fresh faced southern Belle.
You look look like a Southern Belle on her way to an Alabama football game my dear ☺️
Cary's Belle made the list! "Are these the best restaurants in the south?
Ok lol. Off to find another Southern Belle AKA lol
Southern Belle on the streets, cruel beast in the sheets
Lookin for a southern belle this summer
sure know how to make a southern Belle Blush* I try,hopefully I'll be mostly set up over easter break.
trying to be a southern belle, or something like that. @ North Augusta, GA
β€œI'm ready G woman” And this response made me fall over with happiness. If I were a southern belle, I'd faint.
I always read this street sign to myself like a southern belle would pronounce "attack". @ EAST…
Hi everyone. I'd love for you to read my dear friend poetry collection "Confessions of a Reformed Southern Belle"...
What's a sweet southern belle good girl to do when she catches the attention of a CORPORATE COWBOY? Submit.
What's a sweet southern belle to do when she's caught the attention of a Dom cowboy? Submit.
You sound more like a Southern Belle than a Michigan girl!
ridiculous. Oh, the super Southern Belle in me. Yikesss! (3/3)
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Southern born, southern bred, southern belle till the day I'm dead.
"Southern belle in front of me likes you"
I am a mix of southern preppy belle and farm girl. I love to dress up and feel like a woman but love to fish and shoot too.
Heart of a Southern belle, Hustle of a New Yorker, Appearance of a California girl & mindset of an Egyptian queen fighting for her people.
I had forgotten the magic of playing up my southern accent in Ohio. I'm the belle of the ball here.
I want a very vintage, southern belle, country feel wedding it that makes sense!
talking about me "you are probably more of a southern belle then most girls from the south, even though you're a Yankee" 😘
I've always wanted to be a southern belle... Or Georgia peach... Whatever works
Finna be a southern belle now, because College of Charleston class of 2019 (for real this time) 😊
Priceless newborn print of a sweet southern belle in the making!
Let Southern Belle Marketing, LLC help you learn how to Reflect Your Brand! Give us a call today for a FREE...
Got referred to as a southern belle again today (which I love.) So am I Scarlett O'Hara yet or what? πŸŽ€
Can't wait to find the most gorgeous southern belle down at TCU.
My room, fit for a princess! I guess I'm a southern belle now. Hehehe. So when I checked into my…
I try not to go the southern belle route coz *gags*
lot of that in ATL. my bff down there called it 'southern belle syndrome'
Me and the southern Belle are gonna make fry bread today! Need to bust out my walk/run t-shirt cause I've always said that's my frying shirt
Just 8 hours left for the Special Promo Savings on Belle Anne Monogram! Coupon Code BELLEANNE -...
I am no belle. That's for sure. I'm merely southern by geography only.
Are you a Southern belle now? Catching the vapors and swooning from the heat? Lol
Happy birthday you sweet southern loving Kentucky belle you πŸ˜‰πŸŒž love you!
thx! Props 2 u for making it happen! I’ve always been a fan of Southern belle myself.
Another wonderful week at the Comedy Cabana in Myrtle Beach. The sound of a Southern Belle is one of my favorite...
"What Lambert brings to the genre is the beauty of a Southern Belle w/ the wild attitude of a strong country woman."
Dear Belles - As many of you have noticed, Lessons from a Southern Belle has been on a bit of a hiatus for...
Southern Belle's Guide to witchcraft sounds good!
Ooo I think we saw the REAL Phaedra for a split second as she lunged at Kenya...dear, ur a southern belle...remember...
Lol when Phaedra just be talkin' in her southern belle accent πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
and she is the Christian southern belle? Oh okay then.
Lmfaooo phaedra was about to turn hood real quick then she had to remember she was a southern belle
we made bathroom rugs out of rats? And there were rewrites of Austen with Liz Bennett as an American southern belle. (Idek makes no sense.)
14) I like to think I'm a Southern Belle that lives in California so I came up with California Belle
Someone said I was the perfect southern belle today. Though I'm not yet, it is def a
Stuck between wanting to dress like a southern belle or a total hippie. There is no in between.
Lil Bit is gonna make a GORGEOUS SOUTHERN BELLE to teach em how we do it down south! 😘
lol apparently I am a cute southern belle who speaks with a western accent and has a PhD
How does a southern belle like Ruby exist in a medieval world like this?
lol she's a southern belle. No one has time to respond to a 40 year old woman who is mentally 15. πŸ˜‚
Oh I would've loved to see you slap Kenya across the face. You are the epitome of a southern belle, far from a ***
Regardless of the fact that you are a Christian, Phaedra is a southern belle born under the sign of Scorpio
What gets a southern belle to start swinging her pocket book? When she is handed a dose of truth!
u are truly an inspiration because I would've Fought them. Much represent of a Southern Belle. Tip 101
I guess this southern belle is showing her real ghetto self...
β€œPoll Reveal: You voted and said Everybody knows this southern belle will beat Kenya every time!
I'm 110% on Kenya's side, it's high time somebody put Atl's southern belle in her place!
.Phaedra ain't no Southern Belle...she been fake ever since...
thought she was a southern belle but quick to fight & cuss ...Girl bye! She is so fake.
Watching and I'm sorry but Phadrea is OVER-EXAGGERATING! Southern belle my ***
Fakedra is such a southern belle! Heck! She wrote a book on it How could u think she would stoop so low! She is a grown *** woman!
Introducing myself like "I'm a southern belle, crazier than *** gettin' wild up in here, gettin live up in here"
Phaedra... what happend to the southern belle ? πŸ˜‚
u were an example of a southern belle tonight! U didn't let the evilness pull you from glory. U led the way and I am honored!
I know...that was so Southern Belle of
over this snow - i'm ready to move to the south and become the southern belle I am meant to be
I'm a southern belle I get crazier than ***
The way that "Southern Belle" just jumped up about to hit someone over that alleged affair situation makes it even more suspicious.
I didn't know Southern Belle's cursed as much as did tonight. I missed that in her book. 😱😱😱
So THATS how to become a southern Belle! I KNEW it!
~Shes got red clay runnin thru her veins. Shes a back woods, southern belle,hometown hottie . Ya she everything thats good for ya~
Well it's happening. I'll be back with the this Friday at Better start working on my Southern Belle voice.
Electronic Device Insurance
I'm always nice. Southern Belle charm and grace
Phaedra lied abt Apollo th whole time. n th reason she's an adulterer no southern belle fake she use. God to hide her guilt
but Phadra so phony to me..Not buyin the southern belle religious bs..Just not buyin the bs..& she has been bust…
When did the Southern Belle join the old lady gang? She's ready to fight and swing her purse!
If you wanna see be a cute lil southern belle, COME SEE THE FOREIGNER THIS THURS/FRI/SAT for $7!
I actually decided last week that if I were to be a drag queen she'd be a southern belle named Chardonnay
..but Phae as usual put on that Southern Belle act instead of sharing with her friend
Trailer trash will always be trailer trash. I just gotta stay focus on the classy southern belle my mama and daddy raised me to be.
Because phony Phaedra is NO Southern Belle that's why!
I don't like people who play southern belle then wicked witch of the south when they think no one is looking.
Phaedra cant even whoop her own shadow. Thats not how a southern belle responds in having a conversation. πŸŒšβ˜•οΈ
well at least we know Phaedra has the ability let go of the southern belle halloween costume
The southern belle doing all that cursing lol
So Ms. Faux Southern Belle just wants to fight everyone now? LOL. I just can't.
I mean, Miss Southern Belle Christian is always threatening to beat someone's *** or kill them.lmao I'm so confused!
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
You keep it real and the truth made the southern belle say some nasty and rude words..I'm getting all the life tonight
Im definitely a southern belle but I'll definitely beat yo ___! πŸ‘Š
I am tucked in bed, getting sleepy, watching Forensic Files. The t.v. is on, sound almost non existent, I am working on the grant that I pray changes some lives. I hear a little Southern Belle snores. She and I have been fighting over this for a year, she says she does 20th video of proof. You can barely hear her, but it's there. She takes my breath away...who knew you could love a second set after the long and grueling years of Mama hood? My fifth blessing.although that is only her order of birth. Night all.
RIP, Mary Ann Mobley. I first met her at a party in Vicksburg when she was Miss America, and over the years I saw her and Gary occasionally--the last time on a plane when they were headed to Mississippi for Sam Haskell's annual gala. They were close friends of my cousin Leon Kamien, and, as I recall, stayed at his house once or twice. She was a lovely and charming lady, with all the good qualities of a true "Southern Belle."
See Phaedra has morals and is a true southern belle... ole Cynthia, shut up Phaedra didn't come for you so don't go at her.
Portrait of Los Angeles 2014 is a cute Korean-American wearing a white sweater, flats and black tights. Her hair is long and fine and black as coal. He is tall and thick and Korean-American too, his arms like grappling hooks, crossed across his chest. He wears yesterday's jeans, today's' frown, a too-tight t-shirt, an attitude of unforgiving, of goodbye and good-riddance. She is crying. I walk past with our dogs and I realize that they are breaking up, these two, on a Saturday in front of her condominium. She speaks her piece but he turns away and walks up the side-walk and then crosses the street, fifty, seventy-five, one hundred yards away. Nothing has ever looked sadder than that poor woman's back as she watches that man walk out of her life. Then she darts across the street, intercepts him as he makes for his car. She gestures, he nods, but they do not recross the street together. I do not know what happens next. But I do know that you have not lived until you have had your heart broken. And I send ou ...
She’s got red clay running through her veins She’s a homegrown peach and she’ll never change She’s a backwoods southern belle and hometown hottie She’s the queen of the south She’s country song, standing tall, Dixieland outlaw You know what I’m talking about Yea she’s everything that’s good for ya She’s so Georgia
I prefer roasted sweet potato to sweet potato casserole. Sh. If people find out, they might strip my Southern Belle cred!
Vicsta ft Southern Belle of Federal District Respresentin for all them fine ladies in the club that show out everytime
The KCS Holiday Express...Next Stop Wylie Dec. 7, 4 pm! Visit with Santa and walk through Christmas train cars of wonder at the Oak St. crossing near Birmingham in historic downtown Wylie. Admission is free. The Holiday Express is pulled by the beautifully restored Southern Belle passenger train.
Gosh i love and , truly my FAVORITE Nupe & INSPIRATION to be a true Southern Bell 😘😘😘
BLOCKS "Southern Belle" Quilt Blocks Set of 21 to be finished via
Yes. A southern belle would. πŸ‘ΌRT Do you think should apologize to
Phaedra purports to be a Christian Bible-quoting Southern-Belle so she needs to apologize
yes! It's the southern belle thing to do .
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my partner LOVE you! You are out favorite on a true southern belle
I really admire how is handling this situation with Apollo. She is handling the stress like a true southern belle!
I feel like the life of a southern belle is so adorable idk.
I lowkey wish I was a southern belle.
Who's watching Maddie can't be the Southern Belle on 1 film unless she learns to play basketball for another? Ridiculous.
Phaedra isn't being quite the Southern Belle leaving her man like that
Yes..Ms Southern Belle needs to Apologized & too!!
The Tennessee southern belle accents are showing up!! I'm stoked.
yes she's a southern Belle and that's what we do.
how you pretend to be a southern belle with your dirty mouth, freakish ways, is beyond reproach. You need prayer, too.
But I'm not a real southern belle, I'm not that far below the mason dixon
good for you for being a good woman..a good southern belle..I'm proud that you acknowledge that an apology is in order..
Being a Southern Belle has nothing to do with it honey.
Phaedra's cussing. YES. It's about time she stopped that southern belle bs and just be.
Very mature of my boo def a southern Belle
So respectable of to say she needs to apologize. A true southern belle.
since she is this (quote) "Southern Belle"...she needs to be a lady about it & apologize to Kenya 4 everything she's said about her.
I'm making my first pecan pie on Wednesday. I'm trying to convince myself I'm a southern belle
-- a glorified, YES!" Alice's voice changed to that of a Southern Belle, though she was in a giggling fit at the end of it.
So excited! More respect than ever to you and your family! A true southern belle! 😘
My dear friend has written a book of original poetry. You can get it at Barnes & Noble.
Apollo and Phaedra are *so* mismatched. He wants to stay a w/ shady biz, she wants to be the respectable Southern Belle.
Phaedra with this southern belle persona girl bye.
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