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Southern Baptists

The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is a United States-based Christian denomination. It is the world's largest Baptist denomination and the largest Protestant body in the United States, with over 16 million members as of 2010. It is also the second largest Christian body in the United States, after the Catholic Church.

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Actual things I've had Evangelicals (and similar sects, like Southern Baptists) claim multiple times:
Happy Holidays!!!. (because it's been over 20 years since I've lived where it's 99% white Southern Baptists who only celebrate Christmas).
Proselytizing should be illegal--by Southern Baptists, Mormons, Hare Krsnas, and Atheists. Leave my mind alone!
We just had a serious conversation about what to do if isis attacks our Christmas Eve service. Southern Baptists, everyone
"Moore values principle over power, integrity over influence."
"I see y'all are drinking beer before we go to church." "Well we are Southern Baptists." Merry Christmas from the Taylor family.
apparently Southern Baptists think mules cant breed because they're all born male? And this is taught in school?
Well I guess if Andy Stanley has angered the Southern Baptists then I can like him now. Dadgum it. .
Raised Northern Methodist. Not as strict as Southern. Kind of like N/S Baptists
Power & religion in the age of Trump: Southern Baptists
Marginalizing Russell Moore is grave mistake for Southern Baptists via
Thankful there are thinking Southern Baptists like Al Mohler. Some great recommendations here:
and it's not even an Episcopal church like my mom's side. It's my dad's side and they're (Southern) Baptists 😔😡😒
Southern Baptists are standing up to over insults to Trump voters!
So Southern Baptists are mad at for taking ethics, faith, morals and values seriously. They are hypocrites http…
"Southern Baptists need far more than he needs them." My latest
Amen! is rock solid & persuasive Southern Baptists who marginalize Russell Moore are making a grave mistake https:/…
Agreed. I know to be a good man who has demonstrated courage, leadership & love for all this year.
Hopefully all Southern Baptists can rally together around this...
destroyed Russ Moore a few months ago. Wish they'd do it again now we know his association with Soros.htt…
Had a fun evening with some crazy Southern Baptists for Xmas at Grace Community with
I wonder what an abortionist and pathological liar could possibly have to say to Southern Baptists
Through service, Southern Baptists are earning the right to share the Gospel in West Virginia.
My family are very, very religious in Texas. They're Southern Baptists...
.asks ten questions for 21st century Southern Baptists:
1st time ever I've seen Southern Baptists pushing back against supporting Israel (& hearing from an Arab Christian). Changin…
I am praying with you for the Lord to raise up His next leader for Southern Baptists.
SBC President Ronnie Floyd tells me -- SBC leaders don't speak for Southern Baptists.
Southern Baptists on Pentecost Sunday gettin' reckless in worship like
No. He trashed Russell Moore, not "Southern Baptists". By the way, I don't support Trump.
Southern Baptists weigh in on Oh my.
Please join us and our SBTC family in praying for Dr. Jim Richards, Executive Director of the Southern Baptists...
I'm amazed at how many Southern Baptists complain about the Southern Baptist Convention...especially many actively serving in ministry.
I would have used the for evil, because my religion disallows renting storage to Southern Baptists.
Southern Baptists, register now and come to St. Louis.
I used to identify myself w/Southern Baptists & conservative republicans before I became epically disappointed in both.
The power of God. It must be central to ALLour ministry and outreach efforts. Great read from Southern Baptist...
Today on Pastor's Blog | Southern Baptists and the Power of God
Every church leader, elder, deacon, should read this : Southern Baptists and the Power of God | Ronnie Floyd
Southern Baptists and the Power of God via Ronnie Floyd - Far too many pastors, leaders, ...
Today on the Blog | Southern Baptists and the Power of God
ha ha. According to Southern Baptists and other assorted ***
I've been in Belfast on a night of terrible *** for tat violence and I've been accosted by Southern Baptists in Klan robes.
you get it! My ex,his family are all Southern Baptists...
I live in Alabama, so I get the Southern Baptists... They are persistent to say the least.
the entire bible talks about the "wrath of God" so it's all in interpretation. Ask Southern Baptists like Cruz 😂
Hamilton Collection
...those darn pesky Pakistani Southern Baptists are acting all uppity again...
60% of Southern Baptists who have the privilege to vote said something, guess ALL POC EVER agree! Abuela!
At 1 of my friend's house of worship 2day. Must say, Mormons R an UBER quiet bunch - compared 2 Southern Baptists.
Correction: Southern Baptists start entirely too early
Happy Resurrection Sunday as old Southern Baptists say. If you believe in that doctrine.
Southern Baptists making the rest of us Baptists look bad. Shame on you!
Yeah those Southern Baptists sure did a number on those folks in Paris! And Brussels...whew. *** Catholics!
Southern Baptists, God has blessed us w/ godly leaders in evangelism at Use them, hear them
Southern Baptists do not know how to party
My fellow Southern Baptists deserve every word of the tongue lashing Glenn Beck is giving them.
i wonder what hed say if these acts were coming from cubans? Or Southern Baptists?
Yes, Southern Baptists have spoken clearly on politicians & morals:
do Southern Baptists celebrate Holy Saturday or is it a Catholic holiday
Word on the street is that it was a bunch of elderly femal Southern Baptists w/explosive casseroles
. TED All Southern Baptists must be very proud of you -Goddamned Hypocrite -. SHAME !
Oh pooh. That's like calling Southern Baptists just "Christians" to legitimize their demonizing transpeople.
A real double header for the Southern Baptists today: 1. this story . 2. .
until you violate the rights of another--what if my religion dictated I persecute women or black people or Southern Baptists?
I don't think Southern Baptists have Good Friday services. Kind of odd.
Southern Baptists turning OK into a theocracy.
Good (?) day for Southern Baptists, with headlines of and Alabama sexual touching
This is why I'm not religious. Most Southern Baptists are very homophobic unfortunately.
I can't stand getting into political debates with Southern Baptists
fact: Southern Baptist created at advent of Civil War to break off from Baptists to support CSA and slavery.
Southern Baptists think Catholics are cult? Laughable all are, Catholics were first
The joke was where did you see the Southern Baptists preachers after church on Sunday's? At the count line. Yep, you did.
OK, well, 3 hail Marys, 2 Our Fathers and hurry up so we can beat the Southern Baptists to lunch. I hate waiting.
it's all infiltrated even the non accredited Liberty, and Southern Baptists, Fundies, Mormons and others. Hyles Anderson etc.
"The biggest problem with Southern Baptists is they don't stay under water quite long enough." Anon.
according 2 Southern Baptists, marriage is till death do u part, & yet your lack of control has led to divorce. (Cont.)
Update your maps at Navteq
I wonder what you would say if 49% of Christians supported KKK Southern Baptists...?
You forget you're in the Bible Belt, Kara Jo. CN is just doing what it must to keep its funding w/ Southern Baptists.
God: *promotes peace, love, forgiveness*. Southern Baptists: *does the thing*. God: "what did I just say guys seriously."
Get a Southern Baptist's take on the Benedict Option:
And the Southern Baptists, American (not USA) Protestants, American Anglicans, almost every black church...
Baptists don't need Mormons telling them to listen to a 7 Mountains Dominionist God- Breitbart vi…
it’s not friday but I’m gonna anyway, - the man who represents everything Southern Baptists should be at their core
When there's a terror attack no one says check with that group of Southern Baptists or born again Christians...
Check out this great video about one of our community partners, the Southern Baptists... we're so grateful for...
What if we as Southern Baptists said "EVERY college student on EVERY campus will hear the Gospel?"What would that look like?
It is a tendentious rendering of our history to argue Southern Baptists first became a confessional people in 1925.
99% of all Southern Baptists, virtually 100% of all televangelists, Rush Limbaugh, Bob Jones University, Clemson & the University of Georgia
I wish more Southern Baptists loved Perry Noble and his congregation enough to speak the truth to and about him.
I'm from New Mexico actually but not far lol still Southern Baptists all the same.
Southern Baptists oppose all forms of sex because it could lead to dancing.
Montgomery Bus Boycott: MLK's advice to pastors still resonates with Southern Baptists
I'm guessing you're not arguing against too many Brazilian Catholics, rather 'born again' Southern Baptists and the like.
. Those Southern Baptists are about as kinky as Catholic priests.
You don't have to go to Saudi..right here in America Southern Baptists believe women are subservient to men.
Weird... and are both not working. I'm assuming they've either been hacked by ISIS or the Southern Baptists.
This article at was the best of many on a major evangelical conference on race last year.
oh come on, Southern Baptists won't deny someone employment because they're Catholic.
Tobacco AND cards!?!?!?! You gonna make some Southern Baptists faint!!
They're not Southern Baptists anymore. Ask Their mission churches are non-denominational. Don't want to be "Baptist."
Humans 45000 years ago? What will the Southern Baptists say?
It is the duty of Southern Baptists to pray, pray and pray some more for
Sad sad day, join me in praying for the wayward and
Southern Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, et al all reject preaching: you give God X, you'll get back X.
I am going out on a limb here and guessing that these were either Southern Baptists or Islamic Terrorists in
I have extremely mixed feelings about my Southern Baptist upbringing, but a strong stance against gambling is something Baptists got right.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
so are all religous social conservative values beneficial (Islam, Southern Baptists, FLDS, etc)
Did somebody forget the Southern Baptists? Founded on racism.
Maybe it's just Southern Baptists that don't because I've never seen that.
& the bright middle class kids going from Britain, Aus 2 b jihadis. Not the equivalent of redneck Southern Baptists.6
From our ABSC Executive Director. Wonderful news! Way to go East Side and Southern Baptists!
Some Southern Baptists, for example, understand and accept evolution whereas others reject it fiercely as though crucial to their identity.
It's really the Southern Baptists, Apostolic Pentacostals, JWs, and Mormons who tend to be cray
ends his speeches like a Southern Baptists preacher. When he gets real loud & the applause begin to get louder the end is near
Catholics cease to evangelize Jews; Southern Baptists urge more sharingcomment (0) - Alabama Baptist: Catholic...
(In the last fiscal year), Southern Baptists gave the following amounts, per member:. $720 to their church.
Forgot to lock door, girl walks in on me peeing and I think she's crying now. Love the Southern Baptists
"How and why do Southern Baptists raise millions of dollars for our efforts? One phrase- The Great Commission!"
Why do so many Southern Baptists love to tell people they are going to *** It seems like their denomination is only based off of judgment.
Mullins was not the founder of the Southern Baptists but their refounder, the definer of their creedless faith. -Harold Bloom
An important article to consider if you are a member of a SBC Church.
[ Religion & Spirituality ] Open Question : How many Southern Baptists were there originally, when the denomin...
If you dispute that you are probably one or the other or both.Southern Baptists get to rape their wives
1888-2014 WMU in partnership with IMB & Southern Baptists helped raise $4billion for global missions. Impacting the world w/ the gospel.
You are wrong on so many issues.. I am making positive changes. Here is one:
The No True Scotsman! Seriously. In regard to a question about the Southern Baptists and slavery 🙄
the Southern Baptists used the bible to justify slavery, you use it to justify hatred of homosexuals, religion is hatred
We MUST have strong churches in N America in order for Southern Baptists to be effective in reaching a lost world (KE). AMEN!
He is a wannabe theocrat who wished his church, The Southern Baptists were the dominant religion.
Do you know why Southern Baptists don't have sex standing up? They are afraid people will think they are dancing
Historical Jesus also has no relation to the Southern Baptists but they still claim him. .
Losing my religion for equality - dduane: Jimmy Carter severs his association with the Southern Baptists...
R u a morris cerullo, a jew who has infiltrated the Southern Baptists?
My fellow Texans, if you think has TX locked up, think again. Southern Baptists DETEST gambling, and they have kept…
Well, it wasn't a mob of Southern Baptists running around Europe raping women. Islam, the religion of peace (and rape, a…
Dinner with extended family... A judgemental group of Southern Baptists and Presbyterians... So I'll have that...
Could be he means other than Southern Baptists. They believe that they are the one true Christian religion. J'sayin.
Southern Baptists were wrong on slavery, wrong on civil rights and their again wrong on SSM.
61% is quite good. The 39% are the Duck Dynasty inbreeders, Southern Baptists, Sarah Palin and Ben Carson crowd.
Starting a copyedit of new edited volume *Southern Baptists and the 21st Century*. Look for it in June!
I think it is high time we radicalize Southern Baptists into a Jihad of prayer and Sunday picnics. Apple pie & grits
Yeah, church if Southern Baptists, like geez, get if over it, people are different!
Protestants & by Protestants, I mean Southern Baptists, aren't concerned with such distinctions. We got Xmas and Easter.
True. But, Conservative Jews don't blow up Reform Jews. Nor Southern Baptists, the Pentecostals do they?
Yayyy aggressive Southern Baptists trying to start praying for me in my doorway
Leaders of Assemblies of God, 4Cs, Christian Reformed and Southern Baptists talk about loving refugees
True, but in the US they're not very noticeable. Eg; Pentecostals vs catholics vs Southern Baptists, 7th day...
Jimmy Carter leaves Southern Baptists: Losing my religion for equality via
If you're from a small Texas town full of Southern Baptists, watch Bernie. You're welcome.
What role will Southern Baptists play in the US presidential election?
If it wasn't for all those Church of Christers & Southern Baptists in the TX Leg, we'd have legalized gaming here
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wow. Very similar to Southern Baptists views on alcohol and gambling.
I agree. More concerned about Southern Baptists as well!
Frankly, I'd be more concerned if they were all Southern Baptists.
So if they were all Roman Catholics or Southern Baptists we'd be just as concerned?
It turns out, Southern Baptists, Presbyterians, Wesleyans, and others agree on more than you'd think in
Southern Baptists should be able to cook
How do Southern Baptists respond to the issues involving Islam in the world?
I love this! Ever wonder how Southern Baptists send so many missionaries?. Watch “CP Rant” on
.shares 4 ways Southern Baptists can turn the tide in 2016 via
Southern Baptists mentor the next big missions sending force to persevere for the gospel.
Southern Baptists (1960's on) Evangelical referred to churches:spoke in Tongues: emotionl worship
Southern Baptists SERIOUSLY heeded this call, made MANY times N many ways over a 1 year period here B4 thousands of pastors. PTL!
Red herring. Has no bearing on your silly straw man about “only for Southern Baptists”.
Has no bearing on your "religious liberty is only for Southern Baptists" straw man.
>> Are Southern Baptists held responsible for WBC?
(Picture Mormons and Southern Baptists slaughtering one another)
Silly Baptists. Jesus didn't turn the water into Welch's |
Christian Care Ministry has data on claims by denomination. 7th Day has less claims than my Southern Baptists
The misuse of the word “terrorism” is getting as bad as Southern Baptists use of the word “missional.”
Exciting & unprecedented times for Southern Baptists' seminary in the West
New post: The Blood of Catholics on Southern Baptist’s Hands
Good points, and the legalism isn't limited to Baptists either.
Either "religious freedom" is for Southern Baptists or Sikh beards & Muslim prayers? What a ridiculous false dichotomy.
Yes, it's nonsense that Republicans claim "religious liberty is for Southern Baptists". It's an absurd claim.
Nonsense that they're talking about Southern Baptists!?!?! Its only about *** marriage and transgender toilets.
Well when the GOP talks about religious liberty they'r talking about Southern Baptists. But it will be a double-edged sword.
Lol that's prob enough to get killed in the south. Surrounded by Southern Baptists.
Southern Baptists present at private Cruz rally
Tell the whole truth Grieder!! They are no longer Southern Baptists!! In 1999, First Baptist Greenville...
The amount of flannel at this conference is crazy. Hello Southern Baptists.
No, I do NOT get Southern Baptists. Or Piper. Read the replies!
I despise the casting of rights as a battle between interest groups. Whether "Obama vs the NRA" or "ACLU vs Southern Baptists" or whatever.
Southern Baptists’ top public policy spokesman says is scamming Christians
My Catholic mother & I are literally laughing at the Southern Baptists who are calling Catholics Mary Worshippers...
And in six months they will have Benny Hinn and Kenneth Copeland speaking in their Churches!. Then in 1 Year they...
Praying for Every Man is a Warrior Groups at First Southern Baptists Church starting in 2016. Please God help all...
Good. Most Baptists and Pentecostals believe 99% of the same thing anyway.
Bible based slavery split the Baptist church in 1845. Southern Baptists finally apologized & integrated a church in 1995.
Just a reminder to folks about why I’m nervous to go visit my family in Texas. They’re all Southern Baptists.
What if 8m Southern Baptists gave just $100 each to Lottie Moon Christmas Offering?!.
Calling all Southern Baptists to give more sacrificially this year than ever before to Lottie Moon Christmas Offering
"the only thing a Roman Catholic has to do to be considered a Christian by Southern Baptists is run for president"
Reporting that "White" shooter named Farook Syed ... so Democrats are frantically searching Amish Mafia & Southern Baptists.
Read this: Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission President of the Southern Baptists weighs in.
Southern Baptists must labor to maintain doctrinal faithfulness, sound Baptist identity, and convictional witnesss
Update your maps at Navteq
great article about Albert Mohler, Southern Baptists & cultural conflicts over sexuality and gender:.
Sharing with pastors at the West Virginia Convention of Southern Baptists in Ceredo, WV.
(SIGNED) Contending for the Faith : Southern Baptists in New Mexico, 1938-1995
Baptist Press featured video. Why all Southern Baptists should accept the 1% C.P. challenge.
Actually the Southern Baptists are the only ones that practice Christian Zionism.
I taught women's studies courses to Southern Baptists, when the state was considering law on allowing handguns on campus
Seminary president indicts Southern Baptists for funding shortfalls at International Mission Board
Here's why I love the Cooperative Program and why I think all Southern Baptists should. .
An important message from IMB President, David Platt - imbConnecting :: Open letter to Southern Baptists -
SBC President Ronnie Floyd comments to Southern Baptists on IMB financial correctives
Southern Baptists to elect first black leader – via
My Mom is half German Catholic and half Polish Jewish, so really, don't waste your time trying to guilt me into anything Southern Baptists.
Southern Baptists interested in what happened at CBF in 2015? I was there.
Southern Baptists to continue fight vs. PPFA.
Southern Baptists packing the Nashville arena for hearing a call to be on mission with the gospel.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Hey RBC family, I have the joy of worshipping with 13,000 Southern Baptists for the next 3 days in Nashville.
Southern Baptists flocking to Nashville over politics, missions: Southern Baptists from across the U...
Southern Baptists flocking to Nashville over politics, missions - The Tennessean
Baptist Press covers how several Southern Baptists responded to Planned Parenthood.
Russell Moore: time for Southern Baptists to take a stand in defense of the unborn
I will never forget the powerful night of prayer on June 16 with 7,000 Southern Baptists calling out to God in unity.
Imagine if all & had a work ethic like the Southern Baptists but with Holy Ghost power. We’…
First they came for the Southern Baptists, but I said nothing, because I was not a Southern Baptist ...
Al Mohler condemns 'heresy' of racism, says Southern Baptists must repent of founders' sin
Here are three reasons why Southern Baptists are on the decline
The "Southern Baptists" broke off from the mainstream Baptist churches because of their racist views.
Don't get 'too cozy' with culture, Floyd urges Southern Baptists: Floyd called for another "Great...
Love this!!! | Southern Baptists: Supreme Court is not final authority on *** marriage | Fox News |
Praying for our churches & their leaders as Southern Baptists gather in Columbus, OH for Alas, I will only be there i…
Southern Baptists "reported its largest annual decline in more than 130 years—a loss of 236,467 members.".
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On June 16 at 6:45p EST I will join Southern Baptists locally and globally for an epic night of prayer!
Southern Baptists have been working toward racial reconciliation for 20+ years, starting with confession in mid-90s.
Do grassroots Southern Baptist have a voice? Can they speak out? Will they?
Oh...Southern Indiana bring on the hardcore Baptists, the "Republicans," and the people that say worsh rag.
This time tomorrow we'll be on our way to Columbus for Can't wait to gather with my fellow Southern Baptists & see what God will do.
How and why the Southern Baptists have built themselves into a powerful juggernaut
New Book: labour in the shadow of being wrong on civil rights.
Southern Baptists to focus on prayer at 2015 annual meeting, hear panel on ... -
Pray for tomorrow's Crossover events taking place throughout Columbus. Pray that Southern Baptists make much of Jesus!
Southern Baptists see another year of decline
Southern Baptists to say thanks to Vietnam veterans at Columbus gathering
Founded by supporters of slavery, it took the Southern Baptists until 1995 to apologise to African-Americans
Join me and thousands of Southern Baptists in the National on June 16, 6:45 pm EST/5:45 pm CST.
Why white Southern Baptists will forever labour in the shadow of having been badly wrong on civil rights
And what are Southern Baptists up to now?
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Southern Baptists canceled an event with Ben Carson. Here's why it matters. for WaPo
The "doctrine" of and should be no less concerning for Southern Baptists than Ben Carson's.
Southern Baptists have a battle to fight. Don't let the Pelagians take over the Southern Baptist Convention.
Of course the Southern Baptists are promoting material from Roman Catholic mystics. I mean, what's wrong with that?
I'm confused. I've enjoyed being with the Northern Baptist Association this week. Surprisingly they are very different to Southern Baptists
This post will be boring for those uninterested in my spiritual pilgrimage. A life-long Baptist, I have been attending Bible study and worship at a United Methodist church for the past four weeks, and I plan to continue attending there. From birth, my parents took me to a Southern Baptist church. We were there every Sunday morning, every Sunday night and every Wednesday night. I continued that pattern for most of my adult life. At age 9, I trusted Jesus Christ as my Savior. I hold degrees from two Baptist colleges and a Baptist seminary. As a young college graduate, I spent two years in Zambia doing missionary work for the Southern Baptist International Mission Board. For 40 years I served Southern Baptists in a career as a journalist/editor. My Baptist roots go deep. Why would I change? Three reasons. 1. During those years as a Baptist journalist, I saw both the very best of Southern Baptist life AND the very worst of Southern Baptist life. The worst of it left me disillusioned. I know too much about Bap ...
.receives Adrian Rogers' library. Great news for our sister seminary & all Southern Baptists.
A wonderful challenge from Thankful for his leadership among Southern Baptists.
obvs not a family of Southern Baptists.
Southern Baptists everywhere: Please don't forget Lottie Moon. The Good Story of Jesus is the only hope of humanity.
So that's how Southern Baptists do xmas...
But I absolutely will not lend my support (by virtue of my presence) to the Southern Baptists or any Pentecostal denomination. Period.
Everyone wish me luck at my family Christmas party full of Southern Baptists, Roman Catholics, and police apologists
Southern Baptists have not always embraced Christmas
She probably heard some of it at school. Surrounded by Southern Baptists and all. I see her having some issues with peer pressure
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And this was in the United Methodist Church, which is typically more liberal than the Southern Baptists and the like.
week of Prayer: Pray for IMB Missionaries:. As Southern Baptists, we fully support…
my culdesac: Jehovah's, Southern Baptists, Hispanic Catholics, Taiwanese Buddhists, and pentacostal military...
hierarchy of KKK drawn from Southern Baptist church, doesn't mean all Southern Baptists are racists cc:
RAPE, WHAT IT IS TO THE MAJORITY does not apply to legions of Southern Baptists, their right wing Christian...
Like the rude, crude Southern BaptistS who show up at VET funerals to disparage & belittle them.
right of Southern Baptists, it was always fun. Even after I wasn't being forced to go anymore I would still go
I dated the child of fundamentalist Southern Baptists thru college so same
Irish Southern Baptists who don't drink that's not even possible in nature
They're all Southern Baptists, but I'm sure gonna try! :)
As Southern Baptists my grandparents love all colors. White, off-white, alabaster, eggshell, milk, pearl, and even ivory.
Apparently Mormons and Southern Baptists do not mix well
The Memphis and BYU football teams brawling is as close to a match between Mormons and Southern Baptists as you will see.
You'll need to know these things in small town Texas. The Southern Baptists hate Catholics almost as much as Jews. *Almost.*
Southern Baptists have hundreds of qualified missionaries cannot go because we do not give.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
My husband's family are a bunch of bible thumping Southern Baptists. 🙀
Our boycotts never kept a movie out of a theater. Maybe the Southern Baptists need nukes.
I don't even talk about religion that much offline (despite being religious), but working with fanatical Southern Baptists will bring it out
I look rough as *** but I've spent my weekend with Southern Baptists so y'all understand
In the home of Southern Baptists. This is the strongest drink we have. HELLPP MEEE
Southern Baptist? Most S. Baptists chide at the term Evangelicals.
I'm torn about which side of my childhood drove me from Christianity: Southern Baptists or Pentecostals.
How the Southern Baptists are still completely failing transgender people
Morris Kennedy: Southern Baptists should dust off 1995 resolution and lead to help heal racial divide
I'm not a big fan of pagan holidays like Easter/Christmas even tho my grandma nem Southern Baptists. But I love that movie
Not Catholic, but I think in the right permutation, Southern Baptists can feel just as unworthy.
Southern Baptists to host racial reconciliation summit
Russell Moore on Racism and Southern Baptists: God Is Giving Us a Second Chance - God is graciously giving...
Yeah, no Southern Baptists for me either. Avoid them at all costs.
Depends on the believer, tbh. I could date a deist, or a spiritualist. NO Southern BaptistS!
That does not mean that current Southern Baptists are still racists, but that is where they started from
Southern Baptists split from Northern Baptists so they could support SLAVERY.which they said the Bible condoned
Only when viewed through a lens that reverses everything. Could Huckabee give us a history of the Southern Baptists?
We’ve got 2 Catholics, 2 Southern Baptists, a Wiccan, an atheist, & 3 who hate organized religion but are faith based—we’ll argue this, too.
Two years after Hurricane Sandy, Southern Baptists are still meeting the needs of recovering residents:
If you blame the media, read But if you want to read about Baptists respecting Ferguson voices, read
Where are all those Southern Baptists? They should be loud on this one.
The depiction of the Gospel at work in a denomination. Im thankful I get to serve within an SBC church.
split into southern and regular flavored Baptists, and then the snake people came along in the sixties
I don't want to see Southern Baptists write about how racism is real, I want to see them write that Liberation theologians were right.
Southern Baptists, transexuals, and .. oh my! . You're missing the Roundtable of Extreme Liberty! .
Okay I'm nearing serious anxiety levels - thanksgiving with Southern Baptists - not out to them yet - not telling them either - still wow...
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