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Southern Baptist

The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is a United States-based Christian denomination.

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The Southern Baptist Church is a specific culture in itself. So, I had ...
Carter is a hard one to figure. Calls himself a southern baptist, yet supports Palestinian statehood. I don't under…
He's been listening to too many Southern Baptist preachers.
To determine your Southern Baptist quotient take the number of syllables it takes to pronounce "The Lord Jesus" and multiply by twenty-five.
Mojave finishes the regular season 11-0 after beating Faith Baptist 42-36 for the Southern Section 8-man title on Saturday.
Thank you to for preaching today. I’m so thankful for the role of the in the life of the Southern Baptist Conv.
Went to Southern Hills Baptist & heard speak a few weeks back. I wish only the best for your church, much love.
Which is why I resigned from the NRA, GOP & Southern Baptist Convention a decade ago
You've never met an alcoholic or Revival Southern Baptist?
The Baptist church split into Northern & Southern after the Baptist Anti-Slavery Convention of 1840.…
I grew up in a Southern Baptist household. That book would have been banned.
I told my Mom that last year..Southern Baptist/Taliban..different outfits.
Are you really a southern baptist if you don't go to Mexican after church on Sunday?
pertaining to the state of Kansas to prevent the flow of drugs to the southern Baptist denomination
Is it a khaki pants and blue blazer Southern Baptist Church, or flannel shirt and beard SBC?
The Mexican restaurant down the road is THE southern baptist hangout on Sunday afternoons.
If your preacher didn't talk about the Iron Bowl, thanksgiving, or hunting this morning.. are you really southern baptist?
totally agree. Scheduling changes would have to be made...cut out the Alabama vs. Tennessee southern Baptist Christian stuff
I don't see southern baptist as an option. 😉
Brian Croft, Pastor of Reformed Southern Baptist Auburndale Baptist Church in Louisville is preaching at Landmark...
Just what this country needs...our entire public education system mirroring Southern Baptist Liberty University. 😒
The funniest thing about being a southern Baptist is that we don't clap to the beat of songs 😂
Calvinist Dutch Reform religion like DeVos make Southern Baptist look like child's play. Narrow minded, mean, & much more.
Glad to be back in the my Church! Ain't nothing like a Southern Baptist Church! ESPECIALLY in GA!
At first I thought it was a Star Wars episode with there outfits on, but it wasn't. It was just another southern ba…
(thick Eastern European accent) I am but simple southern baptist boy from mountain of North Carolina
Read/share this article re: Evangelistic Preaching I participated in w/ Danny Forshee for the Southern Baptist Texan-ht…
A reminder that the Southern Baptist Convention's stance on religious liberty would preclude certain current "conse…
Isolate the southern Baptist serpent & the head if the serpent it is cut it away from the body
I would be more worried if Signora turned out to be Southern Baptist/Charismatic/EJ/Yoido than Catholic. 😆😆
Southern Heritage - Sunday morning worship at Cathedral of Śt. John the Baptist in Savannah…
I can almost hear a Southern Baptist church organ blaring while reading this.
Is the quote related to the Southern Baptist of Texas Convention warned against voting for a degenerate Roman Catholic?
left our old Southern Baptist church in May. Sometimes I feel like I'm detoxing now.
This here fam, When I think 'tea party' I think of a 50yr olds southe…
That southern baptist parking lot, that's where I went to smoke my pot
That's so cute. But. My southern Baptist parents probably would have questions. I'll just get one 4 my little tree…
For Southern Baptist, however, not necessarily a disqualifier
Thank God, I say as a reformed Southern Baptist, these guys are nuts, but his next pick is just as bad.
David Fite, a Southern Baptist missionary was imprisoned by Castro and held for many years! Instead of becoming bitter, he prayed for him.
Well, that's on you. I'm a Southern Baptist too and I would.
Did you know that the Southern Baptist Church General Assembly supported abortion in the 1970's? . Booze and...
Um, as an ordained Southern Baptist pastor, I am not AT ALL a Roman Catholic. But, that does not mean that I...
but, my mom heard it growing up in Southern Baptist churches in the segregation era.
put it like this, as a Southern Baptist if Bannon was on fire I wouldn't dial 911 and deal with it w/ God!
will you help me pay me bills for the holidays & I am southern Baptist can we go to church together?
As a southern baptist woman, I am sure that I can hear god
Faith Baptist Post Grad loses 77 - 81 to DME Academy White in Game 9 of the Southern Turkey Shootout
Dmoi Hodge averages 31.5 PPG in the Southern Turkey Shootout, leading Faith Baptist High School to a 3-1 record for the weekend.
annual Christmas choir concert is Tuesday, Dec 13 at 7pm in First Southern Baptist Church. Admission is FREE!
i was raised as a southern baptist in KY; taught to be anti *** the teachings of the baha'i faith would not unlearn me, but communism did..
She brought old Southern Baptist to the game.
Castro was undoubtedly on the right side of history in Southern Africa
During my childhood, my father, a Southern Baptist minister, and my mothe...
Hey now...key words "southern baptist"! 😂 Don't mess with me...I'm a Mississippi woman! 💋😉
Congrats to the Southern Lab Kittens, Scotlandville Hornets, and Parkview Baptist Eagles on punching their tickets to th…
This is your reminder that Mike Huckabee is an ordained Southern Baptist minister. Yes, the lying, insult-throwing Trum…
Ironically, the Southern Baptist statement of faith says, "The church should not resort to the civil power to do its work." (1/2)
NewsOK - The new evangelical moral minority - If the Southern Baptist church can’t be bigger, Russell Moore wan...
Blessed to serve churches/pastors across North America.Thankful to Southern Baptist who give through that make it possible
I wouldn't be surprised! I always wondered if that was a trend in Southern Baptist churches or just my local churches... XD
Buy Miche Bag Online!
I follow a gal who's trying to bring to light the abuse in some Southern Baptist churches, which is covered up
20 Southern Baptist churches on list of Top 100 fastest growing in U.S.
I was a lay pastor for many years in Southern Baptist and non-denominational churches.
One of the biggest Southern Baptist churches in the country is trying to break the segregation barrier
I grew up Southern Baptist, so my experience was fairly conservative. ...
Oh wow. I grew up Southern Baptist too. We had faith healers in our church, which still creep me out.
Rod Bennett a convert from the Southern Baptist faith Rod only joined the Catholic Church in 1996 After intense study of history
The pastor that baptized us preached at a Southern Baptist church, but he was reformation. Jim Wood of Wears Valley Ranch.
Rick Warren could teach at my seminary. He is a Southern Baptist from one of the Southern Baptist seminaries. He is the SBC.
Merger of 2 Southern Baptist churches in suburban Denver brings revitalization, renewal, growth
Hoping a Jewish person, in racist America, become US president, is like hoping a Southern Baptist chair the Federal Reserve System.
I am a Southern Baptist woman and fully support Trump as our First Lady. Can't even imagine Bill Clinton as our First Gentleman
There was a lot of Southern Baptist preachers and some yelling ones but mostly we had a pa
Just in case there's any confusion, I'm a Southern Baptist, visiting the LDS Temple Square only as a tourist. 😀
Wait, is she Methodist or Southern Baptist 'cuz she's claimed both in the past month. Who believed the story?
churches have given over $113,000 to disaster relief in last 2 months. Work progresses. Proud to be a Southern Baptist.
I'm a NC Southern Baptist, living in one of the most conservative counties in the state. That truth is based in faith.
And don't tell me: he's a Bible believing Christian who worships at a Southern Baptist church.
Once again, an incisive look into Southern Baptist identity and calling by .
it seems to me that they are calling all Southern Baptist to stop flying the flag but maybe I misunderstood
I'm from the South. I'm a Southern Baptist. I have a conservative poin...
The PCA, Reformed Baptist, Sovereign Grace & Southern Baptist don't always agree, but what they do agree is silencing women in God's kingdom
Not an expert, but I think New C. is largely Southern Baptist and non-denom., not Presbyterian or Reformed (more traditional C.)
Being born and raised Southern Baptist in S. Georgia it is easy to see why christians vote As a whole, christians are a gullible bunch
Southern Baptist will be electing a new President in St. Louis this June. Thanks to Ronnie Floyd for leading us well for the last two years.
He represents what many preach against. In many Southern Baptist churches, he couldn't qualify to be a deacon.
Southern Baptist leader: Opposing Trump puts you "on the right side of Jesus"
I'm quite sure I would hear this in a Southern Baptist church, so I hide out in Catholic ones.
Great article from Albert Mohler on E.Y. Mullins: Southern Baptist statesmen, theologian, and educator.
Southern Baptist inspired Pastor Mboro gutted after losing cellphone he used to take selfies in heaven.
4 a black 2 have any respect 4 the racist founders of Southern Baptist and its seminary is like a chicken loving Colonel Sanders
Did you go to Seminary and also are u a Southern Baptist?
We are in a 15 year decline in Baptisms as Southern Baptist. -Dr. Chuck Kelley, President of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.
If a state has a Religious Freedom law, could a Southern Baptist use the law to deny services t… by
If this was the Southern Baptist, Dr. Adrian Rogers, he couldn't have said it in 1931. He was born in 1931
The power of God. It must be central to ALLour ministry and outreach efforts. Great read from Southern Baptist...
fact: Southern Baptist created at advent of Civil War to break off from Baptists to support CSA and slavery.
Have you heard ‘032316 Southern Baptist and the Holy Spirit’ by Revival Life Church on
Get a Southern Baptist's take on the Benedict Option:
WE NEED YOU!. All of this past week we have had the Southern Baptist of Texas Disaster Relief (DR) chainsaw crew...
We’re All at PICHR today: Chris Fields As a kid growing up Southern Baptist, all I…
This is WWIII, a religious war, and you don't have any ordinance against a Black Southern Baptist Christian Soldier!
It's like the Southern Baptist equivalent of Harry Potter.
Southern Baptist Texas Convention will be Kilgore until Saturday, assisting storm victims.
aye cuzzo check out Southern Arkansas and Ouachita Baptist, they was tryina get me to come to some camps out there
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
A Black Southern Baptist to which neither a fake Jew like yourself or a Muslim can touch!
I've thought about getting a fake MD license and start selling chastity belts to Southern Baptist families.
I'm obviously still a christian but not southern baptist. more non-denominational or episcopalian.
He looks like a southern black Baptist preacher in this and it comforts me lol
Jimmy Carter in why he left the Southern Baptist Convention.
Check out the latest news, insights, and opportunities from Southern Seminary Careers.
//I say that because of honest the Southern Baptist religion.
I have the opposite problem, half the family is Southern Baptist.
GOP get ready to filibuster next Pope if not a Southern Baptist
a mixture of southern baptist cookbooks from local churches. I've learned so many traditional techniques from them.
SBC President has announced appointments to the Southern Baptist Convention's Committee on Committees
There are plenty of reasons needs to be president of the Southern Baptist Convention. This covers a few
A vote for Trump is "deeply inconsistent with an application of the Christian faith." - Russell Moore, Southern Baptist Convention
Keep pushing that lie! Cruz is a southern Baptist...don't be scared.
Working at the is like attending Southern Baptist Church, &
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I know. I am Southern Baptist. Easy to spot a fraud. Starts with the pathological lying
Congratulations to Robyn Hari for her election to the Southern Baptist Foundation Trustees.
No his Father may be., But Ted is a Southern Baptist. A Mainstream Evangelical.
state now I am a real Constitution is conservative Christian I am a full gospel Jewish southern Baptist I've never been
Not sure if I want the plate 1)Will it give cause to the southern baptist to get plate 2)Don't need gods minions screwing my car
As a lifelong Southern Baptist, NOT what I want in POTUS! How Ted Will Show America 'The Face of God'
I’m a Southern Baptist vocally opposed to Trump, and even I found this funny.
The Southern Baptist Convention is conducting a survey for Southern Baptist Women to determine the involvement of...
this USCIRF is the same org whose Chairman, a Southern Baptist, calls Hindu festival Diwali "devil worship." Well done India!
This is a fascinating article. Full disclosure: I am ordained in the Southern Baptist Convention. I don't th...
Well known Southern Baptist pastors are endorsing Donald Trump.
I'm happy with my knowledge. Of course, I'm no southern baptist genius, just a Jesuit educated b.s. detector.
We're COMMUTING.. This is not a Sunday morning congregation at your nearest Southern Baptist House 'o God. Be quiet and sit down.
What did I write?? Really??? (And yes, things do change. That southern baptist Bush-lover I married is now a deist Democrat.
I grew up in a very small, close-knit, Southern Baptist family, where every...
Today on the Blog | Announcing our 2016 Committee on Committees of the Southern Baptist Convention
News: Ronnie Floyd to speak at CBMW National Conference:   Ronnie Floyd, president of the Southern Baptist Con...
I liked a video Conan Joins A Southern Baptist Choir - CONAN on TBS
no, shes not. Shes a Southern Baptist. Do u mean Ben Carson?
Southern Baptist disaster relief efforts are getting underway in our parish. If you have suffered water damage to...
sorry, a Seventh-day Adventist can't unite behind a Southern Baptist
From a British perspective-Two words: Southern Baptist. . They can't even just be Baptist. And oh the history of it!!
The North American Mission Board has more than 3,600 Southern Baptist chaplains who serve in the U.S. military.
Southern Baptist leader Ronnie Floyd preaches on politics, outlines issues that should matter to "true evangelicals"
Come on Governor Huckabee. Join the people and help support Trump. I'm Southern Baptist and I support him.
A 7th day Adventist and dominionist registers himself as Southern Baptist on profile for POTUS WHY we all know your entire family is 7th day
Obama worries about offending Muslims but not little Sisters of the Poor, Catholics, Southern Baptist, Israelites, patriotic Americans. 🤔🤔
Riverside Church: Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return. Growing up in a Southern Baptist c...
Find a good Southern Baptist church. They're not confused about what they believe.
I hear it constantly in my Southern Baptist church
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Wait. I think my denomination, Southern Baptist, favors separation of church and state.
I told LaLa I'm going to his home. He kissed me on the cheek & said "I'm a ol Southern Baptist boy, my door is like a church, always open"❤️
Last week at "I'm proud to be a Southern Baptist.". Today with Falwell's Trump endorsement: "I go to a Community Church."
Being a charismatic African in a Southern Baptist church is so sad.
Huntin' season and *** Barrel is like Easter Sunday morning at a Southern Baptist church!
You know your church is Southern Baptist when they sing happy birthday to someone during service using a turkey call 😂
I've been Southern Baptist all my life & I've yet to meet an Imam in church. But Jesus died for them too.
I was raised in a Southern Baptist family and church so this is new to me.
NAMB functions as a network that can help connect every Southern Baptist church to the next missional opportunity
My church was Southern Baptist. Highly entertaining! I loved it!
1 reason I'm deeply committed 2 reconciliation is b/c God greatly used an all white Southern Baptist church in eastern Ky…
Median sized Southern Baptist churches baptize only 3 each year. I'm so glad to God we baptized 25 last year. Best yet to come.
Sitting at a table w/ Southern Baptist churches discussing how to welcome immigrants & refugees & my heart is abt to burst! Thank you Jesus!
I have extremely mixed feelings about my Southern Baptist upbringing, but a strong stance against gambling is something Baptists got right.
39 Southern Baptist churches (I.e.) you find one that teaches a pure Gospel so it certainly stands that all denoms have issues
A couple of years ago, Fred Luter, a Pastor in New Orleans, was elected President of the Southern Baptist...
Come to Metro Van, Ed. We need Southern Baptist pastors who aren't sports coaches. Right and ;-)
Either a Southern Baptist or an Orthodox Presbyterian with ties to Westminster Seminary.
CP 2.35% over budget projection through first 2 months: NASHVILLE (BP) -- Contributions to Southern Baptist na...
The only thing necessary for a Southern Baptist to consider a Roman Catholic a Christian is for them to run for president.
So I buy my kids Advent cal sets every year. First time I got one, my former Southern Baptist husband asked me what it was.
Brad Pitt rejects his Southern Baptist upbringing via
Im sure his mother is so heartbroken:( she's so so sweet. . Brad Pitt rejects his Southern Baptist upbringing |
this first verse screams Southern Baptist with the melody lol
Hundreds of Southern Baptist volunteers aid Hurricane Joaquin victims
I've been taught to be a Southern Baptist. A MS democrat is nothing but a moderate conservative here.
I am working with a Southern Baptist church plant. It is called The Forge Community church in Allison Park.
College students answer call to help Southern Baptist disaster relief efforts in S.C.
Offset (of Migos) is low key a Southern Baptist preacher
The doctrine of The Trinity is vital to Christianity. Southern Baptist' hold this doctrine very dear
If I had to listen to 1 hour of a Southern Baptist preacher or get beaten to death , It would be a difficult decision.
Rick Barnes may come across like a Southern Baptist preacher but he gets after it in practice. It's a unique but demanding style.
Southern Baptist preacher reads aloud modern lyrics to concerned parents part 2 (Vine by
He may be Jewish, but delivery sounds like a good Southern Baptist preacher.
my grandfather was a Southern Baptist preacher so your tone's not going to work on me
Southern Baptist. My grandad was a hellfire & damnation preacher. From the age of 8 I knew I was going to *** bc god hated me.
Just got a press release from a Southern Baptist seminary saying they've found Noah's Ark. This is like, what, the 87th time?
"The only thing that Southern Baptist have to offer black Christians is stolen money". Dr. George Buttrick,. Madison Ave. Church in New York
Taking a break from studying to watch Dr. Al Mohler speak live from Midwestern Seminary's chapel on Southern Baptist's theological identity.
I am a life long Southern Baptist and was so touched by the Pope and his love for families & children. Take only blessings from his visit.
That moment when you nonchalantly comment on your favorite beer in a meeting room at a Southern Baptist school and every eye turns to you 😂
During the controversy, a Southern Baptist pastor slammed told her "take the log out of your [own] eye".
C J Mahaney is now listed as a Southern Baptist pastor. Under minister search for the SBC find this.
Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood to host first "transgenderism conference" at Southern Baptist seminary:
they are going to push it during session next year. We have large numbers is Southern Baptist churches that need to rake a stand
Southern Baptist pastor criticizes the actions .
There are lots of great Southern Baptist churches in our area. We hope to see you in one tomorrow!
Fact Check Did a Southern Baptist pastor criticize the actions of Kentucky
Southern Baptist pastor criticized the actions of Kim Davis. Read more at via
On Kim Davis and submitting to governmental authorities: An open letter to Southern Baptist pastor Russell Williams
Southern Baptist leaders to confer about the future - Washington Times
Week of Prayer for the Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network. Over 550 Southern Baptist churches in the Mid-Atlantic...
Apparently all the time Joe attended Southern Baptist churches was spent reading something other than Bible.
Okay historians, there's a confession floating around Southern Baptist churches that seems to predate BFM 2000, has 18 very short sections 1
the creator of Star Trek is Gene Roddenberry. He was raised a Southern Baptist so no, not jewish
Great interview where Sara Morehead details her journey from Southern Baptist to atheist. ~Melanie
So apparently goes to a Southern Baptist church but is Catholic and goes to mass as well... Interesting.
That's right. John Crowder is officially still a Southern Baptist
View from press box at Southern Baptist Send North American Conference at Bridgestone Arena. Mission is the focus.
It's my 21st...and I'm not quite the devoted Southern Baptist most of my family is.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Southern Baptist planters, don't be lazy or myopic: share how many evangelical churches per population, not just how many SBC.
So I see you are at the conference, Time to come out of the closet and proclaim yourself a Southern Baptist.
I was born Episcopalian (my mom), but switched to a Southern Baptist church when I was 3. (My dad's flavor.)
Hey RBC family, I have the joy of worshipping with 13,000 Southern Baptists for the next 3 days in Nashville.
2.1 billion spent by Southern Baptist churches last year on missions and only 153 million given to Lottie in 2014
frontman dad was a southern baptist preacher,Ed was not allowed to listen to rock music on Sundays.
Larry Baker is a southern baptist anti-christ.
when Southern Baptist Covention (writes this you know there is major pro-life political shift underway
A Southern Baptist is somebody who watches Carrie and roots for her mother.
With 30 urban church plant practitioners and NAMB Leadership. Exciting to be with Kingdom people as one not in the Southern Baptist "tribe"
As a Southern Baptist, I'm encouraged that our largest gathering (13K+) in recent memory is not to fight but to engage in mission.
Dancing to 'Wobble' at a Southern Baptist wedding
We cannot be adrift on denial. Dietrich Bonhoeffer was right when he said: “Silence in the face of evil is itself...
Stand Up With Moral Courage and Address the Planned Parenthood Debacle via Ronnie Floyd - Now is ...
The is Southern The NOW-REPUBLICANS were Whigs & KnowNothings just prior to joining Democrats.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Hardcore southern baptist squad, gonna turn the world upside down like s hymnal
.Hey, I'm a Southern Baptist and I funded ~33% of this:.
I am not Southern Baptist because I was born into it. I am Southern Baptist because of sound doctrine.
Southern Baptist church in New Mexico target of EXPLOSIVES; ATF & FBI investigating
lol im at a bar and i recognize people I grew up with in church here... Southern Baptist to be exact
Just passed a southern baptist Korean church in the most northwest part of Washington/the U.S. 😂
not taking any chances that is why I'm a southern baptist Jew
God loves misfits: from cold-blooded killers all the way to dignified Southern ladies..
That was more a Southern Baptist tradition rather than a Baptist teaching.
You know you're a Southern Baptist when this is in your Hymnal...
Southern Baptist participation in the enslavement of 4 million people was the worst crimes against humanity in history!
If u read carefully the Southern Baptist apology to African Americans in 1995, it NEVER apologizes for slavery only racism.
I am genuinely considering becoming an after finishing my Southern education. I just think it would be a better fit.
Days before the GOP debate next week, a couple of candidates will chat with Baptist leaders at a missions conference
"In the absence of an heir the sole beneficiary is the Southern Baptist Church.". in case you didn't hate him enough already
5 things missing from Southern Baptist leaders’ letter on ISIS to Obama via
Yeah. Pop just told me they hit two churches, Southern Baptist and Catholic. Unitarians unharmed.
Southern Baptist Convention has steered clear of this year. Can't imagine why.
My curls got too big once and a black male friend said it was 'Southern Baptist big.' 😕 LOL
Bro & I'm at a og southern Baptist church in Florida.. dawg.. dawg
WHEW when you Southern Baptist and you miss a good CHOIR SESSION of old gospel songs...YES
Southern Baptist leader to interview Bush in Nashville - The Tennessean
in ( Hobby Lobby ) paid for it to at least part & Catholics, Church of Christ, Baptist, Southern Baptist, Wal Mart, Protestants.
found at lots of small, Southern Baptist churches and Church of Christ
First they came for the Southern Baptists, but I said nothing, because I was not a Southern Baptist ...
Helen Alvare, professor of law at George Mason University, and Dr. Al Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist...
You're just 1 donut from a better mood/1 dozen from a happy office/2 dozen from looking like a Southern Baptist on her wa…
Not in my church? Baptists brace for *** marriage with bans on use of facilities: Southern Baptist churches across…
Sunday School Leaders "About 25-30% of baptisms in Southern Baptist churches are a result of VBS."
Southern Baptist congregation and neighboring Episcopal churches delivered a cross covered in notes/prayers to Emanuel AME.
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Are all Southern Baptist churches without air conditioning or is fanning yourself some sort of religious tradition?
From a Southern Baptist descendent of Civil War vets preacher--on
Southern Baptist leaders are praying for Great Awakening & recommitting to preaching Gospel/planting churches. Amen.
So glad that so many Southern Baptist churches are turning to for cultural issues.
Southern Baptist leader explains why flying the is un-Christian:
Fox *** Hosts another WRONG Southern Baptist - gets an F in history |
hosts ANOTHER MORON Southern Baptist - Dallas Pastor gets an F in history |
will Southern Baptist churches/pastors talk about their perpetuation of racism and white supremacy.
Southern Baptist leader vows never to officiate same-sex union
Russell Moore said the first thing needed is to "recover testimonies in our worship services in Southern Baptist churches."
The religion of the clan is Southern Baptist..So there is noway as a person of color I'm about to sit my *** up in one of those churches..
58% of new Southern Baptist church plants last year were non-Anglo churches. Pretty cool insight
“We strongly encourage all Southern Baptist pastors, leaders, educators and churches to openly reject any...
We’re praying for limitless men and women from Southern Baptist churches to say, “Yes" to being sent to the nations
Tune in 7AM. Go to Southern Baptist, this will be our Dietrich Bonhoeffer moment.
Southern Baptist president vows never to perform same-sex unions; says God defined marriage
Do grassroots Southern Baptist have a voice? Can they speak out? Will they?
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