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South West Trains

South West Trains (SWT) is the operating name of Stagecoach South Western Trains Ltd., a British train operating company providing, under franchise, passenger rail services, mostly out of London Waterloo station, to the southwest of London in the suburbs and in the counties of Surrey, Hampshire, Dorset, Devon, Somerset, Berkshire, and Wiltshire and on the Isle of Wight.

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Planning on catching one of these trains today?
Waving at steam trains and choosing which ice creams to eat have always been our favourite pastimes. Timeless, trad…
There will be NO trains in the Twickenham area tomorrow - here's everything you need to know
Reports that some train services have been cancelled on the Sydney rail network tonight due to crew overtime issues…
South West Trains Alterations to services between Richmond and Barnes
Evening team trains, I hope there is plenty of carriages on the North East - South West trains tomorr…
I had to get on a train when I’m still feelin ill, south west trains staff are on strike so trains…
In May I'll have been a for 3 years, with South West Trains and now Merseyrail. My life has changed so…
And when I worked at South West Trains I was also influenced by as well! I admire your wo…
Ticket dodger just got off at West Byfleet. Another epic fail for South Western Trains.
Why do South West Trains bus replacements wait at each stop forever? It’s already 20 minutes later than the time th…
bruh sbs trains and lines are so much better than SMRT ones ffs. Need new trains in the east west and north south lines
In 2014 I had just applied for a job with South West Trains. I was about to join the rail…
The drugs is coming from all over north, south, east & west. Trains, planes, automobiles & boats.…
it’s lovely of South West Trains to give out free coffees this morning except for me, who couldn’t have one bc ‘the…
More bad service London Overland. Wow, who is winning in the worst train service awards this week?? Close race betw…
For the 3rd time in a row the 5.40pm Macarthur via aiport line is on those hot trains with NO AIRCON. This is a he…
Wow south west trains delayed no way huh that’s crazy surprising like
"Let's bump up the ticket prices and keep the trains unreliable.". - South West Trains
Erm why is everyone just chill about the fact that trains are never on time in South West London? Cuz i…
What is the source of your so called "basic discipline index"?…
Agreed!!! What a joke.South West Trains just announced an upgrade to their fleet. Where a…
Morning. Can you tell me if I can use my free weekend travel passes given to me by South West Trains, on t…
can I use my FGW ticket tomorrow morning on South West trains from London to Devon?
How did you spot me so fast?? Now following you and South West Trains - riveting. Any suggestions?
I didn't think it possible could be WORSE than their dreadful predecessor South West Trains, but they are.…
South West trains are the biggest joke in the world
South West trains throwing people out of 1st class despite running 1 in 4 trains
Another day another delay with I miss South West Trains
Although, I'm not packed in like a sardine and having to deal with the p…
Oh the govt is going to shovel more £bn to the incompetent rail companies. Now South West Rail run by First Group t…
Is there any offers coming up like South West trains used to do?
Why are your fares more expensive than South West Trains? Reeling! 2 x off peak rtns from Wey - London…
A certain Dunkirk spirit on South West Trains tonight as service reduced due to strike and trains are packed. Oh to be back on the scooter.
Trains packed to the rafters, feel deeply sorry for the old geezer getting ma south west sauce breath blown into hi…
Try living in the wilds of Dorset & South West . We can go east or west one line (Gilli…
The far South West is the forgotten part of the UK. No motorway after Exeter. No airport a…
Sir so much of reforms, new trains and all in north n west parts of India, very very less in south...…
There were NO strikes on South West Trains until your government took their franchise away and gave it to Thanks!!
Wish South West trains would clean their windows regularly to take better pictures so everyone could see why I love…
It's South West Trains that go to Bournemouth, isn't it?
How anyone using South West Trains ever gets to work on time is an absolute miracle and no thanks AT ALL to said rail company
bring back South West Trains!!!. You wouldn’t be able to transport cattle in these conditions!
Ew. South West Trains has re-branded to South Western Railway and the trains are now like blue and grey rather than…
I know that! I forgot to put an laughing emoji on the end 😂. I just a South West Trains fanboy that's all 😜
South West Trains tell people to avoid London Waterloo for second day after derailment ^Met…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Avoid all travel on South West Trains today and tomorrow after Waterloo derailment
- South West Trains are no longer affected by the earlier disruption at Portsmouth.
"We are sorry to announce that the 8:00 South West Trains service to Portsmouth Harbour has been cancelled"
South West Trains to have new trains built by Bombardier 🚉😲
South West Trains are accepting tickets on their services between Portsmouth Harbour/Southampton Central and London Waterloo
South West Trains incident: Man hit and killed by train at Queenstown Road railway station
South West Trains pledges to end stigma against -
Reading passengers 'strongly advised' to avoid London Waterloo services in August. South West Trains has told...
South West Trains' services at Clapham Junction may be delayed by up to 15 minutes because of congestion.
I meant the train to get to London itself from Portsmouth. South West Trains she even the first journey would get me there-
Sadly South West trains are not currently accepting tickets on this route. ^Neil
Get me home 22mins late but that's acceptable right if you're South West Trains I am totally sick of you. Never a train on time
Delays of up to ten minutes on South West Trains between Earley and Reading due to signalling problem.
I'm sure south west trains would have been running, the train station wouldn't have been "completely empty" at half 5🙄😂
To all those I know struggling with Southern and South West Trains. The transport minister hears your concerns but…
Delays up to 10 mins on South West Trains btwn Clapham Junc & London Waterloo due to earlier broken down train at Vauxhall.
I hate south west trains with a passion
Win great prizes EVERYDAY with 24 Carriages of Christmas with South West Trains UK's ! Today's prize: day for two at Ca…
South West Trains are having a shocker today. Not stopping at stations/not setting off on time.
Give it to South West Trains... they appear to have half a clue what they are doing.
do we have to do a pod about South West Trains now, too?
South west cancelling all their trains today. What's going on?
Hi, tickets will be accepted on local buses, Chiltern Railways, Great Western Railway, South West Trains, Great Northern.
UPDATE: South West Trains draft in taxis to ferry passengers as disruption continues
That puts South West Trains' recent difficulties into perspective...
Delays on south west trains take the absolute *** gonna get kicked out of col at this rate
Hey South West trains, would it help if I got out and pushed? For God's sake, have a word with yourselves. Shocking service
A record breaking hour and a half for what should have been a half hour journey. Congratulations south west trains. Still awful!
Gazing into the South West trains- they all look so happy and on time this morning. They don't realise how lucky they are.
genius idea! Or borrow some OT ones from South West Trains/Southeastern?!
- additional trains will be running between Weymouth & Salisbury over the festive period, please se…
Big up south west trains for the delays last night and this morning. Making my first week in the new job more stressful GOOD ONE.
probably wondering why on earth they took a job with South West Trains...
Trains: South West Trains delays of up to 60 mins Weymouth to Poole / Bournemouth
they aren't. You lied south west trains. Again
TRAVEL: Delays of up to 60 minutes & some cancellations on South West Trains between London Waterloo & Basingstoke
Hi, South West Trains : Services via Basingstoke are disrupted due to a power failure at Basingstoke.
South west trains are a myth. They're forever getting delayed and cancelled
There are HUGE areas on the south and west side that have no trains and bus service is lacking and where you can’t call a cab
I was forced to go to the pub after work AGAIN because my trains were bollocksed AGAIN. If I become an alcoholic I'm suing South West Trains
God bless South West Trains running direct from Waterloo to Barnes.
On South West there are delays of up to 15 minutes between Waterloo and Clapham Junction.
. i use the scotland to south trains, east & west coast, 1st is often full, nearly full - no HS2 that far north planned
South West Trains are probably the most UNRELIABLE and nightmarish service ever made
- South West Trains will run a full service this morning, following the completion of engineering work…
Breast Cancer Awareness
'Massive flashes' as electric fault at Dorchester delays South West Trains -
'Massive flashes' as electrical fault at Dorchester delays South West Trains
don't get Southern Rail, we're South West Trains x
Service suspended on South West Trains between Epsom and Raynes Park due to emergency services dealing with an incident.
Class 456's on Shepperton/Strawberry Hill loop services: Now that I regularly commute on South West Trains as...
I have lived in London for less than a month, and already hate South West Trains with the power of a thousand suns
Yes you can. Or you can go via Waterloo with South West Trains. Grant
thanks! I would get off at Clapham Junction & change there for South West Trains to Southampton Central. They are accepting tickets
So it's not just South West Trains then. Turns out First Great Western are a bunch of useless tosspots as well.
Megabus, work with south west trains ... I've just brought a TRAIN ticket to London from Exeter for £1
South West Trains launches Community Rail Partnership in the West of England
Easier, more personal service for South West Trains customers moves a step nearer:
Free now exists on over half of so you can work on the go! via
Free wi-fi now available on more than half of South West Trains
It's the whole of South West Trains from my experience!
Update your maps at Navteq
Free WiFi now available on over half of all South West Trains services via http…
Off to county town of today on a day trip part of the South West Trains special promotion
"South West Trains were the second west rail company for late trains"
Delays on South West Trains between Wimbledon and London Waterloo due to congestion.
Morning. This is what South West Trains hope will encourage passengers to take the "Seaside Special" to Weymouth
so was has happened to the 6.14 from south bermondsey to West Croydon get the c e o out of his big bed now
This is Isleworth. Welcome aboard the South West Trains service to Hounslow only 😜. Waited ages for that 😂
You can never rely on south west trains, bloody fuming right now 😤😡
West Trains - Delays and cancellations between London Waterloo and Weybridge due to engineering works
South West trains is on a list of train companies that have some "very late" services
South West trains is tenth in a poll of significantly late train companies
South West trains is in the top ten of a poll of "very late" train companies
Buses on South West Trains between and South and
good evening south west trains. I am on the platform at weybridge and the toilets are locked😡 why is this???
South West Trains were the 2nd worst rail company for late trains with an average of up to 5 trains delayed each day
All trains from SOuth Bend West are cancelled due to derailment in Cty
No major work is planned in the South West Trains arae on Saturday 12 March. you need to check your spelling. ..area not arae
There are a number of closures on the South West of London over Easter some replacement buses will run.
Keep a close eye on the guard. He may be a Zygon. There are several working on South West trains, so I've heard.
More than 5000 trains significantly late in Britain in just three months GWR and South West in Top 10
south west trains skip stations to get back on time. This figure conveniently isn't published.
South West Trains expands free Wi-Fi to cover even more services from the capital to south west England
A + train operator is in a poll of ten significantly late train companies.
Other nights of the week are not as busy with first Off Peak trains after peak as Friday evenings from PAD to the South West. Grant
South west trains are worst then Southern! Every few minutes, the delay keeps going up. Useless bellends! 😓
The Yeovil Town travelling army - taking over South West Trains all the way to Waterloo ...
I prefer my journey on there now to South West Trains and the northern line. 😠
Yeah! Stagecoach (who run Megabus) also run South West Trains & East Mids Trains, so do cheap tickets on them at quieter times!
Traveling with South West Trains, X country, GWR and Heathrow Express tomorrow all in the space of 2 hours :)
South West Trains says sorry to commuters more than 300 times in ONE week :
TRAVEL: No service on South West Trains between Honiton and Exeter St Davids due to flooding at Whimple.
South West Trains - Lymington Harbour - Class 450 boats and trains together in June 2013
South West Trains conductor gives impromptu music quiz, briefly brightens day for commuter…
South West Trains says it understands passenger frustration over 'icy rail' delays:
Nooo he’s got a deep southern states accent. Ok gotta get off train now . *waves goodbye to sock-based romcom set on south-west trains*
fail... "Commuters give hilarious responses to set up for South West Trains' 20th anniversary"
another short formation on the 18:17 CTK to BTN route, wouldn't mind if you let pregnant people sit in 1st like South West trains!
South West Trains sorry for disruption caused by 'icy rail conditions'
South West Trains apologises for disruption caused by 'icy rail conditions' today:
South West Trains ask people to share fond travel memories – people have other ideas https…
South West Trains asked passengers to share their favourite memories. For me it'd be all the days I didn't have to travel with them!
You can fly all over the world but the last bit on south west trains is always the longest/worst
Oh god, won the war against South West trains, who continue to lead in customer service douchery.
South West Trains asking customers for their fave memories is hilarious
. Yep fine, retired from BTP now working with South West Trains as a Guard. Hope you are well?
Commuter writes to the Pope about South West Trains (because can't help.
Back to steam, I think. South West Trains 'ice delays' anger commuters -
20p cheaper for me to go to Morocco than go to work by South West Trains, and faster.
Japanese Train Stamps. Can’t see this happening on South West Trains, somehow:
The time I thought I was going to Surbiton and ended up in Woking due to no platform info -
Rail 'ice delays' anger commuters: Passengers on South West Trains hit out after icy conditions cause delays and…
When a social media idea bites you on the bum and turns out to have sharp teeth. There but for the grace ...
Story I found this morning for ITV - made me chuckle!
This man might just be the most popular train guard in London
Thanks to south west trains for delaying my train by 40 minutes 🙄
Epic fail! How can they be so dumb. South West Trains ask commuters to share fond memories of trains
Are you stuck because of the problems on South West Trains this morning?
"I really liked the time that you were over-priced, delayed & overcrowded – oh that’s every day!"
Trains into London's Waterloo suffered major disruption while Arriva Trains Wales was shut down by strike action. A number of South West
Count yourself lucky you don't have to use South West Trains or Southern Railway!
Travellers on the Southern Rail and South West Trains networks face problems this morning but commuters claim the weather isn't bad e...
INFO: Thameslink, London Overground, South Eastern and South West Trains services are accepting tickets on any reasonable route.
(1/2) Customers travelling via Dorking to and from London should travel on South West Trains services to and from...
Gotta love the *** at South West Trains for gracing me with this for the 2nd time in 1 week ❤️
Now this is unusual, South West Trains are reporting delays and cancellations due to "signalling problems". First time for anything...
South West Trains to reinstate rush-hour Reading to Waterloo service
South West Trains guard so delighted at a smooth running service he's giving a quiz to his passengers over the PA system.
Please consider signing: Strip South West Trains of their franchise - Sign the Petition! via
I don't see why South West trains bother putting up any train times seeing as 90% of their trains are delayed
I always get to sit down on South West but I never get a seat. How do we allocate capacity more efficiently?
Stagecoach fails to secure direct award of South West Trains franchise - thankfully
12 minutes in total. Thanks south west trains for getting my day off to a terrible start
Why East-West trains always run packed and North-South always underbooked ? Get 80% loading on all trains.
staff confirm that South West Train staff can't turn up to work on time - 1.05pm train is more than half hour late
Come on South West trains, put some heating on for your passengers!
thanks for sharing South West Trains, have a great Wednesday :) (insight by
Not my photo, just came across trains!! South West Trains... What a joke! by char_jane …
South West Trains WIFI is slower than a slow person doing something slow.
Incident at Woking causes major disruption on South West Trains
I don't want South West Trains to be my father! :(
If I could will a class action lawsuit against South West Trains into existence I would be doing that every day. So useless.
South West Trains broken again. If I leave work now I might get home in time for work in the morning.
south west trains in chaos. Someone's died at Woking. Last week surbiton. What's going on??
South West Trains - Major disruption between London Waterloo and Portsmouth Harbour. More to follow.
"Thank you for travelling with South West Trains"
More delays on south west trains from Waterloo. Great service for £17 pounds to use the train for 12 miles in total.
we're actually increasing services on our Exeter line, including a new SWT service from Frome!
South West Trains - to (via Staines) is being delayed at Clapham Junction owing to police incident
South west trains mug you off so much with their prices
they must have the same employer as South west trains !!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Hi Natalie, the South West Trains Smart card is valid for travel on our services between Basingstoke & Bournemouth.
Improved timetable will boost trains in south-west Scotland, on West Highland Line & to Lanark&Carstairs from 13 Dec
on saying our public transport has got better over the years. Er have you used south west trains recently??!! ✋🏽
Delays of up to 25 minutes on South West Trains between Haslemere and Guildford due to signalling problem.
Do you call this free wi-fi What a joke? 0.05Mbs ! It is the same every time I travel with South West
it's a nightmare. Couldn't get on for several trains. South West Trains just drain all will to live.
The award for most pathetic train service in the country goes to... South West trains.
How Is stagecoach keeping its franchise to run south west trains? Biggest mystery in the universe, overcrowding, delays and cancellation
South west trains just cause so much ag to my mornings 😤😤
This looks like it is for the South West Trains Smart Tickets, see here for further details:
I swear South West Trains sub title should be: "Due to a signalling problem"
How can the first train of the day be delayed?! South west trains are so frigging unreliable! 😒😡
think we were rather loud on south west trains.. Such a great afternoon!
Some trains will have altered stopping patterns due to urgent signal repairs at Kingsgrove. More info:
Delays of up to 20 minutes between Woking and London Waterloo on South West Trains.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
.Pl.plan for Japanese kind of Bullet.trains..from north/south & east/West..on elevated eay
- Great Western Railway and CrossCountry passengers may use South West Trains on reasonable routes
Dangerously packed trains? Delays? Alterations & cancellations? That'll be the new South West Trains Autumn timetable then
does anyone else find South West Trains to be freezing cold. the air blows like a gale with freezing cold air. now i feel freezing cold,
Somewhat unsurprising that South West Trains' refund policy webpage is 'not supported yet'.
I have had 3 hours sleep, South West Trains. Do not mock me.
I can't remember the last morning that both South West Trains and London Underground were running properly.
10 mins delay to a 35 minute journey is NOT minor. So sick of South West Trains
If I got back every minute that South West Trains was late, i'd be immortal.
FGW now GWR. Still the same useless service. Today's excuse is over-running engineering delaying peak trains from south west. Hopeless
..sirs..Like..Mr.Vajpee..made 4 Lane roads..Pl..think of Bullet trains.s…
Hold on, you are not South West Trains official page.
Trains: South West Trains have delays of up to 50 mins to/from London Waterloo due to an earlier signal problem
calls on South West Trains to donate profits to following 'charging veterans extra' scandal http…
Suddenly South West Trains aren't so bad... At least the worst they do is stick the heating on full blast during a heatwave
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Oh lordy, even South West Trains has those twee toilet signs. (At least they still have staff on the trains, mind.)
hey guys, I've got tickets for Madame tusads, would I get a 2 for 1 offer in south west trains?
that's South West trains for you I'm afraid.
You forget about South West Trains, who operate the service on The Isle of Wight.
Travelling in a sort of elongated carpeted fridge, or “the 19.47 service to London Waterloo”, as South West Trains would have it.
South west trains with a sense of humour. Excuse the poor quality.
oh yeah we're pretty tight. There's also that babe at south west trains who is most helpful.
I wonder if PRM-TSI work on the Island Line fleet was the cost that blew the South West Trains direct award
Best to contact South West Trains about this as they operate those services. Josh
Remember, the military trains for the environment they plan on occupying. South-West US in no way represents the Middle East.
I need to move to the south west where wifi exists on trains. 🙌🏽
Replacement bus service running between and due to engineering works on South West Trains.
Are you going Bournemouth? Because it looks like the South West Trains seats and carriage
South West Trains one step closer to 108-train fleet extension
They are almost as bad on South West Trains!
Hi. Local services mostly only going to Slough. You can change at Reading for the South West trains line to Waterloo. Grant
Sympathies. We get this day after day in South West Trains. Commuting nightmare that never ends
Ha, ha, ha and like the Interstate system; odd numbered trains run north to south and even numbers run from east to west and v.v..
that's the one! All trains West out of Paddington are 'delayed' hence the move south ...
Tube strike last night = walked from Euston to Paddington with only one suitcase wheel. Signal failure tonight = no trains to the south west
And in fact all of the toilets are out of order. Let's hope I can hold it, South West Trains...
Can you get to Waterloo / Clapham Junction, and then south west trains to Yeovil / crewkerne and then taxi?
all trains suspended and people being advised to go to Waterloo instead. Any1 from south west tonight is in a spot of bother!
They can go via Waterloo on South West trains. Grant
South West trains wifi is absolutely pony ffs 🐴
Should be saves their bacon. At least air con works on even if they do take ages...
Why the *** does South West Trains put so few trains with enough carriages during peak times? I refer to to 18:34 Guildford to Waterloo.
Hi. Tickets are being accepted by South West Trains and Chiltern Railways. -Ollie
exactly and it's not like South west trains or any other train company are having the same problem. Ah well.
The staff on south west trains are so rude.
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Hi. Ticket acceptance has been broadcast with Chiltern, Crosscountry and South West Trains. Grant
If I were in a band right this moment, it would definitely be called Death by South West Trains.
Still - at least it's not South West Trains!!
Cross Country, South West Trains and London Underground are accepting our tickets until further notice due to the signalling issues.
. did you pay South West Trains or a people smuggler?
Um south west trains i think you'll find that's my thing...
not entirely sure South West trains will let me on the train home with a pony. Think smaller and a lot cheaper.
that'll be?they cancel then! Same as South West trains 'running fast' so missing station to arrive destination on time
I thought were bad, but trains sound like next level of incompetence
South West Trains, trolling as usual, running short-formed trains to ensure even off-peak is standing room only!
South West trains offpeak anywhere for £20 return at the mo...
South West Trains is 81 steps closer to introducing all of its 108-train fleet extension
Extra space now available for more than 17,000 South West Trains passengers
Hello, are you referring to the South West Trains summer promotion? If so these tickets can be booked online & purchased...
South west trains continue to be my nightmare. 8:21 cancelled no explanation given. Late for work again
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Just 4 carriages at 7:30am?? Seriously South West Trains!? We're all going to suffocate and there's still 40 minutes left.
mums life on south west trains she was watching fifa strip montage with 100k views.. Oh wait
South West Trains platforms are full of friendly things today
That'll do, South West Trains. . That'll do. . (Said like the avuncular farmer in the screen classic "Babe")
Weekend engineering works on South West trains
Great 40 minute sauna on south west trains this evening. Cheers
and again!! Woohoo!! They do what they want, they do what they want, South West Trains, they do what they waanntt 🎉🎉🎉
South West Trains make me want to stab myself in the eye
South West Trains? Way too expensive. At least 30% more for me to go to Waterloo than Victoria (Southern - still crap, but cheaper.)
Thanks Mark, no it's because you're travelling with South West Trains therefore mobile ticket was not a delivery option. At...
Bought the cheapest Exeter to London ticket I could, transpires its first class! Living in South West Trains "luxury". bound
Apparently the Awful app and South West Trains WiFi don't get on
still no late trains after 23:30 back to Southampton!? Thought south West trains would realise?
Hi Oliver, we don't have ticket acceptance with South West Trains -Andy
I'm on South West Trains and as usual people are cramped like sardines because we're on a four carriage train!!! Appalling!!!
Passengers using South West Trains over May Bank Holiday weekend advised to check before travel
I can survive all day phone only except for the Victorian paper ticket crap on South West Trains
Evernote and South West Trains are also having trouble. Coronal mass ejection I reckon.
South West Trains doing what they do best. Being broken. I'd say like clockwork but their faults are more regular than the normal service
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