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South Sudanese

South Sudan (or ), officially the Republic of South Sudan, is a landlocked country located in the East-Central Africa region of northeastern Africa.

South Sudan Dr John Garang Majak Daw President Kiir President Salva Kiir

The Lutheran Church of South Sudan | Please pray for our work with South Sudanese refugees
"I have hope that I can now provide for my family" - training in agriculture…
deputy finance minister: US Treasury lifted a ban on a 2015 transaction by South Korean company Daewoo to Sudanese embassy in Seoul.
Okay we r now South Sudanese u happy now
100 children a day on average, 60% of the nearly 1 million South Sudanese refugees, are crossing into https:/…
Thousands of South Sudanese refugees arrive Uganda daily. Foreign Min. Gabriel visits a refugee camp to get an impr…
Today, German Foreign Minister visited Rhino Camp in Arua, Uganda where we provide clean water for S…
South Sudanese refugee obliged to report daily to security office in East Darfur via
86% of South Sudanese refugees in are women & children in danger of sexual & physical violence
The world has abandoned South Sudanese refugees
you should see the probs we have with South Sudanese "refugees" in Australia. All in crime gangs, bashing & robbing.
1.6 million South Sudanese have fled the country since December 2013
South Sudanese in Nairobi-Kenya need to stop poking their big noses into Kenya vote-rigging claims... De Kapduel
FM has arrived in Next stop is a reception center for South Sudanese in the nort…
I need to attended more South Sudanese events. I use to be out pa like ever weekend.
South Sudanese runner Anjelina Nadai Lohalith is a portrait in courage on the world stage. Story by kerry_gillespie https…
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my South Sudanese students, don't forget that the deadline is August 15th!
Not every South Sudanese considers John Garang our national hero. Please, don't force it.
Hi! Help South Sudanese girls to get educated to your level. Thanks
62% of South Sudanese refugees are children
A South Sudanese gov't ethnic cleansing campaign has triggered one of the biggest refugee crises in
Great to catch up with these South Sudanese/Australian basketball stars befor their game against Texas Christian Un…
Please help me by sharing and supporting this event in Minneapolis Minnesota 8/17/17 that's going to benefit South Sudanes…
This humanitarian crisis in Uganda is so underreported. Nearly 1 Million South Sudanese Refugees in Uganda.
South Sudanese are phenomenal *** too. There's is a shell country yet they hv courage to be observers
Despite ethnic divide, there is a chance for healing. Our former South Sudanese fellows show us how:
New post: Sudan takes new measures to control South Sudanese refugee camps after riots
South Sudanese refugees walk towards the Ugandan border crossing at Ngomoromo carrying their belongings.
I think every South Sudanese girl is already a model.
20% of women, 4% of men surveyed in a research carried out in Uganda among South Sudanese refugees, say they've been raped.…
South Sudanese refugees in Uganda near million mark.
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As the Archbishop of Canterbury visits, South Sudanese refugees in Uganda near one million mark
An association of South Sudanese Women in diaspora advocating for Peace return in South Sudan. Majorit…
Sisi, do you know an association called South Sudanese Women of faith for Peace
South Sudanese refugees in Uganda near million mark via
We are setting up a new child-play center for South Sudanese refugee children at Imvepi refugee settlement. It's the 28t…
Great cause for helping South Sudanese! I'll be speaking at this event, come out and support!
archbishop Justin Welby visit to South Sudanese refugees will bring hope to them
North Sudanese be having on their bios but hate South Sudanese. How that work bro???
South Sudanese refugees use mud to create their toy cows at Nymanzi refugee settlement in Adjumani, northern Uganda…
South Sudanese refugees in Uganda near million mark - Reuters
Displaced South Sudanese return to rebuild Malakal town
accepts on avg, 2,000 South Sudanese a day, but int'l funding goals are falling short.
A Reflection on Teaching South Sudanese for a Month by John Hobbins
The love and support shows to the South Sudanese community! You are appreciated, friend 😁
Check out photos of South Sudanese refugees in Uganda, published with our recent report
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South Sudanese should put Lawyers together and take their president to internal court or ask him…
What can the African Union really do when the Sudanese south is dying?.
South Sudanese artist Abul Oyay Deng creates public artworks/murals to highlight social issues and to honor women in the co…
Guys celebrating here should UNDERSTAND the MAGNITUDE of this new development! Ask South SudanESE the…
there are more than 2 million Somali. One million South Sudanese in Uganda. In Nigeria, we have many Beninese, Nigeriens, etc.
Currently there are millions of South Sudanese refugees in need of help. 86% are Women & Children. You can help. . ht…
My boy is saving the world. Millions of South Sudanese refugees. 86% Women/Children. Fight that https:/…
In search of safety: South Sudanese children travel alone to reach refugee camps in Darfur
Understood. I sat in the middle of hundreds in the South Sudan and hearing them worship in Sudanese dia…
"I feared I would lose my baby." South Sudanese refugee Christine, 26, was in her last week of pregnancy when armed forces…
Tired of war youth activists use music poetry theatre comedy & fashion to push for peace.
I'm assuming it means that North & South Sudanese people are getting along very well w lissa a5wan
South Sudanese president urges army to unite against tribalism.
One extension of our education program continues in Kitale, Kenya. 15 South Sudanese children are continuing...
These really shows how American people are still holding South Sudanese in their hearts, a relationship and support…
A Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee hearing on Wed calls for action against leaders to end violence.
We heard harrowing tales of the violence that many of these South Sudanese had fled. Pray for peace in their country so they can return home
Egypt is a friend of everyone who knows that there are in fact "Giant Beings" that…
they are millions of South Sudanese refugees. 86% Women + Children and no one is talking about it.…
Close to one million South Sudanese refugees have settled in northern as a result of the crisis.
‘I love every part of it, I love the fact my skin is unique and that my whole skin is one tone.’ Nyakim Gatwech, South…
Senate hearing calls for action against leaders to end
That is in your context. But if they denounce violent, peace, of course, will come to South Sudanese.
Ethiopia opens new South Sudanese refugee camp to ease congestion -
South Sudanese got one heck of a beautiful color
Please consider buying a shirt/donating, or at least read about what is doing for South Sudanese refuge…
Nice piece on how meaningless these ceasefire calls are. Only South Sudanese can bring this madness to a stop. When & h…
VIDEO: Celebrating - Learn the story of the South Sudanese team playing agai…
Ethiopia is to open a new camp for South Sudanese refugees amid rising arrivals
These South Sudanese women are being used as bargaining chips in customary courts.
Ethiopian empire to open new camp for South Sudanese refugees - The New Times -
health therapy after fleeing intense violence in South Sudan.Nearly all South Sudanese children arriving at Uganda's Imvepi and Bidi
In Omaha, Nebraska, a group of young South Sudanese refugees are learning to ball with the best of them.
Almost a million South Sudanese refugees in Uganda. This isn't going away without us.
John is amazing boy I wish he will be like late Dr John Garang who liberated South Sudanese people
Sudan government: Stop mass detention and deportation of South Sudanese refugees in White Nile State, Sudan -...
Why's Taban Deng Gai obsessed with . a-parked Riek Machar instead of ending the war, feed South Sudanese...
Arrivals of South Sudanese refugees in increased significantly in May
100,000 South Sudanese are starving to death right now and millions of others are in danger:
"the sons of Sudan’s horrid war" - South Sudanese, Seeking to Fit In, Stand Out in Australian Basketball
FACT: hosts 834,000+ South Sudanese with over 194,000 new arrivals in 2017 alone.
"At 17 years old, South-Sudanese refugee Buku Khamis came to Australian Rules football relatively late in life...
Dunno who she is, but I am MESMERIZED! Like, God took His time with her! South Sudanese women take my breath away 😍😍😍😍. ig…
The beauty of a South Sudanese. The beauty of Africa
NPR's released after being held by South Sudanese authorities for nearly four days.
Hamilton Collection
From South Sudan to the U.S.: young Sudanese men are "now being recruited to play for elite high schools in the...
Lovely to see the fantastic photography make it down under. Nice story on South Sudanese in Sydney
thank you for shading a needed light of South Sudanese crisis. More of the same is much much more needed.
This Catholic cathedral is providing refuge for South Sudanese fleeing war.
From South Sudanese refugee to a potential draftee! Buku Khamis is quickly making his mark on the footy field.
Fascinating story by on how Australia has become home to South Sudanese basketball players:
"only thing that will allow South Sudanese people to go home and resume their lives is peace" https…
Awesome story, NYT already killing it in Aus. 'South Sudanese, seeking to fit in, stand out in Aus basketball' -
Great story by South Sudanese, seeking to fit in,. stand out in Australian basketball
South Sudanese civil society coalition in Nairobi demands resuscitation of peace deal
Sudanese-Australian basketball players learn to become survivors — on the court and off
They came to Australia during the Sudanese war and found refuge in basketball. Elite U.S. schools are taking notice.
I added a video to a playlist The South Sudanese famine: food for thought
Coming up on UN petitions South Sudanese authorities for access to thousands displaced by fighting in…
On Sudan accuses South Sudanese gov of plotting to topple President Omar al Bashir's gov in Sudan.
90 days since they vanished on a Nairobi street, still no news of two South Sudanese men, one a prominent activist…
South Sudanese model Ajak Deng and Angolan model Maria Borges doing the most
Murray McCully told that South Sudanese refugees 'have a hope for the UK could play key role in fight against
Number of South Sudanese refugees continues to rise: UN - South Sudan News Agency
South Sudanese are victims of terrorism so its unwise to delay their trabel to US because of the president Trump trabel bans of six nations
Reporting from northern Uganda, which has taken in hundreds of thousands of South Sudanese fleeing brutal conflict.
South Sudanese fashion initiative works to protect girls from early marriage | Radio Tamazuj via
South Sudanese rebel commander killed after squabbles with other faction
Yei people want Kiir to end war and restore peace : South Sudanese minister
Reaching out to the South Sudanese refugees in Adjumani- Northern Uganda
The Juba’s regime under the leadership of President Kiir and his culprits are responsible for deaths of more than 70, 000 South Sudanese.
South Sudanese soldiers and rebels have clashed in a state bordering Sudan, killing at least 15 people
Hundreds of South Sudanese refugees have crossed into Lamwo in northern Uganda fleeing fresh threats of violence…
South Sudanese bishop Anthony Poggo to advise Archbishop of Canterbury on Anglican Communion Affairs.
Fascinating defense of George Clooney by South Sudanese authors.
A leaked report from the UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon details a series of events that suggests South Sudanese...
Meet the South Sudanese tribe who prize their cattle above family - INFORMATION NIGERIA
Secretary Kerry announced nearly $138 million in additional humanitarian assistance to help the South Sudanese people.
South Sudanese government under the leadership of President Salva Kiir has accused the United Nations of working...
South Sudanese became victims of Salva Kiir,rape,killing,torture ,starvation&threats are daily work of Juba regime.
IGAD won't help the ordinary South Sudanese much. South Sudan needs to reflect on the vision of John Garang , this is not what he wanted😥😖
S. Sudan refugee Olympians run for glory of lost home Nairobi (AFP) - There will be more South Sudanese competing…
Over 26,000 people flee South Sudan into Uganda; influx sets single-day record . Some 26,500 South Sudanese, mostly women and children, hav…
Fresh influx of South Sudanese refugees in Uganda. Recent fighting is pushing people out of the country again.
Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education Jonathan Moyo met today with South Sudanese Ambassador Gabriel G. Riak...
South Sudanese must embrace peace by themselves rather than demonstrating against their old times helpers
two weeks from now: South Sudanese athletes part take in Olympics under own flag for first time
Met this morning with South Sudanese Ambassador Gabriel G. Riak to review welfare of South Sudanese students in Zim!
Over 2,000 refugees are arriving in daily after fleeing war-torn
Biel to leaders: w/o violence "we cld be flying the South Sudanese flag instead"~
Dear Sudanese, a house divided against itself cannot stand. No outside intervention will fix your problems. Please, U…
JUBA, South Sudan (AP) — The number of South Sudanese refugees in East Africa could pass 1 million this year, the Unite…
2000 people fleeing each day into the majority women & children. We have pics from border
South Sudanese refugees continue to pour into Sudan. This factsheet gives an insight into the ongoing crisis:.
South Sudanese tribes are at war with each over power. After recently being at war with Sudan. Yup, diversity works.
90% of new S. Sudanese refugees to Uganda are women and children:
Thousands fleeing now into from war-torn Contact us for content & spox
2000 South Sudanese refugees arriving in daily after fleeing war-torn >
South Sudanese President Salva Kiir has appealed to VP Riek Machar) to return to Juba within 48hrs
Australian South Sudanese females are bad af...likely they are on point...
The South Sudanese army will fight foreign troops that attempt to enter South Sudan, Lul Ruai Koang, the SPLA spokesperson says.
Easing of border restrictions, checkpoints sees large influx of people fleeing fighting in Juba
Ethiopia: South Sudanese refugee population in Gambella (as of 22 July 2016)
26k S Sudanese have fled to Uganda: UN
| – More than 18,000 South Sudanese refugees have fled to Uganda since fighting began in Juba... http…
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Ethiopia: South Sudanese new arrivals in Gambella - Post 15th December 2013 (as of 22 July…
We estimate nearly 1 in 4 South Sudanese citizens are displaced
Total number of South Sudanese refugees could exceed 1 million this year
Many South Sudanese who are fleeing the recent violence have had to flee before
War: 26,000 South Sudanese have fled to Uganda, UN says via
over 18,000 South Sudanese crossed to uganda, Still expects more get detail
| – South Sudanese citizens showed mixed reactions to the news that troops could soon be...
South Sudanese authorities have to release Alfred Taban immediately.
A young displaced South Sudanese boy carries items donated by the UNHCR in the Kakuma Refu… https:/…
Re: South Sudan Civil War II: Hindsight is 20/20 but John Garang was right to oppose South Sudanese independe...
70% of South Sudanese refugees are children. And they're bearing the brunt of underfunding
Nearly 1 out of every 4 South Sudanese has been forced to flee for their lives
Also, does anybody know why there is a South Sudanese refugee camp in Kiryandongo, Uganda? Seems out of place.
If Isaiah 18:1-7 was not about Dr. John Garang then I have accepted to go *** South Sudanese brothers and sisters.
Civil society urge Festus Mogae to support hybrid court: A group of South Sudanese and international civil society…
Here are 4 of my 6 South Sudanese students that I teach in the Institute of Lutheran Theology’s Elijah Project...
Western & African friends must understand- rebelliousness of South Sudanese-a product of more than 600 yrs of Arab oppression- go easily.
Sudanese people: South Sudanese Views on the Independence of South Sudan | PaanLuel. South Sudanese ... North...
CAR: Thousands of South Sudanese refugees living in deplorable conditions
4,000 South Sudanese seek refuge in where they face challenges obtaining food, water, and medical care:
Central African Republic: Thousands of South Sudanese refugees living in de...
MSF teams in SE Central African Republic are helping thousands of South Sudanese refugees.
The influx of South Sudanese to West State & the region continues
.“Only few South Sudanese have regular access to TV, or the
South Sudanese man, 30, arrested after posing as teen at Windsor high school for six months via
South Sudanese man detained after allegedly posing as Windsor high school student, hoops star
South Sudanese man, 29, allegedly posed as high school student in Windsor, Ont.
South Sudanese high school basketball player arrested in Canada, accused of faking age:
South Sudanese christian/kafir terrorists kill 208 people in Ethiopia for the sake of some cattle
President Kiir and his Deputy Dr. Riek should forget the past & work 2 reunite South Sudanese & give hope 2 our people 4 better days 2 come.
South Sudanese gunmen killed 140 people and abducted 39 children, Ethiopian officials say:
DTN Libya Unrest: 'Wrestling for Peace' in South Sudan: Thirty South Sudanese athletes marched into Juba Stadi...
These "oppressed" people should talk to Simon Deng and the South Sudanese about their "oppression".😭
Grace Bol, a South Sudanese model, her face shots are always the best and has made great influence in the industry https:/…
Pastor George Abraham - a young South Sudanese bro with a great intellect made God like the coolest & sexiest thing today. Truly moved
The guy is a South Sudanese refugee, now in Syracuse. Had never filled out a bracket.
UNHCR extremely worried: Nr of South Sudanese refugees increasing rapidly while Response Plan only funded at 2%.
Growing food insecurity drives South Sudanese into Sudan
Hunger and ongoing insecurity forcing South Sudanese to flee country, UN agency reports.
May God intervene to help the South Sudanese who are in neeed
Thousands more South Sudanese flee conflict and food shortages
These Black Lives Matter activists in Toronto are protesting the police shooting of a South Sudanese immigrant man.
Am ready to join you am a South Sudanese but during holiday time because am a university student in juba university thanks
South Sudanese Model, Alek Wek was named 1997 MTV Model of the Year & was the first African model to appear on the cove…
Pres. y/day, received the outgoing South-Sudanese Ambassador to NGR, Amb. Makuet Riak at the State House.
For the love of Oz: Regional Landcare Facilitator in the spotlight
Food insecurity drives more South Sudanese to Sudan from
Hunger and insecurity forcing South Sudanese to flee: UNHCR: The UN refugee agency said some 38,000 people hav...
Food insecurity drives more South Sudanese to Sudan via
When you 1,000 South Sudanese civil servants benefited from systematic on-the-job coaching
President Muhammadu Buhari has urged the South Sudanese government to invest more in agriculture and not to be…
Food insecurity in SouthSudan is driving increasing numbers ofpeople to seek refuge in Sudan. http…
The Future of South Sudan: The dashing hope of the bread of freedom: The Future of South Sudan: Many South Sudanese…
Influx of South Sudanese to East Darfur stretches services: The Commissioner of Ed Daein locality in Sudan's E...
Hunger drives thousands of South Sudanese to flee to Sudan
Food insecurity drives more South Sudanese to Sudan
Sudan Tribune: Machar calls on South Sudanese to embrace peace
Machar calls on South Sudanese to embrace peace
Majak Daw warns South Sudanese youth over violence via
Majak Daw's message to South Sudanese youth: 'Violent behaviour will not be tolerated' |
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Majak Daw tells South Sudanese youth: 'violent behaviour will not be tolerated': The North Melbourne footballe...
They killed her husband. Then, the South Sudanese woman said, soldiers tied her to a tree and raped her daughter
How chronic poverty is ruining the lives of South Sudanese citizens: By Abraham Majur Mading, Kampala, Uganda March…
South Sudanese rebel leader wants a new chapter of peace - Sudan Tribune: Plural news and views on Sudan
The GPLM ( Peoples Liberation Movement) accuses the GoE of bringing in armed South Sudanese ethnic Nuers to inst…
South Sudanese child soldier making documentary about experience
UNHCR News Story: Born on the run: South Sudanese mothers name babies to reflect ordeal -
Sudan: Al-Dawalab acquainted with situations of South Sudanese refugees in White...
my friend Samuel wrote an inspiring reflection about the faith of South Sudanese refugees in Northern Uganda
South Sudanese opposition faction says for states based on federalism - bellaafrica
ome South Sudanese have been at Kakuma since an earlier civil war, between Sudan and southern Sudan, which...
Al Jazeera English: Victims of rape during the South Sudanese civil war tell us their stories of broken dreams: …
Going of Dr.Riek Machar to South Sudanese capital become a dream to everybody in Juba!!. The same lies I heard...
3000 Bibles in Nuer language delivered to South Sudanese refugees on Reformation Day 2015. Thank you!
South Sudanese president orders dismissal of Luka Biong from Juba University
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The first ever 100% South Sudanese coffee is finally being exported.
Nearly two million people were displaced by the South Sudanese. . .“We welcome this additional contribution from ***
Thank you to Dr. Riek Machar and his delegation for including the South Sudanese community of SD on his American tour
Why rejecting creation of more states in South Sudan?: South Sudanese President Salva Kiir has unilaterally de...
South Sudanese leader tells Omaha: Young people are key to future, and to peace - Omaha World-Herald
JUBA – South Sudanese President Salva Kiir has unilaterally decreed expansion of the current 10 states to 28...
Martin Elia: No key ministries to rebels: A top South Sudanese government official said President Kiir will ne...
South Sudanese President Salva Kiir has written to the Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni, informing him and...
South Sudanese flow into despite peace deal Read more via Sydney Morning Herald:
Golf fundraiser aids South Sudanese at Messiah Lutheran: Messiah Lutheran Church in Ralston is asking people t...
On paper, the South Sudanese government led by President Salva Kiir and its armed opposition, commanded by former …
sometime back a radio presenter at City FM wrote an article titled "dating South Sudanese single mother?, just...
Journalist killed in South Sudan after president threatens reporters: A South Sudanese journalist was shot dea...
Why regional and international community should decisively act now on South Sudan | PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese
News about Oct mission trip and appeal to buy construction equipment for the South Sudanese. .
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
A South Sudanese opposition leader who has been a leading critic of President Salva Kiir said on Wednesday he was barred from boarding a pl…
Driving youth to dirty politic based on tribe and clan will not help this country, South Sudanese youth need to...
South Sudanese rebels accuse government of starving populations -
South Sudanese are in dilemma of poor leadership between Dr Riek and Sava Kiir.we need this war to be end by all means by world powers.
Sudanese Armed Forces have indiscriminately targeted civilians in triggering a major humanitarian crisis »
what is the news on the S.Sudanese politicians with stash money in Dubai. Juba, South Sudan.
Only God I fear yo my goal is to be a South Sudanese millionaire
South Sudanese displaced people returning home from Darfur
Human Rights Watch (HRW) has accused South Sudanese government soldiers of carrying out “deliberate attacks on...
"South Sudanese rebels accuse government of starving populations"
South Sudanese rebels accuse government of starving populations
The DA wants President Jacob Zuma impeached over the recent departure of the Sudanese President from South Africa
South Sudanese are demonstrating across the country against proposed peace deal made by IGAD Plus. It's likely government will reject it.
[CONFLICT] Sudanese troops withdraw from South Sudan entirely
According to a recent report, over 2.25 million South Sudanese have been displaced from their homes.
Twenty young South Sudanese men and women finished training in
Pastors Yat Michael and Peter Yein Reith are South Sudanese citizens facing the death penalty for preaching the...
of interviews South Sudanese Baptist leader Edward Dima about ministry in South Sudan https:/…
Rights group says that the Sudanese government has bombed civilian areas in South Kordofan.
Kill corruption instead of South Sudanese .
---> Two Sudanese pastors could the face the death penalty in final hearing: The Republi...
"Proof of life" on providing identification documents for South Sudanese children of war.
Amnesty "definitively confirms" war crimes committed by Sudanese military in South Kordofan
I admire South Sudanese model Nykhor Paul's spunk; I just hope she can avoid a jail cell in
eh,I'm South Sudanese and my dad lives/works in Tel Aviv. Black people are not valued and thats from first hand experience in TLV
Juba (AFP) - A dozen patients have died and dozens more wounded are without care in a South Sudanese hospital afte…
Grace Community Church of Christ, South Sudanese congregation partnering with the Elizabeth Church of Christ are...
It looks like many South Sudanese did know what Dr. John Garang was fighting Jalaba for. . Do these people who...
Confusion among South Sudanese as who is the founding father of our Nation.1/ Dr. John Garang De Mabior2/ Salva Kiir Mayardit.
South Sudanese armed forces accused of sexually abusing girls and then burning them alive in their own homes:
Update your maps at Navteq
South Sudanese academics call for exclusion of top rival leaders after conflict: June 21, 2015 (ADDIS ABABA) –...
Christ Embassy Church appeals to South Sudanese to be God-centred
S/Sudan refugees arrive in Ethiopia at average rate of 102 people-UNHCR: South Sudanese refugees continue to a...
nowadays even those from northern Uganda are mistaken to be South Sudanese
South Sudanese security agents besiege opposition leader's house “The house of the SPLM-DC chairman and chairman...
Attending and supporting community dinner at Forest Lawn with South Sudanese family
Rebels conference did not review top leadership – spokesman ... had to again endorse the former South Sudanese...
I'm getting really sick and tired of South Sudanese politics but lemme shut up cuz I gotta go back to work on Monday
One think i love about the coverage of South Sudanese crisis is that, we at SBS Dinka have no group to support...
A 9 year old South Sudanese girl stated - 'It is because I have seen people die, I cannot fear again'. What a cruel would
Watch the Good Lie.I just donated 2 Join me 2 support South Sudanese Go to 2 learn more.
’s Solar lanterns bring smiles. to Sudanese women. in ,
Chasing darkness away: ’s solar. lanterns brighten up South Sudanese. camps in
John garang united South Sudanese now we have people embarrassing and betraying South Sudan
A South Sudanese woman nurses her 28-day-old twins back to health after giving birth to them while fleeing to...
I wonder, South Sudanese political space is occupied by blood thirsty politicians and Military officers. The are stuck with them
...South Sudanese are divided into wealth minority and poor majority... . God have mercy!!!
11 South Sudanese Churches you can pray for
11 South Sudanese Churches you can pray for: . You may not have any desire to come to South Sudan and its bor...
From on South Sudanese to another, you are an inspiration.
5 South Sudanese boys hospitalised in Kenya after botched circumcision via
Skyrocketing inflation. 16 mos of conflict. Collapsed markets. at the breaking point
problems for them, despite its natural that South Sudanese wanted independence after the civil wars and with Sudan becoming sharia state.
South Sudanese women are incredibly beautiful.
# of South Sudanese crossing into still rising:
Mother’s love: a Sudanese refugee feeding her baby in region
: South Sudanese opposition leader Lam Akol said today he appeared to have been placed under house arrest.
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