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South Sudan

South Sudan (or ), officially the Republic of South Sudan, is a landlocked country located in the East-Central Africa region of northeastern Africa.

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South Sudan was a pet project of Susan Rice (joins Libya in the pantheon of grand failure)
South Sudan killings of humanitarians 'could hinder aid deliveries' -
Drought and war are leading to a 4-nation African famine, the "biggest humanitarian disaster since World War II"
UN condemns ‘heinous murder’ of humanitarian staff from Unicef partner & calls on ‘all those in a position of power’.
"Scientists have been saying for years that climate change will increase the frequency of droughts."
The people of deserve better than just survival, writes in
First week in office, the AU Chairperson& Commissioner visited Somalia &South Sudan- no development without peac…
Look at DRC or South Sudan, they own all the land but they are killing each other like snakes or baboons
'Nuff said: "The famines are coming as a drought sweeps across Africa...Trump is urging Congress to cut foreign aid."https:…
You want us to send Leah McLaren to South Sudan to breastfeed the children there?
Fighting around Kajokeji spills over into when South Sudan official shot in northern Uganda on Saturday
"Shocking" killing of aid workers causes charities to re *** famine relief in South Sudan.
Samaritan's Purse is currently looking for a Country Director to lead our largest global field office. Do you have t…
South Sudan & the starvation tactic: how a regime blocks relief operations as a weapon of war -- at a time of famine. http…
Four famines in Africa and Yemen underscore the human cost of global retreat and America First policies
Murder piled on war/famine. Desperate news from South Sudan. Sincere condolences - & appreciation for aid workers.
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Over one million children now suffering from acute malnutrition in South Sudan. Photography for by Sebastian R…
Uganda cannot handle Africa's biggest refugee crisis alone. It is at breaking point. The world must step up to help.
Six years after its last famine, another is about to tighten its grip on Somalia. South Sudan, Nigeria and Yemen...
UN: Six aid workers killed in an ambush in South
7 aid workers killed in - local aid workers, people trying to provide food and aid. For shame:
UN "appalled and outraged" after six aid workers killed in an ambush in South Sudan
6 aid workers were killed in an ambush in South Sudan on Saturday, the UN says
Murderous attack - my condolences to GREDO >> Seven dead in worst attack on aid workers since South Sudan war began ht…
Death toll in attack on South Sudan aid workers rises to 7
UN peacekeepers provide urgently needed medical services to population in Leer
I want boots on the ground in every country! Anyone know anyone in Nigeria?? South Sudan?? Gogogo! ! !
``There's no such thing as free water.''. The worst humanitarian situation since WW II is about to erupt.
7.5 million people are affected by this famine. The Sudanese govt. is granting a new corri…
“I am appalled and outraged by the heinous murder yesterday of six courageous humanitarians in South Sudan."
From donating to the power of social media, here's how you can help those affected by famine in South Sudan:
Lawmakers now focusing on this now, maybe they'll focus on looming famine people were talking about in summer 2014
South Sudan: From a Sign of Hope to a Symbol of Sorrow
UN: South Sudan ambush on aid convoy kills 7
Since Dec. 2013, when a civil conflict erupted in South Sudan, 79 humanitarian workers have been killed in the world's…
From & strongly condemn killing of aid workers in 📺 More:…
News in the Humanosphere: Aid workers ambushed in South Sudan, 6 dead
News in Aid workers ambushed in South Sudan, 6 dead -
“We continue to welcome our neighbours in their time of need.” – Uganda’s on refugees
South Sudan attack 'could hinder aid deliveries' - "Shocking" killing of aid workers is causing charities to re...
Useful 10 mins video of the current war in etc by
"We're not enemies. They were humanitarians there to do good. They're not soldiers they have no guns."
For the first time since anyone can remember, there is a very real possibility of 4 famines breaking out at once
Six United nations aid workers wiped out in ambush in South Sudan – The Protector
Bad famine in South Sudan and they are not getting a lot of help. Give a little
UNITED STATES Rep to UNSC: Scorch earth campaign in parts of Equatoria by South Sudan govt armed forces
Japanese forces protected during the Gulf War and leaving South Sudan says otherwise - North Korea angle isn't new ...
Africa Union has turned a blind eye on South Sudan,Africa is too repellent on Aid.
on IG "A deadly famine has put millions of children in danger in South Sudan and across East Africa." ht…
New article on darkpolitricks: Going Underground - Save the on Man Made Famine in South Sudan
South Sudan to raise the cost of work permit for foreign aid workers from $100 per person to $10,000. . South Sudan imekuwa binguni?
South Sudan increased the work permit of NGOs tenfold from $100 to $1,000. Best described War is a racket, it always has been about business
Amy Goodman: Famine in Somalia, South Sudan, Nigeria and Yemen is avoidable
: What next for Japan’s peacekeepers after withdrawal from South Sudan? Earlier this month, Prime Minist…
South Sudan plane crashes, all passengers and crew survive - WAOW - Newsline 9, Wausau News…
Four passengers were injured in South Sudan after bad weather caused the plane to crash into a fire truck:
49 passengers & crew survive after plane crash lands at South Sudan… via
Important reminder that famine in is man-made & due to conflict abuses. Re-posting my old piece on this
Passenger plane crash-lands and burns in South Sudan but all 49 people onboard survive
Passenger plane crashes at South Sudan airport
.If countries continue sending food without stopping bullets, suffering in South Sudan will continue
THANK GOD that crisis is over. Now, about that famine in South Sudan?
South Sudan at the centre of what UN calls an impending global catastrophe across the East Africa region and beyond https…
PHOTO: Plane crash-lands at Wau airport in South Sudan, AJ reporting that all 44 passengers on board are feared dead! https…
A commercial plane made a crash landing in poor weather at an airport in South Sudan on Monday, causing several ...
A passenger plane crash-landed and burned in Wau, northwestern South Sudan on Monday, but all 49 passengers and crew survived
All net profits will be donated to via the JustGiving page for South Sudan
When relief orgs ask for food aid, but don't say greater cause of death is violence, are they complicit? htt…
South Sudan plane crash: all passengers and crew survived – maynaija news
Number of South Sudanese refugees continues to rise: UN - South Sudan News Agency
UNHCR and UK supporting South Sudanese Refugee Response in Sudan - South Sudan News Agency
Potentially catastrophic famines in South Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya. Learn more, help today: https:…
South Sudan and Equatorial Guinea partner on oil and gas
Horror moment passenger plane in South Sudan crashes and bursts into flames on runway
An important reminder that South Sudan's famine is the result of a failed political process. History won't forget what rol…
Hungry in a world of plenty: millions on the brink of famine:
A story I wrote about a young girl, who really is Amazing Grace:
Sad story of Kenyans trapped in South Sudan . 'MW
Passenger Plane Crashes at Wau Airport in South Sudan with 45 on Board (Photos)
More than 20 million people in North-East Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia & Yemen are facing famine or the risk of famine
The atrocities against women & children in South Sudan need an urgent solution and protective strategies in place for victims
A passenger plane in South Sudan has crashed as it was landing at Wau airport. The number of casualties is unclear.
'At the bottom 10 are Republic of Benin, Madagascar, South Sudan, Liberia, Guinea, Togo, Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi-the most…
Vast humanitarian needs of those fleeing violence are not being met
NEWS: A Passenger Plane Crash-Landed and Burned in South Sudan but All 49 People Onboard Survived - TIME | Details:
Plz kindly take action about . Ayaz Husssain he was . Kidnapped in sudan.
Plane crash-lands in South Sudan with 45 onboard
.of reports on Famine . in . should send more aid to stop the food crisis.
More people in famine zone die because of bullets than starvation, writes
SDF peacekeepers got in about 50 road accidents in South Sudan
At least 37 people were injured when a passenger jet crash-landed in South Sudan's northwestern city of Wau .
All 49 passengers and crew survive as plane crash-lands and bursts into flames at airport in South Sudan.
United Nations: Safe recovery of inocent young Engr. Ayaz Hussain Jamali from South Sudan - Sign the ... via
More than 785,000 people have fled violence in South Sudan for refuge in Uganda
More than 785,000 people have fled South Sudan for Uganda
Untold suffering: Hundreds of thousands of people have fled South Sudan for Uganda via
Once again ethnicity in focus. Horrible news from South Sudan. and refugees in Action needed! .
South Sudan . Oxfam’s team in Panyijar County is racing to provide food and other aid to people who have crossed huge swamps fleeing violence
If you have in ur bio please spread awareness about the deadly famines in Somalia, South Sudan, and Nige…
South Sudan spends big on arms during famine
with Kiir on the steering wheel IM South Sudan throne nothing can Change even if Jesus come back or late Dr. John Garang
Alice Yangi, from Eastern Equatoria in South Sudan, who has 12 children: "Women can bring peace in this world by...
AFRICA HEADLINE: South Sudan's Kiir says he has pardoned two jailed...
Starvation ‘imminent’ in South Sudan as conflicts stop food deliveries
Famine has been declared in South Sudan. Help us and provide lifesaving nutrition and medical care: http…
Human Wrongs Watch Just back from Kenya, Yemen, South Sudan and Somalia – countries that are facing or are at...
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Giving Birth in the Shadow of Starvation: South Sudan Famine Especially Tough for Women
"More than 20 mn people faced the threat of starvation & famine in Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan & Nigeria"
BBC News - Ravaged by war, now famine hits South Sudan
Positive energy is contagious. Share a meal with those in need in South Sudan now to encourage hope!
If we the government is not careful how tge oil in turkana is handled, turkana might end up like south sudan and sudan
Sudan's top officials fueling implosion of own countryLike Bannon's GOP is doing it! Avoid "Personal Responsibility"!
Heavy clashes btw armed groups in Jonglei’s Uror & Nyirol counties forced thousands of civilians to flee
My Brothers and sisters in humanity, of Yemen, South Sudan & Somalia are at deaths door
You can donate to here and support vital work for children
That is cute, btw just wanted 2know, if uknew any 1,that could help donate 4.4bn to Yemen, south Sudan, & Somalia? Please please
'First the war, then the famine, now the reckoning': has a heartbreaking report from South Sudan on
20 million people face starvation without an immediate injection of funds in Yemen,South Sudan,Somalia &Nigeria.
Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia and northeast Nigeria. 4 countries, 20 million ppl at risk of starvation in 2017, the year…
In South Sudan corrupt gov't blocks aid+no customs clearance unless you pay a bribe. Nutrition supplies stuck. Just got back
South Sudan is the second largest recipient of international humanitarian aid. Source: Oxfam.
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Yemen, South Sudan & Somalia are all war ravaged countries, what's Kenya's excuse?
Surviving South Sudan's escalating violence: life in a UN camp – in pictures. a real & sad situation
"On February 20, South Sudan became the first nation in six years to declare a famine"
East African countries Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya and South Sudan, and Yemen are at risk of suffering from a major humanitari…
JUST IN: UN humanitarian affairs official: 20,000,000+ people in Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia and Kenya face starvation…
UN humanitarian chief says 20 million people in Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia and Nigeria face starvation and...
Inside South Sudan: ITV News witnesses the human cost of man-made famine in the world's newest country
UN: world facing largest humanitarian crisis since 1945 with 20m+ people in Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia & Nigeria facing…
The world's newest nation is cracking apart. I just got back from South Sudan. Troubling, frightening, depressing. https:/…
SRSG pledges support for peace efforts in the Greater Jonglei
The UN is warning that 20 million people are facing starvation in Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia and northeast Nigeri…
UN says more than 20M people in Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia, northeast Nigeria face death from starvation, famine.
Just over the past week, a refugee camp in Uganda went from receiving about 1,000 refugees a day to about 3,000.
VOX POPULI: So, what was the PKO mission in South Sudan all about, Mr. Abe?:The Asahi Shimbun
spare a moment and remember ss4 jailed illegally in south sudan.join the campaign on SM your voice counts!
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Govt decides to withdraw GSDF from South Sudan -
are our sons, husbands and bread winners. Kindly free them from Juba Priso…
UN: world facing worst humanitarian crisis since 1945 with 20 million people at risk of starving in Yemen, South Sudan, S…
South Sudan is experiencing a famine of epic proportions.
Japan to end 5-year peacekeeping mission in South Sudan by via Stars and Stripes
Former Military starting rebel group in South Sudan
South Sudan - Formation of new rebel group called the National Salvation Front (NAS).
Why Helen Clark humanitarian services frequently concentrating on South Sudan only, while in Maiduguri the situatio…
Foreign workers in South Sudan are being kicked out diplomatically. Those work permit fees are crazy.
FMS students helping providing water for the South Sudan!
EXCLUSIVE: Tillerson is unlikely to attend a high level Security Council meeting on South Sudan. From https…
do you ever think it might not have been a good idea to create South Sudan?
Famine has hit parts of South Sudan. Share a meal for our emergency South Sudan campaign now!
“The fact that we were women, and not seen as a threat, was our most important asset” - Apuk Ayuel on fleeing South Sudan
The very creation of South Sudan was largely a U.S. project. More than most places, we owe continued engagement to…
South Sudan on the brink of starvation.
so when political killings of RSS cadre comes to issue, this newspaper goes to South Sudan.imagine if the same was about left.
Head of David Shearer on why leaders of are to blame for the country’s famine
More than 20 million people are in urgent need of food in Somalia, South Sudan, Kenya, Nigeria and Ethiopia
Millions of people in four countries are facing relentless hunger. Here’s how you can help.
In South Sudan, conflict sows seeds of extreme hunger
From starvation in South Sudan to fleeing war in Mosul- here is the week in photos
"Analysts say has become shockingly similar to .. What happened there is happening here".
heartbreaking, South Sudan's descent into chaos
Right now, South Sudan is being torn apart by Africa's worst war
AVafricanvoices: South Sudan on the brink of starvation
South Sudan on the brink of starvation
War Consumes South Sudan, a Young Nation Cracking Apart. -- why is ramping up its emergency re…
We're supporting mobile health clinics in to help children recover from To donate:
Frightening chronicle of the nightmare unfolding in South Sudan by and
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Fleeing South Sudan with all their worldly possessions in hand. Sometimes that's chickens, sometimes plastic jugs.
Coming to Kenya, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to hold crisis talks on drought and also famine hitting Somalia…
It's only in South Sudan, do they use the logic of demolishing one airport building whilst another isn't complete only to use tents🙄
War crimes continue in South Sudan. ARCSS in jeopardy. Human Rights Commission must do more.
Egypt provides South Sudan with arms and ammunition: al-Bashir » OROMIAPRESS
Pope asks to remember South Sudan: the second great famine of the 21st century
South Sudan just declared a famine that could put one million lives at risk
South Sudan declares famine in two regions with at least one million lives at risk
Meet Medina!. She is a sub adult chimp who was confiscated from Juba in South Sudan and arrived at PASA member,...
While near-famine conditions in Somalia and crises in Kenya/Ethiopia are caused by drought, South Sudan's famine is man-mad…
South Sudan's famine= 'breaking news' --writing has been on the wall for months. Yet wasn't prioritized- neither by govt…
South Sudan's government said that more than 3 years of war have led to famine in parts of the nation.
"There have been warnings of famine in Yemen, Somalia and north-eastern Nigeria, but South Sudan is the first to...
Famine declared in South Sudan, with 100,000 people facing starvation
Three years of war leaves nearly 5 million hungry in South Sudan
Breast Cancer Awareness
The real reason why there's a famine declared in South Sudan is because the white supremacists still implement "indirect…
Famine declared in South Sudan today. When I spoke to refugees of the conflict, hunger a common reason for fleeing
Parts of South Sudan suffering famine - government official
Famine officially declared in South Sudan's Unity State, where more than 100,000 people are suffering starvation
. More fake news. South Sudan trying to distract us from Sudan muslim ban.
May his soul R.I.P. He was a good friend to my Country South Sudan and its people. Will dearly miss him!
Famine in it's a race against time to avoid it getting worse.
Famine has hit parts of Nearly 5M people urgently need food, agriculture & nutrition assistance →
Millions in South Sudan in Urgent Need of Food, U.N. Warns, via
Famine declared in parts of South Sudan. Yemen, Somalia, north-east Nigeria all on brink.
South Sudan declares famine in Unity State: 100K people are facing starvation
ReutersWorld: Fighting in South Sudan has uprooted more than 3 million people.
Famine declared in part of South Sudan by government and UN - CTV News: CTV News Famine declared in part of South…
The famine was declared in Unity State, South Sudan. 4.9 million – more than 40% of South Sudan’s population –in need of ur…
South Sudan declares famine in Unity State -
There is a famine in South Sudan. The people sure would be helpful right about now...
Breaking: tragic famine now in South Sudan, first one in the world since 2011
UN declared famine in South Sudan today-1st since 2011. Nigeria, Yemen & Somalia at risk.
Six years after independence from Sudan, South Sudan only has only 200 km (120 miles) of paved roads in a nation the size…
Vulnerable people, caught in the middle of conflict, are paying the ultimate price in
The crisis is “man-made,” with civil war destroying the nation’s agriculture, officials say.
More than 1 million children are acutely malnourished across unrestricted access is needed:
Famine declared in parts of South Sudan |More here:
An official famine has been declared in South Sudan. I hope this manages to get a tiny bit of media coverage.
A UN World Food Programme plane releases sacks of food during an airdrop close to Rubkuai village in Unity State, norther…
Famine declared in South Sudan; about 4.9 million people in urgent need of food
Fighting has increasingly split South Sudan along ethnic lines, leading the UN to warn of a potential genocide.
⚡️ “Parts of South Sudan in state of 'man-made famine'”.
Could 3D printing revolutionise prosthetic limbs and care for amputees?
Trump on Sweden vs actual rape epidemic which is occuring, Milo on Maher and Pedo thing, South Sudan famine
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Famine alert in South Sudan six years into its independence.
Chairman of National Bureau of Statistics, Isaiah Chol Aurai, declares famine in parts of South Sudan.
On Transit Inward we handle goods to Uganda, South Sudan, Burundi and northern parts of Tanzania…
Hope to see a Greek, Armenian,Syrian Christians & Coptic streets in Juba to recognise their role in the development of South Sudan
For some that were in Juba, South Sudan or those that genuinely didn't know what did wrong pls check below 👇👇He lied & m…
Two top officials in South Sudan's military resign, rebuke Govt..
60,000 flee South Sudan violence: The United States is evacuating non-emergency staff from its embassy in South…
Hearing about the unfolding situation in Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen from Kevin Donnelly
South Sudan: Head of Mission ad interim: Organization: People in Need. Country: ...
South Sudan: UNHCR needs more funds to provide life-saving support & to address basic needs of 1.5 million refugees
students, preparing for South Sudan fundraiser, heard stories of survival from two Lost Boys of Sudan
New UNMISS chief calls for inclusive dialogue in South Sudan | Radio Tamazuj via
Pagan Amum calls for UN intervention to stop looming genocide in South Sudan - Radio Tamazuj
Our finance manager, Lea, worked at SP South Sudan for over two years and will now support South Sudan from headqua…
South Sudan government says planning to silence guns of war by 2020 | Radio Tamazuj via
Everyone is marching and speaking up for what they believe in. When are we going to do the same in South Sudan?
An appeal from the President of the Lutheran Church of South Sudan for partnership:
Kenya agrees to rejoin UN protection force in South Sudan | Radio Tamazuj via
Do not miss a special bulletin from the Voice of America(VOA) special focus on South Sudan at 8pm Monday to Friday on Arua One FM
Temper tantrum over: Kenyan troops to rejoin UN South Sudan peacekeepers after withdrawing when UN Sec Gen Ki-moon…
Machar urges new AU leadership to ensure peace in South Sudan | Radio Tamazuj via
Watch UN Secretary General address press corps on the South Sudan, U.S., Syria:
And given that South Sudan elicits feelings or memory of a lot of issues (war, refugees, famine, etc), it should have been more specific
CEPO urges UN and regional partners to take action on South Sudan | Radio Tamazuj via
King of Morocco to visit South Sudan tomorrow - Radio Tamazuj
I lived in Port Sudan years ago and visited Juba, South Sudan too. Both countries have very generous and kind citiz…
UN and regional partners call for immediate cessation of hostilities in South Sudan
A Kenyan dies in an Ethiopian jail & left another there, 4 others languishing in South Sudan. The gods dont know tyranny or…
I can't move abt South Sudan shouting their country 😂. I cant focus in hwarang cuz my dad is watching miss u right b…
Although he did miss Pakistan, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Tunisia, Egypt and Turkey.
South Sudan president in Ethiopia for African Union summit - Radio Tamazuj
Somalia, South Sudan and North Korea ranked most corrupt countries in new TI Corruption Perceptions Index.
I say I'm African American cause I respect this great nation, but my roots are in South Sudan
has decided to cut diplomatic ties with South Sudan and Expelled South Sudan’s Ambassador to Juba -
South Sudan: “Genocide is beginning to look inevitable. The situation could hardly be more hopeless.” -Africa exper…
SouthSudan has descended into such dehumanized suffering that some outsiders advise a temporary takeover. htt…
Deep concern in UNSC over violence and denied hum access in South Sudan. We all back efforts to reenergiz…
Should a country lose its independence, this is the question that world leaders are asking for South Sudan.
No sooner than South Sudan tells the wold that "we are not afraid of Ethiopia" , now this. Ajaa'iba...
Step 4 to = crop diversity. there are 30,000 edible plants on the planet? Read Aluel's story
UN Security Council renews call for more troops in South Sudan
United Nations, United States | AFP | The UN Security Council stepped up calls Monday for regional troops in...
Diplomatic row breaks out between South Sudan and Ethiopia | Radio Tamazuj via
Diplomatic row breaks out between and | Radio Tamazuj via
In Opinion: South Sudan’s demise is partly due to the U.N. Security Council via
UN calls for end to South Sudan fighting -
It's a hard life for the little ones in The POC..Protection of civilian sites Juba South Sudan. Photography Sebastian Rich fo…
Revoke independence of South Sudan? “The response to the crisis will need to be as extraordinary as the crisis”…
Hero taxi driver on mission to Africa | The Courier Mail - Courier Mail
A killer, rapists and corrupt leader Salva Kiir gives food/jobs to the opportunists and let them kill their...
Is trusteeship a viable option to end suffering in South Sudan? w Prendergast &
UN urges halt to South Sudan fighting and 4,000 new troops... Read More:
How to hold a fashion show in a war zone -
With millions hungry or displaced by civil war, a radical question arises: Should South Sudan lose its independence? http…
UN urges halt to South Sudan fighting and 4000 new troops
UN calls for “swift deployment” of regional protection force to South Sudan
by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) and the United . Nations Human Rights Office details grave human rights abuses
Here in white Nile state refugee camp KOSTI, Arab looted shelter of displace peoples of South Sudan.
South Sudan's civil war has spiraled into chaos with no end in sight
Army contingent leaves for UN peacekeeping mission in South Sudan
Tom Hiddleston was criticized for his Golden Globes speech for saying that he provided relief for philanthropists working in South Sudan...
My contribution to the South Sudan debate: .
South Sudan flag in Egypt during President Salva Kiir visit to Egypt pointing upside down.Sarcasm or grave mistake?
South Sudan national basketball federation names Jerry Steele, father of Samantha Ponder, its senior team coach thr…
South Sudan under salva kiir will continue to be a terror salva kiir should step as side.
9 Jan 2017 is Comprehensive Peace Agreement Day in South Sudan. Signed in 2005, it ended the 2nd civil war & enabl…
Tom Hiddleston spoke longer about South Sudan than Damien Chazelle at all (and he won 3 times).
Christian Slater's face listening to Tom Hiddleston's "people in South Sudan love me" speech should be on US currency. https:…
In the case of South Sudan, Salva Kiir, you are not the leader!
South Sudan army denies clashes with rebels in E. Equatoria
UN envoy calls to achieve full peace between Sudan and South Sudan
South Sudan's president to visit Khartoum soon: FM
Hope for South Sudan as fund offers President Salva Kiir $105bn budget support
South Sudan is headed towards President Salva Kiir and Vice President Riek Machar…
The warning of a looming genocide in South Sudan is a mere scam
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South Sudan to experience acute food insecurity levels
Kids in South Sudan will be wearing Detroit Lions NFC North Champions shirts next week
South Sudan army beefs up security, conducts illicit arms search in Juba
In 2016, the UN has issued more condemnations of than, "Syria, North Korea, Iran, and South Sudan combined."
A night mare for the people of South Sudan
South Sudan will succeed against all odds - President Salva Kiir.
Japanese troops land in South Sudan, fears of first foreign fighting since WW2
Three staff for World Food Program missing in South Sudan while delivering food. This will make it even tougher to avert hunger there.
It's worth it, Canadian aid worker shares experiences from South Sudan. Read Blog:
President Yoweri Museveni called for inclusive dialogue in South Sudan during his meeting with President Kiir on 22…
South Sudan peace talks: Museveni meets Kiir in Juba The President who was in South Sudan for a one-day official, …
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