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South Sudan

South Sudan (or ), officially the Republic of South Sudan, is a landlocked country located in the East-Central Africa region of northeastern Africa.

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South Sudan crisis is generating Africa's worst/largest refugee crisis since the 1994 Rwandan genocide. 69% of refugee…
Dear Sudanese Child, You can be whatever you put ur mind to, you have an entire Sudanese community & South Sudan behind you, roo…
Uganda receives one million South Sudan refugees
Mass drug administration in Central Equatoria, South Sudan: results and suggestions for future distributions.
Blessing is among the 1 mil refugees from South Sudan who've arrived in Uganda. Her mother says “It’s not good to h…
I added a video to a playlist New South Sudan Music 2017 - Gospel - Gumfok by All stars
"I never wear shoes I can't run in." . Poet Emi Mahmoud's powerful reaction to South Sudan's 1m refugees in Uganda.
In case you missed it:. Did Indian Army Troops Save Chinese Troops In South Sudan?
South Sudan: Today marks 1 million South Sudanese fleeing to Uganda, see
One million South Sudanese have fled to Uganda since 2013: see
I am grateful for He has done so much as a UN special ambassador to raise awareness of the dire situati…
Cathedral becomes refuge of last resort for internally displaced people: via
1,000,000 refugees from South Sudan but Tom Cruise hurt his foot.
Cathedral becomes refuge of last resort for South Sudan’s displaced
“The victims of this failure, so far, are the civilians. The civilians that we see around here.” -
As worsening violence in drives more people to flee, calls for urgent ways to find peace:
You can use this platform to give meaning to your life and help others. Your life is awesome, just ask…
 . Twenty million people risk dying of hunger in South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and the north-east of Nigeria,...
Ugandan officials say they are overwhelmed by the flow of people fleeing South Sudan's civil war…
“Sudan is keeping its doors open at a time when so many countries are closing doors” -
South Sudan refugees in Uganda pass 1 million mark, UNHCR renews call for help
1 million South Sudan refugees now in Uganda, UN says
What's making 1 million to flee to ? Listen to my podcast…
In Al-Nimir refugee camp in East Darfur, Sudan, calls for urgent ways to find peace in South Sudan:…
South Sudan is Afrika’s newest country. Before it’s split from Sudan after three years of civil war, and after its……
The Lutheran Church of South Sudan | Please pray for our work with South Sudanese refugees
Neither happiness in our unity, if John Garang is here South Sudan will be peaceful, Eritr…
We are inviting applications online for the post of Human Resources Business Partner, Sudan & South Sudan. . This...
A health fair in Virginia reminded of scenes he'd witnessed in refugee camps in South Sudan.
Kenya : Kenyans jailed for life in South Sudan cry for justice - Standard Digital News
An association of South Sudanese Women in diaspora advocating for Peace return in South Sudan. Majorit…
Ethiopian empire, South Sudan to fight insecurity at common border: ... kalla ... -
UN builds first female juveniles detention centre in South Sudan -
Let's help the refugees of the Civil War in South Sudan. Go here to join the fight.
.and dispatch from South Sudan: the surgeon treating victims from multiple war fronts.…
Japanese defense minister resigns over South Sudan scandal via
We just love this super model Duckie Thot originally from South Sudan
Among the many fragmented efforts to bring about peace in South Sudan
Fall armyworm outbreak affects farms in parts of & could exacerbate the country’s food crisis:…
'From Sligo to South Sudan...' Check out my entry for Let me know your thoughts! https:/…
UN OCHA has no trouble using word when speaking of South Sudan: why refusal to use the word for contiguou…
Next week's visit by Chief must be occasion to boost civilian protection.
‘If you are old enough to carry a gun, you are old enough to be a soldier’
Embassy in risks closure for not paying rent
First group of 16 Medical Regiment troops return to Colchester after setting up field hospital to support UN
South Sudan: 'When we came home for lunch our parents had been killed'
Our latest bulletin is out, with updates on the humanitarian situation & response in Read it here: https:/…
Kenya isn't immune to what we watch in south Sudan et al
Shinzo Abe’s cabinet in turmoil over alleged South Sudan cover-up.
Juba Union of Journalist (UJOS) condemn continued government blocking of Tamazuj website
New post (Khartoum inks deal allowing aid into South Sudan for a year) has been published on Travel Meets Munchies…
Union of Journalist in (UJOS) condemn blocking of Tamazuj website
I'm standing with South Sudan's refugee children with
People in South Sudan are facing potentially catastrophic lack of food. We're there, helping them.
South Sudan groups sign reconciliation agreement to operationalize the Arusha Agreement on the reunification of the…
Education is a key to Peace in South Sudan.
Please contact SEA Partners to see how you can help the children of South Sudan.
South Sudan embassy in Uganda 'risks closure' over rental arrears via
Aid workers can't reach all malnourished children in South Sudan. Photo:
U.N. peacekeepers protect ethnic Nuers in South Sudan from government slaughter in this camp. VICE on tonight at 7:30 a…
South Sudan government forces say they have captured Maiwut town after heavy fighting with opposition...
Update your maps at Navteq
Minister briefs partners on recent dev'ts in https:/…
'What is the What'—a brilliant, moving, heartbreaking account of survival through South Sudan conflict
Meet Rita Lopidia, peace activist from South Sudan, in this new podcast on
War and hunger are destroying families in South Sudan:
"Maybe getting a PhD & heading to the field was a good idea after all." Imran gets scientific in South Sudan…
in numbers | > 3.8 million people displaced by conflict. Read more on the crisis in South Sudan 👉
Just a heads up about project to help raise money and awareness for the refugees of South Sudan... https:/…
South Sudan is the newest country on Earth.
I liked a video Women used as bargaining chips in South Sudan customary courts
Economic hardship in South Sudan has pushed young girls to become family bread winners (file pic) https…
Nobody believes South Africa is more miserable than Sudan.
South Sudan: African Union Commission and the South Sudan Transitional Government advance on establishment of the …
Lutheran CORE first recommended Lutheran Church of South Sudan (give years ago. Do you want to support thi…
Divisions in Race distorts Unity H E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is fighting in Somalia and South Sudan to bring peace
The use of sexual violence in the nasty civil conflict in South Sudan is growing, says   10% Off
The deadline to renew for Sudan and South Sudan is coming up September 3rd.
Sexual violence ‘on a massive scale’ in South Sudan leaves thousands in mental distress
James' story is one that an estimated 18K child soldiers in can only dream of. We must https:/…
Unnecessary human suffering. We need to unite behind the UN and send supplies to Nigeria. South Sudan, Somalia…
South Sudan: “Do not remain silent”: Survivors of Sexual violence in South Sudan call for justice and reparations
New Amnesty research reveals widespread pre-meditated sexual violence on both sides of the conflict.…
This is Joyce. Though she'd lost virtually everything to the brutal conflict in South Sudan,…
South Sudan: Sexual violence on a massive scale. For our new report, we interviewed 168 survivors across the countr…
Premeditated sexual violence has surged in South Sudan’s conflict: Amnesty
Our Emergency Health Unit in South Sudan is there to give healthcare, and hope, to the thousands of refugees living in…
If you care please help and Re-Post. How to donate: South Sudan famine and Somalia, Yemen and Nigeria food crises
Premeditated sexual violence has surged in South Sudan's conflict: Amnesty
health therapy after fleeing intense violence in South Sudan.Nearly all South Sudanese children arriving at Uganda's Imvepi and Bidi
If you read one thing today, make it this: Girl Guides of South Sudan Have One Wish: ‘Give Us Our Peace’ http…
Sexual violence in conflict is pre-meditated, psychologically scarring, says
Whenever we talk about Biafra . They will say remember south Sudan . Is that a threat . Biafra case is different from s/Sudan…
In South Sudan Girl Guides learn peace-building skills & are counseled on how to support victims of rape http…
Amnesty report cites sexual violence on ‘massive scale’ in South Sudan, including in refugee camps
IRC poll shows that only about 15% of Americans are aware of famines in Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia & Yemen
South Sudan sexual violence on 'massive scale,' report says (from
Severe malnutrition South Sudan. Another life soon to be needlessly lost to a man made famine. Photography : Sebastian Rich…
New report: South Sudan general stores fortune in international banks as half the nation starves
At Jim Durrell Rec. Centre, preps underway for fundraiser 'Stop famine in South Sudan'. Proceeds going 2…
Priti Patel visits British soldiers in Catterick about to support UN Peacekeeping mission in South Sudan
Africa is facing its worst food crisis since 1947. There's famine in Somalia, South Sudan and IDP camps in North-east…
Local conflicts have a long history in Unity State, South Sudan, but so do local means of resolving them
Children ask political leaders to end violence in South Sudan
SouthSudan: the President of the Republic of South Sudan is HE Salva Kiir Mayardit - Hear his story!! Stop Arab genocide!
Uganda beginning to take key steps to combat trafficking of elephant tusks, pangolins; South Sudan must do much...
UN considers new base in South Sudan's Yei region
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U.N. considering opening new peacekeeping base in troubled South Sudan region
We call for peace & unity of South Sudan on their independance day.
South Sudan is no longer in famine, but many in the country remain in danger of starvation.
founder and executive director of Aqua Africa, bringing clean water to South Sudan.
South Sudan's Wau, fear and displacement one year on: [Phil Hatcher-Moore/UNICEF/Al Jazeera] ... Humanitarian agencies have…
South Sudan's million-strong refugee crisis is a test for the World Bank – The Guardian
Lack of coherent international peace strategy painfully evident in South Sudan: Enough's John Prendergast in htt…
20M people on brink of famine in Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan & Nigeria -don't miss today's briefing on the work of
South Sudan deports three American journalists via todayng
NigeriaNewsdesk: South Sudan deports three American journalists via todayng
South Sudan deports three American journalists -
South Sudan deports three American journalists via
The children of the world are dying, specifically Africa, particularly Sudan, South Sudan, Darfur, the Nu…
More than 1m people have fled South Sudan; biggest human exodus on the African continent since the Rwandan genocide ht…
The most suffering people in the world are South Sudan, Darfur, the Nuba Mountains and the Blue Nile.
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EU pledges Shs340 billion to Uganda for South Sudan refugees – Daily Monitor
Bullets, screaming and death on the side of the road: Amnesty says South Sudan ethnic minority forced to flee.
As peace remains elusive for most in South Sudan, it's even more urgent to help displaced+other people stay healthy, bus…
Food programmes are also running in the White Nile state where thousands of families have arrived from South Sudan fleeing fami…
Teenage pregnancy is very high in South Sudan yet there are few girls accessing family planning services. -Clara, midw…
Neighbouring countries urged on peace to resolve refugees plight. Most refugees in Uganda are from South Sudan.
Cities at war, Syrian polio, and crisis deepens: The Cheat Sheet:
13 Soldiers on trial over rape,murder of journalist in South Sudan.
Reporter took extraordinary risks to bring us this report on the unfolding genocide in South Sudan
“I’m grateful because my children and I are safe and will have a house and good place to sleep.”
South Sudan: FAMINE . Government: yes, let's bring in more V8s...
contributes $86 million more to South Sudan as civil war rages on
Today there are 22.5 million refugees. Syria remains the world’s largest producer of refugees (5.5m) followed by Afghanistan…
Why are there so many refugees from South Sudan?
Dear Whether you're from Syria or South Sudan,. We won't stop fighting for you.
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In Uganda settlement for more than 270,000 refugees from South Sudan, churches are an oasis of joy
.As more than 1,000 children continue to flee South Sudan, on average every day in search of safety.
We are all human. The hopes and fears of refugees remind us that we are all connected.
The 1st President of South Sudan going to
Splintering of South Sudan war makes peace more elusive: United Nations
of the day from UNHCR Head Filippo Grandi, on South Sudan's refugee crisis:
On reports from the front lines of South Sudan, where famine and war have led to crisis: https…
'The world needs to step up and do more'. UNICEF's on and refugee crisis on
LARGEST WEAPONS MANUFACTURER IN AFRICA: 1. South Africa 2. Egypt 3. Sudan (it claims to be third).
Internal documents detail UN peacekeeping requests for Canada in Mali, CAR, DRC and South Sudan.
Privilege to have volunteered with in Rwanda and South Sudan on gender based violence a…
War & hunger have forced nearly half a mln to flee their country in 2017.
Ghost Nation: An ethnic-cleansing campaign by the government threatens to empty South Sudan via
Millions of children robbed of childhood in East and Southern Africa via
Parents have turned to their daughters as a means to acquire cattle to pay for their sons' dowry v…
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
is the world's fastest-growing displacement crisis. Learn more:
On World Refugee Day, remember that crises in Yemen, South Sudan, NE Nigeria are man-made. And, with luck, can be stopped…
"We feel safe here": Thousands find shelter on the grounds of the cathedral in Wau, South Sudan. https:…
Uganda arguably has the most compassionate refugee policy in the world. It hosts millions fleeing conflict and fami…
South Sudan to push ahead with petroleum audit - Oil Review Africa
"Peace, hope and a sense of a future are essential.". is the world’s fastest growing displacement crisis:
Conflict and chaos as grapples with
I met Nyandeng a refugee from South Sudan last year, but the hope she has, I haven't seen with anyone.
Did you know approximately 3000 refugees travel from South Sudan to Uganda everyday.
ReutersAfrica: South Sudan's displaced see little chance of peace.
South Sudan's displaced see little chance of peace.
South Sudan's displaced see little chance of peace - Reuters Africa
South Sudan's displaced see little chance of peace
DRC: UN humanitarian office says Lord's Resistance Army stepping up attacks close to border with South Sudan .
20M people in 4 countries:. Nigeria 🇳🇬. Somalia 🇸🇴. South Sudan 🇸🇸. Yemen 🇾🇪. don't know where their next meal is coming from.
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"We have not seen crises of this magnitude for many many years." our CEO tells UNSC of famine threat in South Sudan, Somalia, N…
The UN has declared 20 million at risk of death in South Sudan, Yemen, northeast Nigeria & Somalia.…
After putting Riek MacHar under a house arrest, South Africa now doesn't want him to ever come back to South Sudan.
There is no South Sudan without Dr. Riek MacHar, the notion that South Sudan can have a…
South Sudan: statement from Riek MacHar as he addressed UN Security Council yesterday via video. Urges his release from…
Arrivals of South Sudanese refugees in increased significantly in May
Good visit by UK and Norway envoys with EU and US to discuss peace in South Sudan - here at Sant Egidio, later at Vatica…
Botched vaccinations kill 15 children in South Sudan.
South Sudan’s southern neighbour, Uganda is providing refuge as famine and violence mount.
World’s fastest-growing refugee crisis is having a devastating effect on children
What we must learn from South Sudan | NRC
Inspiring keep watch at gate in Bentiu, South Sudan - protecting 120k displaced civilians.
South Sudan: Those who escaped to Pieri have told teams that civilians were shot at, raped, killed and houses burned
The more I read about UNICEF, the more I want to hold their feet to the fire. Have you READ their internal audits?:.
Botched vaccination kills 15 children in South Sudan
South Sudan: 15 kids die in botched measles vaccination campaign. People as young as 12 administering vaccines
NEW report: people w/ in South Sudan face greater risks & harder 2 get assistance
Untrained people as young as 12 used a single needle and tainted vaccines.
Measles vaccine blunders lead to death of 15 children in South Sudan.
Children aged as young as 12 were involved in ADMINISTERING a measles vaccine, that officials said was not stored... h…
20 million starving to death: inside the worst famine since World War II. A report from South Sudan:
15 kids killed by contaminated measles vaccinations in South Sudan
South Sudan: 15 children die in botched vaccine campaign
I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:. South Sudan vaccination error kills 15 children -
BREAKING: 15 children dead in South Sudan after taking tainted measles vaccines
15 children die in botched vaccine campaign in South Sudan
Botched vaccination kills at least 15 in South Sudan after the same syringe was used on 300 children
May Allah make it easy for the people suffering in Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan, Eritrea and the rest of the region
Health workers vaccinated 300 children using the same unsterilised syringe and an improperly stored vaccine
15 young children have died in a botched measles vaccination campaign in South Sudan, government says
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Contaminated vaccines kill 15 children in South Sudan: official
accepted with equanimity the massive US arms deal with
Fifteen children die in South Sudan in botched anti-measles campaign
Botched four-day measles vaccination campaign in South Sudan kills 15 children, all under the age of 5.
15 children died in S. Sudan after receiving measles vaccines that were not properly refrigerated
Fed. Government to Match Donations for Famine Crisis in Northeast Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, Yemen https…
South Sudan exVP Riek MacHar urged UN to end his forced exile in SAfrica, allow him to engage in peaceful settlement of conflict
Kiir andMachar should be held to account fir the tragedy in South Sudan.
Pope Francis will not visit South Sudan in 2017 with Anglican Archbishop Justin Welby of Canterbury as he had hoped
NRC lists the most neglected displacement crises in the world: CAR, Congo, Sudan, South Sudan, Nigeria, Yemen
South Sudan's rebel chief Riek MacHar has urged the UN Security Council to end his exile and the international...
.greets community leaders in Juba, South Sudan 🇸🇸. Over 38K internally displaced persons currently live at this U…
. South Sudan rebels dismiss President Kiir's call for national dialogue saying he is not 'sincere'…
In sacking Gen. Paul Malong, most powerful & richest man in South Sudan as Head of Armed Forces, Pres. Salva Kiir is s…
Tensions rise as policy is pushed to breaking point, with nearly a million from South Sudan alone https:/…
Uganda General Insurance staff celebrate the South Sudan culture in style!
The officers are from South Sudan, Sierra Leone and
With him on the left is H.E. Charles Balvo, the Apostolic Nuncio to Kenya & South Sudan and Most Rev. Peter Kairo, the Archbishop Emeritus
South Sudan's army chief Paul Malong sacked via a presidential decree that was announced on Tuesday on national tel…
In famine-stricken South Sudan, mothers are forced to make hard decisions to ensure the survival of their children.
UN says South Sudan child refugees top one million
Sudanese president Hassan Omar Al Bashir prepared to intervene to end South Sudan fighting
Trinity Lutheran Seminary and College is operated by the Lutheran Church of South Sudan. Its headquarters is in...
Alex Wek and Grace Bol are fighting for peace in South Sudan via
South Sudan government committed genocide in Kodok town upper Nile state last fews day world must act strongly
Our Lord protects his people in the West Bank of the Nile and all the areas of chollo in Upper Nile State , South Sudan.
White Nile, North Upper Nile State of South Sudan to sign memorandum of understanding
Match day today between Somalia & South Sudan in the opening round of CHAN 2018 Qualifiers!
South Sudan: Humanitarian agencies pull workers out of Jonglei state
Similar quested asked by Salva Kiir President of South Sudan. even they don't know where has been spent.
Candidate Hillary Clinton invites Salva Kiir, President of South Sudan, to act as mediator.
Swamp-dwellers farm by night as famine ravages South Sudan
Read about our guidebooks to Sudan and South Sudan from Bradt Travel Guides -- a taste of Arab East Africa to...
South Sudan president,Salva Kiir has called for tolerance & acceptance,saying the nation belongs to all ethnic grou…
At least 14 people have been killed in South Sudan after new fighting erupted between government forces and the main rebel group.
The Development Secretary told President Kiir of South Sudan that the fighting that was causing the famine – and...
South Sudan famine: How the UK delivers lifelines from the sky -
Wel ruai buom ke jong. A case of South Sudan political crisis
South Sudan famine: How the UK delivers life lines from the sky
Happy Vasisakhi - Call to create Sikh Regiment in Britain; Priti visits South Sudan; all in -…
Strong message given to President Kiir of South Sudan on this week's visit by Priti Patel - conflict must…
British official: South Sudan's civil war is now genocide, with violence perpetrated along tribal lines
7'0" Ndiaye Ndukuo, Transfers to Roanoke Valley School from South Sudan here in the next few months, keep your eyes out for news on him.
Time is running out to stop famine in South Sudan: via
Read 📖 Living Level 3: the story of a young aid worker fighting hunger & fear on frontline→
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British official: South Sudan violence is tribal genocide
Interesting wider pictureCan Uganda’s progressive refugee policies survive the influx of people fleeing South Sudan?
'None of these crises receive the attention they deserve' . famine ravages Nigeria South Sudan Somalia and Yemen exp
I guess this a great time to go in and liberate all that oil. .
Which mobile provider covers most of South Sudan? See Add your recommendation.
20 million are at risk of starvation in Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen
Help save lives in South Sudan and 3 other countries Visit today
Famine has been declared in South Sudan, but what does that really mean? Find out:
Famine has hit South Sudan. Our help is important to save lives to millions of ppl. Donate through
Int’l Dev. Secretary Priti Patel visited South Sudan this week, witnessing in action & great need for safety & food.
'Sliding into catastrophe': could spread -
South Sudan’s people are starving under its government’s bullets | Opinion by . .
Children bearing brunt of refugee crisis
1.4m children in South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen & Nigeria "are close to death" on
Children bearing the brunt of South Sudan refugee crisis
This is the first famine to be announced anywhere in the world in six years.
This graphic novel about famine in South Sudan is so incredibly important.
Listen to WFP's Director for East & Central Africa talk about the crisis in "aid alone isn't enough"…
New graphic novel from explains conflict, shows what life is like for families in crisis in
South Sudan's war disrupts farming, creates famine (from
UK goes beyond UN to say South Sudan violence 'is now genocide'
DH: British official: South Sudan violence is tribal genocide
Errr. Isn't South Sudan the country that was created to prevent a genocide? I seem to remember George…
Winnie is very talented and passionate about South Sudan. Love everything about her.
UK says killings in South Sudan conflict amount to genocide via
South Sudan violence 'is now genocide' | The Independent -
Killings in South Sudan conflict amount to genocide - UK politician
Cyber-arms dealers offer to sell weapons to undercover Al Jazeera reporters posing as reps of South Sudan and Iran .
South Sudan violence is tribal genocide, British official says
Seeking safety: A refugee child fleeing fighting in South Sudan sleeps on a dirty floor at Ngomoromo border post after crossing in…
How 43 people on board mysteriously survived a crash landing at an airport in South Sudan. Credit:
'Genocide' has begun in South Sudan, says Britain
30M people across South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, & Yemen are currently at risk of famine. Learn more & how to help:
British official: South Sudan violence is tribal genocide
SOUTH SUDAN Appeals Court overturns life sentence for four Kenyans and 12 others over graft claims, refers case back to…
Priti Patel says South Sudan violence is tribal genocide
South Sudan was a pet project of Susan Rice (joins Libya in the pantheon of grand failure)
South Sudan killings of humanitarians 'could hinder aid deliveries' -
Drought and war are leading to a 4-nation African famine, the "biggest humanitarian disaster since World War II"
UN condemns ‘heinous murder’ of humanitarian staff from Unicef partner & calls on ‘all those in a position of power’.
"Scientists have been saying for years that climate change will increase the frequency of droughts."
The people of deserve better than just survival, writes in
First week in office, the AU Chairperson& Commissioner visited Somalia &South Sudan- no development without peac…
Look at DRC or South Sudan, they own all the land but they are killing each other like snakes or baboons
'Nuff said: "The famines are coming as a drought sweeps across Africa...Trump is urging Congress to cut foreign aid."https:…
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You want us to send Leah McLaren to South Sudan to breastfeed the children there?
Fighting around Kajokeji spills over into when South Sudan official shot in northern Uganda on Saturday
"Shocking" killing of aid workers causes charities to re *** famine relief in South Sudan.
Samaritan's Purse is currently looking for a Country Director to lead our largest global field office. Do you have t…
South Sudan & the starvation tactic: how a regime blocks relief operations as a weapon of war -- at a time of famine. http…
Four famines in Africa and Yemen underscore the human cost of global retreat and America First policies
Murder piled on war/famine. Desperate news from South Sudan. Sincere condolences - & appreciation for aid workers.
Over one million children now suffering from acute malnutrition in South Sudan. Photography for by Sebastian R…
Uganda cannot handle Africa's biggest refugee crisis alone. It is at breaking point. The world must step up to help.
Six years after its last famine, another is about to tighten its grip on Somalia. South Sudan, Nigeria and Yemen...
UN: Six aid workers killed in an ambush in South
7 aid workers killed in - local aid workers, people trying to provide food and aid. For shame:
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