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South Side

The South Side is a major part of the city of Chicago, which is located in Cook County, Illinois, United States.

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There is "the South Side" and then there is Kenwood and Hyde Park👍
Out and about in South Side, Pittsburgh. Buddy loaded up the jukebox with 7 Carrie Underwood songs.
Police to be on "couch patrol", urge for calm on South Side during Penguins game
Our waitress did this 👌🏼 to ask if we were okay and Blayze was like *** aunty she knows the boys of south side 76 south sign"…
While the rest of the Club has a bye, please come and support our Under 18 side will take on South Burnett at...
Driving through Cicero Avenue on the south side is hilarious. Straight up Chiraq atmosphere. Glad I experienced it.
Solar panels need to face south. Thus be on Mexican side of wall. They will be carted off within 72 hours by…
I ordered a Cakebread with a side of steak! @ South Beverly Grill
Sad day. Thriving Biz. Remington's closes after nearly 30 years on south side of Flint
Activists have worked so hard to bring a trauma center to the South side of Chicago.
ayye we lit mf ha ha u kno me mf I'm van da man from south side Chicago ha aha
Walls Ft. Vinci Southside by Kristian_idk . South Side Dodgers never ceasing to impress.
It also runs thru my veins also. I am half Arawak Indian from my father's side. Arawak tribe from Guyana, South America.
What's annoying are folks who don't respect free speech. I'm too south side Chicago to be silenced, intimidated or thin s…
Disturbing details are emerging following the bust of a cockfighting operation Friday. has more --
I walked around the entire south side to find some *** boosts
ARRIVAL OF A TRAIN in Paris. Lois Weber's SHOES when it premiered in Tokyo. THE JAZZ SINGER in South Side Chicago
Blind, mentally-disabled man shot and killed near south side park.
Thanks to 2 Chicago cops, eight South Side teens were able to go to prom this evening ...
They need to build a Canes in the south side already. Tired of driving 20 min just to go get some.
Will i find my next girlfriend at south side tonight. Stay tuned and find out
2020 Alex Urban (Canes South 15u) hits double off the wall. Nice approach with the bat from the left side
THAAD continues to prove itself a political football. And this time, it seems it's Moon's side that's fumbled it.
A Special Message from the Revolution June 10 South Side Chicago. This Summer We Get Organized for Revolution to Emancip…
Yo shout out to for doing the *** thing on the South Side. Y'all should def check out the Some Like It Bla…
Also ordered 2 cheesecake slices from south side 6 on a stressful whim. This is a cry for help but only after I eat these cheesecakes
The ultimate cereal bar is opening on the South Side
South side of Chicago student heading to Harvard demands respect for herself AND her community.
They took away the blue slushie flavor at common cents on the south side :(( bummmeeed
The use of restrictive covenants was struck down by SCOTUS in the late '40s but that wasn't the end of their impact…
Avi is now the man on The South Side! Heyward is a B player with an A+ contract.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Police seek to ID persons suspected of setting fires on Milwaukee's south side via
Gotta get off work gotta go to the east side gotta go back to south mil gotta go to the beach
Apparently, you can still park for free on the south side of revel…
I miss him yall...the originator of Ramonski h…
I really wanna go somewhere on the south side and watch this *** game. Cheddars or something
Larry, ready to rock?? Hello Come out to Century Bar, South Side -Reed and 29th…
In Houston, if you live on the North side & yo boyfriend/girlfriend stay on the South side.. you're in a long distance relatio…
Takei do me this one favor spend a month long vacation in Jackson, Ms. it'll open your eyes about…
Milwaukee police are asking for the public’s help in identifying suspects in several fires set on the south side
ATTN thank you for your service this week. Esp. that cop working ride share drop off on south side of Nissan. 😍
Lawrence needs a gas station on the south side with better access. PLEASE
Nelson strikes out the side and Norton is the Division 2-South champion.
.goal to jump-start job growth on South Side is generating discussion. https:/…
Man dead after officers return fire on South Side: Officials
Man dead after officers return fire in Washington Park neighborhood on South Side: Officials
Suspect armed with lots of irresistible fluff
Idk land acquisition ? City already owns land on the left side of the street if h…
Had she been from the south side of the Canadian border she would be spending her entire miserable life in prison.
South side needs a decent coffee shop so bad.
South Bend resident showcases the west side on '60 Minutes'
For Saturday's presents a split-screen film about life and loss on the South Side:
Now playing on Apache Ent Radio on Tunein app Lil KeKe - South Side
Welcome to South Carolina, the home of my great aunts and uncles on my dad's side.
? NEWS | Sri Lankan captain, Angelo Mathews, is likely to miss his side's opener against South Africa…
The South Side is over 5x larger than the North Side by area, but has around just 20 more miles of bike routes https:/…
You can buy a home with a private beach on the South Side for about $500K
Fans in full celebrations! mania all over! On other side Climax Shoot happening in Chennai (Mrng 6 to…
The greenway splits at Lake Wheeler and there probably isn't enough room on the right side o…
- love the new restaurant coming to Fishers, IN! Don't forget about Greenwood, IN on the south side!
From Slaughterhouse to Vertical Farm: The Plant is Innovating in Sustainability and the Circular Economy…
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Got a girl from the south side got braids in her hair
Yay kayak launch pads instead of food in the stomachs of starving black children on the sou…
With the construction going on the north side of we thought we would throwback to the south pier being recons…
May has been the worst and evil month ever! When is this ever gonna end? Ao bafethu! Senzeni bo?
Celebrating student growth at South Side with a percentage increase in six of eight areas…
South Side Agg at cha neck goin live all summer 💮〽️
South African Super Rugby side Cheetahs have received a formal invitation to join the Pro12. More here:…
Care about the of Chicago? Our state? Our nation? Get ACTIVE with Indivisible Chicago-South Side. Our FB: ht…
It's a long way to travel for an away game!. South African side Cheetahs have been invited to play in the Pro12.
Know I'm in Gwinnett but I think my *** Xay Gavin a kick sack tonight on the south side
This building produces food and beer. Add a couple of cots and Netflix and humans would never have to leave.
These are all metaphorical . Interpretations of the Dirty nasty side of the South that you found with a pretty mouff
Spoke with a girl from south side, clondalkin, in my taxi today who said she hadn't…
"South African side receive formal invitation to join the Guinness PRO12 - report"
Bike cop off side road catching drivers going south on kolb, intersection of kolb and 22nd.
Come and walk on the wild side with us & on South Purdown this Sat evening! Register here >>
"South Florida is a gateway for every other industry, why not tech?’” .
Hi Johnny, I know this is the other side of Devon but it looks like the South-west is going to be hit b…
Moncada, Kopech, Giolito, and Robert. the future is bright on the south side
A new Flash Flood Warning has been issued for parts of the south side of Corpus Christi, Flour Bluff, and the...
While on the South Side differences very obvious. We stopped ate had a great time.need so…
While visiting I loved that it was multi ethnic. We were down town. Took my Dad…
Check out the Sustainable Student Farm Thursdays from 10am - 2pm, May 25 thru Oct. 26, located on the south side of the…
AWESOME -- From slaughterhouse to vertical farm.
You ain't from the South side, dont nobody know your name. They don't claim you in the A
How protected does he feel in south side of Chicago? Take your chances in Brentwood? Broad brush you use for a select few.
To all my south side doctors that know me best/ . I am still not allowed to have any sex/why? I got that brain…
OFFICIAL: client has signed for League One Bristol Rovers from National League South s…
renewed my monthly bus pass at the South Side Giant Eagle on May 30. Pass currently isn't working but the money was deducted
After White Sox make him look mortal, Chris Sale says of South Side: 'A l...
18-year-old blind, mentally-disabled man fatally shot in the head on Chicago's South Side https:/…
treat with dignity in return to South Side, writes
Do you remember Rev. Jeremiah Wright? He was the Pastor at Trinity UCC, on the South Side of Chicago. Obama's Pastor.
Check out "Truth side by SOJA za" by MrGAVINPAUL Promoter from South Africa -
Maybe stay away from the south side of Jupiter:
Middlesbrough is on the south side of the river so its Yorkshire. No doubt about it.
hit me up when you in South Africa 🇿🇦 if you do end up this side. Safe journey brother
A row of sheep on the side of Newtimber Hill, Sussex, England. pxrtg
Mfs ah make ah killing ona weed out south don't none of these corn ball *** *** be out side with smoke after 1
I need to go outside and get some air and walk around but it's 2:15 am and I live on the south side. No thanks lmao
Blues Clues and Magenta Gender coming at you live from the south side🐶
CENTURION . UPDATE: ACCIDENT on the N1 South after the R21 Highway Interchange has been moved to the side of the road - DELAYS in the area.
[South Side Sox]With all the news that Robin Ventura plans on batting A.J. Pierzynski in the…
White Castle the only restaurant to have my food on time since I lived on the South Side of Chicago
Watch our FB live demo on coasteering on Hong Kong's South Side.
Todd Keebs Laura Marie Janov representin the. South side as they do is boneless!
South side rules no snitchin, but these rich yt kids got me thinking about it
Arriving at Airbus headquarters on the south side of Toulouse-Blagnac Airport, it was clear there…
Loud bang in South Manchester at 1:45am was a controlled explosion on Claremont Rd Moss Side. GMP say public should not w…
Old pix / new found / archive. Paris, may 2008 ? Interview with legendary south side US rap band…
ALRC moves for non-renewal of South Side restaurant's liquor license
PSA: never stop in the south side of Atlanta at 2 AM to get gas
Green light for 140 homes for social rental in Glasgow’s south side.
She's from the south side of America. So she has that rural influence when she speaks
Pie on at the South Side Dine Mr was far better 20 years ago.
I know it was a crew then called south side soldiers that were involved, not sure if others were with them.
Kishor Dhankude my friend,has conquered 2day for 2nd time.He is 1st Maharashtrian 2 successfully summit 4m bot…
I used to live across the street from the bank that got robbed. SO glad I got out of there. South side Appleton is falling apart.
I'll never forget when I got drunk af down the south side, got lost trying to find my car and had to send my friends my location to find me😭
I did! Could be seen from south side Chicago as well
Wasn't no telling what Travy might do on the south side of the HOU
Unit for sale in hamilton, vic - $380 Situated on the south side of hamilton, set back and hidden from the road……
the south was only 'right' if you mean right in leaving. The war was over power not ideology, in that sense no side was 'right'
essay title: "Monuments of Affirmation: A Documentarian Approach at Recording the Milieu of Milwaukee’s South Side"
plans for the South Side: improve Major Taylor Trail and Dan Ryan Woods and build Brian Piccolo Park.…
2 people arrested after fire set last night at Jackson Park Hospital on South Side
You know you're in the South when black folk start the electric side to any and every song. Current situation: Bruno Mars "24K Magic" 🤔
Please sign my petition to support better transit on the South Side of Chicago:
Portilllos, Giordanos, Calumet Fisheries, Jamaican jerk on the south side, and so much more ... you name it.
Well done team. I received many positive comments from Board members this evening. Proud of the great work you do s…
The lightning as seen from the north side of the lake looking south has been spectacular. Most of it…
thanks for the kind words. Class act from your side of the dugout. We'll see you down the road. Rep the s…
South side. Something special for u.
Storms into the west side of KC into Leavenworth and Johnson Co. radar is showing winds of 60-70 mph. Rpts just south of Lawrence of 65 mph+
"They're this gang of bikers who pretty much stays on the south side of town.". DJ as a Southside Serpent. Kath loves him for…
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I don't think much of Barry either. That's the point of my avi. He's realer as Indonesian Barry tha…
So am I south side or east side . . .
Have you been out on Broadway before? Its south side if PPG arena was next to Marios
14 years old, South Side and feeling helpless
The best tucson music is coming out of the south side
14 years old, South Side and feeling helpless (my latest Sun-Times column)
Interesting side note: Robert E. Lee freed his father's slaves 10 years prior to the Civil War. He…
Y'all know they gentrifying the south side all the poor folks gunna be pushed 2 the east side and y'all okay with it..
Got almost all the way moved in today!!! We're officially more south side then Joseph Allan Prendergast
Love to all my south side people all around the USA!!
In side Josh's Deep South there is a symbol of SC in it even though he wa…
I wrote about south and west side art museums and galleries to visit this summer:
Near like mt. Washington and south side. Literally a 15/20 minute walk to east Carson
Hand made, pan fried, sun dried, south side, and beat the devil by a land slide
Congratulations, and Indian cricket team on remaining No.1 in Tests in latest rankings
Chicago’s south and west sides offer a wealth of art galleries and museums
Some side streets are blocked off--like the Heidelbach intersections with Iowa and Delaware. People are still traveling south on Heidelbach.
Most of the bad stuff is moving south towards Blanket. If we were to get anything we would get like the side skim of it.
Imagine thinking you're gonna outbid the Yankees AND steal our top prospects? 😂😂😂 stay in ur lane, south side
Chicago teen to columnist: My cousins hear about gun violence and ask me if this is how they'll die.
The South Side of Chicago is where you get the real food at. . Downtown is fine too, but you'll get the real food on the So…
Haven't found a spot yet . But I'm on the south side . In pearland . I don't know these woods !
Don't let me down I wanna see Luis Robert on the south side. Get it done Hahn!
South side Chicago girls are the most beautiful. Don't @ me
Wherever Robert winds up I trust my good friend Rick (Hahn) has made the best move for the future of the franchise (better…
Be sure to check out South Side Craft Beer Fest Saturday Check them out at
Tashika Manuel-Dunbar had been talking to her boyfriend on the South Side when someone in a vehicle started shootin…
Please make a distinction between South Side and Hyde Park. If it is in the later then there's nothing to shout about.
A new Hawaiian restaurant is set to open on the South Side in June.
[Baseball Prospectus: BP South Side] Checking in on White Sox trade targets
[Baseball Prospectus: BP South Side] Where in the world is Brett Lawrie?
LA Fitness in Bakery Square just put South Side's LA to shame, wow. Wild layout also...def lost
[Baseball Prospectus: BP South Side] The White Sox offense is going to be bad for a while
Several Dogs Attend White Sox Game - Chicago’s South Side team hosted the Minnesota Twins tonight, as well as m...
The rest was a movie I cba uploading everything on here. All I know is and his homie were shook of south side of that river skr
Altercation with police captured on camera in South Side
The murals in my neighbourhood. Cliffside Village, along Kingston Road. South side, back of…
SWAT team responding to man barricaded in South Side church - Chicago Sun-Times
On the South side when in terms to agriculture, we are far more richer. Sorry not sorry.
Man in critical condition after South Side shooting
Best story w/positive solution offered for my beloved south side. Dad in Hyde Park, mom & us kids…
There are NO Cubs fans on the south side?
This is on Chicago's South Side. I was just there; it's a sexy space in historically Chatman nei…
True story in 2006 I dragged to the south side to see Curt schilling pitch Papelbon blew the save and the game went 18 innings
Right, but I want the White Sox to stay close. It felt good saying that the best team in Chicago plays on the south side.
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Black people killing each other on the South Side of Chicago each day is not beautiful.
Wrong! Libs don't want a wall. Texans want the wall and we support Ted 100%. Why don't you get on the s…
UNCONFIRMED: Man beaten and left for dead in South Side alley. Pittsburgh police suspect a hockey play.
Girl, the south side of Sacramento is no joke.
Never would wife the thotties down in the south side of Chicago. 🤒
The people who yelled the loudest at Obama's $400K for a Wall Street speech sure are quiet about the $2M he's giving Sou…
No, walking down the street on the south side of Chicago will kill people.
I bet if south side paid $400k per hour he would be there tomorrow organizing his butt off and the shooting would stop
Just send him back to the South Side, Dean. We'll take care of him.
Pittsburgh Police investigating this incident last night on South Side. talked to the witness who recorded this…
It was just announced that the South Side will have a new baseball field in 2018: Michael J. Zunica Field at St. Rita. Well d…
Here's another way the South Side is locked out of the decision-making process. Mayor Emanuel gave away 20 acres of Jacks…
NYC would never let Obama build a library in Prospect Park or Central Park—but the South Side lacks political power. http…
Located in Jackson Park on Chicago’s South Side, the Obamas hope the campus will help revitalize the area.
Got to see old Comiskey Park in South Side w/ the stone coming down, Fulton County Stadium, Astrodo…
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The Obamas to give back to the South Side of Chicago by creating jobs through Obama Presidential Center
New post (NEWS TODAY BLOG - Obamas giving $2 million to South Side summer occupations ...) has been published on -…
I might go to at South Side Ballroom in Dallas, TX - Aug 6
That section that is open is where they put the gate where ranchers can access the land, or homes that are left on south side.
See. They had a plan. Collect coins from wall street, transfer it to the south side of Chicago. You people need to…
The Obamas make me wish I was from the south side of Chicago sometimes
They must want the south side to come out of Michelle...
Yeah, so idk how to approach it. And with walking to the car... heck it's the south side of Chicago at ni…
Obama says 80 percent of construction hires and benefits for the center will come from the South Side.
The Obamas will donate $2 million to South Side summer jobs program
Police seek help in search for missing South Side girl via
Obamas back on the South Side for Presidential Center event -
We’re building a working center for good citizenship. Right here on the South Side of Chicago. Join us. See more at ht…
The Obamas announce they are donating $2 million to summer jobs programs on the South Side of Chicago.
The Obamas are donating $2 million to a South Side summer jobs program in Chicago
Tom Tom Washington goes big on the South Side.
Obama unveils design plans for presidential center on Chicago’s South Side
Hyde Park is one of Chicago's best South Side neighborhoods, but it's not the only one. Explore Chicago! Rent VUE53!
Shoutout to the Varsity Softball team for beating South Side today in the bottom of the 7th!
had fun working with you I feel like we had the greatest scene of all time "south side "
Clean air matters to & We're teaming up on community-based air quality monitoring on Chicago's…
15. Banyan Tree Ungasan (BALI). This is the quieter side of Bali, on shores south of Denpasar. Good for honeymoon or shor…
Dumbo in chief. If you build the wall please make America Great Again and get on the south side of the wall
Return it to the south side giant eagle after taking a gulp out of it
What's the best Harolds on the South Side?
It’s a beautiful day on the South Side.
The Civil War has is not North v South but Freedom v Anarchists. All liberal po…
Today spoke with young leaders on the South Side of Chicago. His advice to the next generation of engaged…
Probably somewhere on the south side 😂😂
The view on Indy's south side, Perry Twshp.
It's called the In Motion Chiropractor. It's on highway 60 on the south side of town. Near your work!! Lol
.shot another community member today on the south side. On May 6th we march.
Come here baby, yeah, U sexy mutha. We're all alone in a villa on the Rivera that's in France on the south side in case U ca…
Who wants to see Lil’ Wayne on Friday, April 28th?? 👀. Come see him live at South Side Ballroom 😎…
It's makes me so happy we are getting a gold's gym on the south side 😊😊
.killer's identity is no secret, according to a Blood Piru OG.
All good so far. South side of wynne got hit hard several trees down on houses and Roads
A GoFundMe has been created to raise money for the original artist behind the South Side Michelle Obama mural
Today killed another community member on the south side.
Born and raised in the city..on the South Side. Grew up on 92nd and Ellis, about a 15 minute drive from Comiskey P…
Check out this Asian/Amerian Bistro & Cocktail Bar located in South Side! 50% off!
Obama launches Chicago trip with visit to South Side job training group -……
You'd on the side of the highway just south of Columbus
A visual representation of a true Queen from the South Side of Chicago
Michelle Obama mural in the South Side of Chicago. . Artwork By:
Chicago's South Side really has no chill...
i live on the south side of Fort Wayne, if u see him PLEASE CONTACT ME im so heartbroken i just want him home PLEASE RET…
IMPD on scene of west side shooting where one male has been shot -scene is in the 400 blocked of Exeter Ave, just south of Michigan St
Ocean Park Hong Kong is set beautifully in the south side if Hong Kong island, looking over the South China Sea.…
Was it the north side or south side of the m3?
Public restrooms on the side of the highway here in South Africa are an interesting experience. John Wayne toilet paper.
this is the crap i see at work during on call. Power restored after second crash on Youngstown's South Side
I hate drivin on the south side, ain't nothin but the police out here
Soweto 😩 that's the New York of South Africa... yal are Balling that side
"Traditional working class areas in the south side" = code for wherever there's a potential sizeable orange…
The best country side God ever put south of the equator...
I'm all the way in South Africa and I don't think he is planning to come this side anytime soon :(
Lol that would be more southwest. I was on the south side near where I used to live.
I can't mess with the south side that just ain't the side of town for me. 🐖
Got a girl from the south side. Got braids in her hair 💋
Today we have a upcoming Artist from the south side called Bunzi who will be releasing his new track "Agents"
Stone sculpture above the porch on the south side of the main house ,St George and the dragon
To the girl from the South Side who took on a role she didn't ask for and made it her own: Happy Birthday, Michelle. I love yo…
The crack heads on the south side tho 💀😂
what about South languages in noth side. Do they do mandatory for north side too?
The only reason this is getting so much coverage is cause of where it don't ever hear about shootings down…
On the good side, I miss nothing about that country in the south 😑
Have a great day Dylan. I hope you missed last nights game on TV. It was on the south side of the wo…
Thought, there was a first in Make League Baseball, and it happened on Chicago's South Side: The White Sox...
Dysfunctional *** family in South Side Chicago that has its drama within the family and love outside the family.
Just by the border on the South African side.
What's life with out tattoos after dark in a random home on the south side ✌
A Muslim woman was stabbed and beaten in Milwaukee by a man who wanted to remove her headscarf. Later had a seizure. https:…
UPDATE: Later he was treated at Jack's on the South Side. Patient was given fluids (Iron City) and t…
Suspect charged in sexual attack on jogger off lakefront bike path on South Side
Arrest made in sexual attack on jogger on South Side lakefront bike path
Police say a Cook County Circuit Court judge has been shot to death outside his home on the South Side of Chicago.
Arrest made in restaurant shooting that left 4 dead on Chicago's South Side, according to police
Opening daze on the South Side as White Sox make Tigers stand around
Striking images capture black life on Chicago's South Side in 1941
Like the new logo for Indivisible Chicago-South Side? Thanks
State police investigating Dan Ryan shooting on South Side
White Sox are the South Side, Cubs are the north side. Their colors are Red White And Blue
Soul food on the South Side made with a lotta love. My report:
Tim Anderson: "I'm in the place I want to be. I'm happy here. I love Chicago, especially the South Side."
Fun shoot yet challenging shoot today. Interesting days. @ South Side on Lamar
Time limit ends this one in a tie. 2-2 final score between South Side and Scotts Hill.
South Side on Lamar on Me and my friends just had the worst experience ever at this place. So me and some cl…
1910 South Side of Grand Ledge taken from the river. You can see the long building that's now the Opera House in the mid…
A National Gallery exhibit by Theaster Gates features works made from materials he salvaged on Chicago’s South Side https:…
How youth and program is finding a home on Chicago's South Side
Check out these photos from the Region 7-AA semifinals as South Side beat Crockett County.
In case you missed it, here are some highlights from South Side's win over Crockett County in the Region 7-AA...
Easily one of the worst headlines ever written about the South Side
IL - Cook County correctional officer was shot in the leg Saturday evening on Chicago's South Side, police said.
Chicago police: Off-duty Cook County officer shot in the leg on the South Side -
Police officer shot on the South Side...
Chicago officer shoots dog that bit child on South Side
Here is the schedule for event or the Salt Life WSA Championships Tour on the South Side of the Huntington...
Shooting on Lake Shore Drive of 25 yr old and on South Side of 2 yr old. Where are:. Sharpton. Waters. Cummings. BLM. Jackson. Aga…
Chance is from the south side of chicago and Im from South Side of Williamsport. Coincidence? Or fate?
.is about to storm the 10 things you need to know about the breakout South Side star
I'm not sure how I feel about being "evaluated" after only 32 oz. Regardless, another great addition to "South Side".
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