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South Seas

The was a fleet designation of the Imperial Japanese Navy. The Fourth Fleet designation was used during three separate periods.

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The elephantfish can be found in the seas of South America.
To be honest, my characteristic ink is one I mix myself from Waterman South Seas Blue and black ink.
OK, gotta ask: is that South Seas Blue ink from Waterman?
This photo was originally published on 500px.South seas by stusea
Newly discovered seagrass bed & potential for blue carbon in the coastal seas of Hainan Island, South China Sea
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Is the reckless behavior of the Commanders of the ships that were damaged meant to draw us into a conflict in the South China Seas?
China did the same thing in South China Seas with threat of war n thuggish behavior
New UGA SciLib: Exploration of the South Seas in the Eighteenth Century, Patel, G420 .W335 E87 2017
Exactly the kind of gear to wear leading an expedition to the south seas to 'prove' dubious Liberal racial theories*. *Private joke
So Barnsley or Derby travel to Spurs in the South China Seas Second XI Cup - effectively turning their second round tie into a semi final.
Weather Update: High seas and rain across most of SA’s coast...
If I win the I will sail the south seas in a submarine, sink Japanese whaling vessels and hide in my island lair.
Honestly, I have no doubt that the South Seas expansion will come with a level boost. So I might just use that on my Moon Guard character
Tell China to *** off and try respecting other nations who have claims on areas in the South China Seas. China are hypocrites.
J Carpio: "If the Law of the Sea cannot apply in the South China Sea, then it cannot apply in the rest of the oceans and seas of the world."
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We'll have , The Roots, South Seas Healthcare and more, joining us in the square on Sat 2nd September. See y…
My friend Tori is a finalist in the South Seas Island Resort Photo Contest! Help them rally votes:…
I added a video to a playlist Island Girls: "Belles of the South Seas" 1944 Castle Films Tahiti, New
Listen to & discuss countering Chinese coercion in South &East China Seas with CSIS podcas…
Uff all you want.. but Turkey and South China Seas are directly Obama admin fault.
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thanks, never seen tales of the south seas as I live in England, heard off the show thiugh
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South Croatia is wonderful too. Amazing rocky views but also peaceful blue seas.
Check out this article from USA TODAY:. Regent Seven Seas ship to circle South America in 2019.
And when asked if that means the South & East China Seas are not China's, I assume he only returned an icy stare.
fall camp is over. So what's scheduled from now until game day? Will Muschamp has it all planned out. . http…
is coming to "North Sea to South Seas: Norwegian Sugar Cane Story" July 11, @ 7:00 p.m.
It's A number of this season's episodes were filmed here at South Seas! Take a look!…
Mind-wandering in the South Pacific seas @ Intan Wilayah Timur (INTIM)
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At Med Spa Studios we carry South Seas, which is one of the most highly regarded brands of quality spray tanning...
Lemme be pacific I wanna be down in ur south seas
Of course There's & in them there Captain is going in2 the triIIon $ oiI bizz
South Africa is navigating choppy economic and political seas and nowhere is that more apparent than in the latest c…
Takeover of South China Sea ‘is complete and US is now POWERLESS to stop its new naval dominance’,
●Special lecture on April . "Territorial disputes in the East China and South China Seas" by Prof. Michael...
used to have to do with *** ports in Africa, Asia, the South Seas, and everywhere else,
So, what are we about to do to stop North Korea?. Are yearly joint South Seas exercises only the scheduled ones?
A total of $46,600 has been granted by the NSW Govt to design and construct a Childrens Crossing on South Seas...
I'm not very I think we need robots if we're gonna try to fight in Syria, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iraq...…
45 not aware Putine is eating our lunch in Syria/Ukraine. Chyna running circles around us in South Chyna Seas, South Korea, Japan
Hope that was filmed in the south seas rather than in freezing Scotland in Feb Nasi.
Lovely to be involved with Horticultural Committee again for this year's South of England Show.
MY and IN team up with the PH to patrol SCS for pirates. ...doubt it. Conflates the Sulu and Celebes Seas with SCS.
Tix still available for our Luau on 3/31. Experience the beauty of the South Seas without jet lag or TSA pat-downs.…
Start this exciting sailing adventure in Milford Haven before heading towards Lundy Island. From Lundy we go on...
By1757 the makings of the British Raj were in place as Britannia ruled the waves traded Opium in South China Seas and created an Empire
In honor of I wrote a blog about the pirate queen, Madame Cheng, of the South China Seas:
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New 'fishy business'' blog on recent survey of the fish inhabiting the seas around South Georgia
Climate change isn't just Miami becoming Venice in 75 years: it's South Florida devoid of fresh water in 20 years.
Session Tips-Get the most out of Financial Reporting Mon.,Apr 3, 2:45PM South Seas I
China to augment military manpower in East,
Also, the most powerful statement against Australia's abysmal South Seas gulags that we've seen in Wellington from…
Another home sold! Another success story...this condo at South Seas on Marco Island, was listed for sale with...
Tillerson's warning to China raises fears of a Cuban missile crisis developing in South China Seas. lat
Last day at the pool! @ South Seas Island Resort Pool Complex
From Scotland to the South of the Mediterranean. The thought of Adam Smith through Europe and Beyond. DL Jan 25. Info:
they don't have it & worse off than Cubans. So good move by obama secure the seas. Trump tighten up South border to complete it
A topper of a day in , huge seas to the north and brilliant light from the South.
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neutrality, the same as Switzerland. . We can be Switzerland of the south seas.
Cubans are no different than the people trying to migrate from South America or over seas. You're basically saying if a country
Potentially, the disputed South China Seas very rich in oil & gas, & can offer some strategic military value & so area hot
South China Seas oil race. Putin wants all the oil for his Empire.
January 2017 South Pacific cruise aboard the explorer of the seas
31-Oct-1833: '... last. The Penguin had arrived at Stonnington from the South Seas, with 1225 fur, and 2.300 ...'
This Mercedes A45 in South Seas Blue is probably my favourite spec of this car.…
Tillerson, Trump's secretary of State likens China's South China Seas actions to Russia's annexation of the Crimea…
Pilot clearly drawing on topos of south seas mobility & unstable/fragmented self: "on behalf of myself..."
Saving the Angels of the Seas: Save Tongki the Polar Bear, Everland Zoo, South Korea - Sign the Petit... via
Memories of the three month trip to the South Seas 💏🌴.
The Marquesas are some of the most remote, beautiful & enigmatic islands in the world. New expedition:
Tensions escalating in Indonesia takes stance against
China must be focused on immediately. Stop the so called island- building to take control of waters in the South China Seas.
One more "can" w have been "South China Seas" where potentially millions could die in a war w China.
Despite the two countries' own spat over the South China Seas, Xi called for China and Vietnam to expand military...
Obama willing to F with Putin, but no guts to confront China on their aggressive South China Seas bullsh~t.
Fishing horrors: still tracking killing video first revealed in 2014
Tensions mount between and over Illegal fishing incident in South China sea
Somewhere in the South Seas, in the 1800's. Joseph Conrad used those locations for many of his stories.
POMPEO: China's activities in South and East China Seas and in cyber space are pushing new boundaries are creating real tension
Get that one aircraft carrier ready, you might need it going fwd. . 🇺🇸is back and ready to defend freedom of seas.
Russia, terror groups & China in the South China Seas are the biggest threats to the world order of the last 7 decades: Trump’s DefSec pick
China pushes back after Rex Tillerson takes aggressive defence posture on South China Sea islands…
Take a piece of South Seas home with you - 190 Octane is the perfect cocktail to sip on at home while day-dreaming…
Japan foreign ministry said Abe & Duterte will update themselves on situation in South/East China Seas | via
"He is an ex-member of the party from the vicinity of the great Chinese rivers, the little basin on the South Seas
Today we had some amazing dives out at South Solitary Island, as the calm seas made it a speedy trip out and...
USA Gov is foolishly playing with Fire provoking China,Russia in South China Seas Region
The other end of Lake Tahoe. (@ 7 Seas Inn at Tahoe in South Lake Tahoe, CA w/
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A chaotic premiere sets the stage for the season
If you are at South Seas Island Resort call us for a complimentary mini portrait session on TUESDAY evening.
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Rafiq Dossani of will speak on Panel 2 about the South China Seas on October 4! .
South Seas set to sail in Group 1 Dewhurst Stakes
The tide in South Africa is turning, despite the fact that we encounter choppy seas and waves of adversity
Balding looking for South Seas clues in Newmarket's Dewhurst -
Horror in Paradise Grim and Uncanny Tales from Hawaii and the South Seas 1st ed via
. I would go diving in your South Seas and find your pink pearl ;) onl to massage and polish it with my tongue ;)
PC Principal is such a brilliant addition to South Park seas 19. I hope he (if that is how he identifies) sticks around.
Writing the South Seas: Imagining the Nanyang in Chinese and Southeast Asian Postcolonial Literature
Wasn't around for the premiere, but subbed in for me. Read his words!
Can we trust our National Security? how secured are our airports, boarders, seas? What if terrorism comes to South Africa? Ar…
Apparently China thinks the South Seas is more important than its treaty signatory integrity.
Hawaii and the Islands of the Pacific: A Visit to the South Seas: Chronicles From National Geographic Cultural and
Creepy old theater vibes...with Jax — attending Pippi in the South Seas (offsite at the Bob Baker) at Bob Baker...
1. Lee Kuan Yew talked about Nanyang University. Nanyang is the Chinese term for the area in the South Seas (Malaysia, In…
Chef moves from Marlon Brando resort in the South Seas to Ellijay in North Georgia via
The Kon-Tiki Expedition by Raft Across the South Seas by Thor Heyerdahl, translated by F. H. Lyon
Centuries-old style of South Seas canoe finds new life thanks to Torqeedo.
The object of all the former voyages to the South Seas undertaken by the co...
I have just the solution, a holiday in the South Seas
Christmas Eve at South Seas Island Resort - You even get to decorate your own Christmas cookies! Yum!!
Peta, does the bronzing. oil stain clothing? DoUhave2wait period of time b4Dressing?
Spending this Christmas in the beautiful remote Kilwa Masoko on the south coast of with warm seas and cold beers! Merry Christmas!
Catch me at south seas NYE with some exclusive heavy weight bass!!
a sea bean of some kind- possibly from a Mucuna vine all the way from South America- bought here by the stormy seas.
Midnight road trip from the north to the south, from the mountains to the seas. Plus crashing the hotel room and the things in between ❤️
Maserati granturismo trinket an unused the south seas now maserati: obyJd
No comment. Next thing you know, China will be claiming Australia as part of its territories, i.e. South China Seas...
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Unlike US who spent USD6t in M East to promote Democracy, Usd2t good enough to drive US our of East/South China Seas
See how broke US become? We only concentrate on.East/South China Seas. Usd500bn more than enough!
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Like the lost catacombs of Egypt only God knows where we stuck it. Hieroglyphics? Let me be Pacific I wanna be down in your South Seas
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Day and night, littoral combat ship and its MH-60R crew are securing the seas: ht…
You are listening to: Wynton Kelly - South Seas on
A new favorite: SS005 - Mike Cooper - White Shadows In The South Seas by Sacred Summits on
11-Night Hawaii & South Pacific - Radiance of the Seas Sailing December 15, 2015
A tribute to forgotten heroes of the seven seas - Untold lives blog via South Asian Merchant Men of WWII.
In seas, evidence of the largest-scale documentation of cultural learning, outside of humans.
Pippi Longstocking in the South Seas: Pippi Longstocking in the Sou...
Kasich's strong foreign policy is aimed at destroying Islamic state militants in Syria and deterring China's expansion in South China Seas.
However so bring forward for the south seas: bTLEVFANu
The overpower the south seas areas speaking of australia: upCtwKw
China Confrontation in South China Seas: Reuters quoted unnamed officials as saying the U.S. and J...
Monday's almost cloudless over calm seas on the South Coast
DTN China: Clouds hang over disputed seas, islands between Japan and China, as Abe flags ... - South China Mor...
: Rough seas and foam on shore caused by strong winds in Vlissingen South West yesterday
In July of 2013, I had the privilege of traveling over seas, to the south of France for work. While…
South China Sea is NOT Lake Beijing but High Seas! China Should withdraw from man-made Islands!
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and fishing communities requested not to set out to seas off South, East and North coastal … Fishing
Japan, Netherlands share concern about tensions in East and South China Seas
Project One Piece is making 4 seas as 1 big ocean. You know that one piece seas has 4 seas North, East, West, and Sout…
Large group of whoopers currently heading S over sea at South Landing. Can see them from the Living Seas Centre! Guess same?
(2006-05-30) Strangers in the South Seas: The Idea of the Pacific in Western Tho
I just uploaded "Yasmine and Ryan - Wedding Ceremony at South Seas , Captiva Island" to
History book recommendation: Imperium: A Fiction of the South Seas by Christian Kracht, more at
7 lions used over time. This is Jackie, 1st used in MGM's 1st sound movie, White Shadows in the South Seas (1928).
Today I'm interviewing Anita Kidesu about her debut novel, South Seas Seduction.
My hope for WoW reading 6.2 is 7.0 is south seas and we go full wind waker with ships and island zones.
Not only would this be rad, it would naturally lead into the South Seas expansion everyone's been expecting forever.
The last Hands on Lab for going on right now at South Seas A ...don't forget your laptop
That South Seas expansion idea a fan elaborately drew up would be a nice follow up.
Fujitsu session starting at 3:15 in South Seas I: "Performance Tuning for Developers & DBAs"
Vacation like a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model on at South Seas Island Resort:...
Getting ready for the first of two HOLs at 2pm and 3:15pm in South Seas Ballroom A at Bring your laptop and come join us.
It's almost time for the hands on lab at south seas A. starting at 2 .bring your laptop or tablet
Please join me for a presentation: Technical Modifications to Compress Period End Close R12.1.3 today at 2pm, South Seas ballroom I.
Just to confirm: 12c Database SIG is TODAY Tuesday April 14th in South Seas Ballroom C U there!
The poignant Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red installation at HM Tower of London is shortlisted for this year's South Bank Awards.
just 1 reason to drop into Cloud SIG @ South seas ballroom b starting now
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Dr. Alex Winokur session at the south seas A
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Session about to begin. Lots of seats available. South Seas H.
The south seas shirts will be tight
Look for me and at the finish line this year at South Seas Grand Prix. Hosted by the gentlemen of
Please go to South Seas with how could you say no to a face like that!
Getting ready for our presentation on Extended Flex Clusters & RAC with EBS 12.2.4. South Seas H at 11:00 am.
will you go to Kappa Sigma's South Seas with me?
Hey I'll download that app you're always on if you be my big bro's date to Kappa Sigma's South Seas!
And China continues to be aggressive with sand fortresses all over the South Seas. And with the situation in the...
Captain Bligh's Voyage: Mutiny in the South Seas by William Bligh via
“Tetiaroa is beautiful beyond my capacity to describe. One could say that Tetiaroa is the tincture of the South Seas.” ~ Brando
Four Seasons Resort, Bora Bora... Paradise awaits! Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora combines the beauty, relaxation and tranquility of the South Pacific with South Seas adventure. On this mystical island with its necklace of white-fringed coral islets, the Four Seasons redefines the South Seas escape. The Resort provides the highest standards of service with the gracious hospitality of Polynesian culture. Meandering channels of turquoise lead through the Resort, creating secluded areas waiting to be discovered. Every vista is breathtaking, and all have been incorporated into the design of the Resort experience. The Resort offers 100 overwater bungalows and seven beachfront villas, all designed with thatched roofs and decorated with indigenous artwork. Four restaurants offer creative culinary experiences, while the full-service spa is balanced by the powerful rhythms of the Pacific Ocean and the tranquility of the island’s lagoon, offering a spectacular combination of relaxation and exhilaration.
The Kon-Tiki Expedition: By Raft Across the South Seas is a 1948 book by the Norwegian writer Thor Heyerdahl. It recounts Heyerdahl's experiences with the Kon-Tiki expedition, where he travelled across the Pacific Ocean on a balsa tree raft. Wikipedia
Quick photo & release for this goliath grouper! This was 1 of 3 my guests Jeremy & Nicki caught off South Seas... http…
Pura vida...Evita's voyage to the South Seas: Batteries, batteries, batteries
"There she blows!" cried the lookout, sighting Moby *** Captain Ahab and his chief mate Starbuck sailed the seas to capture this great white whale. But as fate would have it, when the harpoon struck, the rope flew out entangling Ahab, pulling him under. This classic was written by Herman Melville, born AUGUST 1, 1819. Grandson of a Boston Tea Party Indian, Melville's father died when he was 12. Raised by a mother who inspired his imagination with biblical stories, Herman Melville shipped out as a cabin boy on a whaling ship and later sailed the South Seas with the Navy. He fell among Typee cannibals in the Marquesas Islands. Rescued, he wrote in an account: "These disclosures will...lead to...ultimate benefit to the cause of Christianity in the Sandwich Islands." In his classic novel, Moby *** Herman Melville wrote: "With this sin of disobedience... Jonah flouts at God...He thinks that a ship made by men will carry him into countries where God does not reign." In 1983, The U.S. District Court stated i ...
TIME TRAVELING, JULY 31 1792 The cornerstone of the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia, Pa., is laid. It is the first building to be used only as a U.S. government building. 1875 Former U.S. President Andrew Johnson, the man who became president upon the assassination of Abraham Lincoln in 1865, dies of a stroke while visiting his daughter in Tennessee. He had been elected to the U.S. Senate a month before but passes away before assuming office. 1928 MGM’s Leo the lion roars for the first time, introducing MGM’s first talking picture, "White Shadows on the South Seas." 1932 Enzo Ferrari retires from racing. Eighteen years later he will launch a series of cars under his name. 1964 The American space probe “Ranger 7” transmits pictures to Earth of the moon's surface. 1975 James Riddle Hoffa, one of the most influential American labor leaders of the 20th century, vanishes in Detroit, Mich., never to be heard from again. Though he is popularly believed to have been the victim of a Mafia hit, conclusive evidenc ...
Directed by Ivan Reitman. With Harrison Ford, Anne Heche, David Schwimmer, Jacqueline Obradors. Robin Monroe, a New York magazine editor, and the gruff pilot Quinn Harris must put aside their mutual dislike if they are to survive after crash landing on a deserted South Seas island.
Photographer Arnold Genthe, most famous for documenting street life in Chinatown and the aftermath of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, opened a portrait studio in the late 1890's that attracted a number of famous personalities, including presidents and movie stars. On meeting Jack London, he was immediately impressed, and he took many photos of he writer, including these from 1904, part of his series "Athletic Studies." In his memoir, "As I remember", Genthe wrote of his friend: Jack London had a poignantly sensitive face. His eyes were those of a dreamer, and there was almost a feminine wistfulness about him. Yet at the same time he gave the feeling of a terrific and unconquerable physical force. When he built his boat, the "Snark", which he had designed himself for his trip to the South Seas, some of the naval officers at the Bohemian Club insisted that it was not seaworthy. "He won't get as far as Hawaii," said a commander. "If he strikes the tail of a typhoon, that boat will go down to the bottom li ...
Watching "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire" - old *** animation, quaint character work. "Towonga the Santa Claus of the South Seas"
Today in - Tripoli declares war on the United States for not increasing the annual tribute paid as protection money to prevent raids on it ships. Within less than a week, a squadron under Commodore Richard Dale, sets sail to protect American interests and arrives July 1 at Gibraltar. 1836 -- Congress authorizes the U.S. Exploring Expedition to conduct an exploration of the Pacific Ocean and South Seas, making the first major US scientific expedition overseas. Lt. Charles Wilkes, USN, leads the expedition to survey South America, Antarctica, the Far East, and the North Pacific. 1845 - The frigate Constitution, commanded by Capt. John Percival, becomes the first U.S. warship to conduct a show of force against Vietnam. 1919 - The Marine detachment from USS Arizona guards the U.S. consulate at Constantinople, Turkey, during the Greek occupation of the city. 1944 - USS Bonefish (SS 223) attacks a Japanese convoy bound for Sibitu Passage, Borneo, and sinks Japanese destroyer Inazuma near TawiTawi, east of Borne ...
Veteran of Many Battles Dies in Plane Accident A telegram was received Wednesday by Jim Kilgore, driver for the Brookfield Dairy, that his son Orlie Kilgore, veteran of several naval air battles in the Solomon Island and other South Pacific areas, had been killed in an airplane accident in Kansas. Mr. Kilgore left immediately for the east. Young Kilgore was recently married, his wife living somewhere in the east. He was a radio operator in the naval air corps, and was recently assigned to shore duty. No further details were available at the time of going to press. Letters From South Seas Mr. and Mrs. Francis Floyd received a letter from their son, S 1-C Melvin Floyd, and a picture of himself, from somewhere in the South Seas. He also sent a large cocoanut which he climbed a tree to get. Some Place In Pacific Mrs. Albert Lillie has received word from her son Clyde, who is a fireman first class, from overseas, that he has landed safe some place in the Pacific, but can’t say where. New First Class Private ...
Was pitched The Wager Disaster, Murder, Mutiny & Mayhem in the South Seas today by Rear Admiral C.H. Layman. Cracking story, anyone know it?
The Buzz is Good: "The Shift to the Pacific" Is China's increasing interest in the Pacific i.e South Seas drawing attention from Super Powers of the West? Though the title talk of Pacific, it seems that this covers the Californian Coast, the Pacific Rim and Oceania/South Seas Islands. Pretty vast area that is. So what aspect does this article covers the South Pacific Islands? Are we so tiny that we just get absorbed and lost in the process or is it because our Ocean are so big and covers a wide area we cannot be made to disappear. Whatever it is, China is set to be a major player downunder. Is it setting itself for a base in the event of a war or is it pure trade? Lets watch and see. Read more; The Shift to the Pacific Harvey M. Sapolsky, Feb 17 2012 The new American security strategy involves a shift to the Pacific, but also the route home. The Obama administration has featured a shift to the Pacific as the guidance for future military planning and the strategic rationale for defense budget decisions. So ...
Other games are: Rampage, Witch's Brew, Telestrations, Star Trek Catan, Endeavor, Cascassonne: South Seas, Tzolk'in, Tash-Kalar, Ghost Stories & expansions, Carson City, Edo, Domaine, Thurn & Taxis + expansion, Mexica, Takenoko, Mamma Mia, Sushi Go!. Please feel free to bring your own games, and be ready to teach and play!
"This photo of actress Raquel Torres was taken in the late 1920s or very early 30s. Raquel was a Mexican born American actress who's first starring role was in MGM's White Shadows of the South Seas in 1928. She was in several films in the late 20s and early 30s including Duck Soup with the Marx Brothers. Raquel abruptly retired from acting in 1934 after marrying New York businessman Stephen Ames. Torres died in 1987 at age 78."
Welcoming editor Michael J Hagan to the Ignite team! Over the past 30 years, Michael edited various U.S./Australian high rating television series including Flipper, Tales of the South Seas for MGM (U.S.), Flatland in Shanghai, China for Showtime (U.S.), starring Denis Hopper and Monarch Cove for Lifetime Television (U.S.), starring Virginia Williams, Shirley Jones and Australia's Rachel Ward. Michael has also edited docu/drama, factual and reality television series for all major networks. Sue Nott, Executive Producer Independents, CBBC Drama for Me & My Monsters wrote: "All the performances are excellent and it's directed and edited very well for comedy timing." Me & My Monsters BBC Comedy/Drama Series. Michael won a BAFTA award for editing Jeopardy for BBC Television and have also been nominated for an Australian Film Industry award. Michael is a founding and accredited member of The Australian Screen Editors Guild. So welcome!
Much needed education for Congress MTto testify on East / South Seas disputes
Mr. of the will testify on Maritime Sovereignty in the East and South Seas:
Today in Literature: On this day in 1841 twenty-two-year-old Herman Melville set sail aboard the Acushnet, a New England whaler heading for the South Seas. His experiences on this and several subsequent voyages would provide the basis for a half-dozen sea novels written in a five-year burst, 1846-51. In his lifetime, and much to his disgust, Melville's reputation was not made on the last of those, Moby *** but on the first, Typee.
Herman Melville SAILS FOR THE SOUTH SEAS (THC) Today in history JAN 3 1841 Herman Melville ships out on the whaler Acushnet to the South Seas.
A New Year's Prayer: Samoa was the adopted country of Scottish novelist Robert Louis Stevenson (Treasure Island, Kidnapped, Strange Case of Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde). He bought 400 acres in the village of Vailima on the island of Upola, and there he built a home where he could write and his health improve in the salubrious climate of the South Seas. To pledge allegiance to his new friends, he took the native name Tusitala (Samoan for "Teller of Tales" or “Story Teller”). The last thing Stevenson wrote was a prayer, composed the night before he died (03 December 1894) for use at the devotional time he conducted each evening for the Stevenson family and the Samoans who shared their home. Whether he prayed it that evening, or wrote it for another evening, we can’t be sure. But here are the last words written by forty-four year old Robert Louis Stevenson: “We beseech thee, Lord, to behold us with favor, folk of many families and nations, gathered together in the peace of this roof: weak men and women su ...
I think I'll add this to my list to Santa :-) Sandals’ newest resort has opened its doors. The new Sandals La Source Resort in Grenada officially welcomed its first guests on Pink Gin Beach on Saturday, December 21. The resort has a total of 225 rooms and suites, three pools and two river pools, 75 butlers suites, a fitness centre and spa and nine restaurants, including a steakhouse (the first of its kind at a Sandals property). The rooms are spread across three “villages”: Pink Gin, South Seas and Italian Village.
Growing up in Glide, OR, our family made many trips to Steamboat. Now married, with grown children & grand children. We live in Medford, OR, enjoying the Rogue River. I cherish memories, filled with end less children's activities: riding bikes till dark, freeze tag, chasing butterflies, catching crawdads, frogs & tadpoles, family picnics (pouring lemonade. Mom made & put in gallon, brown glass milk jugs from Umpqua Dairy),swimming & camping at Whistler's Bend, Rock Creek & Baker Parks. Who could forget saving Williams bread bags for kid's free admission day, at the walk in 'Indian Theater', in Roseburg. My brother, Jerold Pieske, stated it well, "We had it all." In June of 1932, he stopped to camp in the Steamboat area as a layover on his trip to Campbell River, British Columbia. Zane Grey fished in the North Umpqua River, near Steamboat, Oregon. Grey had split his fishing time between ocean cruises to the South Seas in search of world record marlin and regular forays to fly fish for summer steelhead on . ...
The annual Captiva Holiday Village celebration, South Seas and its partners have created the "South Seas Holiday Stroll Lights Up Captiva". Two weekends of live entertainment and amazing light show. Proceeds will be donated to the Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida.
Pippi Longstocking is as popular as ever, with dedicated fans all over the world. She's funny, feisty, and incredibly strong, and has the most amazing adventures! Here's a chance to read three books about Pippi in one volume - Pippi Longstocking, Pippi Goes Aboard, and Pippi in the South Seas.
Today, 14th Nov 2013 in History! LEAD STORY On this day in 1851, Moby *** a novel by Herman Melville about the voyage of the whaling ship Pequod, is published by Harper & Brothers in New York. Moby *** is now considered a great classic of American literature and contains one of the most famous opening lines in fiction: "Call me Ishmael." Initially, though, the book about Captain Ahab and his quest for a giant white whale was a flop. Herman Melville was born in New York City in 1819 and as a young man spent time in the merchant marines, the U.S. Navy and on a whaling ship in the South Seas. In 1846, he published his first novel, Typee, a romantic adventure based on his experiences in Polynesia. The book was a success and a sequel, Omoo, was published in 1847. Three more novels followed, with mixed critical and commercial results. Melville's sixth book, Moby *** was first published in October 1851 in London, in three volumes titled The Whale, and then in the U.S. a month later. Melville had promised hi ...
19:50 From Our Own Correspondent: Stories on the hard work ahead for Angela Merkel and life in the South Seas.
After the Korean War, the government did an extensive study of soldiers going all the way back to the Napoleonic era. They were stunned to discover that most soldiers throughout history were reluctant to shoot at the enemy. Killing did not come easily to most human beings, it seemed. They discovered that military forces in Europe during World War II, both allied and enemy, mostly were reluctant to shoot at each other, oftentimes shooting over each other’s heads. Coming face to face in the field, they oftentimes turned about face and marched away from each other. An exception was found in South Seas against the Japanese. An intense hatred for *** had been in place because “they had started it” by bombing Pearl Harbor, and therefore Americans were bent on revenge. The Japanese death march didn’t help, and atrocities were recorded on both sides. So—in Vietnam, a new war tactic was implemented in which soldiers were taught to despise their enemy. The “mere *** rule was unofficially in p . ...
Let me be pacific, I wanna be down in your south seas.
Dont lose your grip've got snookzilla in your hands. South Seas Island Resort VISIT FLORIDA
Been re-watching THE PAGAN w/Ramon Novarro and Renee Adoree. Really enjoyable Always a fan of the South Seas setting.
Down in the south seas, give me your mouth please.
Last weekend before school starts. Enjoy it while you can - and don't forget your spray tan!
This place is hideous. Hideous, I tell you. (@ South Seas Island Resort - [pic]:
..Salted Caramel Pretzel, Strawberry, NSA Chocolate, South Seas Vanilla, Classic Tart and Pink Lemonade Sorbet. Come enjoy your day with us!
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We stayed at the South Seas Hotel in South Beach, I loved it! I have also stayed at The National and Surfcomber all are great!
South Seas Island Resort on A one-stop family-friendly destination on the most exclusive, most beautiful corn…
If you have a Michener-like taste for South Seas exotic tonight.
Hieroglyphics let me b pacific I want 2 b down in ur south seas but I got this notion tht the motion of ur ocean means small craft advisory
Really like the thought of next years relaxation day.. Thanks for the inspiration picture South Seas Skin Care.
It's National Relaxation Day, you say? We wish we were lounging on the beach! What about you?
South Seas Voyage begins in just 4 days, but there's still time to join! Sail from Sydney to Auckland this October!
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Attention, voyagers! Step into South Seas Traders for Mickey Mouse footwear to journey on in style!
MobyDick: ... Voyage round Cape Horn into the South Seas, for the purpose of extending the Spermaceti Whale Fisheries." In this book is ...
South Seas Spas, whether you choose the Standard or Deluxe model, both are as committed to quality as they are to...
Look what I found on . Oneida Small Steak Carving Fork in the South Seas 1955 Pattern
I'd guess either South Seas with a focus on underwater zones (made differently than Vashj'ir) or some Undedarkish area.
DARK BELOW. So, do you reckon South Seas, Underdark, Burning Legion? (It's not D3, D3 xpack is "Reaper of Souls")
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Well, it's either the South Seas expansion we've all been guessing about, or the 'realm of the demons and devils' thing.
Kick your feet up and escape with us to the South Seas. Clear blue water you have to see to believe. Sail island...
at the mate. It was observed, that I take in the decks, resembling coral in reaching its usual South Seas.
.That totally sounds like a South Seas WoW expansion.
hieroglyphics? let me be Pacific wanna be down in your South Seas
actually, after thinking about it, it could easily be a WoW expansion about the South Seas and Azshara
Confirmed: South Seas expansion. Get your eye-patches to see in THE DARK BELOW deck.
I understand why Fletcher Christian and the Bounty mutineers preferred to remain in the South Seas. Tahiti is next on the vacation list.
Destination of the day: The South Seas Village at Sandals LaSource Grenda.
South Seas is where the 'Lands End' district is that I referred to. Based on your photos, you're not missing a thing.
common kings - no other love .South seas reggae. ..need some happy vibes.
>> But in checking prices at South Seas Resort (also on , but a bit ritzier), their prices are pretty darned close. >>>
IDK. that water has me confused. Sanibel is a separate island south of Captiva. Our room faces east, I think. South Seas >>
On this Day 1928: Leo, the MGM Lion, first roared for the debut of the movie "White Shadows of the South Seas."
Need your opinions... Hawks Cay or South Seas Island Resort in captiva??
Preceding all early civilizations was the legendary Lost Continent of Mu, said to be the first advanced civilization of man on Earth. Mus flourished over 70,000 years ago before sinking beneath the Pacific Ocena 12,000 years ago ina a world cataclysm according to legen. Their descendants are said to be primarily the people of the South Seas and Oceania. In Hawaii, there's one island where only pure-blooded Hawaiians live. They have full Africoid features, dark skin & wooly hair! In 100 Amazing Facts About the *** J. Rogres states "...the people of ... *** descent living in Asia and Oceania probably exceed in the number the present *** population of Africa. The purest *** types are in Southern Asia." * Atlantis, another super legendary civilization after Mu, is believed to be the ancestors of the Red Race. Books on Mu & Atlantis say that both achieved a level of technology superi to modern technology and that the misuse of technology, especially in Atlantis, ultimately destroyed them. * Mu is said ...
Top 5 Las Vegas Casinos: 1.) The Bellagio - Over-indulgence is a word that's not in the Bellagio's dictionary. As a matter of fact, think of an over-indulgence and then magnify it by ten. That's The Bellagio. Extreme luxury and class coupled with the palpable excitement of the game floor make the Bellagio a Las Vegas casino icon. With rooms of supreme comfort and style, and a great view no matter where in the hotel your room is located, the Bellagio will soothe your senses, at least until you hit the game floor, where the adrenaline kicks into overdrive! 2.) Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino- Mandalay Bay is a favorite vacation spot for many returning guests. Built to resemble a beach resort set in the South Seas, it even has its own beach. This hotel casino is a spacious and flowing resort, with rooms to match. With its own shark reef, the Mandalay is truly an original, and it pushes the envelope even by Vegas standards! The casino tables are geared more to the high roller, with many celebrities gracing its h ...
Day 94 Deployment- I went to work, where I just wanted to escape all day. Not because work was bad, I just had so much to do. So did I go do it when I left? Nope.. Went to South Seas with Lisa Marie.. And after that I did actually run all of the errands, and bake all of the cupcakes.. At 6 Rebecca had a softball game. After that I had more errands, and then dinner. By the time I got home I was so very super tired. I sat down to write my status and fell right asleep. Better late than never right? And so on to.. Day 95 Deployment- It's a twofer.. You knew it wasn't over because I didn't say I love you Ryan Ray Madere.. Yep, I said it at the beginning. So .. I told my folks I would be there by 8. Except that I forgot that I said it. So I got up at 8, got Rebecca to the ball field by 8:40. This is the first game that I've missed and I feel awful about it. But Then I went to the store to pick up a few last minute things. To Starbucks to fuel up. To dads, to drop stuff off, to Gus' to pick up ice. And finally . ...
May, 14 1836 A U.S. Exploring Expedition was authorized to conduct exploration of Pacific Ocean and South Seas. This was the first major scientific expedition overseas by the United States. LT Charles Wilkes USN, led the expedition in surveying South America, Antarctica, Far East, and North...
According to Seb is now on anti-stress holiday in the South Seas so he can acclimate early to be fit for the race in Australia.
Thence travel via the Suez Canal, to Australia and on to the South Seas,.
"There's a saying among prospectors: 'Go out looking for one thing, and that's all you'll ever find.'" If you've never seen a documentary by Robert Flaherty check him out. ---Robert Joseph Flaherty, F.R.G.S. (February 16, 1884 – July 23, 1951) was an American filmmaker who directed and produced the first commercially successful feature length documentary film, Nanook of the North (1922). The film made his reputation and nothing in his later life fully equaled its success, although he continued the development of this new genre of docufiction, e.g. with Moana (1926), set in the South Seas, and Man of Aran (1934), filmed in Ireland's Aran Islands. He is a progenitor of docufiction and ethnographic film (ethnofiction). Jean Rouch and John Collier Jr. would practice and theorise the genre as visual anthropology, a subfield of anthropology, in the 1960s. Flaherty was married to writer Frances H. Flaherty from 1914 until his death in 1951. Frances worked on several of her husband's films, and received an Aca ...
In 1999 I went to Cornwall to see the Solar Eclipse. Sadly, cloud obscured the whole thing. But the hotel was nice. I was reminded of this by reading "Chasing Venus" by Andrea Wulf, an account of the adventures of the astronomers who traveled to the four corners of the globe to see the transit of Venus in 1761 and 1769. They mostly had truly horrible multi-year journeys, either stuck among ice flows in Lapland and Russia, or in the South Seas, with Captain Cook and the crew of the "Endeavour". Joseph Banks, the later respectable Victorian botanist ,enjoyed bedding three Tahitian girls at a time though. The worst hardships of all were endured by the French astronomers. Le Gentil went to Pondicherry, but saw nothing because of cloud. He was away from France for so long he was assumed dead and his estate was divided among his heirs. Chappe d'Auteroche saw the transit in California but died soon after of typhus. My disappointment in Cornwall pales in comparison... I did not realize that Mason and Dix ...
Yo our next Sheff gig is a Free show at South Seas on the 18th of this month. We're playing with Seize This Curse, For Our Futures, Revelations, Calls Landing & Make Your Mark.
COCKTAIL HOUR on the KCSB-FM Airwaves! Tune in this SUNDAY from 8-10pm and go on a armchair safari to the enchanted lands of the South Seas and beyond and get ISLAND FEVER!! Exotica, Tiki culture, Les Baxter, Arthur Lyman, Martin Denny
The passage round Cape Horn into the South Seas during the summer months.
Tribal Unity 4 Liberation Friday, March 6, 2009 tribe apologises for eating Missionaries A tribe in Papua New Guinea has apologised for killing and eating four 19th century missionaries under the command of a doughty British clergyman.The four Fijian missionaries were on a proselytising mission on the island of New Britain when they were massacred by Tolai tribesmen in 1878. They were murdered on the orders of a local warrior chief, Taleli, and were then cooked and eaten. The Fijians - a minister and three teachers - were under the leadership of the Reverend George Brown, an adventurous Wesleyan missionary who was born in Durham but spent most of his life spreading the word of God in the South Seas. Thousands of villagers attended a reconciliation ceremony near Rabaul, the capital of East New Britain province, once notorious for the ferocity of its cannibals.Their leaders apologised for their forefather's taste for human flesh to Fiji's high commissioner to Papua New Guinea."We at this juncture are deeply ...
The State Line Dispute Blue John Remembers: Hearing a lot of talk about the State Line Dispute; about how Tennessee claimed all of State Street to the front of the buildings on the Virginia side; about the prolonged lawsuit before the United State Supreme Court with big volumes of evidence being published and finally how a pitched battle was narrowly averted by the ludicrous spectacle of two men falling into a muddy ditch. But what puzzles me is how the state line ever got into Bristol in the first place. According to the historians, the state line was supposed to commence at the coast near the head of Currituck River, at approximately the latitude of thirty-six degrees and thirty minutes, north, and thence run due west to South Seas. Now if you will examine a map you will find that this parallel passes several miles below Bristol, near Ordway. If you will lay a straight edge on the line between Virginia and North Carolina, you will find the line runs due west to about Patrick County in Virginia, where .. ...
Charles Stuart Ramsay, 'swimming mail man of the South Seas',c1933,Tin Can Island - Niuafoou
Melior Merioles 17 hours ago · China’s Creeping Invasion: The Real Score At The Scarborough Shoal By ANDREW JAMES MASIGAN January 13, 2013, 11:13am Every Filipino should be aware of the real score at the Scarborough Shoal, as the situation is getting very serious. In a unilateral act of aggression, China recently announced that the Spratly Islands, Paracel Islands and Maclesfeild Bank would now be administered by its own political entity called Sansha City. The newly formed administrative body calls for the construction of Chinese military barracks in our islands, headed by no less than a Senior Colonel from the Chinese Military. They have permanently deployed military ships on the shoal and are mounting regular combat-ready patrols of its environs, indicating that they are militarizing the area. In another act of provocation, the Chinese roped off the entrance leading to the Scarborough lagoon, preventing Philippine vessels from entering. Beijing authorized its coastguards to accost foreign vessels (P ...
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BEECH attendees will be surrounded by beauty and 1st class amenities - Learning in the lap of luxury! South Seas Island Resort is an amazing location to feed body, mind, and soul - only 3 days and a few tickets left. Join us!
Suggestions for a short much needed weekend getaway in florida?
Reading all the weather reports for the 250 miles south to Haiti..things look good for the next week generally.We are off tomorrow or the next day..sometimes you skip a day to get the seas down.thats it from here..put your head down and go.
David Rosser Owen That division was specially raised and trained for jungle warfare, and commanded by Maj Gen Douglas Gracey. They went straight from Burma to Vietnam (via Malaya) to take the surrender of the Japanese and return the country to the lawful authority. Gracey had serious qualms about handing it back to the French, but there was no other lawful authority. They got drawn into a rather nasty counter-revolutionary war with the "South-Seas Workers Revolutionary Party". 20 (Ind) Inf Div handled themselves well, and there were many citations for bravery including (I think, if I remember rightly) three for VCs. Major Attlee's Labour government refused not only to accept the citations but also refused to issue a clasp to the Indian General Service Medal being apparently keener on sucking up to the Communists, *** Chi-Minh, and the Americans (who were still best buddies with Uncle Jo at the time and wanted to destroy the British Empire as well). To their credit, Pakistan and India took the citations an ...
MMSN (Maritime Mobile Service Network) Celebrates 45 Years of Service Thursday, January 3, 2013, marked the 45th anniversary of the Maritime Mobile Service Network. The need for the type of volunteer service provided by the network had existed for many years. The launching of an organization to meet this need was placed on the drawing board when nine Amateur Radio operators met at the home of Chaplain Alla Winston Robertson, USN, WB4AKB (now KB5YX), on December 27, 1967. Those meeting with Robertson were: S.C. Rock, WA4YVQ; Mel White, WA4IQS; D. Freeman, K1YLI; J.G. Kincade, WA4YVX; Art Werner, K3QYQ; H. Bretches, K4DBR; L.B. Lapman, W4SAW; and G.W. Powell, WA4RRO. This group agreed to launch the Maritime Mobile Service Network, or MMSN, on January 3, 1968 at 2130 UTC on 14.320 MHz but had to move to 14.317 MHz a few weeks later to avoid excessive interference. In 1969, when the net moved to 14.313 MHz, it also established 14.300 MHz as an alternate working frequency and for years operated on either frequ ...
casino the south seas flophouse las again vegas: bCq
my daughter is sick and getting worse and now my mom is too and im not feeling to great my self GREAAAT
Registered and all official like... Now just hurry up and wait for the show to @ Mandalay Bay - South Seas G
**Are we acting Disloyal, Unfaithful & Rebellious towards God? God shows His Mercies to us DAILY.yet what do we give to Him in return? Do we not Trust Him? Maybe its time we make a list of ALL Gods' Blessings in our's time we stop feeling sorry for ourselves & lift up our heads because we serve a MIGHTY & POWERFUL GOD!** Lets Thank HIM thru OUR DAILY OBEDIENCE & DEVOTION TO HIS WORD!!!** ---Israel's History of being disloyal & unfaithful.even when God showered them time & time again w His Mercies!!!--- Psalm 78 "1 My people, hear my teaching; listen to the words of my mouth. 2 I will open my mouth with a parable; I will utter hidden things, things from of old— 3 things we have heard and known, things our ancestors have told us. 4 We will not hide them from their descendants; we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power, and the wonders he has done. 5 He decreed statutes for Jacob and established the law in Israel, which he commanded our ancestors to teach thei ...
Big Story Weather from January 15: The ice storm that continued to hit the Gulf Coast region from Northern Louisiana to Northern Mississippi and portions of Western Tennessee created a lot of disruptions to traffic with the slick roads. The clipper system that started to move through the Northern Pl...
What makes ur country unique from others?
With all the freezing weather going on in the south i'm glad Lisa and i went to Mississippi last week
Expensive prayer breakfasts, symbolic marches led by police escort, MLK holiday sales, an inauguration celebration of a president who authorizes the use of drones to kill innocent people, and plush Martin Luther King, Jr. dream parties... and this is how we honor the legacy of a human being who gave his life in a fight against racism, war, poverty, injustice, and racism. In a poem I wrote called Long Live the King, I said "The only thing that can kill Dr. King is we, If we give up the fight for right and run" Well people, it appears that we're giving up the fight and running.. -- Sean King
The Saints of Islam The Islamic saint is commonly known as a wali [plural, awliya] and is derived from the root meaning of ‘nearness’, example next of kin, patron, protector, and friend. While the Sufis are the elect of the Islamic community, the saints are the elect of the Sufis. The Sufis holiness brings him near to Almighty Allah, and who receive from Him [Exalted and Invisible is He], as tokens of His favor, miraculous gifts [karamat]; they are His friends, on whom "no fear shall come and they shall not grieve", and injury done to them is an act of hostility against Him [Exalted and Invisible is He]. In consequence of their intimate relation to Almighty Allah, the veil shrouding supernatural, or, as Muslims would say, the unseen world, from their perceptions is withdrawn at intervals, and in their fits of ecstasy they rise to the Prophetic level. Any one thus enraptured [majdhub] is a wali and they are venerated as saints not only after death, but also during their lives. Often, however, they live ...
I received a inbox on yesterday about what I thought about gun regulations. I said too myself...'self, lol people are giving you a lot of credit for things outside of your subject arena' lol..but here it goes. I own weapons and let me add that my weapons are weapons of MASS DESTRUCTION! Assault rifles have been in full effect ans have caused mass destruction in the urban community decades but I never heard anyone on Capital Hill make a push to ban them. Children in Chicago, South Central L.A. Detroit, Richmond V.A., Little Rock Arkansas and the list goes on stacking homicides up by the dozen monthly. So to my inbox questioner, there has always been a problem but as long as it the problem is isolated and polarized in certain communities we just apply a band aid and keep it moving. The most ridiculous thing I heard on Foxx news was that the NRA was comparing these talked about gun regulations to the civil rights movement in how it violated the 2nd amendment. To the NRA, don't use the *** kickings that black ...
To Safari in a treehouse or not to safari in a treehouse...that's the question.
(I was starting reading a book today when I found this amazing, inspiring as well as encouraging fable in it. Love to share it with you all there. Hope this little fable that speaks HIS words encourages us on this life journey to be all that God intended - to show His love and be blessings to others.. God bless us all! )          Unfavorable winds blow the ship off course, and when they do, the sailors spot uncharted islands. They see half a dozen mounds rising out of the blue South Seas waters. The captain orders the men to drop anchor and goes ashore. He is a robust man with a barrel chest, full beard, and curious soul.        On the first island he sees nothing but sadness. Underfed children. Tribes in conflict. No farming or food development, no treatment for the sick, and no schools. Just simple, needy people.        The second and following island reveal more of the same. The captain sighs at what he sees. "This is no life for these people." But what can he do?        Then he st ...
When Things Go Right or Wrong Acts 28:12-13 We put in at Syracuse and stayed there three days. From there we set sail and arrived at Rhegium. The next day the south wind came up, and on the following day we reached Puteoli. Thoughts for Today: In our passage today, Paul and his companions were having a pretty easy trip -- the winds were favorable and they were making very good time. Compare this to what they experienced just three months before: stormy seas and winds against them which ultimately resulted in a shipwreck. They placed their will against the forces of nature, and nature won -- it usually does. The difference? Timing. But what if the sailors had learned the wrong "lesson." What if instead of learning the lesson of timing (when to sail and when to stay in port), they instead learned to never set foot on a boat again? I think we all can agree that sometimes "timing" is the only thing that separates incredible success from a disastrous failure. Questions to Ponder: Think back to one of your pers ...
Why is always 2ft seas when I cannot go!
oof, rough seas lad, in South Wales Sun - Weds then London Thursday and Friday. Going to see ?
Who is the best midfielder in the upcoming AFCON Finals? Mr-Ed Yaya Toure
Today is my last day at south seas.
Beijing reveals plan to conduct detailed survey of disputed islands in the East and South China Seas
Do you think that this country could potentially see another civil war? Would it be a literal physical war pitting liberals against conservatives or an ideological war?
In 2012, the US announced that it is starting “to return to Asia” – that is, to broaden its military presence in the south of the Asia-Pacific region., Konstantin Garibov
When you're on the air live and people need their weather forecast, you can't let anything get in your way.
To The Moon: ... there is but one slight strip of land separated from other continents by vast seas. Toward the south, continents ...
MALI GOES INTO SEAS. Atlantic France shows a way, modeled in Poitou-Charentes: to either north or south of Dakar; to the Niger.
“I don’t think that China’s leaders today want to make compromises with the US. It is unlikely that China will agree to create a program of developing its navy that would satisfy the US. In its turn, the US also doesn’t want to be ousted by China from its positions in the Asia-Pacific region. Beside...
Hi all.I'm home from the sea.didn't put on weight.didn't lose weight but will probably have to take up walking to stay that way.haven't walkes so much for yonks.ship is huge.
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Wednesday, 16 January, 2013 Forecasts for Ireland Situation update: Thursday night's frontal event looks more likely to be all rain now but we will keep the chance of snow in the wording just in case the models do another course correction later. Then the front stalls a little further east on Saturday and tries to push back to the west about the same time as most models are showing deep low pressure running into the front from the Atlantic. Heavy rain could result on Sunday lasting into Monday and this could change over to heavy wet snow or even accumulating snow on hills as colder air feeds in from snow-covered (by then) Britain. There is a lot of uncertainty with this storm event and one of the major models (GFS) has a milder and weaker solution. Some solutions hint at snowstorm potential for eastern Ireland and most of Britain. We're in a close watch situation with this, given the fact that -13 C temperatures have already shown up over snow-covered Norfolk in eastern England, a good indication of the i ...
1 And this is the blessing, wherewith Moses the man of God blessed the children of Israel before his death. 2 And he said, The Lord came from Sinai, and rose up from Seir unto them; he shined forth from mount Paran, and he came with ten thousands of saints: from his right hand went a fiery law for them.3 Yea, he loved the people; all his saints are in thy hand: and they sat down at thy feet; every one shall receive of thy words. 4 Moses commanded us a law, even the inheritance of the congregation of Jacob. 5 And he was king in Jeshurun, when the heads of the people and the tribes of Israel were gathered together. 6 Let Reuben live, and not die; and let not his men be few. 7 And this is the blessing of Judah: and he said, Hear, Lord, the voice of Judah, and bring him unto his people: let his hands be sufficient for him; and be thou an help to him from his enemies. 8 And of Levi he said, Let thy Thummim and thy Urim be with thy holy one, whom thou didst prove at Massah, and with whom thou didst strive at th ...
Here's a little bedtime geography riddle. If you google it you're cheating. In the 9th century AD, author Ya'qubi wrote: Whoever wants to go to China must cross seven seas, each one with its own color and wind and fish and breeze, completely unlike the sea that lies beside it. The first of them is the Sea of Fars, which men sail setting out from Siraf. It ends at Ra’s al-Jumha; it is a strait where pearls are fished. The second sea begins at Ra’s al-Jumha and is called Larwi. It is a big sea, and in it is the Island of Waqwaq and others that belong to the Zanj. These islands have kings. One can only sail this sea by the stars. It contains huge fish, and in it are many wonders and things that pass description. The third sea is called Harkand, and in it lies the Island of Sarandib, in which are precious stones and rubies. Here are islands with kings, but there is one king over them. In the islands of this sea grow bamboo and rattan. The fourth sea is called Kalah and is shallow and filled with huge serp ...
The Jurassic Period: The Age of Dinosaurs   The Jurassic Period was the Age of the Dinosaurs. It began after the Triassic Period around 206 million years ago. It lasted until 144 million years ago, more than 60 million years in the middle of the Mesozoic Era.   Pangea Splits Pangea continued to split apart during the Jurassic. This caused volcanoes to erupt along the Tethys Sea floor where the rift between the continents began.   North American Mountain Building On the ocean side of Pangea, the plates continued to collide. One plate was being forced under another. Folds, uplifts and volcano eruptions occurred along the moving plates. The mountains that stretch from British Columbia, through North America and into South America were beginning to form during the Jurassic Period.   Warm Climate Fosters New Species The climate was warm and stable. Many types of animals and plants developed. The numbers of different species increased greatly during the Jurassic Period.   The Seas of The Jurassic Perio ...
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