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South Pole

The South Pole, also known as the Geographic South Pole or Terrestrial South Pole, is one of the two points where the Earth's axis of rotation intersects its surface.

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After Buzz Aldrin was evac'ed from South Pole, his doc in New Zealand hospital is named David Bowie. So there's that
Buzz Aldrin 2nd man to walk on the Moon, at 86 yrs becomes oldest person to reach the South Pole
Former Astronaut Buzz Aldrin makes it to South Pole before being evacuated to New Zealand (News)
Astronaut Buzz Aldrin is being emergency evacuated from the South Pole: via
My dear friend and Astronaut Buzz Aldrin was evacuated from the South Pole yesterday for medical…
Buzz Aldrin's manager says the 86 year old astronaut DID make it to the South Pole - before his evacuation to Christchurch Hospital
Buzz Aldrin, second man on Moon, in stable condition after South Pole evacuation The 86-year-old former astronaut is said to b…
airlifted from South Pole due to health scare
Former Astronaut Buzz Aldrin smiles for a photo after being evacuated from South Pole due to illness http…
Apollo astronaut medically evacuated from the South Pole. Flown to Christchurch in New Zealand.…
Buzz Aldrin medically evacuated from South Pole via via
Our prayers are with you Buzz. Moonwalker Buzz Aldrin medically evacuated from South Pole via
Love Buzz Aldrin's spirit from the moon to the South Pole. May he bounce right back for the next giant leap!
Read about Buzz Aldrin. Realized South Pole is in all time zones at the same time. Mind blown.
Former Astronaut Buzz Aldrin arrives in New Zealand after being medically evacuated from South Pole:
Former Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, one of the first men on the moon rescued from South Pole
Obviously an explorer at heart... ‘Ailing’ Buzz Aldrin in Emergency Evacuation from South Pole
:( 'Ailing' Buzz Aldrin in emergency evacuation from South Pole
Buzz Aldrin flown out of South Pole after falling ill on trip
Buzz Aldrin evacuated from South Pole after falling ill
Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the Moon, evacuated from South Pole after falling... by via
YEWWinfo Buzz Aldrin evacuated from South Pole - see more
Buzz Aldrin, second man on moon, evacuated from South Pole
BBC News - Buzz Aldrin evacuated from South Pole Buzz is wonderful, hope he's ok
Buzz Aldrin evacuated from South Pole -- best wishes and get well soon!! You're a real hero
Alright is anyone wondering why he's at the south pole?
He's never been to the moon & there is no south pole so which part of the ring & why is he there? I smell hoaxc…
there's no South Pole & he hasn't been anywhere near the moon. Is he even ill?
Buzz Aldrin evacuated from South Pole for medical reasons - CBS News
Oh no 2016 curse, just get your hands off you've taken enough greats from us 😡 PLEASE get well soon Sir .
Don't you dare, 2016. I'm watching you.
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When one of the first ever men on the moon hikes to the South Pole and complains he's not feeling well, he's not fe…
Buzz Aldrin is being evacuated from the South Pole after his medical condition... by via
Buzz Aldrin was evacuated today from the South Pole due to illness
Build a wall and make the South Pole pay for it.
Buzz is one of the most exceptional Americans to ever live, and the fact that he was kicking it at the South Pole at 86 is proof.
86 years old needs to be at the beach, not the South Pole. Praying for speedy recovery.
Top story: Buzz Aldrin evacuated from South Pole - BBC News see more
Mount Rainier as cold as South Pole, with chilly weather on the way here via
NSF provides medical flight from its South Pole station to Buzz Aldrin, 1 of the 1st men to walk on the moon
⚡️ “The North Pole is much hotter than normal”. & South Pole ice is growing. .
*** *** *** Have you ever wanted to explore the South Pole and the North Pole in one day? Look no further than...
[Daily Telegraph]She has cycled to the South Pole, raised huge sums for charity and anchor…
do it, I be bringing out all my Sean John, fubu, South Pole, Karl Kani, AND1 ! Just do it boi
had South Pole and karl kani. Was pretty ghetto back in the day.
South Pole has 24 h sunlight today. How do I know? Because I'm there.
Spider terrain near the south pole of Mars. Area shown about half a kilometer across.
Yes. You can go to the south pole. That's precisely as far south as you can go
£55K to visit South pole as a tourist, worth it? I would if I could
quarter to an eighth of a lunar radius out, and that's perpendicular to the ecliptic line on the South Pole.
On life in space, the moon's south pole and why Mars is the future:
Most fantastic motivational presentation by today at on how teamwork was vital for reaching the South Pole, On Thin Ice
Newly discovered asteroid, the size of blue whale, buzzes the South Pole
Let's be honest here, Trump doesn't know the difference between. North Pole and South Pole
Maximum southerly lunar libration is at 02:34 UT, 9th September 2016. Look towards the lunar South Pole.
This is a view of Jupiter's South Pole taken by the Juno spacecraft. Coulda sworn it's Uranus.
Has the South Pole frozen your brain? You could have borrowed a boob pic from me. Ask next time you need (00)s.
The view from Jupiter's south pole from the Juno spacecraft has just been released. Amazing.
Check out all the pics, including the TERRIFYING INFRARED SOUTH POLE AURORA, here: https:…
TFW you pre-order your own book. I just bought: 'South Pole Station: A Novel' by Ashley Shelby via
Precisely... "There is no South Pole, only an ice wall".
We will see the south pole up close with Xenon power
The analyses and stories told about Amundsen and Scott’s fascinating and epic race to the South..
*** I remember wen someone really close to me told me to do better and at the end I didn't we're closer than North and South Pole 💯
Science in the South Pole | The all-women group heading to the South Pole
"If you could be anyone in the world right now, who would you be?" Someone who's not in this hellhole 🙃
These reservists are crossing the South Pole for charity - Good luck!
This image from NASA's Juno spacecraft provides a never-before-seen perspective on Jupiter's south pole.
If your fantasy team is named "body snatchers" I'm gonna assume you're in your 30s and wear South Pole jeans
penguins are only in South Pole. You should check South Argentina pics. Full of them. Not for nothing ppl call us penguins.
we can photograph Jupiter's South Pole and yet some people still think the Earth is flat.
THE GROWTH OF POLE SPORTS. Fantastic article on how pole sports is growing in in the UAE. With SOUTH AFRICA...
The magnetic south pole was discovered off the coast of Wilkes Land in Antarctica.
On 8 September 2000, the Ulysses space probe began its second passage over the Sun's south pole.
Robert Scott took his gramophone & dog, on his South Pole Expedition, by Herbert G. Ponting ht…
Miracle at the South Pole! Explorer Shackleton finds his companions, for months at Elephant Island
yes I was correct they lived in the south pole AMAZING
Picture from Juno Spacecraft of Jupiter from its South Pole
Jupiter down under! A never-before-seen view of Jupiter's south pole, spotted by
the South Pole is at 9000 feet elevation on a mountain covered by ice. The North Pole has no land mass
How do they keep from bumping into each other above the North/South Pole? Maybe traffic lights up there? Beep beep!.
Why is the South Pole colder than the North Pole?
Slooh's Antarctic correspondent Christian just sent us this picture he took from the South Pole last month.
"There's an area as big as United States BEYOND the South Pole."—Admiral Richard E. Byrd.
We have a North Pole and South Pole but no central pole. Just like we have a north jersey and south jersey but no central j…
Did the Davis team really make it to the South Pole and did they come first? .
About to cop some Phat Farm, South Pole, Roca Wear, and Sean Jean. Because no one where's them anymore ©
A compass does not point to the geographical North or South Pole, but to the magnetic poles.
Despite darkness & extreme weather conditions, this flight crew made a successful winter landing in the South Pole .
VIDEO: Crew recalls dark, cold and singing on South Pole mission via
Historic rescue mission to South Pole underway.
Kenn Borek rescue mission evacuates pair to Chile from South Pole
Don't judge me off my South Pole jeans I just purchased from Burlington Coat Factory
Canadian-owned & made plane successfully left the South Pole for Chile with two sick workers https…
DeKalb: Plane lands at South Pole in daring winter medical rescue
A rescue plane landed Tuesday at the South Pole for a medical emergency
Plane en route to South Pole for daring rescue.
South Pole Medical evacuation flight, June 21. flight has landed at the Pole:
Two pilots currently on a risky rescue flight to the South Pole must overcome a treacherous landing & more:
(CNN) A flight that was sent to the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station to evacuate someone for a medical condition...
I have the south pole for her north hole 😅😂
Plane makes daring 1,500-mile medical rescue trip in order to evacuate sick worker at US science station at the So…
Calgary plane flying on risky rescue mission in pitch-dark arrives at remote South Pole station via
to know for Weds.: Trump campaign seems to be broke; Plane lands at South Pole for medical rescue.
Medical rescue underway at U.S. South Pole outpost for stricken scientist
Plane successfully lands at South Pole for daring medical rescue mission:
BREAKING: Daring Antarctic rescue mission sets off for South Pole research station
Planes fly from Canada to Antarctica for dramatic South Pole rescue
Two Twin Otter aircraft have arrived in Antarctica in midwinter to airlift a worker from the research centre at...
Please hold a thought as the researcher at the South Pole awaits the air evac team. 70 below by the light of the Moon..Bon chance, all!
South Pole is last place on Earth to pass global warming milestone | National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Rare, risky mission underway to rescue sick scientists from South Pole...: Rare, risky mission underway to re...
My thoughts are with all the Muslims north of the Arctic circle this . . Conversely, party on in the South Pole.
is truly the real life Tony Stark. His plans to nuke the north & South Pole of Mars to create atmosphere is fascinating
''s wealth of experience make him a key addition to our global team.". -Nadia Bohli,Dir.Policy,South Pole
Southern Lights visible on the South Pole webcam .
We were on King George island, not at the South Pole, so it wasn't as harsh as it might have been. Or as cold.
The race to the South Pole - a case study in excellent and execution by Amundsen
Today on HD 141937 b: Roald Amundsen's South Pole expedition makes landfall on the eastern edge of the Ross Ice Shelf (1911/1/14)
Robert Falcon Scott brought 20 ponies for his trek to South Pole. 2 were eaten by whales.
This is one of my best podcasts, IMHO. How scientists at the South Pole live! Listen or download , your choice!.
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Lachezar Tsotsorkov has visited the North and South Pole. Both times he has raised the flag of his club.
Why this former diplomat aims to be the first woman from Singapore to walk to the South Pole via
Hi from the North Pole.It's -30° C. East & West are in the South; . Dawn&Dusk on the same side half an hour apart.(1)
Why can I see the stars rotate around the south celestial pole?
I don't believe in news, esp mainstream. But if I were in South Pole, I guess news is a way to feel home.
Vehicle crashes into utility pole, injuring 5 in south Toledo.
Shandrum Brownies deserved a treat to cool them down after taking part in our North to South Pole
We made this with tremendous for our book IN SEARCH OF THE SOUTH POLE. A polar sky of imagining...
Polar Bears live in the Arctic (North Pole), while Penguins live in Antarctica (South Pole).
Here's a question I didn't know I had, but answer is interesting: How do scientists at South Pole get news?
If you read one thing about scientists at the South Pole finding out about Prince’s death today, make it this:
China bronze man of Longevity Old Man of the South Pole SIT DEER
If it had been as cold at the South Pole in March 1912 as it was at Edgbaston today even the bold Captain Oates wouldn't…
Thanda & Cool! Succulent water melon. No need to go to the South Pole - be a cool penguin right here in India!
Cooler than a night in the South Pole
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*** the only way I can beat that is taking it to the South Pole.
Yeah! There comes a time when the North Pole becomes the South. Yeah! It's a long December.
Spring Of South Pole, you're always my favorite. 🌸
U swear iPhone not built for heat like them *** in Dubai live in the South Pole or something SMH
*closes giant book on South Pole, removes white linen gloves*. "Oh, I didn't see you there. Welcome!"
Want to Ride a Bike to the South Pole in 2016"
If you had the opportunity to go to the south pole, would you?
: "Map of the world (Mercator) if the south pole was in Australia [OC] [1072x929]"
South Pole is a tropical region now with global plant warming. That'll do it.
I say to put the flag back up the pole in South Carolina
Greens Leader Press club-We have lost plants that were around here in Gondwanaland time ( when the South Pole was close to Sydney)
Nazi UFOs revealed: Hitler had flying saucers...and they may still be out there
1,800 customers are still without power. Electricity was expected to be restored around 11:30 p.m.
Toledo police are on the scene of crash after a car slammed into a pole on Campbell and Pulaski in south Toledo.
Update: Power out for thousands after lines down, pole fire in south Fargo.
Suggestion for a cool follow: ... She's spending several months at the South Pole (and writing about it).
I did an interview about how I get my news at the
Power out for nearly 4,000 after lines down, pole fire in south Fargo.
How scientists at the South Pole get their news: interview w/ a fascinating person w/ a…
oh well they actually do walk, but they like to slide, since you know, the South Pole has no mall or theme park, so..
A 60-year-old Hershey’s bar retrieved from Adm. Byrd’s 1939 South Pole trip was still edible.
but hollow Earth theory somewhat makes sense and Admiral Byrd (the guy that flew over the north and South Pole) apparently-
Almost forgot but last night I had the most random bad dream possible:. Joe Lieberman was pushing a map of the South Pole into my eyeball.
how much salary you want per month pref country USA Canada or near South Pole to live I love you
Scientists deliberately aimed Lunar Prospector to crash into a shadowed area of a crater near the lunar South Pole.
- McVitie’s were first biscuits to reach the South Pole with the explorer, Roald Amundsen in 1911
"Victory awaits him who has everything in order - luck, people call it." - Roald Amundsen, 1st explorer to reach South Pole
Chinese researchers in South Pole expedition grow vegetables
No exile at the South Pole or on the summit of Mont Blanc separates us more...
Wedding | Penguins were guests at this unusual weeding at the South Pole - Glasgow Evening Times: Glasgow Even...
New York gets 15 times as much snow as the South Pole!
Returned safely from South Pole trek...I mean lunch in Ottawa's Byward market with friends from grad school. Will stay inside until dinner!
South Pole temperatures here in Ottawa today. About to unleash my inner Roald Amundsen and venture out of doors...
See this? Aiie! . With windchill, Ottawa is same temp as South Pole this morning.
It's -44 with windchill in Ottawa now. Literally same temp as the South Pole. I'm not up to anything. I miss you
With windchill, Ottawa is the exact same temperature as the South Pole in Antarctica this morning.
When life wants go south, and just keeps on going.. lol, might go to the south pole one day 😐
.compass test. Or any tangible way to prove that it is actually the magnetic South Pole. Anything. Not just Zionist lies.
what was the first airplane to fly over the South Pole?
all the food and fuel for an entire winter, and more, at the South Pole
Breaking News: Santa Claus buys summer home in South Pole, North Pole subject to flooding due to climate change.
HOLY *** JUSTIN BIEBER if pushes down then why's it push up from the earth's bottom? $o earth won't $hjt the south pole into space
West of Russia. East of US. South of North Pole and North of South Pole. Are you getting warmer yet? Or shall I continue?
For Sale: 75th Anniversary of Captain Scott's Arrival at the South Pole…
Hello to the south pole. You look nicely wrapped up though!
Hey, does the A-S South Pole Station still use a 10-module array of Iridium satellite modem links?
Realities of logistics at the South Pole:
Freshmen Dare Maxwell of Stanford University: "Is Antarctica near the North or South Pole? Sorry I'm not good at geology."
We don't need "the knowledge" for the same reason we don't go to Watford via the South Pole, twice. Minicabs do better job.
I feel like I'm traveling to the South Pole every time I get in my car
when someone says the name "Wolf Blitzer". Christmas is 11 months away, go back to the south pole
.someone find me any picture or proof of a magnetic South Pole.
adventure is just bad planning. Quotes by Roald Amundsen (Author of South Pole)
it means that they wont take it seriously until they drown after the North and South Pole has melted
I were as if I were the South Pole and he were the sunlight. It were as if she were the sunlight if only I could be more than just her shadow
OPTITEC Competitiveness Cluster federates the stakeholders in in the south-east of France. Find out more
There's one thing that I don't understand I thought the South Pole was the home of the band or do you just keep your slaves I Richmond?
(1/2) Yesterday's scene is close to the south pole at 171E latitude.
lola Bayerische Staatsoper goes South Pole - Almaviva1984 has added a photo to the pool: the first HDR
Terra Incognita: best travel book | Sara Wheeler remembers her trip to the South Pole | via
Hamilton Collection
i, the Enlightened One of the Penguin Temple of the South Pole, the Blessed Protector of Goddess Myoui
My predictions for near future: the tropics will turn into a desert, places w seasons --> Florida, North/South Pole --> Pacific Northwest US
Penguins only live in the South Pole, not the north as you often see in badly made Christmas movies.
. You've got no clue abt the South Pole,. where Roald Amundsen had been 100yrs ago, haven't you?.
is the orginal extremist. This Norwegian explorer was the first to reach the North & South Pole
📷 Roald Amundsen was the first person to reach the South Pole. At approximately 3pm on December 14,...
I kind of feel like Roald Amundsen, about to set off on an expedition to the South Pole.
A Scot has reached the South Pole at the end of a history-making 730 mile trek
Agree 100%. Leaders go to the South Pole with a team unless they can bring the team back. They know their ability.
.show me your best proof of a magnetic South Pole. Pics or compass test please.
.are you able to find me any tangible proof of a magnetic South Pole? Any picture will do. Preferably the compass test though.
On this date. 1918 Ernest Rutherford announces that he has split the atom. 1958 Sir Edmund Hillary reaches the South Pole.
Jan 3, 1912: Robert Falcon Scott names the men to accompany him to the South Pole: Bowers, Wilson, Evans & Oates
Love this song from the Mr. Peabody & Sherman show. About Captain Robert Falcon Scott explorer of the South Pole.
nah some go buy like Jordan's but wear wrangler jeans and a South Pole shirt
📷 science: Grotto in an ice berg, photographed by Herbert Ponting on Robert Scott’s ill-fated South Pole...
Interesting story hear about acute mountain sickness. I was given Diamox before the flight to the South Pole and...
Day 3 in Luke's bid to be 1st Scot to reach South Pole unassisted! Follow here
Word of the Day. I'm sure there are loads of them, but the North and South Pole don't count. Too obvious.
I don't know of any women designers or anything so you could wear a bamma designer and if it look just no South Pole or baby phat
or tour operators. I imagine South Pole and North Pole CVBs have small budgets. 😎
This day in 1929 Richard E. Byrd flies a Ford Tri-Motor over the South Pole.
Nov, 29, 1929: Richard E. Byrd and crew complete flight over the South Pole.
Nov 29, 1929: Commander Richard E. Byrd and a crew of three became the first to fly over the South Pole. From
1929: U.S. Admiral Richard E. Byrd leads the first expedition to fly over the South Pole.
1929 - The first airplane flight over the South Pole was made by U.S. Navy Lt. Comdr. Richard E. Byrd.
1929: Richard E. Byrd does the first flight over the South Pole
1929 – Commander Richard E. Byrd completed the first South Pole flight.
Andy McNab bids to complete hero Shackleton’s journey to the South Pole
Wanna know more about my South Pole trip:
Guest Speaker Dr Ed Coats talks about his Race to the South Pole with James Cracknell & Ben Foyle https…
Download Ernest Shackleton's recording of a lecture on his South Pole expedition
How my brain works: Go to fact check something about the South Pole & suddenly I'm deep into a "post-apocayltpic books in Antarctica" wiki
Excellent! But not at or near it. But actually ON the South Pole. He can blame it on Vlad the Impaler.
*** You should like live in South Pole
Huge Network | Two people die after car hits pole
Two people die after a car crashes into a telegraph pole in Merthyr Tydfil.
Scientists in Antarctica were cited for alcohol related behaviour, like indecent exposure. . SOUTH POLE DANCING, GUYS
What's going on KC? IceCube: Seeing the Universe in Neutrinos from the Earth’s… Get found ->
be advised child molesters have been uncovered around the South Pole shanty town. residents have found can's of cola in the trapdoor..1/2
Brendan & I are going to be undercover Penguins in the South Pole & expose the polar bears for who they really are
don't be.. i rock South Pole shirts with roca wear jeans and fubu shoes no socks
My North Pole and South Pole are in juxtaposition,. My valley welcomes all without any opposition,,,
Israel colder than the South Pole man
this man rocking US Polo and South Pole with some Filas on his feet 😭😭😭
Update your maps at Navteq
Power Lineman Kyle Lloyd sent this photo of a pole burning and a field on fire south of the Willowbank Colony...
My dad was watching little women LA and they were arguing so he says"they must be from the South Pole" 😂😂 its too early for elf references
y do I look like an angry South Pole elf. But I love you ❤️
High-energy cosmic neutrinos observed at the geographic South Pole | The Big Riddle
I got my fubu sweater n my south pole shorts with my shaqs on swag
south meaning what beloved South Pole south of France south of the border
why are my pores as big as the South Pole-Aitken basin, largest and oldest crater in the moon! Roughly 2500 km in diameter, it is known fo
An image not cataloged in the Google earth map. aligned with the island of Bermuda, with the south and North Pole
Yo do you think i should fly to the south pole and make a video with an african penguin ??
I got hit on by a 1st grader today. He told me I was cute then invited me to his house so he could "show me where the south pole is"
Lol. says the ice is moving from north poke to south pole. Prob on sea turtles.
If I didn't know my history better I'd have thought young Shackleton was about to make a dash for the south pole to escape Mary.
Do not try to talk to me with your baggy *** air brushed shirt & South Pole jeans 😂
Just been through the coursework I have to do this year and I think it's safe to say I want to move to the South Pole and become a penguin 🐧
I swear Mn is like a girl on her period. Hot as *** one day & as cold as the South Pole the next
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Peter Le Beau asks the boy scout's question: how do you go to the loo at the South Pole ?
At Burlington by Golden Triangle mall we have Roca Wear, South Pole, Ecko Red, Sean John, USPA, and And1 😊
"You can go anywhere in the world including the South Pole!" Jill Medina of Oberlin College came to speak about...
Any *** that still wears South Pole jeans and phat farm shoes ain't allowed in my house cause I know he's gonna be stea…
Hub automaton,. test to monitor the penguins at the South Pole or the bears at the North Pole!.
Fascinating article on Captain Robert Falcon Scott's ill-fated South Pole expedition and its poignant-but-noble end:
Is there any tour to surrounding islands near south pole? Probably from Argentina.
I'm the son of the south pole plus Alaska's Dad got *** like dag... Flow is like crazy gone mad
A Voyage Towards the South Pole and Round the World Volume 1 by Cook, James [...
. I hear it get pretty cold at the south pole.
no joke my grandma bought me something from south pole for Christmas one year. she had no idea
Oh, when was the last time a taxpayer paid for your trip to Africa or the south pole? One big vacation.
or his trek of south pole last year. Just because he's royal doesn't mean he lives this extravagant life.
CROSIER, four stars in the southern hemisphere in the form of a cross, serving those who sail in south latitudes to find the antarctic pole.
I have always wanted to go to the South Pole. I may need an extra tog duvet though
Order Miche Bag Online!
The richest man on Earth still wouldn't be able to fly from the North Pole to the South Pole
you seem very angry. You must be a south pole homosexual.
Lmao, found this on myspace. Back in my south pole days, *** I looked skinny...
It went by way of the North Pole, then the South Pole, then...
Last week I went to the South Pole. Next week I'm going to the North Pole. I'm bi-polar.
It's hard to get to the north and south pole in one hour, but apparently the news knows I can.
Earth has a North and South Pole. We have a North (mouth) and South *** Pole.
The temperature in my office right now is close to that of the South Pole! ❄️
"It was so north I saw penguins!" except penguins are only found on the south pole not the north
Catching up with hosted by here are days 1-3
Im not gonna be going around like i have this on im cooler then you.. My best friend since i was 10 still wears polo boots and south pole
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