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South Lawn

South Lawndale is located on the west side of the city of Chicago, Illinois, is one of 77 well-defined Chicago community areas.

White House Marine One President Obama President Barack Obama First Lady Michelle Obama White House South Lawn Michelle Obama French President Francois Hollande First Lady Oval Office Pres Obama Easter Egg Roll Secret Service White Hous

Donald Trump holds up colouring sheet he wrote on during the Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn of the White House.…
LIVE coverage from the South Lawn at the
LIVE coverage from the South Lawn at the by via
south shore lawn tennis club Amy's got a proper invite with address on if ur coming with her? X
Another March Madness Launch! Total Trusted Lawn Care Service is an awesome new business that's taking South...
TRUMP: "... resign the presidency, effective immediately". [salutes, clambers into big rig, drives across South Lawn, th…
So sad to see what has replaced Michele Obama's organic veggie garden on the south lawn of Trump's Whitehouse. So sad.
Nanaimo man vying for Blind World Lawn Bowling Championship in South Africa -
which Govt agency is assigned this weekend to replace 9 iron divots on the South Lawn with colorful, plastic Easter Eggs?
There's only one thing that will make Trump feel better today and it's currently being set up on the White House So…
he then stepped in poop on the South Lawn, which he blamed on Bo.
Just saw 4 wild turkeys sitting on the lawn of an apartment building on 13th Street (south side Milwaukee).
Gonna play with the big truck on the South Lawn some more. Vrooom vrom!!
Speaker Ryan, concerned they don't have the votes, dashes to the White House. South Lawn Cam:
Heard you dropped your copy of National Enquirer today when Elvis was spotted on the South Lawn.
In related news, Steve Bannon is preparing the guillotine for Paul Ryan on the South Lawn of the White House.
Little Giant Ladders
Can't wait 4U and UR fellow RUSSIAN TOOLS 2 get the "SADDAM HUSSEIN" treatment! White House South Lawn is goid place 4 it!
Donald Trump walks out of the White House to meet with truckers and CEOs on the South Lawn yesterday. (Photo by Mel…
Questions on Rehabbing my Disastrous Lawn [South Florida] via /r/HomeImprovement
Seeing this clip=optimistic about the future. Same goes for the WH video from the south lawn yesterday, excellent j…
something that could be heard across the Capitol south lawn.
Great photo of Interstate One and 12 professional truck drivers on the South Lawn
America's Road Team Captains had no problem pulling the trucks onto the South Lawn today.
.jokingly pretends to drive an 18-wheeler on the South Lawn of the White House while meeting with truckers…
Trump sat in drivers seat of truck, honked horn, during South Lawn event
Bo and Sunny, the Obama family dogs, on the South Lawn of the White House, 8/19/13. More photos: https…
President Trump and Vice President Pence greets truckers and ceos on the White House South Lawn
This guy's a bigger buffoon than Dubya when he was dancing out on the South Lawn.
Fountain on the South Lawn of the White House is colored green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.
The Valley Fresh Farmers Market is underway on the South Lawn of the Hospital! Come and enjoy food trucks and stand…
😎. regrann from - Watching Marine One land on the South Lawn -
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Arabella and Joseph watching the Marine One landing on the South Lawn. 🛬. -.
Earlier: Marine fun! Grandpa spends some time with Grandkids on the South Lawn before departing the White House
Arabella and Joseph with on the South Lawn of The White House
Reagan on the South Lawn, holding a t-shirt (a gift from Nancy), ready to depart for Camp David via Marine 1. 1986. http…
President Obama, thank you for allowing my HBCU band to play on the South Lawn of the White House. This memory will for…
puppet s colbert knows Obama pulled constitution out from resolute desk drawer took it to South Lawn and piddled on it.
WASHINGTON, D.C. — On Tuesday, Oct. 18, on the South Lawn of the White House, (l-r), President…
President Woodrow Wilson's sheep grazed on South Lawn of White House in 1918. More history:…
“What South by South Lawn is” by Barack continuing to innovate&inspire us to be GREATER than we've EVER been http…
Preset complete on the South Lawn of the White House for State arrival of Prime Minister Renzi of Italy
South by South Lawn: LACMA's Michael Govan to talk with James Turrell and David Adjaye at White House festival.
That music in the background at the start of briefing, was The Tennessee State University Marching Band practicing on South Lawn.
Ideas, art, and action—all in our backyard. Introducing South by South Lawn:
The announce South by South Lawn - a festival of ideas, art and action inspired by Amazingly cool
Happening now - Pride ceremony, South Lawn, City Hall. Join us!
Pres Obama walks from Oval Office to Marine One on the South Lawn for start of 2-day trip to IN and CO.
Come on down to the South Lawn! Take a tour of the Kitchen Garden with
Tomorrow night's will be held in a tent on the South Lawn at the White House & Demi Lovato will be performing…
New Post: From the South Lawn of the straight into the hands of Staff Sargent August…
Productive way to start the week w/ @ Royal South Yarra Lawn Tennis Club
I like the view from the South Lawn the best.
When you go down south you could get a big four bedroom house with a backyard & lawn for the same price as living in The Bronx'!
US presidents are told on day 1: just enjoy the White House & its south lawn-you are not needed for anything for 8 yrs-want more then 4 yrs-
If the Pres had a cookout for Labor day on the south lawn that would be crazy. That would elevate his status to GOAT even more.
In the south you don't meet 'em. You see them running across your lawn so you the the rope and the pick-up.
In March 2009, First Lady broke ground on the South Lawn in preparation for planting the White House… http…
After the walk, visit the tents on the south fountain lawn!
Saw my first lawn sign today..driving thru Brookdale south of Stratford.
My mom who is in South Carolina atm. Is asking me to mow the lawn today . I friggin think not Darlene
Lawn-mowing from £10 per fortnight, in and around the Dronfield/Chesterfield/South Sheffield area.
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Over 350 photos from U16s Finals up at - sorry for delay
Our U16s Finals report is up pics soon
The U16s Finals report is up pics soon
Big tent under construction on South Lawn for Int Jazz Day Festival on Friday.
Guests taking their seats in huge tent on South Lawn for Intl Jazz Day Concert starting shortly.
Another season begins at Burnaby South Lawn Bowls, with full house. Thanks for contributing to community.
will we ever get to see the jazz concert that happened on the South Lawn?
Can't wait to see Charlie running on the South Lawn.
"We’re turning this place into the Blues House." —at the International Concert on the South Lawn
And they're off! Take a lap with the around the South Lawn: 🚴🇺🇸
Why wouldn't they let random people walk through the Rose Garden at midnight? Boo (@ South Lawn - White House)
Reach up, take a deep breathe...the Yoga Garden is stretching it out on the South Lawn.
The annual WH Egg Roll dates back to the 1870s. Crowds gathered on the South Lawn in this 1889 photo.
Waving to visitors, Pres Obama walks across South Lawn to board Marine One at start of trip to Milwaukee.
*** yeah them was tha days! You ran south lawn for tha younger kids..
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Hilariously, there's also a perfectly Peabody-sized lawn on the south side of the mall...
Really don't want to be kicked out of my brother's apartment complex my 1st time visiting, but I might pee in the lawn. I can't hold it 😣😂
but imagine the First Dingo killing things on the South Lawn
try being a pan monster in deeeppp south, I only get away with it cause I can fold them up like a lawn chair.
And driving through the South Shore of MA, you'd think it was a general election between Trump and Bernie, based on lawn-signs. No one else.
LAWN CARE (South Kansas City): Looking for a new opportunity? Established lawn and landscape ...
Instagram of the White House from the South Lawn this morning.
Snow art from plow clearing South Lawn for Marine One landing zone
Clarify: The ceremony is access from the gate onto south lawn once you passed the security checkpoints at outside.
No, the arrival ceremony is always outside on south lawn of the
Oliver Parkinson and Lizzy Schwartz rehearse on a trapeze on the South Lawn. They will be performing with other aer
At this point only thing left for Uncle Barry & Auntie Chelle to do is have a cookout on the south lawn. 😩
SC ranked as the top exporter of lawn mowers
For the best lawn care, animal and pest control in the South Florida.
Buddy Rice: "It's pretty cool to be able to hang out with the President and have the race-winning car on the South Lawn."
Hamilton Collection
South Carolina democratic primary today. In my neighborhood I've seen two Bernie Sanders lawn signs and one Hilliary.
Check out what new South Coast wedding venues David & Tamara will be showing at the Love on the Lawn expo in the...
Drunk driver crashed into center divider on 5 South freeway by forest lawn exit. Freeway in a complete standstill
like I'm meeting POTUS on the south lawn then going go spend a week in Florida
Back at the WH, walks across South Lawn, past the playset, and into the Oval Office.
Ah, the Deep South where one has to begin mowing the lawn again in February. It's a beautiful day!
Any place where people keep all their belongings on their lawn. (aka The South)
I'm going to build a dairy farm on the south lawn of the White House.
Who's grandpa out here on south 1at on a lawn mower?
There may have been some North-South differences in lawn tennis e.g. administration and competition
On The Way To Jacksonville: President Barack Obama walks across the South Lawn before departing the White Hous...
Vacation is over! See you Fri at Looney's South in Maple Lawn & Sat at Champion Billiards in Frederick, MD. 10 PM. https:…
Cedric Ford Killed 3 people and wounded 14 more in South . Kansas City at the Excel Lawn Mower Plant. What for?
President Obama waives to a roaring crowd on the White House South Lawn. Obama is taking a day…
A view worth going miles to see was from "Big Rock," turning east from Summit Lawn on the crest of South Mountain.
Ks. Shooter Has Record in Fla.: The gunman in a rampage at a Kansas lawn mowing equipment company that left fo...
I hear there's a line forming on the south lawn
.I say let them all go - to Washington, D.C. Tent City on the South Lawn. They can do gardening and walk the …
Bo is more Portuguese Snow Dog than Portuguese Water Dog as he plays on the South Lawn in 2010.
We have photographed many weddings at South Lawn Hotel over the years, but I think the next one will be very...
From the archives. Reagan on the South Lawn the morning after the reelection party. "Did I win?" https…
Marine One Landing on the South Lawn and picking up before his trip to
Work has begun to turn the south lawn into a beautiful The turf has been cut…
Three men with White House sheep on south lawn,1909-1932,Washington,DC
from the south... lovely sunny day just mowed the lawn(not normal for Jan!).
in Meeting on the corner of South Lawn and Goldsmith at 10:30 today.
***Goes rogue in White House***. ***Drives presidential limo into pool on the south lawn**. ***Flips banquet table like a biotch***
📷 bonnieblue85: Lyndon Johnson is swarmed by children as he feeds a pair of beagles on the south lawn of...
issues last year? In the South, you can apply any time & expect up to 1 full year of control.
Aviator Harry Atwood landed his Wright Model B plane on the WH South Lawn, where he was received by Pres. Taft. https:…
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A green lawn at this time of year, in this drought, should not be a source of pride.
I asked nana do he go to school he told me " he'll yeah everyday south lawn high " 😂😂😂
quotes provided for a at South Lawn Hotel, Lymington. Having a party?
I want to like Cruz, I really do. But all I see is a tent revival on the South Lawn.
Lawn mowing service in BarbertonNorton area (SOUTH AFRICA, Barberton)
South Lawn seems to have room, too, tbh
Love the South! What confused u about my citizenship. Military coup hang O & entourage on WH lawn.
It's not everyday you get to see land on the South Lawn
Pres Obama returns salute as he steps off Marine One back at WH. Then walks across South Lawn to Oval Office.
Another photo from South Lawn. Obama about to return from Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Trumps gonna pile up Berry's executive orders on some tannerite and shoot them with his 9 on the south lawn
South Park Meadows Austin Tx 1999. Sitting on the lawn,high, Satellite playing, & looking up at the night sky.
In this week’s we give you a wonderful view of our beautiful south lawn.
.admiring the view across the south lawn of the White House
Marine One landed on the South Lawn at 5:49 p.m. as the autumn sunlight glinted off the Washington Monument & surrounding trees.
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Marine One coming in for landing on South Lawn. Never takes a bad photo.
Obama meets with Texas teen clockmaker at 'Astronomy Night': Students visited the South Lawn of the White Hous...
The science is settled: President chats with Ahmed ‘Clock Kid’ Mohamed on South Lawn: Astronomy Night at the W...
Photo: Students from DC Scores participate in a soccer clinic on the South Lawn of the White House following…
Too busy leading my team to victory on the South Lawn.
Ted Cruz Promises to Bring Pork to White House: New Year’s Eve a pig roast on the South Lawn
July 14th : 1911 – Harry Atwood, an exhibition pilot for the Wright brothers lands his airplane at the South Lawn...
Photo: Bruno Mars smiles after remarks by U.S. President Barack Obama on the South Lawn of the White House...
GIrl Scouts reach for the heights on a rock climbing wall on the WH South Lawn.
It only takes minutes to make your lawn green again. Met a lawn painter in the South Valley.
croquet on the south lawn at 4pm with Hendricks scheduled.
Shout out to lawn guys who jus came...cause it *** sure hot in south ga
We're really debating getting rid of the statues on the South Mall lawn? Statues of TEXAS HISTORICAL FIGURES AT THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS?
Muwi Innovative Lawn Mower 2 designed in South Korea. Muwi is an innovative lawn mower that calcula
You might be from the south if you trade an old lawn mower for a hog. 😂🐷
Girl Scout Camp out on the south lawn of the White House? It's true!
White House locked down moments after loud bang heard on South Lawn as press prepared for Obama departure for trip to Selma, A…
Before and after pics of a garden in South Manchester - lawn care, borders and a general tidy in time for BBQ season
Obama should 'accidentally' call it "The Black House" just to stir things up again. And throw a HTPAB style party on the South Lawn.
50 Girl Scouts, including scouts from Maryland and Virginia, have been invited to a campout on the south lawn of...
Party on the pong house front lawn. 1st ave south bring a bathing suit cuz it's raining not cuz we have a pool.
that's why I'm going to see! He gonna be chillin' in the south lawn behind one of these:
We're experiencing an outage in Etobicoke within these boundaries: Dundas south to Lake Ont; Islington east to Park Lawn.…
Ah, in thewhere your neighbor mows her lawn at 9 at night because it's finally cool enough.
Power outage in south Etobicoke: boundaries are Dundas, lake, Islington and Park Lawn. No cause determined, no estimated rest…
My Troop 181 in LA as a girl would have loved this!Campout for 50 lucky 4th-grade will be camping on the South Lawn
.Campout? Believe it! 50 lucky 4th-grade will by camping on the South Lawn June 30!
Love this closeup of a South Lawn bumblebee from bee expert Sam Droege. Facts + photos →
Photo: President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama walk from Marine One on the South Lawn upon arrival at… http:…
about to touch down on the WH South Lawn. Preparing to take to Camden, New Jersey.
Photo: Bo, the Obama family dog, waits for First Lady Michelle Obama on the South Lawn driveway before departing…
President Obama & Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan during an arrival ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House. htt…
The Cavalier Daily - Vietnamese Student Association commemorates fall of Saigon on South Lawn
I need to go to south lawn for quan💆
kick off their national tour tonight at South Lawn at the Fremantle Arts Centre. Ticket info here
Thieves in south Auckland are targeting truck and lawn mower batteries, stealing more than 600 in the past four months
Just another hypocrite on He could have made the speech on the South Lawn, saved money, saved CO2
Dodgeball tournament at Melbourne Uni. South lawn if anyone wants to watch!
Dodgeball is well underway. Get yourselves down to South Lawn!
If I were the President I would demand an ice rink to be built on the South Lawn
.All's quiet on the South Lawn. So far...
you live on the South...grab some PBR and a lawn chair, put on a wife-beater and set up shop on the front lawn
Mighty nice view out the South Lawn, Mr. President.
President Obama will welcome the Super Bowl champion New England on the south lawn of the White House tomorrow afternoon
Come out to Amplify tomorrow night at 7 on engineering south lawn!
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This weekend you can view the Jacqueline Kennedy Garden, Rose Garden, Children's Garden and South Lawn of the...
Ummm. Why did I just see "lynch" lawn care?? Maybe rethink that, being in the south and all.
It's beautiful and sunny here in South Carolina. Time for a good book and a comfy lawn chair!
Students! Tomorrow is your chance to get COVERED in color! Report to the South Lawn after school to participate...
I hear capital hill south lawn is a pretty safe place to land, I'm no gyroscope, though.
APA Legislative day. Only in the south with you have BBQ on the lawn in front of the Capitol. jefoyt…
It Might Be anybody from South Lawn, deadend, T-block, 4000,Missionary, South Bank in many more lol
Check out on the south campanile lawn! You can buy some cool merch and register for Dance Marathon 2016 & 4K For the Kids!
Marine One landing on the White House South Lawn, as seen over the Corcoran roof.
The Sustainability Committee & Facilities department will be planting trees on the South lawn behind the Atrium...
Secret Service keeps watch on White House South Lawn as the President prepares to depart for FL Everglades
Only in the south do you see your neighbor mowing his lawn with a weed-eater..
Happy Free tonight at 6 p.m. on Nelson south lawn
I don't know what this button does but I'm pretty sure it doesn't operate the sprinklers. @ South Lawn
White House press document also demands access to Celebrations on the South Lawn, Kennedy Center Honors and Christmas in Washington events
Join Silent March Against Xenophobia at 12:00 from North Campus, Conference Centre lawn, to Embizweni on South Campus.
Senate deal on lawn of deadly South African troops to Yemen by strong earnings roll in. 4 Detroit announcement. D...
Whatever plant decided to start having sex in the South Bay last night needs to knock the *** off. And get off my lawn.
All clear at the south lawn of the White House.
VEILians rallying at for a Come join, until 1:30, South Lawn.
Please join us Wednesday, 4/22 in support of in for at 9AM on the South Lawn...
The current scene on the South Lawn of the An incredible honor to be here.
Mint Lattes at Irish flag on Blair House, & green fountain on South Lawn making spirited day in DC
Loud noise heard on White House's South Lawn as Obama and first family about to take off by helicopter, triggers security…
And Marine One just touched down on South Lawn at 3.24 a.m. President, First Lady back at the White House: pool report
Marine One has touched down on the South Lawn. The President and First Lady are home after a trip to India/Saudi Arabia.
Final approach to the South Lawn of the White House
View from the South Lawn of the White House last night
At the National Christmas Tree in front of the South Lawn at The White House.
Instagram from the South Lawn of the White House this evening.
Secret Service agent, Paul Landis, lifts John F. Kennedy, Jr., into the air on the South Lawn of the White House,...
20+ gorgeous Douglas firs lining the South Lawn of the White House. And all tagged with ... htt…
A soldier from Fort Leonard Wood is performing Thursday night on the South Lawn of the White House.
Photo: First Lady Michelle Obama gestures to Bo, the Obama family dog, on the South Lawn of…
Gonzalez, who allegedly had a knife, eventually was tackled by a counter-assault agent in the East Room after he reached the doorway to the Green Room, a parlor overlooking the South Lawn.
Handing out Orange Leaf coupons with dad on campus. Come see us at South Lawn!
Grammy winner Gregory Porter to headline Where Rivers Meet Jazz Festival on the South Lawn.
After delivering a farewell address to administration staff, Richard Nixon left the White House for the last time as president on Aug. 9, 1974. He boarded a military helicopter on the South Lawn and gave his iconic wave to the crowd. Walter Cronkite anchored the CBS News Special Report with Dan Rath…
Pres Obama to deliver a statement on Iraq from South Lawn of White House at 10:25am EDT.
Obama picks up 6-month-old baby Olivia on the South Lawn, returning from his trip to MN. "Adorable," he said.
LBJ and King Faisal viewing fireworks over the South Lawn of the White House. 1966.
"If President Barack Obama is mingling with inventors, sooner or later there has to be a robot. On Wednesday, it was Russell, the 17-foot electric giraffe towering in the South Lawn of the White House, a symbol of the quirky and clever creations Obama wanted to showcase on a day devoted to innovation." Read more via the San Jose Mercury News.
Yep. There's a robotic giraffe named Russell on the South Lawn at the White House Maker Faire.
kafir kafir shia kafir!!! June 13, 2014 IRAN AND THE U.S.: THE ENEMY OF MY ENEMY POSTED BY ROBIN WRIGHT On Monday, Iran and the United States, along with envoys from Britain, China, France, Germany, and Russia, will meet again in Vienna to work on specific terms for a nuclear agreement. The talks resume just as Washington and Tehran suddenly find that they have common cause in preventing Iraq’s abrupt disintegration. For both, their longtime strategies toward Iraq appear to be failing, as a few thousand thugs in the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) burn their way across the country. Washington and Tehran have started using the same language. President Obama, in his remarks on the South Lawn of the White House on Friday, said, “Nobody has an interest in seeing terrorists gain a foothold inside of Iraq, and nobody is going to benefit from seeing Iraq descend into chaos.” An hour later, Iran’s Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif, told me, by telephone, from Tehran, “It is in the interest of everybo ...
In his first address to the nation with regards to the lightening fast events transpiring in the country, Obama stated that U.S. troops would not be sent to Iraq to assist.Speaking in front of his helicopter Marine One from the White House’s South Lawn, President Obama in his first address to the...
May 20, 1961 - Roses in the Rose Garden. The White House Rose Garden is a garden bordering the Oval Office and the West Wing of the White House. The garden is approximately 125 feet long and 60 feet wide. It balances the Jacqueline Kennedy Garden on the east side of the White House Complex. White House Grounds are: The Ellipse, Jacqueline Kennedy Garden, Lafayette Square, North Lawn, President's Park, Rose Garden, South Lawn.
On Monday, over 30,000 people visited the South Lawn for the 136th annual White House Easter Egg Roll. It was a beautiful day as the Hip Hop Public Health (HHPH) team joined the festivities to celebrate this year's theme, “Hop into Healthy, Swing into Shape,” providing kids and their families with o…
Our 56th annual Easter Sunrise Service is this Easter Sunday. 7 AM on the South Lawn of Arlington Lake.
Sarah Lawrence College held its 85th Commencement on Friday, May 24, 2013, under a tent on the South Lawn in the shadow of Westlands. A joyful crowd ...
On the South Lawn, David Ortiz and Jonny Gomes reminded us of what made 2013 so special:
A shot of the Red Sox women on the South Lawn
U.S., Russia Trade Sanctions - President Barack Obama speaks on the situation in Ukraine on the South Lawn of the...
OBAMA EXPANDS US SANCTION ON RUSSIA •EU MULLS EXPANDING SANCTIONS United States President Barack Obama announced on Thursday morning a series of increased sanctions against Russia over its annexation of the Crimean peninsula. Speaking on the South Lawn of the White House before a trip to Florida, Obama said the U.S. will impose more sanctions on the Russian government, individuals tied to Russia’s Crimea efforts, and one bank that provides material support to the Russian leadership. “Russia must know that further escalation will only isolate it further from the international community,” Obama said, adding that sanctions will possibly be expanded to impact more areas of the Russian economy. “Over the last several days, we’ve continued to be deeply concerned by events in Ukraine,’’ Obama said, citing what he called an illegal referendum in Crimea, an illegitimate move to annex the territory Crimea, and “dangerous risks of escalation, including threats” to Ukraine. He cited threats Russia ...
It's Which President added a jogging track on the South Lawn of the White House? Test yourself here:
South Lawn of the White House decked out for St. Patrick's Day!!
Happy St. Patrick's Day from the South Lawn of the White House.
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This day in U.S. military history, February 17th: 1864: The Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley becomes the first submarine to sink a warship. The Hunley embedded a spar torpedo in the Union Sloop-of-War USS Housatonic in Charleston harbor. Five Union sailors were killed. The Huntley was sunk in the incident as well, however, and all eight of her crew died. 1942: The first Navy construction unit, the "1st Construction Detachment" arrived on the island of Bora Bora. 1974: At 2 AM, U.S. Army PFC Robert K. Preston, a soldier who was upset at having been flunked out of Army Helicopter flight school and reassigned, stole a UH-1 "Huey" helicopter off the tarmac at Fort Meade, Maryland, and flew it to Washington DC. He "buzzed" the White House, then landed on the South Lawn. Two Maryland State Police helicopters arrived on the scene, and Preston led them on a wild, fast-paced, low-level chase that proved, interestingly enough, that he was a rather exceptional helicopter pilot. He eventually returned to the White H ...
In his State of the Union address, Obama tried to give his presidency a boost by highlighting the nation's growing gap between rich and poor. BUT LAST NIGHT… Obama held a State Dinner for the French President at a cost of $1,000-$1,500 per person to taxpayers. Last Night, Grammy award winner Mary J. Blige, who performed during the 2012 Democratic National Convention, sang for the president and his 354 guests in a tent on the South Lawn. Last Night, the first course included American Osetra Caviar and quail eggs, accompanied by 12 kinds of potatoes followed by a "winter garden salad" and fresh garden vegetables. The main course was dry-aged rib eye served with a blue cheese crisp Vermont. Dessert was a geometric chocolate malted cake made with Hawaiian chocolate, Florida tangerines and vanilla ice cream churned in Pennsylvania. Afterward, they nibbled on fudge made with Vermont maple syrup, lavender shortbread cookies, and orange zest-dusted cotton candy. BUT TODAY… Obama is set to give another in a .. ...
Terra president Dr. Jerome Webster joined vice president Lisa Williams and board vice chair Sandy Berlekamp at Rural Community College Alliance Day today in Washington, D.C. Their visit luckily coincided with a state visit by French President Francois Hollande and they were able to be part of a South Lawn gathering as President Obama welcomed the French president to the White House. According to Dr. Webster, Hollande came to reiterate the support of the French Republic in partnering with the U.S. to fight terrorism, defend freedom and justice, and recognize the celebration/70th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy, France during WWII.
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Because of State Visit preps on South Lawn, Marine One lifts from Wash Monument. (Pool photo by Scott Horsley/NPR)
If anyone has pictures of Mary Bailey they would like to have added to our slide show please post them on here as soon as possible and we will add them all! Her services are being held on Monday January 27th at South Lawn 5401 S. Park Ave in Tucson. Viewing from 9-10am and the services are from 10-1130am at South Lawn. Everyone is welcome.
NBC's Today show gave its Monday viewers a peek inside one of the world's most unique forms of transportation: Marine One. The special military helicopter ferries President Obama to Joint Base Andrews and other nearby destinations; presidents since Dwight Eisenhower have been flying aboard Marine One. An NBC News crew got access to Marine One as it practiced takeoffs and landings on the South Lawn of the White House. Marine One and its security escorts are the only aerial vehicles allowed in the airspace above the White House.
In recognition of President Obama's most recent delay of ObamaCare, Team Duncan put together the following poem inspired by the Twas The Night Before Christmas. Twas a few nights before Christmas, and all through the White House, many Democrats were stirring, absent a President vacationing with his spouse. They were busy at work rewriting the law called ObamaCare, And extremely thankful that no one from the press was there. The American people were laying restless in their beds, While nightmares of new taxes danced in their heads. And with Obama on the beach, and Biden making gaffes, This left Valerie Jarret in charge of all White House staffs. When out on the South Lawn there arose such a clatter, The Cabinet Members rushed to the windows to see what was the matter. Away from their desks they flew like a flash, Leaving the Constitution they’d shredded and torn in the trash. An image could be seen out amongst the new-fallen snow, A helicopter was spotted emitting a slight hellish glow. When, to what the ...
I've been given the number 12. 1. I broke my foot as a baby by sitting on it because I was so fat! 2. I come from Creek heritage. 3. At the age of 8, I was lost in New Orleans for what seemed like an eternity. 4. Ginger Norman and I grew up together and rode through our neighborhood on our bikes and go-carts trying to terrorize John Haire! 5. My boot camp coach, Vicky Neven, used to also whip me into shape as my cheerleader coach in high school. 6. I won a Pioneer Electric contest in high school by writing an essay on solar energy and got to go to Washington, D.C. with the most memorable part getting to hear Ronald Reagan speak on the South Lawn. 7. Years later, I got to attend the viewing of President Reagan's body at the Presidential library in Simi Valley, CA. I waited 5 hours by myself , but it was worth it. 8. My sisters still tease me to this day, but I used to read encyclopedias. 9. I used to teach middle school in Redondo Beach, California. Great job! 10. The biggest steak I have ever ...
Idea to break the standoff: Greco Roman wrestling match between Harry Reid and John Boehner on South Lawn live on CSpan; Judge Judy referees
White House email: Subject: Pool -- golf. Motorcade left the South Lawn at 11:44 a.m. and arrived at Fort Belvoir for golf at 12:11 p.m.
Awesome; totally awesome. Ready for a mean game of croquet on the south lawn
if you where in my south lawn I would boot you too. But I would at least be nice about!
I can't be positive, but at the same time I am certain I saw a cult on the south lawn of this morning.
FREE 16 oz NOS Energy Drink Giveaway today from 9A-1P on the South Lawn of Engineering South!
But I've got office hours 10-1130 outside the South Lawn Starbucks if you want to talk
The 1st CAB Tailgate is Sept. 21st!!! Look for the CAB Tent on the South Lawn!!!
On the big screen outdoors: Thanks to public demand, the Movie on the Lawn series will return to the south lawn...
Am I one of the only ones that find it gross for people to be playing in the huge puddle on south lawn?
I like to take advantage of the rain.So I go out to South Lawn and play football with some random people! 👌💥
If you are coming off the 110, take Exposition westbound to Bill Robertson Lane. Make a left, South Lawn will be on your left.
Some people get to have all the fun...Picnic on the White House South Lawn with the Obamas...and you can even...
Nice picture of the LEAF on the south lawn with the sun out
Join the Orange County Great Park on Sept. 21st as it opens New South Lawn Sports and Fitness Complex
Sitting on the south lawn on a beautiful day eating longhorn fried rice before work.
The Orange County Great Park invites families to join them as they open their new South Lawn Sports and Fitness...
I feel so scholarly sitting on the south lawn eating my PB&J cut in little triangles
better text me back cuz I'm ready to jump on some inflatables that are on the engineering south lawn!
JERUSALEM — Twantee yeers ago to da day on Frydee, I stood at da South Lawn o'da White…
Don't miss the DIA's third Lawn Party! on the South Lawn this weekend. Music, dancing, food, & more:
Aw that was a sweet little status Dre posted on fb about his students at south lawn. I'm just now seeing it did u see it
"One of us is going to go shirtless on the South Lawn, and you do not want it to be Hillary Clinton."
Tonight at 8:30pm is the sustainability event, a Bike-In Movie! Tonight on the South Lawn of Old Main you can see The Hunger Games!
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