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South Koreans

South Korea , officially the Republic of Korea , is a sovereign state in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula.

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What a blow to one of America’s most important allies, S Korea, to even suggest such a thing. South Koreans live with N Korean…
Of course that's not an option for the tens of millions of South Koreans living in range of North Korean artillery. http…
What the West gets wrong about North Korea's motives, and why some South Koreans admire the North
Spot on. My 13 year old son asked, “Why is he trying to lecture South Koreans about their own history, and in English?”
Yes, I am always impressed by the President haltingly reading South Korea's Wikip…
Like the grim reaper, speaking of doom and gloom, at each stop! South Koreans are terrified, along with us Americans.
Shut up old man. We don't want a nuclear exchange that kills millions of South Koreans and thousands of Americans.
Strange how the South Koreans are better American patriots t…
Now South Koreans look the president Trump differently. He was very gentle while he stayed in Korea.
There is no such thing as Korean ppl. There are South Koreans and North Koreans. You sound as du…
Another day of Embarrassment for us here in the US. The South Koreans are laughing at the mediocrity we sent there.
Dutiful ally for more than six decades, it may be time for South Koreans to take their destiny into their own hands.
Trumps speech to the South Koreans is inchoherent. . He listed his accomplishments. A stolen supreme courth justice seat. H…
South Koreans protest against war outside US embassy in Seoul. Trump says time for 'patience' on N. Korea is over
But how else would South Koreans know . . . ? 😉. (Besides, he needed to silence those haters who clai…
As Trump projects united front, how do South Koreans see tensions with K... via
(49) The very fake news MSM wants to portray South Koreans as anti-Trump. The pro-trump groups desperately want American hel…
A rights activist in South Korea says China has deported more than 100 North Koreans since early October
South Koreans love President Trump. Why shouldn't they?. After 8 years of spineless Obama, he's exactly what they need. http…
You weren't promoting peace with that speech, you are promoting all out nuclear war that would kil…
I think that was the wrong speech to make, you simply alienated the South Koreans who have relativ…
Did Trump plug his golf course during his speech to the South Koreans?
10 North Koreans, including a three-year-old boy, have been detained in China, a South Korean rights activist tells
Former U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Kathleen Stephens discusses President Trump's Asia trip, suggesting he did th…
The South Koreans were not impressed with your war solution. Most have relatives in North Korea a…
How did you find all those South Koreans,
Trump is a liar. Thousands of South Koreans protested Sunday against an upcoming visit by Donald Trump. 😂😂😂. h…
For South Koreans, the biggest threat to peace isn’t North Korea but the United States.
The South Koreans hate you as much as most Americans do.
"South Koreans feel that deterrence can work on North Korea. It's one reason they want a strong US alliance," tell…
Nothing like retelling South Korea's history - to the South Koreans! Think they know their histor…
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Did you notice the thousands of South Koreans holding signs that said NO TRUMP, NO WAR? Americans…
Analysis: South Koreans ask, 'Is this the Trump we know?'
At the same time threatens to cause the murder of millions of South Koreans & 28,000 Am…
The South Koreans are very intelligent people. Their leaders recognize that Donald Trump is not just the leader of America,…
And it was a perfect segue for congratulating South Korea for having the Women's Open Golf champ and top 4 f…
'Is this the Trump we know?' South Koreans wax sanguine after Trump visit
Trump just bragged to the South Koreans about his judicial appointments.
South Koreans used to brush off talk of war. Now, they're getting worried
Trump in speech to South Korea works in a reference to Trump golf course at Bedminster, noting South Koreans golfers did well t…
Trump tells South Koreans: "In our short time in your country, Melania and I have been awed by its ancient modern wonders,"…
So I was looking at the journey fmv's analytics and i was surprised South Koreans watched it and liked it too! I me…
The South Koreans are more afraid of The Moron President than they are of North Korean’s Kim Jong-un
Even the South Koreans know that trumpus is a dangerous illogical demented dimwit.
South Koreans gathered in front of the U.S. embassy in Seoul. • r/pics
Turn it down a bit will you. Haven't you seen the South Korean people protesting against you? They…
Trump speaking before South Korea's National Assembly touts his own golf course in NJ. South Koreans are on the brink…
As our president, you should be inviting the Chinese, The North Koreans, and the South Koreans to…
South Koreans are enthusiastic religious believers, with 44% practising or considering themselves religious
Exhausted by the herd, single South Koreans are gingerly embracing the “YOLO” lifestyle
to shorten the rift with North Korea tell the South Koreans to get as far away from the border as they can see…
South Koreans and North Korean defectors are waging a cultural war in North Korea by sending in USB drives f…
A truly disgusting thing to say. Apparently this imbecile president doesn't know that millions of South Koreans have family i…
North Korea has ratcheted up international tension and fear with its sixth and largest nuclear test on Sunday, but South Koreans feel incre…
Hope to understand it's just populism. As you may know South Koreans are h…
Why don't you interview South in PR ?. Also interview the ethnic Koreans. .
The problem is t millions of South Koreans that will almost instantly die from No Korea artillery.
South Koreans scuffle with police as US missile defence system deployed - video
South Koreans want South Korea to be absorbed in the United States for the 50th time.
South Koreans and police clash over missile site.
Oh My Goodness! But I'll bet Koreans know where we are! Both North and South!
Breast Cancer Awareness
Mr. Mattis, all Koreans in the South will love you for the statment. They badly need such a statement.
LOL I'm in both fandoms and I don't think South KoreanS nor ARMY disrespected Ryeowook or his hardwork. Th…
This is the threat from NK that South Koreans have to live with every day.
As much as I want to side with the South Koreans, the "better safe than sorry" rhetoric kicks in
You are forgetting the 10 million South Koreans. And the millions of Ja…
South Koreans protest against missile defence: People in Seongju are angry about a US-made missile defence system…
South Koreans turn out to protest US efforts to strengthen THAAD defense system - Christian S...…
South Koreans are violating the picture of Annelies Marie Frank.
China and Russia don't seem to give a *** about 25 million North Koreans and God knows how many South Kor…
South Korean Ministry of Unification notes potential exposure to radiation for North Koreans living near test sites. htt…
. With the recent hydrogen bomb threat (from North Korea) ... do you think we should help transport South…
Let the South Koreans and Japanese fight it out with North Korea, it's not l…
Who do they hate less, the South Koreans or the Americans?
Yet, there are more South Koreans and Indians with DACA than South Americans. Your…
Convince more South Koreans it’s not OK to eat dog meat. Support a powerful campaign and save dogs:
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Being comfort woman for so many soldiers and sharing fantasy of young white girls was more than enough. South Koreans suggested zombie dog.
Could be the South Korean Zionist Protestants scuttled a smart deal with Turkey, Russia and China. South Koreans are a weak link in Asia.
We should listen to the South Koreans. "Freeze for freeze" is great idea. We must defer to the South Ko…
A handful of demonstrators can't be described as all South Koreans. No one wants war. You ascribe mot…
It takes a food contamination scare for South Koreans to be concerned about the food they eat. ht…
Dude you for real? We love South Koreans. Literally exact same ethnic group.
And it will be an even sadder day for the South Koreans and US personnel that die in the counterattack!!
I see South Koreans are protesting against the yanks putting the THAAD missile system in their country
robinwestenra. Meanwhile Putin and possibly the South Koreans are the only adults in the room.Japan's Abe is also being very bellicose. ...'
Ya think? South Koreans worry Trump is ‘kind of nuts’ — but they fear not having US as an ally: report
Very good South Koreans are very good people very hard working and loyal as ***
LIVE: South Koreans protest against deployment of missile interception system in Seongju County
BREAKING: Hundreds of South Koreans protest deployment of THAAD missile systems (LIVE VIDEO)
South Koreans don't want Thaads, or escalations of hostility between NK and US/SK
The Korean Revolution: Tom Mackin delves deeper into why South Koreans have taken the golf world by storm…
South Koreans are puzzled, wondering why Trump is attacking them. "They worry he's kind of nuts."
A million South Koreans could die because men like Paul Ryan and Reince Preibus wanted to cut taxes for the richest people in human history.
Who’s afraid of North Korea’s Kim Jong Un? Well, not South Koreans. little kids,. kittens or the defenceless.
This is how South Koreans practice for a potential North Korean attack.
South Koreans — the most likely people to get hit by North Korea's nuclear bombs if there's a conflict — are...
is being more upset about Fox & Friends not recording than killing millions of South Koreans.
S. Korean 20somethings execute a dragging like no one else
I would die along with millions of innocent South Koreans
Nuking them will only cause nuclear proliferation, and the results of millions of South Koreans, in soul, being killed.
South Koreans haven't gone to war in 60 years. But look at the medals their Generals are wearing. Well We could defeat them wi…
We South Koreans invite all the world leaders to urge North Korea to drop their nuclear development programs.
South Korean duo to meet in World Cup final in
Why North is Mad at USA? . North Koreans are mad that US is preventing them from taking South under their control,by defending South Korea.
Yes that would just involve the death of millions of South Koreans, Japanese and Chinese ppl.
Most foreigners in and outside Korea continue to panic, South Koreans are surprisingly calm about North Korea and...
MacArthur was relieved of command for that, but South Korea has prospered for many years…
Trump and Kim Jong Un's nuclear threats are scaring South Koreans
Koreans worry about Korea's threat: food sales up, civil drills expanded
Despite being a buzzfeed post, it's pretty spot on for how the people who will be most-affected by a war really feel.
Well, a few million South Koreans and Japanese, that will be turned into ashes, beg to differ!
After years, South Koreans worry about North: food sales up, civil drills expanded
The Ghosts of Jeju – award winning documentary film on the massacre in South Korea – Regis Tremblay...
South Koreans, living within rocket range of North Korea, wonder if they should cancel their trips to dangerous Guam https…
Is it any wonder that recent reports suggest South Koreans are more worried about Donald Trump than Kim Jong-un?
80% of South Koreans want diplomacy w/ North Korea. It's the US military-industrial complex that wants escalation. https:/…
North and South Koreans mark the anniversary of the end of the Korean War with events and celebrations in Pyongyang and Seoul http…
South Koreans are losing faith in an elitist education system
Air traffic controllers responded to stress tests about reasons among South Koreans that the memorabilia was antipsychotic.
Trump is crazy to even consider an attack on North Korea. Millions of South Koreans, Japanese, and most American...
South Koreans are not allowed by their own government to go to North Korea . Neither are they allowed to own NK Books/…
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North Korea's most threatening missile launch yet has the many South Koreans living in North Texas worried:
Trump is toying with the lives of millions of South Koreans and approximately 40,000 US troops stationed in SK.
South Koreans, see. Korean-Americans, staying in safe zone, seem to hope that countless Koreans in the peninsula are killed.
B-Y Kim: North Koreans' cognitive ability less than 40% of South Koreans'; on level of Syria and Nigeria…
TOKYO (The Japan News/ANN News Desk) - A recent survey of Japanese and South Koreans by The Yomiuri Shimbun and...
That's right. A Canadian citizen and several South Koreans are also being held in North Korea.
Tell that to North Koreans. Tell that South Koreans. Tell that to Israelis…
Experts say young South Koreans are too wrapped up in a demanding education system & job market to spend much time on religious activities.
"More and more South Koreans are coming to Troy University ever year"
Asian rape gangs . some Indian,Chinese,South Koreans, Malaysians and Vietnamese were also involved.
South Koreans started casting votes to fill the void left by the impeachment of former President Park Geun-hye.
Opinion: South Koreans are on the horns of a dilemma about North Korea policy ahead of the presidential election
Moon Jae-in is the man to beat as South Koreans go to polls
South Koreans vote in a presidential election, with Moon Jae-in leading in the polls.
woa found out that South Koreans have a huge respect for Filipinos
'[The country] needs a big change': South Koreans head to the polls on Tuesday, with record turnout expected
South Korea votes: Candidates have cast their ballots at polling stations
XHNews: South Koreans vote to elect new president to succeed impeached Park Geun-hye …
South Koreans head to the polls to elect successor to Park | dpa International
South Korea votes for new president to replaces ousted Park South Koreans went to the polls Tuesday to choose a new president after Park Ge…
South Koreans head to the polls with victory widely predicted for liberal candidate Moon Jae-in https…
South Koreans head to the polls today. Here's how they intend to vote
white socieites are the most tolerant in the world. South Korea have signs outside buildings that say "South Koreans only"
South Koreans will vote for a new president on Tuesday. Here’s a look at the major issues.
South Koreans go to the polls to elect new president
Trump was angry because McMaster told the South Koreans that the US would honor a pre-existing deal, not renege as Trump had…
South Koreans vote for new leader after months of political vacuum via
South Koreans got the hardest swag you ever gonna see. They put me on game
South Koreans set to elect new president after ouster of Park Geun-hye
South Koreans head to the polls to elect a new president amid concerns about the economy, corruption and North Korea
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Just 18% of South Koreans are concerned about national security as an electoral issue
25M South Koreans live near Seoul, just 30 miles from North Korean border, but many of them don't live in fear.
Steve Evans. Couldn't young South Koreans in Gangnam have some sympathy for fellow Koreans living in darkdictatorship to the North
South Koreans go to the polls on Tuesday and vote for reconciliation with North Korea frontrunner Moon Jae-in would revive Sunshine Policy
North Korea threats? After six decades, uncertainty is nothing new for South Koreans
South Koreans will elect a new president on Tuesday and for many of the voters, North Korea's not the main issue
South Koreans will elect a new president next week. Here's a look at their flashy, K-pop style approach to politics
South Koreans say McMaster told them Trump was wrong, U.S. will still pay for THAAD
reckless abandon could lead to devastating consequences for South Koreans.
2. "--opposite direction, toward the Indian Ocean, South Koreans felt bewildered, cheated and manipulated by the United States--
Not that I have to explain why John Bolton is not a smart man, but even the South Koreans don't want a unified Kore…
As tensions with rise, read what young South Koreans think of their neighbouring country
Some Americans are panicking about North Korea. Here’s why South Koreans aren’t.
North Koreans and South Koreans talk tensions between the countries . - but Northerners can't speak freely.
South Koreans demand justice for Sewol ferry’s victims
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Trump should not be egging on Kim Jong Un for a fight that turns South Koreans into human shields!
10,000 pieces of artillery are dug into the mountain facing Seoul. I hope for the sakes of 35m South Koreans you're wrong
Read as: Trump voters: Do you support a renewed Korean War and millions of South Koreans dead in a few hours?
A rare piece of inter-Korean camaraderie: South Koreans cheer on North Korean women's hockey team
You wouldn't listen to Miami Cubans about Cuba. So why listen to South Koreans about North Korea?
South Koreans angered after ousted President Park Geun-hye leaves her 9 dogs at the presidential palace.
Hundreds of thousands of South Koreans took to the streets of central Seoul to demand impeached president steps down
South Korean opposition wants to impeach acting president - South Koreans awoke to fresh political drama on Mon...
South Koreans concerned about massive light over city being linked to CERN black hole
the North Korean dictator also uses fear based rhetoric about Americans and South Koreans. You can't deny these similarities
88% of young South Koreans want to live abroad. finds out why:
Hundreds of South Koreans protest in Seoul Wed against a compensation deal over the issue of wartime sexual slavery o…
South Koreans protesting against their beleaguered President Park Geun-hye have sparked controversy after some...
South Koreans turning their backs on as survey reveals most of country..📰
How do South Koreans feel about their neighbours?
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Poll: 74% of South Koreans say Pres. Park should resign or be impeached S. Korea
Over 43,000 South Koreans gather in Seoul calling for President Park Geun-hye to resign. (via
Tens of thousands of South Koreans stage protest in Seoul calling for Park Geun Hye to resign
South Koreans called for President Park Geun-hye to stand down during protests today
South Koreans call for president to resign over scandal: Thousands of South Koreans have taken to the streets...
Young South Koreans call their country *** and look for ways out
Thousands of South Koreans protesters call for their president to step down
...South Koreans protest government corruption! Almost as many people as a…
"Many South Koreans are in favour of developing their own nukes to defend against the North"
Thousands of South Koreans call for President Park Geun-hye to step down. |
1000s of South Koreans call on president to step down: via
(SFGate) call for Korean leader to resign : SEOUL — Thousands of South Koreans took to the..
Thousands of South Koreans are calling for the president to step down
Thousands Protest in South Korea to Demand President Quit: Angry Koreans say Park betrayed public trust and m...
Thousands of South Koreans protest in calling on President to step down
an epic photospread of South Korean protests circulated around the Sinosphere a few years back
South a scandal ..the president and a shadowy adviser accused of being a “shaman fortuneteller”.
Thousands of South Koreans hold mass candlelight rally in Seoul, calling on scandal-hit President Park Geun-hye to step down…
Thousands of South Koreans rallied in Seoul on Saturday demanding the resignation of President Park Geun-hye.
South Koreans rally calling for Park's resignation
'South Koreans are erecting a wall of difference between themselves & minorities in society.' -
The it's being so great, I'm already a huge fan of the Russians and South Koreans.
South Koreans call for president to resign over scandal
South Koreans have been riveted for weeks by a scandal involving the president and an elusive private citizen.
Comfort women's monument is fabrication.Americans are deceived by South Koreans.   
: Samsung being sued by 527 South Koreans for Galaxy Note 7 recall October 24, 2016 at 12:27PM
So true: South Koreans revere King Sejong, monarch who invented Korean alphabet. But he gets scant mention in
(1/2) East Asians (most notably South Koreans and Japanese) are extremely bright and are sharp enough to
South Koreans now calling this a nuclear test & early signs point to its biggest so far
Another war, another wave of immigrants. South Koreans on US Welfare since 1950s. Not a word from anyone.
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"The North Koreans and South Koreans are of the same blood and we must plan to help each other."—Kim Il Sung, 1948
South Koreans don't let geo restrictions stop them from playing Go — they just travel to the DMZ
An official said 99% of South Koreans should be treated "like dogs and pigs." The response: woofs, oinks, outrage.
Race to Rio is intense among South Koreans on LPGA Tour (The Associated Press): The race to Rio is playing ou...
Do you sleep with an electric fan or air-conditioning on? South Koreans believe that can kill you.
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Hundreds of South Koreans marched in one of Seoul's busiest leisure districts on Saturday to protest the st...
South Korea has ice cream bars that ease hangovers. I'm sure not only South Koreans need them! Does it really work?
South Koreans participate in an disaster exercise held by South Korean Government in Seoul:
South Koreans Go to Polls in Parliamentary Election: (SEOUL) — South Koreans on Wednesday voted in a parliamen...
South Koreans go to the polls in parliamentary election: SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — South…
here's a clip of the schmaltzy songs that North Koreans sing, and South Koreans love, at NK-run restaurants abroad https:/…
Donald Trump and a majority of South Koreans believe that South Korea should have a nuclear weapon. Are they right?
ask the South Koreans whether they would rather have our 40,000 troops go home and fight another war
South Koreans will be extinct by 2750 if their current birthrate continues.
Please sign and share to stop the dog and cat meat trade in SK. Thx.
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Al Jazeera's report on what South Koreans call "dirt spoon" and *** Korea".
Korean themselves don't want to be reunified again. South Koreans don't even care about North Korea lol
South Koreans literally have the best style! 😍
Street cameras installed to protect South Koreans in HCMC...perhaps returning to home country might work...
Truth is even South Koreans are sensitive to the plight of the North even if they are ideologically opposed Americans don't get that
Also FTR all Koreans, north & south, think nothing of holding hands with either gender. Totally normal to them.
South Koreans are known for their street style:
South KoreanS ARE SADISTIC SAVAGES & Pariahs of the world for their CRUELTY AGAINST DOGS. Savage uncivilized *** DIE! DIE!
Stayin' alive: watch 70+ South Koreans flirt at special discos
“Playing against the Kiwis, South Koreans and Australians will expose our players to various styles of play as...
How North and South Koreans see NK's planned rocket launch: unaware or uninterested, writes &
Northern Ireland for the South Koreans is my battle cry.
Waiting for Obama to call it a "setback" and to lay blame on either the South Koreans or more likely George W. Bush.
South Koreans enjoy terrorism in museum.
South Koreans will be banned from visiting or residing in four regions of the southern island of Mindanao —...
South Koreans sue government over slavery on salt farms
1-Kennedy authorized US Green Berets to be advisers to the South Koreans. After he was killed, Johnson increased involvement.
North and South Koreans reunite for 3 precious days after decades apart
Genetic differences are involved in the differences btwn East vs. West Germans & perhaps North vs. South Koreans
Positive: Hundreds of South Koreans cross border to North for last set of reunions
Like at the table tennis finals at the Asian Games in South Korea last year. South Koreans shouted "We are"
Hundreds of South Koreans cross border for last set of reunions...
Hundreds of South Koreans cross to North for final round of reunions
South Koreans cross into North for second family reunion: South Korean resident Han Won Ja, 93, (left) arrives...
Families Separated for Decades Reunite for 72 Hours: South Koreans were reunited with their North Kor...
South Koreans enter North for family reunion: Hundreds of South Koreans have entered a resort inside North Kor...
Hundreds of South Koreans travel to North Korea for emotional reunions with loved ones
South Koreans cross into North for emotional family reunion via
S Koreans travel to North Korea to reunite with war-divided kin: Hundreds of South Koreans headed to North Kor...
it *** man but our mission is to support and defend the 51 million South Koreans for possible attacks including North
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I hope the South Koreans allow fans to bring North Korean flags to the stadium. They banned them at the Asian Games last year
South Koreans cheer on display of military might
Chinese, Malaysians, Russians, Japanese and South Koreans make the most trips to Thailand, according to Euromonitor International
- UK one is prob spot on, not so sure about make up on South Koreans.
Most S.Koreans Trust Reunification is Possible: Some 86 % of South Koreans accept as true with reunification w...
Two high-level delegations from South Korea are expected to visit Iran within the next few months
As CNN's Kathy Novak reports, some South Koreans say they did not get the sincere apology they were hoping for from Japan's prime minister
United Kingdom of everyone, Do you have any feces Chinese and vile South Koreans also in the United Kingdom?
Korea’s civil society at a crossroads: When millions of South Koreans fl...
President Park Geun-Hye described by most South Koreans as scabrous tree shrew!
hirochii0: South Koreans always pretend as Japanese.
Should have known better than to "hope" for some true logic and reason behind any of the stories told by South Koreans!
South Koreans and Chinese will have no creative power. So those guys lift Japanese products. It is a miserable race.
This pathetic South Koreans have been saying. "I have commit an evil act in the name of the Japanese abroad".
South Koreans make a fool of even the Pope.It is incredible race.
So South Koreans is vile nation. Everyone, did you understand? ? ? ? ?
3 South Koreans arrested in Japan for illegal transfer of money through their underground banking system. https…
Why this North Korean Defector Wants to Go Back: Since the late 1990s, some 28,000 North Koreans have fled to South Korea. Only one, ...
To us, but South Koreans really hate North Koreans and if NK escape to SK they shun them bc they are very different.
hirochii0:South Koreans always pretend as Japanese.
South Koreans taking pre & during match tifos to another level.
North Korea holds back seven South Koreans at industrial zone
[★TRENDING] Insiders predict South Koreans could be EXTINCT by 2750
Business Insider believes South Koreans could be extinct by 2750 via Koreaboo
Coached to exhaustion, what's the cost of academic success for these young South Koreans? Watch now
South Koreans blame government in spiraling MERS outbreak. But enough to force Park Geun-hye to cancel trip to DC?
South Koreans blame government in spiraling MERS outbreak, as a sixth person died of the virus
Police in Vietnam detain 2 South Koreans in deadly scaffolding collapse: Police in central Vietnam have detain...
South Koreans believe that they fought against Japan at Korean War. So they hate Japan.
Very few South Koreans travel to the Australian outback... but that could be changing
South Koreans remain captive to laws passed 14 years ago requiring Internet Explorer for banking and online purchases
'Whiplash' strikes a chord for South Koreans at the box office - Los Angeles Times
South Koreans spend the least time in the kitchen: survey.
The United States Marine Corps showed off its most versatile aircraft to the South Koreans this week, landing two...
Marines show off Osprey to South Koreans: The Marines showed off their most versatile aircraft to the South Ko...
North Korea calls for South Koreans to join “patriotic struggle to check and foil the U.S. imperialists.”
[REPORT] North and South Koreans speak increasingly different after 70 years apart:
Losing your mother tongue: I just read this headline, “North and South Koreans are speaking increasingly different…
After 70 years of division, North and South Koreans losing shared language
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