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South Koreans

South Korea , officially the Republic of Korea , is a sovereign state in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula.

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South Koreans, living within rocket range of North Korea, wonder if they should cancel their trips to dangerous Guam https…
Is it any wonder that recent reports suggest South Koreans are more worried about Donald Trump than Kim Jong-un?
80% of South Koreans want diplomacy w/ North Korea. It's the US military-industrial complex that wants escalation. https:/…
North and South Koreans mark the anniversary of the end of the Korean War with events and celebrations in Pyongyang and Seoul http…
South Koreans are losing faith in an elitist education system
Air traffic controllers responded to stress tests about reasons among South Koreans that the memorabilia was antipsychotic.
Trump is crazy to even consider an attack on North Korea. Millions of South Koreans, Japanese, and most American...
South Koreans are not allowed by their own government to go to North Korea . Neither are they allowed to own NK Books/…
North Korea's most threatening missile launch yet has the many South Koreans living in North Texas worried:
Trump is toying with the lives of millions of South Koreans and approximately 40,000 US troops stationed in SK.
South Koreans, see. Korean-Americans, staying in safe zone, seem to hope that countless Koreans in the peninsula are killed.
B-Y Kim: North Koreans' cognitive ability less than 40% of South Koreans'; on level of Syria and Nigeria…
TOKYO (The Japan News/ANN News Desk) - A recent survey of Japanese and South Koreans by The Yomiuri Shimbun and...
That's right. A Canadian citizen and several South Koreans are also being held in North Korea.
Tell that to North Koreans. Tell that South Koreans. Tell that to Israelis…
Experts say young South Koreans are too wrapped up in a demanding education system & job market to spend much time on religious activities.
"More and more South Koreans are coming to Troy University ever year"
Asian rape gangs . some Indian,Chinese,South Koreans, Malaysians and Vietnamese were also involved.
South Koreans started casting votes to fill the void left by the impeachment of former President Park Geun-hye.
Opinion: South Koreans are on the horns of a dilemma about North Korea policy ahead of the presidential election
Moon Jae-in is the man to beat as South Koreans go to polls
South Koreans vote in a presidential election, with Moon Jae-in leading in the polls.
woa found out that South Koreans have a huge respect for Filipinos
'[The country] needs a big change': South Koreans head to the polls on Tuesday, with record turnout expected
South Korea votes: Candidates have cast their ballots at polling stations
XHNews: South Koreans vote to elect new president to succeed impeached Park Geun-hye …
South Koreans head to the polls to elect successor to Park | dpa International
South Korea votes for new president to replaces ousted Park South Koreans went to the polls Tuesday to choose a new president after Park Ge…
South Koreans head to the polls with victory widely predicted for liberal candidate Moon Jae-in https…
South Koreans head to the polls today. Here's how they intend to vote
white socieites are the most tolerant in the world. South Korea have signs outside buildings that say "South Koreans only"
South Koreans will vote for a new president on Tuesday. Here’s a look at the major issues.
South Koreans go to the polls to elect new president
Trump was angry because McMaster told the South Koreans that the US would honor a pre-existing deal, not renege as Trump had…
South Koreans vote for new leader after months of political vacuum via
South Koreans got the hardest swag you ever gonna see. They put me on game
South Koreans set to elect new president after ouster of Park Geun-hye
South Koreans head to the polls to elect a new president amid concerns about the economy, corruption and North Korea
Just 18% of South Koreans are concerned about national security as an electoral issue
25M South Koreans live near Seoul, just 30 miles from North Korean border, but many of them don't live in fear.
Steve Evans. Couldn't young South Koreans in Gangnam have some sympathy for fellow Koreans living in darkdictatorship to the North
South Koreans go to the polls on Tuesday and vote for reconciliation with North Korea frontrunner Moon Jae-in would revive Sunshine Policy
North Korea threats? After six decades, uncertainty is nothing new for South Koreans
South Koreans will elect a new president on Tuesday and for many of the voters, North Korea's not the main issue
South Koreans will elect a new president next week. Here's a look at their flashy, K-pop style approach to politics
South Koreans say McMaster told them Trump was wrong, U.S. will still pay for THAAD
reckless abandon could lead to devastating consequences for South Koreans.
2. "--opposite direction, toward the Indian Ocean, South Koreans felt bewildered, cheated and manipulated by the United States--
Not that I have to explain why John Bolton is not a smart man, but even the South Koreans don't want a unified Kore…
As tensions with rise, read what young South Koreans think of their neighbouring country
Some Americans are panicking about North Korea. Here’s why South Koreans aren’t.
North Koreans and South Koreans talk tensions between the countries . - but Northerners can't speak freely.
South Koreans demand justice for Sewol ferry’s victims
Trump should not be egging on Kim Jong Un for a fight that turns South Koreans into human shields!
10,000 pieces of artillery are dug into the mountain facing Seoul. I hope for the sakes of 35m South Koreans you're wrong
Read as: Trump voters: Do you support a renewed Korean War and millions of South Koreans dead in a few hours?
A rare piece of inter-Korean camaraderie: South Koreans cheer on North Korean women's hockey team
You wouldn't listen to Miami Cubans about Cuba. So why listen to South Koreans about North Korea?
South Koreans angered after ousted President Park Geun-hye leaves her 9 dogs at the presidential palace.
Hundreds of thousands of South Koreans took to the streets of central Seoul to demand impeached president steps down
South Korean opposition wants to impeach acting president - South Koreans awoke to fresh political drama on Mon...
South Koreans concerned about massive light over city being linked to CERN black hole
the North Korean dictator also uses fear based rhetoric about Americans and South Koreans. You can't deny these similarities
88% of young South Koreans want to live abroad. finds out why:
Hundreds of South Koreans protest in Seoul Wed against a compensation deal over the issue of wartime sexual slavery o…
South Koreans protesting against their beleaguered President Park Geun-hye have sparked controversy after some...
South Koreans turning their backs on as survey reveals most of country..📰
How do South Koreans feel about their neighbours?
Poll: 74% of South Koreans say Pres. Park should resign or be impeached S. Korea
Over 43,000 South Koreans gather in Seoul calling for President Park Geun-hye to resign. (via
Tens of thousands of South Koreans stage protest in Seoul calling for Park Geun Hye to resign
South Koreans called for President Park Geun-hye to stand down during protests today
South Koreans call for president to resign over scandal: Thousands of South Koreans have taken to the streets...
Young South Koreans call their country *** and look for ways out
Thousands of South Koreans protesters call for their president to step down
...South Koreans protest government corruption! Almost as many people as a…
"Many South Koreans are in favour of developing their own nukes to defend against the North"
Thousands of South Koreans call for President Park Geun-hye to step down. |
1000s of South Koreans call on president to step down: via
(SFGate) call for Korean leader to resign : SEOUL — Thousands of South Koreans took to the..
Thousands of South Koreans are calling for the president to step down
Thousands Protest in South Korea to Demand President Quit: Angry Koreans say Park betrayed public trust and m...
Thousands of South Koreans protest in calling on President to step down
an epic photospread of South Korean protests circulated around the Sinosphere a few years back
South a scandal ..the president and a shadowy adviser accused of being a “shaman fortuneteller”.
Thousands of South Koreans hold mass candlelight rally in Seoul, calling on scandal-hit President Park Geun-hye to step down…
Thousands of South Koreans rallied in Seoul on Saturday demanding the resignation of President Park Geun-hye.
South Koreans rally calling for Park's resignation
'South Koreans are erecting a wall of difference between themselves & minorities in society.' -
The it's being so great, I'm already a huge fan of the Russians and South Koreans.
South Koreans call for president to resign over scandal
South Koreans have been riveted for weeks by a scandal involving the president and an elusive private citizen.
Comfort women's monument is fabrication.Americans are deceived by South Koreans.   
: Samsung being sued by 527 South Koreans for Galaxy Note 7 recall October 24, 2016 at 12:27PM
So true: South Koreans revere King Sejong, monarch who invented Korean alphabet. But he gets scant mention in
(1/2) East Asians (most notably South Koreans and Japanese) are extremely bright and are sharp enough to
South Koreans now calling this a nuclear test & early signs point to its biggest so far
Another war, another wave of immigrants. South Koreans on US Welfare since 1950s. Not a word from anyone.
"The North Koreans and South Koreans are of the same blood and we must plan to help each other."—Kim Il Sung, 1948
South Koreans don't let geo restrictions stop them from playing Go — they just travel to the DMZ
An official said 99% of South Koreans should be treated "like dogs and pigs." The response: woofs, oinks, outrage.
Race to Rio is intense among South Koreans on LPGA Tour (The Associated Press): The race to Rio is playing ou...
Do you sleep with an electric fan or air-conditioning on? South Koreans believe that can kill you.
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Hundreds of South Koreans marched in one of Seoul's busiest leisure districts on Saturday to protest the st...
South Korea has ice cream bars that ease hangovers. I'm sure not only South Koreans need them! Does it really work?
South Koreans participate in an disaster exercise held by South Korean Government in Seoul:
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South Koreans Go to Polls in Parliamentary Election: (SEOUL) — South Koreans on Wednesday voted in a parliamen...
South Koreans go to the polls in parliamentary election: SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — South…
here's a clip of the schmaltzy songs that North Koreans sing, and South Koreans love, at NK-run restaurants abroad https:/…
Donald Trump and a majority of South Koreans believe that South Korea should have a nuclear weapon. Are they right?
ask the South Koreans whether they would rather have our 40,000 troops go home and fight another war
South Koreans will be extinct by 2750 if their current birthrate continues.
Please sign and share to stop the dog and cat meat trade in SK. Thx.
Al Jazeera's report on what South Koreans call "dirt spoon" and *** Korea".
Korean themselves don't want to be reunified again. South Koreans don't even care about North Korea lol
South Koreans literally have the best style! 😍
Street cameras installed to protect South Koreans in HCMC...perhaps returning to home country might work...
Truth is even South Koreans are sensitive to the plight of the North even if they are ideologically opposed Americans don't get that
Also FTR all Koreans, north & south, think nothing of holding hands with either gender. Totally normal to them.
South Koreans are known for their street style:
South KoreanS ARE SADISTIC SAVAGES & Pariahs of the world for their CRUELTY AGAINST DOGS. Savage uncivilized *** DIE! DIE!
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Stayin' alive: watch 70+ South Koreans flirt at special discos
“Playing against the Kiwis, South Koreans and Australians will expose our players to various styles of play as...
How North and South Koreans see NK's planned rocket launch: unaware or uninterested, writes &
Northern Ireland for the South Koreans is my battle cry.
Waiting for Obama to call it a "setback" and to lay blame on either the South Koreans or more likely George W. Bush.
South Koreans enjoy terrorism in museum.
South Koreans will be banned from visiting or residing in four regions of the southern island of Mindanao —...
South Koreans sue government over slavery on salt farms
1-Kennedy authorized US Green Berets to be advisers to the South Koreans. After he was killed, Johnson increased involvement.
North and South Koreans reunite for 3 precious days after decades apart
Genetic differences are involved in the differences btwn East vs. West Germans & perhaps North vs. South Koreans
Positive: Hundreds of South Koreans cross border to North for last set of reunions
Like at the table tennis finals at the Asian Games in South Korea last year. South Koreans shouted "We are"
Hundreds of South Koreans cross border for last set of reunions...
Hundreds of South Koreans cross to North for final round of reunions
South Koreans cross into North for second family reunion: South Korean resident Han Won Ja, 93, (left) arrives...
Families Separated for Decades Reunite for 72 Hours: South Koreans were reunited with their North Kor...
South Koreans enter North for family reunion: Hundreds of South Koreans have entered a resort inside North Kor...
Hundreds of South Koreans travel to North Korea for emotional reunions with loved ones
South Koreans cross into North for emotional family reunion via
S Koreans travel to North Korea to reunite with war-divided kin: Hundreds of South Koreans headed to North Kor...
it *** man but our mission is to support and defend the 51 million South Koreans for possible attacks including North
I hope the South Koreans allow fans to bring North Korean flags to the stadium. They banned them at the Asian Games last year
South Koreans cheer on display of military might
Chinese, Malaysians, Russians, Japanese and South Koreans make the most trips to Thailand, according to Euromonitor International
- UK one is prob spot on, not so sure about make up on South Koreans.
Most S.Koreans Trust Reunification is Possible: Some 86 % of South Koreans accept as true with reunification w...
Two high-level delegations from South Korea are expected to visit Iran within the next few months
As CNN's Kathy Novak reports, some South Koreans say they did not get the sincere apology they were hoping for from Japan's prime minister
United Kingdom of everyone, Do you have any feces Chinese and vile South Koreans also in the United Kingdom?
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Korea’s civil society at a crossroads: When millions of South Koreans fl...
President Park Geun-Hye described by most South Koreans as scabrous tree shrew!
hirochii0: South Koreans always pretend as Japanese.
Should have known better than to "hope" for some true logic and reason behind any of the stories told by South Koreans!
South Koreans and Chinese will have no creative power. So those guys lift Japanese products. It is a miserable race.
This pathetic South Koreans have been saying. "I have commit an evil act in the name of the Japanese abroad".
South Koreans make a fool of even the Pope.It is incredible race.
So South Koreans is vile nation. Everyone, did you understand? ? ? ? ?
3 South Koreans arrested in Japan for illegal transfer of money through their underground banking system. https…
Why this North Korean Defector Wants to Go Back: Since the late 1990s, some 28,000 North Koreans have fled to South Korea. Only one, ...
To us, but South Koreans really hate North Koreans and if NK escape to SK they shun them bc they are very different.
hirochii0:South Koreans always pretend as Japanese.
South Koreans taking pre & during match tifos to another level.
North Korea holds back seven South Koreans at industrial zone
[★TRENDING] Insiders predict South Koreans could be EXTINCT by 2750
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Business Insider believes South Koreans could be extinct by 2750 via Koreaboo
Coached to exhaustion, what's the cost of academic success for these young South Koreans? Watch now
South Koreans blame government in spiraling MERS outbreak. But enough to force Park Geun-hye to cancel trip to DC?
South Koreans blame government in spiraling MERS outbreak, as a sixth person died of the virus
Police in Vietnam detain 2 South Koreans in deadly scaffolding collapse: Police in central Vietnam have detain...
South Koreans believe that they fought against Japan at Korean War. So they hate Japan.
Very few South Koreans travel to the Australian outback... but that could be changing
South Koreans remain captive to laws passed 14 years ago requiring Internet Explorer for banking and online purchases
'Whiplash' strikes a chord for South Koreans at the box office - Los Angeles Times
South Koreans spend the least time in the kitchen: survey.
The United States Marine Corps showed off its most versatile aircraft to the South Koreans this week, landing two...
Marines show off Osprey to South Koreans: The Marines showed off their most versatile aircraft to the South Ko...
North Korea calls for South Koreans to join “patriotic struggle to check and foil the U.S. imperialists.”
[REPORT] North and South Koreans speak increasingly different after 70 years apart:
Losing your mother tongue: I just read this headline, “North and South Koreans are speaking increasingly different…
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After 70 years of division, North and South Koreans losing shared language
When seeing a questionnaire of the Korean War, we find out that South Koreans' 70% are pro-North Korea.
South Koreans flood Mark Lippert's page with messages of apology and recovery.
South Koreans frequent No. Korean restaurants in BJG every day.
Las Vegas Sands wants Busan casino, but only if South Koreans can gamble
Sands wants Busan but only if South Koreans can gamble
Cebu, Boracay are South Korea’s favorite honeymoon destination: FOR many South Koreans, the Philippines is lik...
South Korean consumers: Won over The drink of patriotsWHEN South Korean celebrities, eager to prove their patriotism, swapped their German BMW cars for home-grown Hyundais on television, during the Asian financial crisis in 1998, they rallied the whole nation behind domestic products. To wean South Koreans off their Coke and Pepsi, a local firm launched “815 cola”, commemorating Korean liberation from Japan on August 15th 1945. [ 121 more words. ]
For many South Koreans, 2014 is likely to be remembered as a year of national soul-searching over the April sinking of the ferry Sewol. The trials and tribulations of the nation’s biggest businesses were also in the spotlight, most recently because of something as seemingly trivial as the way an in-…
Not new, but deeply moving. 83,000 South Koreans were taken north in 1950. No one will help them. Never forget them:
Former North Korean President Jim Jong Il created a town in the De-Militarized Zone. It was the most lush city with all of the ammenities and everyone who lived their lived the dream life. All the residents were paid to give off the illusion of total happiness. The idea was that the South Koreans would look across the border and see the perfect world and choose to defect.
AirAsia plane with 162 aboard goes missing 2014/12/28 Dipendra shah.malayasia. Indonesia called off until first light a search for an AirAsia plane with 162 people on board that went missing today after pilots asked to change course to avoid bad weather during a flight from Indonesia’s Surabaya city to Singapore. Indonesia AirAsia Flight QZ8501, an Airbus 320-200 carrying 155 passengers and seven crew, lost contact with Jakarta air traffic control at 6:17am (2317 GMT on Saturday). No distress signal had been sent, said Joko Muryo Atmodjo, an Indonesian transport ministry official. On board were 155 Indonesians, three South Koreans and one each from Singapore, Malaysia and Britain, plus a French pilot, the airline said in a statement. Tatang Kurniadi, head of Indonesia’s National Committee of Safety Transportation, expressed hope of locating the aircraft quickly and said it was too early to detect any of the so-called electronic pings from its black box recorder. “We are using our capacity to search ...
Search For Missing AirAsia Jet Suspended. Indonesia has suspended the search for a missing AirAsia plane that disappeared in bad weather en route Singapore from Indonesia. The search halted at 5.30pm on Sunday (1030 GMT) as night fell, but would resume at 7am on Monday, or even earlier if the weather was good, Indonesian transport ministry official Hadi Mustofa said. The Airbus A320-200, carrying 162 people, went missing after air traffic controllers lost contact with the twin-engine aircraft around an hour after it left Juanda international airport at Surabaya in East Java at 5:20am on Sunday (2220 GMT Saturday). Shortly before disappearing, AirAsia said pilots of the plane had asked permission from Jakarta air traffic control to change course and climb above bad weather in an area noted for severe thunderstorms. The airline, giving a revised breakdown of nationalities, said 155 of those on board Flight QZ8501 were Indonesians, with three South Koreans and one person each from Singapore, Malaysia, Britai ...
South Korean Ambassador to the United Nations, Oh Joon, with a heartbreaking speech stating that "North Koreans are not just 'anybodies' to South Koreans."
South Koreans on living with the threat of North Korea: business as usual - The Guardian (blog)
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The number of South Koreans visiting North Korea tumbled in 2013 from five years earlier due to deadlocked inter-Korean relations, a government report showed Wednesday. According to Statistics Korea's key North Korean data report, the number of South Korean visitors to the North reached 76,503 last year, only 41 percent compared with 2008 when it stood at 186,443 in 2008.
If there's anybody who wants to watch a movie where Kim Jong Un gets killed it's South Koreans.
South Koreans to light new frontline Christmas tree near North Korean border
World Peace use to be the going joke for the Miss America Pageant It would be amazing if there ever could be such a thing...We're just different shades. How can you hate someone from 20 feet away before you even meet them. No amount of debating can heal the fact we are still separated in 2014. We still don't realize we are all the same, human :( I love White, I love Native Americans, I love Hispanics, I love Latinos, I love Jews, I love Germans, I love North Koreans, I love South Koreans. It's sad this way of thinking is considered childish and naive, because of "Survival of the Fittest" and all that crap. There is MORE THAN ENOUGH TO GO AROUND, BUT GREED IS WHAT SEPARATES US. A world that thinks the only way to be great is to look down on another.
Today is Pepero Day (빼빼로 데이) in South Korea. Happy Pepero day everyone~~~ For those who still doesn't know what Peperu day is~~ Pepero day which is annually celebrated on November 11th, first originated back in 1983 when two female middle school students exchanged a box of Pepero sticks with each other, longing to become tall and thin, resembling the shape of the actual snack—a long stick-shaped biscuit dipped halfway with a layer of chocolate. The two students jokingly claimed that eating the Pepero sticks on November 11th at 11:11 o’clock and 11 seconds would have the most effectiveness in becoming tall and thin. Since the formation of this unofficial holiday, many South Koreans have begun purchasing boxes of Pepero snacks in order to share them with their loved ones, similar to the idea of giving chocolates and roses to loved ones on Valentine’s Day. Many South Koreans have even begun baking their own Pepero sticks every year, decorating them with lavish, edible chocolates and candy spr ...
WHO statistics indicate that South Koreans drink more alcohol per capita than the Irish...
Hyundai Sonata Hybrid. Those South Koreans are making good cars these days!
Korean peninsula - South Koreans launch "chocolate propaganda war" South Koreans wage chocolate propaganda war with chocolate pie By Stephen Evans 30 July 2014. Can chocolate biscuits topple communism? Does a humble snack have the political power to push the North Korean regime out of existence? Activists in South Korea certainly think that a sugary and gooey cookie known as a Choco Pie might help bring about change in the North. That is why defectors from the North send thousands of them attached to balloons back over to the country they left. And maybe North Korean leader Kim Jong-un fears the power of the chocolate biscuit too. It is not so much the calorific content that is the problem, but the pull the cookies have on his people. Choco Pies are something of a delicacy in South Korea and prized in the North so much that they've become a form of currency there. South Korean companies operating in a special industrial area just inside the North decided to give their North Korean workers the cookies as a ...
South Koreans have agreed to tear down a giant Christmas Tree which stands on the border of North Korea.
nenu North Korean living in South. Meeru North Koreans living in North. Won't blame U for the propaganda 😀
Turning South Koreans into twenty one pilots fans
Because of the imperialism rule of Japan, Koreans are taught modernistic agriculture and crop yields have increased 3 times.
Bodies of the two missing South Koreans found under boat wreck
good god, you'd think by now middle aged Kiwis would be able to tell the difference between Japanese & South Koreans
South Koreans are tested on honesty in a subway experiment
North Koreans built monuments filled with dynamite at the DMZ, which will be used as tank barriers if South invades.
Mom be like, "South Koreans? Are they the good ones or the bad ones?"
The Koreans put together a video of the latest climbing on Lhotse's South Face
Since eliminating the USA in that Saturday playoff at the International Crown, the South Koreans have sizzled:
Liverpool and Ronaldo are trending in South Korea. Really, South Koreans? I thought better of you than to be football mad! :D
South Koreans look to claim 8th title in the last 10 events this week in China:
BBC News - North Koreans make surprise visit to South
Even Koreans recognize U.S. has sacrificed leadership to protect conglomerates.
Apparently South Koreans think Texas is a triangle, and a hipster
Why South Koreans are fleeing the country's biggest social network - BBC News
Bodies of the two missing South Koreans from the Thai speedboat crash were found under the boat's wreckage.
South Koreans looks to continue recent LPGA dominance The hottest hands in golf will be looking to claim their ...
South Koreans looks to continue recent LPGA dominance
Great article by in South More Accepting of LGBT Community
Major data theft potentially means new ID cards for over 80% of South Koreans:
So somebody must be bashing his head against the wall thinking about the aborted sale of Telkom to South Koreans not too long ago...
How Average South Koreans will look in the year 2100 via
Around 60 Koreans (mainly from South) live in Japan, but it is said that 50 Korean women are in Japan as prostitues!
I wish I had Internet like the South Koreans.
Watching a video on South Koreans dying from video games, all of a sudden my 76 hours of Destiny don't seem so bad.
it's not the done thing, but I'm sure the South Koreans could knock us up a few hulls for a bargain. The Lidl of ship builders.
Photo: Either there are more Nigerians and South Koreans it that thieving *** Davis Rabello stole all...
Dane, 'Kill your darlings' is so popular in South Korea. Koreans wanna see you in many movies and love you
South Koreans discriminates Africans due to Ebola epidemic.
This is great! In 1990s, meant one was ill. Change is good // S Koreans More Accepting of LGBT Community
Ask a North Korean: How do North Koreans view Western and South Korean movies, DVDs and songs?
Did you get the chance to read interesting piece on how to do business with South Koreans?
You mean South Koreans Japanese boys can be fine for the whole of their continent mean”
The South Koreans were demolished provocative tree that stood for 43 years
South Koreans More Accepting of LGBT Community. South Koreans are increasingly accepting of homosexuality.
National Geographic: S. Koreans eating much more meat, less grains: Western influence on the South Korean diet... http:/…
FROM PASTOR BOB - SATURDAY EVENING 10/18 IN INCHEON, KOREA: This was a stunning, exhausting, overwhelming day! We: fed the hungry, spent time in a hospital built by a church ministry; and visited a church with a beautiful, brand new school built especially to serve the children of Koreans who have escaped the communist North. We were well- and over-fed (again) and are still in awe of the friendliness of the South Koreans. And all that was just in the first part of the day. We had another inspiring hour of prayer at 5 a.m. During the prayer service I realized that the Koreans not only sing all six verses of every hymn, they also add another six they've made up! But with the very quick tempo (maintained by the congregation's clapping and the worship leaders beating on the pulpit) the songs never "drag." I encourage you to go to (click on English in the upper right) and learn more about the ministry we visited later in the morning. The Dail Community is an inspiring example of what can be done b ...
Abe/Suga's "strategy of ambiguity" infuriates South Koreans and helps CHN propagandists but keeps revisionists at bay ht…
Why are South Koreans fleeing the country's biggest social network? investigates: http…
"Durga Puja reminds us of Shakti Puja or this what Maa Durga stands for - the worship of Power. What the ace Indian boxer and former Asiad champion Sarita Devi did at the Incheon Asian Games 2014 is an example of that Shakti. Now, it's our chance to pay our respect to that Power by standing with Sarita Devi in her bid claim back her true medal from the South Koreans, if we really wish to show our devotion to the Godess. In short, let us all be a strong support system for Sarita Devi, who in modern times is a true incarnation of Devi Durga fighting for her right place and dignity in the ring."
Just using him lol to keep South Koreans interested in Man U 😴
Even the crowd (South Koreans) booed when Sarita's opponent was declared the winner! That is honesty!.
South Koreans cheating in sports will not take you places
Thank god Satish Kumar and Vikas Krishnan are not facing the South Koreans in the semis! Won't be a biased fight now.
0wned by DodePersie ~ North Koreans that escape to South Korea are automatically granted citizenship upon arrival.
As a responsible I urge all my countrymen to take on social and condemn coward for buying cheap referees.
Will hate South Korea forever for what they did to Sarita Devi. We knew the Koreans as dog-eaters. They are cheats too.
Hats off to for giving it back to the South Koreans! Gives her medal/flowers to her opponent who won due to judge fixing!
South Koreans discriminate against "Japanese people" and "the South Korean who does not discriminate against Japanese".
Let us not hate the South Koreans for what they did to our Golden Girl at .Incheon Asiad Park. Instead, start...
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South Koreans seethe, sue as credit card details swiped
How the South Koreans are taking the home advantage in the a bit too far - -
India's and Mongolia's appeals against South Korea's win have been rejected by organisers & AIBA (mostly Koreans).
Some South Koreans force mentally-handicapped persons to work in salt pans as slaves. .
South Koreans having a reputation of robbing their opponents by biased refereeing.
South Koreans have invited hate.Sales of korean companies to go down this diwali!
There are 150 South Koreans coming to my school tomorrow and idk why
0wned by DodePersie ~ South Koreans drink twice as much alcohol as Russians according to one study.
South Koreans are so nice to black people
Sarita you are our hero…South Koreans are born cheaters….like samsung, hyundai…why don't they set up a pre result for the …
India should lodge a strong protest with South Korea for conspiring to cheat Sarita Devi Ban Samsung/LG till Koreans a…
South Koreans drink twice as much as 30% on their medical expenses.
Even the cars sold by South Koreans aren't their own products. They buy platform and technology from others and assemble it as their own.
The North Koreans setting up businesses in the South
Thanks to this unfortunate incident at the boxing in the Asian Games, all South Koreans are now cheats in my eyes.
Umm I grew up fighting Asian boys (South Koreans) lol so you can't really tell me I don't know how to defend myself
Also, looks like South Koreans Are the Worst Hosts Ever. And the Assholiness of the IOC Walk out on SaritaDevi. Really Shameful.
Asian Games inspire North Koreans to work harder: As the 16-day games in the South Korean city of Incheon wind...
The movie Bloodsport made me think South Koreans were badass sociopaths for years. Chong-Li: Model South Korean.
South Koreans are upgrading to iOS 8 faster than Americans
South Koreans sacrificing the spirit of game just for few more golds...very shamefull .I am with
Stop crying! These bloody buggers The judges,South Koreans & above all our very own don't deserve it ht…
South Koreans are illegally catching fish relied upon by communities in Africa with critical food shortages.
Seoul condemns a bomb attack on a tourist bus in Egypts Sinai peninsula that killed three South Koreans and an Egyptian driver.
South Koreans now drink more coffee than they eat their staple food rice, according to a survey conducted by the Korea Centers for Disease Control of 3,805 adults.
If he were a man he'd try that crap on South Koreans.
Over 300 South Koreans came to the UK to pray for the nation. I'm honoured to have seen this. It was simply glorious. Wow, they can pray!!!
SEOUL, Sept. 7 (Yonhap) -- More than 60,000 South Koreans who applied to meet their separated family members in North Korea appear to have died before getting the chance to hold a reunion, government data showed Sunday.As of Aug. 31, 60,312 of the 129,575 people who applied for family reunions, o...
On three “dog days,” which are among the hottest times of the year, many South Koreans queue for the dish of...
27 million South Koreans affected by data breach: South Korean authorities have revealed ...
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
25 Aug 2014 Private data from 27 million South Koreans stolen Attackers managed to break into several websites and steal private data from 27 million South Koreans, that is approximately 72% of the population between 15 and 65 years old. The data was stolen from online gamingsites and sites where yo…
Pope Francis stunned South Koreans by using a humble Kia during his trip. A look at past papal vehicles:
Pope warns S Koreans of affluence 'cancer': Pope Francis urged South Koreans, among Asia's richest people, to ...
South Koreans fascinated by pictures of pontiff, who requested the smallest South Korean car for his five-day visit, in a Kia Soul
On this day, South Koreans congregate to Independence Hall to celebrate their Liberation Day as well as Japan’s World War II surrender in 1945.
South Koreans may value Spam even more highly than Minnesotans:
South Koreans really, really don’t trust their government. explains:
If North Korea killed 600 South Koreans over the last three weeks, we'd have Marines knee deep in the Yalu river by now.
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