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South Korea , officially the Republic of Korea (Daehan Minguk ), is a sovereign state in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula.

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South Korean military says it's ready to immediately respond to North Korea
deputy finance minister: US Treasury lifted a ban on a 2015 transaction by South Korean company Daewoo to Sudanese embassy in Seoul.
But um. South Korean people. Thanks to Trumps *** platforming, and the deep state gunning for Kim. . They're very scared. Very scared.
Donald Trump discusses Pyongyang’s 'grave and growing' threat with South Korean President
So, can he prove he spoke w/South Korean pres? He also told us this week he had spoken w/Boy Scouts & Mexi…
Japanese and South Korean officials say it appears the missile landed in the waters off of the coast of Japan.
BREAKING: U.S. and South Korean forces fire missiles into Sea of Japan in show of force against North Korea
BREAKING: U.S., Japanese and South Korean fighter jets fly over the Korean Peninsula in show of force against North Korea http…
South Korean shipbuilder Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) said it has develop ...
South Korean ordered to pay fines, suspended as punishment for accidents - The :
North Korea silent on South Korean offer for military peace talks
Big set back to Pak in PoK. South Korean firm pulls the plug on a hydel power project in disputed territory.
Dogs rescued from South Korean 'dog eating festival'
Bruce Willis? More like Sam Willis.. South Korean summers are no place for hair. So I shaved it…
South Korean, you mean. The North Korean leaders are only removed by death
North Korea unlikely to have attained ICBM tech: South Korean spy agency
"Blood Sweat & Tears" is a single by South Korean boy group BTS. The single was released by Big Hit on October 10, 2016 i…
South Korean leader urges international support for people of North Korea
Indonesian and South Korean national flag at the 2014 Incheon Asian Games closing ceremony.
"How did a Welsh-born journalist wind up co-writing a wildly original South Korean action movie?"
[Washington Post]SEOUL, South Korea — Tears and hugs after North and South Korean women won the 199…
U.S. has fired precision missiles into South Korean waters and requested an emergency U.N. Security Council session https…
North Korean missile flew more than 930 km Tuesday according to South Korean officials
South Korean military says North Korea launches ballistic missile, part of a string of test-firings in recent mon…
And on that day,millions of South & North Korean civilians on either side of the DMZ…
According to South Korean and Japanese officials, North Korea has fired yet another ballistic missile.
Five North Koreans defected by sailing across the maritime border into the South this weekend. .
kboo: heyyy where are you from??. korean boy: uhh I'm from South Korea... kboo: omg onionhasaeyo oppar!!
What to *** is he doing? This has got to stop! Bush remained respectful, but BHO chooses to push his failed agenda.
SEOUL: South Korean barista Lee Kang-bin is taking coffee art to the next level, creating miniature imitations of famous paintings on foamy…
Don't go away mad Obama, just go away. Shadow President? via
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Interesting coming right after Trump meeting with South Korean leader and Bannon desire for war in that region..
North Korea launched a ballistic missile in direction of Japan, South Korean officials say
North Korea launches ballistic missile, Trump wonders if leader has 'anything better to do with his life'
Why is Obama meeting with South Korean President, after Trump just met with him? Big red flags folks! Obama stalking T…
I just realized having Trump explain North/South Korean relations and the difficulty of the DMZ would make for incredible TV.
Folks saying Obama is acting as a United States Shadow President, working for the Deep State spreading islamofascism h…
What do you think! Did Trump's antagonism increase the N. Korean danger or reduce it?
Workers in South Korea continue to mobilise
Is the trying to cover up the meeting with Moon Jae-in, South Korea's President ?
North Korea fired a ballistic missile that landed in waters east of the Korean Peninsula, South Korea says
Obama to have informal meeting with South Korean leaders
Clever animation from presents 2 contrasting views of South Korean ferry accident: which would you choose…
"When people wave the South Korean flag ... they wave the flag not of a country but of a people"
Five North Koreans crossed into South Korean waters in a boat, in what appeared to be an attempt to flee the North https:…
First Lady Melania joined President Trump and the South Korean President for dinner in the State Dining Room
South Korean President Moon Jae-In has vowed to stand with Trump on North Korea
North Korea calls for execution of former South Korean President Park Geun-hye
Real fissures have opened in the U.S.–South Korean alliance.
This South Korean barista is getting a latte well-deserved praise for his beautiful creations.
US media needs to take a lesson from S. Korean journos reaction to secrecy in government.
North Korea vows to kill former South Korean leader "any time, at any place"
Five things you need to know as Donald Trump meets South Korean President Moon Jae-in, by
North Korea casts a shadow as US President Trump and South Korean President Moon meet for the first time on Thursday
President Trump will host South Korea’s premier, who has called for closer ties with North Korea
South Korean President Moon Jae-In arrives in Washington on his first overseas trip since taking office ht…
[The Diplomat]The day after Otto Warmbier passed away, South Korean Cultural, Spor…
Pyongyang demands extradition of South Korean ex-president for execution h…
North Korea vows to execute former South Korean President
South Korean study links male infertility to noisy bedrooms - Researchers from Seoul National University in Sou...
"She was named after the retired South Korean figure skater, Kim Yuna."
Examples of Anti-South Korean propaganda. Information: The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) is the state news agency…
Very good dog crashes every street view shot of this South Korean island
it's about a joint operation of North Korean and South Korean detectives AND IT'S REALLY GOOD
South Korean immigrant’s attorney was “dead wrong,” justices say, when he advised a plea deal.
South Korean court finds Choi Soon-sil, friend of ousted President Park, guilty of bribing her daughter's professors https:/…
A South Korean has paid $1 million to a operation. Would you?
Choi Soon-sil, the woman at the center of scandal that brought down ex-South Korean President, gets 3-year sentence
Yonhap friend to South Korean leader has been jailed
South Korean court sentences friend of ex-President to prison for using political ties to get special favors.
After earning his 1,000th LCK kill, what does Kuro think of the next wave of South Korean mids?. "I find them cute." http…
New post: South Korean President Moon Jae-in vows to ‘dominate’ North Korea after missile test
This cannot be allowed. If it does, we need full time marches. It toppled th…
People arguing for North Korean peace treaty should not forget that in recent years North Korea has killed dozens of South Korean citizens
Another Reuters Team selfie. This time with South Korean President Moon Jae-in after an exclusive interview!
Wings is the second studio album by South Korean boy group BTS. The album was released on October 10, 2016 and cont…
32 South Korean soldiers charged for being *** while serving in the military.
Supreme Court gives second chance to man facing deportation because of bad lawyering: South Korean……
Via Jail for close confidante of ex-South Korean President
South Korean actor attended the LV Men's Fashion Show SS18 as part of Paris Fashion Week on June 22,17 in Par…
It is true! Scottland, especially Edinburgh is good place for family with kid and dog. South Kore…
- South Korean Web Host paid a $1million fee. Story via with comment from
Watch the intense knife training South Korea’s Navy SEALs go through
My interview w/ President Moon only on . At 7: At 8: http…
“We need stronger sanctions and pressure on North Korea” -South Korean Pres. Moon in an intv w/now on
When Liz and I play cards the house becomes more tense than the North and South Korean border
new South Korean leadership swapping "already big enough" Hyundai Genesis to hybrid Sonata + taking public transpor…
South Korean President says Kim Jong Un is "not rational," but still wants dialogue - CBS News…
WATCH: South Korean President on dealing with North Korea and Kim Jong Un
South Korean President: Kim Jong Un's "blind faith" in nuclear program is incorrect
Is Kim Jong Un crazy? South Korean preisdent: He's unreasonable and dangerous but he has co…
Add Oldboy to your list as well. Trust me on this - but make sure it's the South Korean version, not the Spike Lee remake
Once ikon breathes in South Korean air it triggers yg that he sends them straight back to Japan for the 9th time already
South Korean police scuffle with THAAD protesters on lookout for 'secret deliveries' to antimissile site
as posted on his official tour page, South Korean superstar G-Dragon is coming to Manila. https…
41-year-old adoptee deported after 37 years in the US:
Wow ! Not one or two but string of upsets by Indians in this one of d toughest tournaments . Malaysian ,…
Remember when the South Korean soldiers started shooting at the American ones?
I present you: Jaehyung Park (better known as Jae), vocalist and electric guitarist of South Korean rock band DAY6. https:…
Have never watched ice skating before, but there's a South Korean woman - Kim Yuna - who may be the most elegant human being…
The South Korean tech start-up where employees are all over the age of 55
A South Korean made one of my favourite found footage horror movies. Never worked again, unfortunately, but…
: "Glory" re-enters on the South Korean international album chart at (new peak), blocking Katy Perry's newest…
Watching this South Korean zombie movie. All the zombies do is bite necks. That's it. Still good thi
hey Chris, could you review the South Korean zombie flick "Train to Busan"? Would love to hear your opinion.
Anya Novak reviews Seoul Station, the animated prequel to last year's South Korean zombie hit Train to Busan. https:/…
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[inside the games]The 73-year-old South Korean also spoke at the 2014 IOC Session in Sochi…
OH MY GIRL is the debut mini album of South Korean female vocal group OHMYGIRL. The album was released by WM Entertainment on…
South president names new minister.
I nominate South Korean Actor. as one of the
A suspected North Korean drone had taken photographs of an advanced U.S. anti-missile battery in South Korea before it crashed on its way h…
It's time to be soft for Jung Hoseok of South Korean pop group Bulletproof Boy Scouts, also known as BT…
Package explodes at South Korean university, one injured...
Dozens arrested as South Korean military conducts *** witch-hunt'. Do you feel it should be lifted ro not?
Package explodes at South Korean university, one hurt: fire official
I want to be a nurse at South Korean:(
How can South Korea maneuver between China and the U.S. when it comes to North Korean aggression? h…
The South Korean President’s bodyguard is so good looking that he's got the Internet a ... -
Package explodes at South Korean university, professor hurt
Korean cosmetics brand sets sights on 'leading the world' - Our third day in South Korea would explain why the ...
Package explodes at South Korean university, professor hurt
I Nominate Jeon Jungkook a member of South Korean Boygroup named BTS for the
SF9 is a South Korean boy group formed by FNC Entertainment. SF9 is the company's first dance boy group. SF9 debute…
South Korean villagers feel anxious about shots fired during rifle drills at site
Man who trained Queen's pooches saves his own dog from South Korean meat farm
South Korea : THAAD photos found in crashed North Korean drone... (KBS World Radio)
North Korean drone espionage pushes 270 kilometers into South Korea. I wonder if that information was shared with. China.
Package explodes at South Korean university, one injured
- Package with nails explodes at Seoul university, professor injured -
South Korean President Moon-Jai-in asks for Japan's patience in resolving 'past history' - The Indian Express News!
Package explodes at South Korean university, 1 hurt
Bibida si sa local adaptation ng South Korean film! Find out about her latest project HERE:
Today's little burst of optimism: This South Korean tech startup hires only seniors over 55, to prove a point
Suspected North Korean drone found crashed in woods after spying on US missile defence site in South... ^DailyMirror
South Korean professor hurt by explosive device in office
Obama will speak at a conference in Seoul hosted by South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo next month
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Mads Mikkelson is so distraught after "Hannibal" being cancelled he becomes a South Korean action movie star: A Con…
Si Woo Kim, Sang-Moon Bae and the unavoidable South Korean duty ?
A resurgence in Chinese Bitcoin trading volume following huge growth in the Japanese and South Korean markets is...
Look at his preference & priorities! Thief is preferable than the Police catching him. He should have som…
no it's the reverse, the South Korean map is wrong, the North Korean map is active. the South Korean one is just a static JPG
MajGen Hedelund is moving to Camp Lejeune so his successor will need to lobby for more manpower in SK.
moving some from the 25,000 stationed in Japan (as part of 3 MEF) to SK to deal with the increasingly dangerous NK.
US submarine capable of carrying Tomahawk cruise missiles arrives in South Korea
The whole "will power" mentality about depression is why so may South Korean's commit suicide.
I nominate South Korean actor for ht…
Gosh even South Korean police are only trying to protect their image when they should have been protecting TOP?
I nominate South Korean actor for htt…
I nominate South Korean actor for h…
Visit our dedicated landing page to see our top research from South authors.
Unmanned drone crashes on South Korean border island
domain names
KOREAN ZOMBIE MOVIE TIME! 'Train to Busan' (2016), the sixth-highest grossing film of all time in South Korea.
South Korean dogs get a second chance at Animal Humane Society (Korean Translation)
Someone came up to me earlier and asked if I was South Korean.. which angle, sir? 🤔🙂
South Korean immigrant Woo Paik is the person who invented HDTV. Will nazis throw out thei…
Attack submarine USS Cheyenne docks at South Korean port city
My nominee for is of South Korean group Exo
June 6 is Memorial Day in South Korea to commemorate the men and women who died while in military service during the Korean…
Polls suggest a sweeping win for Moon Jae-in, who has said that South Korea needs to learn to say “no” to the U.S.
[IG] 170606 (Aligning the flag at the bottom is the proper/formal way to raise the flag on South Korean Memoria…
TIL that South Korean director Park Chan-wook still hasn't seen the Spike remake of his 'Old Boy' film
whag about your Gandhian channel wat is it North or South Korean
I nominate a South Korean Idol, Choi Youngjae, from GOT7 for
Guangzhou Evergrande have terminated a contract of South Korean defender Kim Hyung-il.
After the armistice agreement, North and South Korean soldiers stand guard at the 38th parallel, Korea. June 1959.
North Korea’s third missile firing in three weeks threatens new South Korean President's hopes for better relations
I followed Korea/South Korea soccer for many years now. I accept the reality Korean soccer *** …
South Korean Pres. vows to turn country into strong maritime nation via boosting 'economic & military powers at sea'
Daughter of ousted South Korean President’s friend arrested in flight
James Woosley and Dr. Peter Pry WARN us against 2 North Korean Satellites that approach our South.
"The U.S. has 28,500 troops stationed in South Korea, and a defense treaty with Seoul dating back to the end of the Korean War in 1953."
Korean Police dancing to BBB. We, vips don't joke when we say "Korea knows who the real kings of kpop are."
"Daughter of Ousted South Korean President's Confidante Returns to Seoul" by REUTERS via NYT
Daughter of ousted South Korean President's confidante returns to Seoul
North Korea denounces US and South Korean plan to stage largest joint military exercises
Jackson Wang (traditional Chinese: 王嘉爾; born 28 March 1994) is a Hong Kong rapper, singer, and dancer. He is a member of the South Korean bo
• Among the five South Korean acts that best represent kpop during the past two decades according to polls by Korea creative…
• Snsd is known as a prominent figure in South Korean culture and the Korea wave.
North Korea was found to have used South Korean vehicles left in the closed inter-Korean industrial park in the...
Trial of disgraced former South Korean President begins: The trial of Park Geun-hye began on Tuesday, with the…
Former president Park Geun-hye arrives at South Korean court in handcuffs.
I added a video to a playlist South Korean in the Vietnam War and Its CRIMES against the Vietnamese
They are a kpop (Korean pop group with amazing talent actually.). South Korean not north - and their…
The latest North Korea missile launch is a test for South Korean leader Moon's team of doves https:/…
Pretty in ‘Pink’. K-BEAUTY, the term for South Korean skincare products, has gained popularity around the globe
South Korean President Moon Jae-in, has called an emergency security meeting in reaction to the latest missile launch by North Korea.
After Pakistan's Chaiwala, it is the South Korean President's bodyguard that the Internet is crushing over...
BTS is a South Korean band with nice boys whom I love so much.I voted for for Top Social Artist at
Spine tingling vocals from South Korean band Buiret in a P…
New post: South Korean President Moon Jae-in announces top ministers and chief security adviser
South Korean defense ministry official tells they are still unsure whether it's an ICBM or not.
Thought the ship had a South Korean flag flying at first
Dear South Korean bodyguard, not buying that you're baffled by attention b/c SHIRTLESS photos. cc
URGENT: We need your help to shut down a South Korean dog meat breeder & rescue 14 dogs from slaughter. Donate now:
North Korea has fired a midrange ballistic missile from area near Pukchang, in South Phyongan Province, U.S. and South Korea
iKON, is a South Korean boy band formed in 2015 by YG Entertainment consisting of members B.I, BOBBY, JAY, SONG, JU-NE, D…
Underground Newz Inc. IS BACK!!: "A living *** for slaves on remote South Korean ...
JCP Koike expresses high expectations for South Korean President-elect on East Asian peace and stability
Bts isn't gonna be labelled as a "South Korean boy band" anymore, nope, they're worldstars now
The is more popular among South Korean 🇰🇷 and Japanese 🇯🇵 voters!
BTS, I have a feeling you aren't in South Korean anymore! You are about to win the BBMAs Top Social Artist!
Ok hold up my 5 month exoversary is may 27th and it's also the day I can finally get out of the South Korean App Store...wig
Accident or N. Korean missile strike at ROK reactors or spent fuel ponds could radiate Japan worse than Fukushima
North Korea fires ballistic missile that flies more than 300 miles, South Korean officials say
WW3 FEARS: Kim Jong-un on alert as South Korean military ‘heads to border with North’
BREAKING: South Korean media says new president will visit the White House next month amid worries over North Korea.
relays South Korean offers to help democratize the U.S. through impeachment know-how
If I charge towards the South Korean President, will this bodyguard tackle me? Asking for a friend.
The internet is going gaga over the new South Korean President's hot bodyguard
I have to have a burden of presenting this picture. I'm South Korean, and we impeached the corrupted Pres…
Lowers shades. Alright. He'll admit that the South Korean President's bodyguard is hot.
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Dashing bodyguard of new South Korean President steals the limelight
South Korean President says there's a 'high possibility' of war with North Korea, reports
This thread on the South Korean President's hot bodyguard is 👌. Also, would totally write the book of the forthcomi…
President Moon Jae-in's hug with daughter of Gwangju massacre victim makes front pages of South Korean evening editions. htt…
Skepticism grows over South Korean President's campaign promise.
Meet the "Princes of K-pop," the chart-topping South Korean boy band SHINee.
South Korean President says there's a "high possibility" of conflict with North Korea, reports
South Korean arrest of trespass on shipping company in Japan. And he is member of ultra-leftist militant group.
How is the South Korean leadership is going to take U.S. people seriously when the United States was built with war crimes.
North Korea fires missile in test for new South Korean President as war fears rise
Launch just days after South Korean election may also be seen as an affront to China:
How does a Korean boy band sell 12,500 concert tickets in two hours…in Chile? Here's how.
She is a member of the South Korean girl group After School and its subgroup Orange Caramel.
South Korean TV station turns Moon Jae-In into a 'Game of Thrones' character
better known by her stage name Nana, is a South Korean singer and actress.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
South Korean President Moon Jae-in slams North missile launch as 'reckless provocation'
I discuss one of my favorite South Korean psychological horrors on with the aweso…
In a statement about a North Korean missile test, Trump said "Russia" 3 times before he said "Japan" or "South Kore…
Did test a new type of ballistic missile?
Contemporary South Korean artist Jee Young Lee transforms her small studio into dreamscapes
North Korea Fires Missile in Test for New South Korean President. Open dare to China a sandwich 😂
More than 60 years ago after the end of the Korean War, is a rich, developed, democratic country
So what are the South Korean sheep doing about it. Why is it always,OUR problem? They elect a liberal. They deserve what…
South Korea June 10! Korean Britney Armys are waiting for you 😄
Tfw they forget that kpop is from korea, is korean, and largely has east asian and south east asian fanbase 🙃 ah ye…
North Korea fires an apparently new type of ballistic missile with greater range than previous projectiles
Swoon! ⚡️ “People are losing it over the South Korean President's bodyguard”.
South Korea's new president is the son of North Korean refugees and wants to kickstart dialogue with Pyongyang.
The new South Korean President's bodyguard has got the country talking. Bodyguard? More like BAE-dyguard.
South Korean ARMYS are working hard right now! vote for Top Social Artist at eyes
Kim Jong-un builds replica of South Korean Presidential palace - then pulverises it with bombs
.I read the comment 'North Korean spies aimed at South Korean lawyers' in BBS. There are lawyers similar to th…
China's Xi speaks with new South Korean President about North Korea
Pres. Hu's first phone conversation with South Korean President confirms his country's insistence on denuclearization of Korean Peninsula
South Korean leader open to North Korea visit
South Korean boat collides with US Navy cruiser in East China Sea via
Overwatch’s Play of the Game shows up in South Korean Presidential campaign
Moon Jae-in, the South Korean pragmatist who would be president
Graphic on the three leading contenders in the South Korean Presidential election
Record turnout expected in South Korean election - Voters look to new regime after impeachment of Park Geun-hye...
A son of North Korean refugees, Moon Jae-in is poised to become South Korea's next president
I'm not Korean so feel free to correct me but I remember watching a documentary where South Korean detectives had to get special clearance
Record turnout expected in South Korean Presidential election -
Today elects a new president. Read our Q&A on tensions & biggest electoral issues
"It was only when the book was translated into Korean and reviewed in the South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo that he seemed truly excited."
Overwatch Play of the Game used in campaign ad for South Korean politician
S.Korean liberal candidate expresses confidence in election win Mr. Moon Jae-in
[!] The tag is more popular among South Korean voters!
well i'm not even gonna lie i uh was definitely in love w/ Big Bang. it's a South Korean boy band
South Korean liberal candidate expresses confidence in election win Moon Jae-in of the Democra…
Leading South Korean Presidential candidate moon aims to negotiate with .
Aren't we all excited for the boys?? SO PROUD! The only South Korean act to be there!
Leader Joon just voted at the 2017 South Korean Presidential Election
Hi I'm from in Sydney - please email me re. TV interview on South-North Korean politics drinkwater.dale
South Korean favourite Moon Jae In casts his vote, poses for selfies with supporters ST https:…
[TRANS] 170509. (**Today is South Korean Presidential election of 2017)
Cable news right now:. MSNBC: Yates/Flynn. CNN: Yates/Flynn. Fox News: the South Korean Presidential election
Who will win the South Korean election? How will the new president deal with Kim Jong-Un? -
Trump was reportedly livid McMaster called his South Korean counterpart following threat to make them pay for a new missile de…
OId Boy, The Man from Nowhere, and I Saw The Devil are all examples of South Korean revenge films.
South Korean white paper published 2012 says North Korea Has or can produce germ warfare
BREAKING: North Korea says it will retaliate against what it claims is a US-South Korean plot to kill Kim Jong-Un
You mean Darin Ruf, premiere slugger of the South Korean leagues? Is he avilable???!
According to state-run Korean Central News Agency, a hideous terrorist group directed by CIA and South Korean spies.
South Korean Presidential candidate Moon Jae favors engagement with Pyongyang, as Trump pushes isolation
Japan, China, S. Korea vow to counter "all forms of protectionism" Japanese, Chinese and South Korean finance and …
Please allow North Korean escapees in China to go to South Korea and recognize them and their children leg…
US aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson and South Korean navy destroyers on its way towards…
3000 North Korean defectors will leave South Korea if Moon elected: activists
i want Boyfriend in is a South Korean group
wikipedia 2017 in South Korean music. EXO comeback album is expected to be released on June 2017 !
[NEWS] 2017.05.04 . Jaebum was doing an early voting of South Korean Presidential Election. 📸© various news site.
South Korean students, you are next!
Navy releases video showing F/A-18 Hornets taking off and flying above South Korean and U.S. Navy ships operating in the Sea of Ja…
good luck to the South Korean Presidential candidates. the election is on May 9th. but most of korean thrilled about i…
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45*, China, Korean Peninsula, South China Sea . Oversimplifying is an admission of + the result of not knowing. . Xi sees r…
[HQ PIC] 170504 South Korean Presidential Election Early Voting - Ryeowook looking so manly and cool in his uniform! [2P] (…
Kihyun is a South Korean hip hop boy group formed by Starship Entertainment through the survival show NO.MERCY on Mnet in 2…
BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys, is a seven-member South Korean boy band formed by Big Hit Entertainment.
Despite the high possibility the next South Korean President could be Moon Jae-in (pro China/N Korea)
see let me u. There curruption everywhere. In every country. . South Korean President was just impeached & prosecut
US rush to deploy equipment for Anti missile battery. South Korean they don't want it now.
North Korea test-fires ballistic missile, appears to have failed: South Korean military
Let see the Korean to disappear on earth... Pls send back all Koreans and Vietnameses in US to South Korea to fight
BREAKING: Tillerson says threat of North Korean nuclear attack on Japan and South Korea is 'real'
South Korean military is reporting the north has just launched a ballistic missile.
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