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South Korean President

The President of the Republic of Korea (대한민국의 대통령; 大韓民國大統領) is, according to the Constitution of the Republic of Korea, chief executive of the government, commander-in-chief of the armed forces, and the head of state of the Republic of Korea.

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Not really the South Korean President. Just saying the things he probably wishes he could say...
- Moon sworn in as new South Korean president
on 1979 Park Chung-hee, South Korean general and politician, 3rd President of South Korea (b. 1917)
It was during a mention about Korea's connection with the U.S. and on the side it was showing Trump talking with the South Korean president
South Korean President Chung-hee was assassinated in 1979 by Kim Jae-kyu, head of Korean Intelligence Agency.
1979 South Korean President Park Chung-hee was assassinated by Kim Jae-kyu Director of the KCIA
On this day in 1979, South Korean President Park Chung Hee was assassinated by his lifelong friend Kim Jae Kyu, the head of the Korean CIA.
S. Korean president ‘shocked’ to find 4 unaccounted US THAAD launchers in his country… ➜…
[Washington Post]Only one sitting U.S. president has attended an Olympics that …
October 26, 1979: South Korean President Park Chung Hee was killed by the head of the Korean Central Intelligence …
This Day in History: South Korean President Park Chung Hee was killed b
🔴A strong critique of US media on President Park's "detention"
[Arirang News] Peace the central theme of South Korean President's maiden speech at UN
South Korean President rules out the need to deploy nuclear weapons in his country despite North Korea threat
BREAKING: South Korean President says North Korea may have tested an intercontinental ballistic missile
Choi Soon-sil, the woman at the center of scandal that brought down ex-South Korean President, gets 3-year sentence
After Pakistan's Chaiwala, it is the South Korean President's bodyguard that the Internet is crushing over...
Many in South Korea wonder how Moon Jae-in will be able to carry forward his peaceful approach to Pyongyang:
BREAKING: South Korean media says new president will visit the White House next month amid worries over North Korea.
The news recently has been hectic, but Choi Young-jae, a bodyguard for South Korean President Moon Jae-in, has b...
Special envoy of South Korean President in Oval Office with U.S. President Trump
relays South Korean offers to help democratize the U.S. through impeachment know-how
If I charge towards the South Korean president, will this bodyguard tackle me? Asking for a friend.
The internet is going gaga over the new South Korean president's hot bodyguard
Thanks to the South Korean President's bodyguard, I love the internet again.
I have to have a burden of presenting this picture. I'm South Korean, and we impeached the corrupted Pres…
Lowers shades. Alright. He'll admit that the South Korean president's bodyguard is hot.
Dashing bodyguard of new South Korean president steals the limelight
Can you guys see the difference in value systems between this monster who is connecte…
South Korean president says there's a 'high possibility' of war with North Korea, reports
The South Korean president's hot bodyguard is breaking the internet
This thread on the South Korean president's hot bodyguard is 👌. Also, would totally write the book of the forthcomi…
| "It is imp. to note that the electoral success doesn't seem to have made Moon Jae-in unduly euphoric."
President Moon Jae-in's hug with daughter of Gwangju massacre victim makes front pages of South Korean evening editions. htt…
Skepticism grows over South Korean president's campaign promise.
BREAKING: South Korean President-elect says he is prepared to visit North Korea under the right conditions
South Korean President-elect hopes for greater dialogue with North Korea
Jailed former South Korean President, indicted on multiple charges of corruption, facing possible life sentence.
South Korean President impeached, removed from office and faces jail time. Can this happen in Africa?
Does anyone have information on the scandal that the South Korean President was arrested for?
South Korean President was impeached and arrested for corruption. Why can't that happen to Zuma?
Arrest of South Korean President, on charges of corruption should serve eye opener for Muslim World & it's Judiciary
NPR's reports on the removal of South Korean President from office.
South Korean President denies all allegations during her first meet with journalists on New Year’s Day since…
What will the new South Korean President be faced with?
South Korean President after being impeached apologized for the "confusion". I wonder where we heard this sort of apology be…
For more on protests in Seoul to oust South Korean President
South Korean President has been impeached by the National Assembly. Vote total. 234 For. 56 Against. 2 Abstain. 7 In…
Defiance and Disillusionment in Heartland of South Korean President's Support - via
Who is Park Geun-hye? South Korean President embroiled in corruption scandal - here's what we know
JUST IN: South Korean President says she’ll resign after lawmakers act
South Korean President will not comply with request to question her as she is too busy, her lawyer says
South Korean President: I'll resign if that's what parliament wants
As you know rapper San E wrote a diss track towards the South Korean President right ?. Well Cosmic Girl (an ex-RaNia member) composed it~
Thousands flood Seoul streets to protest South Korean President:
Stunning pictures as up to a million demand resignation of South Korean President
North Korea devotes full page spread to South Korean president political crisis and protests in today's Rodong Sinmun. https…
South Korean President Park to withdraw prime minister nominee, says she'll allow National Assembly to pick - Yonhap http…
South Korean president offers to withdraw her prime minister nominee in an effort to quell scandal
Weakened by scandal, South Korean president asks parliament to pick a new prime minister.
South Korean president agrees to cede some power
Korean president's concession could spell end of power -
Beleaguered South Korean President will let parliament pick her prime minister
Well that was awkward. They used a photo of a humiliated South Korean President who was controlled by a cult.
Tens of thousands people launch protest in central Seoul, calling on South Korean President to resign
South Korean President says the scandal over her friend's role is "all my fault"
South Korean President accepts resignations of her top presidential aides, amid a deepening political crisis.
no English explainer has captured the lunacy of the "Rasputin" scandal surrounding South Korean President like this
: (3rd LD) Park calls for int'l pressure on N. Korea over nuclear ambitions: South Korean President...
South Korean President names new chief of staff, reshuffles top aides
Africa: South Korean President to Visit Ethiopia, AU: South Korean President Park Geun-hye is to pay a State ...
South Korean President Park Geun-hye pledges 1 trillion won over 5 years to accelerate research in AI
(cr. camilavluz) (shinee in Brazil w/ the South Korean President Park Geun-Hye)
meets South Korean president at Blue House luncheon
South korean female 'Cha, young' (Former spokesman of democratic integrate party and Former President Secretariat of
South Korean President Actions of sunken ferry captain 'akin to murder' | BREAKING NEWS -
Syngman Rhee (1975-1965) was the first president of South Korea and the first Korean graduate of Princeton.
South Korean President, Park Geun-Hye, warned North Korea to be ready to accept the consequences if it daen't curb its nuclear ambitions.
South Korean President called the launch a challenge to world peace. Other nations condemn launch.
BREAKING: South Korean President strongly condemns North Korea rocket launch, calls it “challenge to world peace.”
President Obama, South Korean and Japanese leaders vow strong response to North Korea via
Obama talks to South Korea about North Korean nuclear test: WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama spoke by telep...
President Obama talked to his South Korean counterpart tonight, RE:
WH: POTUS spoke by phone today with South Korean President Park to discuss "international response to North Korea’s nuclear test"
South Korean President 朴槿恵(Park Geun-hye) has fired her spokesman over an unspecified "unsavoury" act midway through
UPDATE: President Obama hopes to speak by with Japanese and South Korean leaders over a g…
“UPDATE: White House says President Obama hopes to speak by telephone with Japanese and South Korean leaders”
South Korea President Park Geun-hye has some strong words for North Korea
| Friends have written a letter to South Korean president | Stop Day Festival |
South Korean president dismantles coast guard after ferry disaster.
new South Korean President chiffon scarves scarf shawl dual white dots black
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Obama, South Korean President Park to meet at White House on May 7
"Your voice will make a difference. Sign the petition.". Sign the Petition to South Korean President Geun-Hye Park. J…
Dogs & cats will be skinned alive at South Korean festival! Please help sign: h…
South Korean President postpones US trip to focus on outbreak
The father of South Korean President Park Geun-hye was an officer of old Imperial Japanese Army. . However, she cannot accept the fact.
South Korean President ends official visit to Kuwait -Kuwait Nri's | Pulse of India
US gov saw the issue of the “behind Aug 2012 visit by then South Korean President to disputed islets
Significant Change in Pope's Program Italian PM to See Off Pope from Rome and South Korean President to Receive Pope at Airport By Staff Reporter VATICAN CITY, August 13, 2014 ( - Pope Francis’ visit to Korea has not even begun and yet there have already been some surprises. When departing…
Actor Yeo Jingu, C-Clown member Ray and former weightlifting athlete Jang Miran all received “Big Tree National Love” badges from South Korean President, Park Geunhye on the 6th of June. The 6th of June was Memorial Day in South Korea, in which soldiers who died in battle are remembered for their br…
South Korean President 박근혜 Park Geun-Hye on Monday made an official for the ferry sinking disaster once again on a nationally televised statement to the nation.
South Korean President Park Geun Hye made a direct apology on Friday to relatives of the victims of the Sewol...
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But we don't condem North Korea's human rights violations. ‘WICKED BLACK MONKEY’: White House Mad After North Korea Slams Obama With Racial Slur May 10, 2014 / Clark Kent / 7 comments The U.S. has condemned North Korea’s state media after it described President Barack Obama as a ‘wicked black monkey’. A spokeswoman in Washington DC said the racist rhetoric, made two days after the U.S leader paid a state visit to South Korea, was ‘ugly and disrespectful’. Korea Central News Agency, the mouthpiece of the government in Pyongyang, made the attack in one of two pieces aimed at Mr Obama and South Korean President Park Geun-hye. Both pieces were only in Korean and were not translated into English by the news agency. Kang Hyuk, a worker at the Chollima Ironworks Factory, in a translation by the NK News website, said: ‘How Obama looks makes me disgusted.
Mike Carrigan, President of Illinois CIFO: "We need to put Americans back to work, using South Korean steel isn't the answer"
"Dumping South Korean Steel into this country is not the answer." - Mike Carrigan , IL AFL-CIO President
South Korean president apologizes over ferry tragedy, Erdogan should take a lesson in statesmanship.
South Korean president apologizes over ferry tragedy
South Korean President Park after POTUS jokes she forgot q to her quips back to Obama "that was a very long statement I m…
Congress: to last month paying our respects to South Korean President Park Geun-hye.
A month after the Sewol ferry sank, leaving 284 people dead and 20 missing, the incident set off a bout of national soul searching in South Korea over what went wrong. Much of the blame has fallen on the ferry's crew, who scrambled to safety while the passengers were told repeatedly to stay put. Four of them have been charged with murder, prosecutors told CNN Thursday. The company's CEO has also been charged with "causing death by negligence, as well as causing the capsizing of the ship in the line of duty." Beyond the ferry's owners and crew, the sinking has spurred a debate about governmental oversight and what preventive measures could've been taken. The South Korean president, Park Geun-hye, said in a speech on April 21: "This accident is highlighting many problems. First, the ship's introduction (how it came into the country), inspections, operational permits must be examined." The reckoning over the accident has been a bitter one. Here is a look at some of the suspected factors behind the tragedy:
,South Korean president apologizes for response to ferry sinking
N. Korea slams Park for restoring dictatorship North Korea lashed out at South Korean President Park Geun-hye for resurrecting dictatorship in the South on Friday, the anniversary of a coup staged by her father decades ago.
North Korea's Fourth Nuclear Test and the Future of Six Party Talks At her joint press conference with President Barack Obama last month in Seoul, South Korean President Park Geun-hye stated against the backdrop of apparent preparations by North Korea to conduct a fourth nuclear test that such a test could trigger a nuclear arms race and would spell the end of efforts to resume Six Party Talks. South Korean foreign minister Yun Byung-se subsequently said that a fourth North Korean nuclear test would be a “gamechanger.” North Korea appears to have delayed plans for a test that many had expected might be timed to coincide with President Obama’s visit to Asia, but all indications are that North Korea is poised to go ahead with a fourth test at any time. Park’s negative assessment of prospects for renewed Six Party Talks surely must have raised the eyebrows of Ambassador Wu Dawei and his colleagues in the Chinese foreign ministry who have shuttled back and forth between Pyongyang and Washington for mo ...
Korea scholar David Straub discusses President Obama’s nominee for next US Amb. to South Korea (article in Korean)
North Korea Threatens to Attack South Korea AP, 13 May 14 Hyung-Jin Kim North Korea threatened Tuesday to "wipe out" South Korea's government in a furious response a day after a Seoul official said the North "must disappear soon," in an escalation of rhetoric between the rivals. The North's powerful National Defense Commission called the South Korean comments an "intolerable" provocation that showed the South wants to take over the North. It said in a statement carried by state media that North Korea will launch "all-out ... merciless" strikes to "wipe out every last person" in South Korean President Park Geun-hye's government. South Korean Defense Ministry spokesman Kim Min-seok said Monday that North Korea wasn't a real country and existed for the benefit of only one person - a reference to its leader, Kim Jong Un. He said the North has no human rights or public freedoms. Kim's comments followed a series of slurs by North Korea against the leaders of South Korea and the United States. North Korea's medi ...
This Japanese magazine reported the South Korean president and his family are taking intra
South Korean President Park Geun-hye condemns the conduct of some of the crew of the ferry that sank last week, calling it "akin to murder".
Shortly after the Korean War, the son of then South Korean President Syngman Rhee was hired as a Life Magazine...
Mr President, What's your impression of the South Korean PM who resigned over the ferry disaster?
Russia: South Korean President Park arrvies in St. Petersburg for G20: via
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South Korean president is a chick...
In the past weeks, North Korean state media have called the female President of South Kore
Kim Jong Un called the South Korean president an "old prostitute" and called Obama a "monkey".
At one meeting with South Korean President, the President praised the popularity of K-Pop.
South Korean victim families are on their way to try and see President Park Geun-hye, local media awaits
South Korea says North 'must disappear soon' after insults to Obama, South Korean president
What is the name of North Korea’s leader? Why North Korea’s often in the international spotlight? No doubt many readers would know the answers. Now, what is the name of South Korean President? This question would most likely go unanswered. This is indicative of a paradox. European public opinion has…
South Korean President says government failed to prevent ferry disaster, bungled its emergency response
So North Korea calls the South Korean President a prostitute and Obama her pimp. This comes from a country where the head of the state literally made it a law for university students to keep the same haircut as himself. Dear Kim, jinke ghar sheeshe ke hote hain woh doosro ke ghar patthar nahin feka karte :3
You cannot make a gentleman out of a sow's ear. Tony Abbott you embarrass Australia with your poor dress and look how much you intimidated the South Korean President. Look at the photos and videos his hand is over top of hers (dominating) and hand on her elbow trying to influence her. Then in video recording he bowled his way through a doorway and her stepping back.ugggh this man is a woman hater and this woman does not hate him but I don't like his brand of politics at all.
The South Korean President Park Hyo Ken? HIS father served in the Japanese military? And the writer of this article is a Phd educated researcher?? There's hope for us all, my friends. There's hope for us all~~ What a shoddy piece of writing from a so called 'academic'.
South Korean President came for a visit
South Korean President proposed economic aid for North Korea if it agrees to give up its nuclear program
President Obama, the Presidents South Korean and Prime Minister of Japan just met Tuesday to discuss North Korean missile activity
North Korea slandered South Korean President for her comments on nuclear weapons
Korea was there to select the president. Second Korean War soon. North and South Korea which are incorporated one region of China.
Pyongyang: South Korean president 'blabbering': North Korea has launched a vitriolic attack on S...
TV viewing. Summit meeting in Japan, the United States, and South Korea. President Park was ignored greetings in Korean Prime Minister Abe.
South Korean president unimpressed by Japanese PM's attempt to speak Korean
President Barack Obama met with South Korean President 박근혜 Park Geun-Hye and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to discuss the nuclear future of the region, particularly North Korea's nuclear program. What do you think of the results of the summit?
slams South President over nuclear remarks - CNN
North Korea accuses South Korean President Park Geun-hye of slander after President Park's speech in Hague.
Pyongyang slams South Korean President over nuclear remarks
..South Korean President wants a reunification with N. Korea... Uh, good luck with that. The young leader is not going to give up his power
South Korean president says reunification of Korea is "a matter of historic inevitability", announces humanitari...
Wait. The Koreans' plan hinged on the President & his staff not knowing what the South Korean PM looks like. And it worked.
| February 25th 1998 | Michael attends the investiture ceremony of then South Korean President, Kim Dae-jung, one of the century’s astute fighters for democracy and 2000 recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. He stays in Seoul, South Korea from February 20 to February 27. Kevin Sullivan reporter of Washington Post, who met with Michael at the event, states that Michael's purpose for his being present at the event was because Michael praised Kim Dae-jung's commitment to children, and was considering a concert to benefit starving children in Korea and around the world. Michael had also visited Kim Dae Jung in 1997, and returned with his benefit concert (MJ and Friends) in 1999. A day after Michael passed, former South Korean president, Kim Dae-jung, says “the world has lost a hero and Korea also lost a beloved friend, who showed continued interest and supported unification of Korean peninsula. Korean people are sad.” Less than two months later he also passed on due to a multiple organ dysfunction.
President, Barack Obama and South Korean President, Lee Myung-bak visited Orion Assembly and UAW Local 5960 on October 14, 2011. Presidents Obama and Lee visited several locations in the plant and later spoke to employees concerning the U.S. / South Korean Trade Agreement and commented on the comeback of Orion Assembly and the Big Three domestic automakers.
This reminds me of a time Vladmir Putin kept South Korean President for 45 Mins waiting for their meeting.. The Media in South Korea reported this as a "lack of respect" for their Leader.. Putin's handlers responded claiming "It was the highest show of respect" that Putin was ONLY 45 Mins late for the meeting.. We are African and Africa is our Business..
South Korean President to Attend the 22nd AU Summit in Addis Ababa: [Addis Standard]The African Union (AU) sai...
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Korean President arrives in New Delhi (Update/South Korean President) - Read more -
Bhubaneswar: South Korean President will hold talk with Indian leadership over POSCO Project in Odisha. It should be noted that th
South Korean President to visit India on Jan.15 - New Delhi, Jan.13: The President of S...
South Korean President to take ties beyond Posco on first visit: Project remains mired in environmental issues as well as livelihood concerns of farmers
The Flu (Gamgi) Highlights: 1. Moon Sai is the only survivor of human trafficking from Philippines to South Korea. 2. Filipinos are the ones who brought H5N1 virus to South Koreans. 3. USA and SK tries to hide the catastrophe by BURNING the infected (dead or alive). 4. Two ordinary rescuers (protagonists) vs SK HERO (Antagonist). 5. USA Defense Commander and South Korean Prime Minister OVERPOWERS South Korean President. 6. People Power alike scenario.
South Korean President had her first trip to Europe. Korean media lavishly praised her fashion sense and language skills, but didn't report on anything of substance.
British PM greets South Korean President at 10 Downing StLONDON, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM. South Korean President Park Geun-hye, who is on a state visit to the United Kingdom, met the British Prime Minister in Downing Street on Wednesday (November 6).Cameron gave a warm welcome to President Park who…
One has to LOVE the evening gown of the South Korean President!
I love South Korean President's coat :) the rest are
So, Many Korean military men are deified by Yasukuni Jinja. The South Korean President's father is also a Japanese military man.
On a worldwide scale,South Korean President's organization is doing libel of Japan,and is enhancing their image.
why do we let fear get in the way for North and South Korea to Unite..only way this is going to happen if both President talk to each other head on ,instead of talking to the middle man. we as Korean need to make this work some how. yes someone has to make the first move ,and that will have to be South Korean President .we need to pray everyday for our country to unite because Jesus and God can make it happen within time.that is Faith
South Korean President sacks spokesman for 'unsavory' act during trip to Washington
I heard the South Korean President's speech, it was really good. She mentioned the music and film industry of America and SK... (Kpop)
View the photo In this May 6, 2013 photo, South Korean President's spokesman Yoon Chang-jung, third right top, watches South Korean President Park Geun-hye, right bottom, sign the guestbook as UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, second right, looks on, at United Nations headquarters. President Park’s…
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So today, rather than putting the Benghazi hearings on C-SPAN, where most Americans can view it, C-SPAN which is supported largely by American tax dollars and donations, has decided that it will instead air a speech which is to be given by the South Korean President. They will put the hearings on C-SPAN 3. And who has C-SPAN 3? Not DirecTV subscribers, not DISH Network subscribers, not even C-Band subscribers. Only if you have Verizon FiOS, AT&T U-verse or XM radio will you be able to view or listen to the Benghazi hearings which in my opinion every American has the right to view. Howwever, you can go to to watch the hearings which will air at 11:30am ET, 10:30am Central. Your welcome.
Bill Gates was hiding a *** when he shook the South Korean President's hand ! OjO
Bomb in boston, South Korean president talk to Obama about the border w/ North Korean.. well, just to similar with Olympus Has Fallen isn't?
So the White House and President Obama is hosting talks with South Korean President. Talk about Olympus Has Fallen..
Obama set for May 7 summit with S. Korean leader: The White House announced Monday that South Korean President...
South Korean president to visit White House Talks would involve "countering the North Korean threat."
Obama to host South Korean president on May 7
Obama and South Korean President to meet at White House 5/7 -- better be no Olympus Has Fallen.
President Barack meets South Korean President at the summit in via
We have the responsibility of educating our children on history--those things that happened before them. Prime example: this morning as we were on our morning drive to school, as Jalen and I were listening to the radio, Steve Harvey was talking about Dennis Rodman and his recent interview regarding President Obama and South Korean President (or was it North Korea??? Not sure which one.anyway). As I began to laugh uncontrollably as Steve Harvey spoke my sentiments regarding who in their right mind would discuss foreign policy with Dennis Rodman!!! Jalen, in his confused voice, asked "Mom, who is Dennis Rodman?" Being the Mom I am, I immediately said, "Google him because a good ESPN Sports Analyst has to know who Dennis Rodman is!" As he pulled out his phone and googled, I told him that if we are to be the best at anything, we HAVE to stay on our "A GAME" and that comes from being knowledgeable! After he began reading about Dennis Rodman AND viewing the pictures, one thing is certain.after today, he won' .. ...
If I seriously had a choice between Oprah, Michelle and the next South Korean President?
Moscow :NorthKorean leader KimJong-un has issued a secret order to put the country under martial law in preparation for a third nuclear test in its history, a South Korean newspaper reported. Kim Jong-un convened an emergency meeting with topdefense and security officials last Saturday and supposedly said: "The country will be under martial law starting from midnight on January 29, and all the frontline and central units should be ready for a war", Korean Joongang Daily reported Thursday, citing an unidentified source. The paper also speculated that the new nuclear test could be held either Feb 16, the birthday of former leader Kim Jong-il, or Feb 25, the inauguration day of South Korean President-elect Park Geun-hye. North Korea vowed Jan 23 to strengthen its military capabilities and step up its controversial nuclear program shortly after the UN Security Council imposed new sanctions on the country over the December rocket launch. Pyongyang also pledged to end any efforts at denuclearizing the Korean Pe ...
Auditions for the 2013 Camarata "Chamber Singers"! SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – The Camarata Music Company is currently holding auditions for it's 2013 "Chamber Singers", a 27 voice semi-professional choir. Auditions will be held through the 10th of January, 2013, and spots in every section are available The CMC "Chamber Singers" perform a variety of repertoire regularly throughout the year at various functions, both in and out of Seoul, including regular concerts, business functions, fundraisers, balls and galas, festivals, and private parties. Recent performances have been at the Seoul Arts Center, at the residence of South Korean President, MyungBak Lee, in a concert for him and Ambassadors from most every country represented in Korea, Hoam Art Hall, Kookmin University, a tour to Changwon and Gimhae, Hyatt Hotel, Conrad Hotel, and many more. Auditions are taking place throughout the month of December into the beginning of January, by appointment. To audition, please prepare one song that shows off your lyr . ...
Acting PM Wayne Swan has congratulated South Korean President-elect Park Geun-hye on her victory
Audio of President Zardari’s address at a luncheon hosted in his honour by South Korean President
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This is my very personal opinion about the 18th presidential election in Korea. (Dec. 19) I sincerely appreciate the presidential candidate (a successful business man), Chul-soo Ahn who dropped out of the race: 18th South Korean President election. Personally, I think he has no chance to win this time. He has no political experience (national and international) and an independent presidential candidate that is hard to stand (party is the most important, without it, powerless). When I 've heard the news, I said," He's Clever! If he loses the election, he will lose so many things, it's better to look at the Long Run! then he can have a second and better chance simultaneously". Now he can work with a future president soon. And I truly want that future president to be Geunhye Park 박근혜 (the daughter of the former president, and was the first lady after her mother death, ect). In my opinion, she is the most qualified candidate in this race. (Only Two Candidates left: 1. Park Geun-hye from the ruling Sa .. ...
Mohammed bin Zayed & South Korean President visit Barakah in the Western Region where four nuclear reactors will be located
"If the 20th century was the era of nations, the 21st century is the era of cities" Lee Myung-bak, South Korean President
Former Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso has met South Korea President Lee Myung-Bak in Seoul. Aso is the first Japanese politician to meet Lee Myung-Bak since the South Korean President set foot on the disputed island, called Takeshima in Japan and Dokdo in South Korea.
South Korean President arrives in Norway for economic cooperation talks
Skip college, says South Korean President. Of young adults, 25 to 34 years old, 98 percent had at least a secondary education in 2009, the highest rate in the OECD. This is causing high unemployment for recent college graduates. Read more:
South Korean President is in Norway for talks with Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg--energy on the agenda
South Korean President Lee Myung-bak has visited a UNESCO World Heritage site in Greenland and called for...
[News] But they sound warning at summit about risks to global economic recovery: South Korean President Lee Myun...
South Korean and Japanese heads of state briefly meet in Russia: By Jeong Nam-ku, Tokyo correspondent President ...
The president didn't mention South Korea even though the Korean War is still technically game.
The power of poo: South Korean researchers have created clean biodiesel from sewage sludge!
Day 12: Your Favorite Story - City hunter of course! I love this story! In 1983, the South Korean president a…
South Korean President claimed His Majesty the #Emperor of to visit to Korea and apologize.It's an unendurable insult.
Russian President Vladimir Putin will on Saturday hold bilateral meetings with South Korean President Lee Myung- ...
Clinton faced with new rifts at Asia summit: … Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda and South Korean President...
South Korean president to visit Kazakhstan -
So. I'm going to see the South Korean president next week.
Possible future South Korean president Ahn Cheol-soo looks like a SPITTING IMAGE of Ben Chang from "Seriously.
South Korean President busted in massive bribery scandal
Increasingly visible islet dispute: In the wake of South Korean President ...
First candidate for in South Korea, Geun-hye Park via
The Democratic Party of Japan is preparing to "strongly" condemn South Korean President Lee Myung Bak's recent visit to one of a group of disputed isl...
South Korean conservative politician Park Geun-hye could become first female president -
South Korean president Myung Bak Lee says his country drew inspiration from its Olympians at the 2012 Games.
A South Korean majority party has nominated a woman as its candidate for president |
Could South Korea have its first female president in December?
South Korean conservative politician could become first female president: Park Geun-hye won her Ne...
Bold moves. South Korean President Lee Myung-Bak wants the Japanese Emperor to apologize for colonial rule.
It's official -- South Korea has its first female nominee for president from a major party:
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Park Geun-hye Nominated for South Korean Presidency: Park Geun-hye, a daughter of President Park Chung-hee, was ...
Lee Yoon-Sung (Lee Min *** works at the Blue House for the National Communication Network Team. He graduated from M.I.T. in the U.S. and possesses elite skills as an I.T. engineer. At the Blue House, Yoon-Sung meets Kim Na-Na (Park Min-Young), who works as a bodyguard there. The two people fall for each other even though Yoon-Sung was warned not to fall in love. An elaborate plan for revenge is his ultimate mission . Lee Jin-Pyo (Kim Sang-Jung) and Park Moo-Yul (Park Sang-Min) worked as bodyguards at the South Korean President's home the Blue House. While the president and other high ranking public officials were visiting Myanmar an explosion occurs there set off by North Korean agents. The explosion did not harm the South Korean President, but other South Korean officials were killed. To retaliate for the killing, five high ranking South Korean officials plan a covert operation to go into North Korea and kill North Korean agents. Without the president's knowledge, bodyguards Lee Jin-Pyo and Park Moo-Yul ...
The news came as Japan also said it was reviewing a currency swap deal with South Korea and cancelling a high-level visit. -AFP
The Japanese parliament is considering adopting a resolution protesting against China over the landing Wednesday by Chinese activists on a Japanese-ad...
South Korean President calls on the North to give up nuclear weapons program
Few days ago, President Lee had visited Dokdo, a small Korean island on the East Sea. Ironically, Japanese government officially sent the documents to the Blue House and mentioned that President Lee’s visit to Dokdo is illegal. They also claim that the South Korean government should have noticed Japan before their visit. South Korean president does have rights to visit any Korean territories in any case. Japanese government’s reaction is clearly immoral and wrong. They should stop claiming Dokdo as their land.
You can read my comment on South Korean President's visit to Takeshima/Dokdo.
The United States hopes that South Korean President Lee Myung Bak's planned visit to the disputed islets in the Sea of Japan on Friday will not impair...
South Korean president apologizes for the corruptions in his 'morally perfect' government.
Asian South Korean President Lee Myung-Buk has been Arrested on Corruption Charges, leading to regime change.
Marks of a leader - Nation: South Korean President Lee Myung-Bak’s apology to the country over his brother’s inv...
South Korean President apologises for corruption - Sydney Morning Herald: Voice of AmericaSouth Korean President...
To the people who put up a picture of the south korean president when the North Korean football team were playing, I salute you, you legend.
I've uploaded an video South Korean president apologizes for administration's br
South Korean President bows & apologise for his brothers involvement in corruption.Where z our president? via
I liked a video South Korean President Apologizes for Corruption Scandals.
South Korean President apologized to the Korean people as his brother was arrested; the President blamed so much Japan for WWII matters.
Benazir would have apologised like the South Korean President Lee-Myung-Bak, for involvement of his family in graft cases.
S.Korean president apologizes for scandals (via
A lesson for all world leaders. South Korean President bows to his nation to apologize for his mistakes:
South Korean President bows to nation, apologizes for alleged corruption by his brother and aides. Abul Hossain...
S.Korean president apologizes for scandals
South Korean President made a public apology for string of corruption scandals(some of his aides, relatives jailed)...
Apotheosis of the Sapiens.: South Korean president apologizes for bribery scan...
5 Top Bank Execs Arrested in European Bank Fraud While many search the web for evidence of the arrests of members of the criminal cabal, one such story has surely broken through the cabal imposed media blackout. Three of Ireland's leading bank executives, former Anglo-Irish Bank chief Sean Fitzpatrick, ex-Finance Director Willie McAteer, and managing director for Ireland Pat Whelan were arrested on Tuesday, 7/24/12, for their crimes that led to Ireland's largest ever bank failure. Three others, who happen to be among Ireland's wealthiest residents, were also implicated for their roles in these crimes. In other news, former International Monetary Fund and Bankia chief Rodrigo Rato was arrested on 7/6/12 and charged with criminal fraud for his role in the bankruptcy of Bankia, Spain's 3rd largest banking institution, which is at the center of the country's economic crash and occupy movement which was motivated, in part, after Bankia, which was only in business less than two years, received a bailout from ta ...
By Ahn Chang-hyun, Blue House correspondent President Lee Myung-bak apologized to the South Korean public on July 24 for corruption s...
Lee Myung-bak says sorry for scandals: South Korean President Lee Myung-bak bows as he apologizes at Cheong Wa D...
South Korean president apologizes for brother’s graft scandal :
S.Korean president apologizes for scandals (via more arrests to bankers!!
South Korean president apologizes for brothers graft scandal
Orientals continue to develop as world standard of civilized behavior: via
South Korean president apologizes for bribery scandals in his inner circle
The South Korean president's brother is suspected of stealing 600 million dollars
South Korean president has apologized for bribery scandal involving his brother
Those that are supposed to have died long time ago refused dying, doing more damages to the Africant continent. Those that meant to make Africa a better place,a beautiful continent and a condusive environment for black race to live and enjoy instead of runing for abode in Pakistan,Afghanistan,Iraq,Syria etc are the one dying!!! Imagine an announcement of the death of the following people; (so you expect me to start mentioning names? Ahh! My friends no like me ooo). Okay,who amongst Nigerian leaders will die and people will deeply felt touched like in the case of the formal south Korean president,Ghanian president that just passed on(I could not even mention one. Okay maybe honourable Wazobia )? Rest in peace professor John Atta Mills( Ghanian president).
President Lee Myung-bak apologized on Tuesday for a string of corruption scandals implicating his relatives and allies that have undermined his political leverage in his last year in office.
Brother of South Korean president detained on corruption charges
South Korean President Lee Myun-bak’s elder brother has been alleged of taking USD 525, 000 in bribe from the chairmen of two savings banks to help them avoid an audit.
South Korean President's elder brother Lee Sang Deux has been arrested for collecting bribe from a suspended Bank. The claim was that he collected $500,000 from the bank in order for to Bank to avoid punishment. This is the biggest and major scandal to hit the ruling party in an election year. What do we see hear in Ghana?
South Korean president's brother charged with bribery:
Park Geun-hye aims to become South Korea's first female president via
The Disney incident was of North Korean President's elder brother, not of the South's.
“South Korean President’s Brother Accused of Bribery wow really, come on there is much more than that in SK
"South Korean President’s Brother Accused of Bribery bribed with soju ya think?
This is why I love Korean politics: "[South Korean President Lee Myung-bak's] declining political leverage was demonstrated on Monday when he his speech before the National Assembly failed to draw any applause, and opposition legislators refused to stand when he entered and exited the chamber."
say he's the South Korean president
Sir, South Korean Establishment under current president is controlled by kind of neo-converts so.!
but it was the south korean president :O
The General Staff of the Korean People's Army warned that it will launch a "sacred war" against South Korean conservative President- ME!
South Korean president warns of slowing growth - BusinessWeek
Newswire: South Korean president warns of slowing growth (AP)
South Korean president warns of slowing growth [Jakarta Post]
? "South Korean president warns of slowing growth
South Korean president warns of slowing growth
South Korean president asks government to be prepared for slowing growth - Washington Post: Yonhap NewsSouth Kor...
South Korean president warns of slowing growth: South Korea's president has warned growth in Asia's fourth-large...
ROK President Lee Myung-bak dressed as model in the show: May 23, South Korean President Lee…
South Korean President Lee Myung-bak said Wednesday North Korea's human rights record is an issue as important as...
Myanmar and South Korea set for business: South Korean President Lee Myung-bak arrive back from Myanmar with a p...
Quotes of the Day "Many professionals are dealing with it so the issue … is none of the ICAC's business." Henry Tang Ying-yen bemoans graft-busters' interest in his illegal structures. "This country is now entering into a new era of change and I think that thanks to the leadership of Miss Suu Kyi that has become possible." South Korean President Lee Myung-bak, on a visit to Myanmar. "We deplore this weak and unjust decision." Former News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks and her husband, Charlie, who now face charges of perverting the course of justice.
South Korean President Lee Myung-bak is set to meet Myanmar's Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi in Yangon (formerly Rangoon) on Tuesday, a day after he had talks with President Thein Sein in capital Nay Pyi Taw.
South Korean President said Korea will help Myanmar achieve twin goals of both democracy and economic development. South Korea is a success story which has transitioned from poor dictatorship to rich industrialized democracy. I would say 'easier said than done' because road to democracy or economic development is full of obstacles and challenges.
S. Korean leader 'wins Myanmar promise over North': South Korea's president won a promise from Myanmar to refrai...
The South Korean president was in town today. He drove past our apt building twice. Hope he liked our country as much as we do!
S media: Unification Church member awarded by South Korean President as a model of filial piety.
SKorea: Myanmar halting arms purchases from NKorea: Myanmar's president has assured his South Korean counterpart...
Seoul: Myanmar halts arms buys from Pyongyang: Myanmar's president has assured his South Korean c...
First Burma visit since North Korean attack: President Lee Myung Bak on Monday became the first South Korean lea...
S Korea’s Lee to meet Suu Kyi today: South Korean President Lee Myung Bak will on Tuesday meet democracy advoc...
Lee Myung Bak headed to Myanmar for the first visit by a South Korean president since an assassination attempt on one of his predecessors almost 30 years ago, as investor interest rises in the former dictatorship.
Exiled Uighur leader Rebiya Kadeer said Monday her people face a fight for their very existence against Chinese repression as aconference in Japan threatened to drive a wedge between Tokyo andBeijing.
Mr Lee is the first South Korean president to visit Burma since 1983 - BBC News: BBC NewsMr Lee is the first South Korea...
South Korea: * The President of South Korea, Lee Myung-bak, commences the first official visit by a South Korean...
South Korean President Lee Myung-bak is visiting Burma, the first time a South Korean leader has vis
DTN Korean News: S. Korea, China to cooperate on Pyongyang GPS jamming: South President Lee Myung-bak and his Ch...
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South Korean President Lee will also meet with Myanmar's opposition leader and democratic icon Aung San Suu Kyi in Yangon this Tuesday morning. The Korean leader is expected to reaffirm his support for democratization and human rights improvement in Myanmar.
South Korean president makes historic trip to Myanmar: Myanmar on Monday in a historic visit that showed Seoul's...
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