South Korea & Jeju Island

South Korea , officially the Republic of Korea (Daehan Minguk ), is a sovereign state in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula. Jeju-do (transliterated Korean for Jeju Province, short form of Jeju Special Autonomous Province or Cheju Island) is one of the special autonomous province of South Korea, situated on and coterminous with the country's largest island. 5.0/5

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Check out the 2017ASPAC Jeju Island, South Korea thru 24 June, Great coverage and video at
Day 7 in South Korea and I explored almost half of Jeju Island. I admired beautiful scenery, visited an aerospace m…
Even the nicest people have their limits 🍁 @ Jeju Island, South Korea
The Jeju Island Winter That Shut Down the “Hawaii of Korea”: A Jeju Island winter in South Korea see
I casually found that Okinawa island of Japan and Jeju island of South Korea share many similarities. The ancient style...
Adorable puppy I met at a coffee truck on Jeju Island, South korea.
What is your dream travel destination? — South Korea kay: Seoul, Busan, Jeju Island and other famous landmarks the…
By far, my favorite part of this trip to South Korea: Jeju Island 🐚🐚🐚. . | …
If South Korea has Jeju Island, then. Philippines has Jeje Island where you can find the bhoszxc bente syete ng bohaii nyouh 😂👊
Don't forget to visit Jeju Island if you are teaching English in South Korea!
Good morning my friends~ . Have a good day~~~. Jeju island, South Korea! . WeChat,LINE ID : jeju0328. Driver : Mr.Park
It's only when our eyes are closed that we can truly see. @ Jeju Island, South Korea
Someday, I'll go to South Korea to visit Jeju island. 😍
South Korea: From Seoul and Jeju to traditional villages
Jeongbang Waterfall on Jeju Island of South Korea. The waterfall is 23 m high and is very close to the ocean
Bloomberry set to open first overseas property on Jeju Island, South Korea - World Casino Directory
Many people do not consider South Korea as a holiday destination of choice, but they should.http…
go to jeju island in South Korea there's a place with *** statues
All 11 faces of Ukm students in Jeju Island, South Korea.
Arrived in JeJu an island at the South of South Korea. I went for a walk & found a waterfall -
Attended 48th Annual Congress of Pacific Association of Pediatric Surgeons in Jeju Island, South Korea. Enjoyed time with good old friends.
SOUTH KOREA - S Korea and Ireland honour Fr McGlinchey a missionary who saved Jeju Island from hunger: In Sout...
Love looking through old photos, found this gem: Kids from Jeju Island visit Busan,South Korea for Lotte Giants game
the view from the peak of Ichebeon Mountain @ Jeju Island, South Korea
Finally, I made it!...Jeju Island of South Korea, you are the next please prepare...
Here's to the last day in Korea, and the birthday girl🇰🇷👑 love you Kate😘 @ Jeju Island, South Korea
I got Jeju Island! POP QUIZ: Where do you belong in South Korea? via
So sometimes we run long distances, but this is a pretty insane. On July 11th, in South Korea, Jongwoon finished in first place at the 537KM (333mi) ultra marathon from Busan (Southeast port city) to Imjingak in Paju City, Gyeonggi Province (Northwest of Seoul near the DMZ). His time was 75 hours 58 minutes. The race is part of the Korea Ultra Marathon Federation "Grand Slam". A 622KM (SE-NW), 537KM (SW-NE), 308KM (across the middle) and 200KM (around Jeju Island) series. I hope to complete the four races while I'm in Korea.
Our hearts and prayers go out to all those who have suffered in the terrible ferry disaster in South Korea. Temple Tree, Jonjaamji, Jeju Island, South Korea. 2012. ©Michael Kenna.
Last week we received news that two of the three former captive bottlenose dolphins that were rehabilitated and released back into the wild last July near Jeju Island were sighted alive and well off the coast of South Korea. Captured from a local and vulnerable population of Indo-pacific bottlenose…
Off to causeway bay for our last few hours in Hong Kong...been amazing here but this girl needs to board the celebrity millenium ASAP and fall asleep on my balcony and dream about hip replacements .first stop after a much needed comatose sea day will be taipei where we have a gruelling ten hour tour planned...then nagasaki japan.followed by South Korea where hopefully the natives stay calm and don't toss missiles at us as we explore both busan and jeju island. Until beijing then..had a dream/nightmare about hiking up the Great Wall last night..on my hands cuz there's no chance I will have any legs left by the time the wall stares me
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Touchdown Jeju Island, South Korea, one of the 7 wonders of nature...
Spring is in the are bloom — at Jeju Island, South Korea
April 3, 2014 Dear Pope Francis, Thank you for being a symbol of unity for people all over the world who long for peace and an end to impoverishment. Thank you also for planning a trip to South Korea. A line from a novel about the Korean war often reminds me of war’s futility. “The planes always come,” says the main character, a war weary U.S. soldier, “like planets on rotation. A timed blood-letting, with different excuses.” You’ve been clear with us: there are no excuses for killing innocent people and destroying the earth. The Catholic community on Jeju Island has upheld reverence for life in their nonviolent resistance to construction of a U.S. Military Base on their beautiful shores. They have already suffered the ravages of war and environmental degradation. I was deeply moved by their invitation to you. Thank you for your prayerful consideration of this extraordinary opportunity to link together the yearnings of many people to lay aside the futility of war and plans for war. Sincerely, ...
New at Peace Paradigm Radio at Metta Center for Nonviolence… This is the first interview in a series the Metta Center is conducting entitled “Variations on Direct Action.” Listen to Joyakgol from Seoul, South Korea, talk to the Metta Center about the Direct Action activities used in the nonviolent struggle on Jeju Island, South Korea, to obstruct the building of a new U.S. Naval Base.
Someday I'll visit Seoul South Korea, I will eat Kimchi,ramyun,tteokbokkie etc. Ill drink soju, go to Lotte World, Jeju Island, Namsan Tower, Ill go to my idols concert, fan meeting etc. Ill try to audition, Ill marry my bias and we will live happily ever after.^^ (c)
Going to Jeju Island in South Korea for a few days, if anyone is in the area and wants to tag along...
We live in a crazy world people. So there is this "sex island" in South Korea called the ‘Jeju Love Land’. It is an outdoor sculpture theme park which opened in 2004 on Jeju Island in the country. The park is focused on a theme of sex, running sex education films, and featuring 140 sculptures re
Hi everyone, I need an Irish dancer urgently to accompany a 4 piece trad band to Jeju Island off coast of South Korea. We would perform 6 nights a wk (Mondays…
South Korea's Jeju Island has 100+ museums, dedicated to everything from teddy bears to "sex and health."
South Korea's Jeju island has more than 100 museums. provides his impressions on a few:
▪ Jeju’s Museum Bonanza: Museums on Jeju island in South Korea are like mushrooms, sprouting ev...
On Jeju island in South Korea, tacky museums have gotten out of hand. by
The 4th World Trails Conference is about to start on Jeju Island, South Korea, with trail experts from all over
The Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes is a World Heritage Site in South Korea
Overcome life: South Korea trip day 2 - Flying to a beautiful Jeju Island
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Jeju Island, South Korea - looks like we can be there in time for cherry blossoms and canola blooms. Never heard of it before today, but wow - google some images of the place!
2014 Travel Plan: ⚔ South Korea (Busan and Jeju Island) , March ⚔ Boracay, May ⚔ Enchanted River, Butuan, July ⚔ Bacolod, Ilo-Ilo, Guimaras(BIG), Sept. ⚔ White Water Rafting, CDO and Tinago Falls, Iligan, Nov. "Take vacations, go as many places as you can. You can always make money... You can't always make memories."
The beauty of Jeju Island Jeju-do ( Jeju -do ) is the largest island in Korea and located south of the Korean Peninsula . Jeju Island is the only special autonomous province of South Korea . The island is being intensively into the New 7 Wonders highly supported by all the people in Korea , and has a big chance to win because of the natural beauty and extraordinary charm . Located in the Korea Strait , southwest of South Jeolla Province , which formerly was the province before the split in 1946 . Is the capital of Jeju City Jeju ( Jeju - si ) . Topography Jeju Island was formed about 2 million years ago by volcanic activity . In the middle of the island appears Hallasan ( Mount Halla ) , the highest mountain in the whole of Korea ( 1,950 m ) . The island is warm climates throughout the year and in winter snow rarely falls , so that the plants are grown in subtropical areas to survive . Jeju Island Samdado dubbed , " The island is abundant with Three Things " ie , rocks , wind and women ] . Because it has ...
SEOUL--Female divers based in South Korea's Jeju Island are first into the water for gaining entry into UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage list over their Japanese counterparts.
Hello friends who love to travel! I am inviting to you all to join us in our South Korea Tours, 4D/3N at Seoul and 3D/2N at Jeju Island...
We rode for two-weeks around South Korea's Jeju Island last summer with our 10 year old and took a ride through shot everyday from start to finish. The exper...
Jeju Island, South Korea is famous for its 368 "Oreums", or volcanic cones, which look especially beautiful at s...
One thing not mentioned in this article is that Obama intends to bring NATO into the Pacific Region as stated by the former Secretary of Defense: then of course there is the Trans-Pacific Partnership which will have to be enforced using military might. Jeju Island - Tragic Destruction of Pristine Marine Area for Another Naval Base for the US Missile Defense System By Ann Wright Op-Ed, Oct 20, 2013 Army Col. Ann Wright (Ret) is a former US diplomat who resigned in March 2003 in opposition to the war on Iraq. She served in Nicaragua, Grenada, Somalia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Sierra Leone, Micronesia and Mongolia. In December 2001 she was a member of the small team that reopened the US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. Two years ago when I visited Gangjeong village on Jeju Island, South Korea, the one-half mile ancient, solid volcanic slab of a spiritual and cultural rock known as Gureombi was still intact. The marine environment that had made Jeju Island one of the World Heritage Sites was still thriving with ...
This Busan Film Festival in South Korea is turning out to be more eventful than expected: whilst I'm participating in an official signing Ceremony with the Chairman of the Gwangju Cultural Industry Promotion Agency, the U.S., South Korea and Japan are delaying a joint naval exercise due to approaching Typhoon Danas, while North Korea warning of a “horrible disaster” against the drill as Pyongyang cranks up its war rhetoric!!! The “strong mid-sized typhoon” packing winds of 41 meters per second is lurching northward to pass through waters south of South Korea’s Jeju Island right now, Tuesday afternoon. Yesterday, we met four naval officers stationed on the nuclear-powered U.S. Aircraft Carrier. They were getting ready for action with both the Typhoon and North Korea...
I am going to Leave this great Jeju Island in South Korea tomorrow morning to Seoul at Incheon Airport then i will Fly back to India. Its been a very great time of 5 Days in South Korea with HYUNDAI People and others like Germans, Russia, Brazil, France, America, Italy, Dubai, Oman specially KOREANS. Kimchi Thanks to HYUNDAI for giving us all DIE HARD FANS a opportunity to Visit South Korea. Starting from Head Quaters to Manufacturing plant then to Seoul and Jeju Island Tour. HYUNDAI FOR LIFE.
Jeju Island, South Korea. One city to sure capture my heart. So beautiful!
Bike sharing flourishes on Jeju Island in South Korea
All of the above in South Korea and Texas! Seoul and Jeju Island! Hill Country and South Padre Island!
Places to go:. 1.Seoul, South Korea. 2.Jeju Island. 3.Eiffel Tower in Paris. It's not just a dream. I will do everything to make it happen.:)
TEFL Jobs | Position in Jeju Island: Country : South Korea. ESLJOBKOREA is looking for teache...
Well friends, It's official. I am now retired from Columbia School District and Cal-STRS. Kathy and I are off to Jeju Island for 2 years, then who knows where. If you want to see Jeju, typt it into your url bar and check it out. I'll be teaching at the Korean International School (KIS), Jeju campus on a two year contract. The island is located about 60 miles due south of the southern most tip of South Korea. It's about 48 miles long and 25 miles wide and, this hurts so much to say, it only has 42 golf courses. Our things are being picked up on the 27th of june to be shipped to Jeju, and later they will come and get the rest, which will be stored here. We've sold our house but are staying in it, renting from the new owners, until we leave on July 30th. This all means that we will basically be "camping out" in our empty house for about three weeks. Living out of our luggage. The good news is that our washer, dryer, micro-wave, and fridge stays with the house. So, aside from no TV, sleeping on an ...
Ready to get home, but I enjoyed my time on Jeju Island, (South Korea). Lovely people, the International Whaling Commission meeting was productive, and a few of us checked out an amazing Buddhist temple yesterday. Off to the airport.
This is a POWERFUL and good article with important information and a few valuable suggestions about where to put the tax dollars INSTEAD of into the military-industrial complex. It provokes thoughts about our lives and futures. by Bruce K. Gagnon | My talk on June 1 at the Moana Nui 2013 Teach-In held in Berkeley, California The Militarization of North American Life I live in Bath, Maine where Navy Aegis destroyers are built. These ships are outfitted with so-called “missile defense” systems that the Pentagon is today using to help surround Russia and China. Few people in my community, including some activists, are interested in where these ships go (places like Jeju Island in South Korea.) It’s not popular to raise these questions – especially when Bath Iron Works is the largest industrial employer in our state. In fact today weapons are the number one industrial export product of the US. And when weapons are your number one industrial export product, what is your global marketing strategy for th ...
Last Year (May 31, 2012) , I was Given the Chance to visit the "Subterranean National Park, Puerto Princesa Underground River" one of the 7 Wonders of Nature.At ang GANDA :) Now, this Year I was given a chance to take the pathway leading to the road to be given a chance to visit Another 7 wonders of Nature. Jeju Island in South Korea. I will do whatever it takes to Qualified for that Prestigious Trip on 2014 :). Ikaw? Gusto mong Sumama? Sama Tayo :) hehe, FREE TRIP kasi ^.^
Thatched houses on Jeju Island, South Korea, originally built in the middle of the 19th century.
On my author visit to Jeju Island, South Korea--beyond the books it's lots of lava! Jeju Island School Visits--Books and Lava.
Pretty dreamy photos of Jenju Island, South Korea by my friend and former coworker,
Cats and Dogs Boiled Alive in South Korea Thousands of cats and dogs are farmed and slaughtered in South Korea for human consumption. They are slaughtered in the most brutal and barbaric ways imaginable with the prevailing myth that the greater the suffering, the more tender and tastier the meat and that mythical health properties are enhanced. Read More/Sign Petitions: Here: Here:
At Search is a full length documentary film seeking to preserve shamanistic practice and shrine religion of Jeju Island, South Korea.
“What do you want to buy in Korea, the Shoppers’ Paradise?” Korea Tourism Organization Manila Office i want to buy shoes, clothes, handbags, cosmetic products, skin care products and all kinds of korean souvenirs. South Korea is known as a shoppers' paradise, because it offers a great variety of items at reasonable prices. they say that many Tourists purchase many necessities and souvenir items at any of the hundreds of shops in department stores and shopping arcades in Seoul. because Seoul offers shoppers a wide variety of merchandise at large department stores, duty-free shops, open markets and arcades such as Itaewon, Myeong-dong and Insa-dong. there are many reasons why i love Korea Korea is a land with exceptional natural beauty, full of beautiful and rich history just like their traditions, religion and culture. it also has an amazing modern cities, flowery spring landscapes, sandy beaches, rocky mountains, onskii resorts and stunning historic sites and mouth watering cuisine. there are some . ...
Subscribe to arirang! Korea may ban animal testing for cosmetics, one of South Korea's most ...
Giuseppe Rossitano has created a documentary capturing dying traditions on Jeju Island, South Korea.
Hearing Backstreet Boys "as long as you love me" karaoked from the common area of my hotel in Jeju Island, South Korea. Man, I miss 90s pop!
On your mark, get set, go! X newest route to BUSAN - your gateway to Jeju Island, South Korea frm SGD 129!
Because it's nice to share, "Sex Land" in South Korea. Photo gallery here:
Little Giant Ladders
We will see each other after and we will go to Paris, France & Jeju Island, South Korea. :")
In case you missed it: Jeju Island in South Korea. Our last night
southern tip of Jeju Island in South Korea and the DMZ to Delta,
Hwa Sun is still vacationing in South Korea. She is now in Jeju City, A beautiful island of the southern tip of the country. It is very beautiful there. Warm, with flowers growing everywhere. Hot crowded. She wants us to retire there in a year or two. Something to think about.
Four 1 trail 2 times movie three times four times amusement park train ride each of the homes to visit 5 then Chuncheon, east coast sea 906. Cheonggyecheon, Dongdaemun limousine bus ride Watching Filipino food 7 8 Panmunjom visit 10 other couples trip to Jeju Island 10 times, meeting in Busan to visit Dues 100,000 won a month Date 3 Months 3 Sunday of Satisfying family life with his wife in South Korea for many exchanges with each other no matter the game hoping to be whatever is trying to be one. Report • 5:23 pm Each other areas too far away to gather embarrassing. The purpose of this meeting, my wife and purpose to adapt to the culture of South Korea in the future, I hope.
Cathy heads into the big storm in the northeast and we just got the most snow on the ground since I've been here on Jeju. Driving was bad last night for about 5 miles and then the roads clear. It's freaky on this island. Going skiing with good friend Ian. Yongpyong ski Resort in northern South Korea. Look it up online. It's a great place. Hope my wife makes it in to Portland, Me tonight. Miss you!
# Must read Pakistanis !!►► Pakistani creates A-Eye vision system Tariq Mahmood of the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences in Karachi, Pakistan has created a system called A-Eye to automate run-out decisions in the game of cricket. A-Eye combines a low-cost video camera sitting at ground level with open-source software called AForge.NET that scans a video feed for moving objects. The system is due to be presented at the International Conference on Information Science and Applications on Jeju Island, South Korea, this week. By Rise Pakistan Movement (R.P.M)
What would be your South Korea 'Top 5 Spots' in South Korea that you love and would like to show to a couchsurfer?
me want 😭 “Missing times with Family in South Korea...esp. Jeju Island and Nami Island.”
This Lunar New Year why not hike Jeju Island, South Korea. Jeju Olle Trail has 21 trails to discover:
The New 7 Wonders of Nature: Jeju Island, South Korea: August in Korea brings the wonderful gift of Chuseok to u...
:) I was born && raised in Jeju Island, South Korea but, I'm living in Hawaii, now .
South Korea – A New & Booming Tourism Hub South Korea’s tourism industry is one most renowned industries in the world. In 2007 alone, 6.4 million foreign tourists visited South Korea, making it the 36th most visited country in the world. Most non-Korean tourists come from Asian continent itself and all over the world. The country has an extensive network of trains and buses which facilitates easy movement of tourist from one region to another. The Korean ministry of Culture and Tourism and Korean Tourism Organization are responsible for the growth of the tourism industry. Korea’s increasing living standards, increasing disposable income, and enhanced public transportation systems all lead increasing tourism demands. Internatational tourists typically enter the country through Incheon International Airport near Seoul, ranked in 2006 as the world's best airport. Also international airports in Busan and Jeju are frequently used. Korea's historical tourist attractions include the ancient capitals of Seo ...
Last night in jeju island :'3 South Korea
Seoul, South Korea, February 01, 2013 -- Event "2013 Korea Grand Sale Discount" target foreigners is carried out mainly in the tourist destination in Seoul, Busan, and Jeju Island from 11 February until 28 January 2013. Restaurants and tourist attractions, Korea Grand Sale will join approximately 24,000 contractors throughout South Korea, and even comes with benefits such as discounts and gifts presented everywhere, including shopping and entertainment.   Of course, to enjoy the Special Week event to be held in different themes every week, a free shuttle bus between the Gangbuk and is operated and Gangnam so that you can move with ease in Seoul during the period, foreign travel It has been a great value to an event.   Caller Seoul City Hall, South Korea Seoul City official tourist information website VisitSeoulURL : Ahn VisitSeoulSeoul Metropolitan Government 110 Sejongdae-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul 100-74482-2-3788-0899staff
Via Save Jeju Island: Please consider any small solidarity actions for Yang Yoon-Mo, South Korea's most renowned film critic, in your regions! Yang Yoon-Mo, one of the prominent opponents against the Jeju Naval Base project was directly arrested and jailed from the court on Feb. 1, 2013. It is his 4th time imprisonment. He is the one who has been jailed the most numerous times during the struggle against the base project by now. (see link for details) He was also one of the subjects of the individual complaints to the UN Human Rights Council in 2012. He is currently in prison and you may write encouraging and supporting letters to him: Yang Yoon-Mo (No. 301) Jeju Prison, 161 Ora-2dong, Jeju City, Jeju, the Peace Island, Korea
Even though it snowed heavily yesterday and is still cold in Korea, spring is near at hand. The photo is Jeju island in South Korea.
Got accepted to South Korea this Spring break!!
Meet Dr. Ann Frisch, here in Hawai'i to give a workshop, "Peacekeeping in Your Neighborhood," on Sunday at the Rotary's International Peace Forum. She will meet with us at 6:00pm at the Honolulu Friends Meetinghouse, 2426 O'ahu Ave., Manoa, to share the work of her organization, "Nonviolent Peaceforce." Light supper provided. A Nonviolent Force for Peace, their mission is "to promote, develop and implement unarmed civilian peacekeeping as a tool for reducing violence and protecting civilians in situations of violent conflict." We also discuss ways to help protect the peace activists at Gangjeong Village, Jeju Island, South Korea.
Jeju Olle Trail on Jeju Island, South Korea. 26 courses and 400km of continuous trail to walk. Lace up those boots!
My coach's wife just told me when we go to South Korea we're going to Jeju Island ! :D
"My stupid sister wants to go to school in South Korea for one year to experience the culture and etc. But I'm so scared for her she is only 19. I also know how they view black people over there and I don't want her to end up dead. Shes 5'0 looks like she is 12, and her Korean is so sketchy. I don't want some ignorant mofo who never seen a black person or don't like black people trying to murder her. Its her money and my parents don't give a F about us, so its not like I can stop her from going."
NOTICES AND ANNOUNCEMENTS Week of January 20, 2013 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * OUR MEN HAVE BECOME “MAGI” Thanks to our men who have agreed to become MAGI today. The Deacons will be available to assist you if you would like a robe. At the beginning of the service, the men will be seated at the front of the church as we honor their portrayal of the coming of “Men from the East” to worship the young child, Jesus. Pastor Lois will be speaking on “Changing Your Way.” Peggy Loper Update Peggy is the daughter of Olive Loper and is continuing to teach English in South Korea. She has recently moved further south and we have a new address for her: Margaret C. Loper Topia English Academy 3001-9 Perma Bldg., 2nd Floor Ara-Dong, Jeju City Jeju Island South Korea Internet Address: LOPER1 * NEWS FROM THE PEWS * * January 13, 2013 Sheila Fretz described her week as “horrendous” due to the 14-hour surgery her son-in-law Mike Woods had endured and from which he is r ...
I am all settled in here on Jeju Island, South Korea! Thank you all for the support!
I made up my mind. I want to travel to Paris, Asia ( Japan , South Korea and Taiwan) also Jeju island. who's with me?
As I hope to see the island of Jeju in South Korea
BESS Test in Jeju island in South Korea. It's 23:50pm. Bloody tired. Save me plz.
Oy yey ! Dad buy me a Tshirt in South Korea for souvenir in jeju island yay ! Thank you dad !! ^~^
An intimate portrait of the women free-divers of Jeju Island, South Korea.
Geography Have you ever been to a geographically unique area in your country? Where was it? What did the place look like? What did you see there? I went to Jeju island with my family about 3 years ago to celebrate my parents’ wedding anniversary. It is located at the bottom of South Korea and has about 600 thousand people living there. The island is the biggest island in our country and also the most famous tourist attraction. Since it is made from a volcano thousands of years ago, the soil is consisted of volcanic materials. Because it is impossible to grow crops, the main industry is tourism. In the middle of the island, there is a vast inactive volcano, called Hal-la mountain. The mountain is about 2,000 meters tall, and it has a magnificent and splendid lake, called White Deer Lake. This lake is the most wonderful place to visit in Jeju island. When I went there enjoyed the fresh air and imagined that I was in a fantasy world like the famous movie, the Lord of the rings, because of the beautiful sce ...
South Korea, here I come Lindsey, get ready for a vacation to the Jeju Island!
10 places must-visit in Jeju City Island, South Korea! It is time to relax a little more in 2013!
Q: Top5 places that you want to visit in South Korea? For me, 1. Lotte World 2. Jeju Island. 3. Mnet/Inkigayo/KBS Music Bank. 4. Gangnam District. 5. Sauna. How about you?
Roundtrip air to Seoul, South Korea in Business Class on Korean Air Four nights in Seoul at luxury Lotte Hotels Two nights at the Lotte Resort on beautiful Jeju Island, and roundtrip air to Jeju Island in Business Class on Korean Air
Carolyn Coe is leaving in a few weeks for Jeju Island, South Korea. It has been the intention of Peninsula Peace & Justice and Island Peace & Justice to support her trip financially. Last week we invited Regis Tremblay to Blue Hill , a filmmaker from So. Maine who has recently returned from Jeju and is making a documentary of his experiences. Regis' talk and film have inspired much interest in the situation and hopefully in Carolyn's trip. Carolyn has some support for international airfare, and while in Gangjeong Village will most likely have communal living space and communal food provided to some extent. Her travel will require in-country travel costs and at least 4 days of individual accommodation as she attempts to get to Gangjeong and back. During her 3-week trip, she will be recording interviews for broadcast. We are writing to suggest that contributions to her travel costs will be welcome. Of course, we will all benefit from her visit to Gangjeong and her reports. The struggle to save Jeju is not o ...
jeju Island, also known as the "Island of the Gods," is a popular vacation spot for Koreans and many Japanese. It remains one of the top honeymoon destinations for Korean newlyweds. The island's mixture of volcanic rock, frequent rains, and temperate climate, make it very similar to the Hawaiian Islands in the U.S. The island offers visitors a wide range of activities: hiking on Halla-san (South Korea's highest peak), catching sunrises and sunsets over the ocean, viewing majestic waterfalls, riding horses, or just lying around on the sandy beaches.
One of my chinese fren told me that if i have clearly understood the History of Korea, then I will be able 2 c why they behave as such n why they are quite stiff in any business negotiations, how they have suffered during the Japanese occupation, how they were bullied by China (during China's Qing Dynasty), the terrible sufferring endured during the Civil War (bwn North & South Korea from 1950 to 1953), during the depression period in the 70's (how the total population gave what they have and together with their trust worthy govermnent rebuilt their economy, THEN i will be able 2 appreciate them n love their country. I have achieved that that is why I love going there (Incheon, Seoul, Busan, Nami Island and Jeju Island to enjoy their autumn and winter season. Though not all the Korean are angels, but they have indeed out beat many countries in terms of honesty, being hard working, integrity, reliability, advanced technology, scenery and PUNCTUALITY. I really hope to go there again in two years time (my 5t ...
I'd like to show you a website I just finished but more importantly, the products on it. Larry & Wanda moved to Jeju Island near South Korea and Larry hand makes these incredible wind chimes from gorgeous sea glass he finds on the beaches. They are really beautiful and very unique. When have a moment, please have a look:
We had a great time in Beijing, we rode in a Rickshaw, climb the Great Wall, went to Forbidden City and many more excursions. Way too much smog tho. Loved Jeju island in South Korea went to botanical gardens and ate at a local restaurant. Visited Saigon where is was very very hot and humid. Bangkok had Unbelieveable shopping with great prices but we have weight limit on luggage from Singapore to Perth tomorrow. I had a Thai massage for 2 hours for $49 WOW. Singapore is the cleanest, friendliest but expensive city soo far. All Asian people have been soo kind to us. Tonight we are going to "Marina Bay" resort. it is three buildings side by side with a top that connects the three that look like a ships on top. It has 51 floors with an infinity pool on top With bars and restaurants too. Can't wait for that experience. We had Dim Sum and it was delicious. Looking forward to Australia and nNew Zealand Take care everyone
Jeju Island, South Korea, is one of the new natural wonders of the world and considered "Hawaii of Korea" due to...
Loveland Museum is one of the many "museums" on Jeju Island, South Korea. This one is dedicated to uhmm, sex.
2,000 homes are currently hooked up to a pilot project on the island of Jeju, South Korea, testing a new type of electricity supply system, called a smart gr...
The race at Jeju Island hippodrome racecourse in South Korea
Jeju Island, South Korea Naval Base site -- A View of What's to Come
Jeju Island, South Korea, is often called a
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
South Korea's Jeju Island is under attack and we can save it -- saving $$ in the process with
:) I'm Chelsea or Seoyuri . I'm mixed, from Jeju Island, South Korea but, I live in Hawaii && I'm 16 . :)
The view from our hotel on Jeju Island. What a glorious morning! @ Jeju Island South Korea
Looking forward to my first trip to South Korea in a couple of weeks. The conference is on Jeju Island, a World Heritage site in the East China Sea. Hope to see some of you there...
5000 peace marchers against base in Island, South Korea, calling for global solidarity,
With some colleagues at world conference of family doctors (wonca) in Jeju island South Korea .Bad place no easy access to outside world .No church no mosque only Budha statues everywhere.Diet very bad little wonder they are all smallish.No single black person in the whole island of about a million people.
Off to South Korea on Sat a.m. : going from a very chill C.T. to a warm & humid SK. First time in the Far East, so will probably wander around looking like a "plaasjapie" until we get to Jeju Island. Go Sharks - will get the result on the 'plane - I'm sure they'll put up a good fight. Teena will celebrate her birthday morning on flight CX748 to Hong Kong. Soju & sushi for breakfast (:--)
watching Nat. Geo. let's visit Jeju Island in South Korea so gorgeous Gods' creation is.
Korea (south) Jejudo is a volcanic island, 130 km from the southern coast of Korea. The largest island and smallest province in Korea, the island has a surface area of 1,846 sqkm. A central feature of Jeju is Hallasan, the tallest mountain in South Korea and a dormant volcano, which rises 1,950 m...
5 best places I traveled in South Korea (5 places in 5 months period) 1. Garden, museum and training venue of KOICA ICC 2. Jeju Island in pacific ocean, on the eastern coast of Korea 3. Korean Folk Village, near Suwon city 4. Seoul Tower 5. Seoul National University, Seoul
Very proud and excited about my son Robs' new Career move. He is going to Jeju Island in South Korea to teach english. He has wanted this and kept his focus on the goal. Thats my Boy!
It is official. I got the job and will be teaching english on Jeju island in South Korea in late August. Stoked
Jeju Island, the biggest island of South Korea, is located at the south of Korean Peninsula. Even though it's is arguable that Jeju is one of 7, Jeju island is truly a beautiful place with many different faces. The center of the island is Mountain Halla which used to be a volcano. There are more ...
Jeju Island of South Korea is the x wonder of the world!...Just watch the space!
Samsung are the main contractor destroying the precious coastline and environment on Jeju island, South Korea, to build a huge military Naval Base. In solida...
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06-22-2012 13:32 US supercarrier to lead joint drills with S. Korea off Yellow Sea A nuclear-powered American Aircraft Carrier is in position off the west coast of South Korea to lead large-scale military exercises aimed at honing the two countries' joint capability to cope with North Korean aggression, Seoul officials said Friday, amid the North's saber-rattling. About 10 warships and submarines, including the George Washington Carrier Striker Group; 8,000 personnel; and hundreds of combat aircraft from the allies will take part in the three-day exercises from Saturday, said officials at Seoul's Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS). The drills, a follow-up of a two-day, trilateral naval drill with Japan in waters south of Jeju Island, will be held off the west coast town of Taean, 150 kilometers south of Seoul, JCS officials said. "Throughout the joint military exercises, South Korean and U.S. forces will show off their resolute capabilities," Navy Brig. Gen Park Seong-bae said. "We will immediately retaliate aga ...
The United States joined Japan and South Korea this past week for military drills off Jeju Island in the Yellow Sea, prompting an outcry from China. South Korean broadcaster MBC reports the drills and the United States' redeployment to the region. 
Meanwhile, Korean Air has operated its own organic cattle and vegetables farm at South Korea's Jeju Island for years
Check out amazing view from Jeju (Cheju) Island, South Korea. Being away from home is not always easy but...
There are only 60 days until we head to South Korea's Jeju Island.
Check out this amazing view taken from the beautiful JEJU Island, South Korea.
Jeju...A little island south of South Korea...but man i tell you i missed this. even in china..i met a monk a real monk
Jeju Island is very well known as a popular vacation spot in South Korea. One of the main reasons is Jeju island as the new of seven wonders and Jeju island has more attractive places.
Off to South Korea, and JeJu Island for a lot of fun, great food, and a little work!
Rocky coastline on Jeju Island, South Korea (683x1024) (OC): submitted by dmac5dmark2 [link] [comment]
Excellent article on faith opposition on Korea's Military Base on Jeju Island.
Fifty miles off the southern tip of South Korea lies Jeju Island, one of the world's most beautiful islands, known for its glorious rocky coast, coral reefs and sacred vista. But as far as the United States is concerned, its sole purpose is its strategic location next to China, Japan and Taiwan. The...
Jeju Island, South Korea is a World Heritage site.This beautiful island has much to offer tourists with magnificent scenery, theme parks ,beaches etc Read here for more comprehensive information.
Whether you like climbing up the sides of volcanoes, lazing on empty beaches or ogling lewd statues, South Korea's Jeju Island won't disappoint.
Tourism relations bolstered: South Korea will soon establish a Jeju Island tourism office in the Kingdom, it has...
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I’ve been South Korea to farm in Jeju Island I’ve been Vietnam to be a fisherman in Halong Bay I come home to spoon feeding the Komodo dragon Which instruct me to survive, protect, and mutual respect
We all LOVE South Korea so please help the citizens save Jeju Island! :( Thank you!!
We ALL love South Korea so please help save Jeju Island!!! ^_^
I spent 3 days on JeJu Island in South Korea in May 2011. This video shows just a few of the places along the coast of JeJu Island. Filmed with Panasonic Lum...
More on Father Moon's injuries from police action on Jeju Island--and more international activists deported/not allow to enter South Korea!
Happy Easter everyone from Jeju Island, South Korea. It's a beautiful morning and I'm going exploring! No internet access in the room, just a computer in the Hotel Lobby. Will post pictures later.
The spectacular Jusangjeolli cliffs on Jeju island, South Korea
In Jeju which is an island of South Korea, Gov is pushing ahead with building of navy base(that destroying beautiful and rare
It's a park at Jeju Island - South Korea filled with statues of sex positions LOL
Good morning .. This picture was taken during my last visit to South Korea ( Jeju Island ) ♡
[My mum likes Pattaya :D Perhaps it's like Jeju Island in South Korea hihi] Ne I hope people will get online soon, I want more ppl!
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