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South Korea

South Korea , officially the Republic of Korea (Daehan Minguk ), is a sovereign state in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula.

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Aw I bet! M at hampden when North Korea there but they put up South Korea 🇰🇷 flag:wanted to run o…
North Korean hackers suspected of stealing top-secret U.S.-South Korea war plans
is pumping on a Sunday. Wall Street is coming middle of next week I hear. South Korea, Japan banks open in ab…
Beyond THAAD: the real reason why China is angry with South Korea - South China Morning Post
TSM can beat what, South Korea and China teams, but not an EU team? ._.
Yea but it also includes South Korea, Japan, China, Russia, America and all will be affected. Milli…
I have been waiting for this day. . South Korea finished a long vacation. I’m was order it to 10.2. finally It was go…
Seoul touts graphite bomb capable of knocking out N. Korean power grid
South Korean writer Han Kang reacts to Trump's casual & loose talk of war with an eloquent directness.
As much as Donald Trump terrorizes Americans, his warmongering rhetoric terrorizes our brothers & sisters in South Korea & ***
. South Korea: we have plans to assassinate Kim Jong Un. CNN: let's hear it. South Korea: alright, just don't tell anyone…
"Train to Busan!" Like World War Z if it was good, and on a train in South Korea. Amazon Prime
US warship approaches Korean Peninsula for drills with South Korea
South Korea believes it has leverage over U.S. in talks due to North Korea's nuclear threat
FERGAL 10. A video all the way from South Korea where Northern Ireland midfielder Niall McGinn now plys his trade.…
tatuaggio controverso BC and thought you should see it:. tattoo taboo -
We miss everyone in South Korea right now.. so so much. Thank you for everything. It has been an amazing festival
group Makes proud by winning the best dance performance at the K-pop world fest, South Korea.
Sep signals a recovery in South Korea manufacturing sector; output rises for first time in over a year.…
No one expected that BTS, a group who came from a small company, from South Korea, would be powerful in dominating The Bi…
South Korea is the only country in the world where a foreign (US) general controls its military during wartime.
hehe if that was possible all of us would have been in south korea XD.
Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs are no longer legal in South Korea.
We have 3 new followers from South Korea, and more last week. See
Trump told his staffers to portray him as 'crazy' to get more out of negotiations with South Korea
Just found out South Korea's Silicon Valley is called "Tehran Valley".
The President of south korea Park Jihyo with her child Chou Tzuyu at red carpet Korea Music Festival.
South Korea among OECD members with high rates of car accident deaths
Trump playing hardball with North Korea. Germany South Korea and China are responding but not NK
Wow. Donald Trump wants both North Korea and South Korea to think that he’s crazy.
Literally a whole South Korea came to see CBX, EXO's sub unit only...
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Standup for crypto! Tell China and South Korea to reverse their bans on ICOs!
*🏐SUNBIRDS*is coming back to Japan from 7 days in South Korea.
President Trump will visit 5 Asian nations in November: Japan, South Korea, China, the Philippines and Vietnam.
Kim Hyun Joong wants snow for his next concert, yes I'm pretty sure it will snow in South Korea during Nov. Dec. Jan. and F…
North Korea figure skating pair qualify for Olympics in South Korea - CNBC
Interview in South Korea. Martin said he would like to work with and
Modern Tokyo Times | North Korea is upping the ante via missile tests over Japan: China, Russia, and South Korea
Modern Tokyo Times | South Korea rightly provides Humanitarian Aid to the poor in North Korea: Japan is irked
can you believe out of all the houses in South Korea, jin landed on a jin stans home, THIS IS GOALS SHSKSKSK
well let's give it a shot! Nothing to lose right?. I mean, except Japan and South Korea.
Can we have a IU, Punch & Heize collab? They will sweep the ENTIRE chart and all of South Korea
Back in 2013,the president of South Korea took a pic with EXO,then the current president of S.Ko…
When 15 IAS officers in South Korea got an opportunity to interact with CM during their training. https:/…
The way most international journalists talk about 'what it's like to be in South Korea right now' makes me want to sla…
China is looking best,worst cast North Korea ,Unified North , South Korea or a New Angry North Korea Whom hate and fear Ch…
In fact, the USA has one of the least effective health-care services in the developed world. It's outpe…
South Korea's President Moon Jae-in is the son of North Korean refugees. Here, he tells their story https…
BLACKPINK has officially surpassed 5 million downloads sold in South Korea!
Fort Drum aviators to deploy to South Korea - A group of aviators from the 10th Combat Aviation Brigade will so...
Fort Drum aviators 10th Combat Aviation Brigade to deploy to South Korea .
Maintaining regional security here in South Korea after meetings with Foreign Minister John Baird well.He loves his country.
Yeah at the risk of the West coast, China, Japan, South Korea and anything else in his way. Great job, ***
I live in this weird reality where it’s probably safer for me to be in South Korea than West Coast America
They can potentially nuke South Korea, Guam, and the west coast from what I hear. Plus, I mean, we s…
Take tym to think of this,. 1, why there aren't any direct flights from LA(west coast) to Australia or South Korea
Hear a lot of people saying Nuke’m! Big talk if you don’t live on west coast, Japan, Guam, South Korea. Lo…
South Korea says earthquake detected in North Korea was natural | New York Post
What are the things that you want to do and see in Seoul, South Korea?
We are building deep strategic partnerships.Strengthening relationship with South Korea is one of our topmost priorities
When South Korea invests in India, it feels to us that our friends are making investments
France becomes the first nation to say it may skip the 2018 Olympics in South Korea over security concerns.
Seonho, Samuel and Youngmin were shooting for GS25, a convenience store brand in South Korea. cr: schoolbusyello
South Korea takes a carrot-and-stick approach to dealing with a nuclear North.
Busan, South Korea! Close down all illegal dog slaughterhouses & restaurants in Gupo market now! -... via
I have a reason why I can't. I never live in South Korea even though I was born in Gwacheon. My family moved to UK right after I came to
“South Korea outperformed China in trading bitcoin” by Happy
Please note that CIM is on a tour to South Korea and any reference to Korea implies South Korea
US Olympic Committee: No sign of compromised security in South Korea - ESPN
No sign of compromised security in South Korea
And the resentment North Korea has towards South Korea bc of that relationship is a whole other can of worms.
The US relationship to South Korea after The Korean War is also one that needs to be understood and acknowledged.
Let's not forget that the U.S. and South Korea have been training for years to…
Change your vpn to South Korea ... I did, and it works
I did a year in South Korea, and a 90 day rotation on the DMZ, they need to move there, it's the perfect p…
The history and relationship both North and South Korea have to this country is complex and multilayered.   10% Off
thinking it's time I told you all about how you can't bring dead animals onto US Army bases in South Korea because of me
I'm in South Korea leading a delegation from Washington State, and it's obvious we need more not less trade in order to cre…
Trump praises South Korean president's use of the word "deplorable" to describe North Korea's actions
Yea.. while South Korea was sleeping. Exo too got 20+ allkills for 2 weeks straight every night. Shut up
It was a great privilege to meet with President Moon of South Korea. Stay tuned! 🇺🇸🇰🇷
South Korean president says he's "very satisfied" with the U.S.' response to North Korea.
100. A "Samsung Man" is highly valued in South Korea, as opposed to a self-made entrepreneur…
China banks reportedly to halt business with North Korea as South Korea sends $8 million
I am sure people in South Korea will like this brilliant idea. Let’s send Rep. Duncan Hunter there first.
Kim's nuclear tactics test US commitment to protect Japan and South Korea
FHHH Friends arranges flexible rooms over split levels in slender Seoul house:
Uber bribery investigation: What is at stake for the ride-hailing company?
Which country is glad? South korea itself doesnt want any esca…
FYI, BTS (Beyond the Scene) is a boy band based in South Korea. They are MASSIVELY SUCCESSFUL with nearly 2 MILLION pure…
DEMS & MSM FREAKING as President Trump SHINES on the World Stage!—Big Praises came in today frm the President of Japan…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
2018 World Champs Qualifiers: South Korea victorious, Kazakhstan thrill home crowd by beating Australia.
The ultimate Tommy boy joins the party straight from South Korea https:…
Seriously and you have the whole country of South Korea in agreement . You GOOD
🚨Happening now:. President Donald J. Trump bilateral meeting underway with President Moon Jae-in of South Korea.
Japan fears South Korea's aid to the North Korea could blunt impact of international sanctions.
Remember when SNSD almost started a war between South Korea and North Korea
Reuters. South Korea approves $8 million aid to North Korea, timing to be decided laterReutersFILE PHOT…
South Korea, home of K-pop, constantly threatened by North Koreas attack (?) I can't think of more rn
Tommy Hilfiger : Ultimate Tommy boy the party straight from South Korea!
Seoul : Jang Su-jeong of South Korea returns a ball to Nicole Gibbs... -
The U.S. and Seoul have discussed the possibility of nuclear weapons in South Korea
Oh Sehun was born and resided in Jungnang-gu, Seoul, South Korea, on April 12, 1994. Sehun was first casted by SM Entertainment in 2008 -
Mayor Jenny Hill of Townsville: Tell Sister City, Suwon, South Korea, That We’re Opposed to the Tortu...
U.S. bombers, fighter jets in bombing drill over Korean Peninsula: South Korea
US and South Korea fly advanced bombers over Korean Peninsula
A B-1B bomber drops a bomb as it flies over the Korean Peninsula during joint drills with South Korea.
U.S. and South Korea conduct joint-military bombing drills over Korean Peninsula
US and South Korea military jets fly over Korean Peninsula in display of force
South Korea ➡️ Kuala Lumpur ➡️ JAPAN. Same flight, same day, same car. Why does they look like newlyweds touring Asia for…
South Korea's Markets to Take the Longest Holiday in Decades via
South Korea's markets are about to take the longest holiday in decades
South Korea, US agree on putting more pressure on North Korea: Seoul.
US B-1B supersonic bombers conduct joint drill with South Korea jets as warning to Russian media
Forget him!. argues as to why Guus Hiddink should stay away from the South Korean 🇰🇷 national team >> htt…
Severe weather slows down air traffic in South Korea
'WHISTLE' sold 784K copies in South Korea in only 3 months!
Woke up to find North Korea, South Korea and Guam still exist, good start to the day!
29 years ago today, the Olympic rings adorned the blue sky of Seoul. South Korea will host the Winter Games next year in
Israel can teach South Korea a few things about missile defense
Here's a look at a US-unit in South Korea designed to limit the damage to Seoul from North Korea in the event of war
Electronic Device Insurance
Mondays 💭 1 more day till we cruise to South Korea, I'm excited! 🚢🇰🇷
My answer to Is Samsung the greatest pride of South Korea?
Pope Francis: Catholic Church in South Korea‐ Stop Promoting the Consumption of Dog Meat - ¡Firm... vía
[TBS: Fact in Star] mentioned for promoting Seoul, South Korea to the world (I Seoul U).
. South Korea . All kind of nuclear war possibility can solve only by spirituality .
Israel can teach South Korea lessons about missile defense - CNBC
Dylan Davis recounts trip to South Korea >>
Hillary makes Palin-like gaffe and you won’t hear a word about it: ‘South Korea is literally within miles of …’
I spoke with President Moon of South Korea last night. Asked him how Rocket Man is doing. Long gas lines forming in No…
South Korea is building an elite military unit with one mission: kill Kim Jong Un
The SAP R&D Center in South Korea is the 20th member of Global SAP Labs Network! It made significant contributions to SAP…
News from North Korea and South Korea in English on the map Interactive map of Korean wars -
If it does boil down to war, innocents will perish, but easy win for South Korea and end of North Korean regime is surely a better tradeoff.
South Korea military says it fired a Hyunmu-2 ballistic missile off east coast at roughly same time as suspected N Korean miss…
South Korea should ask US troops to leave. This is the best solution to Korean crisis
South Korea responded to the launch by immediately conducting a simulated strike of the North Korean launch site.
Korean culture will not endure without the participation of South Korea.
Hui will not be participating in 24ks US tour or in comeback promotions in South Korea for a long while due to Chinese-Kor…
South Korea launches missile in response to North Korean missile launch
South Korea does have several world champions playing Starcraft. When the Terran race launches a mis…
South Korea coming to confront Vietnam War civilian massacres.
South Korea: North has fired another missile over Japan, landing in the northern Pacific Ocean.
Guus Hiddink says he is willing to act as an adviser to South Korea: Guus Hiddink says he…
Under threat from Trump, the South Korea trade deal received a defense from an unlikely source: John Boehner.
YYZ Deals Alert: 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 trips (Toronto to Taiwan, Japan, South Korea) - $619 CAD roundtrip incl. taxes
Beijing may be willing to push North Korea a lot harder on its nuclear program if Washington agrees to pull its troops out of…
China's Xi says willing to work on differences with South Korea:
Radioactive gas detected in South Korea from North Korea’s nuclear missile launch via
The first Tour event in South Korea will feature top class local golfers, includ...
South Korea tests new 'stealth' cruise missile in show against Kim Jong-un regime
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
See North Korea "Universal" care they are starving and 6 inches shorter than South Korea…
Pennywise was just spotted in South Korea
Waiting to take a photo but this was too cute not to film. @ Seoul, South Korea
South Korea says traces of radioactive xenon gas confirmed to be from latest nuclear test
my Calvary hat representing the clan all the way in South Korea!!!
i need to get into my account. I moved to south korea and my 2 factor authentication is not working because i changed phone #
South Korea’s external dependence: Does the Fed have the upper hand or rather the BoJ…
North Korea: Missile could kill Kim Jong-un in just 15 MINUTES
Park Bom: ok well somebody needs to be the richest most relevant and iconic woman in South Korea. Korea: *silence*. Park B…
Something special for our welcome to Seoul dinner. @ Seoul, South Korea
"My life could end instantly" . Hyeonseo Lee escaped North Korea in 1997. Now living in South Korea, she still fears for her…
Our Rocket team is giving a speech at the 1st ICO RoadShow in Seoul, South Korea
I liked a video My life in North Korea vs South Korea
The World Alliance of Religions' Peace SUMMIT is an annual global peace festival hosted by HWPL in Seoul, South Korea. htt…
The girls in South Korea can unlock each other's phone. Cuz they all go to the same surgeon. 😂
Can I order 1 piece of Park Jimin made in Busan, South Korea. Take home - please :3
So basically South Korea is giving over full ownership rights to bts aka bts Invented Korea
Starcraft (a game released on March 31, 1998) is still one of the most popular games in South Korea, many players still play…
Seoul tests stealth missile that could wipe out Kim Jong-un...
Could you first tell Beijing to allow him to enter Myanmar, Sri Lank, South Korea and Nepal…
Wait, we don't have an ambassador to South Korea?
South Korea mid-90's. A couple of friends are looking to reconnect.
ℂ She was born in Jeonju, North Jeolla Province, South Korea. ℂ She has 2 older brothers. ℂ Hyunjin’s arms and hands are huge big like a man’s
John McCain, senator: Redeploying nuclear weapons in South Korea should be 'seriously considered'
If theres one thing that I miss the most about South Korea, it is Paris Baguette ㅠㅠ I can't get the same pastries here 🤧
"South Korea's paper just published an editorial calling for the South Korean government to build nuclear weapons." - Caroline Glick
Defector: "In North Korea most communication is face-to-face, in South Korea it’s done over the internet.”
EXO being the face of Korean Tourism since they own both North and South Korea *pretends to be shocked*
Are you ready to whoosh? Hyperloop deals now in India, South Korea, Abu Dhabi, and Slovakia! via
Toyo Ito wins the UIA Gold Medal at this year's UIA Congress in Seoul, South Korea
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
I have friends in South Korea. Helps mold my opinion & they speak truth. He is vile & cruel in many ways…
6 pm in South Korea is 5 am in New York get ready to stream on the 18th
Korea, Japan, Israel, Europe to BABYSIT, REBUILD AND $$$ !!!. South Korea fell in line, as did Japan and Europe...Israel set its own path.
If I understand it correctly, it's appropriate for South Korea to do it at the same time.
Watch this video on my channel 👀 Leica Camera Haeundae South Korea Short .
Serious about peace? 'US should withdraw 50,000 troops from Japan, 30,000 from S.Korea' (Op-Ed)
For the people in California 6 pm in South Korea is 2 am in California so set your alarms to stream the song on the 18th
Even cats in South Korea know more about Korea than Trump does.
Experiencing a Temple Stay at Beomeosa in Busan via
6 pm in South Korea is 3 am in Colorado. Set your alarms for the 18th and get ready to stream
Bannon's "swap a Chinese-backed North Korea freeze for US withdrawal of troops from South Korea" is pure Kissinger.
South Korea braces for possible new missile test to mark North's founding day
My friend Chan *** just came back from South Korea, here are his presents 🤣 thanks!
To the Sponsors of PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea: please help bring an end to ...
Make a promise to yourself at a body of water in South Korea
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
CL needs to focus on her album. And she has a per…
So deeply proud of this young woman who has dedicated her life to in South Korea and...
South Korea braces for possible new missile test on North's founding day
A blogger from South Korea earned $30 000 in STeX Up! partner program within only one month!
Justice for adopted cooked along with another Plz sign: ✉
The world's dilemma: Why North Korea will become a nuclear power ... - South China Morning Post
My followers live in 9 countries: USA(65%), South Korea(11%)... Get your free map!
1945: Korea - U.S. troops landed to occupy the south one month after Soviet troops had entered northern Korea to begin…
South Korea's President Moon Jae-in walking his dog earlier today. He hasn't lost the common touch...
Washington is failing? Even my hats, they’re made in South Korea, and whenever they have a hole in it, and so many others, is a disaster.
It took almost 36 hours for Mr Trump to phone South Korea after the North tested a huge bomb on September 3rd
Thaad's a wrap: The controversial American anti-missile battery is now fully deployed in South Korea
Instead of strengthening alliances. Trump attacks our allies, threatens war.
Defaming the dead is a serious crime in the Republic of Korea (south).
MINO got invited to Mudo HipHop special because he is one of TALENTED rapper in South Korea. Another receipt for who is be…
THAAD battery can't defend all South Korea:“This is not about having a perfect shield and sitting there and playing catch…
The People’s Democracy Party (PDP) of South Korea sent a Peace Expedition to the UK who met with CND reps:…
this week: sentences two South Korean journalists to death in absentia
[Call for Action] Sisters and Friends must speak out against cruelty. via
South Korea reports 14 more MERS cases, fifth death
South Korea trade minister complimented indian scientists and technologists for producing world class products…
makes plans for mass evacuation as fears of North Korea attack continue to grow
via East Prussia, Kim's South Korea, My United States of Europe! This one's for you. Lost lands!
10 years ago: Ajiboye was the hero in d final against Spain as d Golden Eaglets soared in South Korea.
South Korea is not a perfect country as most kpop fans think. Koreans still need more when it comes to the social part…
South Korea braced for a possible further missile test by North Korea when it marks its founding anniversary on… https:/…
"Japan and South Korea be reasonably expected to develop nuclear arsenals."-- Caroline Glick
South Koreans want South Korea to be absorbed in the United States for the 50th time.
It will be sad day for South Korea, the first people to die will be South Korean.
Trump Lie Alert!. There is no such limit. Trump just threatened Free Trade w/ ally South Korea!. https…
Got to the next round of participating in Korean TV show 😏. Maybe my dream to travel to South Korea will…
U.S. will be sending more military equipment to South Korea & Japan as the West Waits for another North Korea Weapons Test.…
"Freedom and peace are not free" taken at the Korean War Memorial Stairs in South Korea.
South Korea have qualified for the 2018 World Cup with a draw against Uzbekistan.
As it stands, South Korea have qualified for the World Cup and Syria will go through the play-offs. Two mins to play.
South Korea are the 6th side to qualify for next summer's World Cup after a 0-0 draw with Uzbekistan.
FT South Korea - Uzbekistan 0:0. This means, in the last second, Uzbekistan lose the play-off spot and are definitely out of the World Cup.
A US threat to withdraw from its trade agreement with South Korea risks alienating a key ally
South Korea wants to 'punish' North Korea with US aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines htt…
TOTAL FOOL!. Trump approves massive weapons deal with South Korea as they agree to 'maximise pressure' on Kim Jong-un
AFP Graphic comparing the military hardware of North and South Korea
We all need to be a little more South Korean about North Korea.
North Korea crisis: Trump and South Korea to ‘maximise pressure’ on Pyongyang as Trump approves multi-billion dollar
North Korea: Why the West freaks out but South Korea doesn't via
"UK stands alongside South Korea and our partners in the UN in condemning actions of North Korea." . 📝 http…
North Korea is trying to drive a wedge between US and South Korea, and Trump just helped them
Russia says it will react to US missile expansion in South Korea via
Bet365 be365 video. vs South Korea result. ->
North Korea nuclear crisis: Putin warns of planetary catastrophe
South Korea, Torturer of Dogs and Host of the 2017 World Veterinary Congress?! Speak Out! - Sign the ...
TFTCS: Here's the latest qz story about Trump:
North Korea is believed to be moving a projectile that is suspected to be an ICBM, South Korea National Intell…
The entire world can see that escalation is the wrong path here - except, it seems, those that we elect to lead us.
South Korea seeks bigger warheads, North Korean ICBM reportedly on the move
Totally agree with his statements...i am working in South Korea on an ARMY base watching everything arou…
May I ask who to contact as a UK citizen in South Korea? Concerned by the lack of information from the British Embassy.
Signs that North Korea is preparing for more ballistic missile launches in wake of nuclear test - South Korea
The alliance between the U.S. and South Korea is straining at a time when both nations may need it more than ever
North Korea is believed to be moving an ICBM, a South Korea lawmaker says after briefing by intelligence services
6. Average 4G use in South Korea is 6.7GB/month – 19GB on UNL plans, 1.9GB on tiered. Traffic up 3.5x since UNL lau…
Exactly but it would mean US would lose excuse to sell more weapons to South Ko…
U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley said North Korea's Kim Jong Un was 'begging for war'. More: vi…
Japan plans for possible mass evacuation of its citizens in South Korea amid threats from North Korea, - Fox News
Sen. Corker, James Clapper, 60 percent of the American public (according to Fox News) and the people of South Korea th…
South Korea is finding, as I have told them, that their talk of appeasement with North Korea will not work, they only…
South Korea is China's Cuba. By provoking conflict with the North, US is creating cover to place THAAD etc. on China's b…
South Korea simulates attack on the North as a "strong warning" following nuclear test of 'hydrogen bomb'
South Korea: World's first giant manned robot takes its first steps lewat
South Korea is also finding that the United States is not a reliable ally any longer--you threatened them with a trade war…
and 4. I hope we will see the end of dog meat trade! TY for fighting to save the dogs in South Korea. You rock, Mr. President!
Watched Running Man and saw a portrait of Moon Jae In, South Korea's president. Somehow i think that he is a smart person (just by it looks)
China and South Korea don't want a Middle East type of war in their backyard as time has proven it doesn't work.
South Korea's Moon Jae-in: we'll ratchet up pressure on North Korea until Kim Jong Un agrees to talk. Note that focus is st…
Dude, there's a man behind all this , a former South Korea president "Lee, MyungBak" , why not check him out 😧
Ex-State Department official to Trump: This is no time to lecture South Korea
Fat North Korean *** should raid US and South Korea destroy. He's PERSONALLY!
Trump 'will sell' South Korea billions of dollars in arms
Trump agrees to revise treaty capping South Korea's development of ballistic missiles
Trump agreed to sell South Korea billions of dollars in US arms amid the standoff with North Korea
Trump agrees to sell South Korea arms worth billions of dollars
U.S., South Korea agree to revise missile treaty in face of North Korean threats via
Rare case where even TV channels in South Korea carrying the North Korean broadcast.
Japan & South Korea: hydrogen bomb test was about 11x stronger than North Korean test in Jan 2016 and 5-6x str…
South Korea says no 2nd quake in North Korea: (from
Great news for North Korea!!. Trump preparing withdrawal from South Korea trade deal, a move opposed by top aides
.to speak at 'Briefing from the Canadian Ambassador to South Korea...' on 9/8/17
H.E. Eric Walsh, Canadian Ambassador to South Korea will be joining AI on September 8th, register before it's too l…
XOXO is the best selling album in South Korea in 2013. it won EXO's first daesang, Album of the Year at 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards
US and South Korean military drop bombs near Kim's border after Donald Trump said 'talking was not the answer' PEACE
The 2017 Daegu International Bodypainting Festival was held in South Korea, from August 26 till August 27, 2017.
"white supremacist agenda". So like the ethno-nationalist agenda seen in Israel, Japan, China, Iceland, Poland,…
My followers live in 15 countries: South Korea(68%), Thailand(8%)... Get your free map!
South Korea and the U.S. discussed the possible return of U.S. tactical nuclear weapons to the peninsula this week https:/…
The South Korean government has proposed its first military talks with North Korea since 2015. How do you say 'proposed'? Watch…
U.S. PACOM Commander Admiral Harris to South Korea's defense minister Song: "a North Korean attack on one is an attack on b…
G-Dragon, Taeyeon and Baekhyun owns South Korea. They're always voted for the best/natural performers, large indiv fanbases…
Good spirit to protect north of Korea from Humanity killers - South Korea already ruined by them.
V and Rap Monster chilling with in Seoul, South Korea
North Korea's latest missile test was followed by a volley of propaganda photographs. South Korea answered in kind. https…
√ San E was born on January 23, 1985 in South Korea. He moved with his family to Atlanta, Georgia, USA, when he was a middle school at 1997.
Kim Jong Un likes to threaten to destroy South Korea — but that's not slowing down Ikea
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