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South Korea

South Korea , officially the Republic of Korea (Daehan Minguk ), is a sovereign state in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula.

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South Korea wants North Korea to host some 2018 Winter Olympics events via This is Stupid!
South Korea's sports minister said he'll ask North Korea to host some ski events at a resort about three hours from…
South Korea's hyper-tube could reinvent the way we travel.
Forgot about this. South Korea's president reminds that Trump once said he'd have a burger with Kim Jong Un.
No bad hair day in South Korea. Because in all hostels and airbnb I was in, they have a hair dryer and/or hair iron…
Check out the 2017ASPAC Jeju Island, South Korea thru 24 June, Great coverage and video at
Our great friend Gregg, a school principal in South Korea, visits our shop every summer. He claims to be...
China-backed touts growth and sustainability at the bank's annual meeting in South Korea, via…
What is the national interest in Syria? Nothing I can think of worth US soldiers blood. South Korea kidnaps a US citizen nothing happens
South Korea will shut down its oldest nuclear power reactor next week.
ICYMI: From South Korea to Manila! Superstar Park Shin Hye is coming to next month!.
South Korea's antitrust chief to urge change in talks with chaebol execs -
South Korea is exiting nuclear power.
Reebonz aims boost its business and focus on expansion in China, Japan, and South Korea.…
South to complete dismantling of oldest reactor by 2032
In South Korea: Govt to scrap all plans to build new nuclear reactors
…and this, "South Korea is also searching for answers on how and where to store spent nuclear fuels permanently." 🤨
Samsung, an adroid phone: is South Korea's Nation's Phone. Nayeon when she held an Adroid phone:
The Republic of Korea is the 5th country to join the APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules system via
I vote from South Korea for 30 days with Sehun. D1. Pre-…
Mr. Matthieu Ricard, please speak out against the brutal dog meat trade in South Korea. -
South Korea prosecution to decide on Samsung chief warrant by Wednesday
[HELP RT!] The news seems legit and might be legit. So, spread this to welcome Yixing back to South Korea! 💜.
The girl passed away today after being transported back from South Korea & been in the local ICU for 2 months. May her sou…
South Korea continues expansion of LNG import terminals for new Australian and US volumes
South Korea to complete dismantling of oldest nuclear reactor by 2032
"After our Japanese promotions, we will have a comeback to secure our place". - Im Nayeon, 2017. FULL ALBUM IS COMING. GOD…
Another North Korean defector says he’s stuck in South Korea, wants to go home
North Korea accuses CIA and South Korea of plotting to assassinate Kim Jong Un
Why does South Korea's new president want to talk to North Korea? Norah O'Donnell is going to ask. - Washington Post
Its complicated lol. I claim Atlanta but i was raised overseas (South Korea), soo ig SK is home! Its fun af, great…
THIS JUST IN: Senator Jim Inhofe says "South Korea allow lazy the left."
openANX will host an event in Seoul, South Korea next week!. More updates to follow!
This very good boy followed a Google photographer around in South Korea and photobombed every street view picture
Ban Ki Moon has a lot to learn about the world. I like his congenial professionalism. However, South Korea and North Korea must reconcile.
Walked toward our hotel in City Hall, Seoul, South Korea
N.Korean soldier crossed the MDL to South Korea on Tuesday
North Korean drone was spying on a US missile defence system in South Korea before it crashed near the border, Seou
★ TEAMSJ Kiss the radio is a radio show that inspire by the popular radio program broadcast in South Korea named Ki…
Many college grads think Civil War was fought between the Union and South Korea.
Get to know 구창모, aka Changmo, born and raised in a small town called Deokso, South Korea in 1994. He is a rapper, pianist and…
A suspected North Korean drone had taken photographs of an advanced U.S. anti-missile battery in South Korea before it crashed on its way h…
How can South Korea maneuver between China and the U.S. when it comes to North Korean aggression? h…
Korean cosmetics brand sets sights on 'leading the world' - Our third day in South Korea would explain why the ...
South Korea : THAAD photos found in crashed North Korean drone... (KBS World Radio)
North Korean drone espionage pushes 270 kilometers into South Korea. I wonder if that information was shared with. China.
Ji Sung is of the Indeed best actor in South Korea.
the England team winning the U-20s World Cup earlier in South Korea, 20 yr old Jelena Ostapenko winning Roland Garros, (Part 2)
Y'all really snatched the seven most talented people in South Korea. Respect
Don't lean against elevator doors and this won't happen. I believe in South Korea there is a warning on…
💌 to . 📍 Seoul, South Korea. ⌚ 8 37 pm. 📖 *scroll up to see what I thought about me, you and us.
Minho, The Maze Runner. played by Ki Hong Lee who was born in South Korea
He's one of the best rappers in South Korea and to be honest, nobody can be as cool as yoongi is.
Well done to my mate who has been out working with the under 20 team in South Korea. 🏆
Massive congratulations to the boys over in South Korea for winning the World Cup! 🎉🏆
Thank you to anonymous sponsors from South Korea who contributed to donate the total of ₩255,559 for SWC V IN BKK
Britney Spears trending at on Naver's Real-time Search!! South Korea's biggest search portal.
South Korea names new defence minister after North tests missile
Yekwon Sunwoo of South Korea wins the Cliburn Piano Competition. USA pianists awarded 2nd and 3rd place.
Just look at North Korea vs South Korea to see what hermit kingdom's really look like. [Race of co…
Jeon from South Korea, also member of the Ginyu Force.
'North Korea' drone discovered after crash worries experts - Concern is growing in South Korea after the milita...
Tensions rise as a North Korean drone found on South Korea mountainside
. Can't wait for the Republic's *** Taoiseachs first meeting with the DUP. Is Ireland the new North and South Korea
Former PNE boss Paul Simpson leads England's Under 20s to the World Cup final in South Korea http…
Great news from South Korea. Paul Simpson has taken England Under-20s to the World Cup final after coming from behind to beat…
NEWS: Paul Simpson guides England to the Under-20 World Cup Final with a 3-1 win over Italy in South Korea
Scottish Episcopal Church fires suspected land-to-ship missiles as South Korea delays THAAD
Can President Xi Jinping of China pry South Korea's new leader away from Washington's orbit?.
Me living at the pace of South Korea 😂 I spend so many nights awake waiting for CBs or that my faves post sth
US submarine capable of carrying Tomahawk cruise missiles arrives in South Korea
KOREAN ZOMBIE MOVIE TIME! 'Train to Busan' (2016), the sixth-highest grossing film of all time in South Korea.
June 6 is Memorial Day in South Korea to commemorate the men and women who died while in military service during the Korean…
Polls suggest a sweeping win for Moon Jae-in, who has said that South Korea needs to learn to say “no” to the U.S.
d only & d sweetest virus that is viral into my whole system❤i nominate frm South Korea for…
I nominate actress from South Korea for . .
i nominate Park Bo Gum,actor from South Korea for.
Yesterday was South Korea's memorial day,u didnt miss anything fam
South Korea has one of the highest suicide rates in the world. The way police are downplaying TOP's current condition is so…
South Korea fires warning shots at North Korea over 'unidentified flying object' - pppFocus
Peace in the world for future generations – HWPL in South Korea.
Why is North Korea not as fun as South Korea?. Because it has no Seoul.
A reminder that seven years ago today I picked North and South Korea out of the works World Cup's sweepstake. I've had better days.
Reuters: South Korea will return four North Koreans 'if they want to go back'
Anybody who seriously wants to understand North and South Korea must read this incredible history by Bruce Cumings.
South Korea will return four North Koreans ‘if they want to go back’
He is gg back to South Korea in June according to sources so don't worry !!
Curious about the South Korea gaming culture? A closer look at the popularity of esports reveals some trends
BREAKING: China demands 'immediate' halt to US missile shield in South Korea - AFP
Jets tracking Petratos amid Ulsan exit reports - The 24-year-old is struggling for games in South Korea and is ...
$10B Job-Creation Plan? ...Korea should move up the value chain to tackle the labor-market mismatch...
and son showed the korea people and we they by raising flags and said Free
Me thinking if only I could fly to south korea right now.
South Korea turns its back on coal and nuclear power
South Korea . -Quiet . -Not the most popular but has some popular friends . -Trying to mind his own business but NK won't leav…
BAM! South Korea’s new president to shut down 10 big coal power plants in fight against
South Korea should have one erected in every city and inside its embassy grounds in Tokyo.
Korean media: Sade cloud shrouded this year, China and South Korea ferry passengers reduced by more than 3
BREAKING: North Korea fires what appears to be a ballistic missile, reports from South Korea say -
North Korea’s third missile firing in three weeks threatens new South Korean president's hopes for better relations
Unpacking two big elections in South Korea & in France. What's on your post-election w…
Please do not post your on JUNE 6 since it's a MEMORIAL DAY in South Korea...
BREAKING: South Korea's new President Moon: 'high possibility' of conflict with North - AFP
South Korea plans energy U-turn away from coal, nuclear, to rapidly grow gas and renewable power
South Korea unveils $10bn stimulus to boost jobs, welfare
. & are the three fastest growing accounts in South Korea, both BTS accounts are in the top…
I only listen to female rappers the girls from USA, UK and South Korea are insane
South Korea's second-richest man on the 3 habits behind his success
Happy people in Daejeon, Daejeon, South Korea are rockin' their LucidBrakes! You can too
Kim Seok-jin (Korean: 김석진) born on December 4, 1992 (age 24) in Gwacheon,South Korea. Also known as the visual of this cent…
Emergency Manager Carolyn Levering welcomed visitors from South Korea to the Emergency Operations Center today.
China calls for THAAD to be removed from South Korea
dad stationed at Camp Garryowen, South Korea, as part of the 7th Cavalry Regiment. 1986.
I liked a video What it's like to serve in South Korea's mandatory military service
It says exercises beginning Wednesday which is today South Korea time Tomorrow America time, learn to read!
South Korea's president wants to know why American THAAD launchers were deployed without his knowledge.
Applications for South Korea Summer Camp have started! Info about free dormitories and the programme:
Why South Korea is the next major startup hotspot
Iced cold this evening?. (Photo Credit to the White Bar over on Instagram in So…
THAAD info purposely kept from S Korea president
We are days apart from the Kpop Dance Cover Festival in South Korea! Please do support us a lot!
A little look at Solanke's performance in South Korea
My boyfriend went to South Korea and every restaurant he went offered dog dishes on the menu .he could not believ…
I added a video to a playlist Halal Food in South Korea
Amend the constitution for the betterment of all animals. End the dog meat trade in South Korea! - S...
So South Korea's President is complaining that we provided FREE Missile Defense systems to them.. Fine, Let North Korea
I vote from South Korea for Coz he's my jagi~ and he deserves this award…
Did not know this: In 2016, for the first time in history, Kia outsold Hyundai in South Korea.
The Arctic, Antarctica, the deep seabed, South China Sea, North Korea, climate change, space ...the list goes on and on http…
Korea- Protected South Korea from Communism. Iraq and Afghanistan- Freed them from Oppressive and Patriarchal Regim…
Playing our new music in South Korea, what a reaction 😱🔥
4 girls remain, who will be South Korea's Next Top Model
South Korea's Moon 'shocked' by undisclosed THAAD launchers
I followed Korea/South Korea soccer for many years now. I accept the reality Korean soccer *** …
"The U.S. has 28,500 troops stationed in South Korea, and a defense treaty with Seoul dating back to the end of the Korean War in 1953."
Ellie at CCPet HQ in South Korea enjoying a few tasty Fish4Dogs treats from CEO Graham Smith.
Sudirman Cup updates:. South Korea bt Thailand 3-1. South Korea into the Finals!.
If Kim Jong Un destroyed South Korea, would NA be the new Korea in pro league? 🤔Would EUW be the new NA? 🤔
• Among the five South Korean acts that best represent kpop during the past two decades according to polls by Korea creative…
• Snsd is known as a prominent figure in South Korean culture and the Korea wave.
as much as I'm happy that I saw BTS im so glad they're going back to south korea it's been a hectic week for them
2.JIN FACTS:. – He was born in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi. -do, South Korea. – He has an older brother. – His favorite number…
•CNN noted snsd as the national . phenomenon in South Korea and labeled them as "Asia Version" of British girl group Spice gi…
•“Gee” remains as the most downloaded single for girl group of all time. • Was named the most popular song of 2000’s in South…
Watch free on phone, iPad, or PC Jeonbuk Motors v Suwon Bluewings, South Korea K-League Classic see
Getting prepped for + sustainability study tour to South Korea 🇰🇷
During Ayub Khan's time, Pakistan 5 year development plan was borrowed & copied by South Korea & then they took off whi…
Russia, China: THAAD was deployed in South Korea under pretext
I have 3 new followers from South Korea last week. See
Kim Jong Un, South Korea has officially put you on notice.
My first though to your questions was Singapore. Japan, and perhaps South Korea, would be good too. S…
UNITE With Tomorrowland... Be part of the magic this year in Dubai, Germany, Israel, Lebanon, Malta, South Korea, Spain &…
But the unchained Dragon could do more than ravage Israel and South Korea, it would herald a breakdown in order.
South Korea election results could alter course of crisis with North Kor
Cryptocurrency frenzy in South Korea: . 50% premium over western prices (e.g. BTC at $3,860). Close to $1bn in daily volum…
Washington (CNN)The USS Michigan a guided-missile submarine arrived in South Korea. It was in the news Joe. Trump didn't.
UN chief Ban ki-Moon hints on running for South Korea&presidency
South Korea's Kim Moo-sung arriving like an absolute boss
Diego Maradona, who has history against South Korea, celebrated when Argentina was drawn in with South Korea at the U20 W…
South Korea is bringing Optimus Prime-like robots to life
South Korea defeat Argentina to secure spot in U-20 World Cup knockout stage.
South Korea fires at suspected drone at border with North amid missile crisis | The World News Herald
South Korea fires warning shots at North Korea after an 'unidentified object' flies over DMZ
South Korea fires 'warning' shots at North Korea
"South Korea dismisses reports of seeking summit with North Korean leader"
Largest Crude Importers such as India, Japan, China & South Korea can no more take the load of cross-subsidization of crude…
Update your maps at Navteq
Sistar brought us So Cool, Loving U, Touch My Body, and I Swear. The best summer bops in South Korea. Let us never forget these Legends.
Lol mmg the legit queen of south korea pun 🤣🤣
Locked out of China, South Korea's K-pop stars are heading to the US instead
I'd get so drunk that I'd fly to south korea and disband those rats myself
Car door guy in south Korea, hand kiss guy in Japan, third guy from the left in USA. Kim Seokjin what's next? https:…
South Korea's former leader Park Geun-hye makes her first public appearance after her arrest in March, standing trial on…
America's and South Korea's were the most popular acts at the
South Korea's ousted president Park Geun-Hye went on trial over massive corruption scandal that led to her downfall.
An exhibit celebrating Richard Walker C'44, former ambassador to South Korea, is on display at
officially hits new all-time high at $2,050 as global average. Bitcoin being traded in Japan & South Korea at…
Seeking to form a 5 nation movement. Japan, china, Thailand, The Philippines, South Korea, good face value nations to rid e Asia of us Navy
South Korea requires all males to serve in the military — here's what it's like
Many in South Korea wonder how Moon Jae-in will be able to carry forward his peaceful approach to Pyongyang:
Pitchforks and torches needs to come out so we can force him to resi…
What will a new antitrust chief mean for Korea's 'chaebol' business empires like Samsung, Hyundai Motor and LG?.
You can never be president of South Korea if you can't dab properly
Kim Namjoon. Born in Ilsan South Korea. on September twelfth . I vote for the Top Social Artist Award
So,maybe exo's comeback is being adjusted to have yixing back in south korea first before comeback release..😭
05-18 SUWON, SOUTH KOREA - MAY 18: The official match ball is...
South Korea prepares for summit with United States ^ZeeNews
SM launches 'with SMTOWN' in South Korea. Available worldwide in June, except for China.
[PREVIEW]. 170518 Dongwook in Incheon Airport, South Korea heading to Indonesia © a comma
China's Ban has lifted can travel from China to South Korea now!!! OT9!! Miss him with the boys!! Lay😭😭😭
South Korean president says there's a "high possibility" of conflict with North Korea, reports
South Korea's Moon joins protest song at commemoration in nod to liberal values
South Korea prepares for summit with United States - ministry
Where are u releasing in South Korea, Japan & Hong Kong?
"china ban has been lifted and people can now travel from china to south korea". YIXING CAN FINALLY COME BACK 😭 I SMELL…
South Korea prepares for summit with United States - Zee News News!
Japan, South Korea agree to revive 'shuttle diplomacy'
South Korea prepares for summit with United States
"China ban is lifted,people can travel from china to south korea now". FINALLY OT9 we've waited so long for this😭💞
Can South Korea and China patch things up over THAAD?
Straight from South Korea, Jambinai is bringing a whole lot of heavy to the Lower East Side tonight.…
TESOL job in South Korea (Asia) | Teach for Korea's Leader in English Education Beginning This Summer
South Korea has ordered Hyundai Motors and Kia Motors to recall 240,000 vehicles over safety defects. These...
Blowing the whistle in South Korea: Hyundai Man takes on chaebol culture
South Korea must engage NK direct talks instead of asking for help,
South Korea's new president didn't even get his books on the shelf before North Korea's first missile test
UN calls on Japan, South Korea to revise ‘comfort women’ deal via
Chinese rappers take aim at US anti-missile system in South Korea
My followers live in 12 countries: Indonesia(84%), South Korea(4%)... Get your free map!
North Korea has just launched unidentified projectile; appears to be a ballistic missile.
N. Korea test-fires missile, challenging new leader in South
"...impacting so close to Russian soil". Yeah…. I’m more worried about Japan & South Korea’s 170M people than Russi…
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Launch just days after South Korean election may also be seen as an affront to China:
DEVELOPING: North Korea fires ballistic missile off its coast, Pentagon confirms
North Korea fires ballistic missile days after new South Korea leader pledges dialogue
A superb (FS 65kg) defeats Seungchul Lee of South Korea 6-2 to win gold at the Asian C'ships.
North Korea has fired what appears to be a ballistic missile, according to reports from South Korea
Man I love those South Korea horse races
North Korea test-fires a missile, challenging new leader in the South
rtARMYs from South Korea voted for Top social artist.Gaon music award
ARMYs from South Korea voted for Top social artist. beating
YONHAP: fires what appears to be a ballistic missile from city of Kusong, South Korea's military says.
North Korea’s ballistic-missile launch viewed as challenge to new president in South
We should be taking direction from the new Pres of South Korea instead of our usual warmongering ways
North Korea launches missile from test site, U.S. officials confirm I blame Trump for stirring this cr…
North Korea open to dialogue with US; US & South Korea both willing to talk with the government of Kim Jong-un: https:/…
Two more dolphins in South Korea headed for freedom!
vote for for Top social artist. Take a trip to South Korea with some DC OG's
North Korea fires a ballistic missile in an apparent test of the South's new president who backs engagement
North Korea missile lands in water 60 miles south of Russia's Vladivostok region, home of the Russian Pacific Fleet (US…
All worried about Russia. Not our troops in Japan or South Korea. But Russia
South Korea's new president is the son of North Korean refugees and wants to kickstart dialogue with Pyongyang.
South Korea: MPs leave ruling party after scandal
Do North and South Korea speak the same language? Yes, but not quite
The 2017 Pirates season has been sabotaged by the Kang DUI incident South Korea who can't play for PGH and Starling Marte's
China's economy (nominal GDP) is larger than economies of Japan, India, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines an…
See how it (conveniently) skipped South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam?
Memo ✍ 》. Park should publicly apologize for South Korea's sexual violence in Vietnam:.
South Korea's new president talked to China and Japan as he shapes approach to North Korea via
What you need to know about South Korea's newly elected president & his positions on North Korea:
South Korea's new leader faces an emerging North Korean threat and a deeply-divided society at home
South Korea's new president will engage North, reconsider THAAD
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
sworn in as South Korea's Know more at
My take: President Moon is South Korea's last chance to revamp its business model and keep its place.
China's evolving strategy toward South Korea and Japan | Interview with Dr Amy King ||
Happy Sabbath from Byeollae Seventh-day Adventist Church in Seoul, South Korea! Pastor Cho Seokho's sermon: "Do you have t…
Singapore is the only country in the world whose citizens don't need a visa to enter any of North Korea, South Korea, China…
Thank almighty God and the voters of South Korea that they have a president who wants to heal and unite. Unlike India where…
South Korea's elections and the North Korean threat
South Korea's sworn in, says willing to go to North |
South Korea's new leader pledges more assertive role in resolving North's nuclear crisis
North Korea, US face new dynamic with South Korea's new leader. Read more:
South Korea's new president wants to reverse its North Korea policy
Canada & South Korea have a close partnership, and I look forward to working with President Moon Jae-in:
Moon Jae In has won the election in South Korea and we FEATURE the Korea Policy Institute's
Exit polls in South Korea forecast win for liberal Moon Jae-In - Deccan Chronicle
Why THAAD Is Controversial in South Korea, China and Russia - How to Get Ahead in a Community College.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
South Koreans started casting votes to fill the void left by the impeachment of former President Park Geun-hye.
South Korea's voter turnout reaches 67.1 percent, as of 4PM with four hours left until polls close.
South Korea votes tomorrow. Every major candidate is far far to the right of Le Pen on immigration, nationality, & Islam.…
Here's the man almost certain to be South Korea's next president, Moon Jae-in, casting his vote with his wife today https…
Polls open to choose new president in South Korea
Polls opened early on Tuesday across South Korea as the country picks a new president in an earlier-than-usual by-electi…
Want to know what South Korea's likely next president has promised? made this handy guide for you
Voting underway in South Korea to pick new president via
I wonder how elections in South Korea work 🤔
Great explainer from on South Korea's unprecedented presidential election, happening *now*
SIGN PETITION✔ City of TELL city of that we are opposed to torture dogs ➡
Today is the 19th South Korean Presidential Election. There's BTS falling in line to vote for the next President of…
Oh today is South Korea's presidential election voting… bless that nation
As a citizen of largest democracy of the world, my best wishes to the people of South Korea. Cast your vote for your future
Are you in South Korea? What issues are most important to you in this election?
“EXO’s incredible amount of influence on south korea“ 👏🏻
How would you like to see South Korea’s next government deal with North Korea?
[!] South Korea 🇰🇷 has given 616,700+ votes in the last 24 hours,. TOTAL = 6.3 million+. vote for To…
The presidential election in South Korea has revolved around an important wild card: Trump https:…
South Korea's presidential frontrunner Moon Jae-in said on Tuesday Seoul should take on a more active role in diplomatic relations to curb …
U.S. relationship at risk in South Korea's presidential election
South Korea election: Polls open to choose new president -
Opinion: South Koreans are on the horns of a dilemma about North Korea policy ahead of the presidential election
It's​ so admirable that the hyungs are advocating for the people of Korea to vote in the 19th presidential election of Sout…
No better contrast between state control and individual freedom than North and South Korea.
Neulsam Located in South Korea. May Bless and Protect The Good People of &
South Korea election: Record turnout as voters go to polls amid growing North Korea crisis
I have 1 new followers from South Korea last week. See
Another globally critical election today - this time in South Korea. Set to swing left after a decade of conservative d…
South Korea heads to the polls to replace ousted president Park Geun-Hye
Here are your election choices of you lived in South Korea today.
A son of North Korean refugees, Moon Jae-in is poised to become South Korea's next president
South Korea votes: Candidates have cast their ballots at polling stations
South Korea votes for new president to replaces ousted Park South Koreans went to the polls Tuesday to choose a new president after Park Ge…
white socieites are the most tolerant in the world. South Korea have signs outside buildings that say "South Koreans only"
South Korea's defense against storm of micro-dust from China - had an opportunity last month to work there. glad I…
US military says its missile defense system - – Is operational in South Korea.
If Trump is this stupid to force South Korea to pay for a missile defense system, it'll eventually lead…
Trump is dumb if he thinks having South Korea pay for a missile defense system is in US interest.
Minister Kim Jae-Soo: Support and Pass the new Animal Protection Law in South Korea! - Sign the Pet... via
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