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South Korea

South Korea , officially the Republic of Korea (Daehan Minguk ), is a sovereign state in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula.

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To the Sponsors of PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea: please help bring an end to... via
US prepares to EVACUATE 230,000 Americans from South Korea as part of WW3 military drills
World War 3: US to EVACUATE 230,000 Americans from South Korea part of military drills
China will respond immediately if U.S. and South Korea try to topple North Korean regime via
South Korea, allies brace for North Korea follow-up act: Fresh off an immense North Korean
Carrier group heads for Korean waters as Trump calls leaders SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korea said on
South Korea develops new counter-battery radar against North Korean missiles. Operational by 2018 .
South Korea knows north can't even reach them with their missiles lmao.
the deracinated K-pop group is still around? . New York-born K-pop band makes debut in South Korea amid criticism
Live streaming Kazakhstan v South Korea tv watch.
Had a fruitful meeting with the Consul General of South Korea, Mr. Kim Hyung Tae at AP Secretariat.
fwd: South Korea on heightened alert for North's celebration
Teach English in Bundang, South Korea, 15 minutes from Gangnam, start immediately Apply now:…
Teach English in Seosan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea, start immediately Apply now:…
South Korea on heightened alert as isolated North readies for army celebration
Great Wall of China, Italy, South Korea, and the islands of Puerto Rico and Maui. Not many coaches can say they got a chance…
Samsung's Galaxy S8 hits stores in South Korea, aims to move on from Note 7 crisis...
After sex video, South Korea accused of targeting *** soldiers
What is the last thing a football club needs? A stadium with ski jumps | https…
South Korea on heightened alert for North's celebration ^AlJazeera
I wanna see the dummy that's gonna spend $1500 on a KCON NY ticket instead of using that money to go to South Korea.
South Korea on heightened alert for North's celebration: North Korea marks 85th foundation of Korean People's Army…
[Al Jazeera] South Korea on heightened alert for North's celebration
Spice Girls in Seoul, South Korea 20 years ago today on April 21st, 1997! ✌🏼🇰🇷
What messages do US' aircraft carriers in the East Sea, US' THAAD system in South Korea, and US troops in Japan and ROK…
Trump promised "an armada" that never arrived, and now, South Korea is doubting the US President's leadership
V curious how you would categorize these guys: Singing in Korean, debuting there, but no Korean members
AJEnglish: South Korea on heightened alert for North's celebration
And while we're at it..Sarah Palin thanked DJT for sending the navy to the real Korea, the one sout…
Inside this one building, the border was penetrable.
This is literally what predicted with AKP Trump, just the CPC version of it.
China has to review their allies, North Korea which is a contained nuclear bomb, south china sea, not helping.
South Korea’s deployment of THAAD upsets China, seen as espionage tool: Comments
I am more worried for South Korea than in US.
Meeting with korean company in south korea
South Korea isn't scared, just offended, bigot.
Cho Kyeung-kyu : South Korea: Stop killing dolphins and release the dolphins captive in aguarium! ...
South Korea on heightened alert as North readies for army celebration
South Korea on heightened alert for North's celebration
"Allô Khmer in South Korea. How the new year party? So much fun, right? Look! We'll party every long as u don't come back to vote"
Inside a village in the demilitarized zone between North Korea and South Korea
Hun Sen says no plans to recall workers in South Korea despite recent tensions https:/…
South Korea had a nuclear bomb that they could've used on North Korea but gave it to the USA. . It was called the Eric Th…
Eric Thames, who played the last 3 years in South Korea, has as many home runs as all the Toronto Blue Jays.
Photographs from the past few years of North Koreans seen just over the border from parts of China and South Korea.
EXO and EXO-Ls just sold out the biggest stadium in South Korea for two days, imagine breaking the record two times in a…
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South Korea is way ahead of us both in economics & politics. How i wish it happens here. The 2.6Bil man is laughing
These brave service members from the US and South Korea stand guard as freedom's first line of defense.
Dean Gaffney to return to EastEnders [] with all this north / South Korea going on I can sleep better w/this tonight
I added a video to a playlist Power Rangers/Super Sentai in South Korea - All Opening Themes
North Korea comments come after US Vice President Pence says "era of strategic patience is over" in South Korea
Remarks by the Vice President and Mrs. Pence to the Troops, Seoul, South Korea
Here's all you need to know about key moments of Park Geun-hye, the recently deposed president of South Korea.
US VP Mike Pence will visit the DMZ, the highly fortified border between North and South Korea, amid high tensions
During this power and confidence vacuum in South Korea, it is especially susceptible to Trump's strongman tactics.
Pence visits South Korea, warns North about missile tests
SABRE RATTLING - US & South Korea carry out chilling 'MAX THUNDER' military drills in huge warning to Kim
US VP Pence warns North Korea during visit to demilitarized zone (DMZ) on the border between North and South Korea .
Vice-President visited the Demilitarized zone on the border of South Korea and North Korea
VP Mike Pence is visiting the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. -->
Pence targets North Korea in war mongering visit to South Korea
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VP Mike Pence told U.S. troops in South Korea on Sunday that North Korea’s failed missile launch hours before his arrival was…
US Vice President Mike Pence speaks to American troops in Seoul, South Korea
Mike Pence in South Korea reassure allies amid tensions
Mike Pence arrives in South Korea, attends wreath-laying ceremony and Easter Sunday services
I liked a video Seal Team 6 in South Korea reportedly practicing to take out Kim Jong Un
During the campaign, Trump wrongly said South Korea was stiffing the US for keeping soldiers on the peninsula.
U.S. Navy SEAL Team 6 has been deployed to South Korea on a “training mission.” Just what are they training for?...
Okay so every year, lately in the spring, the U.S. and South Korea conduct a 2-month long joint military drill near the…
MV Sewol Tragedy.. My Condolences to South Korea and Korean Friends 💛. from - 기억할게…
South Korea's national security council has called an urgent meeting after this morning's North Korean missile launch, wil…
28,500 troops in South Korea (and their families ) are in grave danger. My prayers for them S. Korean civilia…
That crazy Korean dictator who starves his people, could nuke Japan or South Korea or Alaska any day & you ppl R wo…
North Korean military parades, you never disappoint. North Korea's answer to South Korea's S&T Daewoo K11 paraded today.…
BREAKING: North Korea has attempted to launch a missile but failed: South Korea says.
Seoul, South Korea (CNN)An attempted missile launch by North Korea on Sunday failed, US and South Korean defense...
America's security presence in South Korea makes the Korean Peninsula more dangerous, argues
Vice President Pence is heading to South Korea now, as North Korea attempts a missile launch. . US warships remain off the…
Fuk, & the lunatic is on the Hill!. North Korea launches unsuccessful missile attempt, says South Korea.
And let the totalitarian communist governments slither their way into South Korea's gov…
America is panicking, but South Korea isn't. Here's why, and let's learn from it.
Pray for the 37,500 US soldiers in South Korea. . If North Korea or the U.S. pull the trigger, they pay the price. https:/…
English Teacher in Gangdong, Seoul, South Korea, start immediately -
VIDEO: South Korea turn their own lights on during 'Always In My Head' at Coldplay's show in Seoul
PHOTO: Will Champion travelling through the crowd in Seoul, South Korea [
LIVE: Coldplay performing God Put A Smile Upon Your Face on the C-Stage in Seoul, South Korea [happypoory]
Air Force Two awaits for his departure en route to Seoul, South Korea. The VP will arrive in the early hours of Sun…
PHOTO: Coldplay's official setlist for their debut show in Seoul, South Korea [(Heroes not played)
LIVE: Coldplay performing 'Charlie Brown' with the incredible in Seoul, South Korea [jwonstc]
LIVE: Coldplay ending with fireworks going 'Up&Up' in Seoul, South Korea
VIDEO: Coldplay kicking things off in Seoul, South Korea with 'A Head Full of Dreams' [k294415]
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LIVE: South Korea singing along the chorus of 'The Scientist' at Coldplay's show in Seoul [chyn_ii]
LIVE: Coldplay performing 'Magic' on the B-Stage in Seoul, South Korea [gold_drink]
LIVE: Coldplay performing 'Everglow' on the B-Stage in Seoul, South Korea [ashleywanzi] https:…
listening to Say You Won't Let Go - James Arthur in Seoul, South Korea
I almost forgot, South Korea ripped off before Harmony Gold USA did with
Great question! "Why was Paul Manafort in South Korea in December meeting with their intelligence chief and political leaders?"…
South Korea’s foreign minister says U.S. would consult Seoul before acting on North Korea
Can someone take me to South, Korea. Please 🌸
In South Korea we met with the Foreign Minister regarding the latest tensions with North Korea.
I was standing in South Korea on the DMZ. The building in the distance is North Korea. The blue…
Hopefully he'll get lost..and fly United *** !
“If US makes a pre-emptive strike on North Korea, it will attack South Korea, Japan & US forces stationed there.".
South Korea has one of the highest female homicide rates in the world. investigates why:
South Korea is preparing to hit North Korea where it hurts, if the Hermit Kingdom strikes the first blow.
BREAKING North Korea warns it could and will destroy U.S. military bases in South Korea within minutes if any provocatio…
백종원의 3대 천왕 SBS's "Baek Jong-won's Three Great Kings" 😲 the show is about introducing famous restaurants all over South Korea.…
Pray for VP as he leaves for South Korea today. This region is very sensitive & needs our prayers. https:/…
I can't see US attacking North Korea w/o certainty they couldn't retaliate against South Korea where we have thsands of soldie…
North Korea warns foreigners to leave South Korea
North Korea has allegedly been stealing bitcoin from South Korea for years
KBS South Korea summer sked posted at:
• Place of birth : Seoul, South Korea. • Status : 11th grader of a high school in Seoul
North Korea threatened to attack U.S. military bases in South Korea, warning it could destroy them "within minutes"
NOW will YOU boycott the winter Olympics in South Korea? No dog meat for human consumption EVER!
Day 7 in South Korea and I explored almost half of Jeju Island. I admired beautiful scenery, visited an aerospace m…
And if you think that South Korea is an "acceptable loss" you should be sodomized with a cactus.
of World Baseball Classic on May 4th , 2014 . At that time , I've seen with my friends group from South Korea at there ,
I never had any interest in South Korean culture until I watched ,Now I'm dying to go to Japan and South Korea even more!
Dangerous North Korean government must fall to secure the safety of Japan and South Korea!.
SEOUL, South Korea – There was another show of force on the Korean peninsula. Nearly 4,000 U.S. and South Korean...
South Korea: 'Don't be fooled by exaggerations about the security situation on the Korean Peninsula'
Warplanes based at Osan airbase in South Korea have been preparing to respond to North Korean aggression today. (Source ITVU…
Yes John Bolton, let's reunite the Korean peninsula. I'm sure South Korea would love to be responsible for 25 million starving N. Koreans.
South Korea's Lotte Chemical USA will establish its headquarters in Lake Charles in a big win for
Galaxy S8 pre-orders outperform the Galaxy S7 by quite a margin in South Korea:
Nukes in South Korea? The South Korea Govt currently in turmoil. NK *** in & out of Seoul. My cat can see this isn'…
jimin in US vs jimin in south korea, US made that to him
Carrier Strike Group arrives in South Korea for port visit, exercise:
In the last 48 hours, significantly increased the risk of harm to US troops in Syria and South Korea.
GRABE this mall. Mas madami pang tao than south korea. What mall is this? ctto
After Syria, comes N. Korea, then China in the South China Sea. WAR is coming.
Was born at Daejeon, South Korea on 5 July 1995. A maknae of VIXX from Jellyfish Entertaiment.
South Korea will resume propaganda broadcasts into
Trump to send FINAL WARNING to Kim Jong-un and could move NUCLEAR WEAPONS to South Korea
Analyzing Cruz, Trump's campaigns, response to nuke test
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Trump's options on North Korea 'include nukes in South and assassination of Kim Jong-un
south Korea will face a total cahos if USA start war, beg your masters to avoid war with North Korea.
[INFO] in Hawaii airport, gonna leaves soon. Maybe back to Korea, bcs they hv TWT in BKK this week & their South Americ…
Have you heard World Club Dome South Korea? It would be amazing to see you play there!
South Korea's have been nominated for daf BAMA MUSIC AWARDS 2017!. For Vote, Post on Socia…
business: Why concern about Syria missile attack is still rattling the markets in South Korea …
Listening to The John Batchelor Show. (Generational divide in troubled South Korea.
Well done,. Thai student who fell into a coma in South Korea returns home. Thai Airways International covered...
After President Xi departed from here got on the phone with South Korea's acting leader.
South Korea has M1's and Springfield's from WW2, anyway you could get these rifles here and send them to Camp Perry armory?
Int'l ACAC Regional Institute is coming back to East Asia in Incheon, South Korea, August 13-15 this year. Click…
Point being China is the current boogeyman of the auto industry. In the '90s it was South Korea, in…
Greg Clark, Secretary of State for BEIS is off to South Korea to source investment in UK generation:
Are you team North Korea or South Korea? These fans are both. Read more at:
"Tongyeong: 8 reasons to visit South Korea's coastal gateway"Showing off the pristine coastal charms of South Kore…
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Travel South Korea in true Gangnam Style with our fantastic new escorted tour in the very captivating South Korea. .
BREAKING: North Korea fires projectile into Sea of Japan: South Korea defence ministry -
The NHL won’t send its players to the 2018 games in South Korea and Tavares’ injury is one of the reasons.
NEW: South Korea says ballistic missile fired by North Korea flew about 37 miles into sea off its east coast.
North Korea fires missile into sea off east coast, South Korea says
South Korea to 'strongly deal' with missile launch as US-troops flood region
NHL players to sit out 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea
NHL players won't compete in the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. Here's why:
At the lobby of Hotel Prima in South Korea. . The ladies who are wearing ‘Hanbok’, Kore...
Putin would kill Ovie if he didn't go to South Korea
Ovechkin one of the players who has openely stated that he will defy rules and still go play for Russia in South Korea.
Why am I pro-life?. If abortion was legal in South Korea, I wouldn't be alive. Adopted lives matter more than your pers…
NHL not going to '18 Olympics in South Korea
We use Samsung phones today. We don't know South Korea invested heavily in its young when Nigeria refused to equip Unive…
Braden Holtby says it's a personal decision for each guy but he would not leave the Caps and go to South Korea if ther…
NEW: NHL says it will not participate in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in South Korea.
visited a Thai fan who fell into coma in South Korea. He stayed for 20 mins & donated 20 million won.
Kim Yoo jung was born Seoul, South Korea. She is a South Korean.
Did yall ask for Queen of Taiwan, Queen of South Korea and Queen of Japan? Yes. We love visuals.
Hackers accessed SK's 5027 secret plan describing joint actions of US & ROK in event of a full-scale war with . htt…
ICYMI: Trulioo's solution now provides coverage in South Korea 🇰🇷!
I want to travel to South Korea and Japan too.
Bailed GM out. They went to South Korea and bought Deawoo. Taxpayers lost 11.2 bil on that as of la…
China wary of Thaad in South Korea as Beijing unsure about missile system's capabilities - report via
"The industry is the core technology that will bring about innovation in the manufacturing realm."
With Japan and South Korea in the N. Korea nuclear crosshairs, nuclear brinksmanship will obliterate any congressional conc…
The leaders of China must be horrified by South Korea, a country where the courts can remove a president and have her jailed.
Moon, Ahn seen going head to head in South Korea election
Even Hungary, but South Korea took years but it requires extreme fiscal discipline which we lack immensely.
I don't know why we treat him problem and why we always follow south Korea
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
South Korean Parliament has voted to impeach their president on Dec. 9
A bright future: South Korea ranks among the top 10 markets globally:
South Korea has countered the 'Bali bali' lifestyle by creating
US Marines conduct joint exercise on South Korea beach
Ovi with Stanley, Semin with Gagarin... all the Cups in South Korea.
South Korea Builds Up Stadiums, Skis Slopes and Skating Rinks for 2018 Olympics - via
Evgeni Kuznetsov hopes the NHL still allows them to go but if not, says he intends to still go to South Korea. "it's i…
As one would expect, there is a drastic difference in the treatment of between North and South Korea.
South Korea: don't tell nobody tho . CNN: got it pal
Plastic surgery in Asia. Not how bad/good it is, but why it's so big in Asia (especially South Korea).
cnblue is too good for south korea. TOO GOOD!
NHL will not participate in the 2018 Olympic Games in South Korea b/c owners see little benefit in playing
Greg Clark to visit South Korea to discuss involvement of Kepco in the Moorside nuclear power station project
South Korea, Japan, US start 3-day joint exercise on Korean Peninsula
Heaven and *** South Korea in North Korean propaganda of the ’70s
55 animals rescued from dog meat farm in South Korea
South Korea seeks arrest of ex-President Park Geun-hye. *** are behind this, no doubt. Look at Samsung , Lotte.
Japan presses for stable ties with South Korea in wake of Park arrest and jailing
South Korea has a better working justice system. Hopefully this will happen to Trump clan soon
South Korea on Friday strongly denounced Japan's renewed claim to Korea's easternmost islets in its latest...
Spring has sprung in PyeongChang, South Korea. 🌸🌺 315 days to
South Korea,Egypt,Tunisia have forced they pres out of office why a we afraid of this thief?lets occupy union buildings
South Korea impeached their President. She didn't behave under house arrest so her *** is in prison until she goes on trial. Hey, America?
in south Korea IN México too TAQUERIAS offers dogmeat and clients no matter.
Flight duration from South Korea to New Zealand is almost 13 hours. That's so long 😴 Mark just left and I miss him already 😢 1 week w/o him
South Korea makes jailing former presidents a national sport...but it never seems to do any good.
If only we could follow South Korea's lead & arrest our president for corruption. . The RSA Treasury is now his private bank!
South Korea: Ousted president Park taken into custody on corruption charges
South Korea closes biggest dog meat market in run-up to 2018 Olympics. Will this be the end to its http…
A model of South Korea orders new election # via
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Amend the constitution for the betterment of all animals. End the dog meat trade in South Korea! - S... via
Are you passionate about environment? Participate in one of 3 contests organized by More info…
Sad for South Korea 🇰🇷 as they've gone beyond the threshold to all out Red. When DPRK schemed the plan, they made sure it'd seem plausible.
okay South Korea's IT Girl did that, Suzy dead in a ditch
Scenes when South Korea had enough of corruption. It's our only option now
Nearly 3 years after it went down with the loss of more than 300 lives, the wreck had been safely reached shore.
I liked a video A Day of Teaching English in South Korea
South Korea's ex-president has been arrested after her impeachment.
South Korean court OKs arrest warrant for ousted President Park Geun-hye, citing a concern she'll destroy evidence
twice really gonna have both south korea and japan BALD
Why everyone go south korea? 2 of my ns mates, my junior and my sis
Just arrived to South Korea with u18🌏✈️
1st UK in S. Korea. W/ 5 other IBCs and an aging SK population, is the market saturated?
South Korea's Park finds her father's footsteps lead right to the jail cell
*** it South Africa! If South Korea can do it, so can we!
South Korea’s sunken Sewol ferry reaches port at last
Ex-president of South Korea Park Geun-hye is arrested on corruption charges and jailed.
EXO's encore concerts (May 27&28) will be held in Seoul Olympic Stadium which is the BIGGEST stadium in South Korea.
Waiting for south korea to appreciate cnblue's music is like waiting for lee jonghyun to stop repeating his clothes.
Last journey for South Korea's ferry. Pic by
Former Korean President Park Geun-hye is Arrested - Park Geun-hye, the former president of South Korea, has bee...
Update South Korea's Park may be in larger cell than others, but lights out at 9
South Korea presidential scandal: What you need to know
South Korea's ex-President Park Geun-hye was arrested and jailed after her impeachment on bribery and abuse of power charges.
South Korea arrests just ousted president in a corruption case. Delhi Police unable to question let alone arrest
South Korea's Park in custody after court orders arrest
Jennylyn Mercado to reunite with her biological dad in South Korea.
South Korea's ousted president Park has been arrested on multiple charges. Details:
WATCH: South Korea's ousted president Park appears in court
North Korean defector floats balloons carrying news about Kim Jong Nam's death into the country from South Korea
South Korea's ousted president Park appears in court - Rappler |
Chaebol reform at forefront of South Korea presidential campaign - again via
Cheer for during the World cup qualifications.. Next game vs South Korea.
Syria’s national football team loses 0/1 to South Korea within world cup qualifications for…
This is random but BoA is far more appreciated in Japan than in South Korea
Youngstown State University music group to perform in South Korea
winter sonata ❄️ (with Evie at Nami Island, South Korea) [pic] —
[Rappler] South Korea prosecutors to seek arrest of ex-president Park
South Korea and the U.S. conducts exercise on destroying North Korean chemical weapons.
South Korean prosecutors are seeking to arrest the former president, Park Geun-hye
Just another reminder to journalists interested in covering South Korea to apply for this fellowship/exchange, whic…
F-35Bs have carried out simulated bombing runs in South Korea -
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) - South Korean media say prosecutors have decided to request an arrest warrant for ex-President…
Prosecutors in South Korea have reportedly asked for an arrest warrant for former President Park Geun-hye.
46 dogs rescued from Korean meat farm arrive in NYC
Dozens of dogs saved from slaughter in South Korea are flown to New York to be rehomed
Dozens of dogs saved from South Korean meat farm, transported to East Coast.
JUST IN: South Korea prosecutors say will seek arrest of ex-president
Dogs rescued from a meat farm in South Korea will find new homes thanks to
A littleood news while the world burns - 46 dogs, saved from slaughter, arrive in NY from South Korea
⚡️ “Dozens of dogs rescued from slaughter in South Korea ”.
Stoked to learn I will be working for NBC at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea!
Citigroup plans to double South Korea wealth assets by 2020
46 dogs from Seoul slated for the dinner table air-rescued to NYC. There's 17,000 such 'dog-meat' factories in Korea https…
'Queen Mary 2' is now docked alongside the container terminal in Busan, South Korea. She will remain here until around 1…
03-24 AUSTIN, TX - MARCH 23: Si Woo Kim of South Korea plays his...
US policy of "strategic patience" with North Korea has ended, US Secretary of State says on visit to South Korea
North Korea attempted to fire a missile Wednesday, but the launch failed, South Korea's Defense Ministry said
Marine sergeant major dies in 'non-combat related incident' in South Korea:
North Korean soldier takes a picture of in South Korea. Photo by Yonhap/via European Press photo Agency. ht…
South Korea's biggest internet company announces its first female CEO
“As soon as we understand & accept the differences, we worry less & enjoy the moment.” Kwanh *** Data Analyst, from…
my coach just sent me this.. My Daddy is deployed in South Korea & he was up all night to cheer me on through my meet. I love…
South Korea's former president arrives at a prosecutors' office for questioning over a corruption scandal.
All the best SDAR Symphonic Band for International Programme at South Korea from 19/3 until 24/3! 🎺🎷
Make it mandatory for all residents to buy into national or state health insurance schemes as in Kyrgyzstan, China,…
Israel has more NASDAQ listed firms than Japan, South Korea, and India combined. China take note: debate and thinking im…
South Korea's ousted President Park Geun-hye says 'sorry' as she undergoes questioning
The U.S. obligation to defend the South from North Korea is not limitless
Watch what you eat! Brazil's meat industry has been hit with a scandal that places the entire sector in jeopardy.…
South Korea’s impeached president to face questioning over corruption scandal -- 15 minutes from now. Stay tuned
Ms. Park, who was removed from office this month, was called into a prosecutor’s office on Tuesday for questioni...
South Korea's charming family convenience stores are sadly disappearing - but one artist remembers them: .
Rachel Homan's Ottawa curling team edges South Korea 9-8, now 6-0 in world championship at Beijing. Scotland next up.
Who is Bixby? We went to South Korea to meet new A.I.
5 best countries for health care: Canada, Luxembourg, South Korea, Germany & Portugal.
Video of Scarlett Johansson signing for fans at the premiere in Seoul, South Korea (March 17, 2017) h…
“I want to have the same opportunities as men”-Heejin Lim South Korea & other young participants at Fearle…
This South African woman asked black women about the experience of living, working and dating in South Korea.
This week Laura Nelson on living past brest cancer in South Korea.
Add’l destroyers operating with to enhance coordination http…
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