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South Island

The South Island (Māori: Te Wai Pounamu) is the larger of the two major islands of New Zealand, the other being the more populous North Island.

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Milford Sound is amazing!.Wildlife and wilderness galore on New Zealand’s South Island via
Aotearoa in New Zealand's South Island is now hosting Luminate – a vibrant festival of cutting-edge live music,...
How is a flight from Auckland in North Island to Christchurch in South Island half the price of a bus Christchurch to Mt Cook 7 hrs away?!
Trig station on the mud flats in nikonnz @ Golden Bay, South Island, New…
from - Early mornings way up high over the Southern Alps, South Island, New Zealand 🏔 -…
South Island, New Zealand is much more than Middle-Earth:
Happy New Year to the people of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Nauru, NZ South Island and specific Pacific Islands!!!
From North Island to the very south of the South Island of New Zealand. This is also the home of…
The beautiful Church of the Good Shepherd is found on the shores of Lake Tekapo on New Zealand's South Island
South Island tour first stop: Dunedin with KPN. @ Baldwin Street…
A Severe Weather Warning is in place for the west of the South Island today & the Otago & Canterbury headwaters.^SM
I might get called a JAFA & despise Auckland Council but I'm glad I don't live in Wellington or South Island. I hope it settles down soon.
there was a thing from Now with a severe weather warning top part of South island and lower north 😥
New Zealand authorities say a powerful quake has generated a tsunami, with the first waves hitting the South Island.
A tsunami has hit after an earthquake struck New Zealand's South Island.
It looks like the earthquake was in the south island near Christchurch & she's in the North Island in Aukland May lost wifi
My south island peeps and family praying you are safe... Whitney GoodwinDianne Goodwin
A tsunami warning has been issued for all Southern coastal areas of NZ
JUST IN: First tsunami wave has arrived in NZ's South island after 7.8-magnitude quake
From - A massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake has struck beneath the south island of New Zealand, followed…
Earth quakes in New Zealand Aotearoa in South Island today. My prayers for the people and cities I visited some weeks ago.
Glad it's been downgraded for most of NZ but still not Christchurch and up the East coast of South Island! Stay saf…
Best wishes to all of our NZ friends!. Two-metre high tsunami recorded off South Island after New Zealand quake
After waking in the middle of the night to news of a massive earthquake in the South Island.…
A severe earthquake has hit New Zealand’s South Island in the early hours of Monday morning.
thanks William yes we are fine (phew) but concerned about in the South Island.
Take care all you good friends of our New Zealand earthquake: Powerful tremor hits South Island - BBC News.
Thoughts with everyone on my beloved South Island - stay safe and hope it all passes through soon
Just arrived at Auckland and heard about the 7.5 magnitude earthquake in the South Island. Hoping there are very...
Civil Defence: anyone near east coast of the South Island should move to higher ground. Movement detected on tidal gauge in Ka…
situation has changed - tsunami is possible. People near the coast in the south island should move to high ground or i…
8.2 ft. wave hits just 2 hours after 7.8 magnitude rocks the nation's South Island. htt…
South Island of New Zealand was hit with a 7.4 magnitude earthquake, stay safe everyone. sending all my love and though…
Thinking of our friends in the South Island n Wellington. My prayers for all who hv been affected.
The whole of the North Island has been taken off tsunami watch, as has south Canterbury
A tsunami has been generated, the first wave has arrived in the North Eastern Coast of the South Island.
Thank you, Richard. Yes, looks like the South Island felt the brunt of it. Tsunami warnings for this neck of the woods.
A powerful magnitude-7.4 earthquake has been felt on the South Island of New Zealand near the city of Christchurch https:…
"Two meters of land movement recorded on the Cape Campbell (Marlborough) GPS station".
"Reflection". Full moon over the fjord at Te Anau's edge (South Island, New Zealand). The water…
Split Apple Rock is a geological rock formation in The Tasman Bay, northern coast of the South Island, New Zealand
Blenheim - sun-kissed wine-growing center in the South Island of New Zealand.
In the north of the South Island of New Zealand. Nelson really fulfills his reputation as a green city.
My visit to Jens Hansen, The Ringmaker in Nelson, north of the South Island of New Zealand.
Te Waipounamu — A view of New Zealand's South Island and surrounding seas from space. Amazing!
The closing down of the Trust has raised concerns in South Island communities, as Pacific families could be left...
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— looked just about everywhere she could; South Island, Westside Island, Mercia, Cocoa Island, and more landmasses. So since she couldn't —
Cold with snow showers for New Zealand's South Island, some travel disruption possible over higher routes. CF
'Heart and soul' goes into design | Otago Daily Times Online News : Otago, South Island
A clam day for crossing the Cook Strait- South Island has been great, looking forward to everything the North offers
Blue Duck chicks are born ready to tackle the currents of the South Island's mountain rivers.
--Zone, South Island, peridot Chaos Emerald in hand. "Chaos… Control!". Manipulation of the Chaos Force to tamper with the--
NZ: Partly/mostly sunny on the South Island tomorrow, showers in the east of the North
It's been a long time coming but we are over the moon to be opening our first South Island store tonight in...
I live in the North Island. Chch is in the South Island. My good man is from there. City is still recovering.
Hiking mount/volcano Hallasan on Jeju island, the Hawaii of South Korea
This will probably be me in South Padre Island this weekend
Missing these New Zealand roads. Recap of our roadtrip up on the blog.
I wanna go to South Padre Island again, I need a vacation 😭
it's hard to go wrong, the island is only small. If you want to recover by the beach then the south is good.
Elephant Island to South Georgia journey may have been more comfortable than originally reported.
The ultimate guide to your next New Zealand South Island road trip!
New retailer alert! Excited to now be carried at Sisters Interiors in South Padre Island, Texas! ttps://
City of Victoria will fine pot dispensaries $250/day for displaying sandwich boards https…
Shore down south now back up the middle of the island.
Snapper on the South Tivoli Bay side of Crueger Island Road
...$10 billion they're spending on it and build 4 to 6 north-south lines across Long Island. Would serve a whole lot more pax.
The Powell Brothers has a show on 05/26/2016 at 08:00 PM @ Tequi... in South Padre Island, TX
made breakfast for everyone this morning. Thanks babe @ South Padre Island Beach
Congrats to former All-American & MU Grad Matt Bova on winning the South Carolina Open today at Dataw Island!
Should the future of Mid-South Coliseum and Mud Island be considered together? 9:01 ponders.
Bright & sunny! Warmest air of season today! Low to mid 80s with 70s South Shore & East End!
Hopefully my parents let me go to South Padre Island with my girls 😭😭❤️
More people are being sent out of Australia to Christmas Island.
I'm staying on South Padre Island this week and getting some major NIL vibes!
See why this couple says it's important to cherish every moment of your wedding day:
China isn't the only country building islands in the South China Sea.
Next week I'll be chillin in South Carolina, sipping on Long Island after Long Island and getting into all sorts of trouble
Sabi na nga ba! THE Onuk Island is located at Balabac. Too mainstream for North destinations that Palawan has finally a pride for South 🌊👍
My last South Padre Island sunrise run. I will miss you! 🌅💛
Several other South Island lakes, but not Lake Wanaka. The Snowbooks cover for The Dream is a pic of Lake Rotoiti - also not in the book.
Have you been following my South Island trip? Day 10 is on the blog:
I love the South Island - it's what made me decide to live here. Hope to pop down next month for a few days - Hanmer Springs
Thanks to Helen Clark for this one. Interesting that the South Island seems a different colour than the North Island
People visiting Methven, South Island beware of guys in a white ute around the Mt Hutt area. Locking your car does nothing.
I'm confused why did they leave their South Island state house? To live in a car? Better off in SI?
Wild weather 'lull' for central South Island: It isn't over yet - The Press
Driving conditions are hazardous as powerful winds hit parts of the South Island. Warnings are out for a number of central S…
Funding means our big trip around the South Island this year is on. Give me a bell if you want Lab in a box in your backyard!
South Island leg of the tour kicks off this week,. Blenheim The Yard Bar and Bistro Wednesday. Havelock Slip Inn...
surely he'll go to the South Island tho *** is here for him Auckland is lame
Tomorrow: Shower about AKL, morning cloud/fog North Island, sunny most of South Island
Mackay Falls in Fiordland National Park on the South Island of New Zealand.
Fri: Most of South Island dry after a bit of AM cloud/fog. Shower parts of the North. ^CL
A small excerpt of the Franz Josef Glacier on the South Island's West Coast, 1998.
Guess the location? Can any one pick which lake this is in the South Island, New Zealand?
.wave cloud on the satellite across lower South Island. Gusty on the ridge tops.
Milford Sound, Fjordland National Park, South Island, New Zealand is an HD wallpaper posted in Nature category.
I get so proud of the South Island for being good at rock shows.
Elephant Rock - Duntroon , Otago, South Island, New Zealand.I want to go back!
Does the Grey Ghost live? Tourists spot South Island kokako in Nelson region.
Another superb drive this time on the Great Alpine Highway from East to West Coast of South Island
Entering the waters of the South Island of NZ via ferry is a picture perfect start. A beautiful…
On the Road to Wellington, to get the ferry down to South Island for more Geography adventures
Me at the lookout in Picton with our Ferry home behind me... Loving the South Island of NZ
Jimmy Raper rented a campervan and drove around the South Island of New Zealand, starting in the cit
Bye bye South Island, photo taken on Thursday on the ferry.
Canterbury plains and the West Coast hills. South Island of New Zealand. From 20,000 feet above ground.
Golden Bay lives up to its name on the South Island of
Lake Wanaka located on the South Island was a highland from my New Zealand adventures.
One more sleep until I fly to the South Island. Cannot wait to hike all over the Southern Alps.…
South Island gems - everything from Lake Wanaka to Lake Tekapo
Rain marching up the South Island West Coast this afternoon, gale wind gusts east coast
Hike to see Franz Josef Glacier on the South Island.
Racing. Princess Davone concentrates on the South Island fillies' series
Day 142: The view across to the South Island from the ferry after we left Wellington…
The ferry across the Cook Strait connects the North Island of NZ with the South Island and our ❌…
Looking forward to hearing David Mates from NZ South Island speak at The King's Fund today
Travel the road less travelled. You can certainly do that on the South Island of New Zeala…
Sunset at the northern tip of New Zealand's South Island (that's farther north than Wellin…
Lake Wakatipu, New-Zealand – Located in the South Island of New Zealand, the Lake Wakatipu is famous for its sceni
Update your maps at Navteq
Sweet Louise expand into South Island: For people living with secondary breast cancer, access to practical hel...
Jesse Ryder can't even make the island of origin South Island team come on New Zealand give him another go
Just a few more details and I'll add a New Zealand team from South Island to the map. Yas!.
It's been breathtaking! Started at Great Barrier Island. On the South Island, now, by Lake Tekapo. So many biome changes!
How long will you be in NZ for? And do you plan on going to the South Island at all? Would love to meet you one day.
HOLY GOD. I spent half my life on rural South Island roads. I swear to God drivers weren't THIS bad. Were they?
H&IoW ProvSGW & four other seadogs making their way to the South Island on rough seas by car ferry not Fastcat. Capt Jack Sparrow approves!
Katso From North Island to South Island by ferry in NZ (
Hanging out at the impressive Punakaiki Pancake Rocks on the West Coast of the South Island. Any guesses why they'r…
Looking north along the wild West Coast of the South Island from the Pancake Rocks in Punakaiki. Love this place!...
Central Otago Pinot Noir Celebration lunch at Amisfield winery, awesome South Island seafood cooked on an open fire
Looking towards the Fox Glacier on the South Island, New Zealand
Just did a bit of quad-biking near the Franz Josef Glacier on New Zealand's South Island. Absolutely fantastic!
A great place to rest... About halfway between Te Anau and . South Island,
Airport reopens after biggest snowfall in 3 decades strands 86,000 on South Korea island
Chinese Building Island Forts in the South China Sea - Chinese influence in SE Asia is rising from the seabed.
.. as of October, 2016 (and following upcoming touring commitments) I will be relocating to New Zealand's South Island to complete Alluvion.
Camper waste a problem on the South Island's Great Walks
South Korean snow strands 86,000 on holiday island of Jeju
There's a blizzard on the East Coast and we're here in South Padre Island like...
It was one year ago today I moved from Long Island, New York to Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. (1/3)
About to get lost in another world atop the Richmond Range on the @ South Island, New…
Massive Snowfall Causes Flight Cancellations On Jeju Island, South Korea: The snowfall was on its second day a...
Blizzard strands people in South Korean resort island of Jeju
strands 86,000 in South Korean resort island of | via
Need some inspiration? Paradise Found at South Sea Island via
A lone tree sits in the waters of Lake Wanaka at on the South Island of
Blizzard strands 86000 on South Korea resort island of Jeju
Staten Island is the forgotten borough. Bus stops, area around schools not cleared. 2 way streets now 1 way. Treacherous South Shore
Great day in Miyazaki where we flown in this morning, in Kyushu Island, South Japan. Visited Wagyu farms...
Diving the south Atlantic island of Country 141
VP8STI South Sandwich Island DXpedition news: Since early this morning, we have been experiencing blizzard lik...
Sunrise beach walks are best beach walks 🐶🌅 @ Castle Island Beach. South Boston
The hall near the cafeteria in plym smells like South Island Japan I recommend u all walk there today and smell my childhood
Need some warm inspiration? Paradise Found at South Sea Island via
Kikei Fung had tried just about every there is before she found her love of
UPDATE: Airport reopens after snow strands 86,000 on South Korea's island
You're lucky I'm chillin on an island & not in south London or I'd be on way to ur yard! As still have energy f…
Boxing: Sparring camp for South Island's best - Otago Daily Times
Dɘsʍ◎иd.德斯曼 - sir, you would so love the South Island.
This is from the ferry ride yesterday from the South Island back to the North Island. To get in…
New Zealand, South Island: The trip to Hanmer Springs is long enough in the hot…
Ben Lomond hike. Really need to go back to South Island
New Zealand, South Island: not too far from Hanmer Springs. 100kms out from…
Zealand. The large anchor chain on Point holds the South Island.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
the largest town in North Otago, South Island
Saying goodbye to the South Island today - view from up top. So many blues to love from up…
South Island! Why are you so bloody hot! Am I right people from the South Island!
A recent Australian Prime Minister once said, "The science of climate change is crap" not in NZ South Island.
Did you know you can walk on a glacier in New Zealand? Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers in the South Island are an experience not to be...
A summer break for Christmas, then back into the action for the South Island!!
Meet Aaron the little owl. He's being rehabilitated at the South Island wildlife hospital.
Milford Sound, South Island, New Zealand - there are no words to describe ... -
📷 yes-to-adventure: Stream along the path at Fox Glacier. Fox Glacier, West Coast, South Island, New...
Traveled from North Island weather (80 degrees) to South Island weather (50 degrees) and could not handle it. Philly is gonna be ROUGH
Milford Sound is a fiord in the south west of New Zealand's South Island (Image: Trey Ratcliff).
The stunning mirror lakes near Fox Glacier on the South Island of 🏔🗺
When this happens on the West Coast, locals spend 45 minutes talking about the drought. (Jason, NZ's South Island)
Moon over the Tasman Sea taken from the Split Apple Retreat, South Island,
It is pretty cool. Maybe first visit to South Island too…
The drive from Te Anau to Milford Sound on the South Island is absolutely breathtaking!
More than 120 hectares of forested karst landscape in South Island's Abel Tasman National park is being pu...
Next up Michael Jones predation on South Island robins - comparing predator control regimes
Another relaxing day on Möbius. More specifically, South Island. Even more specifically, the world renown Green Hill Zone. The azure--
Christchurch New Zealand is on the South Island. It has gorgeous coastlines along the Pacific Ocean.
We had an amazing family weekend up Ohau here on the South Island of New Zealand - more at https:…
North Island, hobbiton is great- South Island Lake Tekapo & mount cook is breath taking-if you have a chance to see a glacier do it
5 stunning places in New Zealand's South Island you must see http:/…
Lake Tekapo in the Mackenzie District of New Zealand's South Island is so beautiful, that it almost…
Arrived in the South Island! Stopped at Lake Tekapo on our drive down to Queenstown!
ship season in hands of weather gods | Daily Times Online News : Otago, South Island,
Another great day of in South Island today. The Nelson lakes are stunning.
The famed water-bound willows of Glenorchy, New Zealand, rise from Lake Wakatipu on the country’s South Island.
A view on the South Island across Cook Strait, NZ RT
Uh oh! Looks like there might be some confusion here. We're actually on South Padre Island!
(Post) Somewhere on the south island of New Zealand [OC] [5077x3385]
Motukiekie Beach is located on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island
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Hard to give any ale in the South a high score with no sparkle and £4... (Oliver's Island)
3 Bedroom Condo Rental in South Padre Island, Texas - Luxury on the
I can't wait to see wiz Khalifa I'm so excited cause he is coming to south Texas at south padre island on Labor Day weekend .
South Florida Dominican community to ship emergency supplies to island
Foodstuffs South Island is looking for a Administrator in apply now!
is a inherent territory of Japan. South Korea has invaded its island in 1950s.
.discusses historic partnerships in the South China Sea to combat China's island-building in
Delegation of the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria is visiting the South Pacific Island State Republic of Fiji.
The restriction applies from the bottom of the zig-zags at south beach back towards the town and St Catherine island.
The first night in Penang we had dinner in a tiny fishing community in the south of the island. Four…
MusTrav: Taiwan Easy to Visit: Taiwan is an island state south of Okinawa also known as the Republic of China...
if you think 2-0 South Pointe will win week 3 vs York
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Memorial day weekend fight at claytons South Padre Island ... .
I'm from Christchurch, but grew up all over. I live in Eugene now (I work for the UO). Glad you enjoyed the South Island - I'm
Timely unveiling of Beijing's heavyweight military drone as work on South China Sea 'island' base continues at speed
Wisconsin Gov.Scott Walker wants to build a wall between Canada and the US. Next will be a wall between the North and South island
Lewis Road Creamery chocolate milk arrives in South Island on Wednesday - Manawatu Standard
I am suddenly missing South Manitou Island in Michigan. That was a great experience.
Current Pollen Count in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina (United States) is now at 5.40.
you can also fly out to the south of nagrand on an island to see the Robin Williams genie. Think that requires feather/glider.
Lakshadweep announces steps to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and conserve its coral reefs.
The following sailing dinghy was found drifting, complete with trailer, off the South East coast of the island...
Nelson Mandela is convicted of sabotage and sentenced to life in prison and sent to Robben Island in South Africa.
Tidewater Boats: Built in South Carolina, enjoyed around the world: RT
First trip to New Zealand I visited Milford Sound on the South Island. Its Beautiful Stunning place.
we are made up of TWO islands called... the North Island and guess what. the south island
says all power on the south island has been restored. a couple of spot outages in the Port Alberni area.
Find out about one of South Floridas best snapper holes at Nail Travels
"I was in South Beach for a couple of days.". "I was in South Beach too, but Staten Island."
Apply now to work for Foodstuffs South Island as in
south island, me and my mate have a car and driving for 2 weeks from Christchuch to Queenstown, you?
New opening at Foodstuffs South Island in -
Update: [CLEAR] Disabled truck on the 190 South ON the South Grand Island Bridge.
Garbage truck situation clear on the south GI bridge! You are free to move about and exit the island.
the incredible beauty of the South Island (& Armenian nexus
Disabled truck still blocks right lane, 190 South on South Grand Island Bridge - backup to Whitehaven Rd
Stunning Abel Tasman a must visit in the South Island and close to Flying Kiwi Adventures international HQ
Seal pup swims from South Island to Muriwai
Photo // Where light and shadow reflect in dance -- high mountain lake South Island. Ab…
Weather: Rain across the South Island: Rain over Canterbury should clear on Tuesday afternoon, but the West Coast
Mild/dry for Watch for rain South Island
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Tekapo on the South Island of New Zealand by Mark Gee (Instagram)
There won't be a single Morris 1100 to be seen in downtown WhyKickAMooCow on the South Island soon
Snow and ice on South Island highways - update: NZ Transport Agency update on conditions on South Island highways…
'Show some heart' to refugees the plea | Otago Daily Times Online News : Otago, South Island,...
Do you live in the South Island of New Zealand? Come and join us in Dunedin 23-26 October for our 4 day intensive...
This headline is funny. Get it? Big chill coming for South Island | Otago Daily Times Online News via
I see snow warnings for the South Island, then turn around and look out my window 20C in South Auckland.
Goodbye North Canterbury. This kind of view sums up our South Island trip.
POC knows how racist Canterbury and the South Island is in general
Western parts of the South Island & much of the North Island of sees rain today.
Wut? That's soon, I'm down. I wanna see Perth and the South Island
It's a long way to Tipperary but it's a lot further to Invercargill, South Island, New Zealand.
Looking at Real Estate For Sale in the South Island of New Zealand? -
yes mate down in the South Island playing for waikaka about an hour n hands drive from queenstown . Loving it here mate!
The rising sun sets Lake Wanaka on fire early one morning on New Zealand's South Island.
I'm not going to the South Island this year :( I'm only going to Rotorua, Auckland and New Plymouth
Mercury to plummet in South Island - MSN News -
UK News Child obesity programme funded for South Island
Main Divide is the nic-name for the Southern Alps which runs down the length of the South Island
news from the University of Otago in Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand: “Stude…
The ferry passing through the Marlborough Sounds to Picton, the entry point to the South Island ⚓️
Entering the Marlborough Sounds! So stoked to be headed to the South Island! Welcomed with a beautiful evening!
Franz Josef Glacier on West Coast of South Island has been shrinking since 2008 due to global warming -
Grover Cleveland was an avid duck hunter. 1907 pic of ex-president in South Island, South Carolina.
Sexuality Education Guide - PLD on offer for secondary and primary in the South Island and the lower North Island:
Inside the cafe at Mount Cook, New Zealand's South Island. I lost a roll of ILFORD HP5+ behind my washing machine…
KI ORA!!. Kate has just returned from an unforgettable tour of New Zealand’s South Island with Grand Pacific...
Marketing of Otago 'culture' questioned - South Island, New Zealand & International News by
The "about to 'fun-yak' down the Dart River, near Glenorchy (South Island, New Zealand), in the…
It's Jane Campion. You have to remember she loves silence and long, lingering shots of South Island woods.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Today's in the South Island of It seems that it was just the shaking.
Geez, I would not like to be in the South Island today, second big Earthquake today alone...
I’ve not finished reading, but it appears to be a South Island version of the Sky City monster.
Road tripping on the South Island in New Zealand! See our picture perfect trip here >
People from South Island family violence networks gathering to share good practice ideas & inspiration
In Auckland Airport, next couple of days in Christchurch. Hope the South Island not to cold
.Wow! Today was mostly cloudy but the South Island sure looks nice in that image. Hello from Christchurch.
The sleepy town of Wanaka is nestled within the spectacular Southern Alps on the South Island of
The extraordinary blue of Lake in South Island is caused by fine glacial sediment.
Lake Tekapo from the top of Mt. John, South Island, New Zealand 08/12
Beautiful lupines along Lake Tekapo. On the South Island of this is a part of a panorama.…
Very heavy rain for the west of the South Island: A broad, complex trough, preceded by a strong, moist norther...
"Very heavy rain forecast for the South Island's West Coast through into Monday" looks set to stay that way
kiwi experience starting in Auckland and following the route around the North and South Island! Should be sick!!
no service in Auckland surely can't be from the South Island quake?
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A 6.2 earthquake has just hit South Island, 45 km south-east of St Arnaud
Front over lower South Island: A front over the lower South Island, preceded by a strong, moist northerly flow...
Fiordland National Park, New Zealand Located on New Zealand’s South Island, Fiordland is the country
Ollie after U18 RNZ North v South Island doubles with Elliott Jenkins. They won as did North Island over all
Missing American tourist picked up by chopper: An American tourist lost in the South Island's Mt Aspiring
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