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South India

South India is the area encompassing India's states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu as well as the union territories of Lakshadweep and Pondicherry, occupying 19.31% of India's area (635780 km² or 245476.030 mi²).

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Urgent requirement for Area Sales Manager in South India -
since I was trade union joint secretary for South India all India working member for GIC fr my age of 21 yrs
I'm sure the cousin mentioned here has a restaurant called 'North Indian Cousin' in South India.
Why is Lord Ganesha's brother Murugan worshiped only in South India while in North India both Ganesha and Lord Shiva are f…
Yeah south India is amazing!And visiting kerela is on my bucket list.Hope to visit God's own country soon😊😀
calls a vassal state of the US if the patrol the SCS but a neutral state of they obey China
Nepal to probe Air Kasthamandap plane accident
US defends F-16 sale to Pakistan, says aircrafts to be used for counter-terror ops
It's high time that reservation policy is undone in India. It's worse than Apartheid in South Africa.
In fact in most of India it is not just NE but cultures of South Orrisa etc r generally unknown. This done deliberately. /2
China warns india not to go for joint patrols in the south china sea *** for tat is a phrase in english if u know what i mean.
Asia will be divided if India decides to join South China Sea patrolling: Chinese daily
India wins 308 medals in South Asian Games, breaks own record: All you need to know
Power Sector India: NTPC plans major expansion in South India: NTPC Ltd. is planning to expand its power gener...
safest place for muslims in arab is Israel and in South East asia its India.
JeM is nothing but trouble: Pakistani daily
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Mumbai sets ‘no-selfie zones’ as India becomes selfie death capital of the world
DTN India: Hillary Clinton banks on African American vote in South Carolina: Hillary Clinton banking on the bl...
South India's first 'Digital Integrated Operating Theater' designed by Karl Storz, Germany only at
4 Delicious Spinach Recipes from South India: Load Up on Greens - NDTV via
Attock to Cuttack. Pune to Peshawar. Protector of South India. Delhi che takht rakhato.. Foremost city-Mumbai. Queen of Deccan-Pune
The Hindu - International - India - Pakistan sets up JIT to probe Pathankot terrorist attack -
That's why Prabhas is great. South India ka sikindhar
Grow up Now u R going to fight between North South India *** .
though I am 13 &from South India & presently I stay in I love watching you guys I almost have seen all episodes of frm TVoryt
in fairness key bilaterals South Korea, Japan, Australia, India in good shape-something to build on
You eat with our money. Our see! Like did in all the history. Everywhere:China (opio),India (war), South Afrika boers, Spain.
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It is gandhi,not ghandi and India isn't in south east asia
Thank you for allocating special trains to South. Will be travelling today
India won a record-breaking 308 medals at the 2016 South Asian Games.
NTPC plans major expansion in South India
Some people revere Ravana for his wisdom and worship him in South India. Are they anti nationals ?
Was Chief Guest at confluence of saints to mark the beginning of the Kumbha Mela of South India at Kumbhakonam.
I love almost everything about south India..people like sid and Maddy catalyse it
Vishnu Antique and rare fine solid statue from South India.
will soon be capable of generating hi-res scenarios for the entire South Asian region
I'm N. Indian s'porean but I'm super geared towards S. India as opposed to North. South > North lol
70% of malaria cases in South East Asia reported from India: Centre.
Which Actor from South India is Much Popular in India & Overseas? . Rajinikanth,. Vijay,. Ajith,. Mahesh Babu.
ocean is there ant zang apart from d one with d South India act ,cos ACD to d dummy its a blockbust but d 1i wch sflop
Sai Baba of Shirdi is a mystic from South India. He was born in 28 September 1835 in Shirdi.
On demand by garden lovers, here is vegetable garden calendar for North & South India. . We will add more items...
Request-Pl don't portray every north Indian as an anarchist in South India, just because of we look different and can't speak Kannada often
Women enter Shingnapur temple, only not allowed in the sanctum. Same is the case in all South India temples!
That is the normal practice. WOMEN ARE ALSO PERMITTED INSIDE THE TEMPLE. This is the normal practice in South India also.
possibly the worst govt in South India,even by Congress standards. Even Rosiah, Kiran Kumar are better. Problem multiplied by ppl
South India's transmission capacity to be 18K MW by FY20: Power Minister Piyush Goyal
Dollu Kunitha is one of the ancient & famous forms of South India especially in…
The battles between Kodavas and Tippu Sultan is one of the most bitter rivalries in South India. There were...
South India's Largest Wine & Performing Arts Festival is back with its second edition! February 6th is the date -...
South India shopping mall. Ad out soon.
Primates of the Anglican Communion -- Moderator of the Church of South India: The Most Rev. Govada Dyvasirvada...
Tamil Women in South India rural villages represented as being amongst the most oppressed women more than war torn African parts.
These youth from South India are with the ISIS today: Hyderabad, Jan 1:The Intelligence Bureau (IB) has advise...
I know you are South India. Make sure you visit other Indianstates as well. Start with Rajasthan, Gujarat and Up north in Himalayas
. education levels in South India are far ahead of Gujarat & we mostly celebrate there 😊
It is also know as the paradise of the South India. Kovalam Beach present an outstanding diversity. Kovalam beach...
South India has magnificent beaches and beautiful get-away places. What else do you need to feed your soul?
Some thoughts on why home advantage is good but why pitches are taking away the joy of this series.
19 killed in South African minibus crash: At least 19 people were killed when a minibus…
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Sunset in is a highlight of a trip to South
When will the tickets for the India vs South Africa Test at Delhi go on sale? Or are you guys not selling them?
India vs South Africa: DDCA promises good Test wicket for Kotla Test - IBNLive
High time - Nepal realises, only India is its true friend
Like Pakistan, India, even Israel, South Africa in the 1970s...many other less-than credible, undemocratic States. Iran even.
Art of grafting innings diminishing - Shastri: India team director Ravi Shastri has said one-day ...
The pink ball - Some call it innovation, some evolution. Gives you extra swing. Helps the fast bowlers. The...
The Feroz Shah Kotla, which will host the fourth Test between India and South Africa from December 3, pitch may assist spinners from ...
His latest book A Concise History of South India, published last year has no parallels. It's an extraordinary work. htt…
India vs South Africa: promises good Test wicket for Kotla Test.
This campaign is to provide Christmas presents to poor children in South India. In partnership with EMC foundation.
Dining for the weekend in Andra style!. How we relish in south India. . Thank-you Lokesh reddy for the…
Lol okay so lets get all of the Middle East and South India to go to their local Target and get meat substitutes.
what? 😂 you can call me Jay, i donot belong to south india or srilanka to have such a long name
40 held for enforcing strike against 'India's blockade' in
Delhi government to honour stalwarts during fourth Test READ
Chetan Chauhan: Kotla promises to be good track for 4th Test between & —
‘To *** with the five days’: Shastri blasts critics of Nagpur pitch: Far from be...
Virat Kohli is passionate, wants to win: Sourav Ganguly
Did you spot this UFO in Scott Kelly's photo of South India?
there is nothing exotic about the US or Canada trust me boo! South India is where it's at!
One of the South India's most prominent film actor and producer, Kamal Haasan, met with His Holiness the Dalai... https:…
TESTIMONY OF JOHNNY LEVER. I am originally from South India. My father used to work for Hindustan Lever Ltd so we...
Forbes India Magazine - South India and the spirit of enterprise
Bethel AG Church - We are a Church of Lord Jesus Christ in Bangalore, South India and we spread the Good...
Hampi, India, the famous ruined temple town that was the capital of the Vijayanagara Empire in South India until...
Beautiful Tha golden temple bylakuppe,. Thousands of Tibetan living, in center for Tibetan Buddhism in South India
.knocks the door of South India. Chennai Streets have been covered by Bahujan samaj party's posters.
Naxals eye South India in expansion plans: A document from a unity congress held recently points to increased focus…
There is more to South India than just Pune and Bangalore
will be released in 410+ Screens throughout South India by Sri Thenandal Films More than 70 Screens in Bangalore itself
Bangalore Bus Station. . One of busiest bus station in South India.…
Qlik is looking for: Quota Carrying Sales Manager - North, East & South India.
Congress party can revive in South India if it separates. -
On the left: Sakkottai Krishnaswamy Aiyangar's "South India and her Muhammadan Invaders", pg. 237.
The beauty, Hoggenakal Falls in South India, Kaveri River. Book dream with
Rangin family is out of Banglore. My sister went to medical school there. A north Indian to South India comes from the stone Around the neck
South India tops child marriage chart: Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have earned the ignominy of topping the chart ...
best restaurants westlake village Get best Indian food in California, we serve you the best North and the South India
Art Attack - South India's biggest art fest is landing in UB City, Bangalore! On from the 21st to…
My ancestors were Afghanis, my parents are from north of India and I was born in South India. Bangalore, to be specific.
See this Nalayak Pakistani also read Ajay Banga greats from North and South India both
On my bucket list. The Meenakshi Temple in Madurai, South India
That Padmanabha Swamy temple in South India has about $25-30 billion worth of treasures locked in its vaults.
Of course, Vastu is important. Which is why people born in South Delhi Mumbai, Kolkata or for that matter South India are bo…
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Ajith kumar- Dis man is famous for largest loyal fan base in South India . ht…
Carlson Rezidor grows its presence in South India
South India beckons regional airline spurt: bringing more destinations under the canvas of air travel, and fos...
aw_ash: I checked in to Bangladesh 326 vs South Africa 61 on SportsYapper.
dlSouthAfrican: Day four: Rain washes out Bangladesh, South Africa Test: CHITTAGONG: Rain washed out the fourt…
is more common in people of South Asian origin (India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan) and black people than the general population
Among the BRICS, China has the greatest FDI share in South Africa: 16% (1% in India, 4% in Russia, 7% in Brazil).
Dude what about Babari Masjid ? Sikh masscare in Delhi and 1984? Assam and people of those 7 states? People of south india ?
when I was visiting farms in south India they could grow Tomatoes almost at any time w/ no special care, here it's scheduled
The nine, from South Africa, Britain and India, were being allowed to return home, according to…
Suicide country south India: why are more people killing themselves down south?
Maldives prosecutor finds violations in ex-President's case
english french n dutch reached us before hindi in south india. Hindi is foreign and backward to us compared to these languages
India bus carrying over 50 pilgrims plunges into gorge -
India Today -. South African fast bowler Dale Steyn posted a video on Instagram on Friday in which he is seen...
Just added New South India Pale Ale on tap. See our full beer menu:
This conservatory is located on the south side of the Amber Fort in Jaipur, India.
South Asia vocations coming from nontraditional Catholic communities: Franciscan Brother Praveen of India spri...
Knowledge is power site: The real war in South Asia
Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa (BRICS) take on the World Bank, IMF and BIS
South Carolina Man Uses His Troubled Past To Train Police: Paton Blough, photo courtesy of the Council of Stat...
news24hbgd: Bangladesh vs South Africa Highlights 1st Test Day 4 at Chittagong: Highlights from the forth day …
Maiden journey to South India. — traveling to Chennai Central Railway Station from Gwalior Railway Station
he won in India (how many teams have won there lately?), he won in South Africa (how many Asian teams have won?)
Angry Karnataka CM flings copy of budget into well of Assembly
Rahul Gandhi accuses TDP govt of undoing SHG movement​
its late ... But not last.. Now he is South India SuperStar
Also, there's only 1 nation in the region that hasn't signed the NPT. Israel. Joined by Pakistan, India, South Sudan, and DPRK.
Sure dear, you are welcome. I live in a city named located in south india.
I added a video to a playlist New Village public dance in south india
Southern & the backwaters of - an incredible journey of discovery
Happy... That Jilla is Hit in Telugu.. VIJAY market increased... Now the Good time starts for South India Super Star
Diego Garcia, American base south of us, Middle of Maldives a China base and India on the North.
You are finally going to beat South Africa, India, because I am looking down upon thee in sunglassed glory. htt…
At this point a solution is needed for and that is what will bring economic empowerment to South Asia
Maoists protest new Nepal constitution, nearly 250 held - The Times of India - Times of India
The India is major enemy of South Asian countrys development, progress as well its area people and country.
tanzania, back to ghana, south africa, italy, ireland, morocco, india, jamaica, california, washinton, oregon. I got places to go.
Red soils are found mostly in South America, Central Africa, South and Southeast Asia, China, India, Japan and Australia.
hey India is missing you u will be the next Tabu come back explore South India
Whoa!!!. 25% of people in south India have Global prevalence is ~15%. India has 1/6 of world's population. http…
Maoists protest new Nepal Constitution, nearly 250 arrested.
Carlson Rezidor signs Radisson Resort Hosur in South India - Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, one of the world's large...
Kerala, South India is one of the cradles of Christianity in the world. St Thomas the Apostle, is be
The Austerity of Neo-Liberalism: Peasant [De]Mobilization and Special Economic Zones in South India -
I was coming from South India back to Delhi
Find out the best hotel management colleges in South India.
CUAC's newest office in Bangalore is hard at work promoting Canadian Education in South India. Zaid from CUAC...
Ashok Kumar is following the Interest "South India" on -
ETTN Startups no longer concentrated in South India: Far from India's tech cities of Bengaluru and Hyderabad, ...
tiger reserve -Visit for Tour Packages to South India
Not just Surya. Most of South India's actors are much than those in Bollywood- Mohanlal, Mammooty, Kamal Haasan, Prakash Raj..
People frm South India particularly Southern Tamilnadu would surely have many such incidents to tell (end)
South India verbal food on Easter Sunday...even Hema Malini would object!
Largest Mosque in South India is about to complete in I think Congress is fulfiling the minorties' wishes.
South India...Bangalore...its summer here..too hot to survive..
Attention students in South India, we are delighted to announce are latest office in Bangalore! You can now have...
is home to South India's first Genetic Garden. it'll safeguard gene pool of rare species of flora http…
3Novices:The caves go to Cannes. Ramesh Yanthra and V. Vasantha Kumar’s documentary Gudiyam Caves: Stone Age Rock Shelters of South India ta…
South African mercenaries--seen as relics of apartheid after officially being banned in 1998--are now back in acti…
Bride in India dumps groom because he can't do maths
Nothing official yet, but tour to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and South Africa visiting India.
Sharad Yadav's 'sexist comment on dusky women'!
In which Sharad Yadav spks in Parl abt skin colour & "dancing skills" of women from the south. Only 1 person objected http…
Sharad Yadav's 'sexist comment on dusky women'. via perverted minds of parliamentarians. Shameful
.looks at whether India, South America, Africa can pull away from "Factory Asia"
Latest has been arrested now. Banned documentary screened in Ravidas Camp via
Sharad Yadav's 'sexist comment on dusky women'
Sharad Yadav comments on skin, body of south Indian women in Rajya Sabha
New Zealand's batting and South Africa's bowling has shown vulnerability.only Australia and India have looked unflapp…
Bride in dumps groom because he can't do maths
Sharad Yadav justifies his remark that South India women are dark but have good bodies:There is nothing wrong in what I sa…
5 wickets for Ravindra Jadeja playing for CSK. I think he likes being in South India, like Aakar Patel. IPL5
While im in South India my wife has filed in kolkata Can't u c d blatent abuse of laws How can I b in 2 places
The cornerstone for the first Lutheran church in Tranquebar, South India was laid.
Hamilton Collection
Way to go Orange County Resorts for taking travellers close to one of South India's incredibly interesting, yet...
That makes Bangalore the Chandigarh of South India, I suppose.
sir an RE bubble has burst in South India's RE sir Hyd and Bangalore RE are plumetting
Now its time to South India for FUNNN — travelling to Bangalore, India
continues to do good business in South India - Bangalore and Chennai showing good occupancies - Hit Status there
Fly to Bangalore on Sunday and then in the forests of South India. Hope to see Black Panther
Photo: Did you know that Sholay was shot in South India? In a village called Ramnagara, near Bangalore.
I repeat - those who haven't lived in South India would be shocked at how pervasive Xtian evangelism actually is.
South India especially Chennai,Tuticorin,Bangalore has great fanciers-Thoroughbreds of the sky
Those who love CHENNAI, here are some interesting facts: 1. Second oldest corporation in the world. 2. Kathipara flyover in Guindy is the largest Clover leaf shaped flyover in Asia. 3. 31st Largest metropolitan in the world. 4."Higginbotham" book shop at Mount Road is the first and oldest existing book shop in India. 5. Fourth most populous metropolitan city in India 6. Chennai is the only city in South Asia and India to figure in the "52 places to go around the world" by The New York Times. 7. St. Mary's Church inside Fort St. George is the oldest Anglican church in India. 8. First printing press was erected in 1711 in Chennai.9. Chennai, referred as the Gateway of South India.10. Chennai region has the oldest rocks in country dating back to a billion years. 11. Chennai is the only oldest serving municipal corporation in India 12. Chennai Central prison is the oldest prison in India. 13. LIC building which was completed in 1959 was the tallest building in India at that time. 14. Madras High Court buildin ...
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Awesome - Check this little guy out.. Rajah Butterfly "Dragonhead" The Blue Nawab is the butterfly resulting from this caterpillar - it is found in tropical Asia. It belongs to the Charaxinae (Rajahs and Nawabs) in the brush-footed butterfly family (Nymphalidae). It occurs from South India and Assam through Myanmar, Tenasserim and Southeast Asia to southern China and to Java, Indonesia. The species was identified back in 1824 by Dr Godart and what an amazing discovery. It has this rather odd appearance that looks devilish don you think? Caterpillars are usually green, with a yellow band on 7th segment. Head with four curved and tuborculated processes. Pupa green, with a longitudinal row of red dots on each side. Included is the Blue Nawab butterfly too from which emerges after immaturity. Excellent Jose C. Depre
My answer to When will South India reach global prosperity standards despite being discriminated against by the cent…
Thank you South India for giving us North Indians- Breakfast, IT jobs and Rahul Dravid.
True... Govt should act on it urgently. It is rampant across South India ...
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I am with white crow on November 2014 near salem, tamilnadu, South India.
it's only held in India and south Africa as they own the competition
New South Wales AUS Newcastle » 762 Australia v India: Virat Kohli slams Australians after day three, sa…
latest update :) Tamil Nadu details Particulars DescriptionArea 1,30,058 Population 7,21,47,030 Capital Chennai Language Tamil And Geography The State of Tamil Nadu has a hoary antiquity. Though early sangam classics throw historical references, we pass to recorded history only from the Pallavas. The southern states of India were under the hegemony of the Cholas, the Cheras and the Pandyas for centuries. The Pallavas held supremacy from about the second quarter of the fourth century A.D. They were the originators of the famous Dravidian style of temple architecture. The last Pallava ruler was Aparajita, in whose reign the later Cholas under Vijayalaya and Aditya asserted themselves by about the 10th century. At the end of the 11th century, Tamil Nadu was ruled by several dynasties like the Chalukyas, Cholas and Pandyas. In the two centuries that followed, the imperial Cholas gained paramountcy over South India. Muslims gradually strengthened their position, which led to the establishment of the Baha ...
. in India have got 100 times stronger in last 10years. IF we dont fight back, then we would turn into south korea.
Shout out to my South Africans friends in India, New Zealand, England and The USA angisanazi anibuye phela!!
Moms friend from India's son came to South Beach with his boys and I'm to entertain em. Soon to hang with the boaters. Gin talks.
hirochii0: South Korea is a terrorist country ...
I have 2.7% of my followers in Azerbajan, India, Nigera and South Africa. SHOUTOUTTT
All aboard divine chariot body of retainers in preparation for place of worship go overseas on south about india: qezu
I don't see India beyond quarters in 2015 Cricket World Cup. Australia, England, South Africa, New Zealand are my semifinalists.
is in preparation for residents in Madras and South India to benefit from healthy drinking water.
this is a bad situation. SOuth India used to be these *** terrorist entered here too.:(
Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa govt to issue arms permit to private school
says (or S.Korea) will have to partner with a local company to win tender for light utility copter
Serero left out of South Africa squad for Africa Cup of Nations
If it fits into the schedules then send English North and South teams to play T20 in Oz NZ and India. Emphasis on youth.
asks what will South Africa, and do for ?
South African judge approves Pistorius appeal - Times of India
A 20 yr old grrrl from South Africa just replied to a 26 yr old guy in India! Looks like they're getting along!
US to grant aid worth $532 million to Pakistan: Just weeks before US Secretary of State John Kerry is to visit…
India, South Korea to boost ties in defence, cyber security
South Korea Urged to Make More Investment Moves in India - See more at
Over 8,000 visitors to our site from around the world including India, Finland, Pakistan and South Korea!
Feminism. In. India. *** look at that self advocacy. Women of the global south aren't powerless. Learn it. Now.
New! "the Changing role of Sasian Women" & it's impact on marriage, weighs in:
but in North Indian maharashtra gujarat culture is different nd many hindus voted bjp it's only South India which is secular
How to visit Mantralayam Mantralaya is one of the important pilgrimage centers in South India as it houses the original samadhi of the great Vaishnava saint Sri Raghavendra. Sri Ragahavendra selected Mantralaya for his Jeeva Samadhi. Devotees visit Mantralaya to have the darshan of the Brindavan of Sri Raghavendra. The mutt is situated on the banks of river Tungabhadra in the state of Andhra Pradesh bordering Karnataka. Reaching Mantralaya: It is easily accessible by train as it on the Chennai /Bangalore – Mumbai line. Almost all train stops at Mantralaya Road station which is just 12 Kms from the Mutt. For those coming from Mumbai, Mumbai – Chennai Express starting from Mumbai at 2 PM is most convenient as it reaches Mantralaya by 4 AM. Bangaloreans can reach Mantralaya by Udyan Express. KSTDC also runs a conducted tour covering Mantralaya and surrounding places. Various Buses ply from Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad etc. It is 595 Km from Madras and 690 km from Mumbai and around 360 Km from H ...
Southeast Asia, which included South India, was the home of most human populations, which migrated after the end of the Ice Age, when the water released by melting glaciers, flooded the region around ten thousand years ago. Southeast Asia, not the Middle East, is the li...
Except for Hyderabad & Bangalore, no other place in South India is Hindi speaking
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Few buyers for exorbitant new flats in South Mumbai: The average price of the new apartments of South India ha...
BJP rising in Kashmir. BJP rising in West Bengal. BJP rising in North East. BJP rising in South India . But its not Modi Effect.…
The Queen of South Indian Hill Stations :. Ooty is the celebrated hill station of South India. In fact, it is...
The number of Bhul Bhulaiya type movies in South India are more than the number of remakes of Legend of Bhagat Singh in Bollywood
Every Indian from the South, would definitely show this video to their friends from the Rest of India! "We Didn't Start the Fire" is a song by Billy Joel. Its lyrics include brief, rapid-fire allusions to more than 100 headline events between 1949, the year of Joel's birth, and 1989, when the song was released on his album Storm Front. The song was a No. 1 hit in the US. Now our Desi Boys from South India have come up with the beautiful version of the song. Including amazing facts about South India, and telling rest of Indians specially North Indians that they aren’t all just Madrasis. - Watch this video seamlessly on YouTube and don't miss to subscribe: : Culture Machine & Enna Da Rascalas Joint
Holy Mother of God. Mistress II is fire, smooth, banging nd I can go on. you absolutely killed it bro. :O B) Fan frm South India :)
Why do we have different current years in North, East, West and South India as per even Hindu calender!!
* TIRUPATI SRI VENKATESHWARA BALAJI ** One of the Most Important Lord Vishnu Temples in India at 20 km up a hill from Tirupati-South India !! Lord Venkateshwara (Sri Balaji) is a SELF-MENIFESTED (6ft.) Hight Deity !! It is one of the Most Visited Religious Place in the World !! * OM SRI HARI *
Oho. So Goa is not South India? That is still Iberian Peninsula or what?
South India\'s largest indoor stadium to come up at Kannur at
: You must buy 2 sweaters, a jacket and ties in the school uniform, even if you live in the hottest South India.
Main article: Muslim music Many Muslims are very familiar to listening to music. The classic heartland of Islam is Arabia and the Middle East, North Africa and Egypt, Iran, Central Asia, and northern India and Pakistan. Because Islam is a multicultural religion, the musical expression of its adherents is diverse. Arab classical music Religious music in Iran Hindustani classical music Qawwali music The Seljuk Turks, a nomadic tribe that converted to Islam, conquered Anatolia (now Turkey), and held the Caliphate as the Ottoman Empire, also had a strong influence on Islamic music. See: Turkish classical music. Sub-Saharan Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the southern Philippines also have large Muslim populations, but these areas have had less influence than the heartland on the various traditions of Islamic music. South India: Mappila Songs, Duff Muttu All these regions were connected by trade long before the Islamic conquests of the 600s and later, and it is likely that musical styles traveled the same rou ...
“Abbas is the first guy who started swachh bharat campaign..” In South India :)
Kongress free India, two more states say - YES. That toddy Banning Gods own State in South India can now consider changing its mind.
IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad leaves for 5-day south korea trip: The govt is promoting the Make in India pro...
ah, it's Alx (without the 'e' - left it in South India eons ago) but yes, dogs are remarkably loving... amazing what they'll
G+: Bhavana Menon Bhavana Menon is considered as one of the most successful actresses in South India. She has…
Sanskrit As A Language Of Science By : Justice Markandey Katju, Judge, Supreme Court of India Speech delivered on 13.10.2009 in the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore Friends, It is a great honour for me to be invited to speak in the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, which is renowned as one of the foremost scientific institutes in India, and which indeed is recognized as a great centre of science throughout the world. Your institute has produced great scientists of international repute. The topic which I have chosen to speak on today is `Sanskrit as a language of Science'. I have chosen this topic for two reasons: You are yourselves scientists, and hence would naturally like to know about your scientific heritage and the great scientific achievements of your ancestors. Today India is facing huge problems, and in my opinion these can only be solved by science. We have to spread the scientific outlook to every nook and corner of our country, if we are to progress. And by science I mean not just ph ...
South india yatra bruhadeeshwara temple at Tanjavur
Answer by to If India signs a defense treaty with the US akin to what Australia, Japan and South Kore…
.New nuclear build in India, South Korea and China - developing nations of the future. Australia?
How and why tropical cyclones are named: Did you know Cyclone Hudhud, which hit India's south-eastern coast last..
Al Jazeera - South Asia - 'Love jihad': War on romance in India -
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South Asian countries CAN end poverty! Follow us for news & updates on fight against poverty in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, LK.
South African athlete Oscar Pistorius in night club altercation - Times of India
South Africa 0-0 Congo: Bafana Bafana held at home
Shilpi Singh questions whether current approach to planning is the way to create cities
Reading Emir Sader's 'The New Mole' on South American pol movts & politics of past 20 yrs. V.interesting in light of AAP…
Beijing concerned by India's plan for border road - South China Morning Post (subscription)
The Salman Khan bomb will be manufactured in South India
so sad to know that NE Indians are discriminated in South-India as well !
South Korean ministry shows interest in projects of Telangana:
K. Subramaniam - South India Farmer Movement explains how biofertilzers are being used by farmers to respond to climate cha…
Occupied kashmir has an est 700,000 security forces, giving it an extremely high (70:1,000) force to population ratio
Discover the culinary secrets of South India, Sat 18th
Foundation of Modern South Africa - Let's Rejoice its like India a Constitutional Democracy at Peace
LMI India’s LNG shipbuilding plans turn uncertain: LNG shipbuilders in South Korea and Japan are not keen to s...
From ancient Sicily, to New England, India, South America, & California, her journey
India becomes the first country in South Asia to ban import of animal-tested cosmetics. Good start …
India becomes the first cruelty-free cosmetics zone in South Asia. Thank you. I will sleep better tonight.
publish!! That's all that matters... Wondering, u r from south India.. ?
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The rich and the super rich in India to quite well for themselves really. Just go check out any Cafe south of Churchgate.
Just heard that India has become the 1st South-Asian country to ban the import of animal tested beauty products? If it's true,…
South African cricket team in India in 2005–06 Wikipedia article edited anonymously from Pakistan
Tipu Sultan was born 1,000 years after Islam arrived on the Malabar Coast of South West India
any extensive coverage on cyclone? You guys care a *** about South India and continue to prove it time and again.
Hunger situation improves in India: Global report -
South Korean ministry show interest in projects in Telangana: Hyderabad: South Korea’s Ministry of Environmen...
22m scattered all over the globe but (South) African Indians dont count. Those are Indians originally from India in recent years.
and I hope Delhi gets hygienic everyday lunch stalls like ones in South India
-Craze of PAWAN KALYAN in South India > craze of Bruce lee , Michael Jackson,Tom cruise , Bradpit…
I will never ask or advocate being like murderers like ISIS, LeT, SIMI, IM, Al Qaeda - we are much human beings; but it is important to understand where their orders and teachings come from. It is prudent to be on guard, to be aware and to be ready always to protect and save our culture, our Maa Bhaarti. In fact, I am of the firm opinion that Muslims be need saved from Islam - we saw how ISIS has attracted youth from Kalyan, a few places in South India and cases have come up for UP, Bihar and West Bengal. We also saw how riots were triggered globally when it came to Israel's rightful defense against Hamas - incidents cropped up in Europe, US and Asia. We also saw Azad Maidan Riots protesting for the Illegal Bangladeshi Immigrants. Something to think about; I am going to tag people now on this post even if it ruffles a few feathers - it remains as a choice whether we want to see truth as it is.
Today two representatives of EMC were present as our friend and partner in ministry Fr. Joy Alappatt was ordained as Auxiliary Bishop Mar Joy Alappatt of the St. Thomas Syro Malabar Diocese of Chicago. The episcopal ordination, which began with the reading of Pope Francis’ Letter of Appointment, took place at St. Thomas Syro Malabar Cathedral in Bellwood. The celebration of Holy Qurbana (divine liturgy) and ordination was led by Mar George Cardinal Alencherry, Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath and Bishop Pauly of Irinjalakuda, South India (Mar Joy Alappatt's hometown). We rejoice with Bishop Alappatt and pray God’s continued blessings upon him.
All the best to Sadguruji and team for Tour of South India to spread # kriya yoga
Origin :Dravidian arrived in India and became dominant but mixed with the tribal Austro-Asiatic peoples that were already in India. This group now makes up large parts of today's South India. The people of South East Asia (like Burma, Thailand, etc) can also trace their ancestry to the Austro-Asiatics. The people of South India (Dravidian's) also have Mongol in their DNA because of intermixing over thousands of years. In South most Tamil Nadu also have Negrotis in their DNA .
Doddabetta - the highest mountain of South India is in the Nilgiri Hills at 2,637 metres (8,650 feet). There is a...
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Now I know why ppl dont prefer living in South India.. Nothing less than a torture for North, West, East Indians to live here..
“East meets West, or South India meets SouthCoast, for Lang wedding Thanks for sharing this story!
Bengaluru South MP, and India's minister Ananth Kumar doing Ganapati puja piously. We need more such in govt :)
If one is from South India, they must be 'Madrasi.' A woman who dresses up must be 'easy.' All north easterners are 'Chinki'. break these stereotypes with simple yet powerful images!
Sunni cleric in issues fatwa against
1. The Partition of Bengal made by Lord Curzon in 1905 lasted until (a) The First World War when Indian troops were needed by the British and the partition was ended (b) King George V abrogated Curzon's Act at the Royal Durbar in Delhi in 1911 (c) Gandhiji launched his Civil Disobedience Movement (d) The Partition of India is 1947 when East Bengal became East Pakistan 2. The 1929 Session of Indian National Congress is of significance in the history of the Freedom Movement because the (a) Attainment of Self-Government was declared as the objective of the Congress (b) Attainment of Poorna Swaraj was adopted as the goal of the Congress (c) Non-Cooperation Movement was launched (d) Decision to participate in the Round Table Conference in London was taken 3. With reference to the famous Sattriya dance, consider the following statements: 1. Sattriya is a combination of music, dance and drama. 2. It is a centuries – old living tradition of Vaishnavites of Assam. 3. It is based on classical Ragas and Talas of d ...
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