South Dakota & Rapid City

South Dakota is a state located in the MidWestern Region of the United States. Rapid City is the second-largest city in the U.S. 5.0/5

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Bikers for Brynlee ride August 26, Rapid City, South Dakota  for baby born with VACTERL association…
in the art alley. Happy to be alive . Making music @ Rapid City, South Dakota
New facility brings biodiesel blending to western South Dakota
NACDD staff Robin and Deanna are in Rapid City, South Dakota this week competing in the We're so…
Another bonfire night with hotdogs and roasting marshmallows @ Rapid City, South Dakota
Developing and making over two cities in South Dakota. Sioux Falls and Rapid City has been chosen, to be in part of this project.
Heck, I miss South Dakota, I lived there for 22 years, both son's were born in Rapid City, and the beauty of the...
Clerks 3 is being filmed in rapid city! @ Rapid City, South Dakota
The RealFeel® temperature in Rapid City, South Dakota is -25F with heavy snow and near zero visibility. See radar:…
Incredible stuff out of Rapid City, South Dakota they are dealing with thundersnow and conditions!
No travel advised for all of NW South Dakota as well as parts of I-90 west and east of Rapid City.
Merry Christmas to all my Family in South Dakota, Rapid City, Pine Ridge. If I missed any one there I'm sorry. I...
traveling to Rapid City, South Dakota from Delta Terminal - Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport
Prairie fire scorches 48 square miles and kills scores of cattle east of Rapid City, South Dakota
Does anyone know of any Radiology schools in Rapid City,South Dakota?
Business contacted an agent for General Liability insurance in Rapid City, South Dakota.
Rapid Creek, which runs through the city of Rapid City, is where the South Dakota town got its name…
"Chris “Shooter” Sullivan has returned to his hometown of Rapid City, South Dakota to pick up the pieces of his...
Rapid City, South Dakota features the City of Presidents, 42 life-size bronze statues.
Stop for the night. Rapid City South Dakota
Guns stolen from South Dakota shop found after two Denver-area crimes: Three guns stolen from a Rapid City, S...
While the central US braces for tornadoes, we're dealing with snow in Rapid City and Black Hills of South Dakota.
Rapid City: Changes being made to make South Dakota scenic roadway safer
can you smack some sense into the Rapid City, South Dakota jimmy johns bc they are depriving us of this divine opportunity
Our warehouse in western South Dakota has moved to a new location in Rapid City!
6 travel secrets of Rapid City, South Dakota via |
Assistant Manager with Black Hills Area Habitat for Humanity in Rapid City, South Dakota - presented by...
Can you recommend anyone for this CRM/ CX Applications Sales Rep | Rapid City, South Dakota -
I wish I was home already. — traveling to Rapid City, South Dakota from La Quinta Inn & Suites Bozeman
Planning a trip to visit South Dakota? Check out our latest updated Ramblin’ Guide to Rapid City wit
Paleontologists discovered the 13th known Tyrannosaurus Rex in Rapid City, South Dakota. How many fossils do you think are gone by fracking?
Never heard of this small town in South Dakota but I guess I'll check out what they've got going on. Rapid City, what's good?
Watching the winter chaos from the safety of the living room. @ Rapid City, South Dakota
Dallas is also like, a 4 hour direct flight from Rapid City, South Dakota
there's one in my town, of Rapid City, South Dakota
Oh man, today was stressful. So glad it's over. ✌🏼️ @ Rapid City, South Dakota
Carving A Niche to be sold at the Rapid City, South Dakota airport. The Mount Rushmore Society's store,"Memories", is located there.
your six grain oatmeal is the best oatmeal I've had! Can I purchase that anywhere near Rapid City, South Dakota?
Norma Jo Tibbitts from Rapid City, South Dakota is our hoodie winner!. Signup for your chance to win!
Rapid City, South Dakota: Fall in the Black Hills is a wonderful time and place. Hopefully the weather will co...
Finishing up a great week in South Dakota. Getting the chance to spend time in Brookings, Rapid City, and Sioux Falls is…
Now Playing, Dwight Yoakam — Rapid City, South Dakota from Pearls in the Snow: The Songs of Kinky Friedman
Last day in South Dakota. Heading towards Deadwood, SD then into Wyoming. Stopped at Dinosaur Park before leaving Rapid City.
Randy and Dinah Bradbury have joined the ministry staff of He Sapa New Life Wesleyan Church in Rapid City, South Dakota.
Rapid City, South Dakota, suddenly has cold rocky cliffs on the ocean, right
In tribute to USFS firefighter David Ruhl of Rapid City, South Dakota, who was killed last week fighting fire in...
Last Alarm- 31 July 2015---Cpt. David "Dave" Ruhl, of Rapid City, South Dakota, was on a temporary assignment...
David Ruhl of Rapid City, South Dakota, lost his life fighting the Frog Fire, one of many fires burning in...
I returned to my birthplace, Rapid City, South Dakota, about a year and a half ago. I love western South Dakota, I…
The Black Hills National Forest Advisory Board will meet in Rapid City, South Dakota on Wed. 6/17/15 at 1:00 p.m
Not just Rapid City,South Dakota, with the nastiness to Native children. *** in the Guard. NAH.
South Dakota Army National Guard Unit in Rapid City set to be deployed to ... - The Republic
Weather for Saturday, January 10, 2015 Temperature dropped 47 degrees in 15 minutes at Rapid City, South Dakota,...
Hey South Dakota! Thrive will be in Rapid City in a couple of weeks...come out and learn about these amazing products and wonderful business opportunity. Contact me with any questions.
."Rapid City paleontologist completes study on unusual dinosaur"
will be holding demonstrations in Rapid City, Sioux Falls, and Pierre, South Dakota. Join in or support online!
The Democratic Party in South Dakota suffers from one singular problem: We do not support Democratic candidates like they need to be supported. Without a viable mechanism to do so, all the policy, the bridge-building, etc., is practically useless. Without supporting people for the most local of offices (political offices or not), we do not develop a talent pool of those we can mentor through the various levels of government. I believe this even has repercussions for the types of Republicans that end up in office, because Republicans only have sheer numbers and dollars on their side. They aren't organized. If they were, our good, staunch, moderate Republicans wouldn't be forced to vote for crazies like Phil Jensen and Betty Olson. Yesterday in Rapid City, at Shelter 50, a group of folks organized by Bajun R. Mavalwalla, a retired military veteran and political strategist not from South Dakota, came together. At the table we had staunch pillars of the Pennington County Democrats, we had a large group of fol ...
WHILE WE MAY HAVE LOST IN THE POLLS, WE HAVE WON ON THE ISSUES Senator Pressler issued this statement at 9:00pm today: We have lost the election. I have called Governor Rounds and congratulated him. I have also called Rick Weiland and Gordon Howie and congratulated them on a good campaign. We may have lost this campaign at the polls today, but I feel that we have won by running to end the poisonous gridlock in Washington and incorporating South Dakota issues into the race. And I’m going to continue working on these issues with the Centrist Project and in my teaching in South Dakota Universities. When I began this journey nearly two years ago, one of my co-chairmen Don Frankenfeld of Rapid City and I sat down and decided that we would have a good, issues-oriented campaign, on a low-budget of individual contributors, but we’d offer the people of the state a positive, issues-oriented campaign. We did that. South Dakota has not been accustomed to U.S. Senate campaigns where there is very much issue debate ...
Bacc in the Spot for Hip Hop in Rapid City, South Dakota! . Thanks a TON! . wE ' StiLL wOrKin ' Featuring...
Dear Friends & Supporters, In just 2 short weeks, you and the other voters of Pennington, Custer, Fall River and Shannon counties will have the opportunity to choose a new Circuit Court judge for the Seventh Judicial Circuit. I am writing to tell you more about me and to ask for your vote for Circuit Court judge position C on the ballot. I have spent my entire career, nearly every single day, in the courtroom. I have had the honor of serving the Seventh Judicial Circuit as a magistrate judge for nearly three years. I have presided in that capacity over criminal matters in Rapid City, Custer and Hot Springs. I am the only candidate in the race for Circuit Court to have judicial experience, and I would like to use that experience to continue to serve you as a Circuit Court judge. I was born and raised in South Dakota by parents who instilled in us at a very early age the importance of integrity and solid work ethic. I was raised with Two Brothers and a sister and three of the four of us went on to law ...
This weekend I will be traveling to Rapid City, South Dakota to represent at the Black Hills Powwow! I am truly excited!
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Dozers Games is coming to the Taste of South Dakota event in Rapid City on the 11th of October. Come on down to this FREE event at 6th and Main Street. This event runs from 2 pm to 6 pm. Don't miss Out!
Just ordered food from the Golden Fortune in Rapid City, South Dakota which apparently isn't Ghent
THIEVING CODE OF CONDUCT. Dennis Lee Curtis was arrested for stealing in 1992 in Rapid City, South Dakota. In his...
try Primanti Brothers. Nothing like it anywhere in South Dakota (although Delmonico Grill in Rapid City is not bad either).
Never Seen Before Footage Of Elvis Presley! (On his last days alive) Some people found new footage with great quality of Elvis Presley performing Unchained Melody. It was taken from an Elvis concert in Rapid City in South Dakota in 1977! Oh my God, when I listen to this I get goosebumps, he was the best, wasn’t he?
ATTENTION!!! PLEASE SHARE! PLEASE SHARE DAILY! The Robin Diane Stone Memorial Page and the Guernsey County Sheriff's office, in Ohio, are currently seeking a potential witness in Robin's case that could hold VALUABLE information! He is NOT considered a suspect. Dave Kowalski D.O.B. January 24 or 29, 1975 39 Years old Went to John Glenn High School in New Concord, Ohio in 1991 Mother: Verona Ann Kowalski Osborne Brother: Charles "Chuck/Buck" Osborne Known states of residence have been New Concord, Ohio and Rapid City, South Dakota and possibly living in Joplin, MO. so he could be anywhere. Again, he could hold valuable information in Robin and Zack Stone's case and is NOT CONSIDERED A SUSPECT. The more people this gets out to, the better our chances are of finding Dave Kowalski! Any information on family, Dave Kowalski's middle initial or name, would also be appreciated. If you know Dave Kowalski or his whereabouts, please call, or have Dave call, Detective Sam Williams at the Guernsey County Sheriff's off ...
This video just surfaced on the internet. It was filmed during an Elvis concert at Rapid City in South Dakota. In this segment, Elvis performs his yet unreleased hit “Unchained Melody” (you’ll definitely remember this song if you remember the movie “Ghost”). Listening to this performance by Elvis se…
Love Downtown Rapid City, South Dakota - Was not expecting it to be so vibrant
Diverted plane flight Ito Denver but in rapid City South Dakota. stomping ground. Flat as ***
Pierce Jones hits 3 homers, Chicago wins Little League World Series opener SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. (AP) — Moments after Chicago beat Lynnwood, Washington, on Thursday in the Little League World Series, outfielder Pierce Jones looked at his phone — and had to turn it off. "I didn't want to deal with all the notifications," Jones said. Jones had three homers and four RBIs in Jackie Robinson West's 12-2 victory in five innings. Manager Darold Butler the players on the all-black team hear about the support in and around Chicago, but that they do haven't grasped the magnitude. "I know for a fact they don't know how big it is, or what exactly is going on at home," Butler said. "It's just baseball to them." In the other U.S. game, Las Vegas beat Rapid City, South Dakota, 12-2 in five innings. In openers Friday, Philadelphia will face Nashville, Tennessee; and Pearland, Texas, will meet Cumberland, Rhode Island. In International play, South Korea topped the Czech Republic 10-3, and Puerto Rico routed Australi ...
Great food and music tonight. Rapid City, South Dakota... I kind of like you
With coaching and Rapid City in the WS, I'm convinced South Dakota is the most dominant sports state EVER.
Clyde and Joshua on the job at Ciao Italian Eatery in Rapid City, South Dakota. .
Let's go Rapid City! Show em how South Dakota gets it done best! We believe in you! 💙⚾️
Rapid City representing South Dakota right now in
Rapid City, South Dakota always has a team in the
Rapid City, South Dakota. I'll be the guy right in front of Mt. Rushmore.
This time next week i'll be in Rapid City, South Dakota. Waiting for to start our Lakota adventure!
Had a FANTASTIC run along the Rapid River & around the town in Rapid City, South Dakota. Been on really cool runs these past days
Pick up a free copy of *** Parent magazine at the Black Hills Center for Equality in Rapid City, South Dakota.
Beer flight from Firehouse Brewing Company in Rapid City, South Dakota's first brewpub
South Dakota will take on Nevada in the LLWS at 6pm on Thursday on ESPN2. SD team is Canyon Lake out of Rapid City.
Rapid City, South Dakota, is 19th on our list of the best small cities for business:
WOW FREE FIT CAMP coming Rapid city, South Dakota this week. READY for a CHALLENGE !!! Get off the…
I joined the United States Air Force in February 1995 and today (1 August 2014) I can proudly say that I have retired from the United States Air Force. I spent my first 7.5 years in the enlisted ranks serving as a Non-Destructive Inspection Technician. During that time I was stationed at Seymour Johnson AFB in Goldsboro, North Carolina, Spangdahlem AB in Germany, and Ellsworth AFB in Rapid City, South Dakota. Then I took some time to complete my Bachelor's Degree and participate in the Air Force Reserver Officer Training Corp program at the University of New Mexico. I earned my commission and came back on active duty as an officer. I served as an Acquisition Officer at Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Tinker AFB in Midwest City, Oklahoma, Los Angeles AFB in California, and the National Reconnaissance Office in Chantilly, Virginia. I have met some pretty amazing people along the way to include my husband, Chris Mitchell. He's been my biggest supporter of my career and I will be forever gratefu ...
THUNDERSTORM pushing south of Rapid City is producing hail up to 1" in diameter but is quickly weakening as it pushes east at 30mph. Severe weather is rocking Nebraska, Minnesota, and Iowa this evening. We expect severe weather in western South Dakota tomorrow. Tune in to Black Hills FOX News for the details at 9pm. Taylor Nicolaisen - Meteorologist
The travel website ranks Reptile Gardens in Rapid City the place for tourists to visit in South Dakota.
I tried to drive through a South Dakota Snow Drift and I got stuck at my office! Winter 2009-2010. 1650 Rand Road, Rapid City, South Dakota 57702
Hudson Falcons van is fixed and we're back on the road. South Dakota Nights Tonight - Thurs May 22 Sioux Falls - Total Drag Tomorrow - Fri May 23 Rapid City - VFW
Rapid City is the shopping hub of the Black Hills and western South Dakota - including malls, national stores, unique downtown shops and more
Ride for Reading Event Donates Hundreds of Books to CRYP Youth The Cheyenne River Youth Project received hundreds of donated books from the Ride For Reading event held on, Saturday, May 10th. About half a dozen bicyclists rode nearly 10 miles from Sturgis to Bear Butte, South Dakota carrying books in their backpacks and bike baskets to donate to CRYP’s library, which has become a center for book clubs and reading among community youth. Ride for Reading is a Nashville, Tennessee-based non-profit organization dedicated to promoting books and healthy lifestyles to low income children. The event was organized in collaboration with Lily Mendoza y Ducheneaux, who is an enrolled member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe and owner of the Rapid City bookstore, Word Carrier Trading Post. Ms. Mendoza y Ducheneaux is also a member of CRYP’s advisory board. In total, CRYP received nearly 600 books on nearly every subject for its libraries, which are still in the process of building their inventories to include boo ...
Hey AFA! I wanted to send you a news clip (from KOTA-TV in Rapid City, SD) of the Honoring the Armed Forces Poker Run we did here in the Black Hills yesterday. Our proceeds go to your foundation and the PTSD/TBI Outreach Program. On behalf of the Black Hills communities in South Dakota, we thank YOU for allowing us the opportunity to Help Save Our Troops!
Planning is on the way for the Serna family vacation to Rapid City, South Dakota in July 2014 for the Quam Family Reunion!!! Super excited!!! Road Trippin' Lolll from Vegas. Will be awesome to see Mt. Rushmore, Flintstones park, Crazy Horse, Big N Rich Concert, Drive-thru Bear and wild animal park and more…
We are Rapid City, South Dakota's leading LASIK & Cataract Center. We offer services with all your eye care needs. Blurry vision? Dry Eye? Desire for Laser Correction? Come see what we can do for you.
Karl in Rapid City, South Dakota. . . Dave, Dallas, Texas. . . Vince in Albuquerque, New Mexico and many others won prizes for participating on the show this week! Use the AUDIO option on our FREE “Into Tomorrow” App and join us ANYTIME 24/7. This weekend on Into Tomorrow, Clay Rawlings talks about his book “Pardon the Disruption”, a book about the expansion of technology and the disruption it’s causing within the law, in addition to Ken Higgins from HGST about more storage AND swapping your hard drive in a PS4, tech news, and YOUR calls!
Read about ten of the best galleries and museums in South Dakota, from Rapid City to Sioux Falls, showcasing Native American and contemporary art.
We are happy to announce that Two Wheeler Dealer Cycle & Fitness in Rapid City, South Dakota is now an authorized Hawk Racing Bicycles dealer. Welcome on board!
Synopsis for Black Hills Angel ANGELS. Do they exist? Do they offer comfort? Do they clear the way to good things to come? Do you know who they are? Andy Martin is a single mother to a beautiful baby girl, Harper. It's been tough. Her family wants to know the father's name. She promised never to say. Her family wants her to give up the child. She can't do that either. So Andy is cast out from her home and forced to move to Rapid City, South Dakota to live with her ailing grandmother. Darker forces still at work, her grandmother dies and Andy is forced to go her future alone. Mother. Father. Provider. It all starts to crumble. Matt Johnson has lived in South Dakota his entire life. Growing up near Hot Springs on his family's ranch, Matt knows the power of family and loyalty. Waking up to a screaming baby and crying woman in the hallway outside his friend's apartment was not exactly how he thought he'd test those beliefs. As soon as he meets Andy Martin, there is a crazy connection he just cannot deny. Some ...
A midwinter's meet at remote JC Siding. CP trains 570 and 571 are at their normal Meeting Point of JC Siding in the middle of the Bad River Valley. This leg of the old DM&E (formerly part of C&NW's Cowboy Lines) stretches from Ft. Pierre to Rapid City in the heart of South Dakota. Running through the Bad River Valley, the line is mostly all rated for 10mph, due to the aged track and soft bentonite clay that is prominent in the region. This entire stretch is part of a deal between CP and Genesee and Wyoming, and soon, operations will be turned over to G&W. Fortunately, coming up to the end of CP's reign, the EMDs of the DME and sister ICE have become very prevalent once again, making for one last hurrah. In this shot, 571 is rolling in behind DME 6050 West ("City of Colony, WY", which is the westernmost point of the railroad) and two more "Blue and Golds" while DME 6368 (an ex-Milwaukee Road motor to boot, check out that short fuel tank "cleavage") holds the siding. This shot may be my best memory of the t ...
Rapid City & the Black Hills we are coming your way. This Friday Night April 18th we are Taking Over The Taps at The Independent Ale House in Rapid City! Starting at 3pm every tap in the House will have Prairie Fire Ales flowing through them. Come in and help us kick off our introduction into South Dakota.
Visit our cosmetology school for training in hair, nail, and skin services. We also offer instructional massage classes and more. We are located in Rapid City, South Dakota.
My Background I grew up just a few miles down the road, graduating High School in a nearby town. I attended USD where I gained a degree in Elementary Education. I spent several years teaching in the Rapid City area. My husband and I have a sophomore and an 8th grader. We have lived in Harrisburg since 2006 and have watched Harrisburg go through many changes. I am involved in the community through Harrisburg Days Foundation and recently served on a city appointed committee regarding the Harrisburg baseball/softball fields. Why am I running for a position on the School Board. Just like most people... I have personal reasons for running for School Board. First of all, I have two students, one of whom will be entering as a Freshman this fall. This means he will be in the MOD/MCL program. Consequently, this will receive my attention. The MOD/MCL and more specifically the Core Standards, adopted by the State of South Dakota, will affect all of our children. Being a former teacher gives me knowledge to pull from ...
Viewing the "Blood Moon Eclipse" from Rapid City, South Dakota right now with Mars, Earth, the Sun and Moon in alignment . . . a sign that something of great significance is going to happen!
Rapid City, South Dakota our JF Softball Camp is coming to you 1st! May10&11 Next Allen, Tx June 7&8!…
GOOD NEWS!!! The Judge Rules at Last On September 26, 2013, a 47 page document was filed in the United States District Court of South Dakota by Judge Viken in the case of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Inc. (SMRI) vs. Rushmore Photo and Gift (RPG). I have read the 47 pages and, in my opinion, it is extremely in favor of RPG. The judge wants there to be a jury trial to determine if SMRI should have their registration of the word “Sturgis” revoked and if they obtained the registration by fraud. The trial will take place in Rapid City and the citizens that make up the jury will come from that area. This trial will most likely not start before six months from now. It could take much longer and be one or two years before the trial starts. I asked Brian Neiman, owner of RPG, why this information has not appeared in the newspaper yet, as I expected to see it in the weekend news. Brian said that “My attorney had given a statement to the press and they are waiting for SMRI to respond so they can give both s ...
Hello from South Dakota!. Teddy and I hanging out on a Rapid City street corner. Admit wish…
Harbor Freight Tools is entering the South Dakota market, with plans to open a store first in Rapid City as the retailer looks for a site in Sioux Falls.
Just got word is joining for his run in South Dakota!! April 13th in Sioux Falls & April 14th in Rapid City. Get your tickets online at Ticket Master today!!
But our news can't report on anything "scientific" and factual I guess. It must be geared towards 6th graders mentality. We live in South Dakota, the home of the Sanford Underground research lab @ Homestake Mine in Deadwood using Nano technology, we have the School of Mines and Technology in Rapid City studying Geo Engineering among other things. We have EROS Data Center using all sorts of science (was called upon for data input for the plane missing from Malaysia.) How do I know anything these days? I research it myself.beyond the mainstream news media.
Well...this is my last night as a Colorado Resident. Tomorrow my wife Sarah Kammerer and I head to South Dakota where I will assume my role as Administrative Officer at Mount Rushmore National Memorial on March 24. Sarah will be starting her new position at Animal Clinic of Rapid City. While we are sad to be leaving our life long state of residency we are excited about the adventure ahead of us!
Lee Enterprises is cheerleading on behalf of Central American illegals in Fremont Nebraska via their 'Fremont' Tribune while apparently screwing over actual citizen Lakota Sioux via their 'Rapid City' Journal in South Dakota. Hometown newspapers with hometown interests are a thing of the past.
A medicine man once told us this.His name was Ron Dubray from South Dakota. He also told us 2 go 2 a pow wow in Rapid City & watch 4 the eagles. So we went 2 the pow wow & watched 4 the Eagles sure enuf the Eagles flew 2 the ppl we were supposed 2 meet & help us further. He also told us 2 feed the spirits, they come in your dreams, animal forms or just a liitle warm or cool breeze. In return they will help you & guide you on your journey through the darkest times in your life. So when your feeling down or things are not going right in your life, take some food & put it by a birch tree & say a liitle prayer 2 the spirits & ask them for guidance. Im sure this will make a difference.
Sexual abuse to Children being released from prison in Sioux Falls South Dakota, heading for Rapid City
Mount Rushmore ( Mount Rushmore Memorial ) ... And is located near Rapid City , South Dakota , USA. There is a memorial sculpted mountain is made of granite symbolizing the heads of four prominent in the history of the United States of America and they are ( from left to right ) : George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt and Lincoln ... Brahem The height of the sculptures around 18 meters and an area of approximately 5.2 square kilometers and at an altitude of up to 1700 meters ... Sits place under the authority of the Department of National Parks ... The mountain is named the " Mount Rushmore " in relation to one of the judges of Americans in 1885 ... Supervised the carving memorial Bmont Rushmore sculptor Gotzn Burglm and work began in 1925 after an agreement with U.S. President Calvin Coolidge in order to sculpt the face of pursuing the main face of the Republican Party and president of one followed by the Democratic Party to face George Washington ... Finished work of carving the ...
Black Hills Receptions & Rentals offers both on-site and off-site services, with the main venue site located at 10400 W. Hwy.44, Rapid City, South Dakota, beautifully situated along the edge of the Black Hills National Forest.
Behavior Management CEO appointed to Adelstein’s seat PIERRE –Alan Solano of Rapid City has been appointed to the remaining term of the District 32 State Senate seat held by Stan Adelstein, who resigned late last month for health reasons. The Gov. Dennis Daugaard appointment took effect immediately and Solano will be in Pierre on Tuesday, for the start of the 2014 Legislative Session. Solano is the chief executive officer of Behavior Management Systems, Inc., a provider of behavioral and mental health services. He joined "Alan Solano is a leader in his community and in his field," said Daugaard. "I appreciate his willingness to step up, on short notice, to represent his district in the State Senate." “I am honored by the governor’s appointment, and I look forward to representing the residents of District 32 and the citizens of South Dakota,” Solano said. “I know I will have a sharp learning curve but I am excited to put my nose to the grindstone and get started.” Solano is a lifelong residen ...
A WestJet flight bound for Winnipeg on Friday was forced to land in Rapid City, South Dakota due to an issue in the plane's pressurization system.
Taylor'd Cakes provides Wedding Cake in South Dakota - Sioux Falls, Rapid City, and surrounding areas. We allow you to request information from Taylor'd Cakes
Pierre firm expanding to RC PIERRE – Personal Group, Inc., headquartered in Pierre, announced today that it is expanding its operations to Rapid City, S.D. The company plans to fill 12 positions at its new location by the end of the first quarter, 2014. Personal Group specializes in various areas of healthcare, education and government services and is a leader in business process consulting, data collection and interpretation and healthcare processing services. “It’s great to see a company like Personal Group with South Dakota roots continue to grow,” said Gov. Dennis Daugaard. “I couldn’t be more pleased that the company selected another South Dakota community for that growth.” “Rapid City is an attractive place for potential employees—the community has a great employment-base,” said Tom Livermont, president and CEO of Personal Group. “There’s good potential for continued growth and excellent education opportunities in the area. National American University, Western Dakota Tech an ...
On December 29, 1890, 123 years ago, colonial US soldiers murdered Lakota folks near Wounded Knee in South Dakota, based principally on Lakota religious practices. In 1971, Alice Black Horse from Montana told me the following story of her survival at that massacre. I don't know how many of you knew Alice Black Horse. She hung out in Denver back in the early days of AIM and was a constant supporter and advisor. At that time she was in her late eighties, still had that old time "camp woman" look and, privately, was full of angles of thought and possessed that raw, Pine Ridge humor, you know where they tease with that gravelly "Yhah-uh" in their voices. She had been married to a man from Poplar (I think). At conferences in Denver or Rapid City or Minneapolis we would sit together, drink coffee and make eye-contact fun of people who were acting "off." She was straight on with everyone, the Bellecourts, the Means', Carter Camp, Dennis Banks, all the attorneys, and numerous "loose cannons" hanging at the periph ...
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Santa has arrived in Rapid City, South Dakota, Speeding right along towards Lincoln, Nebraska!
Rice Honda Suzuki in Rapid City, South Dakota is the place to buy motorcycles, ATVs, dirtbikes, watercraft and snowmobiles manufactured by Honda, Suzuki, Victory, KTM, Can-Am, Sea-Doo and Ski-Doo. We also have an extensive pre-owned selection!
December 3, 1942 Kenneth Scissons awarded the Distinguished Service Cross   The Rapid City Daily Journal printed an amazing story of a Native American soldier fighting in North Africa during World War II.   On December 3, 1942, the British Commandos attempted to take over the airfield at Bizerte, Tunisia, North Africa.   Pvt. Kenneth Scissions was one of several South Dakota National Guardsmen who volunteered to support the mission.   Private Kenneth C. Scissons, a native of Rosebud, had joined the H & S Company, 109th Engineer Battalion in Rapid City on Dec. 14, 1936.  He was called to active duty with his unit on Feb. 10, 1941.  After the unit landed in North Africa on Nov. 8, 1942, things were evidently not exciting enough for some of the young South Dakota soldiers so when the Commandos asked for volunteers, several signed up.   The newspaper account reads:   The fabulous exploit of Sgt. Kenneth Scissons of Rapid City in killing 10 Germans during a four-minute engagement near Bizerte in Nor ...
6 is the number I got, so here are six things about me: 1.) I dropped out of High School when I was 15, due to being bullied & having very low self-esteem. 2.) I grew up with my father until I was 14, then ran away to my mom. 3.) I attempted suicide when I was 15 & ended up being hospitalized for five days. 4.) I don't like aggression. 5.) I am not the same as I used to be, as to when I lived in Rapid City, South Dakota. 6.) I am very proud of who I am today. LMS & I will give you a number.
I am from South Dakota, where we can kind of use our hand as a map, where Brock Lesnar, Adam Vinateiri, Tom Daschle, Tom Brokaw, and January Jones are from. Our vacations include Sioux Falls, Rapid City, and camping. We are an equally divided state with two vastly different cultures- The West and the East - We LOVE Hoot wine. We have foods like Walking Tacos, Frybread, Kuchen, Dakota Style Chips, and sloppy joes. We know THE RIVER as an actual place not a stream or a body of water. We play pinochle, swim in lakes and rivers, fish, hunt, and camp. We bake with soda, and drink pop. We measure distance in hours and not minutes. We can drive 65 mph in a foot of snow or a blizzard and not even flinch and still have school. We have a Corn Palace, and no one else can say that! Repost if you are from South Dakota!
has Changed in Area a Winter Weather Advisory for the following South Dakota area(s): Central Black Hills & Rapid City. Effective until
Vucurevich Foundation leads with funds for Feeding South Dakota facility in Rapid City.
Registration is open for the South Dakota Local Foods Conference in Rapid City on Nov. 15-16. Registration for both days of the conference is $65. Single day registration is $35 per day.
Crow Peak Brewing Company that was fun last night. Lots of costumes! Thanks for coming out and dancing. See you next time. Off to Rapid City, South Dakota to play Sally O'Malley's Pub & Casino. Music starts around 9
Last day of vacation. Arriving home tonight. Many, many thanks to Bill Simmons, Jalen Rose, Benji Perkins, Fargo, running unopposed in mayoral elections, Roy Lichtenstein, Highway 212 (for sucking), Newell, South Dakota; Leah, Nick and Jonah; the apostle Thomas, Gutzon Borglum, Google Maps, the citizens of Rapid City (animate or statuesque), Leah again for feeding me, Jonah again for letting me feed him, Nick again for doing Nick things, my favorite nerds Emily and Peter, Jonathan for not banging pots and pans while I slept and Al Gore, because he probably had something to do with it.
17-year-old home school student from Rapid City is South Dakota's new chess ... - The Republic
A Record-Setting Blizzard Killed 75,000 Cows and You Might Not Have Even Heard About It Oct. 10, 2013 9:39am Liz Klimas Ranchers are still digging out thousands of their cattle that became buried in a record-setting snowstorm in South Dakota late last week and over the weekend. One would think the death of 75,000 cows by upwards of five feet of snow might get some national attention, but as one blogger observed, it has taken some time for the news of the precipitation massacre to reach outside of local media. “I searched the national news for more information. Nothing. NotA pickup drives on Highway 44 as heavy snow falls in Rapid City, S.D., Oct. 4, 2013. A rare fierce October snow storm rolled out over the central Rocky Mountains on Friday, downing trees and forcing closures of state offices and more than 200 miles of Interstate 90 across parts of Wyoming and South Dakota, state highway officials said. Up to 30 inches of snow was forecast to drop in parts of the Black Hills region of western South Dako ...
Chilling with the coolest guys with a nice over view of Rapid City, South Dakota
WATER IS SACRED...MOTHER EARTH IS SACRED...SHUT DOWN THE NU-KILLERS! "On Oct. 7th Powertech Uranium Mining water permit hearing begins at the Ramkota in Rapid City. Powertech is seeking 551 gallons of water per minute from the Madison Aquifer and 8,500 gallons of water per minute from the Inyan Kara Formation totaling 13 million gallons of water PER DAY for 20 years to mine the toxic yellow-cake in the Southern Black Hills. Rapid City’s 2012 water usage only came to 11.35 million gallons per day according to City of Rapid City Water Division’s report. In other words, Powertech would use more water per day then one small city. Unbelievable that South Dakota is even thinking of committing water suicide with this one!! Supporters of Powertech, mainly those in the Edgemont area where the proposed mines will be located, have been promised a few jobs, but what good is a job if you don’t have clean drinking water? Powertech and their supports are not concerned that the in-situ leach mining will not only de ...
“My street in Rapid City, South Dakota. is Dennis Quaid filming
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Updated 8:55 a.m: The man shot By a South Dakota Highway Patrol trooper Monday afternoon has been identified as William Chandler, 27, of Rapid City.
Too cool; sitting here working away and I just received 2 request from conferences for a call for instructors. One of them is from the agency that just brought me to Tulsa; their next conference is in Rapid City, South Dakota in March. Awesome, hope it works out again. I love my work!!! lol.
Rapid City woman dies in one car New Underwood Road accident HEREFORD – A Rapid City woman died in a one-vehicle crash on the New Underwood Road about a mile north of Hereford on Monday, Sept. 30. The accident happened at approximately 7:30 p.m. Cherron Sitting Crow, 26, was a passenger in a 2003 Buick Park Avenue driven south by William James Chasing Hawk, Sr., 27, of Eagle Butte. The vehicle veered off the right shoulder, returned to the roadway and traveled into the east ditch, where it rolled. Sitting Crow was thrown from the vehicle and died at the scene. Her 18-month-old son received life-threatening injuries. Chasing Hawk received minor injuries. None of the occupants were wearing seat belts. No further information is immediately available. The South Dakota Highway Patrol is investigating. Meade County Sheriff’s Office assisted. Members of the Sturgis Volunteer Fire Department and Sturgis Ambulance and Rescue also responded.
As some of you know, Good Weathers Travels will be relocating to Rapid City, South Dakota. I will continue to serve all of my clients all of the United States. :)
And so begins the nine hour trek to Rapid City, South Dakota.
1979 chevy crew cab pickup (Rapid City) - $1800: 1979 Chevy crew cab pickup. The exterior is in really good co...
Canadian Pacific is looking to see DM&E railroad track in South Dakota and other states. The result could mean...
Dean of South Dakota's University Center in Rapid City is fired. Sid Goss named interim dean. (from
Three Days in Rapid City, South Dakota - Two Kids and a Map
Let us not forget Hills Alive Festival going on in downtown Rapid City, South Dakota this weekend! Be Safe,...
I want to move Rapid City in South Dakota.
Welcome Alice Anderson on for in Rapid City, South Dakota! Visit Alice at
David - Musician in Rapid City, South Dakota at My friend David. His guitar in my next movie soundtrack, thanks David
JC & MOM'S SUMMER VACATION ITINERARY! SHOULD BE A GREAT TRIP! Day 1 – Rapid City, South Dakota See some of America’s grandest sights! Your western adventure begins in Rapid City, South Dakota. Day 2 – Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse Enjoy a morning visit to Mt. Rushmore National Monument and the sculpted faces of Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt and Lincoln. Next, drive to Crazy Horse Memorial. Started over 50 years ago, and still under construction, the memorial is the world’s largest sculpture in progress. Chief Standing Bear told the sculptor, Korczak Ziolkowski, “My fellow chiefs and I would like the white man to know the red man has great heroes, too.” The monument is a tribute to the Sioux Lakota Indian leader known as Crazy Horse. Here, Indian artisans showcase their arts and crafts and visit with guests. Visit the Indian Museum of North America. Return through the Black Hills to Rapid City. Free time to explore the historic district and stroll the Presidential Walk with li . ...
Getting ready for our Davis Reunion in Rapid City, South Dakota! Cousins are Harley riding while up there. Planning our 2015 and it looks like an all inclusive to Mexico!! Love my familia! Next year me and 2 cousins Kellie Loudenburg and Julie Alfaro all 3 will be turning ? of age. We were all born 2 weeks apart. Me and Julie are one day apart. Of course both are older than I!! LOL Looks like us 3 will have to meet somewhere to bring in the new age! Vegas or Water and Sand!
Travel update: They are leaving Bozeman, MT and off to Rapid City, SD. Mt. Rushmore or bust.
Day 3, Rapid City, South Dakota (Written by David Takeuchi): Where am I? For a few seconds, I lost my sense of time and place. I sit at a bar with 30 some odd seats and no one is around me. Loud chatter comes from the main dining room, but I am alone at the bar. When I walked in the waitress and the bartender kept looking at me – actually looking at my shirt. Could it be they have not seen someone who looks like me? Is it the reason why no one is sitting near me at the bar? Before I can get indignant, I recall what Amy told me a few minutes before I ventured to get dinner. Just remember, she said, you are wearing a t-shirt with the saying, “No Worry Beef Curry.” What does no worries mean outside of Hawaii? My indignation calms. I am sipping a beer, waiting for my food order. I looked at my phone for email messages and I looked up and see my reflection in the bar mirror. Where am I? I am in Sanfords Pub and Grill in Rapid City, South Dakota. I am here not because Sanfords has any Michelin ratings but ...
Okay, this is not America's best value, but I am in Rapid City, South Dakota
activists: Buy Wounded Knee, face protests     Land adjacent to the site of the 1890 Wounded Knee Massacre is currently for sale by landowner James Czywczynski. Czywczynski says he is not concerned about the possibility of protests if the land is developed.   April 28, 2013 6:30 pm  •  Daniel Simmons-Ritchie Journal staff   The potential sale of one of the most historically notorious sites in South Dakota history could come with the state's biggest caveat: buy Wounded Knee and plan to build there, and face the wrath of protesters.   That message is being sent by Native American activists as a Rapid City man prepares to sell a 40-acre parcel at the site of the Wounded Knee Massacre. The property, located in the heart of the Pine Ridge Reservation, is in the vicinity of where 300 Native Americans were killed by the U.S. military on Dec. 29, 1890. Tensions have been simmering in Indian Country ever since the landowner, James Czywczynski, 75, announced his plan to sell the land two months a ...
Going to embark on a journey Friday morning as we take 87 year old Dad to South Dakota so he can spend a few days with my brother Kent at the Wheaton College Science Station outside Rapid City.
Fresh “POOP”! Or at least it's recent info compared to my last post of 12 March... ;-) I was fortunate enough, because of my previous involvement with “The Dirty Bird” funny car to be invited to attend the inaugural test & tune sessions for the “new” car at what we call “Dinwiddie” or Virginia Motorsports Park to others... The car's new owner, Steve Dale from Rapid City, South Dakota rented the track for the day. Most of his crew members are from Roanoke, VA – so, they decided to test & tune 'here'... :) Sure made my day! A lot has changed on what all of us knew as ”The Dirty Bird“ funny car both visually & mechanically. The “new” car now has a '69 GTO carbon-fiber body, fresh chutes, better blower, bigger magneto, bigger fuel pump with a fuel management system too. What IS the same, is the engine – of which the short block & valve train (including cam selection) was originally designed and built by Jim Lehart at Central Virginia Machine Service. :-0) Thankfully - they kept t . ...
Car all packed up and coffee in the drink holder. Rapid City, South Dakota here I come. Can't wait to see you Crystal Bossert and Randy Bossert.
We're stopped in Rapid City, South Dakota, for the night. Had a great visit with Uncle Greg and Aunt Sharon last night. Saw Badlands National Park today. Seeing Mount Rushmore tomorrow. Then headed home.
Casting a broad shadow over the state political landscape, State Representative Stace Nelson says South Dakota politics is every bit as dirty as the Chicago-style backroom dealings of Washington D.C. under Barack Obama, complete with smear tactics, intimidation, lying and personal insult. Nelson is eying a run for the GOP U.S. Senate nomination against former Governor Mike Rounds, whom Nelson credits with helping lay the groundwork for ObamaCare in South Dakota. Exclusive coverage with Shad Olson on NewsCenter1, Rapid City.
Fun family trip to Rapid City, South Dakota to see my auntie Sis, Uncle Bill and Unc Jimmy with Matt Brunker and Rachel Jones-Brunker and kids, Peg Blackwell and Dave Blackwell, and Natasha Blackwell and kids. Chris likes his Sturges shirt!
From ascap: Pandora announced last week that it had purchased a traditional radio station, KXMZ-FM, located in Rapid City, South Dakota. This is a sham. Pandora acquired the station as their latest attempt to reduce the already far too low amounts they pay for the use of ASCAP members' creative works - your music - to generate hundreds of millions of dollars for their online music streaming business. The fact is Pandora is making millions of dollars streaming songwriters' music online, but paying a very low rate for it. A mere 4% of Pandora's total revenue is spent on licensing public performance rights from songwriters and composers. And yet Pandora is going to great lengths to try to pay even less - suing songwriters in federal rate court and now buying an FM radio station in South Dakota. But their argument just isn't reasonable. You don't have to be an expert to understand internet radio and traditional AM/FM radio use music and generate revenue in very different ways. ASCAP has negotiated plenty of d ...
Pandora recently purchased radio station KXMZ-FM in Rapid City, South Dakota, in a bid to lower the licensing fees it pays songwriters and composers for public performances of their work. Pandora says this will help music creators and listeners, but the facts tell a much different story.
So we are staying the night in Rapid City, South Dakota and we are going to Mount Rushmore National Memorial TOMORROW! So excited!
This was the rest of the trip to Spearfish,South Dakota. The terrain is more gentle rolling hills. The land in North Dakota is mostly farmland. The terrain in South, Dakota is the same and is mostly ranchland. Off to Rapid City in the morning and then drive to Casper, Wyoming.
The 2014 Hillcat Travelers destinations have been determined!! June 10-17, 2014 - America's Cowboy Country. Travelers will begin their vacation in Jackson, Wyoming and end in Rapid City, South Dakota. Highlights include, whitewater rafting, Yellowstone National Park, Mt. Rushmore and more!!! August 26-June 5, 2014 will be the Alaska Adventure of a lifetime! The trip starts in Seattle, Washington and includes a 7 night cruise through Alaska. Highlights include, Space Needle, Tracy Arm Fjord, Juneau, Victoria, British Columbia and more! Stay tuned for more details!
Luckily, Visit Rapid City shares a bunch of sample itineraries but I want to know what you suggest. We are headed to Rapid City, South Dakota next month for a few days. We have Mount Rushmore National Memorial and Custer State Park on the agenda so far. Leave your suggestions below. Feel free to share links to posts if you have written about your visit!
A herd of bison taking a midday siesta in Custer State Park south of Rapid City, South Dakota.
Back from a great road trip with great friends! South Dakota was beautiful!! Went through the Black Hills Forest, Custers State Park, Spearfish Canyon, Devil's Tower Loop in Wyoming, Needles Highway, Eye of the Needle, The Badlands and City of Wall. We also stopped at the 1880's town, Deadwood, City of Lead and Sturgis. We stopped in Historic Keystone City of Gold below Mount Rushmore and visited the Mount Rushmore National Monument. We saw the Crazy Horse Memorial. We stayed a couple nights in Rapid City and a couple nights in Spearfish. We saw so many other sites along the way. We visited all the Harley stores along the way and stopped at the famous Full Throttle Saloon! Lots of beautiful country and great memories were made!!
  June 11, 1972 – Rapid City Flood of 1972   On June 9, 1972 the worst natural disaster ever experienced in South Dakota occurred when a storm dropped 14 inches of rain in most parts of the Black Hills. The Rapid City flood of 1972 happened in a matter of hours as Rapid Creek swelled into a raging river. The fast water removed many houses from their foundations and many houses, with residents still in them, were seen floating down the creek. Cars were caught in the water and some floated for more than a mile.  236 people died in the flood.  Fortunately for the citizens of Rapid City, most of the South Dakota National Guard units were at annual training in Camp Rapid or the immediate area. Called to emergency flood rescue and security missions the members used the guard equipment to rescue people caught in trees and on top of houses. Local citizens praised the National Guard soldiers for the heroic efforts on that night.   By June 11th the known death toll from the Rapid City flood was nearly 20 ...
White House expands disaster declaration in Oklahoma due to tornados - winds have downed several trees, blown the roofs off outbuildings in New Berlin, Texas, this evening - Senate candidates Democratic US Rep. Markey, Republican businessman Gomez debate deficit reduction, gun control issues - stocks dive on strong yen, US losses; Nikkei Average down 2.2% - helicopter crashes outside of Oklahoma hospital, fire chief says - structures confirmed lost in Royal Gorge Fire; no information about what those structures are - buys radio station in Rapid City, South Dakota, to qualify for lower rates - with tornado potential will return to mid-Atlantic and Southern US from Wednesday night to Thursday night - Jury finds former US Rep. Rick Renzi guilty of some charges in corruption trial - shows Royal Gorge, Black Forest, and Big Meadows fires in Colorado -
Today is the 41st anniversary of the Rapid City Flood in 1972. My father-in-law was a police officer in Rapid City, South Dakota, the time and endured a terrible but heroic ordeal which shaped his future life and physical abilities. The reservist assigned to work with him was lost that night when their vehicle was swept away, and my father-in-law nearly as well but for his quick thinking and pure luck. When my father-in-law got swept down a lake he saved himself when he crashed into a telephone and handcuffed himself to it. His evacuations and rescues leading up to that moment earned awards and medals typically handed out to one's relatives, and we continue to be so proud of him.
Day 6 on trip: Spent most of the day at the hospital, hanging out with a couple of local kids who's mother just had a baby. Finally left the hospital at about 6:45 PM Central time. Went over the Missouri river, didn't see the badlands nor did we stop at Wall Drug (I think my parents are taking enough drugs right now). We are now in Rapid City, South Dakota... got here before 10:30 Mountain time. This place seems alright. There is a casino across the street from our hotel, but it only has maybe 20 slot machines. A little more exciting than Mitchel.
Finished making plans for our trip to South Dakota to the Midwest/Badlands/Black Hills this summer over the 4th of July. Got plane tickets, rental car, reservations at two hotels for 3 nights, on top of seeing my aunt in Minnesota and grandparents in Iowa for a few days. Highlights include, driving through Mitchell and the Corn Palace, the Badlands, Rapid City, Custer State Park, Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Deadwood, Lead and Sturgis.
I highly doubt natives go around disrespecting Christian religion and beliefs. So why are there flyers around Rapid City, South Dakota calling Native American ceremonies witchcraft and offering 10,000 for a flash photo of a yuwipi "demon"? I'll post pictures, like and share please. Nobody should get away with this.
We successfully completed the first leg of our California road trip-currently lounging in our hotel room in Rapid City, South Dakota. Highlight so far: powdered a pheasant with the new Kia (Susie wasn't happy about it). Disappointment: No cell coverage ANYWHERE east of Brookings!
Rapid City South Dakota last night, Casper Wyoming today, and now billings Montana in the morning.
Arrived in Chamberlain, South Dakota about one and a half hours ago after a long drive from Coralville, Iowa. Tomorrow we are going to the Badlands National Park and then on to Rapid City, SD.
My cousins in South Dakota taking part in Food Network's "Great American Food Truck" Race. If you know anyone in Rapid City or near. Please support!!! They'll be at 512 Main St in Rapid City today at noon.
We just left Troy Community Baptist Church (Montana) and am on our way to Rapid City, South Dakota.. We will be staying at Calvary Baptist Church for overnight... We will visit Mt. Rushmore tomorrow... Exciting... smile
Billy and Rachel of Raggy Monster performing Bead Sweat Eye at Art Alley in Rapid City, South Dakota.
Currently in Rapid City, South Dakota. We saw the battle of little big horn site. It was pretty cool. Tomorrow we are relaxing and going to see Mount Rushmore. Then to our new home. It will take us about 4 or 5 hours Thursday and we will be to our new home. I am excited but also nervous. This has been one long trip hope it pays off.
The Slide Show is headed to RAPID CITY, SOUTH DAKOTA!!! We can't wait to see what Rapid City has in store for us and we can't wait to SLIDE into your lives!!! HERE WE COME!!! GET READY!
Well, Dave and I have started our goodbye trips. We went to Custer State Park in South Dakota for our fifth and final time before moving back East. Got to see lots of animals, which we love. Lots of baby buffaloes, Beggin Burros, Pronghorn, White-tail deer and even found a few mountain goats! Stayed at a cabin at Blue Bell Lodge. Of course, visited Crazy Horse and Mount Rushmore. And, of course, drove into Rapid City for Starbucks! This is one of our favorite places and should be on your bucket list if you haven't been. An absolutely awesome and beautiful place.
“Beautiful near Rapid City, South Dakota that parked itself over this church !! / La naturaleza..
Watch out Rapid City, South Dakota the crazy country people r finally here.
Yesterday we ran north to a storm that popped up fairly early in the afternoon northwest of Rapid City, SD and tracked it southeastward to near Wasta along I-90. The storm did not appear to produce...
Chased from Colby, Kansas to Rapid City, South Dakota yesterday. What a gorgeous "Mothership" storm! Unfortunately, we had a bit of a run in with the hail and smashed 2 out of our 3 windshields. Photos have been added to the Storm Chase 2013 photo album.
I would like to thank my grandson, Joshua Radford in Rapid City, South Dakota for serving in the military for his country on this Memorial Day week-end. Very proud of you Josh and all the military around the world. Thank all of you.
Today was a another long drive from Rapid City, South Dakota all the way to Wyoming. We also stop briefly at Devil Tower, a monolith consider by the American Indian as a sacred place. Yesterday we visit the Mount Rushmore, Chief Crazy Horse Monument as well as Colonel Custer National Park
Mountain Lion is sliced up during a cooking class in Rapid City, South Dakota on January 15th, at Game,... (1888 signatures on petition)
Re-posted from Sharon Ward, Pete Van Horn's sister: Our beloved son and brother, Peter Alan Van Horn, 47, passed away unexpectedly, Tuesday, May 21, 2013 at his home in Anchorage, Alaska. Memorial services will be held 2:00 p.m., Saturday, June 8, 2013 at the Northdale Lutheran Church, 1570 Mapledale Blvd. in Tampa, FL 33624. Pastor Vannieuwenhoven will officiate. Peter was born July 8, 1965 to Allen A. & Carolyn Grace (Swenson) Van Horn in Rapid City, South Dakota. Peter was raised Lutheran and furthered his education by attending Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia. He moved to Alaska in 2004 and worked in the Health Management Field. Peter also worked at Tidal Wave Book Store in Anchorage in 2009. He enjoyed photography, traveling and music. “Peter was really personable and made friends easily wherever he went. He will be missed greatly by his family and friends,” wrote the family. Peter was preceded in death by his mother, Carolyn Grace Van Horn. He is survived by his father and step- ...
Leaders from 11 Native American tribes stormed out of a meeting with US federal officials in Rapid City, South Dakota, to protest the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, which they say will lead to ‘environmental genocide.’ Native Americans are opposed to the 1,179-mile (1,897km) Keystone XL project - a system to transport tar sands oil from Canada and the northern United States to refineries in Texas - for various reasons, including potential irreversible damage to sacred sites, pollution, and water contamination. Although the planned pipeline would not pass directly through any Native American reservation, tribes in proximity to the proposed system say it will violate their traditional lands and that the environmental risks of the project are simply too great. Russ Girling, CEO of TransCanada, the company that hopes to build the pipeline, has promised in the past that Keystone XL will be “the safest pipeline ever built.” The Indian groups, as well as other activist organizations, doubt the claim, say ...
Operation Pets, Inc is a low cost, income based spay/neuter clinic in the Black Hills Region of South Dakota. We will primarily start our surgeries in Rapid City and will then move on to outlying areas. This service will be for feral cats, rescues, shelters and low income families.
Friends Relatives here is update: (via Indigenous Council Omaha NE) Thursday, May 16, 2013 BREAKING NEWS: Rapid City, South Dakota, TRIBES WALK OUT of Federal Keystone XL Consultation This morning at 9:00 a.m. the United States Department of State attempted to hold what they call a consultation with tribal representatives of the Great Plains Red Nations regarding the effects of the Keystone XL Pipeline on sacred sites. However, tribal, traditional and community members from the Lakota, Ponca, and Pawnee declared the meeting a sham. Oglala Sioux Tribal President Bryan Brewer made a statement dismissing the gathering as a sham because no leadership of the United States was present. Instead Obama’s administration sent low level clerks to meet with our tribal and treaty leaders. This disrespect to the provisions of the 1868 Ft. Laramie Treaty between the Lakota, Arapaho, Cheyenne and the United States, as well as violations to International law and the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, will n ...
So.. Hubby and I have been talking about a pearl white BMW 535..for some reason tonight I'm thinking I want a Harley. I know, I military friends will think I'm nuts but this South Dakota girl misses Sturgis Rally's and has a burning desire to be a Patriot Guard Rider. I see my SD friends and alot of them have bikes, it's what we do, we are from Rapid City, we grew up at the Sturgis Rally. And..being a Patriot Guard Rider is something everyone in leather should be a part of..Standing for those who stood for us..
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Remarks delivered by Jack Marsh at memorial celebration for Al Neuharth, Friday, May 17, University of South Dakota, Vermillion. Welcome everyone.   I’m Jack Marsh, president of the Al Neuharth Media Center.   Working for Al Neuharth, and being responsible for initiatives bearing his name, has been the greatest privilege and the highlight of my career.   Al Neuharth was a South Dakotan through and through. His first directive to me as a new employee: Create reasons for him and his young family to leave Florida and visit South Dakota for what he called “reality checks.”   Al came back a half dozen times a year, often accompanied by sons and daughters – visiting Vermillion, Sioux Falls, Eureka, the Badlands, Rapid City, the beautiful Black Hills, Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse.   In South Dakota, we were familiar with a relaxed, unpretentious Al Neuharth. He always insisted on taking the wheel, pumping his own gas and setting his own pace. When he wasn’t in a hurry, he got off the Interstate ...
Federal officials met with South Dakota's nine Sioux tribes on Wednesday for a historic summit in Rapid City. A year in the making, it was an effort to address long standing concerns over the high number of Native American children the state places in white foster homes. State officials, however, di...
This is the introduction from my book, Earning Your Own Respect. This book is currently out of print but is available as a used book from Amazon. Link to order it follows this excerpt. _ ONCE UPON A TIME, somewhere near Rapid City, South Dakota, in a place called the Gold Nugget Motel, in a meeting room full of self-help explorers, I heard the author Sharon Wegsheider-Cruse say, “We go to therapy to live. We don’t live to go to therapy.” I like that idea, and to a large extent, that is what this book is about. I have been a psychotherapist for more than fifteen years, and I am extremely grateful for having landed in such an interesting, challenging, and rewarding career. I owe much of the quality of my life now to therapists who have helped me along the way, both professionally and personally. One of the most important lessons we can offer the next generation is that knowing how, when, and to whom to reach for help is strength, not weakness, and that being aware and respectful of the many aspects of ...
The Sioux Tribes of South Dakota and their NGO allies, including the Lakota People’s Law Project, have been successful in persuading the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) to fulfill its promise to Congress for a summit on Native foster care. The historic meeting, to be held May 15-17 in Rapid City, is…
great crowd out tonight in Rapid City, South Dakota, to learn about the and how to build residual income
Wounded Knee James A. Czywczynski of Rapid City, South Dakota has extended the deadline for bids for two tracts of land near Wounded Knee on the Pine Ridge Indian
I finally made it!! South Dakota is marked off my list. (@ Rapid City Regional Airport)
The cold front just went through Rapid City, South Dakota... with a non-thunderstorm wind gust on 70 mph!
Rapid City in I don't think I have any South Dakota jokes at the ready. Rocks? Wheat? COWS? Help please.
Essentially all of I-90 is shut down across South Dakota (from Rapid City to Sioux Falls)
Update: Interstate 90 closed from Rapid City to Sioux Falls in South Dakota until further notice due to winter storm
Know your body. It saved one South Dakota woman's life. Read the full story via
There is a Cabela's AND a Quaker Steak & Lube next to my hotel here in Rapid City. Is this South Dakota or Western Pennsylvania?
How to Find Discounts and Coupons to Bear Country USA Drive Through Wildlife Park in Rapid City, South Dakota
I flew into Minneapolis on my way to South Dakota. I'm speaking in Rapid City and Sioux Falls this week.
Please read this story. It is a copy of several FB posts that a friend, Michael Walker sent yesterday. Mike is the drummer for the band ARANDA who I have posted about on here before. They are wrapping up a long tour of opening for Daughtry and 3 Doors Down. All of my friends in Aranda are Christians and when not on the road play the music at one of the campuses. I have consolidated all 5 messages into one with Mike's permission. Michael Walker Part 1 of story I downloaded the You Version Bible about 5 days ago. Since then, I read the Book of Matthew, Mark and Luke. I started reading because I'm in a middle of a crisis. There is a possibility that I might be starting a new chapter in my life. Part 2 When Aranda played in Rapid City, South Dakota, I had a chance to go jogging at the park. I felt at peace, especially with my personal problems. Anyway, I came across 3 homeless people in the park. Out paths crossed 3 times. Each time I saw them, these people would say "hello brother." The 3r ...
Charles "Chuck" Baker DIED: February 28, 2013 LOCATION: Eagle Butte, South Dakota Graveside funeral services for Charles "Chuck" Baker, 62, of Eagle Butte, SD, formerly of Wakpala, SD, will be Monday, March 4th at 3:00PM at the Black Hills National Cemetery, Sturgis. Visitation will be from 9:00-11:00 AM Monday, March 4th at St. John's Episcopal Church, Eagle Butte. Chuck passed away February 28, 2013 in Rapid City. Stout Family Funeral Home of Mobridge entrusted with arrangements. Charles Baptiste Baker was born January 29, 1951 at home near Wakpala, South Dakota to Robert and Ella Jane (Gabe) Baker. He grew up and attended school in Wakpala and at the Pierre Indian Learning Center. After school, Chuck, as he was often called, was drafted into the Marines, but chose instead to enlist in the U.S. Navy (his father was a Navy man) in Sioux Falls. Chuck served in Vietnam, and was stationed aboard the USS Lloyd Thomas. After his discharge in 1971, Chuck moved to Eagle Butte where he work ...
Can Rapid City, South Dakota not be a thing?
Another record month of concealed pistol permits in South Dakota.
Hemmings Motor News Comment on Rapid City, South Dakota, 1972 by almuck: I see a hundred reasons to cry. Not j...
Rapid City, South Dakota, 1972: If you’ve spent enough time looking at cars on the Internet as we have, you’ve...
Official website of Gregg 'The Goat' Cook. Emcee of Full Throttle Saloon venue in Sturgis, South Dakota. Owner of Sports Rock and Cafe House in Rapid City, South Dakota
With February 27th 2013 marking the 40th Anniversary of the Take Over of Wounded Knee, I would like to share the Truth as to When United Native Americans SAVED the American Indian Movement out at Wounded Knee in 1973. “I was also in Wounded Knee for four days.” They lifted the siege the day I got there so I was there legally. While I was there I organized an office in South Dakota. “An interesting thing—while in Wounded Knee, I pulled a sneak on them [federal authorities]: A week earlier the Army had given a deadline and threatened to remove the Indians by force. I flew back to Rapid City, South Dakota, the closest big city to Wounded Knee, and I held a press conference where I said I had 400-500 Indian people with me and they were all armed and ready to come to the aid of the Indians in Wounded Knee and it was all just a bluff!” “Five O’clock came and went and the Indians weren’t kicked out after all.” Dr. Lehman L. Brightman
'Special Delivery,' is a video documentary telling the story of Scott Parsons, a pizza delivery driver brutally beaten during an ambush robbery that only ended when he pulled out his concealed pistol and pulled the trigger. For his trouble, and despite a shattered right leg that required multiple surgeries to repair, Parsons was fired by Pizza Hut for violating a corporate policy prohibiting employees from having guns in their vehicles. Aired over two nights in February, 2013, this is the full documentary produced by Emmy-winning journalist, Shad Olson for NewsCenter1, KNBN-TV, the NBC affiliate in Rapid City, South Dakota.
Something my son Gabe wrote that shows why I am so proud of the strong family of which I am a part "Ten years ago tomorrow, I had to say the four hardest words I've ever said: "I just got fired." I'd been at my job at KNBN-TV in Rapid City, South Dakota for a little more than four years. I'd been married for 19 months. We had a five-year-old, a six-month-old and a mortgage that had 28 years and 10 months left on it. Most who are reading this don't work in TV, but for those who do or did, you'll know that we weren't sending any extra money to that mortgage company every month. We weren't throwing a bunch in a savings account. It was paycheck to paycheck and now there was no paycheck (at least not from me). I don't really remember what I thought that day. I do remember we had already planned to have a (now former) co-worker over for dinner. We stuck to that plan. My new plan was to go buy enough beer to not care that I now had no job. My wife talked me out of that part of the plan. The rest of the day, I wa ...
The South Dakota Indian Child Welfare Act Directors' Coalition is working in conjunction with the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs to plan the summit, which was announced this week and is scheduled for April 15-17 in Rapid City. The ICWA directors' coalition also submitted a report to Congress that...
Your finger may soon replace your credit card News24 | 22-Feb 20:19 PM Rapid City: Futurists have long proclaimed the coming of a cashlesssociety, where dollar bills and plastic cards are replaced by fingerprint and retina scanners smart enough to distinguish a living, breathing account holder from an identity thief. What they probably didn't see coming was that one such technology would make its debut not in Silicon Valley or MIT but at a small state college in remote western South Dakota, 25 miles from Mount Rushmore. Two shops on the School of Mines and Technology campus are performing one of the world's first experiments in Biocryptology - a mix of biometrics (using physical traits for identification) and cryptology (the study of encoding private information). Students at the Rapid City school can buy a bag of potato chips with a machine that non-intrusively detects their hemoglobin to make sure the transaction is legitimate. Researchers figure their technology would provide a critical safeguard again ...
Bald Eagle Awareness Events Cancelled PIERRE, S.D. - Inclement weather has grounded eagle awareness events planned in South Dakota this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The Raptor Center in Minneapolis had planned to travel to South Dakota to provide educational programming as part of Bald Eagle Awareness Week. However, the potential for bad roads has made travel ill-advised and the group will not be making the trip. The cancelled events include an event at The Outdoor Camps-East in Sioux Falls on Thursday, school presentations in Madison on Friday, and at the Pierre Ramkota on Saturday. An event in Rapid City will go forward as planned. The Outdoor Campus-West is hosting a "drop-in" day from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. MST on Saturday. All ages can participate in hands-on stations featuring all things birds-of-prey. Black Hills Raptor Center will participate in the drop-in day and conduct a public presentation with live birds of prey at 1 p.m. MST.
Reminiscing this am on fb with a my Aunt Becky over funny times when we were in my Aunt Judys beloved South Dakota. My mom & here 10 brothers & sisters grew up in Rapid City. My grandparenrs later moved to Riverside, Cali around the mid 50's. Most of the kids moved w/them, but my Aunt Judy raised her family in Pierre & Madison & my mom & their eldest sister ,my Aunt Audrey, raised their fams in Denver. All my life I remember nothing but laughter, singing, piano playin, accordion & organ playing & more laughter WHENEVER my moms siblings were together. Endless stories & cousins galore. We lost the eldest bro, Uncle Buzz, in 76. We had many more memory makin yrs until '04, when we lost Uncle Ralph (hysterical loving & funny patriarch of our fam), then '08 the eldest sis, Aunt Audrey. Great lady, great cook. I guess w/the passing of my Aunt Judy this wk its brought up a lot of memories. I loved making her laugh. Ive always felt connected to her. Very Guardian Angel like. I will really miss her. Its awesome h ...
Good morning. In the news today: A major higher ed bill is working its way through the legislature. A bill dealing with landowner rights on flooded property is killed when both sides agree to work on a new measure for next year. A needs based scholarship could become a reality in South Dakota. A fight in Rapid City leaves a man critically injured. These stories and more are here:
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After hitting Overland Park, Broken Arrow, Bartlesville, Hays, and tonight's show in Sioux City, we finished the 9 one nighter streak! Now two days of traveling and no shows. Heading to Rapid City, South Dakota in the morning! Congrats cast and crew! We pushed through it!
The Covert War Against Native Americans by Ward Churchill There is a little considered aspect of the covert means through which the United States maintains its perpetual drive to exert control over the territory and resources of others. It concerns, however, matters internal rather than external to the geographical corpus of the U.S. itself. It seems appropriate to quote a man deeply involved in the struggle for African liberation, Kwame Toure' (formerly known as Stokley Carmichael). In a speech delivered at the Yellow Thunder demonstrations in Rapid City, South Dakota, on October 1, 1982, he said: We are engaged in a struggle for the liberation of ourselves as people. In this, there can be neither success nor even meaning unless the struggle is directed toward the liberation of our land, for a people without land cannot be liberated. We must reclaim the land, and our struggle is for the land-first, foremost, and always. We are people of the land. So in Africa, when you speak of "freeing the land," you ar ...
I wanted to share my appreciation to my Phoenix Indian Community for your support and encouragement through the years. I couldn't be where I am at without your strengths and good wishes---You are more family than my family, if that makes sense. My relatives are so far in South Dakota and some have deceased, but we are grateful and thankful for every kind gesture and prayer you send our way..We are humbled by kindness and generosities -Yellow Robe Tiospaye---Kimberly, Zoe, Chelsea, Mary Elizabeth & Chloe---Hubby too--Warren... I look forward to everyone meeting my sisters that are traveling in from Rosebud and Rapid City- Mitakuye Oyasin--
I was looking at a live camera of downtown Rapid City and it looked like the wind was blowing and drizzly snow and gray cloudy skies and the only vehicles that passed by was 4 wheel drive trucks! BR!!! I love South Dakota but I DO NOT miss snow and cold! I am sitting here in my salon with the door open and short sleeves on!!! I love this constant warm weather!!
Richard McConnell (1943 - 2013) Obituary Guest Book "Barbara and Family, Linda and I are deeply saddened by the..." - Fred Steinfels ViewSign Richard L. McConnell Santa Clara, UT Santa Clara, UT- Richard L. McConnell, passed away on February 3, 2013 peacefully at home surrounded by his loving family. He was born May 28, 1943, in Cedar City, UT, to Lafayette Robb and Lois Munford McConnell. He married Barbara Ann Hjelmstad on September 5, 1965 in Rapid City, South Dakota. Following his graduation from Cedar City High School in 1961, he was accepted in the Air Force Band. He spent four years playing music with the band in many parts of the country. After his honorable discharge from the Air Force, he returned to Cedar City and completed a degree in instrumental music education at SUSC. Richard taught music for the Jordan School District and Park City School District. He also enjoyed working in management and had a courier business for twenty years before his retirement in 2004. Richard was an active member ...
We have had a great road trip day starting out in North Platte, Nebraska and chasing trains along the first transcontinental railroad route then heading north up to Rapid City, SD passing - of course - Carhenge and catching a gorgeous sunset in the Badlands surrounded by deer enjoying their evening meal! Just miles from the Nebraska/South Dakota border we made the acquaintance of a Nebraska State Trooper who gave Greg a "warning ticket" for speeding just a bit. The ticket gave all Greg's info and declared his race as White. So there, when go on a road trip your race is subject to change.
Repost -  January 29, 2013 6:00 am  •  Rapid City Journal, Rapid City, South Dakota   Economic development group to hold uranium meeting   State and federal environmental officials will be among the speakers for an information meeting on Uranium Mining Feb. 7 in H...
We wanted to post an EXCELLENT letter written to our legislators regarding Bill 171 from someone who really knows WTH is going on. ALthough I'm sure she would not mind, we did not post her name. Wish to encourage you to do the same, please. This is what they NEED to read: SD Governor Dennis Daugaard, SD State Senators, SD State Representatives: I come to you as a citizen of South Dakota, Rapid City, District 35. I know you represent each individual citizen, not just corporations, organizations, & lobbyists. Individual citizens are asking for your representation now. I volunteer my time and resources transporting rescue animals throughout South Dakota. Many of these animals have been horribly mistreated. Some have been stomped or pummeled to the brink of death. Some have had acid poured on them or have been set on fire. As one of your constituents, I ask that you please support Senate Bill 171, "An act to establish the crime of aggravated cruelty to dogs, cats, and horses and to provide certain cri ...
Hold up. Dustin Lynch is in South Dakota tonight? What am I doing here in Texas!? Rapid City is one lucky town right now. 😉
Seventy-one thousand acres of natural beauty and adventure await you in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. Situated 25 miles south of Rapid City; Custer Resorts is within 25 miles of Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Crazy Horse Memorial, Wind Cave National Park and Jewel Cave National Monum...
How to Find Coupons and Discounts to Reptile Gardens in Rapid City, South Dakota
Sermon on 3 Epiphany C: Nehemiah 8:1-3, 5-6, 8-10; Luke 4:14-21 Preached 1-27-2013 @ Messiah, Marquette, by Pastor Dave Van Kley   Returning Home   Have you ever been away from home for an extended period?  I don’t mean a day or a week but for weeks or months or years?    I was away for nearly six weeks this summer in Colombia.  I often felt like a displaced person, a fish out of water, a polar bear in the tropics.  My skin was shockingly white.  My Spanish was woefully inadequate.  The trees were different. The flowers were different.  The smells were different.  Arlene and all of you were far, far away. I found myself longing to be home.      During the years we lived in South Dakota, we also felt out of place.  The congregation was great and the Black Hills are beautiful, but they were never our Black Hills.  Our home was always here, in the Upper Peninsula. When I’d ski in the ponderosa pines, I’d find myself dreaming of hardwood forests.  When we’d go to Rapid City to shop, e ...
We need a program in Alabama similar to the one in South Dakota, WHOSE IN? With the evidence and research on FASD we need solution. Sioux Falls, S.D. — South Dakota’s largest medical facility and the Oglala Sioux Tribe have announced a partnership to expand a program aimed at preventing fetal alcohol syndrome and other alcohol-related problems affecting Native American children by intervening before their mothers become pregnant. The program is already working with women on the Pine Ridge Reservation and in Rapid City, where counselors say it has been successful in decreasing binge drinking and reducing unintended pregnancies by encouraging contraception use. Some of the women in the program once consumed an entire bottle of hard liquor, the equivalent of about 17 drinks, in one day. Others opted for a 40 oz. malt liquor, the equivalent of about five drinks. A few drank while previously pregnant. “A lot of it when they’re young, it’s kind of the norm and when they’re hanging around with their ...
Today, international selling recording artist B. of Dakota South Records will be speaking to the youth at The Lincoln Academy in Rapid City, SD about his music career and record label, but most importantly the importance of their education and providing them with the inspiration to follow their dreams!
Headed to Rapid City today to pick up an Espresso Machine for our new business. This is going to be the first time that i have been in Rapid City in like 8 years
January 25, 2013Junior Olympic hopefuls shoot qualifying match in Rapid Cityby mytown-editorElizabeth Scott, 17, of Rapid City, takes aim during the 2013 South Dakota Junior Olympic Course and state qualifier match held in Rapid City Jan. 20. (SDNG photo by Staff Sgt. Michael Beck)by Staff Sgt. Mich...
Stacey Darling loves watching family movies at the Ellsworth Air Force Base theater in South Dakota because it’s so much more affordable than taking her three children to the multiplex in nearby Rapid City. Darling, whose husband is an airman, has been catching second-run films on base for abo...
Manuel A. Moran Manuel Anthony Moran, 44, of Rapid City was taken with the angels on Sunday, January 20, 2013 at his home. He was born in Berkley, California to the late Robert Louis Moran and Ramona Tyon on September 28, 1968. The family eventually moved to South Dakota where Manuel grew up in Pine Ridge and later in Hot Springs. He was blessed with three beautiful girls; Jessica, Brittney and Ashley. Manuel was preceded in death by both of his parents, grandparents, his sisters and a brother. Survivors include his three daughters; Jessica Cassella and her husband DonVito, Brittney Hamaker and her significant other, Leo and Ashley Hamaker all of Rapid City all of Rapid City, five grandchildren; Nevaeh, Trinity, Milaina, Taylah and DonVito, Jr. and Two Brothers; Robert Moran, Jr. and Ramon Moran, both of Rapid City, numerous nieces and nephews and all of his amazing friends. His visitation will begin at 5:00pm with a Rosary and Christian Wake Service at 7:00pm on Thursday, January 24, 2013 at Edstrom & Ro ...
...and I'm officially the last person in South Dakota is see that it is Gotham vs Rapid City in the Dark Knight Rises.
The morning was cool and crisp as I began my hike up the trail to the top of Terry Peak, and although it was late October, the sun was just beginning to warm the South Dakota mountain side. I had been looking forward to the solitude of the mountains all week and relished the thought of two days away from the office. I adjusted my backpack, picked up my walking stick and set off at an easy gait. Being the youngest member of an old line Rapid City law firm was an honor to be sure, but it also meant that the usual and mundane cases were thrown my way, and for that reason this weekend of climbing would take my mind off the sometimes boring humdrum of the weekly grind.   While the Black Hills mountains are no Pikes Peak, they can quickly tucker you out if you're not in climbing shape, and as such, after about one hour I was ready to take a break, pulling off the trail to look for a good spot to rest my legs. As I sat on a rock eating a banana, I heard a giggle coming from a thicket about thirty yards farther ...
David B. Curington RAPID CITY | David Bruce "Dave" Curington, 40, died from brain cancer Wednesday, Dec. 26, 2012, in Rapid City. Dave was born Oct. 23, 1972, at Ellsworth, AFB, to Bruce and Rachel Curington. Despite living in other states while a young boy, after coming back to Rapid City while in junior high, Dave always thought of the Black Hills and South Dakota as home. After graduating from Stevens High School, Dave attended the University of SD in Vermillion for a year and a half before transferring to Black Hills State University in Spearfish, graduating in 1998. 1998 was a good year for Dave - he met his wife Lindsay in December 1998. David and Lindsay were married March 15, 2000, in Rapid City. After a couple years of marriage, David moved back to Vermillion with his family to attend Law School at USD. He graduated from Law School in 2005, was admitted to the South Dakota State Bar, and began work as an Assistant Public Defender for Pennington County. David was a committed advocate for his clien ...
SkyView Forecast for Wednesday January 2nd: Temps remain cold for Wednesday as more clouds and some snow push into the region. We won't see much snow here in Rapid City, the highest amounts will be in the northern Black Hills and northeastern Wyoming. Winds will be shifting out of the northwest and will be breezy. There is a Wind Advisory in place for northwestern South Dakota. Winds will be between 15-25mph with stronger gusts. Temps slowly warm up as we head into the second half of the work week. A dry weather pattern will begin to take command of our area. Temps will push into the 40s under sunny skies. We should see limited cloud cover as we remain dry so snow will start to diminish. We could be looking at 50s by the next work week. Meteorologist Darren Leeds
2011 and 2012 were years of having many obstacles in our life road, but we as a family have stood strong together to conquer them. Sometimes events happen in our lives that we have no control over, but how we pick ourselves up and go on is whats made us strong. I love my big family from Bonesteel, Pierre, Sioux Falls, Aberdeen, Rapid City, Rosebud reservation. I believe it woiuld be more simple to just say all of South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska. We must believe and work together as a family to conquer 2013 on a run. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT.
Been listen 2ya past 24 your musics helping homies and me from Rapid City 2 Sioux Falls all across state of South Dakota
Matching grant for the "Diocesan Masses for Life" is still in effect. The Diocesan Social Justice Commission will match total donations made to the “Diocesan Masses for Life” project, up to a total of $250. This is the sixth year the Diocese has helped ensure funds for the daily Masses offered throughout the diocese for the protection of all life. Prayer is essential to ensuring a culture of life in South Dakota and throughout the nation! Donations must be postmarked on or before December 31st, 2012. Please send donations to: Diocesan Masses for Life, c/o Mary Mitchell, 113 Berry Pine Rd., Rapid City, SD 57702
Posted by Tony .V. On this day in KISSTORY 1972 - Lew Linet sends a check for $1,200.00 to Paul Stanley, this is the advance on the Wicked Lester record. Upon completion of the album another $1,000.00 will be paid out and yet another $1,000.00 when the record is released. 1974 - KISS brings the heat of the “Hotter Than *** Tour” to Fort Wayne, Indiana. 1975 - The “Hottest Band In The Land” is loud and clear at Louisville Gardens in Louisville, Kentucky. 1976 - KISS brings the thunder of their “Rock and Roll Over tour” to the Cumberland County Coliseum in Fayetteville, North Carolina. 1977 - KISS proves, once again, why they are; “The Hottest Band In The World” during the Alive II tour as they play the Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 1981 - KISS appears on America's Top Ten which is hosted by the legendary Kasey Kasem. He talks to them about (Music from) The Elder and plays the video "A World Without Heroes." 1982 - KISS cancels the show in Rapid City, South Dakota wh ...
Moving to South Dakota!!! Anyone here in Rapid City area want to get together about starting a Maker space up there??? I'm looking for a job up there, and a place!
Hey, all of you Christmas shoppers out there! The Black Hills Writers Group is having a collective book signing for its newly published anthology, GRANITE ISLAND, AMBER SEA: WRITINGS FROM THE Black Hills AND PLAINS! How cool would it be to buy a book signed by several of the authors whose work is represented between its covers? And all for only $13 + tax to benefit the oldest writing group in South Dakota! Please join us on Saturday, December 22, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Everybody's Bookstore, 3321 West Main Street here in Rapid City. We'd love to sign some books for you!
California artist chosen for Main Street Square sculptures in Rapid City, South Dakota
Destination Rapid City announced the selection of granite sculptor Masayuki Nagase as the artist for The Sculpture Project in Main Street Square. Nagase's design depicts the natural and cultural history of western South Dakota. An exhibit of the artist's past work and design for the project will open at the Dahl Arts Center January 11. Nagase will be in Rapid City for the opening of the exhibit and will return in late January for community design workshops.
Stop by and see us today just off I-90 Exit 55 in Rapid City, South Dakota or visit one of our four additional locations in Sturgis, Deadwood, Wall & Hill City, South Dakota.
Make your way to the Western Region of South Dakota, also known as the Black Hills, Badlands and Lakes Region, brimming with scenery, exciting adventure and rich American history. Unwind in the friendly hospitality of Rapid City, adorned with inspiring, life-size statues of our nation’s past preside...
Snow reports from across South Dakota: 1 inch in Rapid City, 1-3 expected in Pierre, 1-2 coming to Sioux Falls.
Snow is accumulating as a storm rolls across South Dakota. The ground is white from Rapid City to Huron. Flurries will start between 11 a.m. and noon in the Sioux Falls area, and the snow should fall through 6 p.m., dropping 1 to 2 inches.
SOUTH DAKOTA: "South Dakota Seeing Big Increase in STD Cases" Rapid City Journal (12.04.12):: Associated Press South Dakota has had an increase in sexually transmitted diseases, which is being blamed on meeting partners online, a changing population, and a relaxed view of risks. Chlamydia rates have doubled from the late 1990s, and gonorrhea is twice as common as it was five years ago. There have been 17 cases of syphilis this year, compared to no cases reported last year. Two physicians from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) spent two weeks in South Dakota at the invitation of the Northern Plains Tribal Epidemiology Center in Rapid City and officials on the Pine Ridge and Cheyenne River Reservations. As a result of the visit, health officials in South Dakota will treat gonorrhea using expedited partner therapy, in which a clinician provides a patient with a sexually transmitted disease a drug prescription for a sex partner without having examined the partner. In Sioux Falls, health o . ...
It's interesting that Canadian Pacific now wishes to divest a large section of the former DM&E system after purchasing it just a few years ago. From today's Trains News Wire: "CP seeking operator for west end of Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern By Steve Glischinski Published: December 4, 2012 MINNEAPOLIS – Canadian Pacific said today it is seeking interested parties to take over the west end of the former Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern. CP would divest all the DM&E lines west of the division point of Tracy, Minn., which would include all its trackage in South Dakota, Nebraska and Wyoming. The railroad said it was 'inviting expressions of interest from prospective partners' for the lines. Included are approximately 660 miles of former Chicago & North Western track that was sold to DM&E in 1986. It includes the lines from Tracy to Rapid City, S.D.; north of Rapid City to Colony, Wyo.; and south of Rapid City to Dakota Jct., Neb. Also included are three South Dakota branch lines: a 27-branch from Redfield to Mans ...
From the West Coast heading East, a warm and sunny welcome to The Open Door in Glendale, AZ; Temple Emanuel Gift Shop in Tempe (2 new Bar Mitzvah cards are coming out!); Model Pharmacy in Albuquerque, NM; and Cahoots Cards and Gifts in Salt Lake City! We'd also like to say hello to our first store in South Dakota - Mitzi's Books in Rapid City. Best of Books in Edmond, OK, as well as Random and We Are 1976 in Dallas, Texas - thank you for your orders, as well!
Hill City is the oldest existing city in Pennington County, South Dakota, United States. The population was 948 at the 2010 census. Hill City is located southwest of Rapid City on State Highway 16 and on U.S. Route 385 that connects Deadwood to Hot Springs. Hill City is known as the "Heart of the Hi...
If you're going to Rapid City, South Dakota tonight to watch the Parade of Lights, stop in and see Don Haney & the Prime Rib Special at Dublin Square Irish Pub & Grill after its over! Dress warm and we will see you all at the show!!
“DEAD MAN'S HAND” The story is that “Wild Bill” Hickok was playing poker in Deadwood, South Dakota on August 2 of 1876; he had his back to the room and not the wall. Wild Bill, who was said to carry a large number of firearms on his person, was paying five card draw and was dealt two pair, black aces over black eights. The identity of the fifth card remains a matter of debate to this day, but Hickok’s fate was sealed nonetheless. Crooked Nose McCall came up from behind and shot the famous gun fighter and lawman in the head. There are many who think this hand is just an oddity and there are those who will never play it, especially in the gold country west of Rapid City.
To Indian Country. Read the article in about the proposal to mine uranium next to the Pine Ridge Reservations using double the amount of ground water used by Rapid City and returning the contaminated wastewater underground thereby contaminating the acquifer that serves western South Dakota. The cancer rate among Navajos who have tribal have uranium leases is very high.
Hi folks, Just to let some of you know Keith & I are currently residing in Rapid City, South Dakota. That's the state known for the Black Hills gold and the Mt. Rushmore Monument. It's a nice town, good shopping, restaurants and plenty to see and do! The house we are renting has a wood burning stove and we were fortunate to find via a newspaper ad, free wood! We drove out southwest of town to an area called Hart Flats, but it's not, flat that is, it's in the trees/forrest, and loaded up Keith's truck with wood!! YEA!!! Got a bit of a work out in with the loading and unloading!! Keith is so excited to have free wood and to be able to make a fire. Most of you know he's a fire bug!! The house is still warm from last nights fire! And warm is 75 degrees!! A "burr" outside of 46 degrees right now!! Due to get down to 33! Sure miss all of you! We'll be heading to Calif for Christmas!! YEA!! I'll try and get some pictures posted. The Black Hills & Mt Rushmore should be on your "places to see" list!!
Sioux Falls (AP) — Hundreds of tribal members and tribal educators from all over the country are in western South Dakota for a three-day summit focusing on language revitalization.
Entertainment in Rapid City, South Dakota doesn’t get any better than a night out at a Rush Hockey Game, your 2010 President’s Cup Champions.
1300 miles into trip we got pulled over. Headlight was out. Yesterday Caitlyn was going 90 on the I90. In Rapid City, South Dakota tonight. Only 380 miles to go. Yea!!!
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I got my mission call today and I am going to South Dakota rapid city mission
By COLTER NUANEZBobcat Beat Anna Sykora is used to being in the middle of everything. The 5-foot-10 senior setter for Stevens High School in Rapid City, South Dakota comes from a volleyball lineage. Her two older sisters were collegiate volleyball players once upon a time.
Place of birth ! Everybody please play. It will be interesting to learn where all our FB friends were born. Copy, paste and then put where you were born at the end-Rapid city, South Dakota
Love u my beautiful Wifey, I'm on the road leaving Rapid City, South Dakota , c u tonite can't wait to hold u in my arm's my luv
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