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South China Sea

The South China Sea is a marginal sea that is part of the Pacific Ocean, encompassing an area from the Singapore and Malacca Straits to the Strait of Taiwan of around .

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The Arctic, Antarctica, the deep seabed, South China Sea, North Korea, climate change, space ...the list goes on and on http…
In a world where we face threats in the Middle East, the South China Sea and North Korea t…
SIMBEX-17 is underway in South China Sea:. Bilateral naval exercises between Indian Navy and Republic of Singapore Navy. https:…
South China Sea talks between Beijing and Manila end in stalemate after ‘war’ threat
US warship tests Beijing claims in South China Sea
It's a genuine fact for all of to acknowledge.
Warship USS Dewey challenges China's claims in South China Sea for the first time under President Donald Trump
seargant Lan:. Basically we are close to a militarized island claimed by China
US Navy destroyer sails close to disputed South China Sea island controlled by China for first time under Trump
ZSZZ/China has installed rocket launchers on a disputed reef in the South China Sea to ward off Vietnamese military combat divers
To better understand our discussion today on the South China Sea. .
China was enraged by a ruling invalidating most of its South China Sea claims in a case brought by the Philippines
China reports progress on South China Sea code of conduct
So the hydrates news is from Chinese state source and follows v recent Japanese success. S China Sea is hotting up !
China: South China Sea code of conduct draft approved -
Top: Is China unstoppable in the South China Sea?: Manila and Beijing are to hold direct…
Well, this pretty well ends the USA DELUSION that South China Sea is the San Diego Sea!
Trump and the South China Sea: Doing the Right Thing for the Wrong Reason | The Diplomat
4 Indonesian soldiers killed in South China Sea exercise.
US should act to protect its interests re S China Sea; Beijing will help or not w N Korea based on its interests https:…
PXP 3.73 : Co.direction hinges on outcome of bilateral talks with China,the code of conduct in South China Sea unclear on geopolitics.
China and Asean agree to draft code of conduct in South China Sea
China, ASEAN agree on framework for South China Sea code of conduct
While US Navy will keep away from SCS for its joint exercise with Philippines .
ASIA ISLANDS - China, ASEAN approve draft of South China Sea code of conduct
Is China unstoppable in the South China Sea? - CNN
Good piece on drifting US policy in Sth China Sea from and Charles Edel
DFA welcomes completion of framework for code of conduct in South China Sea
ICYMI: China successfully mined flammable ice, or natural gas hydrates, at the Shenhu area of the South China Sea.
China and Southeast Asian countries agreed on Thursday to a framework for a long-mooted code of conduct for the ...
China Headlines: China succeeds in mining combustible ice in South China Sea
The promising new energy source Beijing is tapping from the South China Sea and why it matters
Major breakthrough: China succeeds in mining flammable ice in South China Sea, may lead to global energy revolution
China's A2/AD Challenge in the South China Sea: Securing the Air From the Ground
Trump's decision to pause FONOPs in the South China Sea could undermine the United States' position in Asia.
South China Sea: India, Singapore kick off major naval exercise in South China Sea .
Is China unstoppable in the South China Sea? - WFMZ Allentown
Progress made on draft of South China Sea code of conduct by via Stars and Stripes
Can a new framework on South China Sea bring Beijing and Manila closer?
China, ASEAN agree on code of conduct framework for disputed South China Sea
China deploys anti-diver rocket launchers to man-made island in South China Sea: report
PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER Headlines [Wednesday - May 17]:. -DU30 open to deals in South China Sea. -Duterte on ICC...
Researchers on a new South China Sea isle find blood and secrets under the sand – beautiful…
South China Sea is part of China read the history first Vietnam
Philippines moving troops, equipment to disputed island in South China Sea
US Senators urge harder line in South China Sea . Nothing better to do?
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The House of Crow high adventure on South China Sea available on / Kindle Five Star Rating
Four-nation military drills in Guam postponed after craft runs aground
Duterte won’t waste efforts of past admins in South China Sea issue&
Yes useful speech. More understanding of Xi's intentions would be welcome in the media eg ask better…
4-nation drills postponed after craft runs aground on Guam
Unreasonably optimistic assessment of Xi's intention.
Darwin Port was/is ridiculous! Unreasonably optimistic about Xi's intentions.
His speech was very good, but he underestimates Xi's intentions...too optimistic.
I'll just say that prior to the 2001 incident in the South Ch…
Agreed. Could gave asked much more about Xi's intentions too.
In relation to China, please explore his assessment of Xi's ambitions in light of the detail in this a…
I would say.not strong enough. Unreasonably optimistic opinion about Xi's intention…
1st you get out of South China Sea. Then we talk.
PH-China bilateral talks on South China Sea set this month via
Why China is likely to militarize Scarborough Shoal
Wake me when he's flipped Turkey to NATO and increased US access to the South China Sea.
I guess this was worth halting patrols in the South China Sea and putting key US allies on edge
The Latest: Amphibious Landing Delayed at Guam Drills - He ... - - from
China's militarization of South China Sea is real
Macau photo a day: looking from Mandarin Oriental to MGM Macau and the South China Sea towards…
The Philippines has started transporting troops and supplies to a disputed island in the South China Sea in...
“China's militarization of the is real.”
AMTI director asks whether the US & like-minded nations have lost the battle over the
- Yeosu is a port city located in South Korea’s coast close to East China Sea. Here are things to do.
weighs on in the latest happenings in the South China Sea
Philippines - China bilateral talks on set this month
After the ASEAN 30th Summit, what next for the South China Sea/West Philippine sea dispute? -
Would 'loan diplomacy' get in the way of resolving the dispute w/ China over the South China Sea? Prof. Reuben Mond…
The Latest: Amphibious landing delayed at Guam drills
Foreign Policy reporting that Corker, Cardin, and others sent letter to WH urging more FONOPs in South China Sea. https…
India continues to expand defense ties in Southeast Asia - Indian and Singaporean Navies conduct bilateral exercise…
China says has 'positive' talks with Vietnam on South China Sea
Obama's Asia policy was a mess, Trump's is even worse: "As Trump Bends to China, America's Allies in Asia Squirm":
A call for more U.S. naval patrols to uphold freedom of navigation rights.
China: New deployment of HQ-9 in the south of Hainan may create a no-fly zone in the South China Sea (📷https:/…
gets underway from Singapore for training in South China Sea - via https…
China will pursue efforts to fulfil its OBOR initiative: US
China's Belt and Road initiative: In giant trade Belt, Road to new growth rush
Russia takes over crimea, invades Ukraine, china takes over south china sea, and Obama gives nuc path to Iran. 10/1 u never s…
The U.S. will still challenge China's claims in the South China Sea .
Philippine soldiers stationed on the border of South China Sea in a dilapidated ship | TIP - in Palawan |…
Insightful overview of recent SCS activities by Vietnam and China
Trump softens on China?Pentagon denies US patrols permission on SCS, reports CNN
Why the US is mistaken to take a softer line with China over North Korea
Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea - Super useful weekly roundups from AP
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China tested a new missile near the Korean peninsula The test came hours after the South …
CHINA is about to launch rocket control over THE SOUTH CHINA SEA: qua
US Navy Vows to Continue Challenging Beijing's Claims in the South China Sea - TIME
These satellite images are said to reveal Chinese expansion in the South Sea: htt…
China continues its advances into the South China Sea.
US Navy to still test Beijing's reef claims in South China Sea
I have a nephew deployed in the South China Sea. His mother is beside herself with Trump making decisions. God Bless
Satellite images reveal Chinese expansion in South China Sea The building never stopped
The US-CHINA balance is shifting and the problem for the littoral states THE SOUTH CHINA SEA(PART 1): qua
A US Navy Ship has reportedly collided with a South Korean Fishing boat in the East China Sea!
China is back again challenging for the South China Sea. US failure to deal with N. Korea effectively and...
A bugis schooner under full sale in the South China Sea. Indonesia is home to the last great…
With China, North Korea, the South China Sea, and trade are chief problems, but Washington will try to exhaust diplomatic options first. 4/5
South Korean boat collides with US Navy cruiser in East China Sea via
Comment: On South China Sea, the US doesn’t speak for Asean
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Why? Don't we have enough foreign challenges to deal with? USA needs to focus precious resources elsewhere.
Satellite images reveal Chinese expansion in v
45*, China, Korean Peninsula, South China Sea . Oversimplifying is an admission of + the result of not knowing. . Xi sees r…
It goes by both . And if China gets the East China Sea & South China Sea, Japan should ge…
Singapore could be embroiled in US-China tensions over South China Sea, Ja Ian Chong writes in analysis:
Since they have developed their claims there (West Philippine Sea/South China Sea); then, we should b…
ASEAN shows its uselessness as it evades island building, Hague ruling via
ASEAN summit ends minus South China Sea code of conduct and without even the customary joint statement
D30's softer stance on China is dragging theASEAN down! You just unmasked yourself as China's puppet! Nakakahiya ka! ht…
Silence on sea row may cost PH bargaining power with China: ex-DFA chief
ASEAN leader Philippines go easy on China over sea disputes
South Sea stance reveals hasn't got control of ... yet via
No imagination. A strike on N.K will be a strategic blunder. US merely trying to allay ally fears in South China sea.
How should the Philippines deal with the territorial disputes in the South China Sea? Professor Banlaoi shares his…
SE Asian summit ends in uncertainty over South China Sea stance
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ASEAN firms up South China Sea stance as Beijing lobbies over statement via
West Philippine Sea or the South China Sea was never been discussed in the ASEAN. The host Country Phils. Distance or avoid the matters why?
Sen. Lacson on the arbitration ruling regarding the territorial issue in the South China Sea (West Philippine... https:…
Aerial view of China-controlled Mischief Reef in the South China Sea as seen from C-130 flight w/ Defense chief Lor…
Shinji Yamaguchi of on how China uses non-military means to develop control of South China Sea
Ocean Park Hong Kong is set beautifully in the south side if Hong Kong island, looking over the South China Sea.…
After Syria, comes N. Korea, then China in the South China Sea. WAR is coming.
Duterte softens tone toward U.S. before talks with Beijing over South China Sea issue
Duterte softens tone on U.S. before South China Sea talks .
Far out in the South China Sea, where dark blue meets bright turquoise, a miles-long row of fishing boats anchor...
Duterte orders troops to occupy South China Sea reefs
China recently tested a new ROV with a 3,000m dive in the South China Sea. Will be used for salvage operations.
Philippines military says to upgrade facilities, not occupy new areas in South China Sea, as China expresses concern
Donald Trump, Xi Jinping to talk North Korea, South China Sea at Florida meeting
Like South China Sea, North Korea, multiple small Eastern European states and Iran's next flavor of the month.
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Philippine President Duterte takes aim at China, ordering troops to occupy disputed islands in the South China Sea
Philippines' Duterte orders occupation of isles in disputed South China Sea
President Rodrigo Duterte orders troops to live on islands in South China Sea via
orders Philippine troops to South China Sea reefs
Rodrigo Duterte ordered troops to occupy South China Sea islands claimed by the Phillipines https:/…
Duterte orders military to occupy Philippines islands in .
. Fighter plane spotted on South Sea island...
Syria, Russia, North Korea, South China Sea, isis... only a matter of time 🤔
After months of making nice with China, now Duterte orders military to occupy islands in disputed South China Sea
I seriously doubt it but it sure jacks up escalation in south china sea
Duterte orders Philippine troops to South China Sea reefs
Philippine Prez Rodrigo Duterte sends troops to the disputed South China Sea; the move is expected to anger China.
Philippines Duterte has ordered his troops to occupy uninhabited islands and reefs of the South China Sea.
Oceans and governance. Conflict in the South China Sea explained
Philippines' Duterte orders occupation of uninhabited isles in disputed sea
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"The SCS, as the name indicates, is China's sea"(Yuan Yubai) but "the Indian Ocean is not India's ocean"(Zhao Nanqi)https:…
Trump welcomes President Xi in Florida. Will there be an amicable outcome on trade, North Korea and, probably, the South China…
The are showing some muscles in South Sea.
Was Syria all a distraction so Duterte could seize contested islands in the South China Sea on our behalf? 🤔
Philippines ups the geopolitical ante with big apparent shift away from China
China fighter plane spotted on South China Sea island: think tank
Moving images by show us how overfishing threatens livelihood in the South China Sea:h…
President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered the Philippines military to occupy and fortify islands in the South China Sea
South China Sea tensions rise again. Rodrigo Duterte says he'll send troops; meanwhile China jet spotted
Philippines President Duterte says military has been ordered to occupy all disputed South China Sea islands
See this is why we should be more concerned over China than Putin! Putin isnt challenging our trade rout…
What’s the end game behind the South China Sea battle- protecting one’s sovereignty or something more sinister
America has been trumped in the South China Sea
Military bases and submarines: on what it's like to in the ht…
China, Russia navy drill in South China Sea due to begin: qua
U. s. may put weapons in south china sea - new york - scout -
Experts: Arbitral award will help PH in talks with China
Military conflict possible as tensions rise between US and CHINA in the SOUTH CHINA SEA! :O
Asked by the PHILIPPINE president to "hook" the SOUTH CHINA SEA, the US ... qua
Hanoi's call on Seoul to back it vis-a-vis China in the South China Sea could signal deeper strategic ties
Why China is building islands in the South China Sea
Dozens of aircraft hangars and high-end radar capabilities on China's man-made islands in the South China Sea are...
Vietnam is sparring with Taiwan in the South China Sea, but Beijing stands to benefit:
South China Sea’s coral reefs devastated by military base and outpost building, researcher writes for
China can now deploy warplanes to disputed artificial South China Sea islands at any time http…
China builds 'military bases' filled with WAR PLANES ready to deploy at ANY TIME..
Our pride overflows looking at our oldest on the USS Nimitz! Due for South China Sea later this summer! God bless our tr…
Climate change decimates coral reefs in South China Sea
Philippines' Duterte derides U.S. for past inaction in South China Sea via
China's man-made South China Sea islands nearly completed ready to deploy combat aircraft and other assets htt…
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All you need to know about tensions in the South China Sea. Read more:
China says 'no such thing' as man-made islands in South China Sea via
New imagery shows that China's air bases in the South China Sea are nearly complete.
Latest sat imagery shows Beijing can now deploy military assets to the Spratly Islands at any time, South China Sea
PH not surrendering South China Sea claim: Duterte - Read:
Beijing, Manila try new model to solve maritime disputes
Maiden flight of China-built amphibious aircraft set for May
Trump to meet China's Xi in Florida next week
China is not militarising South China Sea, says Premier Li - Ш
Kerry in China: South China Sea tensions cast shadow over US-China talks: Subscribe to France 24 now :……
The US just sent an aircraft-carrier strike group to mix it up in the South China Sea
"Sailors conducting Open 17.1-3 at sea in the Hagar bay of USS CARL Vinson CVN70 while deployed in the South China Sea." —Jef…
Meanwhile in the South China Sea, China prepares to cross a red line
Philippine minister doubts South China Sea dispute will be resolved 'during our lifetime'
Taiwan's stance on proposed South China Sea code of conduct
China to construct permanent station in South China Sea island
China plans 1st structure in disputed South China Sea
Australia's pragmatic South China Sea policy best for our region
China denounces US bill for sanctions on Chinese firms in South China Sea
China eyeing 'monitoring' station in Scarborough – report
Chinese mayor says to build environmental-monitoring station on Scarborough Shoal, then the remark gets deleted.
Korea's nuclear program and expansion in the S. China sea. China plays hard...
Philippines halts visits by officials to contested territory in South China Sea
China promises ‘firm response’ if Japan interferes in South China Sea
Carrier Strike Group arrives in South China Sea as part of WESTPAC deployment:
Someone needs to put a stop to China pushing out the Philippines out of land. Trying control south China sea to inflict communism.
The amazing blue of south china sea. This time we have a nice weather - zero beaufort, but 37 degrees...
Things are heating up in the South China will Canada react if shots are fired?
Philippines to strengthen military facilities in South China Sea via
The bill is still in its early stages and has yet to be reviewed by committees
domain names
China to build on disputed shoal in South China Sea via
Japan to dispatch its largest warship through the South China Sea in its biggest show of naval force since WW2
Philippines to strengthen military facilities in
The Philippines says it will strengthen military facilities in the South China Sea:
heads to Beijjng while construction continues in South Sea.
What you need to know about heightened tensions in the South China Sea:
Senator Rubio (Republican from Florida) introduced a bill to sanction China for its South China Sea depredations.
.urged gov to conduct joint patrols with Indonesia in the South China Sea yesterday
MORE: Helicopter carrier ‘Izumo’ to train with US Navy in South China Sea – report
South China Sea: Japan to deploy largest warship
Who cares that China has possession over some of the South China Sea. So what? Honestly, let them nobody is hurt by this.
Taiwan seeks seat in dialogues on disputes
Japan is sending its largest warship to the South China Sea
Looks like the Philippines may start building in the South China Sea as well.
REPORT: Japan is planning to send its largest warship to the South China Sea
Julie Bishop backs Japanese right to sail warship through trouble South China Sea.
Vietnam wants China to stop cruises in South China Sea | Global Newsroom live
Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea on |
Japan to dispatch its largest warship on South China Sea tour in biggest show of... by…
Japan is sending their largest warship to South China Sea:
AUSTRALIA - Thanks to China, Australia can expect more Vietnamese fishermen poaching in its waters...
PRESIDENT DUTERTE INVITED TO VISIT SHIP: Japan plans to send largest warship to ...
My contribution to why Japanese war ship deployment 'signals Asia's nervousness' about Trump via
What is the role of the Law of the Sea Convention in solving maritime disputes in the South China Sea?
Japan’s show of force in the South China Sea .
'Biggest show of force since World War 2' sent to US-China war zone
Japan to sail carrier into South China Sea in massive show of force.
BREAKING: Japan will deploy its largest warship to South China Sea for three months, its most aggressive naval move sin…
BREAKING: Japan sending its biggest warship to South China Sea
Japan largest warship to join India, US in South China Sea naval exercise. This is awesome. India must do more deeper ties w…
Japan will send its largest warship on a three-month tour through the South China Sea in response to Beijing's clai
Takeover of South China Sea ‘is complete and US is now POWERLESS to stop its new naval dominance’,
“We’re going to war in the South China Sea in 5–10 years,” Steve Bannon said in 2016. “There’s no doubt about that.”
Top adviser and mouthpiece Steve Bannon: 'We're going to war in the South China Sea ... no doubt' https:/…
Former ADF head says military rise in South China Sea is almost complete, too late to stop.
finishing South China Sea buildings that could house missiles
US Aircraft carrier strike group deployed by to the disputed South China Sea to test
"deployment of the US aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson to the South China Sea on Saturday is a military threat…
Wishful thinking on a code of conduct for the South China Sea - China Post
of Becoming a for Trash From and South |
I've always been a fan of this style the NYT occasionally uses
Read about what taking on a crisis (simulation) in the South China Sea is like in our new post.
Australia says no plan for joint South China Sea patrols with Indonesia | The Japan Times
China after the South China Sea arbitration: Learning to live with UNCLOS? My case for sceptical optimism
Julie Bishop plays down possibility of patrols with Indonesia in South China Sea - ABC Online
Look at the South China Sea and the disputes to see what a world without the US looks like.
RADM Michael McDevitt focuses on US security issues in East Asia, incl maritime disputes in the
China is crying about US placing missile defense while they illegally build a military base in the South China sea h…
Japan, UK, US Navy chiefs sign maritime cooperation treaty: will we see British patrols in the South China Sea?
Like we are about to go to war in the South China Sea with a broken CIA, FBI and NSA. Sobering.
Introduction to Special Issue on the by Richard Selwyn
> on China strong arming Vietnamese fishing in the South China Sea w/
The admin’s arrival is the biggest uncertainty faces at the moment, says an int'l studies expert.
His PC should include the South China Sea conflict, Ukraine, Iran & Russia, in addition to the N. Korea crisis . . .
3 Trump claims that are actually true
Bishop slaps down reports of joint patrols in South China Sea
Quit worrying about is itching for a hot war over the South China Sea Islands.
Hainan looking to add flights to bring tourists to disputed South China Sea islands
BREAKING: China urges US to 'speak and act cautiously' about South China Sea because China 'resolves to protect its sov…
3rd Fleet ships splash through South China Sea with message, 'we're here' - Navy - Stripes
Time to conduct nuke testing in South China sea's
Btwn THAAD, trade def, Taiwan, & South China Sea, what's order of importance for a Xi/Trump Summit?
Yesterday, I was given the chance to board USS Carl Vinson in the middle of the South China Sea, some 120-130miles…
Forget the South China Sea: Did China Just Claim Hawaii (and Most of the Pacific Ocean)? via
journalists is defined by South China Sea
China takes another jab at US in South China Sea war of words via
U.S. aircraft carrier in South China Sea is from the Third Fleet - not traditionally responsible for western Pacific
On the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson as it patrols in the South China Sea
The flight deck of the USS Carl Vinson shakes as a succession of F-18 fighter jets are catapulted into take-off, e…
'The US military took a group of journalists to the aircraft carrier during a routine patrol of the South China Sea'
Oh, look, it's a report on the strategic importance, history of and politics of the Spratly islands and the South China Sea from 1941.
Why hasn't the U.N. designated a set distance from the shores of any nation as international waters?
China launches cruise ship tour in South China Sea
US admiral in disputed South China Sea: ‘We will be here’ - Read:
China launches new cruise ship tour in South China Sea
US makes their presence known in South China Sea:.
US admiral in disputed 'We will be here'.
China drills again near as island warns of threat
Ready for WAR: Chinese developing hypersonic missiles to take on US in South China Sea
The Asian Equation has Many Dynamics to It from China to North Korea, and Japan to South Korea & The South China Sea Disputes to West Asia!
Three arguments why China is unusually aggressive about South China Sea? Here's one:
In other news China decided to take over most of the South China Sea.
China’s new cruise ship begins maiden voyage to Xisha Islands in South China Sea.
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