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South China Sea

The South China Sea is a marginal sea that is part of the Pacific Ocean, encompassing an area from the Singapore and Malacca Straits to the Strait of Taiwan of around .

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Conflicts in South China Sea. The left cat is Vietnam and the right is China. The black in the middle is ASEAN. 😂
Since 2014, China has substantially expanded its ability to monitor and project power throughout the South China Sea
Deputy Minister AM Fachir: Potential conflict in the South China Sea can be mitigated through cooperation between p…
Xinhua: CPC is locked in debate over how to keep their claim on the South China Sea as they wait for a bilateral me…
President Duterte's South China Sea agreements represent the new model for cooperation in South East Asia
What could be the problem with a legally binding Code of Conduct in the South China Sea? Roilo Golez shares his tho…
Southeast Asian nations not taking South China Sea thaw for granted: draft
Trump and Vietnam's president underscore free and open access to South China Sea
I mean - even our own President has given up on West Philippine Sea (balik South China Sea ang pagtawag oh di ba)
Trump offers help as mediator to Asian countries amid China’s expansion into South China Sea
Chinese President Xi Jinping assured President Rodrigo Duterte on Saturday that China will not impede the freedom of navigatio…
offers to mediate South China Sea dispute.
Trump offers to mediate on South China Sea
US President Donald Trump tells his Vietnamese counterpart he is ready to help resolve the dispute in the resource-rich So…
Trump offers to mediate on South China Sea -
PM meeting with US President comes up in the backdrop of growing Chinese assertive…
Trump offers to mediate on South China Sea
Trump offers to mediate on South China Sea..
Taiwan's P-3Cs have been patrolling in South China Sea -
At the start of a meeting in Hanoi with the Vietnamese president, Mr Trump said he could help arbitrate the regiona…
China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei all have competing claims to territory in the South China Sea.
Asia Pacific is a nomenclaure to undermine India, Indian Ocean. Dare they call South China sea, Japan Pacific?
Hey Hilbay, the Mayor lang for you is working hard to have a workable code of Conduct on the South China Sea
Donald Trump in Vietnam offers to 'mediate' on South China Sea dispute
ASEAN Secretary-General Le Luong Minh confirms the bloc is set to start negotiations with China on contents of the…
Trump offers to mediate on South China Sea disputes
Xi's meeting with Duterte: . - Philippines to properly handle maritime issues with China based on bilateral consensus v…
assures 'safe passage for all' in Xi tells Duterte on sidelines of Apec h…
Trump offers to mediate in South China Sea dispute
Trump touts his dealmaking skills as solution to South China Sea dispute
Duterte, Xi Jinping engage in ‘frank’ talks on South China Sea, North Korea
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Trump tells Vietnam's president he's willing to mediate on the South China Sea issue. "I am a very good mediator and a…
Trumps offers to mediate in protracted South China Sea feud
I don't trust the Chinese when comes to the issue of the South China Sea territorial dispute. The Spratly Islands a…
Will China win the fight for the South China Sea with its new "magic island-maker?"
As this year's Asean Chairman, will relay concerns about the South China Sea to Chinese President Xi Jinping. https:…
Trump took the gloves off on trade, the South China Sea, and investment just hours after he left Beijing.
Trump rejects militarization of South China Sea | via
in his state visit toNo mention on. 1. South China Sea disputes. 2. Taiwan sovereignty dispute. 3. Human…
Pareira, Optima. Come winds of the South China Sea. Matrixes, metritis. Et max dermatitis . Ahotsa to me
Turkey, Syria, South China Sea, Korea, Myanmar... long list of geopolitical crises where the UK would have been dee…
Guess you have never heard of the South China Sea or the Spratly Islands.
Philippines Says China Agrees on No New Expansion in South China Sea ...really??? (*Mischief Reef) ht…
Viet Nam's Cam Ranh Bay is the key to controlling the South China Sea.
Disappear to a remote island in the South China Sea... & stay in an exquisitely peaceful 5-star hotel. By
China fighter plane spotted on South China Sea island: think tank | Reuters ➜…
"Senator Sam Dastyari,mouthing the pro-Beijing line on the South China Sea for fear of losing a six-figure donation." Oh Sam!
This didn't get much coverage last week - Asean defense ministers to issue ‘unified statement' on South China Sea
Hostilities Growing in the South China Sea | via . htt…
America, China and South-East Asia continue to talk past each other over the South China Sea
Read this book about China's expansion plans! "Destined for War" South China Sea? International Court of Justi…
You will instruct the warship in the South China Sea en route to the Korean peninsula to return immediately..
USA threatens North Korea with military drills in the South China Sea
Korean war, Vietnam war, senkaku islands, South China Sea: China done all of these. State Departm…
Pronota, Dilemma. Come winds of the South China Sea. Transfixes, metritis. Et qua myocarditis . Na domo to me
All the main subjects - South China Sea, OBOR, DPRK - directly or implicitly discussed at India-Japan-US trilateral have a l…
The Wall Street Journal: U.S. to step up naval patrols in South China Sea disputed waters via
Duterte orders Philippine troops to South China Sea reefs. Another confusing move by the Philippines.
Newly discovered seagrass bed & potential for blue carbon in the coastal seas of Hainan Island, South China Sea
J Carpio: "If the Law of the Sea cannot apply in the South China Sea, then it cannot apply in the rest of the oceans and seas of the world."
They want the entire South China Sea so they have to get rid of the 12 mile zone, to ke…
You have a US warship in a collision w/ an African oil tanker in the South China Sea's Strait of Malacca while N Korea's Muppet has fits. ??
...the PLA is strong. Killed lots of coral in the South China Sea.
No problem. Give back the Crimean peninsula, and the man-made island in the South China Sea.
"Beijing slams 'freedom of navigation' exercises in South Sea
Both Obama and Clinton visited one of countries linked to South China Sea. They didn't provoke.. They came in peace--ate, meet…
China protests US ship sailing by island in South China Sea – ABC News
US destroyer in South China Sea called 'provocation' by Beijing
Provocative actions of China threatened "peace and stability" of its neighbouring countries. via
South China Sea dispute: China sends warships after US freedom of navigation patrol via
China would 'STOP US attack on North Korea but remain NEUTRAL if Kim Jong-un hits first'
Beijing slams U.S. 'freedom of navigation' exercises in South China Sea
EXCLUSIVE: Trump's Pentagon Plans to Regularly Challenge in the South China Sea via
Lets hope not using someone to provoke a waiting team led by south china sea critters?
well done, USA - foreign policies are in right course. China is troublemaker in Asia.
Great to see the USS John S McCain aka "Big Bad John" conducting freedom of navigation operation in South China Sea http…
South Sea: Chinese military tells US ship to turn around 10 times
Maritime dispute in the South China Sea flares up when a US destroyer sails near a man-made island claimed by China
By the same token, doesn't own the South China Sea
Southeast body notes concerns on South Sea.
Wow this joint communiqué is long! Call for non-militarization of South China Sea on paragraph 194 near the end. Go…
The warming Arctic is ripe for territorial disputes. by
ASEAN vexed by South China Sea disputes as Phnom Penh backs Beijing
Southeast Asia, China adopt framework for crafting code on South China Sea
'Til 2016, Phils led the push for maritime rights under UNCLOS in the WPS & South China Sea. . Now it's part of the effort to…
I guess those manmade islands in the South China Sea paid off for Beijing! It won't cause intimidation i…
Vietnam defies China's maritime aggression, the only ASEAN country to stand upto China on South China Sea - .
A small win for Vietnam as ASEAN takes a tougher line on the South China Sea than China and Duterte wanted
Southeast Asian states have long sought an enforceable code but China won't take the plunge.
Analysis: ASEAN document on South China Sea a "slam dunk political victory for China"
South-East Asian nations finally give voice to concerns over South China Sea.
ASEAN 'framework' on South China Sea tiptoes around the real issue
Vietnam backed off a gas-drilling project in the South China Sea, an apparent victory for Beijing
Navy suspends search for sailor missing in South China Sea
South China Sea, North Korea tensions at security forum.
Vietnam urges ASEAN to take stronger stand vs Chinese expansionism in South China Sea. by
A maritime cultural landscape of Cochinchina : the South China Sea, maritime routes, navigation, and boats in…
Excellent analysis of Boris Johnson’s confused plan to send Royal Navy warship(s) to the South China Sea .
.is heading north into the South China Sea. Possibly heading into the Korean Region, but it is still to early…
Britain to send warship to South China Sea | Bangkok Post: news
China just deployed a fleet of sophisticated submarine drones in the South China Sea
China unleashes its undersea spy drones
"We won't be constrained by China from sailing through the South China Sea," Foreign Minister Boris Johnson said.
Vietnam’s strategies in the South China Sea | East Asia Forum
UK wades into territorial dispute in South China Sea with plan to send "colossal" warships on exercises in area…
Beijing speeding up underwater drone tests in South China Sea...
New British Warships Head to South China Sea to Send Beijing a Message via
😂 The South China Sea is the Theater. China & India are two pivots around which alliances will be made.Indo-China partnershi…
Press TV. UK to send warship to South China Sea, raising tensions with BeijingPress TV... US has long sought to li…
Beijing has released a fleet of 12 stealthy underwater spy drones to scour the South China Sea.…
Britain plans to send warship to South China Sea in move likely to irk Beijing.
UK wants to send 'colossal' warships to test Beijing's claims in S. China Sea
UK wants to send warships to S. China Sea
Britain's plan to send a warship to the disputed South China Sea is likely to anger Beijing .
China builds high-tech cinema on disputed island in South China Sea to help press its claims in the region
(3) Why China is building islands in the South China Sea - YouTube video discussion 4
Effect of potential vorticity flux on the circulation in the South China Sea
The symbolic message: Containing China along the first island chain is as important to the U.S. as it is to Japan.
"Beijing is not just trying to take control of [the It is trying to take control of East Asia":
Chinese-developed underwater Tansuo conducted its maiden test dive in South China Sea on Monday.…
China builds cinema on disputed South China Sea island.
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Tensions are still rising over Chinese conduct in the South China Sea. China is establishi…
Ask the Chinese, if the same applies for others in South China sea?
Xi Jinping personally threatened Rodrigo Duterte with war if Philippines drills for oil in South China Sea. ht…
China says it wants to 'maintain stability' in disputed South China Sea.
China threatens Vietnam with attack over drilling in South China Sea -
My exclusive for BBC News - Vietnam halts South China Sea drilling after 'China threats'
Singapore has no EEZ but does have large, shared SAR region extending into South China Sea, as well as a major merchant fl…
Vietnam has terminated a gas-drilling expedition in South China Sea, following strong threats from China. Notice the ma…
Beijing warned Hanoi that it would attack Vietnamese bases in Spratly Islands if it drilled for oil
China reportedly threatens Vietnam into ending energy exploration in South China Sea
China continues to rise "peacefully". Threatens Vietnam with war if it continues oil exploration in Spratly isles. ht…
China sends underwater robot in South China Sea defying
Chinese scholars caution India against joining any joint patrol of the South China Sea with the US — report.…
4. Trump signs off on plan to allow US Navy more freedom to patrol in South China Sea, report says
Sansha in Hainan province became the newest city in the South China Sea.
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Curated on @ | Annual Philippine and U.S. navies are skipping the South China Sea this year
Jakarta disregards Beijing, renames part of South China Sea - - Indonesia invoked the decision.…
That part of South China Sea has been part of Indonesia since the Dutch East Indies era. China have no…
China's not in a position to criticize anyone regarding the South China Sea & the Spratly Islands.
Public Seminar: China's Behaviour in the South China Sea: Implications for India, Australia & the Region, Delhi.…
India claim all Indian Ocean 17 star line like china “the South China Sea, as the name indicates, is a sea area th…
Sir, Indian Ocean open to whole world but China claims to OWN South China Sea. See di…
Del Rosario: We do not see restraint in China's militarization, unlawful activities in South China Sea
So, expect Australia joining India next time Malabar Ex happens. Things are changing from Indian Ocean Region to South China Sea.
On this day in 1405, Admiral Zheng He of China's Ming Dynasty set sail for the South China Sea on to the Indian Ocean in search of treasure.
What you did in South China Sea is seen as illegal by most of the countries invo…
OVL gets 2-yr extension for exploring Vietnam oil block in South China Sea
China does not have a "territorial right" to the South China Sea. Does India have a "territorial right" to the Indi…
US is obviously pushing back on this strategic workaround by China.Tensions will continue to rise as China will keep testing US on south sea
South China Sea island is a deliberate attempt to expand strategic interests given that expansion to Taiwan is not an option, a provocation.
U.S. bombers challenge China in South Sea flyover...
US bombers buzz as and prepare for meeting
China such a soulless dirt on the earth have no guts to stand up to US but sneak up to destroy Bhutan bunkers. joke.
US bombers fly over South China Sea amid tensions
The glass ceiling is now broken. Now, expect PM to speak about South China Sea & rally behind other contenders in SCS. Plus,…
seeks restraint from the in the South China Sea. seeks restraining order against
US warplanes fly over disputed South China Sea
Chinese threatened Philippines on South China Sea, they cud brow beat abt War in SE Asia but till no one had stood up & call…
Hmmm. So we've got bombers flying around DMZ and South China Sea? Interesting.
Beijing denounces U.S. B-1B bomber flight over South China Sea
Two US B-1 bombers fly over China's man-made islands in the South China Sea after relations sour over North Korea
US bombers fly over South China Sea ahead of Trump, Xi meet
Vietnam continues to bet on India. In SCS. Indo Nordic Strategic Association India
And japan, over south china sea claims.…
Friday Morning Briefing: Trump and Putin meet in person, and U.S. bombers fly over the disputed South China Sea…
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Show of Force- US challenges China, flying two bombers over disputed South China Sea. on FBN7p
US bombers fly over South China Sea in latest challenge to Beijing.
They couldn't put on weapon on South China Sea, they probably put the weapon on Indian Ocean
How interesting Communist China, having denounced/renounced international law in the South China Sea now cites it
Yeah I think a reason China ignores NK so much, their dispute over who owns…
Philippines will likely “protest” China’s reported militarization of South China Sea, says
Vietnam asks to play security role in
If the world is to save the fisheries, it needs a legally binding management regime…
North Korea is China's baby. It could well be proxy to challenge US,Japan,South K…
US ship sails close to disputed island claimed by China in South China Sea.
Vietnam drills for oil in South China Sea - BBC News
So America stops sending ships by their artificial islands in the south China sea and stops the "pivot to asia" to…
"Vietnam drills for oil in South China Sea"
Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea - Seymour Tribune :
I hold no illusions about Xi's ambition. Get out of 'denial'
How does PLA respond to US vessels' frequent entry into South China Sea? - China Military
Yes..just like South China Sea belongs to PRC since the sea is named after China...
Problem w/US not rprtng all ship transits in S Sea R tailed by Chinese is surprise when people find out https:…
My story for BBC News - Vietnam defies China and drills for oil in the South China Sea
If China goes to war with India it will have to face tough international coalition in South China sea
Vietnam drills for oil in South China Sea
Vietnam drills for oil in South China Sea
...says a country that invaded and encroached 1,200,000 of ! step 'South Sea' is…
BBC News - Vietnam drills for oil in South China Sea
Vietnam begins oil drilling in area of resource-rich South China Sea, also claimed by China. http…
Vietnam drills for oil in South China Sea -
Vietnam Deputy PM urges India to play role to uphold Freedom of Navigation in South China Sea & assist in safegu…
Beijing lambastes US warship patrol in South China Sea as tensions ... - The Japan Times
China accuses U.S. of "serious military provocation" after it sailed near a disputed island in South China Sea
US warship in South China Sea 'serious provocation'
Little Giant Ladders
Yeah, in the south CHINA sea as like the dispute with Iran in the PERSIAN gulf; a long way from the US coast tho…
for US military getting too much of policy role...some degree under too
China deploys new anti-submarine aircraft to fringes of South China Sea reports
U.S. Navy is conducting an operation in the South China Sea just days before Trump is set to meet China's Xi Jinping
How China celebrates launch of new generation (& domestically-built) destroyers. South China Sea about to get more colorful…
Satellite imagery shows China's new defense structures in the South China Sea:
China builds new military facilities on South China Sea islands: think tank
Sea patrol follows week where Washington seemed to signal displeasure with Beijing via
US destroyer sails close to disputed island in S. China Sea
While I understand what us behind this, doing this while Trump is the POTUS is probably not the best idea. .
Goo News US destroyer sails into South China Sea ahead of Trump's call with Xi Jinping — a…
EXCLUSIVE: Pentagon sails destroyer near disputed island in South China Sea, officials say by
New post (American navy ship sails close to South China Sea island occupied by ...) has been published on Worl ...…
Meanwhile, in the real world, Bannon's dream of war in the South China Sea continues apace. So much winning.
U.S. warship in operation near disputed island in South China Sea
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Rising tensions and temperatures in the South China Sea | East Asia Forum
The US must engage its Asian partners in freedom of navigation operations in the South China Sea.
USS Dewey on 5/25 entered into waters close to Mischief Reef in South China Sea. A calculated move against China?…
Asia's Cauldron by Robert D. Kaplan; it talks about the modern day geopolitical situation in the South China Sea.
US Navy destroyer sailed close to disputed South China Sea island controlled by China for first time under Trump
VIDEO: Though unintentionally, North Korea is greatly aiding China’s drive to dominate the South China Sea.
The PM gives his big natsec speech and ABC TV news leads with an Uhlmann report on Dastiyari and ALP South China Sea policy. S…
Patriotic tourism in South China Sea -not just a chinese thing, potential area of cooperation via
Patriotic tourism in the South China Sea - East Asia Forum
China can't dodge its duties over North Korea, South China Sea, says US
South China Sea is international sea route, "insider" job not acceptable.
BBC News - warns Beijing on South Sea islands
China has one military base in the South China Sea, how many American bases are there surrounding China?
North Korea is helping China in the South China Sea—whether it knows it or not
BBC News - US warns Beijing on South Sea islands -
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US warns Beijing on South China Sea islands -
BBC News - Why is the South China Sea contentious?
America is Navigating Freely to Nowhere in the South China Sea via
Malaysian Defence Minister on the South China Sea, from his prepared remarks at
Good, why do these morons think lecturing China about the South China Sea is useful to an…
BREAKING: US Secretary of Defense says China is showing contempt for other nations in the South China Sea
After the Trump administration's first FONOP in the South China Sea, here's what else it can do in the region:
I added a video to a playlist Defence Secretary James Mattis has warned Beijing on South China Sea
Mattis dials up U.S. pressure on China over North Korea, South China Sea via
New Zealand in the South China Sea exercises before to China guarantees
PM Truffles warns of China influence. In July 2016, when Stephen Conroy said same thing, he attacked him .
Well if the seas rise, those little islands in South China Sea will disappear :) problem no problem
The Arctic, Antarctica, the deep seabed, South China Sea, North Korea, climate change, space ...the list goes on and on http…
In a world where we face threats in the Middle East, the South China Sea and North Korea t…
SIMBEX-17 is underway in South China Sea:. Bilateral naval exercises between Indian Navy and Republic of Singapore Navy. https:…
South China Sea talks between Beijing and Manila end in stalemate after ‘war’ threat
US warship tests Beijing claims in South China Sea
It's a genuine fact for all of to acknowledge.
Warship USS Dewey challenges China's claims in South China Sea for the first time under President Donald Trump
seargant Lan:. Basically we are close to a militarized island claimed by China
ZSZZ/China has installed rocket launchers on a disputed reef in the South China Sea to ward off Vietnamese military combat divers
To better understand our discussion today on the South China Sea. .
China was enraged by a ruling invalidating most of its South China Sea claims in a case brought by the Philippines
China reports progress on South China Sea code of conduct
So the hydrates news is from Chinese state source and follows v recent Japanese success. S China Sea is hotting up !
China: South China Sea code of conduct draft approved -
Top: Is China unstoppable in the South China Sea?: Manila and Beijing are to hold direct…
Well, this pretty well ends the USA DELUSION that South China Sea is the San Diego Sea!
Trump and the South China Sea: Doing the Right Thing for the Wrong Reason | The Diplomat
4 Indonesian soldiers killed in South China Sea exercise.
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US should act to protect its interests re S China Sea; Beijing will help or not w N Korea based on its interests https:…
PXP 3.73 : Co.direction hinges on outcome of bilateral talks with China,the code of conduct in South China Sea unclear on geopolitics.
China and Asean agree to draft code of conduct in South China Sea
China, ASEAN agree on framework for South China Sea code of conduct
While US Navy will keep away from SCS for its joint exercise with Philippines .
ASIA ISLANDS - China, ASEAN approve draft of South China Sea code of conduct
Is China unstoppable in the South China Sea? - CNN
Good piece on drifting US policy in Sth China Sea from and Charles Edel
DFA welcomes completion of framework for code of conduct in South China Sea
ICYMI: China successfully mined flammable ice, or natural gas hydrates, at the Shenhu area of the South China Sea.
China and Southeast Asian countries agreed on Thursday to a framework for a long-mooted code of conduct for the ...
China Headlines: China succeeds in mining combustible ice in South China Sea
The promising new energy source Beijing is tapping from the South China Sea and why it matters
Major breakthrough: China succeeds in mining flammable ice in South China Sea, may lead to global energy revolution
China's A2/AD Challenge in the South China Sea: Securing the Air From the Ground
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Trump's decision to pause FONOPs in the South China Sea could undermine the United States' position in Asia.
South China Sea: India, Singapore kick off major naval exercise in South China Sea .
Is China unstoppable in the South China Sea? - WFMZ Allentown
Progress made on draft of South China Sea code of conduct by via Stars and Stripes
Can a new framework on South China Sea bring Beijing and Manila closer?
China, ASEAN agree on code of conduct framework for disputed South China Sea
China deploys anti-diver rocket launchers to man-made island in South China Sea: report
PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER Headlines [Wednesday - May 17]:. -DU30 open to deals in South China Sea. -Duterte on ICC...
Researchers on a new South China Sea isle find blood and secrets under the sand – beautiful…
South China Sea is part of China read the history first Vietnam
Philippines moving troops, equipment to disputed island in South China Sea
US Senators urge harder line in South China Sea . Nothing better to do?
The House of Crow high adventure on South China Sea available on / Kindle Five Star Rating
Four-nation military drills in Guam postponed after craft runs aground
Duterte won’t waste efforts of past admins in South China Sea issue&
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Yes useful speech. More understanding of Xi's intentions would be welcome in the media eg ask better…
4-nation drills postponed after craft runs aground on Guam
Unreasonably optimistic assessment of Xi's intention.
Darwin Port was/is ridiculous! Unreasonably optimistic about Xi's intentions.
His speech was very good, but he underestimates Xi's intentions...too optimistic.
I'll just say that prior to the 2001 incident in the South Ch…
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