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South China Sea

The South China Sea is a marginal sea that is part of the Pacific Ocean, encompassing an area from the Singapore and Malacca Straits to the Strait of Taiwan of around .

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MORE: Helicopter carrier ‘Izumo’ to train with US Navy in South China Sea – report
South China Sea: Japan to deploy largest warship
Who cares that China has possession over some of the South China Sea. So what? Honestly, let them nobody is hurt by this.
Taiwan seeks seat in dialogues on disputes
Japan is sending its largest warship to the South China Sea
Looks like the Philippines may start building in the South China Sea as well.
REPORT: Japan is planning to send its largest warship to the South China Sea
Julie Bishop backs Japanese right to sail warship through trouble South China Sea.
Vietnam wants China to stop cruises in South China Sea | Global Newsroom live
Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea on |
Japan to dispatch its largest warship on South China Sea tour in biggest show of... by…
Japan is sending their largest warship to South China Sea:
AUSTRALIA - Thanks to China, Australia can expect more Vietnamese fishermen poaching in its waters...
PRESIDENT DUTERTE INVITED TO VISIT SHIP: Japan plans to send largest warship to ...
My contribution to why Japanese war ship deployment 'signals Asia's nervousness' about Trump via
What is the role of the Law of the Sea Convention in solving maritime disputes in the South China Sea?
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Japan’s show of force in the South China Sea .
'Biggest show of force since World War 2' sent to US-China war zone
Japan to sail carrier into South China Sea in massive show of force.
BREAKING: Japan will deploy its largest warship to South China Sea for three months, its most aggressive naval move sin…
BREAKING: Japan sending its biggest warship to South China Sea
Japan largest warship to join India, US in South China Sea naval exercise. This is awesome. India must do more deeper ties w…
Japan will send its largest warship on a three-month tour through the South China Sea in response to Beijing's clai
Takeover of South China Sea ‘is complete and US is now POWERLESS to stop its new naval dominance’,
“We’re going to war in the South China Sea in 5–10 years,” Steve Bannon said in 2016. “There’s no doubt about that.”
Top adviser and mouthpiece Steve Bannon: 'We're going to war in the South China Sea ... no doubt' https:/…
Former ADF head says military rise in South China Sea is almost complete, too late to stop.
finishing South China Sea buildings that could house missiles
US Aircraft carrier strike group deployed by to the disputed South China Sea to test
"deployment of the US aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson to the South China Sea on Saturday is a military threat…
Wishful thinking on a code of conduct for the South China Sea - China Post
of Becoming a for Trash From and South |
I've always been a fan of this style the NYT occasionally uses
Read about what taking on a crisis (simulation) in the South China Sea is like in our new post.
Australia says no plan for joint South China Sea patrols with Indonesia | The Japan Times
China after the South China Sea arbitration: Learning to live with UNCLOS? My case for sceptical optimism
Julie Bishop plays down possibility of patrols with Indonesia in South China Sea - ABC Online
Look at the South China Sea and the disputes to see what a world without the US looks like.
RADM Michael McDevitt focuses on US security issues in East Asia, incl maritime disputes in the
China is crying about US placing missile defense while they illegally build a military base in the South China sea h…
Japan, UK, US Navy chiefs sign maritime cooperation treaty: will we see British patrols in the South China Sea?
Like we are about to go to war in the South China Sea with a broken CIA, FBI and NSA. Sobering.
Introduction to Special Issue on the by Richard Selwyn
> on China strong arming Vietnamese fishing in the South China Sea w/
The United States and China will fight a war within the next 10 years over islands in the South China Sea, and “there’s no doubt about that”
The admin’s arrival is the biggest uncertainty faces at the moment, says an int'l studies expert.
His PC should include the South China Sea conflict, Ukraine, Iran & Russia, in addition to the N. Korea crisis . . .
3 Trump claims that are actually true
Bishop slaps down reports of joint patrols in South China Sea
Quit worrying about is itching for a hot war over the South China Sea Islands.
Hainan looking to add flights to bring tourists to disputed South China Sea islands
BREAKING: China urges US to 'speak and act cautiously' about South China Sea because China 'resolves to protect its sov…
3rd Fleet ships splash through South China Sea with message, 'we're here' - Navy - Stripes
Time to conduct nuke testing in South China sea's
Btwn THAAD, trade def, Taiwan, & South China Sea, what's order of importance for a Xi/Trump Summit?
Yesterday, I was given the chance to board USS Carl Vinson in the middle of the South China Sea, some 120-130miles…
Forget the South China Sea: Did China Just Claim Hawaii (and Most of the Pacific Ocean)? via
journalists is defined by South China Sea
China takes another jab at US in South China Sea war of words via
U.S. aircraft carrier in South China Sea is from the Third Fleet - not traditionally responsible for western Pacific
On the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson as it patrols in the South China Sea
The flight deck of the USS Carl Vinson shakes as a succession of F-18 fighter jets are catapulted into take-off, e…
'The US military took a group of journalists to the aircraft carrier during a routine patrol of the South China Sea'
Oh, look, it's a report on the strategic importance, history of and politics of the Spratly islands and the South China Sea from 1941.
Why hasn't the U.N. designated a set distance from the shores of any nation as international waters?
China launches cruise ship tour in South China Sea
US admiral in disputed South China Sea: ‘We will be here’ - Read:
China launches new cruise ship tour in South China Sea
US makes their presence known in South China Sea:.
US admiral in disputed 'We will be here'.
China drills again near as island warns of threat
Ready for WAR: Chinese developing hypersonic missiles to take on US in South China Sea
The Asian Equation has Many Dynamics to It from China to North Korea, and Japan to South Korea & The South China Sea Disputes to West Asia!
Three arguments why China is unusually aggressive about South China Sea? Here's one:
In other news China decided to take over most of the South China Sea.
China’s new cruise ship begins maiden voyage to Xisha Islands in South China Sea.
US admiral in disputed South China Sea: 'We will be here'
U.S. carrier puts on show of 'commitment', not power, in South China Sea:
ikr, or let our countries be connected by land at the very least, the South China Sea is just too extreme
SIBC news: Tow of FR Sunrise arrives in Kirkwall, SCT recruiting new trustees, next NorthLink dry-docking due, new FPSO in South China Sea
Need more $ to fund the defense contractors for more drones for Middle East & ships/missiles South China Sea
What role can international law play in solving the maritime conflicts in the South China Sea? March 23r…
US carrier begins operating in contested South China Sea
.discusses how China is leveraging renewable photovoltaic energy for its terriclaims in the…
Her motto: "Have gun...will travel.". F-18 from "Blue Blasters" SQ makes an arrested landing on USS Carl Vinson in…
Who will start a nuclear war? China – ambitious and dangerous. What do you think?
You don't recall the South China Sea islands China outfitted with weapon systems during the previous 8 years?
Indonesia, Australia agree to closer naval cooperation
Australia, Indonesia restore full military ties, see progress on trade
Suicide bombs and air strikes put Syria peace talks at risk
The soft sea breeze and calming sound of the South China Sea provides a romantic backdrop for a truly...
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China Wants to Turn Water Into Territory in the South China Sea (and Beyond)
glad we're pivoting to easier possibilities, like Iran or the South China Sea!
SE Asia countries talk 1-on-1 with China about shared rights to fish and fossil fuels in contested .
and Modi could team up to challenge control of the China South Sea’s
Beijing continuing 'steady pattern of militarization' in South China Sea | The Japan Times
ASEAN unsettled by China weapon systems, tension in South China Sea via
China military says aware of U.S. carrier in South China Sea via
Joko Widodo opens the door to joint Indonesian-Australian patrols of the South China Sea
China warned countries to stop making war threats and attempting to aggravate tension in the South China Sea
Latest with on how US is reacting to Chinese moves in South China Sea, focused on post-inauguration ops.
Australia and Indonesia announce restored defence cooperation
PH Navy awaits leased surveillance planes from Japan
North Korea is emerging as stabilization factor in south China sea ✔
China appears to have nearly completed structures to house surface-to-air missile systems in the South China Sea.
I disavow the US carrier operations in the South China Sea
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And many Americans didn't know that South China Sea is not in their back yard. So let Asia do they business & fix t…
F/A-18E Super Hornets of the Kestrels of Strike Fighter Sqn (VFA) 137 take off from USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70), SOUTH CHINA S…
U.S. flexes its military muscle in the South China Sea via
The South China Sea is going to get crowded.
China's new death machine capable of taking out our fleet in South China Sea in a single blow.
John Bolton at CPAC: US ought to tell China: back off from South China Sea and East China Sea.
South China Sea: Chinese moves on islands unsettling to Southeast Asian countries
The Association of Southeast Asian Nations is gravely concerned over the militarization of South China Sea
Chinese moves in South China Sea unsettling to Southeast Asian countries - CNN
Exclusive: China finishing South China Sea buildings that co..
Philippines: framework of South China Sea pact possible soon
I added a video to a playlist Exchanges between China and US on South China Sea in 2017
finishing buildings that could house missiles - US officials
This will only lead to rising tensions in the South China Sea. For that US presence is increasingly important, don't you agree?
determined to finalize Code of Conduct on South Sea.
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meeting in Boracay unsettled by cloud of Hague ruling on via
China opposes US naval patrols in South China Sea
Because Mars is known as 'The Red Planet' or because illegal island bases in the South China Sea just aren't enough?
How ‘routine’ are the new US patrols in the South China Sea?
Beijing is reportedly building structures that could house missiles on South China Sea islands
CA member 'very troubled' by Yasay statements on South China Sea row via
This is such a lie. China does NOT own the South China Sea. It is not their territory.
China close to finishing buildings on South China Sea islands that could house…
Why China is building islands in the South China Sea - Vox
The Philippine government is looking into reports that China has nearly completed construction of almost two...
Troubled waters: condemns patrols in
We have a map-based study guide to help explain conflicting claims in the South China Sea.
South China Sea showdown: US aircraft carrier battle group in 'freedom of navigation' test -...
Yeah - and the way Trump is doing this is by what? Rolling into the South China Sea? You don't crap on countries + ask them to help
"China lays claim to almost all of the resource-rich South China Sea". -as with most conflicts. It wont be idealogie…
US aircraft carriers have begun patrols amid growing tensions with Beijing over disputed waterway
A US carrier strike group has begun patrols in the South China Sea amid growing tension with China.
Fu-Kuo Liu: At this point in time, no country, including would really give up an inch in the South China Sea.
I lived next to the South China Sea in the Philippines at one point and I was afraid I was going to fall off if I went there.
Send the entire US Pacific Fleet to the South China Sea under the Highest Alert of readiness
South China Sea - to deploy Pacific Naval Fleet to increase patrols in South China Sea .
PLA naval task force to conduct training exercises in the South China Sea, eastern Indian Ocean and Western Pacific.
China warns US to brush up on its history over disputed South China Sea
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi says diplomacy is key to resolving South China Sea disputes at press conference in Austr…
China tells U.S. to 'brush up on' South China Sea history via
How is an island in the South China Sea contested?
NZ national interest is detecting drug smuggling in Arabian Sea?... when PRC building fortress islands in South China Sea.
China has been cheating on trade, seizing the south China sea to become the hegemonic power in Asia all on Obama's watch
Thank god Mattis isnt as insane as Flynn
China likely to build more islands Manila expects reclamation of reef off its coast
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CHINA: Mattis' comments on the are a 'mind-soothing pill' that have 'dispersed the clouds of war'.
China from WTO & UN if they not follow international court order in south sea then only China on foot, loss of business
"I also just can't remember what I said about the south china sea"
Bring me NA. Europe. China. Taiwan. Brazil. Latin America North and South. Turkey. SEA. Oceania. CIS. Japan. Bring them all. I'll hu…
Talks to Modi, Trump raised ,US's interest in freedom of navigation in itl' waters claimed by China. http…
AUSTRALIA with Rewatch "Wag the Dog" & learn about war OR come to Seminar http…
China protests U.S. sanctions on Iran, but sees ‘clouds of war’ dispersing over South China Sea
Manila expects China to try to build on a reef off the coast of the Philippines, the country’s defense secretary...
The South China Sea would keep being a bone of contention if an armistice isn't secured quickly. My views on:
If true, China *must* pull out of South China Sea due to World Court ruling. Pot/kettle much? Hypocrite
Not ready to start WW3 yet No profit for your financiers in it?…
"China says United States should 'brush up on' South China Sea history" -
"Both sides would lose" in dispute over Chinese Foreign Minister warns
South China Sea: 'There cannot be' conflict between US and China, Foreign Minister warns
US should 'brush up on' South China Sea history: China
Hamilton Collection
Philippines downplays war over South China Sea: Tillerson drew a sharp rebuke from Beijing when he said the United…
we can't let china take the South China Sea. They will. E able to control shipping lanes and shut down trade for Japan and S Kor
and you must believe the South China Sea move is offensive. How obediently American of you. Google John Pilger's latest film.
Trump's chief advisor has 'no doubt' US will go to war with China
"We Are Going To war with China" states China and Islam our Biggest Threat ☄️. . https:…
New US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson has sets collision course with in South China Sea.
Smh.. Why is Steve Bannon an elite power tsk
Cruising in Halong Bay, Vietnam, swimming in the South China Sea, climbing the karsts!
US Trump adviser and mouthpiece Bannon says war is coming with China and Islam
A large war just seems like an absolutely essential ingredient in Bannon's nationalist-populist-racist vision
Wants war - adviser Steve Bannon: 'We're going to in the South Sea ... no doubt' via
10. Meanwhile, Trump's adviser Bannon has literally mused about war with China.
Some have called central doctrine a “war on Islam.”. .
_We urge all U.S. allies_ Rush to the rescue of Americans ! Nuclear war afoot over South China Sea, Ukraine…
Not my words but here are some facts. Decide for yourselves. 1) Trump owes Blackstone/ Bayrock group $560 million...
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Experts: Too late to stop China from dominating South China Sea
Steve Bannon wants actual war with China involving bombs & troops. Can't wait for Trump's voters to enlist for that. https:…
Trump's closest advisor thinks there will be a war with China soon
Also: thanks for the crazy autocorrect on (autocorrect) and South China Sea but not furhrer: and you WONT. BAN. TRUMP.
When people talk to the furhrer about the South China Sea what do you think he's seeing?
Donald Trump's closest advisor Steve Bannon thinks there will be war with China in the next few years
I told y'all war was brewing. says so…
Already Ukraine, South China Sea and Iran are getting blasted by the hawks
Former Defence Force head says China’s military rise in is almost complete
He wants to destroy everything. Says war in the South China Sea is inevitable.
US, China may fight a war over South China Sea: top Trump aide
it's beyond taxes at this point. We're standing on the precipice of war in the South China Sea. He and his cronies need to go.
Steve Bannon & Glove Puppet Trump to go down with the ship.
Right so I live in the South China Sea so like can we not???
Trump, Tillerson and the South China Sea: What's at stake.
Trump adviser Steve Bannon thinks there’s “no doubt” the US is headed for war in the South China Sea
also of Chinese buildup in South China Sea and Korean Peninsula...glad White House has put Iran on notice!Another threat!
Making the South China Sea an issue of "face" for the US + drawing unrealistic red lines = recipe for crisis and conflic…
PM says no refugees to NZ. Sends them to Trumps/USA in exchange for Oz's support in South China Sea issue instead. War…
NEW: Sovereignty of islands in South China Sea not for US to get involved in, Chinese official tells htt…
May prevail, may remains the best tool to address global issues.
Trump White House pledges to block China from taking South China Sea islands
This is dangerous escalation. Trump White House drawing red lines that risk military confrontation with China…
Putin giggles as his two greatest rivals square off... .
Trump's White House refuses to back down from China
"US Warns China, Says Will Defend 'Interests' In South China Sea". Earlier it would be an amusing read. Now, it all sounds loads of BS.
craft currently airborne over Headed northward; perhaps the South China Sea or
indiatvnews: US vows to ‘protect its interests’ in South China Sea, stop Beijing taking over islands …
"The Chinese often say that they respect freedom of navigation but can they be trusted? The Japanese think not.
I'm starting to wonder if China knew Russia was making a play to pivot the US, and if that explains the South China Sea fortifications.
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US vows to stop taking South China Sea islands
The final scene of Planet of the Apes is not something you aim for Trump. *** you all to ***
The Trump White House has pledged to block China from taking the South China Sea Islands
Countdown to Chinese air defense identification zone in the South China Sea in 3,2,1.
.on how Duterte is shaking up the South China Sea:
PLAN in Taiwan Strait or South China Sea is likeliest, no?
Gordon Chang quoted me in his article on Tillerson, the South China Sea, and China's war threats.
risks 'war' with Beijing if US blocks access to South China Sea, state media warns | The Guardian
US risks large-scale war with China if it attempts to blockade islands in the South China Sea. http…
Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella on the disputed territory in the South China Sea | via
Make no mistake: much like the West found Putin's red-lines in Crimea, we will find Xi's in South China Sea if try deny…
Philippines lodged informal protest of Chinese weapons build-up in Foreign Sec says. Via
Philippines defence minister says China arms on islands worrying
Known as Kissinger in China, Dai Bingguo illustrates the South China Sea issue with full China confidence.
China's recent installation of weapons on artificial islands in the disputed South China Sea was "very troubling", the Philippines' defence…
...China staking its ground!!. - in the South China Sea with serious iron and armoury...
LOOK: Philippine Defense Department's statement on China’s installation of weapons on artificial islands in the Sou…
the Chinese have made it pretty clear what their approach will be in South China sea.
Wonder if Duterte agrees w/ this//The Age: South China Sea: quietly protests China's weaponry on... https…
THE SOUTH CHINA SEA: Shocking reaction of PHILIPPINE President before "a... via
NEW DEVELOPING RESCUE: South China Sea Forestry Bureau arrived, now in the discussion.Situation not very good, gov dept wan…
PM Abe: South China Sea issue is linked with regional peace and stability, welcomes Duterte's move to improve China-Philippi…
Abella on SCS: We have issued a note verbale to China regarding the buildup of weapon systems in manmade islands in the South China Sea.
Abella says PH to assert sovereignty over disputed territory in the South China Sea
Trump’s Tillerson Exaggerates US Capability in the South China Sea. via
Presidential spokesman Abella says govt has issued note verbale to China vs weapons buildup in South China Sea
Need an easier way to think about the South China Sea? Here'sfable of cops and robbers:
Chinese state media tells Donald Trump's team to prepare for war.
[Follow-Up"While Duterte did not mention the South China Sea dispute, Abe stressed the issue remains a major peac…
China’s MOFA: South China Sea is currently stable, and Beijing rejects Tokyo's assertion that there are tensions in the a…
Our top ten developments in international law in 2016 including the and the South Chi…
Filipinos should be prepared for to hand over even more of territory in the South China Sea.
proactive diplomacy around Asia while the region awaits clarity on Trump policy nothing short of stunning.
Give everything to the Chinese. From our sovereignty in the South China Sea for them paying 1MDB debts for us and to the lands…
Four Chinese white dolphins, nicknamed "giant panda in the sea," debut at the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in Zhuhai, south China ht…
Obama administration calls for peaceful solution to South China Sea dispute - Business Standard
Rex Tillerson wants to bar Beijing from the South China Sea islands.
China pushes back after Rex Tillerson takes aggressive defence posture on South China Sea islands
"Beijing should be denied access to islands it has built in the disputed South China Sea!" —Rex Tillerson
China was awarded the islands in the South China Sea right after W W II, via the Cairo treaty. also there US will go to escalate.
South China Sea: Beijing secretly aims to deploy more surface-to-air missiles in…
There's no way to "deny" China's access to its artificial South China Sea islands other than war.
US nominee for Secretary of State, Tillerson, says China should be barred from South China Sea islands
BBC News - South China Sea: Tillerson says US should block China from new islands
China can't have access to the South China Sea islands they built, says Trump nominee Rex Tillerson. ht… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Commander of Beijing's South Sea fleet was promoted to head of the People's Liberation Army Navy
Excuse me. But the US did nothing in the South China Sea without the full agreemen…
Tillerson on course for conflict with Beijing over South China Sea
You mean like when Xi Jin Ping vowed not to militarize the South China Sea?
Tillerson says should be barred from South China Sea islands
Rex Tillerson, Trump’s Secretary of State Nominee, Has a Dangerous Idea for the South China Sea | The Diplomat
China just sailed its biggest warship through the Taiwan Strait
China promotes South Sea fleet commander to head of navy
"...the nominee for US secretary of state said China should not be allowed to access islands it has built in the South Ch…
Giant clam poaching is the main cause of reef destruction in the South China Sea, but new regulations could help
Sources are saying they will talk tough to be confirmed, then turn a blind eye to Chinese aggression!!
Not content with just poking the Panda, Rex Tillerson decides to steal its food and poop in its cage; Says China ...
The risk of conflict when the US played solid with CHINA in THE SOUTH CHINA SEA: qua
Move over Aleppo and South China Sea. Time for India to lead an international coalition on the burning bathmat issue.
China's proliferation of South China Sea runways looks impressive, but air power has limits https:/…
Mattis: "No, I do not" agree with Chinese statements they are not militarizing the South China Sea.
As well as the potential of civil war amongst a divided America in 2017, one should be highly concerned of the South C…
How did US come to enjoy such strong strategic position in Asia Pacific? Was it by observing the rules-based order?
Tillerson Says China Can’t Have Access to South China Sea Isles. China having tough time with
Trump nominee says China should be denied access to South China sea islands
tell me genius, what did Obama do when china built a naval island and claimed parts of the south china sea?
So we are waiting for one more plan war by america in South china sea
- Exclusive Report on China-Indonesia Relationship in Terms of the Fishery…
Avoiding China's wrath, Philippines puts off upgrades to South China Sea islesstockbroker
Tillerson's dolt-CEO act is actually a serious problem. If you want a needless war with China, he's your man.
'No access': Rex Tillerson sets collision course with Beijing in South China Sea
South China Sea: Tillerson throws a rhetorical bomb -- good take by
Gen. Mattis: World order under biggest attack since WWII from Russia, terrorist groups, and w/ what China's doing in the South…
US state secretary nominee Tillerson expected to say China's island building in South China Sea is ...
ASEAN summit to kick off amid South China Sea strains -
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