South Carolina & Kansas State

South Carolina is a state in the Southeastern United States. Kansas State University, commonly shortened to K-State, is an institution of higher learning located in Manhattan, Kansas, in the United States. 5.0/5

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Just posted: Results from the South Carolina and Kansas State pro days -
Hopefully the NIT pairs South Carolina with Kansas State. Frank Martin vs. Bruce. 😬
Ladies and Gentleman an all new top 25 just in time for the kick off tomorrow. Agree? Disagree? Given the Injuries and suspensions some teams don't quite fit into the same place as they did on August 1st: 1 Alabama 2 Oklahoma 3 Florida State 4 Michigan State 5 LSU 6 Oregon 7 South Carolina 8 Stanford 9 Georgia 10 Wisconsin 11 UCF 12 Clemson 13 UCLA 14 Ole Miss 15 Washington 16 North Carolina 17 Ohio State 18 Auburn 19 Arizon State 20 Michigan 21 Kansas State 22 USC 23 Baylor 24 Notre Dame 25 Tennessee -BH
F*uk Frank Martin of South Carolina and I knew him from Kansas State riding Huggy Bear's coattails! I'm glad that Kensucky got beat again!
Just saw that Kentucky was down at the half to South Carolina after shooting 18% in the half. Calipari and the other coaches in the SEC probably wish Frank Martin was still coaching at Kansas State...
Here are my picks for Week of NCAA Football: Florida to beat Arkansas; Michigan State to beat Iowa; Florida State to beat Maryland; Miami to beat Georgia Tech; Clemson to beat Syracuse; NC State to beat Wake Forest; Nebraska to beat Illinois; Oregon to beat Colorado; Georgia to beat Tennesee; LSU to beat Mississippi State; Virginia Tech to beat North Carolina; Oklahoma State to beat Kansas State; Michigan to beat Minnesota; Washington State to beat California; Stanford to beat Washington; Ole Miss to beat Auburn; South Carolina to beat Kentucky; Arizona State to beat Notre Dame; Baylor to beat West Virginia; Ohio State to beat Northwestern and Penn State to beat Indiana. My overall record is 49-13.
why did Frank Martin go from Kansas State to South Carolina?
I think it is time for Saban to return to the NFL to make it more fair for the other 123 FBS programs. The final Hayes Poll of the 2012 season: 1) Alabama, 2) Ohio State, 3) Notre Dame, 4) South Carolina, 5) Stanford, 6) Kansas State, 7) Georgia, 8) Florida, 9) Texas A&M, 10) Florida State 11) Oregon, 12) Oklahoma, 13) Nebraska, 14) Clemson, 15) Louisville
Stanford won the Rose Bowl, while Florida State took the Orange Bowl and South Carolina won the Outback Bowl. Who will win the Fiesta Bowl tomorrow night, Oregon or Kansas State?
How does Frank Martin (4 NCAA tourney appearances in 5 years at Kansas State) plan to rebuild South Carolina's basketball program (10-21 last year, 2-14 in the SEC)? Find out the answer in the story I did for "SEC Tonight!" If you get CSS and are around a TV this evening at 7:00 p.m. EST, check it out!
Oregon had 1 bad game, a home loss (that could easily have been a win) against a great defense. meanwhile: ND got a home call on video replay (against Stanford) & no Matt Barkley at USC. Bama got creamed by Texas A&M at home. absolutely hammered. Georgia's loss was an embarrassment, 53-7 at South Carolina. Florida's loss was a tough one, 17-9 to Georgia - at home. yet somehow, Oregon's one loss is worse than these 3 teams'. all 3 of the SEC teams got beat, pure & simple. Oregon was a stinking field goal away from a win - yes, a loss, but much closer. but the Pac 12 isn't the SEC, and Kansas State chickened out of playing at Autzen, so Oregon is automatically out of the championship, even though it's pretty clear they'd beat any of the top 4 teams. o well. when ND beats Bama 10-3 in the Boringest Bowl, we'll hope America is happy the Broken Championship Sham.
Anybody that says anything about Notre Dame playing a weak schedule is talking out their butt. Notre Dame and Oregon are the only one's playing anybody. Look at the other top 10 teams and who they're playing today. It's a joke. Kansas State and Baylor, Alabama vs. Western Carolina, Georgia vs. Georgia Southern, Florida vs Jacksonville State, LSU vs. Ole Miss, Texas A&M vs. Sam Houston State, South Carolina vs. Wofford. Really? People talk about Notre Dame's schedule? Really? Kiss my tuckus!
Current Top Ten teams Played by Current Top 10- NCAA FOOTBALL This isn't a sports blog, but... Here's the list of how many teams, currently in the top 10, that each of the current top ten have played. I just went over it and I'm pretty sure this is accurate...These are from the BCS poll. 1 Kansas State- 0 2 Oregon- 0 3 Notre Dame-0 4 Alabama-2 5 Georgia-2 6 Florida-4... (and still have Florida St to play). 7 LSU-4 8 Texas A&M-3 9 South Carolina-3 10 Florida State-0...(and still haveFlorida to play).
The most accurate College Football poll is not the BCS or the AP or any other. College coaches know the best, so if you really want to know how your team ranks go to this one: THE COACHES POLL! 1. Alabama 2. Oregon 3. Kansas State 4. Notre Dame 5. Georgia 6. Florida State 7. Florida 8. Clemson 9. LSU 10. Louisville 11. South Carolina 12. Oregon State 13. Oklahoma 14. Texas A&M 15. Stanford 16. Nebraska 17. Texas 18. Louisiana Tech 19. UCLA 20. Rutgers 21. Northwestern 22. Southern California 23. Mississippi State 24. Boise State 25. Toledo
After much thought and consideration, here is the latest GCFBCS (Gobbs' College Football Bowl Champion Series) Ranking: 1. Kansas State (Most impressive so far - key words are "so far") 2. Notre Dame (Their schedule over the next three weeks will probably hurt them, though.) 3. Alabama (A win over LSU this week will probably vault them to number 1.) 4. Oregon (I expect them to move up the rankings, too.) 5. Florida (I still think they are better than GA.) 6. LSU (If they beat Alabama, they could leap frog a lot of teams.) 7. Georgia (Don't complain about them being behind Florida, they're ahead of South Carolina who destroyed them.) 8. Oregon State (I've had my eye on this team all year.) 9. South Carolina (I don't get this team. I think they aren't very good, but the stats say otherwise.) 10. Oklahoma (No other deserving team to put in the Top 10. So, it goes to OK.) Honorable Mention: Stanford, Louisville, Texas Tech, Arizona (Yes, Arizona), and Mississippi State
BCS Top 10 Rankings for this week 1. Alabama 2. Kansas State (what a year for Bill Schnider's team) 3. Notre Dame (the Leprechaun is serious this year) 4.Oregon (Ducks after dropping 70 on Colorado, drop in the rankings again) 5. LSU 6. Georgia 7. Florida 8. South Carolina 9. Florida State 10. Louisville (Give Head Coach Charlie Strong and quarterback Teddy Bridgewater a lot of credit for putting the Big East in the top 10)
My observations through yesterday... Alabama is by far State was not ready mentally (check penatlies, and turnovers) USC continues to fuel critics by showing they aren't even top 10... Kansas State has an amazing coach... ND continues dominance over OU... (9-1 all time) SEC East is as brutal as west was last year... (UF falling to UGA, and South Carolina barely getting by UT) Oregon schedule may not be strong emough for NC game... sad, because they are great team, need style points now... Hugh Freeze is a LOT better motivator and coach than Coach Nutt... Ole Miss remains the hardest game Bama had to play... Arky is bad... no, HORRIBLE on defense... Auburn? (Insert some line about Chizik's record without Cam Newton) LSU couldn't manage to.stay out of headlines on off week... I know.neither person plays for LSU, but that is who they are.connected with... Texas Tech is a better team than given credit, depth is a huge issue...
I got 2 upsets today. Tennessee over South Carolina and Texas Tech over Kansas State.
Bradley Moon's October 21st BCS Top 5 Standings: 1. Florida Gators (7-0) This team has 2 impressive top 10 wins over South Carolina and LSU and has two respectable road SEC victories at Texas A&M and at Tennessee. Without a doubt 2. Oregon Ducks (7-0) This team is similar to Alabama in that they have had no impressive victories yet but they have continued to dominate their opponents both on the field and scoreboard. 3. Notre Dame (7-0) This team has 3 victories over top 25 opponents but we will find out what they are made of this week against Oklahoma on the road. 4. Kansas State (7-0) This team has 2 impressive road victories over Oklahoma and West Virginia. They made their statement this past weekend in Morgantown of why they belong in the BCS top 5. 5. Alabama (7-0) There comes a time when even when a team has yet to play anyone respectable, their margin of victory is so large over each opponent that you have to give them some credit. This team's defense averages giving up 8.3 points a game. Alabama ha ...
The highest ranked team to lose on Saturday was South Carolina. Florida beat them by 33. Still, during the Florida State – Miami game, Brent Musburger asked if Florida was in danger of being jumped in the BCS. Herbstreit said, “It’s possible after how good Oregon looked against Arizona State (unranked, lost to Missouri) and how good Kansas State looked against West Virginia (worst defense in College Football, lost to Texas Tech by 35 one week before).” Musburger came back with, “Florida did beat up on South Carolina, but that game was at home.” Seriously.
Anyone loving College Football would have enjoyed watching Texas Tech and Tcu shoot it out yesterday. I believe TT is for real this year, even though their defense is pretty shoddy. TT won in the 3rd OT 56-53. Another good game if you like a lot of scoring was Texas Vs Baylor. Texas finally won it 56-50. As for Lsu Vs A&M game...A&M should have pulled that one out but costly turnovers let Lsu win it 24-19. I would have liked Lsu to win but in this one I was pulling for A&M. We had South Carolina playing Florida a mismatch from the get-go as Florida Stomped them 44-11. That should take care of S.C. in the top 10 the rest of the year. Kansas State put it on W. Vir and their Heisman trophy candidate Geno Smith 55-14. Kansas St candidate for the Heisman, Klein, should be the pick for awhile and W. Vir. should be way way down in the ratings as they have been walloped two weeks in a row, last week by Texas Tech. Notre Dame managed a meager win over Bri Young 17-14. Notre Dame has got to be highly overr ...
Thought maybe the Florida / South Carolina game would be closer and I would miss the beginning of West Virginia / Kansas State
Fearless football forecasts on a great college schedule today. South Carolina in a close upset win over Florida in the Swamp. The 'ole ball coach' schools Muschamp. Not that SC is that great, but Florida is that overrated. Kansas State over West Virginia in a close one in Morgantown. No faith whatsoever in WV defense. Colin Klein may be the best QB in the country. Texas wins at home over Baylor. Bigger game for Texas. Athletes, depth, and size advantages add up. TCU holds off Texas Tech in a very close one in Ft. Worth. Tech is always so inconsistent throughout a season and will be flat after big win last week over WV. Might be the best and most entertaining game to watch of the day. LSU over A&M in College Station -- could be big, likely will be ugly. LSU much bigger, faster, deeper, meaner, and better than anyone Aggies have seen -- including overrated Florida team. Manziel may not finish the game, or the season.
8 weeks down & 8 weeks to go in the College Football season til bowl season starts. Key Games: for week 8. Take your picks. # 6 LSU at # 18 Texas A&M, # 7 South Carolina at # 2 Florida, # 17 Texas Tech at # 23 TCU, # 4 Kansas State at # 13 West Virginia, # 14 Florida State at Unranked Miami (FL) # 24 Iowa State at Unranked Oklahoma State.
Why do so many people think Oregon should be ranked above Florida? Who has Oregon beat yet? They haven't beaten anyone ranked in the top 25. Florida has. In fact they should have Kansas State and Notre Dame ranked above Oregon as well because Kansas State dismantled Miami and beat Oklahoma who dismantled the Horns. Notre Dame beat Michigan, Michigan State, and Stanford who were all in the top 25 when Notre Dame beat them. Plus they beat Navy and Purdue and Miami 41-3 who are better teams than any team Oregon beat. Oregon beat Arkansas State, Fresno State, Tennessee Tech, Arizona who isn't as good as the experts thought, they beat Washington State who isn't anywhere close to good yet, then they beat Washington who isn't good either. How does that resume deserve a ranking over Florida who beat 5-1 Texas A&M, they beat 3-3 Tennessee who was 2-0 before that game and are better than anyone Oregon beat. Florida also beat LSU (who was 4-0 and ranked at the time) who beat South Carolina this past weekend. Those 3 ...
Bold Prediction of the week: Three teams in the BCS top 5 will fall this coming weekend, No 4 Kansas State will fall to West Virginia in Morgantown. Reasoning: the wildcats haven't faced anyone really tough up to this point other than Oklahoma, and the Wildcats just don't seem like they have the kind of defense that can handle Geno Smith. Final Score: WVU 41 KSU 31. Our second upset of the bracket is South Carolina and the 'Ol Ball Coach going into the Swamp and stomping the Gators. How Florida got to be number two with their strength of schedule up to this point is beyond me, like KSU, the Gators have only faced one really tough opponent up to this point, LSU. Oh and don't tell me that Texas A&M is a great victory, They only beat Louisiana Tech by two this past weekend and their soft schedule up to now has inflated their win total, LSU will expose them this weekend. Steve Spurrier will go into his old stomping grounds and emerge with a victory USC 34 UF 10. Our third upset is Arizona State over Oregon. ...
I hope Notre Dame wins big this week and Florida loses to South Carolina and Kansas State loses to West Virginia.
Top 2 games worth watching this weekend is UF vs South Carolina and Kansas State vs West Virginia ... That's my opinion tho
Beavers are now in the country. However, I don't see that lasting when the real rankings are released tonight. Go Beavers! My prediction: 1) Alabama 2) Florida 3) Oregon 4) Notre Dame 5) Kansas State 6) Ohio State 7) LSU 8) Florida State 9) Oregon State 10) South Carolina
As a counterpoint to the sentencing this morning of 68-year-old CFB predator Jerry Sandusky...the three oldest coaches in the big-time College Football division are all undefeated - Bill Snyder (73) of the incredibly entertaining Kansas State team, Frank Solich (68) of surprising Ohio University, and the old ball coach Steve Spurrier (67) of South Carolina. All three are currently 5 - 0 with some major victories. Props to what the hipsters who like the video-game crap they call CFB today (140 points in a game???) disparage as "old man football." Well, old man football is pretty damned good.
It seems as if Texas NCAA squads are doing OK in the overall but there are plenty of reasons for UT, Baylor, TCU and UH to heed the news that there's plenty of equity around in these days to make trouble in the fields and rivers nearby their stadia. A&M seems to have pulled another one out of the fire just in time. Good for them. How in the world Kansas State and Oklahoma are doing what they are just astounds the onlookers. Arkansas rebounded from the awful experience of last weekend. LSU is getting into real trouble and South Carolina is raising heck in the SEC. Alabama looked so good in its first couple of games and seems to be fading a bit. But that may not last long. UT's mid and deep defense is a major trouble spot. There simply is not enough talent there for Mack Brown and Manny Diaz to work with productively on the field. Though there were some great moments last night, there were not nearly enough. The result is that it makes Geno Smith look significantly better than he is. And he is an accura ...
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No. 1 Alabama and No. 2 Oregon held their spots at the top of the rankings. Alabama is a unanimous No. 1 again. No. 3 South Carolina, off a 35-7 victory against Georgia, moved up three spots. No. 4 Florida jumped six spots after beating LSU 14-6. No. 5 West Virginia moved up three with a 48-45 victory at Texas. No. 6 Kansas State, No. 7 Notre Dame and No. 8 Ohio State also moved up. LSU dropped five to No. 9 and unbeaten Oregon State is No. 10. Florida State fell from No. 3 to No. 12 after losing 17-16 on a last-minute touchdown at North Carolina State.
Pick which game you want to watch today at Peppino's on our 50+ HDTV'S. Just tell your server to turn your game on. BASEBALL 6 Oakland at Detroit , TBS/WXYT 9:30 Cincinnati at San Francisco , TBS College Football 11:30a Navy at Air Force , CBS Noon Northwestern at Penn State , ESPN Noon Arkansas at Auburn , ESPN2 Noon Connecticut at Rutgers , ESPNU Noon Kansas at Kansas State , FX Noon Boise State at Southern Mississippi , FSD Noon Michigan State at Indiana , BTN/WJR Noon Boston College at Army , CBSSN Noon Buffalo at Ohio , Ch. 7 Noon Hillsdale at Wayne State , COM900/WDTK 1 Towson at James Madison , NBCSN 1 Kent State at Eastern Michigan , WEMU 2 Massachusetts at Western Michigan , WDTW 3 Arizona at Stanford , Fox 3:30 Illinois at Wisconsin , ABC 3:30 Oklahoma at Texas Tech , ESPN2 3:30 Wake Forest at Maryland , ESPNU 3:30 LSU at Florida , CBS 3:30 Iowa State at TCU , FSD 3:30 Tulsa at Marshall , CBSSN 4 Michigan at Purdue , BTN/WWJ 7 Georgia at South Carolina , ESPN 7 Texas A&M at Mississippi , ESPNU 7 ...
Oregon State quarterback Sean Mannion has completed 82 passes for 1,088 yards and six touchdowns this season. (Christian Petersen / Getty Images / September 29, 2012) By Chris Dufresne October 1, 2012, 3:37 p.m. Rolling Tide, meet Beaver Dam. Alabama, it turns out, does not have a mortal lock on the No. 1 spot in College Football. Oregon State, which is off to a 3-0 start, is No. 1 in two of the computer indexes used in the BCS standings formula. The Beavers are tops in the ColleyMatrix, which boasts "Bias Free Matrix Rankings." If Colley had its way, Oregon State today would play No. 2 Notre Dame for the national title. This would not bring back fond memories for Notre Dame, handed a humiliating 41-9 loss by Oregon State in the 2001 Fiesta Bowl. Florida is No. 3 in Colley's rankings, followed by Alabama (oh yeah, those guys), Florida State, South Carolina and Kansas State. UCLA fans will be thrilled to know the Bruins are No. 24, well ahead of No. 45 USC. Ken Massey's BCS rankings also have Oregon State ...
Gee, that best football team ever (USC) that was going to beat the Ducks "TWICE" and reclaim their rightful place as the Pac-12 Champion and to be crowned the National Champion almost by default, sure is a long way down the list. I suppose it could be a ploy to sneak up on the Ducks. WEEK 6 AP College Football RANKINGS 1. Alabama 2. Oregon 3. Florida State 4. LSU 5. Georgia 6. South Carolina 7. Kansas State 8. West Virginia 9. Notre Dame 10. Florida 11. Texas 12. Ohio State 13. USC 14. Oregon State 15. Clemson 16. TCU 17. Oklahoma 18. Stanford 19. Louisville 20. Mississippi State 21. Nebraska 22. Rutgers 23. Washington 24. Northwestern 25. UCLA
Glenn Gilbeau is, quite possibly, the most pathetic excuse for a sportswriter that I can think of. It's about time he gets called out by CBS Sports. I can't believe this pathetic piece of crap actually gets paid to write. Take a guess who he didn't vote for this week? Here's a few snippets from the article: The most pressing issue about the Huskies is where a few voters had them in their polls, like Glenn Guilbeau and Josh Kendall having them at No. 12 (!and seven others putting them in the top 20. Oof. What were you thinking? Glenn Guilbeau, Scott Wolf Guilbeau is making a living off landing in this section and does so for yet another week by having Florida State No. 2 despite its lackluster letdown against South Florida. West Virginia is No. 5, which seems high for a team that plays no defense. Kansas State was the only ranked team to ever beat Bob Stoops at home but is somehow No. 10 behind Ohio State (in the Big Ten), and a South Carolina team that struggled with Kentucky. Stanford is still ranked ...
Lord have mercy! Could it be - could it actually be - that Georgia Bulldogs are really and truly a for real and legitimate contender again. I don't remember the last time the UGA played the teams that it is supposed to beat with the intensity to just bury them and the teams that it is supposed to compete with with a business-like toughness - such as Missouri. The schedule is soft relative to most of the SEC but at long last UGA is putting up big points and firing on all cylinders. All-in-all this is turning into one of the most interesting looking football seasons in years. The emergence of Florida State, Kansas State, and yes Notre Dame adds some non-SEC spice to the stew. Oregon remains interesting as well. Meanwhile Florida looks like it is hitting a stride, South Carolina is really good, and now I’m not so sure that LSU is quite the juggernaut it was thought to be. Too bad for me that all the games are airing at 3 AM where I am in Germany.
Week 4 rankings. After the comment last week, I tweaked it a little bit, to respect the different number of games. I'm positive Oregon State would still be if I hadn't. Basically I added the "add a fictional win and loss for every time" method. Once everyone plays the same number of games, it should be irrelevant. 1. Stanford 2. Notre Dame 3. Florida 4. Oregon St. 5. Alabama 6. Ohio St 7. South Carolina 8. Georgia 9. Oregon 10. Kansas State
Casey Mortakes - Top 6 games to watch this Saturday 1. Maryland at 8 WVU 2. Missouri at 7 South Carolina 3. 22 Arizona at 3 Oregon 4. 10 Clemson at 4 Florida State 5. 15 Kansas State at 6 Oklahoma 6. 18 Michigan at 11 Notre Dame
Lets see... Va Tech, Arizona, UCLA, Oregon,Iowa State, Maryland, South Carolina... all the right teams won... Kansas State turned the Miami Hurricanes into a tropical depression. Arkansas - WTH?? Pretty good College Football weekend!!
The 'Swami of Salami 9-1 ' going in his second week as predictions. Here we go: Florida Gators over Texas A&M, Georgia over Missouri, Mississippi State over Auburn, NC State or Connection, Bowling Ball over Idaho Vandals, Virginia over State Penn, South Carolina over ECU, Kansas State over My-Mamie, Michigan State over Central-Air Michigan, Okie State over Arizona, USC over Syracuse, Wisconsinners over Oreo State, LSU over Washington Huskies, Neb Corn-pones over UCLA, Shirley Temple over Maryland, Tulsa over Two-Lanes, Aristotle State over Ill & Noisey, University of Taxes over NM Hobos.
College Football preseason top 25 The AP Poll and the USA Today Coaches Poll are just the averages taken from the polls of random voters. Neither poll uses more than 60 or 70 voters. Now there aren’t 60 or 70 preseason polls out there just yet, but there are quite a few. So I have taken polls from Bleacher Report writers, Athlon Sports, Chat Sports, ESPN writers and anyone else I could find, as well as input my own poll. After adding up all the votes, here is what you can expect to see in the 2012 College Football preseason rankings: 1. LSU (9) 2. USC (2) 3. Alabama (1) 4. Oregon 5. Oklahoma 6. Georgia 7. Arkansas 8. Michigan 9. South Carolina 10. Florida State 11. West Virginia 12. Michigan State 13. Clemson 14. Virginia Tech 15. Ohio State 16. Nebraska 17. Wisconsin 18. Kansas State 19. Texas 20. TCU 21. Notre Dame 22. Oklahoma State 23. Boise State 24. Florida 25. Auburn
So..I have no life, most of you know this..but we had a "Spirited" debate a few days ago over the value of "Recruiting Grades" given out by Rivals. So this is what I did: I took the Rivals "Rankings" from 2007-2010 and compared/contrasted them with the Final AP rankings in 2011. 2007 class was 5th year seniors, 2008 was Sr or RS JR, 2009 was JR or RS Soph, 2010 was Soph or RS FR for the 2011 Season. I took the 4 "rankings" and divided by 4 to come up with an average "Rank" Here is what I found: 1. Alabama: 4.25 average 4 year rank. Nicely done, recruiting guru. 2. LSU: 5.75 Wow..maybe there IS Something to this grade stuff.. 3. OK State: 30.75 uh-oh.. 4. Ore: 18:75 5. Arkansas: 33 6. USC: 3:75 O.k o.k..back to normal, grades matter.. 7. Stanford: 36:75 RATS 8. Boise State: 75 Seventy-Five. 9. South Carolina: 15.50 10. Wisc: 51.25 11. MSU 34 12. Michigan: 12.50 almost nailed it EXACTLY on this one. 13. Baylor: 52.25 Was Mr Heisman 6 star? 14. TCU: 67 15. Kansas State: 55.
The latest Top 25 in College Football has been released Here is the list of teams in order from 1-25: LSU, USC, Alabama, Oregon, Georgia, Oklahoma, Florida State, West Virginia, Michigan, South Carolina, Michigan State, Stanford, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Clemson, Ohio State, Kansas State, Texas, Florida, Washington, OSU, Virginia Tech, Nebraska, and Georgia Tech. What do you think about this top 25?
Brad Underwood will not return to Kansas State. My guess would be he follows Frank Martin to South Carolina.
Eating lunch with new South Carolina (former Kansas State) coach Frank Martin!
I think South Carolina and Illinois made fantastic hires, Frank Martin has more recruiting ties on the east coast and John Groce recruits Big Ten country as good as anyone and is a good x's and o's coach as well. I think Kansas State could have made a better hire than Bruce Weber though, kind of shocked by that hire.
LISTEN: Frank Martin let's the Loose Cannons know why he left Kansas State for South Carolina.
Martin eager to take on South Carolina challenge: Kansas State head coach Frank Martin yells to his team in the ...
New post: Frank Martin set to make move from Kansas State to South Carolina
Kansas State coach Frank Martin was meeting with South Carolina officials Monday and would then decide whether to accept an offer or stay with the Wildcats, Martin told
Reports: South Carolina and Kansas State men's basketball coach Frank Martin have agreed to a contract »
Kansas State basketball coach Frank Martin touched on two very interesting topics less than a minute into his time as a studio analyst for CBS today. Here is a full transcript of what Martin had to say on his potential interest in South Carolina and his thoughts on Jamar Samuels missing his final ga...
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