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South Asia

South Asia, also known as Southern Asia, is the southern region of the Asian continent, which comprises the sub-Himalayan countries and, for some authorities (see below), also includes the adjoining countries to the west and the east.

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Industry - in South Asia: Reporting sex pests
Trump, Xi to jointly fight terrorism in South Asia: China ||
The newly refurbished China and South Asia galleries at the BM - the official opening was today! Come and see! https:/…
You can visit the magnificent Sir Joseph Hotung Gallery of China and South Asia from Friday! The full suite of galleries…
India this year is one of the top-10 improvers across the world: Annette Dixon (World Bank VP, South Asia) on Ease of Doing Busine…
I've just posted on my Blog about: Resin Sculptures from South Asia made by CREXY Handicraft
I remember when Breaking News was USA at war in the Persian Gulf...NOT two people die in South Asia. NOT ALL NEWS IS BREAKING NEWS
India, China & South Asia: if in London come and hear and Chris Ogden on 25 Oct.
Global Shapers from South Asia at . Thanks for the
Minister Iqbal with rest of the participants at the National Conference on Security Situation in South Asia in context o…
Minister Ahsan Iqbal addressing the National Conference on Changing Security Situation in South Asia & Development of CP…
India did give birth to a rogue nation that is the main source of terrorism in South Asia... so technically a valid…
means introduced proxy war in South Asia in 1950s, nukes in 1970s.
The most expensive electricity in South Asia & this is on top of Pakistan borrowing Rs. 3billion per day!
Good climate of Kathmandu, Nepal's good relations with all neighbours in South Asia. Nepal can be hub for Internati…
Human Forms in Nature: Ernst Haeckel’s Trip to South Asia and Its Aftermath
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Floods in South Asia, typhoons in Hong Kong, hurricane in Texas, USA, we did a lot of wrong to nature & climate change is getting back at us
South Asia floods kill 1,200 and shut 1.8 million children out of school
Massive flooding in Texas, South Asia, and North Africa... hard to believe there's still deniers out there.
More than 1,200 people have died across South Asia as a result of flooding Meanwhile in the rest of the world...
South Asia floods: fears 1,200 death toll will rise as Mumbai building collapses
More than 1,200 people have been killed in monsoon rains across South Asia. Flooding in Mumbai, India has brought the city to a…
At least 5 people died in Mumbai, with more than 1,200 killed in recent floods across South Asia.
Monsoons wreak havok in South Asia. Global severe weather events will be the future if we don't now
PLEASE HELP ANY WAY YOU CAN: South Asia flooding: How you can help the millions of victims
1,200 people are dead and two million children forced out of school by floods in South Asia
How you can help the victims of the South Asia flooding that's left millions homeless
As Hurricane Harvey hit the U.S., countries in South Asia experienced the worst monsoon season in years
Sending love and concern to members and friends facing flooding back home, from the US Gulf Coast to South Asia.
Death toll from Mumbai floods jumps, with more than 1, 200 killed in South Asia
Ayesha Jalal, eminent historian of Pakistan and South Asia, on what you gain from knowing your own history…
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About 1/3 of Bangladesh submerged by floods. “We’re used to flooding, but we’ve never seen anything like this.”.
Cyberespionage in South Asia. NHS hack confirmed as ransomare. Notes on Hancitor. WireX Android botnet taken down.… https…
Found in Central America, South America & Southeast Asia, tapirs are related to horses & rhinoceroses. A group of tapirs is calle…
Flooding and landslides from monsoon rains have affected at least 41 million people in Bangladesh, India and Nepal
Devastating floods in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh have killed at least 1,200 people and displaced millions.
Tho Houston flood is getting more attention, flooding in India, Nepal & Bangladesh is SO much worse. 1,000 dead.
A thousand dead in the flooding... ... in South Asia.
South Asia is also experiencing the worst flooding in decades and these photographs are horrifying
Deeply saddened by floods, loss of life South Asia, after Sierra Leone. Climate change is exacerbating disasters every…
Monsoon floods in South Asia affect 24 million people: Red Cross - Al Jazeera English
Rex Tillerson releases statement on United States' engagement in South Asia:
Statement by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on the new integrated strategy for the U.S. approach to South Asia
Remarks by President Trump on the Strategy in Afghanistan and South Asia
Full transcript of remarks by President Trump on the strategy in and South Asia
4 US Navy warships have crashed in Asia in the last year alone.and you thought they couldn't drive!
Deadly South Asia floods affect 16m people
New US South Asia policy, read the informative comments
South Korean arrested for trafficking Thai women for sex trade - South China Morning Post
More than 750 people feared dead in floods across South Asia
is restructuring its south Asia policy:. -Alliance w -4.000 soldiers to -New base in Tajikistan. -
With no easy solution in sight, South Korea is coming to terms with a nuclear North Korea
Ain't it strange how no ships collided under Obama only 1 near miss, average under Trump, every 3 months.
BREAKING: White House says Trump to address nation Monday night on strategy for Afghanistan, South Asia.
Who are North Korea's allies or who would become their allies?...
Watch out for Trump's address on Afghanistan and South Asia tomorrow- could be as unpredictable as him...
remains one of lowest performers in South Asia Region on human development indicators, esp. in education and stun…
Wow. So beautiful but can we see it here in South East Asia during the day later in 6 hours time?
China has worked to contain India within South Asia and to reduce its influence even there.
PACOM chief Harris arrives in as North likens joint war game to 'pouring gasoline on fire'
could make South unlivable by the end of the century. Read more about the study
A man casts his fishing net next to his partially submerged hut in India, amid monsoon floods across South Asia https:…
Climate predictions show extreme future temperatures in South Asia, putting hundreds of millions at risk of death.
North Korea warns of 'merciless strike' ahead of US-South Korea drills
Indian should face such every now and then. They are most venomous nation in South East Asia. They have…
The USS Fitzgerald collided with a merchant vessel in June of this year killing seven members of her crew.  ...…
A vegetable that has spent a month backpacking around South East Asia
Mattis on Afghanistan: New strategy will involve the whole region, including Pakistan. It is a South Asia strategy. http…
Only Sharjah airport which caters most immigrant labourers from South & South-East Asia has such crowd on Frida…
Oh you all thought today was imprtnt because of the eclipse? Sike, think again. It's Trump's address tonight on strategy for AFG, South Asia
Living with and fears: Our report from a cut off village in south east Nepal. Also on soon
Nearly 700 people have died in flooding thought to be the worst to hit South Asia in nearly a decade
We've been featured in the AFR again! ezyCollect is currently revolutionizing payment culture in South East Asia!... https:…
I added a video to a playlist South Asia's Largest Choreographed Fountain with Water Laser & Fire in
TOMORROW at 9p ET: addresses the nation on Afghanistan & South Asia - For full live special coverage, tune in to Fox Ne…
The fishing cat is an endangered species from South and Southeast Asia. (Photo: flickr/Cliff)
Deadly South Asia affect 16 million people. responds.
Funny because the most racists countries are not even in N…
Floods, landslides kill more than 800 people across South Asia
President Trump Set to Address the Nation Monday Evening on Afghanistan and South Asia
President Trump provides an update on the path forward for America’s engagement in & South Asia. Follow live at 9:…
Press release: Central awaits 'torrent of water' as death toll from South Asia floods nears 700 >
Trump will speak about Afghanistan and South Asia. I pray this doesn't involve the privatization of combat forces. As a ve…
BBC News - Deadly South Asia floods affect 16m people
South Korea's special forces prepare for hostage scenario
Answer this? Which ancient city in South Asia was the site of the worlds first Multi Disciplinary university
Expert: Except Pakistan, India has hegemony over almost all countries of South Asia. 来自
JIBS is one of the highlighted business schools in special feature on EQUIS.
One of my favourite blogs & they are hiring. If you've got an academic interest in South Asia & good at editing/writing you…
A transect of environmental variability across South Asia and its influence on L...
Having a little FOMO about the but then I remembered I'm on vacation in South East Asia
North Korea warned that drills by South Korea and the U.S. would deepen tensions by "throwing fuel onto fire"
Annual military drills between US and South Korea have begun, which consistently infuriate Pyongyang.
They want the entire South China Sea so they have to get rid of the 12 mile zone, to ke…
I'm also tired of the lack of sympathy for victims of terrorism in African countries, the Middle East and South Asia. https:…
Travel blog by » Driving in Afghanistan, South Asia - Road trip Survival Guide
Our Constitution appears progressive in South Asia in ensuring Religious freedom, it leaves othrs behind .
Indian Constitution is progresive in South Asia in incorporating fair clauses for .
onstitution of Pakistan regressive in South Asia in enacting clauses for minorities .
Constitutions of India, Nepal more progressive in South Asia in envisaging right to religion .
Pakistani Constitution seems little serious in South Asia region in enacting clauses for minority.
Mr President, Indian Constitution is progressive in South Asia in enacting provsons for
Indian Constitution more progressive in South Asia in enacting fair clauses for cause.
Indian Constitution more progressive in South Asia in making progressive provisions for her's the fact.
Nepal Constitution more progressive in South Asia in identifying Muslim, cause,We r ahed.
🎙️Podcast: Martha Chen has deep family roots in South Asia and witnessed both of its Partitions
Study: Just going outdoors could become deadly in South Asia - Daily Mail
"I found myself in South Asia eating dinner with a terrorist.". - Rachel Cohen, Missionary in South Asia .
ICYMI: Parts of South Asia could be too hot to live in by end of century . by https…
Lol @ everyone asking...Pakistan is in South Asia not the Middle East
Join Jeremy Wade on his South East Asia adventure where he tackles this giant? Can you tell us its name? to…
Correct answer is South Asia Satellite. The satellite was launched by on the 5th May, 2017.
My election is a message to those who work with honesty: President-elect Ram Nath Kovind
No reply yet from North Korea on offer of talks, South Korea says
What if Europeans never came to South Asia and left our thriving civilizations alone to exercise their millenia-old sover…
Palestine is not our matter we have to stuck on south asia only!
Finally getting round to my travel blog. Enjoy..
South Korea is losing faith in an elitist education system - The Economist via education - Google ...
Jakarta disregards Beijing, renames part of South China Sea - - Indonesia invoked the decision.…
“I feel like a mermaid. My body tells me I am a man and my soul tells me I am a woman.”
How Much Does it Cost to for 3 Weeks in South East
Leading ride-hailing platform in South East Asia, Grab, raises $2 billion from SoftBank and China's Didi…
Pakistani taxi app offers ride with a marriage matchmaker
Cohort 7 fellow Karima's venture provides life-saving bundles to mothers & newborns in South Asia: http…
Pakistani taxi app offers ride with a marriage
German Power Metal band Freedom Call Live in on September 9 at The Rock Pub. Only show in South East Asia.
With It’s Clear the Anti-Atheist Sentiment in South Asia is Getting Worse https:/…
South Koreans are losing faith in an elitist education system
if u want Glory Days Tour continue in 2018 with SOUTH AMERICA and ASIA shows vote for
Does South East Asia included Thailand !? ; ___ ; I wanna see your live performance so badly
The Faisal Mosque is the largest mosque in South Asia and the fourth largest mosque in the world. .
Defector to South Korea Who Became a Celebrity Resurfaces in the North
For all the countries in the South Asia region who bend under Chinese stare, have a ne…
Well, Jia is freaking brilliant. The best setter of Pilipinas. One of the best setters in South East Asia. Next.. ASIA!!!
South-East Asia’s future looks prosperous but illiberal
Part I of blog post featuring key learnings and observations about SE Asia's tech ecosystem…
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PLA National Defence University students discuss South Asia with Syndicate 1 of DSSC.
Want to get e-mail alerts about some of the best new books on the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, geopolitics and…
A North Korean defector who became a modest celebrity in South Korea has resurfaced in North Korea
Aladdin is an orientalist film that carelessly combines elements from various regions including South Asia and the Middle East.
In 1992, Disney released the film "Aladdin," based on a series of short stories from the Middle East and South Asia.
India is apart of South Asia. Naomi Scott is Indian. Naomi Scott is Princess Jasmine. Deal with it.
Food shortages could increase the number of malnourished children in South Asia by 7 million by 2050. via
Congratulations to team for the successful launch South Asia satellite! It’s indeed a milestone for South Asia r…
Historically low in the UK. But rates soaring with mass immigration coming in from Africa and South Asia why are th…
PM Nawaz Sharif says CASA-1000 energy corridor project will create linkages between Central and South Asia and redu…
With his visit to Israel, PM Modi has brought strategic alignment between USA, Israel and India to South Asia and Indian Ocean.
Can building economic prosperity in South Asia help alleviate threat from radical Islamists groups in Central Asia?
Havelock-Andaman With sublime silken beach,twinkling teal shallows & some of the best. diving in South Asia.…
Great speech by Trustee at South Asia gallery event at
India ranks 137th in Global Peace Index 2017, Bhutan most peaceful in South Asia
Little Giant Ladders
is birth place of 1st Sikh Master Guru Nanak Dev Ji, we equally cherish your victory. & in South Asia.
On paper, China's ambitious initiative to create a network through South Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europ...
5 Amazing Ways Can Improve Your . oleifera is native to South Asia but……
earthsgarden Garcinia Cambogia is a small fruit indigenous to South Asia. For thousands of years, it has has been...
Susan Ostermann, expert in comparative politics in South Asia, appointed assistant professor of global affairs…
Join us for a festival of music, stories and dance from across South Asia curated by
New call for papers on Human Resource Management and Supply Chain Orientation in South Asia: .
I'm proud to be a part of Temple Baptist Church where we affirm young women going into ministry whether it's in the US or South Asia
Kulbhushan Jadhav cannot be acquitted by world court: Pakistan diplomat
the nazi confronter is interesting too. she's georgetown south asia security expert C Christine Fair. i…
Q1.)Can you name this underground aquarium in Bangkok which is the largest one in South East Asia? http…
Internet experts say North Korea's hackers probably responsible for on govts & hospitals
Pakistan lawyers set 7-day deadline for PM Nawaz Sharif to resign
We can go anywhere lol Europe, South America, Asia... pick one, let's plan and go 😛 I'm always down for adventures!
The death zone is notorious for its difficult terrain and thin air.
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So Luis Hernandez will be the scapegoat for Cules? Half of South Asia is now investigating how much Perez paid him.
What to get my friend who is travelling solo around South East Asia
Gets home after visiting Asia, Africa, and Europe... already planning my next trip. Where to next? South America? Australia?
Delicious, spicy Jalapenos and onion mixed together with pinch of salt, vinegar, and two spoonfuls of Pickles from…
Seeking to form a 5 nation movement. Japan, china, Thailand, The Philippines, South Korea, good face value nations to rid e Asia of us Navy
Editing... rambling on rape culture in the US and South Asia 💕💕💕💕
I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:. North Korea in new missile test, South says -
Asia to the East, the Libyan continent to the south, and the rest was Europe
has launched a new communications satellite for South Asia from Sriharikota space centre.
India health budget among the smallest globally; maternal mortality rate one of highest in South Asia
100,000 pieces of artillery, many MLRS pointed at Seoul. Do the math. MacArthur will be proved right
Finally over 60m and South East Asia record!! Thanks all
North Korea in new missile test, South says - BBC News
North Korea fires an unidentified projectile from Pukchang in North Korea, according to South Korea’s military.
North Korea in new missile test, South says
I added a video to a playlist Welcome to See Nepal & Biggest Fountain Show in South Asia!!!
Interesting time to visit Saudi Arabia... . Here is how US close ally deals with peaceful popular uprising:.
BBC News - North Korea in new missile test, South says
South Korea requires all males to serve in the military — here's what it's like
South Asia's 1st community Radio Sagarmatha turns 20 this month. Article Full video https:/…
This is rapidly becoming the next big thing in South East Asia i.e. Chikungunya cases are rising
The mission will expose international schools in South Asia to emerging options in
Celebrate writing, arts & debate from South Asia at here at the Library this weekend
Over 25 events and live music. Join us at to explore literature, performing arts and debate from South Asia htt…
There is not Citi with Global at all, Vikram Pandit was a hire with South Asia metrics even at Morgan Stanley.False with Columbia etc.
South Asia, if she's not from the eastern Middle East or South Asia then Idk...
For Europe, Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia, East Asia to be prosperous and at peace is considered provocative by USA and allies.
South Asia's youth populations on the rise. Stagnant growth by comparison: Middle East, North America.
The most dangerous cities in the world?not in South Asia or Middle East or Europe but in Latin America
India plans to develop roads in neighboring countries to strengthen its position in South Asia https:…
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New fronts, brave voices: Press freedom in South Asia - a report by
In 2016, South Asia had over 415 million active Internet users – yet internet controls are even more present:
An survey in South Asia revealed two-thirds of journalists lack knowledge & training on digital security:
John Fiorello (| Save the mothers and babies in South Asia with at the…
Find the Map of which is showing the countries of South Asia.
Come see me--and other smarter people--in DC talking about nukes at sea in South Asia on May 17th.
Bhai if war triggers then it will nuclear .. n it can destroy entire South Asia..…
Ms.Marvi Memon,Chairperson BISP met with Ms. Annette Dixon,Vice President of the World Bank for South Asia i…
South Asia&biggest dancing fountain has found in Bahria Town Karachi
Mr. Bhaskar Ranjan Das, Associate Dir. & Head - South Asia, CIMA addressing the audience and applauding the achieve…
Protectionist measures to open up new opportunities for South Asia, says World Bank economist Martin Rama
‘Pakistan to be the first country in South Asia to test 5G services’ . .
And as for the "sharia supporters", I believe most of South Asia prac…
Lmao basically. Nothing good ever comes out of US intervention in the Middle East / South Asia. Lo…
On Sunday we heard what God is doing in South Asia from our global partner, Pastor Emmanuel! Listen at
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is another Indian colony in South Asia ! The league is a Party .
Happy birthday to our beloved Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan President University of South Asia. Lahore.
One Belt, One Road Summit, to be held in Beijing, will be attended by leaders from Russia, South Asia & Central Asia
The European Union and South Asia strengthen ties in civil aviation
Coffee trees are cultivated in over 70 countries, mostly in Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Latin America.
A snapshot of the military situation in South Asia prior to the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971. The Times, November 24,…
Such great choices from last Friday. Loved the music from South Asia, Middle East and Portugal. Radio gem
Poverty continues to be a major challenge in South Asia: Sumitra Mahajan via
South Asia's Leading Travel Show, SATTE New Delhi 2016 Welcomes you to a World beyond maps. To Book the space of... http:/…
Dear Pakistan, your obsession is a Western conspiracy!! South Asia would have been an awesome place without your Kash…
I might give you Pakistan, but not the other two. Americans always get it wrong. India is not really South Asia as you call it.
Legend of the South Asia (Late Amjad Sabri) Praising Allah with his soul... via
I liked a video The History of South Asia: Every Year
Al Jazeera - South Asia - Can a three-day event save Pakistan's Mohenjodaro -
Spoke to a really great class at Boston University today on U.S. engagement in South Asia:
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Delegation meets Ms. Laura Clarke, the Head of the FCO South Asia, British High Commissioner H.E. James Dauris
Our director has been sharing news about our ambitious South Asia gallery plans with
and named ambassadors of first Violence Against Women Centre in South Asia. Read:
Violence against women in South Asia has become common, normalized & is on the rise: via
Items discussed in . • Security Situation in South Asia. and Central Asia. • State Sponsored Terrorism. •
Whether today's Orders target Mexico/Central/South America or Middle East/South Asia, we need to stand up for each other.…
vacationing in South Asia is the best. So cheap. Same with Viet Nam.
Live now: How regional cooperation can accelerate growth in South Asia.
"Meltdown in Tibet" by Michael Buckley. A grim reminder for Tibet, South Asia & South East Asia. Water…
See German Court decision over KIK brand CSR failure in Baldia Factory. Why no one discuss it against propaganda? .
My team last year covered Europe, Asia, South & North America, America, and Africa...less diverse this year covering only Asia and the USA
South Asia: climate change pushing migration like never before, study by htt…
if this happened in Africa or Southeast Asia or South America we would be condemning it for neglecting to reflect the will of the people
The punchinello is a small butterfly found in South and Southeast Asia. (Photo: Muckpuk)
Trip around East and South Asia. The art and fashion
nah only jk, hope you're killing it in South East Asia my friend!
"I'm too old to let God into my heart." -Gau Maya, South Asia
There are two Pisang Island in South East Asia. One is Banana Island in Indonesia. Another is just Pisang Island just right in west of Johor
Vietnam dredging at disputed Spratly reef in South China Sea: Reuters - The Japan…
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at Deloitte Digital South East Asia!
The igbos have caused disharmony in MALAYSIA & Asia as a whole. South Africa, Ghana, Cameroon, northern Nigeria , Lagos and Ondo.
🚨 GOOD NEWS 🚨 Santa has successfully navigated Typhoon and he's on his way to south-east Asia
It right in South East Asia in making Milo tabur first album
The same attitudes exist in South Asia as well. Thanks for highlighting this issue
"Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, the AC was running because we live in the south" please help htt…
2- Offer the Jews the whole of Middle East and South Asia with capitals in Mecca, Islamabad, Jerusalem, Tehran if they leave the West.
Check out my newest book on my adventures in South East Asia
Give Pakistanis, Iranians, Moslems, Jews everything they want in return for leaving the West. The whole of ME & South Asia!
Indonesia's anti-terrorism squad kills 3 suspects in firefight during raid on house south of Jakarta, police say.
LOLOLOL PUNJAB ZINDABAD at least my mother comes from the Mughals who most of south/Central Asia
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By what different ways did Islam spread into South and Southeast Asia? Aca Click for help
Donate to south Asian digital archive to support collecting South Asia stories and history in US!
The next World War will be started by a Whatsapp fwd in South Asia
So after travelling God knows how many 1000s of miles across South East Asia we have finally…
Merry Christmas to all from the South East Asia 🌞🏝🎉🎄
Protesters dressed as Santa Claus took to the streets Saturday to march against South Korea's impeached president
Come pick up all ya floor bags, ya aint livin in South East Asia.
One million young people enter the workforce each month in South Asia and the region has a growing urban population. https:…
A very very Happy Birthday to the Great Leader of South Asia, Founder and Father of Pakistan...Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Ji…
Sandeep Sharma Weekend '01, South Asia & Middle East director for NICE, discusses the future of analytics
Our new report explains our approach to building the impact investment market in Africa & South Asia
The deciduous forests of India’s North Western Ghats offer one of the most species-rich ecosystems in South Asia https…
How can regional integration boost growth and prosperity in South Asia?
Saudi Arabia said to curb January sales to parts of Southeast Asia, South Asia including India - BBG
i referred to us collectively as South Asia and you took it fr Saudi
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
The only Microgravity Tower in South Asia. Allows for 32 m of free fall of a capsule. Scientists can simulate zero gravity. h…
As Tamil Nadu, India and South Asia mourn the loss of political giant Jayalalitha, have a look these pics of her as…
will moderate a session on "Regional Economic Integration in Central and South Asia".
The politics and political animals of South Asia including Nepal is just Reactive.Its just give reaction on contemporary issue. n forget all
Dosa and masala chai with South Asia historians on a London winter evening. Life is good.
American woman with South Asian Parents, Nikki Haley, to be US ambassador to UN. Proud moment for South Asia!
Do Brexiters travel? Here in South Asia you see why no country should try going it alone. EU pop 510m, GDP $17trillion: UK…
Visit us at Hall 3 Booth G15, the largest event for label & package printing industry South Asia
Congratulations . You've made India & South Asia proud by playing in the finals of AFC Cup. Nothing is impossi…
UNICEF says 620 million of the children exposed to toxic air are in South Asia, mostly in northern India.
South Asia and Africa have the largest share of children living in areas with polluted air:
After celebrations in South Asia, the pollution in the air makes visibility extremely low. See photos here
South Asia has the 2nd highest share of poor children (36%) w/ 30% of extremely poor children living in India alone.
that the backbone of the is 6 land transport corridors that link Central, East, and South Asia...
SriLankan Airlines named Best Full Service Airline in Central & South Asia yet again -
Alex Cooley of Columbia offers a fresh look at China's plans in Central and South Asia.
Also, 'Asian' in the UK refers to everyone from South Asia as well, not just East Asians.
A regional conference on women, leadership and the economy in South Asia kicked off here in Kathmandu today.
Stream Heems & Riz Ahmed's New Album "Cashmere": South Asia is not particularly well-represented in hip hop, ...
considers Bangladesh an important partner in South Asia: President
In 2016 Global Hunger index, Pak ranked 107 out of 118 developing states - worst in South Asia. So much for PMLN claims o…
Trump profited on tacky appropriation of one of Islam and South Asia's symbols-the Taj Mahal
Just wondering, if Prithviraj Chauhan had not pardoned Ghauri, would the present day map of South Asia have been any differen…
off to see Dustin Smith, consultant to speak on issues in South Asia.
" " another military term which lost its meaning today in South Asia
Internally displaced persons and refugees in South Asia. Source: CIA
South Asia has the largest number of malnourished kids. Facts that jingoism overlooks.
Can PM Modi shape South Asia like Indira Gandhi did in '71?
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