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South African

South Africa, officially the Republic of South Africa, is a country located at the southern tip of Africa.

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South African teams could join Anglo-Welsh Cup - Premiership Rugby is investigating the possibility of introduc...
He is a South African citizen, isn't he? Ancestors ka dekhe to…
Nuclear energy should not be a South African priority
how are you owning your freedom as a South African citizen?
As a South African citizen what do you consider freedom to be? 🤔🤔
South African soccer players say the darndest things.
Even if you're a South African citizen but are originally from another African country, you still feel the...
South African take on issue of Disseminating Research von The Academic Citizen an auf
At least 18 schoolchildren were killed when a minibus and a truck collided north of the South African capital of Pretoria
South African government "aparthate" this is against a minority remember. What the Afrikaners did, in government En…
The ongoing corruption case involving two South African clubs was postponed again this week.
Expressing his love for South African jazz and respect for those that helped make it great,
S/o to South African national for athletics on this week. you know I'll be watching
South African born Charlize Theron became a US citizen in 2007, does that make her an African American?
Julius Sello Malema is the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters, a South African political party, which he found…
A South African man who hunted elephants and leopards has reportedly been eaten by crocodiles.
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"A foreign child adopted by South African citizens becomes a citizen by descent..."
gone are those days when I was a proudly South African citizen,should I celebrate freedom day or nah?😢😇😢
“Die stem” must fall – Malema. The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) is demanding of the South African government...
PS. becoming a US citizen so I can vote but also so I don't have to explain my 2007 South African passport photo at dispensaries anymore
I'm a South African citizen there's my ID, does it matter where I stay in my country. Hay sidingi break ngezi proof…
Not that me, a law abiding South African citizen, engages in such activities
"People Love reality shows in South Africa that are telling the South African story" - Uya…
Archives: Amid Capcom consolidation deal in Nigeria, Bharti Airtel re
I was an African before I became a South African, I am the Son of the soil . iAfrika🇿🇦
Caller explains how his wife has been prohibited from reentering SA after living in the country for the past 6 years
South African hunter 'was eaten by crocodiles' – Daily Mail
You will enjoy the original movie better. It's South African. Search for it - SKEEM.
South African Dr Machuene Magoro graduated at UCT in 2011 with a (MBChB) aged just 22.
The exciting potential of South African athetics. We are witnesses! We believe!
So some of you Law students are walking around with Fake degrees cause your South African education system slept on yall
South African caddie Gary Matthews has criticised women's world number one Lydia Ko after being fired by the New Zealander's camp after onl…
Many South African Ministers when they get offended by the Supernatural Power and Prophecy they start calling...
As New Yorkers, we think of ourselves as different from the South. But when it came to slavery, we really weren’t. htt…
South African hackers better put that on YouTube as in yesterday. Harena DSTV rona
😂😂😂 Are you sure that there isn't English part in South African national anthem?
South Africa's slow growth, compared to other African middle-income countries. (IMF data for 2016 and new GDP forecasts f…
Every South African that cares: - sign your name to add your voice to a collective conv... via
South African record companies must sign this woman fast. She's next big thing in music entertainment.
Caddie tees off at Ko camp after joining discard pile - (Reuters) - South African caddie ...
If a South African commits crime in a foreign country then they must deal with that criminal harshly.
Hope a solution to lowering study cost for South African can be found. Accommodation for students…
South African hunter is believed to have been eaten by crocodiles after human remains are found inside two beasts http…
My is considered amongst the top/best releases of 2016. TEXX: OKAY: https:/…
Just back from South Africa, and was impressed with the amount of innovation and tech underway over there -
🆕√√ 🎧 √√. Inbox us if you need a promoter or manager, we will hook you up with some South African best companies
The way South African girls are bleaching these days,a guy might end up dating his ex again without knowing. Khanyi Mbau
is A Non- Executive Board Member of the South African Association of Youth Clubs. on…
At this critical juncture in South African history we have the thrilling choice of: disingenuous conservatives, or disi…
I wish I had a Dr friend and on top of that had a friend at South African Weather Services.
when were u on South African morning television?
A happy 78th birthday to Basil van Rooyen - took part in the South African GP in 1968 & 1969, DNF in both races.
Watch out for the new South African traffic cameras...
As Kenyans we want African boundaries redefined.Why is Rwanda 🇷🇼 over there and we have south Sudan and Uganda so close?
South African pharmaceutical company, Aspen, fingered in a plot to destroy life saving cancer drugs in order to drive the…
Reverent Sefako Lepogo Makgatho founder of ANC. Peter Mokaba fought against white supremacy as president of ANC youth league, Ceril Ramaphosa, M phosa, and many more
Is general ndlemeza employed via the public service act or the South African police act
I mean if that R58.8 million could be distributed to South African citizens, which are just above 56 million. Every citizen gets a million
Congolese passport cost R3999 South African passport cost R400 how can government be so cruel toward it citizen
That's a million for each South African citizen.
South African citizen originally from other African countries are also victims of xenophobia
as a South African citizen i totally agree with his decision. Hope the decision is made to South Africa, Marriage forever!
"South African journalism – underpaid, understaffed, under pressure – cannot afford this kind of ineptitude."
Oh the state of South African journalism :( Great piece by .
Music: YCee - N.O.U.N (feat. KLY) [Prod. by Ganja Beatz]: YCee teams up with South African rapper…
So any South African citizen "of stature" can claim a threat and get special police protection?
I wanna date but no with any South African citizen
Dlamini Zuma is an ordinary South African citizen... If her life is on danger, she must hire bodygaurds with her OWN money..not ours
Bobby Locke began the rich tradition of South African golf back in the 1940's, while Gary Player took...
South African citizen who has zero respect for people who protect criminals. Sexual Assult is no joke in my country.
I'm South African citizen, I am interested to play am allowed to play if possible?
A car we call "Msibi". Tesla is owned by a South African but now American citizen.
Just by the border on the South African side.
I'm South African with Welsh, Irish, English, and Dutch origins. Proud global citizen.
South African artists bitting the Nigerian sound now Mafikizolo and the new Zakes
um a concerned citizen um a South African and um worried by reason of the ha…
Dear white South African, if you are a citizen, you pay taxes and you work in and for this country, don't let...
Simon Rimmer's South African-inspired dish is set to win your heart:
South African blacks are the most stupid Africans. So much tribalism amongst each other. Yet in the eyes of a white man Yo…
Why should Golden Arrow listen to dont listen to any South African..
Notice how South African women aren't participating in That's cause they bend over like this during coitus http…
South African premier league,100% far better than Nigerian premier league
looking at endangered and critically endangered South African animals:…
Dunnes Stores workers who refused to handle South African fruit and went out on strike in solidarity with pe…
The REAL winner is the South African economy... Next time, the show must be filmed in Nigeria simple and plain.
Getting repeated Red Pills on South African history this week is really depressing. Lord Robert Baden-Powell is a personal hero of mine.
South African media girl, Khanyi Mbau goes semi-nude in new photoshoot.
your South African store shut down in Dec and my Swift 7mo old died, whom am I supposed to contact?
South African literature icon sitting on the veranda of his home at
South African music is considered not African enough in Europe and the US. They want West African drums or the Ladysmith Black Mambazo sound
Written constitutions are as British as an Indian and South African meeting in. an Irish bar in Canada t…
Did you know that Joe Mafela who died last night, could speak all 11 South African languages?:. I even learnt Zulu from w…
In 1974, South African movie legend, late Joe Mafela starred in the first all-black South African made film, as Peter…
Woah! That would be a sad day for South African football. Another relegated "Sowetan" f…
Who owns the South African reserve bank and who manages it?
I've met several South African ex-pats in Canada. They are white refugees who had to leave everything & flee due to ant…
while you at it also google South African reserve bank owners
our South African kids though...kasi style
Well its South African so that's why
As an advocate for and a concerned South African citizen, I'm choosing to…
All the best this week Watching the is so much better with a South African in contention!
South African artists lack creativity when it comes to hooks. Most of them are riding the same hook😩😩😩
Gonubie writer pens third spot in African literary awards
Enjoy! Fingers crossed for Nadal but think Federer to win!! It's ok, his mother is South African
North African told me she believed she was superior to Africans until her fam moved to South Africa where whites taught her…
There are over 120 South African firms in Nigeria.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
What actions will South African's take after the Zuma Cabinet Shuffle?
South African parliament speaker weighs no confidence motion
76% of Jamaicans are of African descent.
If he is tall, has a beard and above average looks then he is probably not South African.
My South African Homie got her in the corner.
Mbete, speaking to at Johannesburg upon her arrival from said her office...
Tito Titus Mboweni was the first black Governor of the South African Reserve Bank. He was in office from August 1999 t…
I like how South African rappers are pushin' to close the gap of US Links, man Local is lekker, support it
Fully agree. One day he is Motswana, best day he is South African. And on a blue day, he is a Malawian. Yet to read…
South African parliament speaker weighs no confidence motion - KLKN
Nice to hear speak as he's not American or South African . Oxford Virginia?
South African youth look gleece as ***
Behind the God-swapping in the South African Indian community [part 1] via
Lol how embarrassing to be South African at this moment in time.
South African Chameleon. Zuma yesterday, Kathrada today, back to Zuma tomorrow.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
The calm in the midst of the noise. Beautiful South African Sunset @ Pilanesberg…
South African law should repeal Oppenheimer Acts preventing people from owning uncut diamonds or rough gold.
South African parliament's speaker to consider Zuma no-confidence vote request
is inviting 10 South African creatives to join our global ambassador program. Fill out the form
Striking images capture black life on Chicago's South Side in 1941
As an African raised in the US South in a seemingly bygone era, playing, watching, listening to baseball was a way we bon…
Every South African with a brain will support this - together as regardless of political party, race, creed or...
I've only travelled to European countries and South Africa so i gotta do more african and asian countries
South African -Mozambique boarder. Cars and drugs are crossing everyday
No South African can act surprised when all crashes, 22 ‘lies’ that Zuma has told South Africans
"No, South African officials didn't order a firm to lay off white workers" -
Great biopic... I wish people would go out and watch South African Biopics
there is no Latin American culture without it's African influences, especially in South American/Caribbean nations, but ever…
Now THAT is spot on Marcus! future as a South African hero could not start better! You should've had…
Never thought I would see the South African version of it 😂 😂 😂
Coming 29th of April in Nigeria and 27th of May in South Africa All African Legend's will Unite…
Privileged Black Male South African's excuse on South-Africa's crime mess:"But there is crime in America, too". Gue…
White South African tells Desmond Tutu and Ahmed Kathrada they don't know how to recognize apartheid.
Are you looking for South African bridal dress:
We're at today at + stop by our table to sign our petition! Get your tix today:
I'm convinced hates his job 😆 A South African president is more powerful than American one. Change cabinet as he pleases 😆
South Africa CANNABIS - South African court rules to legalize private cannabis use at home
Every time I read the word 'pyrotechnics' in this article, it's in Alan Partridge's faux South African accent
This. From one of the most important leaders of the South African freedom struggle & a former ANC cabinet member >>
Old Mutual hits as South African minister sacked
The sangoma of South African politics, has confirmed the former
Former Premier Soccer League (PSL) team have been relegated to the amateur ranks of South African football.
Deon Meyer. one of my favourite international writers reading one of my favourite South African writers.…
Former political prisoner, Nelson Mandela ally and South African politician Ahmed Kathrada has died.
Across cultures and denominations, South African churches are growing in unity.
Ahmed Kathrada, South African anti-apartheid leader who was jailed alongside Nelson Mandela, dies at 87
Markets boosted by US tax reform hopes, as South African rand tumbles - business live
The South African Council of Churches mourns the sad passing away of Mr Ahmed Kathrada, a deep reservoir of...
South African Ran getting crushed this morning on reports that Zuma about to fire the finance minister
Keep up to date with all the latest financial news Markets boosted by US tax reform hop...
"I was involved in the activities of the ANC‚ the South African Indian Congress‚ the SACP and Umkhonto weSizwe"
- There's been an increase in South African inmates (peer educators) and officials being trained on TB
Things are heating up!!. Zuma Said to Tell South African Communists He's Firing Gordhan via
Jacob Zuma tells South African Communists he'll fire Pravin Gordhan, sources say
The builds on the wider African perspective. It looks at valuation methodology in South, West and East Africa
South African anti-apartheid icon Ahmed Kathrada dies at the age of 87 in Johannesburg
South African rand takes another heavy blow on growing fears for finance minister Gordhan.
Perspective: over the past month, the South African Rand has strengthened marginally against US$.
I will be showcasing South African music only! No point in flying here to play their music! Here to fly the 🇿🇦 flag
Yup. Highest selling South African hip hop album of all time!!! The 2nd highest is Refiloe which is also my album. My f…
The rand plummets as S. African president said to plan to fire finance minister Gordhan
Black South African female owned legal consulting company that specializes in company law and intellectual property law.…
RIP Ahmed Kathrada, great South African freedom fighter, and strong supporter of Palestinian rights. One example:
We pay tribute South African struggle icon "Kathy" Kathrada who passed away earlier today.
A sad day in South African history with the passing of liberation icon, Ahmed Kathrada. May his gentle soul rest in peace.
Black Coffee & Trevor Noah,I jst can't help bt smile that I am South African & these guys are out there representing us with…
Polokwane is a South African city like any history,diversity, astonishing sceneries&pure elegance
First black South African woman to qualfy as a doctor via
According to the international Mercers 19th Quality of Living Survey, Durban has been ranked the top South African city the third time.
Percy Tau is the most exciting South African footballer since Jabu Pule.
Tan Sri Limkokwing devised the successful PR strategy for Nelson Mandela in the 1994 South African election.
Hello I'm looking at the rates for Garonga for our honeymoon and I can't tell if they are listed in the South African rand?
My best South African movies are Who am I by Jacki Chan,Inumber number and Tsotsi
A UK-based store, sells Aussie, Kiwi, and South African stuff! Not the cheapest, but as a treat... 👍🏻
Cloud is the answer for local South African law makers.
Rally that made rand the best currency in 2017 may fade as South African political risk lingers, Old Mutual says.
FFS they are a South African brewery these longer Aussie owned
New coach Luc Eymael set to return to South African on Sunday after completing his Pro License course.
Aged 21, was sat at a poker table in Vegas with a Canadian ,Mexican, Aussie, Columbian and South African. Best 6 hours I've ever played
Under ANC the South African currency has dropped by over 65% & Rand will soon be only good for making cigars and firelighters…
just posted a receipt for 50 South African rand to help make yr wonderful even more international 🐾🐾
Morphous, a bronze sculpture in Union Square Park in New York by South African artist Lionel Smit
Lovely work by and The Foundation. The South African township where women are receiving tech classes
Lisa here and just a lover of wine, especially South African but also partial to a drop of the Aussie stuff!
Today we pay tribute to South African music icon Lebo Mathosa, who sadly passed away on this day 10 years ago. Her leg…
Lions learn tour referees: Two French referees and a South African will take charge of the British and Irish Lions'…
South African leggie Imran Tahir to join will replace injured Aussie all rounder Mitch Marsh.
NO! Tied for third in the South African flyhalf rankings alongside the injured Pat Lambie (who has basically missed 2 games)
finally recognises that the South African might be more suitable than US as main currency…
Traders are betting on the first South African rate cut since 2012 after the current-account deficit narrowed
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
My review of Kalushi - a South African film about struggle hero Solomon Mahlangu, to be screened at in April
Sad news hearing about the passing of South African film and television legend aka "Sdumo". May his soul Res…
Meet the South African house producer featured on Drake's
South African soccer player accidentally thanks both wife and girlfriend in post-game talk:
From when Ben Elton was funny: "The ceramic neck brace, turned down by the South African police as TOO…
Visa-free travel: Where your South African passport can take you Relocation Africa
Are you ready for this evening's class at Cork & Fork Gainesville on South African wine? A few spots left! Sign up…
Cork & Fork LOVES great wine and this South African is one! Terrific presentation by Michael Cavanagh last evening!…
"If you did a paternity test on South African constitution, whose DNA would come up? Oliver Tambo's." Albie Sachs
South African triathlete is using a training camp in Aus to prepare for upcoming races.
South African triathlete Richard Murray uses stint on Gold Coast to prepare for upcoming race 3whitsundays
Barclays Africa misses debt sale target by R858 million on South African bank debt and impending UK parent exit.
Absa Premiership strugglers Baroka will this week continue with their assessment of former South African junior...
a leader is like a father and great leaders temper justice with mercy. A white South African has a right too like all blacks
Beautiful pictures by Roberto Cifarelli photography of South African pianist Abdullah Ibrahim feat. Ekaya...
South African president, Jacob Zuma has pulled a &stunner&subsequent to announcin
KCCA fans throw weight behind bitter rivals SC Vipers as they see off South African side Platinum Stars…
. Vital Win for VIPERS SPORTS CLUB as they beat South African based side Platinum Stars F.C. 1-0 in...
I suggest this guy it is South African legend and they must implement lucas gadebe and Doctor khumalo
Jacob Zuma in new ban on all South African countries confirms the govt. is aware and in support of the attacks on Nigerians
This nicely applies to the South African media and their bosses in the banking industry..!
North, East, West, & South African ppl and cultures are very diverse. Same with North, West, East, & South Asian ppl and cultures.
Follow up on Australian $186 million drug bust originating out of South Africa: 75 year old South African arrested
But uncapped wifi... R219 a month. South African just sets itself up for this stuff. Content is so poor it is shocking.
M'hudi wines at the opening of Sarafina @ The South African State Theatre
is the only South African soapie who can party...keep it up
A South African man and his pregnant fiancée have been arrested in Abu Dhabi for having premarital sex
as Mazikeen - The South African-born actress is a series regular on where...
I'm inviting my FB friends to watch some great South African football right here.
Tune into South African Adventure tonight 8pm. Phillip joins in on a 🦏 rhino rescue effort. It's must…
Website Builder 728x90
Introducing Bertus Basson at Spice Route new exciting South African Food and Wine Experience.
Well done to Theresa and SA Tourism country team for making the best of the ITB tourism trade show in Berlin! 52 South A…
Shop on | I am so inspired by the advent of authentically South African brands…
Brand ambassador for South African Airways voyager. so excited!!! Thank and my lovely Dillishians 💕🍾🙏🏾
Bakkies Botha says that how South African rugby will recover is a mystery. I can help him. Pick teams on merit. Simple.
Returning to the squad, is the big-hitting South African batsman, https:/…
I liked a video from THE ACCENT TAG | JAMAICAN, FRENCH, GERMAN, South AfricaN
Thousands of South African taxi drivers block airport access in protest of Uber -
"...ongoing maintenance of these monuments... denies the South’s shameful legacy of African slavery.” .
On the 1st of April the incredible, well-known South African group, The Rudimentals will be performing at the
South African unite n is not about the party but the ppl of SA I salute
- 1926:  South African artist Michael Zondi was born
And you post a picture of a South AfricaN
Tune into ITV tonight at 8pm to watch 'Phillips Schofield's South African Adventure'...
Chuck Norris is trending, did another South African artist write a song about him???
Family Tree Boss & South African Award-Winning Rapper, Cassper Nyovest is out with his new single Tito Mboweni, a...
South African house music is timeless 🙌🏾
In 2019, according to the South African calendar.
South African ambassador to Israel to be summoned to Foreign Ministry over minister's comments on IDF
Now go try bring us the London and South African doctors pia sisi tuskie utamu.
The beautiful singing this the one and only Mathys Roets South African 🏌🏻⛳️
South African claims of Aids deliberate infection confirmed⁉
A new favorite: South African Kwaito House 16 Mixed By Sam K by on
Tgmc rebirth of South African manufacturing.
J&B Hive member & founder of has been nominated for an Entrepreneurship award by NYDA South Afric…
JOHANNESBURG (AP) -- A South African man and his pregnant Ukrainian fiancee won't face charges in the United Ara...
Outside that museum where they were having a South African exhibition but we couldn't afford to…
Cambridge: I’m talking about CSR as political control in Kenya & South Africa at 5pm on Monday. You should come.
Ummm excuse me! But South African music is a vibe!! If anyone knows any good 1s pls recommend so I can feel like a lion on the treadmill 🔥
One picture says more than 1000 words... More?…
don't be Xenophobic towards Tboss and Complain when South African does the same to you.
South African taxis block roads to main airport in protest
don't be Xenophobic & complain when South African does the same to you. Hypocrites
Listen to your favourite South African jams with MTN Music+.Click the link
REDISA has created an extended producer responsibility plan that has positively impacted the South African economy.
In case you missed it: South African is walking from Limpopo to Cape Town to raise awareness and money for...
75year old South African man arrested in Australia in huge drug bust>>>
South African music has that thing that makes you say Woza, halala and thrust your hips. The good kind. Show me how you dan…
is fully human in Guyana Watramama South African manatee
We get to know South African model thats taking over the catwalks in Europe |
. If you think Nasty c saved South African hip hop.
South African man and fiancee in jail for having 'unlawful sex in the UAE have reportedly been freed
South African referee, Daniel Bennett will officiate our first-leg CAF Champions League against Zamalek on Sunday in Cairo
Here are more brother-pairs who represent different countries, including two South African siblings.
I'll be celebrating thru June. 10 graduations to attend from my South African gi…
KOO is proudly South African and proud to be a part of your special memories. What’s your KOO moment:…
Shoprite must back their claims of being proudly South African by stocking & selling local poultry products. Sign:
South Afrika is in Africa and South African land before the advent of white settles had African owners
Another great South African film on show at the during the South African Film Festival. https:/…
If it is web or email address ending with .ZA, then it is trusted, locally relevant and proudly South African. Be online & choose
The proudly presents multiple award winning South African songbird on Sunday the 19th Ma…
Check out this proudly South African brand of premium quality earphones from Rocka!
ORT proudly South African or more accurately proudly brought to you by the ANC
For sure. It's a proudly South African story that we all need to know.
An Englishman, American, South African and a Sierra Leonean walk into a bar... ...No seriously my department had a night out.
Mapaputsi make me feel proudly South African forever!!!
On other news,Bongani Zungu is making the country proud.Playing weekend in n weekend out. He has a clear South African citizenship!
Its me & ta'Hugh Masekela, he is romancing me into writing & working. Anyone have any other jazz (South African old skool) i can listen to?
Uber drivers are not bothered these days. Just throw a gangsign and catch one of our usual proudly South African ta…
Eintlik we need a movie about this clean job, a proudly South African one for that matter.
thank you please always support our local talent, I'm proudly South African!!!
Lest we forget what this South African achieved 13 years ago. Benni in the area. Halakasha.
Congrats to all the winners. Bless up. I'm proudly and loudly South African. Cc
Shoprite must show they're proudly South African by stocking & selloing local poultry products. Demand action here:
Ajeless Africa: The Generation of Make-Up: The first proudly South African lipstick brand, catering for Africa’s…
Worcester favourites to land Ian Keatley while Ulster are set to sign South African prop Schalk van der Merwe. .
Teko Modise is arguably the best South African prospect ever. during his peak years, he showed us unreal football. LEGEND!
Pro12 side Gwent Dragons have signed South African international Zane Kirchner from Leinster.…
"Ernest" oil on canvas - abstract art for - art for sale by outsider South African artist https…
Pitso Mosimane feels insulted by claims that no South African coach can coach currently.
Imran Tahir's 2/14 in the 5th ODI is the most economical bowling figures (10 or more overs in an ODI) by a South African spinner.
Watching 1981's South African horror The Demon & Buck Cannon from High Chaparral has shown up (in his black cowboy…
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