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South Africa, officially the Republic of South Africa, is a country located at the southern tip of Africa. 5.0/5

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Congratulations to Candice Breitz who, along with Mohau Modisakeng, will represent South Africa at the world’s...
"we’re not a gallery purely driven by bottom line"-50th! anniversary of Goodman gall,pillar of South Africa art wrld
Young, Gifted and Black at Goodman Gallery in South Africa (via
David Goldblatt, Meeting of the worker-management Liaison Committee of the Colgate-Palmolive Company, 1980; gelatin silver print; Courtesy of the artist and Goodman Gallery, South Africa; © David Goldblatt
Lyndi Sales is an artist based in Cape Town, South Africa. For the past couple of years, she has been working on a series of installations and artworks that seek to investigate the circumstances surrounding the controversial Helderberg plane crash. These constructions, made of intricately cut, pinned paper and rubber often shed light on the fragile nature of our existence, temporality and how chance plays a role in our lives. She has held solo shows internationally at Galerie Maria Lund in Paris and Toomey Tourell in San Francisco. And locally in South Africa at the Goodman Gallery, Bell-Roberts Contemporary, Joao Ferreria and Gallery Momo galleries. She has participated in group shows in South Africa, USA, Austria, London, Holland and Denmark. Her works can be found in major collections in South Africa as well as collections in the USA and Europe.
Morning guys, hope u all doin well cause I'm not. I've been watching this woman very close with her cheap political scores and I said 2 myself u know 1 of these days this woman if we r not watching her close.bcause they have claimed, our Madiba, we kept quite, and also claimed our Chris Hani, again we murmured, and ventured into our struggle songs, we sang along chanting rain bow nation, and nation building, they have claimed our Freedom chapter, and we said nobody has a monopoly of the Congress of the People, today we have COPE. Now they are moving to our NDR, through Job's campaign, they have moved into our Logos [ask Goodman Gallery] we said freedom of expression and artistic freedom.Not so long ago, they had one black member, today they have Lindiwe Mazibuko and others.In the much to COSATU, we witness more black numbers, If we continue in this way we may wake up with Zille as the President of South Africa, unless we do our revolutionary work now as tomorrow maybe too late. Happy Friday.AMANDLA!!!
Malema condemns Zuma's absence at Youth Day rally 20 Jun 2012 08:12 - Sapa Expelled ANCYL leader Julius Malema claims President Jacob Zuma undermined the youth by attending a G20 summit instead of joining a Youth Day rally. Expelled ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema. (M&G) “President Zuma undermines the youth of South Africa,” Malema said in North West province on Tuesday, according to an SABC report. “How can he leave June 16 [Youth Day]?,” asked Malema. Zuma’s spokeperson, Mac Maharaj, said the president’s schedule had to be adjusted for him to travel to Mexico. Maharaj denied reports that Zuma wanted to avoid being heckled at the Youth Day rally. The Sunday Times reported that Zuma “dodged” the event because he expected to be booed and ridiculed by Malema supporters. Malema also criticised the ANC’s march to the Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg to protest against The Spear, a painting depicting Zuma with exposed genitals. “They want to march for a spear but none of them has ever ...
29/05/12 Over 5000 ANC members march to the Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg (South Africa) to protest against Brett Murray's portrait of President Jacob Zuma...
Dr. Pieter Mulder: FF Plus Leader Dear Speaker ... The Goodman Gallery and the painting of the honourable President Zuma this week led to serious debates in South Africa. These debates said more about the good and bad state of relationships in South Africa than it did of the painting. A number of examples: The Afrikaans radio held a phone-in program of an hour about the painting. Eighty percent of the people who had phoned proposed that the painting should be removed immediately because it is in poor taste and is offensive. The majority of these callers were Afrikaans and white. In a similar program on the English radio channel the callers emphasised freedom of speech and tolerance. The participants were evenly divided in favour of and opposed to the painting. White and black callers were on both sides of the argument. It was noticeable for me that the views in favour of and opposed to the painting was not that of white against black. At this point Mr. Gwede Mantashe entered the debate. He sees it immedia ...
South Africa I need you to pause and imagine the horror on the face of Brett Murray - the artist of 'The Spear' - when he switched on his TV set only to be confronted by the nightmare of the educated professor and his young sidekick defacing his 'masterpiece'. Imagine his disbelief at witnessing others, just as him, exercising their 'freedom of expression'. Imagine his despair at a life-changing business deal (R136 000, 00) flushed down the drain in a few brush strokes of dripping (and matching) oil paints. Imagine his red face as he tried to make sense of it all - the terror as it dawned on him that he was not in a bad dream but that it was all really happening inside the walls of the posh Goodman Gallery where he had left his work hanging. He must have cried. I could not help but laugh as I imagined him throwing his toys off the cart and screaming louder than all the noise that his artwork has unleashed upon our country. What I saw on TV yesterday (coupled with my naughty imagination) was the funniest ...
As the ANC yesterday prepared to launch its court bid to have the controversial painting of President Jacob Zuma removed from the Goodman Gallery, in Johannesburg, one of South Africa's biggest churches called for artist Brett Murray to be stoned to death.
BBC: A controversial painting showing South Africa's President Jacob Zuma with his genitals hanging out has been vandalised in an Art Gallery. Two men covered the art work in black and red paint It comes as the governing ANC was asking the High Court to force the Goodman Gallery to remove the painting.
Tomorow we take to the streets 22nd May 2012, at the South Gauteng High Court, corner Kruis and Pritchard streets in Johannesburg, to defend the dignity, reputation and integrity of the President of the ANC and of South Africa . The Court granted the ANC an urgent hearing at 12h00 tomorrow. We view this portrait and the depiction of the President by the Brett Murray and Goodman Gallery as distasteful, vulgar, indecent and disrespectfu. Wonke amadelakufa let's meet de to support de President and to to burn down his gallery. Amandla!
What has become of South Africa. Some racist who claims to be a creative artist has just gone and depicted our President in a manner that is shameful, disgraceful and denegrading to the person of the President. What this person has done is a complete violation of the President's right to privacy and dignity. Brett Murray is a sick racist who still thinks of a black person as something without dignity and respect. Shame on Liza Essers and the Goodman Gallery for trying to justify thi madness by Murray. The whole saga also says more about their state of mind. This people are sick raist who ae still living in the dark days of apartheid.If there is nothing wrong with exposing the Pesident's sacred assets, why did nt Murray and his bunch of colonists think of painting the private parts of their fathers and uncles or may be Verwoerd and Botha woud have been good examples??
If you are getting into South Africa visit the Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg and see Brett Murray’s controversial portrait of President Jacob Zuma, The Spear, and the ANC.
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