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Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch Kids are a soft candy with a coating of sour sugar created by Paul Mihalick.

Update: these sour patch kids are hitting the spot.
Just told my mom I’m boutta put dahlia to bed and she out in the living room feeding her sour patch kids πŸ˜’πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ˜‚
These sour patch kids will be the death of me
I was just trying to pay for the trolli worms and sour patch kids bruh πŸ˜‚
Bought the tropical flavor sour patch kids and I regret my decision.
I’ve been eating sour patch kids for the last 2 Days πŸ˜…
Y’all brix for Christmas got me three huge bags of sour patch kids. My lord. πŸ™ŒπŸ½
2 bags of Funyuns a blue Gatorade,sour patch kids and im chillin wit my feet up
I wish watermelon sour patch kids had the same nutritional value as spinach. I could eat them all day, every day.
Shoutout zlats for bringing hot cheeto puffs and sour patch kids directly to my bed ISSA WIFE
Why are sour patch kids so stingy with the blues ***
Bro, take a minute to think about how blue sour patch kids have only been around for 3 years
I wish they sold sour patch kids seperated by color. I ony like red and blueπŸ€”
Eating sour,patch kids and playing with pops while relaxing
When tf was there blue sour patch kids
Haven’t had any desserts this week (at a resort so all of them aren’t vegan) but got my hands on some Dominican dar…
Sour patch kids extreme is the best ones
Man I wish I had some candy...I want some *** Sour Patch Kids 😩
I fully had the intention of working out today until I ate a whole bag of sour patch kids and put American dad on.
Catch me with a bag of sour patch kids, always
I understand y’all don’t see any of that movie money fr. But charging me $6 for a box of sour patch kids that cost…
I HATE the way sour patch kids make my tongue feel
When the peaceful giant Sour Patch Kids trespassed on Green Paper Hill, the Goldbaren ATTACKED!
It's 11 am and my tongue has been ripped to shreds by sour patch kids
I love dawning my old jackets to find a receipt and a bag of really old sour patch kids it’s like Christmas or I don’t know
U can have skittles, sour patch kids, Oreos, I think starburst πŸ’–
New in, smaller bags of Red Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids Berries!.
FACT: The double size sour patch kids are double delicious as well
Justin is getting sick of Sour Patch Kids, but is now starting to like Twizzlers.
My life is now subjected to laying in bed watching bad tv shows with 2 day old pizza and sour patch kids. I’m so bored it hurts.
My stomach feels weird, am I getting sick or is it just cuz all I ate this weekend was donuts, sour patch kids, icecream, cake, and kit kats
I went to the store to get toothpaste.I got Ice cream and sour patch kids πŸ˜‚
If you don't have this level of dedication to sour patch kids.. I don't trust you
I'm pretty sure my mouth is bleeding but I'm not gonna stop eating these sour patch kids
Eating Sour Patch Kids w/ Your B*tch Right Now ... watching free movies .. **
Sagittarius as Halloween candy: sour patch kids
I love my man so much, he got me flowers, sour patch kids & a Stephen king book for sweetest day 😌
Idk why people eat sour patch kids. They stick in your *** teeth?
The Wake Forest qb was just eating sour patch kids
I ate one of those 5lbs bags of sour patch kids in one day and I’m still not proud of it
Let's eat sour patch kids and look at stars
Orange and yellow sour patch kids are disgusting 🀒
Some people have no chillπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but you best believe I filled her bowl up with sour patch kids
are so sweet.. You cant stay mad at them.. They are like the sour patch kids
With that pretty *** girl and her slow jams, with some sour patch kids just waitin for that moment 😴🀘
A customer brought me & Rachael pizza, cookies, starburst and sour patch kids. day made 😭😍
My roommate just ordered 20 pounds of sour patch kids
I agree candy corn is like one of the worst candies. Sour patch kids is where it’s at
The problem with brushing my teeth so early in the night is that it deters me from getting a fifth (and sixth) bag of sour patch kids... 😜
Omg man, Sour Patch Kids, Sour Punch the small ones that's red, green and blue, sour candy is my life
That high you get when you pour all the Sour Patch Kids left over sugar in your mouth at once... oh yeeah!!! 😝 (there's no high emoji!)
Whoa. casually mentioned he gave some Sour Patch Kids to his HT families. My boy home teaching. This makes me really happy
I came here to look at 1.4 million pages of public records and eat Sour Patch Kids, and I am ALL OUT of Sour Patch Kids
Me: Man my teeth sure are sensitive. Also Me: Mountain Dew and Sour Patch Kids is a great snack plan. I am not a clever man.
Remind you of someone who gets a sugar rush after Mexican Coke, Cafe Lattea, or Sour Patch Kids?
Tonight's 2 hour commute is brought to you by Sour Patch Kids, coffee, Green Day, 4 hours of sleep and a 12 hour non-stop, no break day.
No, *you're* eating Watermelon Sour Patch Kids for dinner.
who wanna buy me some Sour Patch Kids ? πŸ˜‹πŸ™‚
I'm super sad so I'm watching YouTube and eating sour patch kids
You could buy me sour patch kids and a stuffed animal after chewing my head off, apologize & then I'll be happy. Literally it happened
Feed me blue & green sour patch kids and we'll be friends forever πŸ’–
Never leave a bag of Sour Patch Kids in a hot car. Turns into a Sour Human Centipede
Me and the guy selling sour patch kids at the concert last night were getting down to little white lies together and it w…
*studies Nutrition while eating sour patch kids and lollipops*
Really want sour patch kids right now πŸ˜’
i think I scarred my tongue by eating too many sour patch kids.
Also these sour patch kids are so yummy! I'd just as junk food today with some yummy rn πŸ‘… it
My dad told me I could have his huge bag of sour patch kids so I grabbed it and there was 1 left.
Is it too much to ask for a cute BF to buy cute stuff for and sometimes go out but sometimes watch narcos and eat sour patch kids
Fun fact: cooper likes watermelon sour patch kids. He ate some off the floor once.
straight up. the BIG sour patch kids are so clutch
I need a big bag of sour patch kids asap
5 Pounds of Sour Patch Kids for only $14.99 -->
Sometimes I act like an adult who owns multiple business. Sometimes I eat a pound of Sour Patch Kids in dirty sweat p…
I'm running on straight sour patch kids I haven't ate all day 😩
I eat Swedish fish everyday so addicting, love sour patch kids.
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Yes I do think sand is a decahedtratic demisemitrans sour patch kids kin wolfodaphodite
Nothing makes you more happy then pulling blue sour patch kids out of the bag
All I wanted was to get to the grocer to buy Doritos, Sour Patch Kids and Gatorade. No one should die on that errand.
This whole bag of sour patch kids is definitely worth the 92g of sugar
Really love this trend I got going where I always have a bag of Sour Patch Kids with me.
"I got sour patch kids..peach rings...ring pops...what you need? I'll cut you a good deal b"
Sour patch kids commercials kinda terrify me. They like legit hurt people and then they're 'sweet'? *** no, not ok
Somebody bring me a pizza and some watermelon sour patch kids😫
Looks like this is going to be a 'Red Bull and Sour Patch Kids' kind of week
Sour patch kids and stardust all in my body
Lewis brought me sour patch kids, complimented me, asked if I've napped & about my day. that's all I ever need 😒
Im just really happy that sour patch kids are vegan
So I'm on campus craving sour patch kids extreme, bugles, and green apple sour straws and of course they don't have ANY OF THEM
Reached in a bag of sour patch kids and pulled out 5...all red. Maybe that's a sign that my life is going in the right direction
Happy bday to my loveee πŸ’“ thanks for always knowing how to cheer me up! Hope u enjoy the sour patch kids ily lots πŸ˜‰ htt…
I will accept sour patch kids and money😏
"Live, love, it's all the same when it comes to Sour Patch Kids" -my wisest friend, Lauren
If u real you'll bring me sour patch kids so I don't have to go by myself
This is so me. I get a sweet tooth for Reeses peanut butter cups and sour patch kids πŸ˜‹ . What is…
Right now I could go for some sour patch kids...stupid commercials...
It was three sour patch kids at once, its an old video.
Joining in on the :. Spicy Nacho Doritos, Watermelon Sour Patch Kids, 99cent Arnold Palmer (drinks are a snack)
When you classmate shares her Sour Patch Kids πŸ˜› she is the real MVP πŸ™ŒπŸ
Sour Patch Kids are the Lebron of candy
I would pay so much money for a bag of just blue and red sour patch kids.
So I bought a bag of "Big" Sour Patch Kids...they're my new favorite...and I let Brandon try one and he bit it in half πŸ˜’ What's the point??
I don't understand how you make a candy so perfect. Texture, flavor, and consistency are absolutely the best in Sour Patch Kids.
Tonight is the night. I finished a 2 pound bag of Sour Patch Kids. I love myself.
I will literally eat sour patch kids until my tongue bleeds
I'm such a nut for sour candy that I got so into sour patch kids extreme that the regular candy is just too sweet
These sour patch kids are coming in clutch right now
Warheads and Sour Patch Kids are the two sour candies I eat way too much of. Warheads are hard to come by, tho...
Giving someone sour patch kids is the most genuine form of affection.
It's midnight on campus and I'm dying plz send coffee and sour patch kids
I was gonna go to bed early but then I found sour patch kids and remembered I had a 100 in recordings
Need to go to bed but can't stop eating sour patch kids
Hello yes I'd like to order 1467 red sour patch kids
I'll remember this next time you want sour patch kids before a movie
I just wanna play around livin' like a child With old tunes jammin on my Walkman, and some Sour Patch Kids and a Coke can.
I want Zuri and sour patch kids rn 😍
Shoutout to for the sour patch kids
When u trying to listen to ur sad playlist but then the sour patch kids commercial comes on and ruins everythINg
Craving watermelon sour patch kids and Sprite.
So, currently my most consistent food source is sour patch kids..
Why is this not a bunch of sour patch kids?
Driving with my knee to eat sour patch kids. Priorities.
Oh and the strawberry sour patch kids are lit.
I remember our first trip together and you threatened me about eating your sour patch kids... πŸ™„
Fun fact: Im addicted to sour patch kids.
Watermelon sour patch kids would go hard rn
saw your you really hate yellow and orange Sour Patch Kids that much? lol
How to win my heart : Sour patch kids
Watermelon sour patch kids are the greatest thing ever made
Sour patch kids and a hug would make my whole night.πŸ˜…
I would do anything for some sour patch kids or chocolate rn
Sour patch kids are better than gummy worms
Seriously. Sour patch kids are amazing.
Please hide the sour patch kids when you get to work or they'll be gone forever
Some days I feel like my hair is getting so long, other days I feel like sour patch kids cut it off while I was sleeping
Tomorrow is also high carb day 😍 gimme all da bagels, pudding, pancakes, and sour patch kids
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Is there even anyone who genuinely loves the yellow and orange sour patch kids??
How can strawberries & cream, Sour Patch Kids, and Concord grapes possibly describe coffee? It's how you taste it!
Do we get the 1k Sour Patch Kids wager if we say hi? "Hi!". ya, know. Just in case!
Do they make sour patch kids without the sour?! I just want some patch kids.
If you're looking for ways to torture yourself eat a ton of sour patch kids even though you have a sore throat!
So are the green sour patch kids more sour than the other ones or is it my imagination?
I had sour patch kids and three cups of coffee for breakfast so my tours should probably go well
I just want some sour patch kids and cheerios. Not together tho.
just like sour patch gym.. I chew it bc it tastes good and stops me from eating 962 bags of sour patch kids lmao
I'm really into these sour patch kids I'm eating rn
watch I bet mofo of Bradley told him only eat sour patch kids and twix in his meal plan... jk
J and I just played house with a handful of sour patch kids
be careful w those sour patch kids time I ate too many and it burned the skin off the roof of my mouth
The girl next to me in chapel just pulled out a huge bag of Sour Patch Kids and just started going Ham on them .
My diet consists mainly of coffee and sour patch kids, at separate times though of course.
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Why is this girl eating pizza Pepsi and sour patch kids πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•
I just want sour patch kids and sweet tea
I just wanna give a shout out to for bringing me sour patch kids yesterday✊🏽
I'm eating sour patch kids to stay awake right now
Like - any sour candy...i'll try anything but my fav are trolli neon worms or sour patch kids
happy birthday matt!! thank you for teaching me what I needed to know in yearbook! sorry 4 the sour patch kids, love you!!
Sour patch kids in the am, I see nothing wrong here
Been running on sour patch kids and red bulls for the past couple of days.
i was going through the bag I took to Seattle and i found sour patch kids, m&ms, and chocolate covered pretzels
Sour patch kids are available where I live and have been for a while but I have never actually tried them. Are they worth it?
I composed while on or depending on what was on the sour patch kids
I could eat sour patch kids all day πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ˜‚
Happiest birthday to my GIRL I love you so much! I hope your day is full of sour patch kids and high school musicalπŸ’˜ h…
Really craving some sour patch kids! πŸ‘…πŸ˜Œ
*gags*. *throws away all yellow Sour Patch Kids*
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Watermelon Sour Patch Kids have 100% of my heart
I forgot about how much I loved watermelon sour patch kids! This isn't good!!
Almost 4 in the morning and my little monster is teaching me colors with sour patch kids.
Sour patch kids. Why can't I quit you?
Get me a 5 pound bag of Sour Patch Kids... So I know it's real.
A 2 pound bag of Sour Patch Kids for Christmas ... My family knows me too well. Also tons of…
We just added Sour Patch Kids to the mix in classic candy category on More to come!
I got a little pack of sour patch kids, opened it up and its full of red and blues. Its gonna be a good day πŸ˜‹πŸ˜
Went shopping yesterday at the mall got a crop top little mermaid shorts sour patch kids Mickey mouse jelly beans an 8 ball and photos
Iknow he so cute and bad at the same time... He is the real definition of the sour patch kids
I hope y'all aren't talking about my big bag of sour patch kids that were in the living room.
I agree, some of them are extremely sour. And it's like drinking a liquid form of sour patch kids. But some are really good.
Would do just about anything for some sour patch kids right now
Sour patch kids are going to be the death of me
Craving a bacon, egg, and cheese with salt, pepper, and ketchup, an Arizona, and Sour Patch kids πŸ˜ͺ
What would sour patch kids be called in the UK?. Naughty. Naughty. Children?
Sweeten up the weekend w/ FREE SOUR PATCH KIDS or SWEDISH FISH! Download our Free Mobile App & get your coupon
Apparently in France. Sour Patch kids are called. VERY. BAD. KIDS
Shia LaBeouf loves Sour Patch Kids, and other things we learned at .
Because why wouldn't you eat strawberry sour patch kids at 9:15 am
Wish there was a bag of just all green sour patch kids.
I woke up to find sour patch kids in my bed, what a great start to my day. And yes I am eating them.
They taste like Sour patch kids without the sourness. Theyre pretty lame.
I'm here to take all the blue sour patch kids
HBD ALICIA,πŸŽ‰ I love you so much and I hope your day is filled with lots of sour patch kids! πŸ’–
Large bag of sour patch kids to keep me through the day. πŸ‘…
Barely have wifi anywhere, but we are doing awesome. Especially now since we've found the European sour patch kids!
I love opening new things. especially packs of sour patch kids
Sour patch kids at 4 in the morning.
Shoutout to whoever made the berry sour patch kidsπŸ˜‹πŸ‘ŒπŸ½
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Craving something sweet at crafty...Eyeing sour patch kids right now like πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜›
Me: "Man, that giant bag of Sour Patch Kids looks delicious" . *opens. Bag . " yeah, that's a Bong.."
They need to make red only sour patch kids!!
I had 5 babe Ruth's, 4 crunchs, 5 sour patch kids and a lot of starburst bc my blood sugar is low πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I could really go for like 10 asada tacos, a large sour patch kids slurpee and some cookies man
take a hard look at your fav sour patch kids . Lady Gaga
The way to my heart is Sour Patch Kids and Arizona Tea.
Once a week I liked to go to Advanced Auto Parts and just buy the Sour Patch Kids at the checkout.
Ask me if I'm casually watching a chick flick at 11:26 on a Tuesday while eating Sour Patch Kids and my answer will most likely be a yes.
Would it be greedy to ask this girl that sat next to me for some of her Sour Patch Kids πŸ˜‚
Jeff is a real one for bringing me Sour Patch Kids and a Caprisun πŸ˜‚
This girl standing next to me smells like sweet jolly ranchers and sour patch kids😊
happy birthday jakey I love you, have a great day and enjoy those sour patch kids you kid
eating sour patch kids for breakfast, so I'm clearly still nailing this whole adulthood thing in case you were wondering.
Want some sour patch kids and a coke can
Feeling a little better.only took 3 cups of coffee, some chocolate & sour patch kids.excuse me while I cry about how many burpees I gotta do
Nicole just gave me a bag filled w a bag of hot Cheetos , sour patch kids, cheezits, sprite, lollipops,and 3 packs of gum 😭 she made my day
The only kids I need in my life right now are Sour Patch Kids.
Im so late and i look like trash and rosie is gonna yell at me for being late and forgetting her sour patch kids :(
All k want right now is my bed and sour patch kids 😩
Eating from a 2 pound bag of sour patch kids and hoping it counts as a balanced breakfast
Awesome, I'll see u then. Yeah, Sour Peach rings in the lobby now as compared to Sour Patch Kids. More class, less sass
shoutout to the boy in my french class for giving me some of his sour patch kids. I appreciate your kindness.
Nothing kickstarts your day better than Sour Patch Kids, Amp, and Legal Environment of Business
Sour patch kids might be better than cereal...and I'm talking about the song 🎧
S/o to yesterday's me for not eating my sour patch kids, so I can have them for today πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
What junk food could you never give up? β€” Sweet: sour patch kids. Savoury: crisps.
Just found a wine gum in my bag of sour patch kids
Annabelle gave me sour patch kids so I feel a little bit better
That sounds like I'm sour patch kids. But not really aha.
are Iike sour patch kids they can be sour and mean & the next minute they can be sweet and kind
I would ask a question but he just gets me with the sour patch kids. Reg of watermelon πŸ˜‰
I'M SO LATE [stuffs a packet of sour patch kids into my mouth and runs out the door] have a good night micha πŸ’–
Eating sour patch kids & watching her snap chats bcuz she makes me laugh to death β€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Shout out to For the Sour Patch Kids and Butterfingers πŸ‘Œ
I'm fat Bc my friends always bring me blue powerade and sour patch kids/watermelon Bc they kno it's my fav
How many sour patch kids is too many?
So like I found a bag of sour patch kids on my cabinet .. I guess I'll have to feed my hunger with candy πŸ˜“
that's wassup man I'm enjoying some sour patch kids watching Chowder
Sipping and sipping on a watermelon flavored sour patch kids slurpy πŸ‘Œ
Is it bad if I eat 2 bags of xtra hot hot Cheetos & some sour patch kids in 1 night
Boy these are the best sour patch kids I ever had on God.
I messed up leaving these sour patch kids by my bedπŸ˜…
Debating whether I'm too tired to pull my pants up & walk to the 7/11 for flaming hot Cheetos & sour patch kids
*simps while laying in bed eating Reese's & sour patch kids* *thinks deeply about life* –  10% Off
I need a boyfriend so someone can drive to me and bring me sour patch kids and Chapstick 😭😭😭
Dr Pepper, sour patch kids, and HSM..
I can hear my stomach digesting my (sour patch) kids.
America's obesity epidemic is out of control! . *Eats a "cereal" containing Sour Patch Kids and Code Red Mountain Dew*
Someone get me Sour Patch Kids tomorrow watermelon type I'll love you forever. ❀️
Fresh cotton shirt, fresh socks, and a big bag of Sour Patch Kids. Today is even better than yesterday
I often say that I'd love to lock myself in a mountain cabin and write, but let's be real: I'd gorge on Sour Patch Kids and Supernatural.
"how do you go from Sour Patch Kids to Care Bears? suck off the sour". -our manager
It's a good thing I had a big breakfast and lunch cause my dinner so far has been Sour Patch Kids and can't get any more food soon.
I remember the first time I tried Sour Patch Kids was when I read in a magazine in 7th grade it was Justin Biebers fav candy.
Why do yellow and green sour patch kids still exist 😷
weighs in on the LOL gummi bears vs. Sour patch kids!
Some sour patch kids would be on point right now
if you aren't trying to decide between my new Sour Patch Kids BCAAS or Swole *** BCAAs then stop right there βœ‹πŸ™…
When it comes to sour patch kids, sharing consists of me giving you the yellow and orange ones.
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I would like some sour patch kids...πŸ˜©πŸ™
These new blue sour patch game changer
My overnight bag is just a backpack full of Sour Patch Kids.
Green & Red are my favorite sour patch kids 😍
Just casually taking pics of my cat and eating sour patch kids. I'm not weird I swear
These sour patch kids are so yummy.
Obviously it's okay to eat Sour Patch Kids if they're shaped like watermelon. Right???
Why am I so in love with sour patch kids?
does that mean you're winking at your sour patch kids? I don't think that's how the dating thing works jey..
My winking skillz are on point while nomn sour patch kids
Vanilla ice cream with cherries and sour patch kidsπŸ˜‹πŸ˜
well you had me at sour patch kids so I'll have to try them lol
Crazy craving for some Sour Patch Kids at the moment
I'll take some sour patch kids if you're offering 😜
I have an obsession with Oreos, Twix, sour patch kids, sour patch watermelon, brownies , & Nutella πŸ˜‹πŸ˜©πŸ’―
The watermelon sour patch kids are actually the best
Definitely try the gummy airborne chewables though! They taste like sour patch kids lol c
Literally got all ready to go out and then decided fantasy factory and sour patch kids sounded better
nah, 7/11. Well, as long as any store has sour patch kids, watermelon flavor, they cool in my book.
I want watermelon sour patch kids and some wheat thins
It was already full with chicken nuggets, sour patch kids, and two burgers.
Need anything from the store?. "Cigarettes, Swishers, 4 Redbull, and some sour patch kids." .
Just reached for a bag of sour patch kids... But it was actually sweedish fish. Im hot.
I really want some candy. Sour patch kids, air head extreme bites or some sour straws! who gt me πŸ‘€πŸ˜‚
Sour patch kids make your tongue raw af
Sour patch kids are sweet and sour like some of my relationships with peopleπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I don't like the blue sour patch kids tbh
Give me ten Sour Patch Kids, uh, a Medium popcorn and uh that's it -John gets all the stuff for us, and walks away-
"Yellow sour patch kids taste like nasty crushed up bananas." pt. 5
Hey, guys! Go check out the Breaking Out series by Sour Patch Kids which stars
Wow my brother just have me a box of his sour patch kids. Is this real life?
Lil nephew might be mad cause I done ate all his sour patch kids
I consulted with Gummies about what was being said about me and drugs. This is what the Gummies said Let them Sour Patch Kids go lick themselves and for me to keep enjoying the
I got a Sour Patch Kids sugar in my eye, dang it
Someone bring me some sour patch kids😣😩
are the sour patch kids.. They act out, do bad things but they are so sweet you just cant stay mad
I swear there is no better candy then sour patch kids
There's never a reason NOT to eat sour patch kids at 2 am
All I want rn is my boyfriend sour patch kids and Starbucks
sour patch kids sounds BOMB right now.
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