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Soul Calibur

is a weapons-based 3D fighting game developed by Project Soul and produced by Namco. It is the second game in the Soul series, preceded by Soul Edge (1996).

Soul Calibur 2 Soul Calibur 5 Soul Calibur 4 Street Fighter Smash Bros Mortal Kombat Modern Warfare 3 Bizarre Adventure Bandai Namco Final Fantasy Mega Man

The only one I really ever got into was the original Soul Calibur. (Kilik forever!)
ok I deleted Snapchat, Snow, Wattpad and WeHeartIt on my phone so I can play Soul Calibur Broken Destiny... but still Lag as fck
Not in place of Soul Calibur 2. (I know that is like the second Driveshaft album being my fave but up yours)
I cant believe voldemorts in soul calibur, says my mom
Uhh, are those Ivy's boobs from Soul Calibur?
Also buddy with the spear is making me nostalgic for soul calibur
is it possible if u can add a character from Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibur or Bloody Roar as the final guest character please?
Do a move like Sophitia's Heaven and *** from Soul Calibur. Legs up around the head, a quick pop, a…
Also, the whole empire mode is a bit opaque right now. I think this is like procgen Soul Calibur 2 SP overall, though?
You know what I miss? Fighting games. It's been SIX YEARS since the last Soul Calibur. Namco, why won't you let me play Voldo again? D:
My next 5 def include Soul Calibur 2, Smash Bros, Sims 2, Zoo Tycoon, and the Nancy Drew games
Pokemon Gold. Wind Waker. Wario Land 4. Soul Calibur 2. Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow. in no particular order
Props for the underrated Soul Calibur nod
LOL I forgot Vader and Yoda was in Soul Calibur IV what was that about?
People sort of forget it because it was a killer app on the Dreamcast but the Soul Calibur series started in arcades.
I agree with you about a Soul Calibur animated show being a cool idea. That was a great game for ruining friendships.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Kingdom Hearts. Pokemon Blue. Soul Calibur II. Bust a Move. LEGO Batman. (I don't play a lot of video games clearly ugh)
Almost snuck in at 5, but I played way more Soul Calibur
It did have the absolute best selling port of Soul Calibur II, however.
If there ever is a Soul Calibur 6 and if there ever is console exclusive characters
Oh god Soul Calibur, I had no room for it on my list D:. (Though SC2 was my favourite, to be honest)
Hon mention for the ~200 hours of Soul Calibur I clocked one year at nerd camp with my buddies.
Also. Soul Calibur bc it was 1/2 games I owned for Dreamcast. Sonic Adventure 2 was the 2nd one. Pokemon Silver. Perfect Dark. Pokemon Snap
Thinking about the top 5 games things and realizing many of my favorite games are twos ... soul calibur, mass effect, tony hawk, smw ...
Soul Calibur 3. Overwatch. Civ 4 w/Warlords & BtS. Night in the Woods. Binding of Isaac
We're planning on resuming our Soul Calibur stream after 4 PM CST. Keep an eye out!
Soul Calibur's such a good series, too bad they only made exactly 4 mainline games and then nothing else
I love fighting video games. Such as Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibur, and Naruto Ninja Storm 4. I'm now looking into Injustice
I also wanted to put Kilik from Soul Calibur, Sailor Saturn, Iori Yagami and wow its taking me a WHILE to remember my kid…
and yes folks Kevin Michael Richardson once voiced Heihachi in the Soul Calibur series.
agreed, there is only an HD remaster of SC 2 called Soul Calibur 2 HD Online (adds multiplayer)
This Tyrion on reminds me of the Joker and Voldo from Soul Calibur.
This is literally the only reason I have Soul Calibur and the WWE games lol
I went to launch Soul Calibur V just now and there was an update. Uh...
have you ever drunk bought soul calibur II? because i just drunk bought soul calibur II
*** up at stock's school be gambling, *** be getting jumped over 2k, nah boy im playing Soul Calibur 2 at school yessir
Has anyone made a Civ mod where I can play Chronicle of the Swords from Soul Calibur III
Crazy to think I have the intro to Soul Calibur 1, 2, and 3 all made on Instagram in 10 videos.
And now I have part 4 of the intro to Soul Calibur 3. Now all I have left is the ending.…
The intro to Soul Calibur 3.Part 3. Don't mind Ivy Valentine. She was designed that way.…
Already made a bunch of 48 gods at Soul Calibur V...
Part 2 of the intro to Soul Calibur 3. Yet again it's due to Instagram's time limit that I'm…
Now I got part 1 of the jntro to Soul Calibur 3. It's my another game in the series along with…
And now I have the 3rd and final part of the intro to Soul Calibur 2. It's the best part IMO.…
Here is part 2 of the intro to Soul Calibur 2. This is due to the time limit.
And now I have to intro to Soul Calibur 2 which was taken from the PlayStation 2. It's my…
This is part 2 of the intro of Soul Calibur 1 on the SEGA Dreamcast. I split them into 2 parts…
This is the Soul Calibur 1 on the SEGA Dreamcast.Well part 1 because of Instagram's time…
Dreamcast killed arcades for me... Thats when games like soul calibur was pretty much dead on. Same w crazy taxi etc..
I'm talking about his appearance in Soul Calibur IV. His AI is ridiculous.
Kirana from my soul calibur characters is now in
I love how looking back on it, Blitz defense is just Guard Impact from soul calibur but with a meter cost
My creator is gonna make my alternate design look like the 'me' in her Soul Calibur 4...EAE;
interesting question. Lara croft and kilik in soul calibur are my favorites. Who I want to be depends on the day😀
Toshiro Mifune adds gravitas and emotion to every glare. I love that guy. He's like 70% or why I main Mitsurugi in Soul Calibur.
RIGHT?! Like here comes MKX, Street Fighter, Tekken and Injustice 2 and yet not even one rumor of a new Soul Calibur?
Soul Calibur hasn't been good since 2.
Soul Calibur 2 HD was such a waste of $20. I mean it's a great game but I haven't played it since the day I bought it.
I've recently seen KI2 on a Soul Calibur cabinet and Marvel 2 on a KOF2000 cabinet. I need more confusion in my life.
Always preferred Soul Calibur to Tekken - more speed and less floaty. Series hasn't been treated well since 2/3 imho
I also think we need a reboot. Pull a Tekken 5 for Soul Calibur and keep the core game from 2/3.
I think you guys take build requests mainly form the comments but please build Soul Calibur (SC 2 version)
Soul Calibur need to go back to its roots aka SC 1 and 2
Screw, Marry, Kill: My 5th grade art teacher, The guy with the purple undercut who sold me trail mix yesterday, Ivy from Soul Calibur?
Figured out why Nakamura's music sounds like it came from Soul Calibur. Mitsurugi is just pre-Edo period Nakamura.
I'm garbage at all these fighters besides Smash/Soul Calibur.where's the revival of competitive Rock Band/Guitar Hero.*sigh*...
Blade & soul , Metal Gear Rising, Soul Calibur battle themes, some of the best soundtrack in gaming.
It like Soul Calibur, infinities anything goes.
I haven't played Soul Calibur in like 5 years or more
The character creator on Soul Calibur 5 is so good. I've made 48, including 9 RWBY characters.
Soul Calibur wiki - Big titty - Edit this page - many soul calibur character have the big bap
Soul Calibur Fans have you seen how it's played on Backwards Compatible?. Watch Ash's video Leave him a comment!
I liked a video from Soul Calibur V Viola Special Combo
I liked a video from Top 10 Soul Calibur Characters
So I was just beaten in Soul Calibur 4 and my friend is like
vai de ivy do Soul Calibur... HA HA HA
Practicing my Tira so that I whoop *** in Soul Calibur 4 again. These people forgot who I am.
When's Soul Calibur 3 getting re released because I want that like right now
📷 loana-lalonde: At least Tira was on Soul Calibur II.
I forgot that Soul Calibur actually has a story lol
Soul Calibur 2 HD Online. It's like it never changed.
the one that has the Marvel vs Capcom marquee. Used to be the Soul Calibur from Crystal Palace.
Really wanna play Soul Calibur IV so I can be the best Darth Vader NA
First two Soul Calibur games are the best.
2003 was a pretty low quality year, but Soul Calibur II, SSX 3, VF4:Evo are way better than Otogi.
Well, I've had some fun with Soul Calibur III, now time to get back on Tales of Zestiria.
I'm p sure we got off to a terrible start when we first met because of Soul Calibur 😂
Turns out in Soul Calibur 2, I mained both the highest ranked and lowest ranked character.
I liked a video How to Make Soul Edge from Soul Calibur
When I was 17 I played Soul Calibur 2 on a cab in the back room of a small, relatively local shop. Now they sponsor EVO. Blows my mind.
Soul Calibur how I missed you, now I got to knock off about 3 years of rust
Haven't played soul calibur in ages but I still think about Voldo's moves
Here a character I made on Soul Calibur 5
this was a better piece than the one TheMarySue put out:
i just want you to know that as a hentai artist, i appreciate you for just reporting on Yamatogawa's Soul Calibur work.
Ma ya mcm look like voldo from soul calibur
Every time I see Blade and Soul I think of Soul Calibur. :p
Taki and Ivy go on a journey to locate jessica rabbit and make pit stops along the way to have sex with the other femal…
Hellbound by rapped over soul calibur when will your fave top this? .
Been a long week, time to get back to my old friend Soul Calibur III
Namco has done this before... A TON of great concept art from Tekken & Soul Calibur that have amazing costumes never used.
maybe you can do a video discussing how in Japan, it's perfectly fine for a hentai artist to be commissioned for Soul Calibur.
I want the Soul Calibur games on Steam ;-;
Weird that my only exposure to fighting games until rather recently was Virtua Fighter, Tekken, and Soul Calibur
nah. Mortal Kombat, TMNT, Soul Calibur, and Godzilla destroy all monsters. All fighting games
Soul Calibur with my cousins and some soundtrack of Crazy Taxi!
Flashback to when i used to get paid to make Soul Calibur 5 Character creations and Black Ops 2 Emblems.
Soul Calibur has tons of cool weapons, especially Siegfried/Nightmares swords :>.
I added a video to a playlist Soul Calibur 2 Gameplay On Original Xbox
Sibling fighting game rivalry is no joke. Street Fighter, Tekken, Soul Calibur, Skullgirls, Smash, and even Divekick. Let the salt flow.
3 of 5 from our Soul Calibur group from Dragon Con 2014 here in Portland for the…
Budget pizza buffet. The one near me had Soul Calibur. If it didn't, I'd probably not even remember the place.
Soul Calibur has been my life for years. No one is touching me in that game. No one.
Bruh. You kicked my *** like three times. And remember Soul Calibur?
If you want to get into soul calibur but don't know who to use I suggest mitsurugi since he's very noob friendly
Mymains in soul calibur are kilik, maxi, lizard man, yun seong, and Cervantes.
Btw for those who wonder I play yoshimitsu in tekken. But I'm terrible with him in soul calibur. The irony of it, right?
I've been playing a lot of tekken l8ly. It's pretty fun but I'm not that gr8 at it. The only 3D fighter I've been good at is Soul Calibur.
Ivy Valentine booty tease, by Noname55 [Soul Calibur] via...
It's always an awesome night when you beat Soul Calibur in front of a bar full of people.
Soul Calibur II on the Gamecube is my favorite fighting game.
I forgot about the Soul Calibur 4 bonus characters they're so great esp angol fear and ashlotte
I played Soul Calibur 3 a little today and I started to get a little nostalgic because on 12/15/2015 I would've had it for ten years.
S/O to the asian kid at Mariano's who fought a Marine head on and didn't get hurt and whose grandma had a sword like Ivy from soul calibur
true, I just know him from Soul Calibur bc he was like a guest character in 2
This guy Milo sampled Yoshimitsu from Soul Calibur that is INFINITELY dope.
Hey get project Soul to make Soul Calibur six please!
Not sure if it was Soul Calibur 2 but it was on the PS2. I played it in my cousin's house with some of his friends, good times
Soul Calibur was cool. So many childhood memories...
Yo that sample at the end of Rabblerouse sounds like somebody from Soul Calibur. Please tell me I'm right.
Soul Calibur II for Gamecube, PS2 & Xbox was released on this day in Europe, 12 years ago (2003)
"And you think you an American can possibly challenge me? Only fighters from the Soul Calibur can possibly challenge me"
Lot of PSP games (5) :: Soul Calibur, GoW, MGS, Crisis Core, Resistance - Full read by eBay
Soul Calibur is one of my favorites! It really dropped off in quality after 3 though...
Do you by any chance play Soul Calibur? It's one of my favorite franchises... I'm a bit behind though.
Soul Calibur 2 was awesome last year at the booth!
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Games for sale. Fcfs poos sullivan will not hold everything is negotiable and willing to trade for old Nintendo games Sega Dreamcast with controller and two games games are soul calibur and rayman 2 asking $75 obo Sega genesis with two controllers and all the games in the pic asking 75 obo Nintendo 64 with one controller and all the games shown asking 75 obo Nintendo dsi xl with charger and two games grand theft auto and mario and luigi game asking 75 obo I'm in sullivan fcfs poos willing to trade for old nintendo games
Whenever someone says "Superb Owl" I can never NOT think of the best Soul Calibur III character.
I'm not a fan of Soul Calibur, but fighting games with character creation are awesome.
Anyone else craving for a new Soul Calibur? I love that series so much. THE SOUL BURNS
I was trying to think of best GameCube games. Came up with Smash Bros Melee, Soul Calibur 2, The Matrix. Did I forget any?
Creating characters from my newest concept in Soul Calibur IV. In all honesty though, they wouldn't use weapons but their heightened senses.
Taking a break wish video games pirates of the caribbean/soul calibur like this. The Myth-Jackie Chan vs Swordsman
it was good enough in Soul Calibur 2 bring back SC2 forever usausa uasa
I know right. It'll most likely be a 2D fighter like Tekken or something along the lines of how Soul Calibur does it
All this Mortal Kombat talk when none of y'all wanna see me on Tekken or get these hands on Soul Calibur
Soul Calibur just would be so unfair it wouldn;t even be funny. Especially since they butchered the roster in SCV.
Nina ed Anna in Tekken. Ivy in Soul Calibur. Jenny in Bloody Roar. Tina ed Helena in Dead or Alive...
Try with the PlayStation All Stars characters or, y'know, Soul Calibur
You know what? I'm stressed. Let me eat some chicken nuggets and play Soul Calibur...
Oh that reminds me, I think we're also providing a Soul Calibur 3 board for one of the cabs there. Too bad I suck at it XD
voldo: A character of the Soul Calibur series that has existed...
honestly I think that taking a Soul Calibur approach would work, or something like Battle Fantasia
Seriously. Takedowns had NO conversion into damage but it's like, oh yeah? We playing Soul Calibur 1-KD rules? OKAY
《 X.X It's hard to find people who are active for the soul calibur rp 》
Im still floored by the story of the guy who could play Soul Calibur on Dreamcast using the fishing controller. The *** fishing controller!
Lmfao Jayquan used to be a Soul Calibur character
This use of the X chromosome. The disease leads to bsomeoneess. Soul Calibur games. The first few days after symptoms appear. No, it can't.
My spandex suit is just going to be covered in snaps to support all this armor. Soul Calibur physics defy gravity.
my social networks just found the bring-bile-to-reuben's-throat button, mashing it like they're playing Soul Calibur as Kilik
I tried to make a Jinx mod on Soul Calibur. Let's just say I really TRIED
Is this going onto your Soul Calibur stick?
Man, I really love those modded endings on Soul Calibur III.
If Namco Bandai made a Souls fighting game in the vein of Soul Calibur, who would you wanna see pla…
the dreamcast had amazing games including Powerstone, Shenmue, crazy Taxi, sonic adventure 2, and Soul Calibur
When someone in the Soul Calibur competitive fb group asks about how to make "dark vader" like in sc4.
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okay. I like the ps2 Golden Eye. I like Soul Calibur for Dreamcast. u know what Golden Eye?☆
Am I still banned from Trivial Pursuit? I mean, Alison got her revenge (in a very unsportsmanlike way, I'll add) in Soul Calibur. I've feared Alison since we were children, but come on. I'd like to appeal it.
Confession I stopped playing familiar console video games competitively because I couldn't find people of equal level, and ended up devastating them, or even perfecting them. This made the games uninteresting. So I ended up trolling them, not minding if I lost or won. That made it fun again. This started with Mario Kart: Double Dash, up to Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations. There are, of course, games that I am just terrible at like InJustice: Gods Among Us. And games that I am good at, but barely play, such as the Soul Calibur series. I will play competitively when I know my opponent's power level is over 9000. Or, at least, far above mine.
U is the mask from Crash and X is a Soul Calibur character..? Maybe? Them two and Q I can't name, everyone else is cake.
Hey all! Man what a crazy weekend. Playing goldeneye for the N64 and the Wii, goofing with some Lego games, it was pretty fun! We also got in a massive amount of items we are still organizing. We may have some guitars for the 360 in, possibly some ps2 games in the dynasty warriors area, and more than a few good handheld consoles available. ^_^ We are doing a choose what you want, either: Buy one title and get one of equal or lesser value half off or Buy two used games and get one of equal or lesser value free Here's some games to rummage through! Wii Super Mario Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy 2 Super Paper Mario N64 Zelda Ocarina Mario Kart 64 Golden Eye Gamecube DISKS ONLY Metroid Prime Metroid Prime 2 Soul Calibur 2 Sonic Mega Collection Star Fox Adventures Resident Evil I Ninja Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess SNES Mario All Stars+Super Mario World Wolverine Ms. Pac Man Beavis and Butthead Fatal Fury Xbox 360 Madden 10, 11, 12, 25 Guitar Hero 3 COD Black Ops Dark Souls Alice Madness Returns Battlefiel ...
I don't like Soul Calibur, but I really liked 5
Originally posted by Garlador from DESTRUCTOID on a Lords of Shadow 2 article.. This console generation really tarnished a ton of great franchise. Castlevania started off promisingly, then dropped the ball. Final Fantasy spent an ENTIRE console generation on Lightning and her merry band of morons. Silent Hill just plummeted and even the HD ports somehow got royally screwed up. Mega Man cancelled no less than four times. Metroid: Other M turned Samus from standout heroine into a punchline. The 3rd Birthday butchered the Parasite Eve franchise. DMC was the reboot of Devil May Cry nobody was asking for. Lost Planet started off promising with the original, then became a total waste. Dead Space went from horror to co-op buddy action shooter. Resident Evil abandoned survival horror to chase after Call of Duty. Soul Calibur went from a must-buy fighter to a F2P single-player affair. Mass Effect 3's original ending will forever haunt that franchise. Ninja Gaiden went from one of the greatest action games ever to ...
So.Rin just became the human torch and we have a Soul Calibur character in this show.
Penticton - Pick-up only. call or text - (250)-490-7400 SELLING: wireless keyboard for ps3 controller $20, games $15 each from top left to bottom right: Elder Scrolls Skyrim Dragon Age Origins Disgaea 3 Disgaea 4 Front Mission Evolved Crysis 2 Killzone 3 (unopened) ($5) MAG (5$) Call of duty Modern Warfare 3 Call of Duty Black ops Battlefield 3 ModNation Racers (free) Soul Calibur 4 Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Need for Speed Undercover Elder Scrolls Oblivion ($5) X-Men Destiny Record of Agarest War 2 The Last of Us - 30$ (EB sells used for $40, and i only played one hour of this game total, basically brand new.)
hi guys! the BattleField Fridays team is now the proud host of a brand new event - "Bandai Namco Gaming Night", proudly sponsored by Bandai Namco and PlayAsia, with SGcafe as our media partner. fans of Bandai Namco gaming titles such as JoJo ASB, Soul Calibur, Tekken, Gundam and even Naruto can now look forward to regular gatherings and tournaments with great prizes to be won! for our first Gaming Night, we'll be hosting a casual tournament for the brand new Dragonball Z title "Battle of Z". all registrants will receive an exclusive Super Vegito keychain as a door gift (limited to first 30 registrants so hurry!), and the tournament winner will receive a limited 25cm Gokou figurine which can only be found in the collectors edition of the game! Tournament is PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY! aside from the Dragonball Z tournament there will also be casual setups for players to try other games such as the recently released Gundam EXVS Full Boost and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle. we look forward to seeing y ...
Heres another match of Soul Calibur 4 vs dominick. hope you enjoy.
any Soul Calibur fans still out there? my friend dom and i still run Soul Calibur heres one match from the other day
Soul Calibur games make me sweat more than any other physical activity ever has.
Soul Calibur battle cause friend cant deal with me beating him
I wish link was back in Soul Calibur 2 like back in the old days😌
Going back to Soul Calibur 2 for Weapon Master, since I never got all the weapons there D:
Cassandra and Sophitia from Soul Calibur are the prime examples of undergoing blatant sexualization where the lose clothes each iteration
Soul Calibur Skins. Who do you want to win? ~ Kitties Go Ruff
I'd like to play some "Soul Calibur V" with you guys & gals, so I can show you my custom characters.
Speaking of "Soul Calibur V" if anyone wants to join me on XBL for some matches against my created characters between now & Feb. 10th ...
Just got through playing some "Soul Calibur V". I forgot how great that game was ;)
So Soul Calibur 3 and Tekken 2 are two games I shouldn't play.
Husband has habit of making deities in Soul Calibur. Just made a Loki.
now I wanna get soul calibur and make play against me... He would make the gayest character.
Finally have a PlayStation 3! Now Caelin and I are playing Soul Calibur 3 on the PlayStation 2. c:
I regret never finishing soul calibur v
Anyone want me to make a Soul Calibur 5 character?
then Link in Soul Calibur, and Link in Smash Bros, along with Donkey Kong.
there's also Darth Maul in Tony Hawk, and Darth Vader & Yoda in Soul Calibur.
what a game! Spent the whole of Summer 2000 playing that and Soul Calibur.
making more plans for create characters from WWE 2k14, or Create Character from Soul Calibur V later tonight
Anybody have a PS2 copy of Soul Calibur 3 I can buy, borrow, or take off your hands? Really want to play that game.
Next month has a lot of birthdays of chatacters i know. Not only a Yu-Gi-Oh, Vocaloid and Soul Calibur character's bday is next month but we have a t least one yaoi/shonen ai bday too :) and more than this.
I think im finna play soul calibur...get hela saucy
After much deliberation. My top 5 games are: Sonic 2, Sonic Adventure, Soul Calibur 2, LEGO Batman 2 and Jet Set Radio.
Thanks for the link! Man, the Dreamcast was a fine console. Soul Calibur + arcade sticks was just the greatest.
I made another video, reading some lines from Soul Calibur 3. Sight reading, one take. I made another video before but I had shorter hair last time:
I made another video reading lines from Siegfried from Soul Calibur. . I really want to be involved if they...
So if I didn't do anything constructive today I did at least create Peter Steele on Soul Calibur V. Quite pleased with myself
At least she's a bit more covered up than in SC4...
Soul Calibur , Dead or Alive, any fighting game really
My sentiments. It was awkward. The kind of awkward like when your 'normal' friends see you using Ivy in Soul Calibur.
Am I the only one that thinks Tira from Soul Calibur is a rip off of Harley Quinn? But to be honest I kind of like Tira better.
This is a playthru for US version of the game. Soul Calibur IV split infinity splitinfinity splitplaythru walkthrough babes.
Breeding for your teams is very time consuming but so wroth it, most of my main team I use for battle are at least 5 Perfect IVs and I have two members who are Perfect 6 IVs. When it comes down to my favorite series in terms of how much time/effort I put into them the answers are very easy if you know me. For fighting games it's Soul Calibur and Super Smash Bros, FPS it's DOOM and Halo, Platformers it's Sonic, Mario, Mega Man and Classic Ninja Gaidan, Adventure it's Zelda and for RPGs it's Final Fantasy, The Souls series, The Elder Scrolls and of course Pokemon.
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Nice relaxed birthday yesterday. Richard Coulthard cooks a top notch fry up and is a genius at creating Soul Calibur characters.
I like my Avatar character from WWE 2k14, and Soul Calibur V
Oh yeah. This is why don't play Soul Calibur on a school night.
. i'll be playing some dead or alive and soul calibur today, how about you?? ~Marc
I will earn money so I can play kratos at Soul calibur Broken Destiny in PSP
Soul Calibur II HD tournament going down at Nobody wanted to believe my SC2 knowledge.…
I wish would remake Weaponlord. But like Soul Calibur, but Weaponlordy.
Jared Leto looks like a character from Soul Calibur
She's never beaten me at any games...well Soul Calibur but she picked Voldo.
Literally nothing but lows and grab spammers in Soul Calibur Ranked.
My early class is cancelled, late night Soul Calibur 4 it is!
Lol I made Rory in Soul Calibur 5. She has Jin's fighting style. Teh kick *** Now for sleepy time.
I want to make a comic about Alan Wake, Transformers, TMNT, Soul Calibur and Tekken. Not all in one comic, of course. Or maybe.
I wish Soul Calibur had more committed players.
“Please make a version of SCII HD Online and Soul Calibur: Lost Swords
Please make a version of Soul Calibur II HD Online ... With Link from !
i may or may not have a slight obsession with Soul Calibur
I just noticed I called him Aster Roth. I blame Soul Calibur.
What I'm waiting for is a Soul Calibur VI announcement. Make that happen
The tiffins have a tendency to leave Soul Calibur 5 at 's house
I just don't understand why the stage music in Soul Calibur 4 isn't playing.. Anyone know why?
I love the Soul series with all my heart, but I think the concept behind Lost Swords is a scam. It is bait and switch.
hey I just wanted to say have u ever considered cosplaying as ivy from soul calibur game? That was my only question.
Bray Wyatt stole his moveset from Voldo in the Soul Calibur games.
Just so that it's on the record. I am 100% willing to pay for a FULLY upgraded re-release of Soul Calibur V.
Watching my Xbox friend getting owned on Soul Calibur V
So I just finished story mode on Soul Calibur V and the whole willpower vs weapon theme they have going on in the climax had me thinking. What if Kenpachi from Bleach were to wield Soul Edge? Like, would he be able to suppress its power to make it function like any ordinary sword like he does with his sanpakuto?
Goldust rocking some Voldo a la Soul Calibur.
when i was younger i thought SoCal stood for "Soul Calibur"
Located in Quicksburg PS3 12g like new, hardly used, comes with 1 remote and 2 games (Soul Calibur V and Bioshock 2) $150 ZANY ZOO like new $35 PlaySkool 12 animals and 5 play things, $35 obo
Update your maps at Navteq
It's an ad for a game called Soul Calibur. Darth Vader was a playable character.
This is a group for Soul Calibur V, you don't have to be an expert at the game just be good at it xD Anyways, the basic requirements to join is that you: A. Have Xbox 360 B. Have LIVE C. Have Soul Calibur V Shoot me a message and we can set something up to see how good you are and what not.
I remember the first time I played with a Dreamcast was over Dwayne Daughtry house with you and Mario. We was playing Soul Calibur and dead or alive
Took a look at Soul Calibur 2 HD. Yeah, only worth the purchase if you don't have an original copy or are into online matches.
Anyone wanting to boost any xbla fighting games? I have Guilty Gear AC PLUS, Darkstalkers, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Marvel Vs Capcom 2, Samurai Shodown 2, SF3 Online Edition. Soul Calibur 2. Any help would be awesome, want to get the online achievements out the way.
Making a Soul Calibur V group, who wants to join? You don't have to be good at the game just have Xbox, LIVE, and the game of course xD spread the word and if any of your friends wanna join shoot me a message c:
Now all I can think of while seeing Ivy costume 2 in Soul Calibur 2 is genderbend Von karma. XD
Behold Soul Calibur Dungeon peons, the list of pokemon you can encounter in the realm. THIS LIST IS FINAL. Get ready to imagine you and your new pokemon! Pokemon random encounters Machop Cubone Scyther Heracross Tyrogue Seedot Ralts Slakoth Makuhita Zangoose Seviper Absol Riolu Croagunk Timburr Zorua Karrablast Pawniard Pancham Honedge
I always think of Samuel L. Jackson whenever I see Zasalamel. A fandub clip of Zasalamel's ending from Soul Calibur IV. :: CAST :: Algol :: GeneralIvan Zasal...
Played some Soul Calibur V against Todd Daniels, then GTA V with Alex Dowding and Allayna Kaltiainen (who has too much *** in sweatpants, thanks to terrible charecter models). So far, a good day. 83
I don't believe in One True Game when it comes to fighting games. I have my preferred games, but I can get at least some enjoyment out of almost any solid fighting game series. Individual installments may have been disappointing (*cough* Soul Calibur 5 *cough* Smash Bros. Brawl *COUGH*), but each major fighting game series has something to offer that I like. However, Marvel vs. Capcom doesn't seem to scratch my fighting game itch. I'd like it a lot more if there was less reliance on touch-of-death infinite combos, and if I saw more than the same four or five characters (out of a potential fifty, mind you) in every match.
Soul Calibur 2 HD Online is still in the mix!
Love a bit of Soul Calibur on a Sunday afternoon - never fails to get me screaming at the screen lol am a little disappointed there is only 20 levels to the storyline though.
As a partner to the completed Elk Shield, I was asked to build a copy of Sophitia’s blade from Soul Calibur IV. The Omega Sword is actually quite similar to another weapon I’ve made a long time ago – Cassandra’s Digamma sword – but I wanted to try a few new techniques on this project.
Hello y'all, I'm really excited for this years AN 2014. Here is not really my line up but three suggestions of what I'm going to cosplay as. I know I've posted this on my wall weeks ago but meh. Tarma Roving from Metal Slug series, Xiba from Soul Calibur V, and Jak from Jak and Daxter series. :3 Its my first time here.
Available to buy from the 18th of July. Rollz is back once again with his latest release on the mighty Formation Records: 'Soul Calibur'. This track has ramp...
I've been playing Soul Calibur for 5 hours and I haven't even entered 1 match
Anyone besides myself play Soul Calibur and Tekken-?
This has been a great weekend with great friends and a wonderful wife. I've truly been blessed on this path of life i've chosen. 135 pounders watch out in the ring. And if you want to try me in Soul Calibur, Tekken, injustice, or Smash Bros. Good luck. BTW! team i will be on 12hr shifts for this week so i will not able be attend practice.
This is my wife when we play Soul Calibur or Crazy Taxi
Anybody wanna buy these games off of me Cod black ops Soul Calibur 4 Oblivion elder scrolls 4 with bonus disc Cod world at war
Someone's actually playing Patrakalos in a Soul Calibur 5 tourney? Yas If I ever get back into it again I'll still main him and Natsu
Thinking of costume ideas... May go with a "Created Character" from Soul Calibur... Mom may have fun with making the weapons.
Xbox360 games for sell.. Strickly for Xkey users only.. $3 per game 4 games $10 just prepare your external hard disk.. will also do the xkey program for you, as new games are copied in the HDD list of games available: grand theft auto 4 grand theft auto 5 - 2 disc alice madness returns lost planet 3 assassin's creed 1 assassin's creed brotherhood assassin's creed 4 black flag remember me resident evil revolutions wwe 2k14 tomb raider 2013 dynasty warrior 8 the darkness 2 batman arkham city csi fatal conspiracy Soul Calibur 5 lego lord of the rings darksiders 2 dead island dead island riptide dmc fable 2 fable 3 forza 4 lego batman 2 lego marvels iron man 2 just cause 2 lego pirates of the Caribbean mortal combat komplete edition enslaved naruto ninja storm 3 fast n furious the amazing spiderman tropico 4 gold edition london olympic 2012 lollipop chainsaw fifa 2014 F1 race stars call of duty black ops call of duty black ops 2 call of duty Modern Warfare 3 call of duty ghost - 2 disc tiger woods pga tour 20 ...
Kicking *** soul calibur style its been years and even on a different machine loving it!!!
Time to start preparing, its tournament time. Level Up(the local gaming here in Santy Crus) is hosting a fighting game tournament and even more so, its free to sign up and I can use my Street Fighter 4 Tournament Stick. Featured will be Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Soul Calibur 5 and King of Fighters XIII. If ya didnt know, Dave is a huge fanatic about fighting type video games.
Just had my change counted out. 54 dollars, not bad i'd say. Considering i have 60 put aside for gas to work and and 500 to do whatever i want with. My new boots came in! They are comfortable but still need to be broken in. They dig into the back of my ankles a bit. I also bought a few games. Borderlands 2, Soul Calibur 5, and two copies of R.E mercenaries on the 3ds. So that jonboy and i may kill some zombonies!
Some friends of mine are planning on bringing a Soul Calibur setup. Is anyone interested in playing?
Sell me your old GameCube games that you never play. Super Mario Sunshine, Soul Calibur II, Mario Kart Double Dash, Pikmin 2, any Mario Party, really anything you thought was cool when you were 10 but you never play anymore but still keep in your basement. Plus, if you have a power cable for a GameCube, I'd be willing to take that off your hands too.
So its decided I'm going to have a small game night tonight so far there is about 4 people going i can probably have two or three more people coming over it should start around 9 would anyone else be interesting in stopping by? we also have a ps3 and Wii with Super Smash Bros brawl and just dance 2 & 3 along with naruto sns 3, mvc 3 Soul Calibur 4 & 5 singstar blaze blue dragonball raging blast and playstation all stars
Abyss(soul calibur 3) and lego darth vader.not sur how that will be!
White Xbox 360, 2 Controllers Black and White and FIFA 14,Mass Effect, Assasins creed revelations,X-Men, GTA liberty City Stories,Soul Calibur 4, Fight Night Round 3 = P2600 for the Xbox plus the games. If you want it with the 12GBhardrive and internet cable too its P2900. everything in mint condition. Halla at Matthews - 71773462 , Seabo - 75149568
Kicking a55 in Soul Calibur 5 - No matter how many times your opponent says "Same Moves" this finishing Montage proves otherwise lml
fs/tr 500 po with manual cd in good condition wala po gasgas :) Trade any fighting game tekken hybrid or soul calibur meet up alabang festivall mall pm me thanks :)
Soul Calibur Ballbusting. What are these girls doing.
Had a pretty awesome day had pizza played some injustice, Soul Calibur 5, Modern Warfare 3 pretty cool night chillin with friends
Alright who wants to play Xbox with me? The only games I really like to play are Soul Calibur V and Modern Warfare 3 so if you have those and want to play right now then message me your gamertag and we can play ^~^
was cleaning out the closet and found a lot of old stuff. Power Rangers toy, Lord of the Ring Sting sword, fake blood, Yu-Gi-Oh figures, Primal Rage figure, Soul Calibur figures (Nightmare and Ivy), Spawn figures, Dragonball Z stuff, and.a Wild Wild West toy? XD
Omg! Had to stop playing Soul Calibur 2 w/Eddie. My hand & wrist are kinda sore, every match was a draw! LoL *~*It's Just the Beginning*~*
What day will Soul Calibur be?? I need to request that day off of work.
Soul Calibur Essence of Phaze-CRITICAL EDGE MONTAGE. I did critical edges for the main characters (Rage, Samus,...
Soul Calibur 5 Zippo vs Lord Video man. Zippo vs Lord Video man from the Tornado Layzers series one on one fight...
GUYS... MY SOUL CALIBUR GAMING IS ALMOST PRO TIER!! Just have to practice my bread and butters
People should get BlazBlue Continuum Shift EXTEND, MK9, Soul Calibur 2 HD, on PS3 tbh
XVI Showdown: the ultimate battle of video game bravado. In this, the very episode, Ben and John make sparks fly in Soul Calibur V as Zack, Tom, Conner, and ...
Soul Calibur 4 setsuka critical finish all woman (ryona). I am sorry that image quality is bad and sound is...
your Soul Calibur 2 HD online video almost killed me at the character bit. xD
Soul Calibur Ⅲ - Eternal Wayfarer (Map Theme). This theme is heard during the game when you're playing "Tales of...
are you dressed as Cassandra Alexandra off Soul Calibur in your display picture ???
awesome :) ya know, I've had this weird inkling to play Soul Calibur lately
Guess I'll go play soul calibur... Lmao
Let's Play Soul Calibur 2: Arcade-Raphael. Watch the video you conceited wretched humans, or I will go...
Game faces right before our 10 year Soul Calibur reunion face off. The apprentice has become the master.
You need Soul Calibur in your life.
In gonna Rp and other Soul Calibur character Nya.
Soul Calibur 3 is my favorite due to it's character creation and Chronicles of the Sword mode. So fun!
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