Sophie Turner & Natalie Dormer

Sophie Turner is an Australian model and reality television personality who first gained notoriety as a contestant on the Australian television series Search for a Supermodel. Natalie Dormer (born 11 February 1982) is an English actress. She is best known for her roles as Victoria in Casanova, as the ill-fated queen Anne Boleyn in the Showtime series The Tudors, and as Margaery Tyrell in the 2011 HBO fantasy TV series Game of Thrones. 5.0/5

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'Natalie Dormer and Sophie Turner tease what's in store for Margaery and Sansa'
New season 6 interviews with Natalie Dormer and Sophie Turner -
"Natalie Dormer and Sophie Turner:. Conversation likely to happen at the next movie premiere" 😂 😂 😂
📷 dailysturner: Actresses Natalie Dormer and Sophie Turner at the ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 3 Premiere at...
Read my latest post on Natalie Dormer, Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams and Rose Leslie @ Williams and Rose …
Natalie Dormer, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner and Carice Van Houten at the SDCC
Set de fotos: Sophie Turner and Natalie Dormer attend the “Game of Thrones” autograph signing on day 2 of...
Sophie turner doesn't even try to hide the *** when Natalie Dormer is around
My favourite thing about Sophie Turner is how much she adores Natalie Dormer. What flawless taste.
and a Pedro Pascal and a Sophie Turner and a Natalie Dormer and a Daniel Radcliffe and a Douglas Booth and a Ryan Gosling.. ;)
find someone who looks at me like Natalie Dormer looks at Sophie Turner
Le han dedicado una canción a Natalie Dormer. Próximamente: "Sophie Turner, I'm glad you turned 18" "Chickens (ft. Pitbull) [EXPLICIT]" "Podrick, show us what you do" "Farewell, Arianne" "Dany in the Sky with Dragons (spoiler edition)"
and Emilia Clarke, and Natalie Dormer, and Lena Headey, and Sophie Turner. GOT ladies basically 😍
Sophie Turner is younger than I am. SOPHIE TURNER IS YOUNGER THAN I AM. AND HER CO-STAR NATALIE DORMER IS FREAKING 32 and looks younger than both of us. GENETICS MAN.
I have three problems and their names are Katheryn Winnick, Natalie Dormer and Sophie Turner.
Sophie Turner. . And for Nik Coster-Waldau, Iwan Rheon, Richard Madden, Natalie Dormer and the whole cast.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Emilia is my dream girl, but Sophie Turner (Sansa), Esme Bianco (Ros) and Natalie Dormer (Margaery Tyrell) are also so lovely!
Lena Heady. Sophie Turner. Natalie Dormer. Emilia Clarke. They are all just so perfect looking.
King Joffery makes terrible decisions like choosing Natalie Dormer over Sophie Turner.
Foto: Natalie Dormer and Sophie Turner show off some moves at the 2014 post-SAG Awards bash.
This made me laugh. Natalie Dormer is so sassy...
Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams, and Natalie Dormer at the Game of Thrones Exhibition opening …
Pedro Pascal, Natalie Dormer and Sophie Turner in Belfast today. Pedro is SO cute
Sophie Turner is having dinner with Natalie Dormer I?
In all honesty I think Sophie Turner is way prettier than Natalie Dormer.
// Natalie Dormer, with Sophie Turner, Carice Van Houten and Lena Headey close behind.
“Jack is gorgeous – a wonderfully sensitive, quiet, intelligent scholar. He’s the antithesis of that character.” - Michelle Fairley “He’s the most polite, lovely, intelligent person in the whole cast! He’s just so humble and everyone loves him. There’s nothing anyone can say bad about Jack. He literally just turns it on. As soon as they go, “Action!” he goes from lovely Jack to the most sadistic, horrible creep on television.” - Sophie Turner “He’s this really contemplative, erudite, really gorgeous, generous human being, and he plays Joffrey so well. It’s very disturbing.” - Natalie Dormer “Jack is the sweetest person you are ever likely to meet. He apologises to Sophie all the time for the things he has to do and always apologises after a take if he has to swear in front of the girls. He is nothing like his character, that’s why he is an amazing actor.” - Miltos Yerolemou “Jack Gleeson is really a very nice young man, charming and friendly.” - George R.R. Martin
because GoT is the reason I LOVE Sophie Turner, Lena Headey, and Natalie Dormer.
And Alfie Allen and Kit Harington. And Sophie Turner and Natalie Dormer and Emilia Clarke and everyone else, basically.
I know I say it at least once a day, but Natalie Dormer, Emilia Clarke and Sophie Turner's faces are sheer perfection and I'm envious.
Emilia Clarke, Natalie Dormer, Sophie Turner. AKA the three most beautiful women on television/the world.
Q&As with Game of Thrones stars Richard Madden, Kit Harington, Natalie Dormer, Joe Dempsie, Sophie Turner and more
Brief discussion by someone who met Natalie Dormer and Sophie Turner at the GoT exhibit:
Photoset: Natalie Dormer, John Bradley and Sophie Turner at the Game of Thrones: The Exhibition NYC Opening,...
Game of Thrones stars Sophie Turner and Natalie Dormer steal the show via
Awesome interview with Nat Dormer and Sophie Turner. So excited to see their scenes together!
Natalie Dormer, looking stunning as a blonde. She and Sophie Turner hugging inside the theatre.
True queens of GoT did an interview together and are generally perfect.: Sophie Turner and Natalie Dormer Talk...
Just read Sophie Turner and Natalie Dormer's interview about Thrones season 3. I can't frickin wait!
just realised whilst watching a GoT video that 3 of Jonnys co-stars are in it.. Lena Headey, Natalie Dormer and now Sophie Turner.. wowsh
Congrats! Did you film at all with Sophie Turner or Natalie Dormer?
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