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Sophia Coppola

Sofia Carmina Coppola (born May 14, 1971) is an American screenwriter, film director, producer and actress.

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(2/2) To which she responds, "Ooo Francis Ford Coppola...I wonder if she's related to Sophia" and then I launched myself to the moon
“It seems that the greatest difficulty is to find the end. Don’t try to find it, it’s there already" -Sophia Coppola.
TIL that in addition to a young Keira Knightley, Sophia Coppola and Richard Armitage were also cast as background characters in The Phantom…
to make my point clear - Paris Hilton and Sophia coppola are two examples their looks match their family background
Another day gone by where I haven't forgiven Sophia Coppola for ruining Godfather 3
ah yes my favorite Sophia Coppola film
Where have you gone, Francis Coppola, David turns his lonely eyes to you. …….. Sophia Coppola to t…
Awful script, miscast Andy Garcia, whatever the f*** Sophia Coppola was supposed to be doing. Just a mess.
Sophia Coppola will direct her first opera: "La Traviata" at
I've just had my mind blown. So Nic Cage, Sophia Coppola, Roman Coppola and Jason Schwartzman are all first cousins. WHOA.
Can anyone tell me about Coppola Sophia Red?: I was hanging out with a friend last night who had bought some C...
LOL PRECISELY. Time Mag now written by Sophia Coppola's Cameron Diaz diss character.
Marie Antoinette dir. Sophia Coppola is my favourite by far. What a gorgeous film.
they are! It was originally being directed by Sophia Coppola but she quit the project because she wanted to cast an unknown
Same Ol' Mistakes is just waiting for a Sophia Coppola movie to be the soundtrack to...
That's a fair assessment. I can get past Al Pacino not doing as well, but Sophia Coppola was just so bad.
Sophia Coppola is the only director I like
Francis Ford Coppola and his daughter Sophia on the set of "The Godfather: Part II" (1974)
This is a bad yet all to common opinion. Sophia Coppola is bad but it's still a very good movie.
And Sophia Coppola lost to Peter Jackson, while Bill Murray lost to Sean Penn in some film called Mystic River that I've never heard of.
Sophia Coppola's acting was hard to watch
is Sophia Coppola still doing Little Mermaid? Definitely interested in that.
Never realised it was Sophia Coppola in the Electrobank video.
As I watch Hearts of Darkness all I can think about is that my brother in law was at Sophia Coppola's wedding.
Seem to recall that Winona Ryder was supposed to play Sophia Coppola's part and then pulled out. Would have made huge difference
Anyone complaining about Nicholas Cage's acting ability has clearly never seen Sophia Coppola.
Sophia Coppola's performance is unfairly maligned other than the acting and the being in the movie.
"Godfather III" is unfairly maligned other than Sophia Coppola's dreadful performance.
Seen our great-great granddaughter. Raised Italian, looks like Sophia Coppola at 14. Named her "Elena". Hi
Other thoughts: "High By the Beach" should be on the reboot's new soundtrack, trust me, Sophia Coppola
The Bling Ring- Showcases much of Sophia Coppola's characteristic style but lacks substance.
talk to me again when you've read as much zadie smith as I've read palahniuk or watched as much Sophia Coppola as I've watched Tarantino
Francis Ford Coppola (his daughter Sophia acted in the third one)
not tooting my own horn or saying it's worthy of Sophia Coppola's involvement, just whatever ok
I thought the Bling Ring was ok, not sure why Sophia Coppola cared about the subject matter at all to do that film.
Imagine the sickening, yet wonderful result if Sophia Coppola and Baz Luhrmann worked together.
Are you in a Sophia Coppola movie? Double check with this article from
It's good to talk to your plants. still from Sophia Coppola's The Virgin Suicides)
Julian is going to be on Sophia Coppola's Christmas special omfg yes
Sophia Coppola has extreme talent behind the camera, now in front of it is another matter
Sophia Coppola. Minus the cigarette I love this look.
Wow.. so active! lol Much different from Sophia Coppola’s movie ‘Lost in translation’ :))
Oh yeah,your right.Nolan is really great.And Ridley Scott,yes,Sophia Coppola is very good.i liked Interstellar lots,
Many years ago on the set of a Sophia Coppola film, Spike Lee (upon seeing me) crasply commented, " missed...
yeah, Sophia Coppola not letting us hear what he says was genius
Shocked to learn that Keira Knightley and Sophia Coppola played Queen Amidala's handmaidens in Star Wars Episode I.
Celebrity lookalikes on the J train: Sophia Coppola, Khloe Kardashian, Arian Foster, Whoopi Goldberg, and a female Hideo Kojima.
Time for a little Italian Bring on the Pizza Sophia!
Just going to watch Sophia Coppola films
who would be a better funeral director Wes Anderson or Sophia Coppola ?
I wanna live in the woods in a sophia coppola/Wes Anderson kind of way with cool background music and scintillating dialogue chronicling me
no Sophia Coppola, would be a great movie.
not to mention you could've probably been a better Mary than *** Sophia Coppola
I love it...but maybe I should get the Sophia Coppola version ;)
I'm glad you did. Disappointing movies are a drag. I think Sophia Coppola and I are not on the same wavelength ;)
Adapted, yes, I think. Also Diablo Cody. Maybe Sophia Coppola, but I don't think so.
it's a shame that a genius like Sophia Coppola was romantically involved with him
"By god sophia coppola is really about the debt and deficit labour left, and becoming too powerful to be killed.
it's him and Sophia Coppola obviously
Need some Sophia Coppola style in your life? has tips:
Of course, easily the most underappreciated film. Though, I could really do without Sophia Coppola.
*turns my life into a Sophia Coppola movie through the sheer power of aesthetics*
Sophia Coppola is doing a live action Little Mermaid (not with Disney)
It is now a snow day. Putting in a movie - "Marie Antoinette" - and opening a bottle of Coppola's "Sophia" wine. Thematic afternoon!
No, Emma was gonna be Ariel in the Sophia Coppola version of The Little Mermaid, right?
who introduced you to such a cool underground band as Phoenix ? Note lead singer married Sophia Coppola
Watching Godfather 3- Love Pacino but Sophia Coppola can't act.
"no but interesting! I mean the auteurs project." Oh yep! Claire Denis and Sophia Coppola fine additions. Love em.
(uh, I'm really into Sophia Coppola. She's one of my favorite directors and ... I'll just stop talking now.)
Sophia Coppola deserves a lifetime achievement award for excellence in trailer assemblage.
.. Rupa-rupanya written and directed by Sophia Coppola's niece, Gia Coppola.
I had a dream in which apparently Sophia Coppola, Alexa Chung and I were best friends. Seems very possible 👌😒
I need some fluffy but broody viewing today so I'm going on a Sophia Coppola binge. Inject moody 90's easy listening and Kirsten Dunst now.
Kylie reminds me of that Sophia Coppola movie about the rich girls who stole from Paris Hilton's house. I forgot the name
1 time I watched Sophia Coppola's films Lost in Translation & Somewhere, so when I slept my dream was Chris Pontius going to Tokyo of course
ohhh good question! I think I'd just shoot people I admire;Wes Anderson, Sophia Coppola, Ryan Adams, Jamie Beck + Alice Gao
The best way to describe 'Palo Alto' is if you put Terence Malick in a blender with Sophia Coppola and 'Fast Times At Ridgemont High'
Rooms used in the filming of Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette.
Find out why Sophia Coppola says she was tortured by her Birkin bag, via
Coppola says put daughter in Godfather 3 because had her for Sophia in mind.
so in love with Sophia Coppola films
TIL Jason Schwartzman is Sophia Coppola’s son. At least he wrote and directed a hit play, so he’s not sweating it either.
Photo: berfrois: The color schemes of Sophia Coppola’s movies have charted the evolving moods of baffled,...
There is something unbelievably beautiful about Sophia Coppola.
dude did you know Sophia Coppola is doing a version of The Little Mermaid? Mind. Blown.
this new campaign film I have coming soon is my love letter to Sophia Coppola.
Hey, Sophia Coppola's character seriously says that in III.
What if everyday of your life was directed by a different director? I'd be suicidal on Sophia Coppola's day and blown up Michael Bay's.
PALO ALTO Dir. Gia Coppola (niece of Sophia, granddaughter of Francis), from stories by James Franco
He is in, briefly, in Sophia Coppola's "Marie Antoinette" I think. But yes. Great material for own movie.
and I in the movie "Somewhere" Directed by Sophia Coppola starring Stephen Dorff and…
Oh my goodness, I just love Bill Murray. Watching 'Lost in Translation' for the first time and I'm uncontrollably laughing through the first 20 minutes...and WOW, I always knew Scarlett Johansson was gorgeous but she is drop dead gorgeous in this movie. I've always wanted to see this movie since it released and won best picture in 2004,,,I guess 10 years later is better than never!! Good job Sophia Coppola..
I've avoided watching this because of Stephen Dorff, but I'm finally watching it now because of Sophia Coppola and Elle Fanning.
All of Sophia Coppola's films have that quirky effect. Did you watch the last film she made, The Bling Ring?
Check out Rumble Fish. Matt Dillon, Mickey Rourke, Diane Lane, Nic Cage and a young Sophia Coppola... SE Hinton at her finest.
Nicholas Cage has the weirdest family and connections ever, Weston Cage (his son) sings for a black metal band, Weston's mother Christina Fulton played Nico from the Velvet Underground in the Doors movie, and Christina also was formerly engaged to Shagrath of Dimmu Borgir. Nick Cage's uncle is Francis Ford Coppola (movie director), Nick Cage also married Elvis Presley's daughter Lisa Marie Presley, and married actress Patricia Arquette . He is cousins with Sophia Coppola, Francis Ford Coppola’s actress/director/screenwriter daughter. Sophia is the writer and director of Lost in Translation (2003) starring Bill Murray and Scarlett Johannson. Nicolas has another cousin in the movie business, Jason Schwartzman. Jason is a part of director Judd Apatow’s crew and is currently starring in the comedy series Bored to Death. Nicolas was also nominated for a Best Actor (Leading) Oscar for his part in Adaptation, where he played the real life writer Charlie Kaufman. The director was Spike Jonze, who was once ma ...
I just finished watching The Outsiders, and I saw in the credits that the author S.E. Hinton (who was 17 when she wrote the story) played one of the nurses at the hospital. I also noticed that "the little girl" asking for money at the Dairy Queen was played by Domino...who was in fact Sophia Coppola, daughter of Director Francis Ford Coppola. Just found those facts interesting.
Spike Jonze best known for movie Being John Malkovich. He is married to director Sophia Coppola.
A thought that just occurred to me for the first time today: Given that Bill Murray first got famous in the '70s and '80s for broad, sloppy, goofy comedies (Caddyshack, Meatballs, Stripes, etc), it would've actually made more sense for him to fall in with that whole Will Ferrell crowd here in his "winter comeback," and it's actually a testament to his courage as an artist that he chose instead to fall in with the smart, artsy, quirky comedy crowd (Wes Anderson, Sophia Coppola, etc). BUT, I suspect if he tried to be in one of those eyerolling "Anchorman"-type wacka-wacka '70s-Murray-homages here in old age, he would look just sad and defeated; so perhaps it's actually the most natural thing in the world for him to change instead to more sophisticated and subtle comedies, that work better for his age and his growing "living legend" status. Whatever the case, after watching "Lost in Translation" again last night, I was reminded again of how incredibly much admiration I have for him as an artist, given how mu ...
Sophia Coppola I love you please direct my life
i dont want to start this by saying how much that stupid sophia coppola movie influenced my LIFE
I really want to see it, but have heard others say the same. Sophia Coppola is one of my favorites, so I'm holding out.
man-of-prose: "I don’t know what I am supposed to be, you know?". -Lost In Translation Dir. Sophia Coppola
You can't go wrong with a movie made by Sophia Coppola.
The Bling Ring (2013) - I have never heard anyone else say it so I will go ahead and do so.  Sophia Coppola...
Sophia Coppola is my favorite female on earth.
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Like Sophia Ford Coppola plays the Godson in the Godfather because babies are babies.
There comes a time in a mans life when he has to admit to himself that, no, he will probably never marry Sophia Coppola
Girl's night today: Sophia Coppola movie's. We love it!!
no (or very little) script, just Sophia Coppola weirdness
Q: Which famous director is the daughter of Francis Ford Coppola?. A: Sophia Coppola
Women filmmakers (unfairly Sophia Coppola is given a tiny space at the end) via
I feel like a Coppola, me and Sophia.
Sunday's 90's Song of the Day (a Madonna vid feat Sophia Coppola) & a brand new Quick Quiz just went up!
Watched The Bling Ring tonight- Sophia Coppola is definitely one of my favorite directors. Tons of excellent subtle choices.
Finally watched The Bling Ring. Sad to say but with any Sophia Coppola film lately only three words come to mind: style over substance. I get the satire, but it was piled on so thick I couldn't see through it. I was just seething with annoyance through the whole film and I never got to the heart of any of these characters. So dissapointing. I'm going to watch The Virgin Suicides and Lost In Translation and keep waiting for a true follow up to those two amazing films.
it's a fun contradiction. Sophia Coppola?
Thomas Mars from Phoenix happens to be married to Sophia Coppola, who directed the band's latest music video. Today's News at 11:15 is "S.O.S. in Bel-Air" from Phoenix. Check it out, and after you leave a comment with what you think, you can hit up to win a $300 gift card to Mervis Diamond Importers. The News at 11:15 - hear new music. Shop for new diamonds. -Tessa
sophia coppola, was involved have you seen, lost in translation it's probably high definition though I'm.
Sophia Coppola and Marc Jacobs makes for an amazing 21 seconds:
Marc Jacobs and Sophia Coppola team up again. Calls to mind 'Virgin Suicides' and 'Marie Antoinette' via
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If I have to resubmit my FAFSA, I might as well buy a lottery ticket and watch a sophia coppola film.
*yawn* I think I'd better go for the night and get some sleep. Dentist tomorrow and pick up my I pad. Durant and I watched Sophia Coppola's film, Marie Antoinette. Amazing costumes and sets. They actually looked like many of the classical paintings I've seen. I thought Kirsten Dunst was perfect as Marie. Anyway, sweet dreams to all of you!
Andrew Luck was here the same night Sophia Coppola was here.
THE Bling Ring by Sophia Coppola. Yeah, it's ok, nothing special, but there's one thing on my mind: Inverse of PG! What? Guide your Parents?
The BBC's Matthew Sweet asked Sophia Coppola actual questions about "T/Bling Ring." Sophia, used to press junkets, didn't know HT answer.
The lifestyles of the rich and famous continue to preoccupy Sophia Coppola, but with The Bling Ring her perspective has changed. Lost in Translation,
The worst aspects of Godfather III were Sophia Coppola's acting and the lack of Robert Duvall. Solid plot, though, and I enjoyed Garcia.
Actor assignment from Michelle Tolley: Bill Murray I cheated and only chose movies he starred in, otherwise it would be too hard. Movie I loved: Ghostbusters, Scrooged, Rushmore Movie I liked: Groundhog Day, Stripes, etc Movie I Hated: what about Bob Movie I hate that I liked: Lost in Translation. ( only because I don't like Sophia Coppola).
The new Sophia Coppola film revels in our bizarre culture.
I try not to but I hate Paris Hilton and I hate that Sophia Coppola made a movie about her - barf
The Bling Ring starring Emma Watson and directed by Sophia Coppola is finally out in theaters!! Been waiting for this for months! So happy my girls collaborated on this project. :D
"The Bling Ring" was... A Sophia Coppola movie all right. I do have a soft spot for Ms. Coppola and partly really like "The Bling Ring", but it sure has some problems. The performances are great, especially from the main character Marc Hall (who's actor's name sadly escapes me at the moment) and Katie Chang (probably the hottest half-Asian ever) who plays his best friend Rebecca Ahn. Both give believable performances as the *** boy who just wants to fit in at school and please his new friend who is a girl with severe dreams of escaping her own troubles by aping other people's seemingly perfect lives. Funnily enough, I feel that Emma Watson's part in this film has been over-exposed. From the advertising and coverage you'd believe she would be the star, which she most certainly isn't, but she is good, as usual. The problem with this 95 minute movie is that even though it is short it still feels long and rather empty. Coppola loves her long takes and mood-setting scenes which can be hit or miss. In 'Lost in ...
Laura Linney, Sophia Coppola, George Lucas Feted At Women In Film Event The honor was from Women in Film — and the recipient was George Lucas. He got a humanitarian award from the group at its annual event, marking its 40th year in operation. Lucas was honored for advocating education and his overall support of women. Lucas' choice to run Lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy, was one of those who praised him at the event in Beverly Hills, California. She especially thanked him for bringing Princess Leia to the big screen, calling the "Star Wars" character a "fast-talking, blaster-toting spitfire." Others honored included Laura Linney and Sophia Coppola.
Wow! In the room with Laura Linney, Holly Hunter, Sophia Coppola, all the women from Mad Men...& George Lucas.
"It frightens me, and it just seems like this trash culture is becoming acceptable as mainstream culture." Sophia Coppola ...Thoughts?
Alexis Neiers's life has been turned into a meme, a magazine article, a book, a symbol for millenial narcissism, and now a movie directed by Sophia Coppola and starring Emma Watson. But she's trying t…
'The Bling Ring' Premieres at the 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival, see what Emma Watson, Sophia Coppola & more wore
Women in film Crystal & Lucy awards dinner event to honor George Lucas, Laura Linney, Sophia Coppola, & the women of mad men
I'm watching Godfather 3 Sophia Coppola isn't that bad, My main issue with that movie is George Hamilton in the Tom Hagen role.
Sophia Coppola & Harmony Korine should team up & make "Bling Breakers", the sequel to their film abt child stars turned rebellious teens
Emma Watson (goes wild in the first teaser trailer for Sophia Coppola's
The new Sophia Coppola film 'The Bling Ring' stars Emma Watson playing a teenage thief who steals from the rich and famous.
My brummie accent is so ridiculous that other accents can't understand me. Lost in translation can't touch this. Sorry Sophia Coppola
a nice glass of Sophia after a long day. Delish!!
'All our lives, and it's so real what I feel, this is why'. Miss Dior is wearing a Dior Haute Couture dress. She lies inside a garden of matching roses. Life...
'Everything's lovely. It's him for me and me for him'. She is drawn into her arms kissing him passionately. Life is rosy in her eyes: la vie en rose. More on...
Marie Antoinette is seriously one of my favorite films I love Kirsten Dunst/Sophia Coppola films
Isn't Seth MacFarlane not wanting to host the Oscars again sort of like Sophia Coppola not wanting to be in The Godfather 4?
What do you think of Sophia Coppola's new Miss Dior film "La Vie en Rose" starring Natalie Portman?
When can I introduce you to Cinetic Media/Bart Walker and Sophia Coppola ??
Phoenix's lead singer is married to Sophia Coppola, daughter of the Godfathers's director, who played al Pacino's daughter in the movie
Sophia Coppola was nominated in 2003, the same year as Monster. Was it sexism?
Enjoying a glass of sophia (well actually my 2nd. glass[can] of sophia)...(reminder of Jed and Moss Landing)Elk and bean burrito fix'ens on the stove for George..sleet, rain, snow pouring down.alarm clock set for 9pm..12 0'clock...3am and 6am.feedings for yet another newborn calf that needs some attention.what the heck is up..this calving season is the "WORST" that I can remember...and not so dang social.
I took lessons from my other Coppola's Francis and Sophia
The Virgin Suicides made me realize how much I love Sophia Coppola's directing
Ben Affleck, nervous, stuttering, and flop-sweating, nonetheless gives a sincere and deeply felt acceptance speech. As producer he got his award after all. Though ZERO DARK THIRTY, the strongest film in my opinion, was shut out, it's satisfying in a perverse way to see Affleck win. Like Sophia Coppola, he was a maligned actor and comedy punch-line who turned to directing and soon had the same people who once smugly dismissed him, both critics and Hollywood, hypocritically eating out of his hands.
Top 5 Directors of the last 20 years: Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Hong-Sang Soo, Ang Lee, Wong Kar-Wai and either Wes Anderson or Sophia Coppola.
Fun Fact: Sophia Coppola, an Academy Award winner. Filmed the Dior commercial Natalie Portman stars in. Natalie is an Oscar winner as well.
Sofia Coppola was featured as a baby in The Godfather, my favorite movie, so I have to be our little Sophia's godfather!
Sophia and Roman seem like a Coppola nice guys!
Sophia Coppola is really terrible in Godfather 3.
Godfather I, II, or III ? II, III, I in that order. Yes I am the only human who loved 3 and thought Sophia Coppola was perfect in the role.
Kristen , you can wear fancy flats (not sneakers) on the red carpet... Sophia Coppola did it :)
One of my favs. Watched at least 7 times. Love Sophia Coppola's films.
In my purse I have: flask of Jameson, shot glass, OJ, 2 Sophia Coppola, beer opener.
Watching The Godfather Part II. Later I'll watch III (if I have the stamina). So far I'm not a huge fan of Coppola.
Reminiscing about Lost in Translation as Sophia Coppola strolls by
(Watching Sophia Coppola's, "Marie Antoinette" simply for the music, the costumes & sets.)
have and love this need to catch up w Mr. Sophia Coppola :)
At Joe Canal's to visit Jason and nicely done marketing for Coppola wine! Dad and I had fun surprising you! ... And picking up some of your great wine of course. Love you:)
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The Preppy Miss Dior by Sophia Coppola featured by Natalie Portman vía
Revisiting Sophia Coppola's exquisite movie Lost in Translation, from a dad's point-of-view. cc:
Just realized Nicholas Cage is Sophia Coppolas first cousin. Shandy Goodlett Gazo did you know this?
Teaser from the new spot Miss Dior - 'La vie en rose' by Sophia Coppola, it looks beautiful: vía
I didn't mind the 3rd one. We also learnt Sophia Coppola is a director, not an actor.
Beyonce's Warhol-inspired ad, a peek at Sophia Coppola's film, and apparently can sing.
right? I got the Sophia Coppola champagne in the cute punk cans! :) for funsies!
Watching by Sophia Coppola.Love dresses and all pretty little things in this movie.Let…
'La Vie en Rose' starring Natalie Portman for Miss Dior. Directed by Sophia Coppola.   10% Off
Missing Sophia Coppola losing to Peter Jackson, but other than that, pretty spot on:
aww, isn't it great? one of my favorite Sophia Coppola films ^.^
My life feels like a bit of a Sophia Coppola movie sometimes.
Mr Sophia coppola's band, I mean Phoenix, has a new single out.
Lee Radziwill is like a 100 years old but i still enjoyed this interview, by Sophia Coppola
Ran into Peter Davis on the subway today, and we both laughed that his mom and my brother never take the subway. I have previously run into Eli Walach on the subway once, and, after a Marc Jacobs show years ago, Patrick McMullan and I ran into Francis Ford Coppola, Sophia Coppola, and tons of other celebs (we might have all been headed to an afterparty). That was a really fun car. Add your best subway moment. . ..
Band I was given by arielle smith: AIR AIR was one of the bands I found out I had been missing out on in the first or second salvo of post-highschool music binging. I would drive around in my parent's car at night with a friend or two, aiming to get lost and have to find our way back (gas wasn't $3.00/gallon then) and listen to and talk about music. I was with CK and she put on 10,000Hz Legend - it didn't immediately click for me (my tastes generally involved guitars being angry at that point) but I dug it. As I looked into them more and more (and kept encountering them tangentally from stuff like Sophia Coppola, Daft Punk, and Portishead) I kept liking what I was hearing. And then I was at a small house party in Neenah, a bit insober, and a DVD of them playing live was on - the song was La Femme D'Argent - and I knew that this was a band I didn't just casually enjoy, this was an awesome band that I loved. I played through three copies of Moon Safari, until they were scratched to *** from the CD case I k ...
the only things i like in Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette are the costumes and the soundtrack.
Sophia Coppola, Jane Campion, Kathryn Bigelow, Penny Marshall, Julie Taymor...that's all I got. You're 100% correct
How did i just notice that Keira Knightley and Sophia Coppola were Queen Amidala's handmaidens? Oh right, because this film is horid!
Going to Versailles today. Currently downloading the entire soundtrack to Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette. Gonna be a badass day
Man, the Little Mermaid would have ruled if directed by Sophia Coppola.
Will Instagram sell my pic of Crispin Glover sniffing Sophia Coppola's boobs?
Casting Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher is as bad as trying to make us think Andy Garcia was head over heels for Sophia Coppola
Back in the 1994-95 American television station Comedy Central aired a few episodes of Sophia Coppola and Zoe Cassavettes' show "Hi Octane." In this episode ...
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Night shoot coming up. But for now lazing around with Sophia Coppola.
Did you know Sophia Coppola, Jason Schwartzman, and Nicholas Cage are all related?
guess next four years will look like Sophia Coppola's version of Marie Antoinette
I wonder about Sophia Coppola and Spike Jones. Must have been the best thing.
Stand by for the transmission of the life affirming video for Klaxons' hugely expansive new single "Echoes", shot in the Egyptian white desert with long-time...
New Cinematology up. This one's from Sophia Coppola's gorgeous and underrated "Marie Antoinette"
the soundtracks of Sophia Coppola's pictures make life worth the effort. I wish she was my friend.
I wish my life had a Sophia Coppola soundtrack.
the rigidity must have mirrored that of Sophia Coppola's actingin that film.
Park Hyatt hotel from Sophia Coppola's Lost in Translation taken from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building
Sophia Coppola to direct, chooses to remake films from Amidala's perspective
Five days doing nothing in a hotel with a film crew. I'm starting to feel like I'm in a Sophia Coppola movie.
Somewhere by Sophia Coppola is interesting, a slow burn but good
I would let Sophia Coppola and Andy Garcia have creepy cousin sex on my prep table if they made the gnocchi.
Yeah, uh, good luck with that. SOMEWHERE ain't exactly an Arnie film. It is however v obvs a Sophia Coppola film.
Look over there, Sophia Coppola playing badminton with Jason Schwartzman.
This is like a Sophia Coppola film.
that final scene took place re Sophia Coppola dying...
If Wes Anderson and Sophia Coppola ever have a kid, Tumblr will explode. And if I'm lucky some of the shrapnel will kill me.
Is it wrong that I keep Sophia Coppola's on the tv in the background for the music? oh and the pastry scenes.
thanks! (And I get to watch Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette while I wait for Christian to rtn with pizza) x
Sophia Coppola is fantastic. Lost in Translation is a fantastic film.
Godfather Part 3 is on. Even the way Sophia Coppola runs is terrible.
Just finished one of the best books ever read. Really. The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides. Three main characters, all vividly brought to life. I found myself identifying with parts of each of them in turn. And it made me laugh out loud. His earlier books were great too (Virgin Suicides, Middlesex, but this I think is even better. BTW, if you've only seen the movie of the Virgin Suicides by Sophia Coppola, read the book. The movie is about the girls -- the book is about the boys who love them from the age of 14.
Watching The Godfather III. And they really couldn't have found a prettier girl than Sophia Coppola to be Michael Corleone's daughter?
Other directors on the shortlist for JUSTICE LEAGUE include Sophia Coppola, Terrance Malick, Werner Herzog, and Sarah Polley.
is up early and ready for an enjoyable day off.a bit off clean up around the house.then it's off to see "Paranorman" at Neshaminy.Watched "Copper" last night.pretty bland stuff, sadly.I couldn't get into the characters and it's a nitpick but it's always a problem when current music is used in a "period piece" (with the possible exception of Sophia Coppola's "Marie Antoinette"). I'll give it as few more episodes but good TV is like meeting a terrific Girl.If there's no spark that first meeting, there's very little chance there ever will be.SIDEBAR: I love Jurrasic park.watched a bit of it while waiting for "Copper" last night.but am I the only one who wants to rip that "wide eyed at the wonders of the marvelous, miraculous world" girls head off every time she does that "astonished look"? Lastly.Very sad morning.even though one doesn't physically know certain people, another humans beings work can effect you greatly and I am therefore shocked and saddened by the suicide of Director Tony Scott, who hurled h ...
Now Playing: Elektrobank by The Chemical Brothers. Did you see the video Spike Jonze made for it? It's Sophia Coppola doing a floor routine.
90s realness Sophia Coppola and Spike Jonze ... too cute
it's's Sunday...time to watch a Sophia Coppola movie...starting Somewhere... (ps-I still love Stephen Dorff...)
Elle Fanning to star alongside Stephen Dorff in new dramedy, "Somewhere," by filmmaker Sophia Coppola!
Bill Murray, Al Pacino and Robert Deniro independently decide to show up at some guy they don't know's wedding (after their wife/friend/whoever received the invite) because they didn't have anything to do that night. No script. One day of shooting. Sophia Coppola directs. Instant blockbuster, all the Oscars.
Baz Lurhman & Martin Scorcese have worked on campaigns for Chanel, Guy Ritchie & Sophia Coppola for Dior, Frank Miller for Gucci
Emma Watson is gonna be in a Sophia Coppola film!?I CANT CONTAIN THESE EMOTIONS!
Sophia Coppola's greatest achievement was in casting Kirsten Dunst (total *** as Marie Antoinette (total *** .
let's help rachel khoo “looking for movies that have delicious pâtisserie in them (excl. Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette)”
Movie News Emma Watson bares her midriff in this pic for Sophia Coppola\'s The Bling Ring
Sophia Coppola's here too but all she wants to do is lick honey off James Spader
Happy Birthday to Sophia Coppola! Check out the trailer of her last movie, 'Somewhere,' starring Stephen Dorff and...
Megan did background filming on the upcoming "Bling Ring" movie! Now she is SAG eligible:) Look for the movie in the fall. Directed by Sophia Coppola, stars Emma Watson.
Looking to rock the goody two-shoes image she has solidified in the course of a decade playing Hermione Granger, Harry Potter star Emma Watson signed on to front Sophia Coppola's upcoming Bling Ring, which tells the shocking, true story of teen girls who robbed Hollywood celebs of millions in cash a...
WATCHING THE Bling Ring ~ Based on a true story, Sophia Coppola's Bling Ring surrounds a group of teenagers who break into famous people's homes. Emma Watson and Leslie Mann star.
Emma Watson as a teen Socialite in Sophia Coppola's THE Bling Ring (via
Wishing I owned Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette so I had a better excuse to spend this Thursday night with The Cure.
American. Sophia Coppola (Francis Ford's daughter) is the director and Bill Murray and Scarlet Johansson are the lead actors.
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Paris Hilton will cameo in Sophia Coppola's 'The Bling Ring'. Also, pigs are flying.
Sophia Coppola only made good movies when she was banging Spike Jonze.
to film cameo role as herself in Sophia Coppola's The Bling Ring
did you see Sophia Coppola's 'Marie Antoinette'? The one w/Kirsten Dunst in the lead role. It was beautiful!
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