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Sophia Bush

Sophia Anna Bush (born July 8, 1982) is an American actress, director, and spokesperson.

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K so like I still have my tix to meet Sophia in Chicago and I so want to go but I should be saving my money for RP…
An icon Journalist for 60 years covering the White House.She has 'vetted'US Ptesidents from Kennedy to Bush & Obama…
“To be happy, it first takes being comfortable being in your own shoes. The rest can work up from there.” -Sophia Bush…
What actor or actress would you wanna meet next? — I would love to meet Layla! Also Sophia Bush or Rac...
Sophia Bush would make me think about settling down.
LOL XD Then I have October, he's named after a character played by Sophia Bush in the horror movie, Stay…
Can anyone ID the guy with Sophia Bush at David Brock’s house over by Rock Creek Park here in DC? April 19th and Pelosi?…
Sophia Bush, Connie Britton, Mariska Hargitay at Debra Messing’s a Star on the Hollywood…
wait since Gina Rodriguez, Sophia Bush, Brett Dier have read (and shared my TERRIBLE articles) can I add writer for…
Chicago PD is NOT the same without Sophia Bush 😡
Meh I just started Chicago pd from last night despite the exit of Sophia Bush
Her beauty honestly makes me speechless. Sophia Bush at the 2017 Emmy Awards.
Sophia Bush is about to inspire you to book a flight to Alaska with these incredible pics: https:…
Sophia Bush is the most beautiful human being ever
Why is Sophia Bush the most perfect human being?
It's not even fair how gorgeous Sophia Bush is
'Attempted photoshoot in front of a bush' - Phil Lester 2017
There's a rumor going around about and dating sophia b…
Seeing this movie with Sophia Bush in it makes me miss RPing as Rose 😢
imagine hating sophia bush for living her life?!?! cannot relate Xox
You are allow to be both . a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously. - Sophia Bush
Sophia Bush and Demi Lovato are my queens, they slay my existence.
Sophia Bush and Michael Fassbender are down here and they want to meet you
My very 1st Kilwins experience did not take place in Wilmington & it did not include Sophia Bush but it was still an A+!
Which of ur favs do you want to meet the most — sophia bush! or stephanie beatriz because i think s...
I just realized that I am acculty meeting Sophia Bush again 😰
Almost positive Sophia Bush is in my math class
Going blonde from brunette can be such a fun change!
Hey kate, will you and Sophia 'bush' sit on my face.
John Tucker Must Die is one of the most amazing movies a love Sophia Bush so much
Sophia bush stanning Sel. I love it if they did something together I would die
Sophia Bush commented on Selena's post too
I finally caught up with CPD and that show will not be half as good without Sophia Bush
I want to be Sophia Bush when I grow up
😂 + better looking than Sophia bush too just saying
You is very beautiful my friend and I like much of you I love you Sophia Bush
My celebrity crush is sophia bush, marry me,
Wow that's nice I am so happy for u sophia bush and Cong on the engagement and I wish u all the best of happiness in the world for u too
So sophia bush did your man proposed to u so soon u guys with be husband and wife
Sophia bush just turned up, now I've seen voight, halstead and Lindsay, it's almost Chicago pd time
I'm losing my voice and I sound like Sophia Bush
Sophia Bush djdjxn I want them to be friends
📱 | Sophia Bush showing her support for Selena. 💜✨
And these were both taken on the same night sophia bush
You and sophia bush looked like friends to me
emma watson, sophia bush, and mädchen are truly my top three female rolemodels and i wouldn't have that any other way.
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I just wanna be friends with Connie Britton and Sophia Bush and whatever magical friendship group they are a part of
Sophia Bush is the most beautiful human I have ever seen
Sophia Bush’s departure from will be addressed in Season 5
How would you like it if someone treated your sisters the way you and your girlfriend…
My mom is the kindest person I know.I am meeting Sophia Bush and I have never been more happy in my entire life.These t…
Jesse Lee Soffer and Sophia Bush are my role models ya'll
the Carried Away music video when Michael Angelakos is playing piano and Sophia Bush is dancing 🗣I 🗣am 🗣so 🗣 emotional
is it true that Sophia Bush will NOT be returning to her lead role for season 5?
*Gal Gadot reminds me of Brianna Evigan who reminds me of Sophia Bush and I love all of them
Nobody told me sophia bush was in a horror movie in 2007. I'm literally 10 years late to this party and i'm NOT happy about it
There will never be a day that I don't love Sophia Bush 🙁
I love Sophia Bush but y'all already know that
would you like to work, again, with Sophia Bush?
would you like to work with Sophia Bush?
Sophia Bush is even cooler and more amazing than I thought! And I have been a fan for over 10…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
.Hi! Do you guys record the with Sophia Bush and Ruthie Lindsey so we could watch it back? I watched it via the live
NO. It is same as Bush's weapons of mass destruction.
Nah he cheated on Sophia Bush with Paris Hilton
Also, if you're feeling extra, dance like Sophia Bush in her boutique with her future husband sneak watching like in One Tree Hill.
Some 1 posted this pic of the lovely Sophia bush &I'm fangirling a bit cause isn't it the same wall Jensen and Dee…
. • I like Sophia Bush. • I think you could fit Victoria Justice
Still upset that Sophia Bush left Chicago PD 😭😭 my shows are all starting to suck
. • I like Sophia Bush (also Taylor). • I think you could fit Carlson Young
I wanted to watch Chicago PD for Sophia Bush. But I still haven't and now she's leaving the show.
Never forget that we met SOPHIA BUSH while looking like this
Sophia Bush Bathing Suit on a Boat of the Day
A wonderful insight into fostering community and connection. Can't wait for & talk!
I like the film and I am still waiting on Blu-ray release. Sadly I hate 2007 remake Sophia Bush is…
He has been canceled since the moment he decided to cheat on his WIFE Sophia bush with Paris Hilton.
Sophia Bush is my ultimate girl crush 🔥🙌🏼😻
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I'm really happy to be alive at the same time as taylor swift, sophia bush and blake lively
this is for the retards. this is a customer service person, also should be CEO and sophia bush in real life in her…
. "Marriage is not about age; it's about finding the right person." - Sophia Bush
Don't ever refer Sophia Bush as Sophia to me ok??? She is Brooke Davis and always will be
Thank you for sharing your experience at our dinner hosted by and
Does this mean your going to be full-time on now?
Original co-star reportedly leaving the show after four seasons.
Sophia Bush is hanging up her badge, gun and that winter parka. In other words, Erin Lindsay is leaving Chicago PD:…
Hi Tracy, are you gonna be the regular cast as Detective Hailey Upton on Chicago PD for Season 5 to replace Sophia Bush?
I will gladly follow sophia bush through her journey of life no matter where or what that may be. forever and alwayys ❤️
Sophia Bush leaving Chicago PD is the worst news I've gotten all year.
Anyway, Sophia Bush saved me like I wish I was joking not seeing her on my screen every week is going to rip my heart apart
Sophia Bush’s Chicago P.D. days are behind her. After four seasons, she is leaving the show:
Let's talk about what's really important. SOPHIA BUSH IS LEAVING PD 😭
Don't mind me, I'm just bummed. is leaving
ICYMI: Sophia Bush is leaving after four seasons:
Sophia Bush is leaving and taking their ratings with her. They shouldn't have focused on one character so heavily.
EXCLUSIVE: departing after four seasons
Sophia Bush leaving after four seasons
FYI: When they make my life into one of those rom-coms about a hot quirky girl with bad luck I want Mila Kunis or Sophia Bush to play me.
Is stunning, just wondering if she actually shoots guns? Sophia Bush would be the perfect wife ☺🤔💯💣
That's how the EP ended but s6 of CPD lists Sophia Bush as one of the characters 😫
I have a really bad obsession of Sophia bush but I'm okay with it 😍
Sophia Bush this week in Chicago P.D. I'm so in love 😍
It's really good. Lol. It has my favorite actress Sophia bush in it. And fall out boy plays in a cou…
I'm super worried that Sophia Bush hasn't mentioned for ages. Didn't even acknowledge the finale. If she's not in next season..😭
Fire end with 3 firefighters trapped in a fire, and PD ended with a Jay/Lindsay proposal that didn't hap…
Sophia Bush The season four finale ended the season in epic fashion, as Bunny (Markie Post),...
Why does Sophia Bush look so good as Princess Leia though
I forgot how perfect Sophia bush was
Who are your female celebrity crushes? — Selena Gomez, Candice patton, Rihanna, Sophia bush,...
Sophia Bush Sophia Anna Bush (born July 8, 1982) is an American actress, director, spokesperson, and ... -…
Trust me when I say: I'll stop watching Chicago PD if Sophia Bush leaves
Sophia Bush is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
ZepCook Find the best kitchen-tested recipes, videos, healthy meals, party menus and cooking techniques from top cooks. Bush zepcoo…
I just want to meet Sophia Bush in real life.
People just deserve to be treated with kindness. ~ Sophia Bush
If Sophia Bush isn't in the next season of Chicago PD I'm done ✌🏼
Sophia Bush cannot leave, It would be like a sin! Please don't let this be real!! She is the reason I watch the…
Sophia Bush in her underwear on Chicago PD 😍🙌🏼😈
I love Chicago P.D but I HATE Sophia Bush's character on the show
I'm getting so upset thinking about Sophia bush leaving Chicago pd😩
3 simple things Sophia Bush does every day to eliminate stress via
Well if Sophia Bush is leaving Chicago PD then they better be coming out with a NY JTTF show. I want my Lindsey
*** how do they take Sophia bush off Chicago pd???
1st was my birthday 2nd Chloe's bday and 3rd was when saw Sophia Bush anything after that is irrelevant
Thanks to for this interview on life advice she'd give Lindsay - and who Lindsay's dad isn't: htt…
I liked a video Sophia Bush Took Her Chicago P.D. Driver to the Cubs World Series
Sophia Bush and Emma Roberts have liked Selena’s latest Instagram photo!
Sophia Bush - Backstage at the Rachael Ray Show in New York City, September 2015
Gina Rodriguez, Sophia Bush, Diane Guerrero and Mindy Kaling are my favorites and I am 100% in love with them
Emily Vancamp is still with the guy from Revenge & Sophia Bush is with her Chicago PD costar
I've known for a while that Sophia Bush & Emily Vancamp need to stop dating co-stars
When will Sophia Bush be free from the Chicago people so she can be cast in something good??? I wanna stan.
Sophia Bush in Mini Dress at Staples Center in LA - May 2015
Sophia Bush is effortlessly breathtaking. This photo shoot from her trip to Iceland is everything.
Sophia Bush and Common to Announce the 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards Nominations on Wednesday
📷 horroredits: Sophia Bush as Grace Andrews in The Hitcher (2007), dir. Dave Meyers
Sophia bush loving Ellie Goulding, what else could we ask for 😍😍
I swear to god young Sophia bush was 10/10
The real question is: why did Chad Michael Murray cheat on Sophia Bush with Paris Hilton?
Sophia Bush has a smile that lightens up the world
Half the reason I watch Chicago PD is because Sophia bush 😻
my only dream in life is to meet Sophia bush. hopefully it comes true💓
Happy birthday to the one and only Sophia Bush! Thank you for being such a great role model.
all I want is for Sophia bush to go to an oth convention.😭
"I see Sophia Bush in you" is the most heartwarming compliment I have ever received oh my
Sophia bush is so wonderful such a precious cupcake
I just want to be best friends with Sophia Bush.
my sister met sophia bush before I did I'm killing myself k bye
omg u look like Sophia bush ur so pretty aw
Sophia Bush is so perfect I don't understand
Sophia taught me where burger buns come from yesterday. " if you plant the seeds on top of the bun it grows a bun bush."
Literally the only good thing about being sick is getting to sound like Sophia Bush for a couple days
but maybe sexy raspy like Sophia Bush
my friend was at lolla and met Sophia bush ***
Meg. - Layout 😍. - Thank you so much for your 'daily reminder' . - Sweet and awesome person. - Sophia Bush lover . - We should talk more 😘
🚨🚨 ATTENTION ALL: just made an amazing Ian Somerhalder and Sophia Bush Video! The best one on the Internet! 🚨🚨
I want to start watching chicago pd because sophia bush
Low key upset that I didn't run into Sophia bush at lolla😭
Do you think Nathan and Haley inspired Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush to get married?
There is something about Sophia Bush's voice that just gets to me 😍
We spotted so many celebs at including and See them all below:
Sophia Bush is probably single because guys are intimidated by how amazing, inspiring and feminist she is. She don't need no man 💁🏻
me & Sophia bush have the same favorite food
Also didn't know Sophia bush was in their carried away video
And he used to be married to Sophia Bush and cheated on her. He's a ***
Adam Savage as Han Solo, Sophia Bush as Princess Leia, and Jamie Hyneman as Luke Skywalker via /r/StarWars …
Unexpected Snapchat-land update:. Tom Ricketts waved to us on Sophia Bush's last night. This has been your unexpected Snapchat-land update.
📷 brookedaavis: make me choose: anonymous asked » Sophia Bush or Jesse Lee Soffer
How are people straight when Sophia Bush, Hilarie Burton and Bethany Joy Lenz are right THERE ?
.Mila Kunis, Sophia Bush, Diane Kruger, Colin O'Donoghue, Wentworth Miller, also more but that's enough for now :) LOL
So far the best part of s1 is Sophia Bush and Jesse Lee Soffer
People who would make me die if I ever got a hug from: Sophia Bush, Mariska Hargitay, Jennifer Morrison, Adele, Jesse Lee Soffer & JB
Finding out Sophia Bush & Jesse Lee Soffer may be dating in real life just no doubt made my day.
Sophia Bush at the White House United State of Women Summit Event – June 14th
Dear God,. Thank you for giving me an amazing woman like Sophia Bush to look up to. Amen.
" perfection doesn't exist" Well, if ur name is Anna Kendrick or Sophia Bush, you are an exception.
Are you friends with Sophia Bush, Hilarie Burton, and Chad Michael Murry??
I Ms. Bethany Joy Lenz and Ms. Sophia Bush. I will look out for Robert Buckley. 😊
Sophia Bush, Eliza Dushku, Selena G. &YOU. Although not historical figures, you all inspire me in ways that've changed my life.
I told that I always see celebs at Arclight Hollywood and 5 minutes later we see Sophia Bush and then Topher Grace
I'm still sad Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush got divorced. My poor OTH will never recover.
just found out that Sophia Bush & Chad Michael Murray were married in real life for 1 year while filming OTH
EcoTools and Sophia Bush host women's empowerment panel
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Sophia Bush on the Set of Chicago PD in Chicago - December 2015
Sophia Bush Rock n Roll Style - Samsung Galaxy Artist Lounge at Lollapalooza in Chicago
my dad just asked me if I was in love with Sophia bush 😂😂😂 no I'm just so obsessed
her name is Sophia bush and her reward was a rocking body
It was lovely having in this week to support The Girl Project Discussion For Women`s Empowerment!
The fact that the casting directors of OTH ever doubted Sophia Bush's ability to be Brook Davis blows my mind.
Sophia Bush Street Style - Grabbing Some Coffee at Starbucks in Hollywood - July 2015
To me, I think people who don't think it's a big deal to toss a plastic bot...
sophia bush and ellen pompeo are such good actresses. I stan awesome people.
Sophia bush is the most beautiful girl on this planet. Hands freaking down.
Can I be friends with the 100 cast but also Sophia Bush?
Brooke Davis/Sophia Bush might be the hottest woman alive
NEWS - Sophia at the Ecotools luncheon for The Girl Project in Chicago yesterday!
Sophia Bush: The One Tree Hill alum makes our best dressed list during a panel discussion to raise awareness for women's empowerment ...
Bow down to queen Sophia Bush. A smile that can light up anyone's day.
I'm hoping for Sophia Bush as Kate Bush, and maybe Kate Mara as Jeb
Kate Beckinsale, Megan Fox, Sophia Bush and Katherine Jenkins. What about yours pal?
Sophia Bush - Samsung Galaxy Artist Lounge at Lollapalooza in Chicago - August 2015
everyone who is coming is wonderful :-) sure,Highlights would be: Hilarie Burton, BJL, Paul Johannson, Sophia Bush,...
Cool ! I saw Sophia Bush and Monica Raymund as DJ participate in this event. Who else ?
it must've been so awkward for Sophia Bush to film the last few seasons with Chad Michael Murray
Sometimes I remember that Chad Michael Murray cheated on Sophia Bush with Paris Hilton and I just lose faith in men 😂
like seriously Sophia Bush, Arielle Kebbel, Brittany Snow, Jesse Metcalfe, Penn Badgley in one film...amazing😍
I can't wait until the moment I'm Sophia Bush in John Tucker Must Die and tell a boy "For you, I don't have to give up all meat."
Obi-Wan Kenobi, George P. Bush is now the Bush family's only hope. Or maybe Billy Bush or Sophia Bush too, not sure.
Me if I ever saw Sophia Bush in person.
Charisma Carpenter was on Chicago P.D. tonight and her character is a possible love interest for Sophia Bush's character. THE WB LIVES ON!
Sophia Bush, Hannah Simone and Emma Watson are Beautiful, badass, intelligent, and inspiring feminists and activists.
The is go! Presenters Bryce Dallas Howard and Sophia Bush have arrived
Ryan Seacrest asked Sophia Bush who she was wearing tonight & she said "clothes over bros" 😍😍😍
Sophia Bush toda linda no red carpet.
Matt Damon, Andy Samberg, and Sophia Bush will grace the stage at 73rd annual ... - New York Daily News: . ...
Torrey Devitto and Sophia Bush. torreydevitto. reunion meets
I love Sophia Bush and Torrey Devitto so much
Kate Spade, Sophia Bush, and Lauren Bosworth were all Kappas so basically there's a little bit of hope for me
omg, that's awesome! 😊 Was sophia bush alone or with her boyfriend?
Wait Sophia Bush is the hot Freshman Tara Reid gets mad Van Wilder is hooking up with?
I just got carsick because I thought about Sophia bush seeing fun home
I cant believe sophia bush is 33, she doesnt even look 33. 😁
watching chalet girl and I loVE SOPHIA BUSH SO MUCH
daily reminder I love sophia bush more than most things
Sophia bush will always be my woman crush 😍
sophia bush has had a huge impact on me and I couldn't thank her enough 💗💗😉
Dont know why I can't be Sophia bush already
Sophia Bush photo shoots are my favorite photo shoots.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
sophia bush + Jesse Lee Soffer | the feeling. they are my favourite people :) (Vine by
they would be. like if people asked them who their parents are and they would say Sophia bush and Jesse Lee Soffer.
Sophia Bush just seems like such a well rounded woman I wish to be like her
Brooke Davis/Sophia Bush is forever my woman crush 😍
I don't get John Tucker Must Die because I sincerely want Sophia Bush to kill me
Cute couple Sophia Bush & Jesse Lee Soffer are still going strong!
Have I ever loved two people more than Sophia Bush and Jesse Lee Soffer? The answer is no
if only Sophia Bush hadn't been engaged to them all :( btw remember Bethany Joy Lenz's kickstarter? Still haven't got the CD
Hilarie Burton and Sophia Bush are Naley af. This is so great.
Who is your style role model? — Sara Gilbert, Sophia Bush, Ashlyn Harris, Evan Rachel Wood and Ellen DeGeneres.
FYI I lowkey resent Chad Michael Murray for cheating on Sophia Bush
Please come to the Return to OTH in March 2016! You are an inspiration! We want to meet you! Please!
I will never be content with my life until I meet Sophia Bush
you've probably heard this before but you look a lot like Sophia bush
Aw you guys are so adorbs thinking a petition will get Sophia Bush to
she seems amazing! She went to Uganda and visited the Akola women with Sophia bush!
My bestie still in one piece before meeting Sophia bush tomorrow 😋
I need to practice my "in a photoshoot with a celebrity" face/body language so I don't look like a fat lard next to Sophia Bush 🙈
I'm gunna make a secret OTH/ Sophia Bush shrine inside my closet
'Chicago PD' season 3 spoilers: Sophia Bush on where Lindsay's story picks up -
"You are you. Embrace it, love it, own it, never apologize for it."
Do you know who else is adorable Sophia bush like she is just adorable. Her personality is so cute and she's so so gorgeous😍
"If I could be a girl I would be Sophia Bush." -Vaness
I'll never get over being this close to Sophia Bush aka Brooke Davis aka Erin Lindsey 😭😍
happy bday sophia bush, thank you for giving us b. davis 💘 (Vine by gossip diaries ❥)
character development - Brooke Davis. happy birthday to sophia bush, no one could h... (Vine by
🎥 w/ Sophia Bush as Erin Lindsay of nbcchicagopd @ CTA Kimball Brown Line
2 favorites from 2 favorite shows . Sophia Bush and Missy peregrym
Lauren German, Sophia Bush and Monica Raymund are my main inspo ❤
Ryan made Sophia Bush making out with a girl on Nip Tuck though.
Just found out that Sophia Bush married Chad Michael Murray in real life... (Brooke Davis & Lucas Scott) omg
Bethany Joy Lenz and Sophia Bush are both so perfect wow
if you have purchased more or more individual photo you can choose to replace it with any guest EXCEPT Sophia Bush and Bethany Joy Lenz.
Chad Michael Murray cheating on Sophia Bush with Paris Hilton is a prime example of settling for catfish once you've tasted caviar.
It breaks my heart when I remember that Chad Michael Murray & Sophia Bush used to be married but then he cheated on her w…
If you had to get on a 14 hour flight, who would you ... — Amy Purdy ou Sophia Bush car on pourrait parler de pl...
.embarked on a fashion adventure in Uganda & gave us a peek at the contents of her stylish suitcase:
4 people whose smiles makes me smile tagged by . +Ashley Benson, Sophia Bush, Stephen Amell & Shawn Mendes …
so if you encountered something like this in real life... How would you react and or respond to it Sophia Bush?
If I could be anyone in the world I would be Sophia Bush with red hair and I would always talk over people because her voice never shouts
Sophia Bush brings attention to Uganda based entrepreneurs via
is this an angel or sophia bush I can't determine
Sooo, I have decided if the Lemily friend "ship" becomes a movie, we should be played by Scarlett Johansen, and Sophia Bush.
Who gave Austin Nichols & Sophia Bush permission to break up???
Liz's voice was described as raspy. If she has a Sophia Bush voice I'll stan.
There is a 100% chance I will cry if Sophia Bush,Monica Raymund or Emily Vamcamp cry.
Sophia Bush wore Temperley London to the premiere
Sophia Bush In Temperley London – ‘Me and Earl and the Dying Girl’ LA Premiere: . Sophia Bush walked the red c...
Starting my day by looking at pictures of Yvonne Strahovski, Sophia Bush, Joshua Jackson and Naley because they make everything better❤️
Photoset: soovermyself: Random friendship of the day: Sophia Bush and Dana Brunetti (he’s a producer, known...
Throwback picture of James Lafferty, Bethany Joy Lenz, Sophia Bush and Paul Johansson in Paris 2014 :)
Bow down to queen Sophia Bush, ladies and gentlemen.
Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols created pages for their OTH characters
sophia bush looking real fly tonight on the SAGs
not the best promotion strategy. They should give access to Pete sooner than celebs like Sophia Bush
Sophia Bush is such a cute crier & that makes me mad bc I'm so jealous
Sophia bush is so hot I'm an egg roll
"hey, honey what do you want for your birthday?". "James Lafferty". "try again". "Robert buckley". "try again". "Sophia bush"
Sophia Anna bush is my idol. She is so talent super gorgeous and seems like the sweetest person u would ever meet!
raspy? Like Sophia bush's voice is amazing but hers is just bad👀
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
im watching a movie with ed westwick and sophia bush in it MY FAVES
Your celebrity crush is Sophia bush.. SOPHIA BUSH IS MYY IDOL OMGG . Shut up Rita? . Shut up Rita. .
In one week I've been told I look like Blake Lively and Sophia Bush so basically I just feel like I'm really winning at …
Sophia Bush is so perfect. I wish I looked even HALF as good as her! 😭😍
The fact that Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush were actually married irl (even if it was just briefly) makes me SOO happy but also sad
Sophia bush can mother my babies any day. ❤️❤️
Sophia Bush is good with crossovers: 'It's like being in a frat'
Watching Chicago P.D and crying because Sophia bush is beautiful
I love sophia amazing talented woman and role model
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