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Sophia Bush

Sophia Anna Bush (born July 8, 1982) is an American actress, director, and spokesperson.

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Sophia Bush on return of 'Chicago P.D.', Instagram inspiration -
I wanna start watching Chicago PD just because Sophia Bush is bae.
any info on Shay Mitchell or Sophia Bush New York hotels?
It's weird watching oth and then watching Chicago pd, sophia bush looks exactly the same but just barely aged
Ye he's mature for his age to and his celeb crush is Sophia Bush
Listen back to full, fantastic interview from this week with
OTH made me call in love with Sophia Bush x1000
Why did Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray ever get divorced ugh 😭😩
I can't handle Sophia Bush being so badass! Chicago P.D smash it every time!
the fact that Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush are married in real life makes me so happy
😔😔 I need to become bfls with sophia bush 😂
did you know Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray were married for one year in 2005
I think a lot of people forget Chad Michael Murray cheated on freaking Sophia Bush with some lame
and Sophia Bush and the rest of the one tree hill cast
Me: Chicago PD is such a good show. Sister: Why?. Sister* Sees Sophia Bush in the commercial *. Sister: That's why.
So once I met Sophia bush from one tree hill and I didn't know who she was so I didn't take a picture with her...
I think Scarlett Johansson, Rachel McAdams, Leighton Meester & Sophia Bush are the prettiest actresses there are it's really actually unfair
Sophia Bush: People ask if I'm related to Jenna ...
Watching old videos of Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray when they were a couple and sobbing like a loser
I will never get over the fact that Peyton and Lucas were end game because Chad Michael Murray cheated on Sophia Bush
Details up in the air but if stars align, may get to see Anna Camp, Laura Osnes & Sophia Bush in 2015. My 3 faves. I may just die... after!
I'm CRYING bc I read that Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols dated in real life + while they were on One Tree Hill but broke up 2 years ago 😭
"Sophia Bush and Hilarie Burton with a member of the FWTP2 staff in Paris October 2014.
Chad Michael Murray is perfection no matter what” except for the fact that he cheated on friggin Sophia Bush
Sophia Bush, Cody Simpson, Kelly Rutherford and Adrian Grenier are at a gala this Wednesday:
I nominate Sophia Bush and Jesse Lee Soffer to be on the ballot for best on screen chemistry on Chicago …
Went on a rant at dinner tonight trying to explain feminism to my friends. Lots of Lena Dunham, Sophia Bush, & Emma Watson examples used.
Forever having a crush on sophia bush
Why is sophia bush so gorgeous it's really just not fair
I honestly like Chicago PD because Sophia Bush is in it and she is the best 👍
I now know what Sophia Bush feels like 🙊
sophia bush is so cute I wish I looked like her
Major high key girl crush on Sophia Bush, no shame.
Why can't I be a pretty cryer like Sophia Bush
“They do whatever it takes to get the job done. returns on September 24. Sophia bush 😍😭❤️
HollyWOOF is being delivered today to Portia de Rossi, Ashley Tisdale, Selena Gomez, Kellan Lutz, Sophia Bush,...
holland roden, sophia bush, and lucy hales are the three most perfect girls, and I want their faces
Sophia bush is literally the most perfect human
It's so sad how Kylie is no one and has 11 million followers on ig and Sophia Bush who's such an inspiration and is an actress has 1 milion
I love Sophia Bush, she's the cutest.
I swear I'm straight but if like Sophia Bush offered to marry me I wouldn't say no.
How do I permanently stay sick so I sound like Sophia Bush for the rest of my life
her name is sophia bush . In case you want to creep on her more
"Life is too short, and I'm Italian. I'd much rather eat pasta and drink wine than be a size 0." ~ Sophia Bush
Me: Image if Sophia Bush was about to make out with you? . Jarret: I think I would just *** my pants right then and there. . tmi? naw.
lol we can still be friends. But how old r u? We both love country. Sophia Bush and Carrie right?
Paul Wesley & Nina Dobrev Hang with Sophia Bush at the U.S. Open! via
Good LORD I hope if I ever have a daughter there is a Taylor Swift, Sophia Bush or Wendy Davis (and/or Connie Britton)…
If I had one wish it would be to look, act and live like Sophia Bush 😍
Sophia Bush was at the same tennis game that Paul Wesley was at. oh ma gurd.
A new instagram picture of Paul Wesley, posted by Sophia Bush. (sophiabush)
Sophia bush is gonna be on Law and Order!! 😍😍😍
I see Michael Jordan and Anna Winter but not Sophia Bush and Paul Wesley. Like I see their box but not them in it
Saturday TV Personality Louise Roe, designer Zac Posen, Actress Sophia Bush. The celebs stopped by the Samsung Galaxy Backstage Lounge at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015 in New York. Samsung was there to showcase the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge and Gear VR with interactive lounges both in the main lobby and backstage at Lincoln Center.
Sophia Bush was hanging out with Paul Wesley today someone make it stop please they're so pretty and I love them
Sophia Bush sued Urban Outfitters for selling an "eat less" shirt "anorexia is not a fashion statement its a disease" http…
*** y was i unaware that sophia bush is on law & order svu¿?!
Sophia bush and chuck bass in the same movie😻
Sophia Bush is at USO.I know someone on my tl is a huge fan.i like her too 😊
my actual life goal is to meet Sophia Bush
Sophia Bush & Jamie Chung Are Fashion Forward at the Monique ... -
Sophia bush nd Paul Wesley r at the us open in tears
Wow. Way to go Sophia Bush for speaking out. Urban Outfitters will never be the same.
Sophia Bush is definitely one of my favorite celebrities
sophia bush is with Paul Wesley BYE
The fact that Sophia Bush is at a sporting event right now with Paul Wesley makes me feel super cozy.
Nina, Paul, Sophia Bush, and Nina's friends were all at the I need pics..
Paul Wesley & Sophia Bush would look so cute together
In way more interesting news, Nina, Paul, Sophia Bush, and cute guy with adorable dog Miko were all at the US Open today…
Remember when Sophia Bush told me I was cute?
I had the privilege of being interviewed by my dear friend - "20 QUESTIONS with Sophia Bush is up on http:…
Atleast 14 or 15 or 16 or 17 14 is about right Who is sophia bush dating?
sophia bush AND Paul Wesley in one photo ♥
Excellent, and *** well written. “an update on my last blog about moral crimes in Afghanistan? http:/…
what the ... Bow Paul is dayting with Sophia Bush ?!?
Paul Wesley with Sophia Bush and Michael Kelly at the US Open !! 😃
sophia bush is at the us open and so is PJ so im not really sure how to feel right now
Sophia Bush, Bethany Joy Lenz and Moira Kelly were by far the best actresses on hands down.
Sophia Bush looking lovely in Monique Lhuillier and Maria Lucia Hohan at the Emmys Weekend Events.
Sophia Bush and Anna Chlumsky The One Tree Hill alum and Veep star, who rose to fame with My Girl, were too cute...
Sophia Bush, Elizabeth Banks, Taylor Schilling...just to name a few!
Just realizing that Sophia Bush and Penn Badgley are in John Tucker Must Die 😌
How does Sophia Bush have the best raspy voice ever
Sophia Bush makes our world such a more beautiful place just by being in it!!
I have a huge crush on Sophia Bush. I'm even willing to overlook the fact that her last name is Bush.
I enjoy losing my voice just because I can pretend I'm Sophia Bush...
Is that Sophia Bush?? I've heard she's pretty down to earth but I've never seen one tree Hill so idk her that well. :)
Is it weird that I paid more attention to Sophia bush aka Brooke Davis then justin. She is so beautiful I cry . http:/…
"I need you to need me back." Sophia Bush, perfect flawless angel face of a crier.
Is that Sophia Bush in that Amazon Fire commercial??
Someone told me I look like Sophia Bush today. I think they have sight issues. Should I have taken their car keys for their own safety?
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Sophia bush is just so beautiful and her character is so bad ***
if life was perfect, I'd be dating Sophia Bush 😞
Look up Sophia Bush. I lightweight think they look alike 😍
Kellan Lutz, Sophia Bush, and More Come Out to Support the Fight Against ... - InStyle
same 😩😭. Deres nothing nice, I'll jos go shepherds bush tomorrow as a last resort 😓
Shannon and Chucky just told me Sophia Bush isn't "that pretty".. Never have I lost respect for two individuals so fast.
I think you said you wanna see Sophia Bush this summer right filming Chicago PD? There filming down Armitage and Clifton on MON!
Sophia Bush's voice is so sexy like ***
I watched cpd for sophia bush and it's pretty good bec I usually stay away from crime dramas.
Sophia Bush is just perfect in every way😍
Is Sophia Bush even a real person like how?
If I could look like anyone else in the world, no questions asked I would pick Sophia Bush.
Can Sophia bush please post an insta pic for James birthday like she did when it was Hilarie Burton's birthday
My camera roll right now is literally just John Lloyd Young and Sophia Bush
If you don't have a girl crush on Sophia bush then I question whether or not you're a real person
SOUL QUOTE "To be happy, it first takes being comfortable being in your own shoes. The rest can work up from there." - Sophia Bush
Happy Birthday to my favorite actress and woman crush, Sophia Bush 😍
July 8 Birthdays Jaden Smith turns 16 Kevin Bacon turns 56 Toby Keith turns 53 Sophia Bush turns 32 Anjelica Huston turns 63 John D. Rockefeller (1839 - 1937) Wolfgang Puck turns 65 Steve Lawrence turns 79 July 8 History 2011 - Space Shuttle Atlantis is launched in the final mission of the US Space Shuttle program 1951 - The city of Paris, France celebrates its 2000th birthday 1948 - The US Air Force accepts its first female recruits into a program called Women in the Air Force (WAF) 1917 - The first Ziegfeld Follies is staged by Florenz Ziegfeld in NYC. 1776 - The Liberty Bell tolls to announce the Declaration of Independence, ringing out from the tower of Independence Hall in Philadelphia
Happiest of birthdays to the BEAUTIFUL Sophia Bush aka Brooke Davis 💙
Adrianna didn't even tell me Happy Birthday as good as she did to Sophia Bush 😑
Sophia Bush is literally a mixture of Brooke Davis and Erin Lindsay
Happy Birthday Sophia Bush, thanks for being inspiring to all of us out there, much love xx
Happy Birthday to the flawless Sophia Bush 😍
Happy Birthday to my favorite actress sophia bush!!
btw you have the same birthday as Sophia bush 😍🎈
She is amazingly talented nd extremely gorgeous♥♡.nd she has the most beautiful smile love u Sophia bush may u have many more stay happy Happy Birthday to you ^.^
One Tree Hill star Sophia Bush is seen getting into her black Audi with a friend while on a shopping trip on Melrose Avenue in Beverly Hills. Later she is se...
Happy Birthday to Sophia Bush my favorite actress from One tree Hill 😍😍😍😍
sophia bush is def on this daily news mailing list I’m on lol
Happy Birthday to the wonderfully talented Sophia Bush!! Hope you have an amazing day Sophia (:
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Sophia Bush might not be the strongest actress, but *** is she cute. Happy 32nd b-day Sophia!. Also Mr. Kevin...
My younger cousin Harrison when I told him he's 6 degrees from Kevin Bacon - "I'd rather be 6 degrees from Sophia Bush" 🙈
Photoset: crystareeds: july 8th, 1982 "sophia bush… who has a huge platform, and who decides every single...
Happy Birthday to the woman who has changed my life,Sophia Bush.
Happy Birthday you are such an inspiration to me. I'm so proud to call myself a fan of you! ♥
so right after finishing one tree hill and falling in love, I find out I have the same birthday as Sophia bush. THIS IS PERFECT
I would like to say Happy Birthday to sophia bush the begs female ever
Happy Birthday to Sophia Bush born this day in 1982
Happy Birthday to the wonderful Sophia Bush. You are beautiful, kind, talented, unique, humble and so…
I think if I could be anyone else, I'd want to be Michelle Keegan. Or Megan Fox. Or Sophia Bush.
Discover fun facts about Sophia Bush via
Happy Birthday to the beautiful, talented, and generous Sophia Bush
I share a birthday with Sophia Bush, do obviously that means I should just watch One Tree Hill all day 👌
Star of Chicago PD Sophia Bush is celebrating. Happy 32nd Birthday. Call your birthdays in now to air after the 7:30 info update.
Happy Birthday Here's a look at some of Sophia's best fashion moments:
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Sophia Bush is more than just an actress. More than the horrid word 'celebrity'. She's an activist, a…
July 8th's trend isn't but 'Happy Birthday Sophia Bush' so no hashtag! Details here:
Sorry, Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson. But you weren’t the only stars to get married this weekend. Scooter Braun, the manager and very close friend of Justin Bieber, exchanged vows on Saturday with Yael Cohen in Whistler. Along with the superstar singer, other celebrities at the event included Carly Rae Jepsen, Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Sophia Bush and Ed Sheeran. And as soon as Braun kissed his bride, Bieber went all Love Actually on everyone, breaking into a version of “All You Need is Love.” Watch part of the performance now: Justin Bieber Serenades Scooter Braun, Wife During the reception, Carly Rae and Justin also came together for a duet of “Call Me Maybe.” We send our very best wishes to Braun and Cohen, along with the many other big names who have gotten married in 2014. They include the following: Celebrities Who Got Married in 2014 1. Kaley ...
I AM. Also, like, Jesse Spencer? Yes. I do have a crush on the one that keeps flirting with Sophia Bush on Chicago PD tho.
Sophia Bush talks about working with the police for her role on "Chicago P.D." SUBSCRIBE: About Queen Latifah: Queen Latifah is a m...
Shailene Woodley and Sophia Bush. Two famous women that I really adore, and not just because of their acting but because of who they are as a person. They're great.
Lauren Conrad and Sophia Bush are both so idol
Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, Calif. was abuzz last night as the stars gathered to support the fight against breast cancer. Jaimie Alexander, Kellan Lutz, Jessica Roffey, Sophia Bush, and Emmanuelle Chriqui (pictured above) were joined by Amber Valetta, Alessandra Ambrosio, Adrian Grenie...
Bethany Joy Lenz and Sophia Bush are amazing actresses! I miss One Tree Hill so much!!!
[PICTURES] Sophia Bush & Jesse Lee Soffer on Extra at Universal Studios Hollywood yesterday
who knew Dan Scott that *** would be the one to save them... Did you know chad was married to Sophia bush?
She currently plays hard detective Lindsay Erin police in Chicago, but the first major film role in Sophia Bush's father was not so friendly. "The
Sophia Bush reveals black bra in plunging see-through pink blouse as she admits watching h
they're* but technically you say Sophia Bush because Brooke Davis doesn't exist.
so where can I sign up to be sophia bush?
In my next life I'm coming back looking like Sophia Bush
She now plays tough investigator Erin Lindsay on Chicago P.D., though Sophia Bush‘s initial big-screen purpose wasn’t so parent-friendly. “The initial time [we watched her] was in Van Wilder,” Bush’s mom, Maureen, tells PEOPLE. “Kissing Ryan Reynolds, her boundary in a atmosphere … we were like...
Sophia Bush: Looking daring roles my mother is with "Super Super Torpe ': She currently plays hard detective L...
was that the one with sophia bush? She may make the teen angst worth it
Sophia Bush's voice is so sexy I can't
Sophia Bush carries a leopard-print clutch as she leaves dinner with a gal pal at Craig’s restaurant on Friday night (May 9) in West Hollywood, Calif. Earlier in the day, the 31-year-old Chicago P.D. star...
Sophia Bush chats about P.D.'s role in the crossover and opines on Lindsay's romance with Severide. Subscribe Now for more Chicago PD: ...
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She attended a stylish design panel earlier in the day. But Sophia Bush looked ready to kick back on Friday afternoon.
Sophia Bush has played Brooke Davis on One Tree Hill for the past nine years, and we recently sat down with her to reminisce about her fondest memories and ...
Sophia Bush is probably one of our fave actresses to hit the small-screen since her breakout (and trouble-making) debut on One Tree Hill in 2003! Now, the sm...
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Sophia Bush heads into her internal Starbucks for an iced splash after a examination in Los Angeles on Friday (May 9). The 31-year-old Chicago P.D. singer recently spoke to Huffington Post Live about womanlike empowerment. “Honestly, we consider it’s not only a pursuit since women’s empowerment...
Sophia Bush Fansite | Bella Sophia Bush is now undergoing scheduled maintenance. Please try behind again soon. Sorry for a inconvenience. Article source:
WHAT?! Sophia Bush aka Brooke Davis from One Tree Hill is now on Chicago P.D. playing Erin who did a crossover onto Law & Order: SVU!!! I can't wait to see this!!! :D
Sophia Bush and Jesse Lee Soffer talk about the training they had in order to play Jay Halstead and Erin Lindsay. They also give us their opinion on whether ...
Chicago P.D.'s Sophia Bush talks about the things she hearts, like cheeseburgers and air hashtags! Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: h...
We know you've been craving some Lucas, Peyton, Nathan, and Haley... So when we sat down EXCLUSIVELY with Sophia Bush this week at Culina Restaurant ...
I just want to be Sophia Bush or Blake Lively tbh
John Tucker and Lucas Scott are both in basketball and Sophia Bush is in both😏
If Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush never broke up would Lucas and Brooke still be together?
Like I get that Sophia Bush and Taylor Kinney are good looking people. But just. No. I do not like. (characters not actual thems, btw)
Watched the rest of the Chicago PD/Chicago Fire episode Sophia Bush's character just slept with Taylor Kinney' s character I'm so jealous lol but it was the best episode of the season !!!fire/Chicago pd
Follows Sophia Bush, because she is almost as hot as you..
it's Sophia bush and I love her, don't hate
Sophia Bush looks fine on his show btw ...I've loved her since One Tree Hill
Watching Sophia Bush on Fallon right now with my mouth open.
Sophia Bush's voice is so sexy, it makes her more attractive. 😍😍
Sophia Bush is like a white Rani Mukherjee. I'm in love.
Who made Sophia Bush’s jewelry, white ruffle dress, and black ankle strap sandals?
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Sophia Bush will forever be Brooke Davis in my eyes
Who made Sophia Bush’s pink halter dress, jewelry, and black lace up sandals?
Sophia Bush has made a point of choosing on-screen roles that depict the kind of strong women she'd want to see, but it takes more than that to advance feminism,...
Sophia Bush still looking outstanding. Fell in love with her on One Tree Hill and now she makes me mesmerized on Chicago PD.
Sophia bush should be everyone's main chick. 😍
I Heart: Sophia Bush. Sophia Bush tells us about her favorite...: I Heart: Sophia Bush. Sophia Bush tells us abo...
I love you because your name is Alex Moran and I'm rewatching bms right now, and you love Sophia Bush and she's my woman crush
Plot twist: Sophia Bush is my side chick
Sophia Bush is opening up about body image and empowering women. During an appearance on the Toda...
I want Sophia bush in my wet dreams
Sophia Bush Discusses Body Image - Sophia Bush has been wise in choosing on-screen roles that...
Sophia Bush: Men have to fight for female empowerment, too
Watching Jimmy Fallon and wondering how Sophia Bush calls herself "curvy" and claims to be an advocate for curvy woman when she is TINY?
I've never heard of Sophia Bush before. Clearly I'm missing out.
in what world is a Syrian diplomat intimidated by Sophia Bush???
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“"Life Is Always better with a slumber party". -Sophia Bush”
My girl Sophia bush is on Fallon tonight😏
I love seeing Sophia Bush on my tv every week again!
Dean McDermott is a *** On another note, after Kitchen Nightmares, Chicago PD is my new favorite show. And it is seriously only because I am a diehard Sophia Bush fan. OTH fo lyfe.
Sophia Bush made the tonight show quite enchanting this evening. .
Tonight Show is so funny with Jimmy Fallon. And I got to see Sophia Bush on tonight's show!!! *** is she hottt!
So, Sophia Bush might be my new celebrity crush.
Sophia bush was just on tonight show. All i can say is.
Sophia Bush is officially my new crush. on that note goodnight!
Sophia Bush looks incredible on Fallon tonight
Just love Jimmy Fallon and Sophia Bush battling air hashtags
Sophia Bush on Jimmy Fallon. My heart is exploding and I can't stop laughing. Air Hashtag The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon | Sophia Bush
Sophia bush on fallon. She needs to marry me.
Sophia Bush, ya may as well just pull the boobs on out, they are over 1/2 way there now lol Wow I don't ever recall her dressing, in such a way.. surely Chicago PD has not caused this..omgah her boob almost fell out for real just now rofl wow
watching Jimmy Fallon and Sophia Bush is lookin mighty FINE!!!
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Miss Sophia Bush is lookin the part for woman crush Wednesday on the tonight show...white definitely doesn't make her look fatter :Ð
Sophia Bush is perfect. That is all😍
I want to have sex with Sophia bush more than I want to breath.
Is anyone watching Jimmy Fallon Sophia Bush is on
Sophia Bush on Fallon, sorry your missing out Dee Que,
Sophia bush on tonight show tune in!
I love Chicago PD!!! It makes me want to watch Chicago Fire! Sophia Bush is still amazing
Sophia Bush who plays Erin Lindsey on Chicago PD — watching The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Fun show tonight. David Spade, Sophia Bush, music from The Both and a new Celebrity Photobomb with Cameron Diaz!!
Just a heads up everyone sophia bush is on the tonight show staring Jimmy Fallon starting now!!
Sophia Bush on Fallon tonite (for those who still need a dose of OTH!)
I just really love Sophia Bush okay?
I so want to be Sophia Bush right now :)
Sophia Bush gets to kiss all the hot boys...
Safe to say I'm overly jealous of Sophia Bush.
I don't think so Sophia Bush.back off!! Lady Gaga wouldn't appreciate it either!
Watching this Awesome episode of Chicago PD and all I keep thinking about is how hot Sophia Bush is.. Omfg between Gaga and Sophia im going crazy LMFAO 😍
Later, after LOCAL 15 News at 10, David Spade and Sophia Bush stop by on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Late Night with Seth Meyers has Lucy Liu
Sophia bush as a cop I don't think it gets much hotter
Sophia Bush, the star of the hit NBC series Chicago P.D., stops by the Covino & Rich Show and discusses mistakes, motherhood, and Matt Damon On mistakes young women are making today On becoming a mother in Hollywood (and the moment that gets a bit heated) On looking up to Matt Damon and his views on…
Sophia Bush has been out in New York City serving up three great looks over the past three days. Monday: While attending the 2014 National Dance Institute Annual Gala, the actress worked a deep berry lip with her electric-blue For The Love of Lemons lace… [ 278 more words. ]
CONGRATZ to my dear friend, Joan Green on the success of her fab client, SOPHIA BUSH!!! Catch her on Chicago PD and Jimmy Fallon tonight!
Talent actress, activist, and everyone's BFF, Sophia Bush stopped by the Wake Up with Taylor studios to chat about the Chicago Fire/PD Crossover Ev...
night 2 of the Chicago P.D. Chicago Fire crossover event airs tonight at 10p on NBC followed by our wonderful client Sophia Bush on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon at 11:35p. Set your DVR's!!
What I Wore TODAY: Sophia Bush: "Chicago PD" star Sophia Bush sat down with Matt on Wednesday to talk about he...
Sophia Bush almost got it right, but not quite. Her message on Today's segment of girl empowerment and loving yourself just the way you were created were great. But when Matt Lauer asked about her practically nude cover of Maxim, she suddenly got jittery and said, "I don't wake up every day and think I'm awesome...I'm just me." As if that's a bad thing?? EVERY GIRL should wake up every day and think she is awesome. That's the way you begin to change the conversation you have with yourself. Thinking you're awesome is not conceit; it's practicing self-acceptance and confidence and love.
Work flow little house on the prairie cast also love your selfie today I love this kids empowering others to recognize and appreciate their body image also Sophia bush is here going to be a good show today :)
I did the Celebrity look-a-like thing twice and once I got Jessica Alba, then Sophia Bush. I asked Curtis Clock which one he liked better and he said: " I like you the best" Looks like I got myself a keeper!
Id drag my balls across a mile of glass to hear her fart through a walkie talkie - jp when sophia bush was mentioned
Save Sophia Bush's look for your Friday night inspiration.
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Chicago Fire time :) get to see Sophia Bush & Taylor Kinney two nights in a row woo hooo :)
I feel like Sophia Bush has opened the door for female actresses in Chicago. Everyday more and more female lead casting calls are going up! Be Powerful Ladies!!
Sophia Bush previews the two-night crossover event inspired by the Oklahoma City bombing:
So what does everyone think of Saveride flirting/messing with Sophia Bush?? Hot couple? Want her with the other detective? Or have them completely single?
NBC's "Chicago P.D." and "Chicago Fire" are teaming up in a two-night crossover episode, and star Sophia Bush is giving HuffPost Live a sneak peek. She'll also take your questions, so leave your thoughts and videos in the comments section.
Sophia Bush has dated three of the show’s main characters: Chad Michael Murray, James Lafferty and Austin Nichols. PARABENS
Sophia Bush says her boyfriend is safe after a deadly Mt. Everest avalanche. Keeping those affected in our thoughts.
H&M opened a new store in Munich, Germany on Wednesday (April 9), with Alek Wek and Freida Pinto in attendance. Alek Wek: The H&M Conscious collection is yet to go on sale and this pretty lace frock is already on its third outing. Sophia Bush wore… [ 160 more words. ]
Fashion Faceoff: Jennifer vs. Sophia: Thanks to Jennifer Lopez and Sophia Bush, we have our first LWD showdown of the season. Plus, s...
number 2, Sophia Bush. There's just something about her voice..
Foto: dropofbolly: My woman of the year - This is Sophia Bush, she plays Brooke Davis in the well known...
She seems to be a great person im kind of inspired by her work as an actress.she is so beautiful and looks gorgous whatever she is wearing she desesrve to be a role model and i really wondering how cant she get ugly.she has a good taste in men a really good one but she kind of has to somehow cause its obvious that she cant date or hang out who is uglier than her and i know that the face shouldnt matter that much but still.just for saying im a real big fan of you if you r reading this you r strong stunny funny sexy su yolo lots of love
It's really unfair that there are people on this planet like Sophia Bush AKA perfection 😍😒
George W. Bush is into Bun B and such because of Texas and it's kind of maddening that he accidentally has great taste.
Sophia Bush, you are one drop dead gorgeous woman.
Sophia Bush is the most beautiful human being in the world ❤️
Late night snaps with about how in love we are with Sophia Bush.
yes huh Sophia Bush proved it on one tree hill DURRR
precisely. Sophia Bush is classy and lovely. In fact, she is the definition of classy and lovely. But Kim is a nasty *** bag.
I saw a childhood friend today after not seeing her for a long time & she said I reminded her of Sophia Bush.BEST COMPLIMENT EVER. 😍
So what episode of Chicago Fire does Sophia Bush first come on? Cuz I'm on season 2 episode 6
my teacher looks like Sophia Bush & I tried to send you a pic but she's like "no I look ugly" lol cus Ik you like her 😂
Marriage is not about age; it's about finding the right person, -Sophia Bush
If I go see Brantley Gilbert in May, he knew Jana Kramer, and she knew WHICH MEAND I KNOW SOPHIA BUSH BY THE TRANSITIVE PROPERTY
Sophia Bush's Maxim photoshoot is the hottest thing ive ever seen. Like can i just be her ?!
I couldn't resist buying Maxim magazine just now because Sophia Bush is on the cover && she looks gorgeous as usual.
you clearly need new prescription if you can;t recognize sophia bush D:
This raspy voice is making me sound like Sophia Bush and I don't hate it all
I see your Sophia Bush and raise you Meghan Markle. 😍
Sophia Bush with a gun got me feelin' some type of way
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Sophia Bush is my woman crush wednesday for sure
What I would do to look like Sophia Bush
Vanessa Hudgens and Sophia Bush are my favorite people ever
just told me she thinks I look like Sophia Bush... She's crazy
I bet Chad Michael Murray is missing this. 😂 Sophia Bush for my
Am I the only one who thinks Sophia Bush is under-appreciated?
If i could marry sophia bush or julianne hough, i would be the world's happiest man
The Trio Animal Foundation is honored to have people like Sophia Bush, of "Chicago PD", and companies like...
// one of the good things about Sophia Bush is that in John Tucker Must Die & One Tree Hill, she plays a sexual character.
😕 Severide's about to take down that lady cop- the one Sophia Bush plays 🙌
// it hadn't even gotten 10 minutes into 'Stay Alive' and I was jumping. . I'm only watching it because of Sophia Bush.
Sophia Bush's voice is something I strive for
I love everything about Sophia bush😍
I liked a video from Sophia Bush / One Tree Hill's Brooke Makeup Tutorial
I feel like watching One Tree Hill this summer. Needing the Scott brothers in my life again, plus I can drool over Sophia Bush
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Friendly reminder that Ed Westwick and Sophia Bush were in a film together
Check out new photos of Maxim’s April cover girl Sophia Bush and reacquaint yourselves with the gorgeous starlet.
Here's a one finger salute to all the *** tool celebrities who tried to sell us on ObamaCare "Get Covered".A partial list of the usual suspects: Taye Diggs, Kate Bosworth, Amy Poehler, Kal Penn, Jennifer Hudson, Olivia Wilde, Rosario Dawson, Pharrell Williams, Mia Farrow, Verne Troyer, Sophia Bush, Katy Perry, Mark Ruffalo, Michael Cera, Ellen DeGeneres, Rachel Ray, Connie Britton, Kerry Washington, Sarah Silverman, Lance Bass, Lady Gaga and many more.May there be a circle in *** reserved just for you!
It devastates me now that I have been reduced to a Hollywood statistic - another joke marriage.-Sophia Bush
Ashley Benson from Pretty Little Liars & Sophia Bush from Chicago PD are the game. My inner OTH fan is fangirling
spent it on aman that banged Carrie underwood,Sophia Bush,Jessica Simpson,Natalie smith and married Candace Crawford.
Thank god NBC picked up Chicago Fire for season 3 and Chicago P.D with Sophia Bush for a 2nd season. I like both of those shows and *** Wolf is a genius anything he usually does turns into gold. I hope both of shows are on for awhile. Great decisions NBC.
Watson, Alba, Anniston, Lawrence and Sophia Bush are my top 5
Someone told me I looked like Sophia Bush.. Isn't that the girl from John Tucker Must Die ?. Well er uh, I don't think I look like her..
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