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Sonny Burgess

Albert Austin Sonny Burgess (born May 28, 1931, on a farm near Newport, Arkansas to Albert and Esta Burgess) is an American rockabilly guitarist and singer.

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Just Played on The More I Like My Dog by Sonny Burgess Listen via our Free app or at…
Sittin' In With the Band: Sonny Burgess and the Legendary Pacers - YouTube -
Looking forward to seeing you at REMEMBERING SONNY BURGESS tonight!
September 29 and 30, 2017. Depot Days Music Festival. Dedicated to the memory of Sonny Burgess. https:…
I didn't know that Sonny Burgess had died! R.I.P!
Sad to hear Sonny Burgess has passed away.
Rocker and Newport native Sonny Burgess dead at 86
R.I.P to a real Southern Gentleman & Rockabilly pioneer, Sonny Burgess! I feel blessed that I got to meet him!
RIP Sonny Burgess...from Sun Records, Elvis, Cash, Orbison to Springsteen, he was a true legend.
ICYMI: Rockabilly musician Sonny Burgess has died. reports.
RIP and (because can you really separate them in the big picture?) legend Sonny Burgess - you'll be m…
playing "Gone" by the great Sonny Burgess, who died yesterday at 88.
RIP to Sonny Burgess, the Arkansas Wild Man. His classic Sun Records sound like they were recorded by a man on fire.…
We mourn the passing of Sonny Burgess---our friend & colleague. We extend condolences to his family, his friends & and fans…
Everyone loves great American country songs - and that's what you'll find when you hear legendary Sonny Burgess at…
Some new vinyl just in from Woody Pines, Sonny Burgess and The Legendart Shack Shackers
Great beer and food for a great cause all topped off with tunes from our friend, Sonny Burgess.…
Sonny Burgess - My Bucket's Got a Hole in It Now Playing on
Come join me and Sonny Burgess this Thursday May 5th (Cinco De Mayo)at Dosey Doe Music Cafe in Conroe for our...
Don't miss Sonny Burgess and Jolie Holliday at this Thursday!
WOW, what an event! Thanks Randy Travis Sonny Burgess &
Thank you to the great Sonny Burgess and Hailey Erin for opening up Cowboys for Kids; . and the thunder rolling...
Favourite song of the day from - Sonny Burgess - Jesus and Bartenders. Great country lyrics! via
Step brotherrrs! Thank you Simon, sonny and everyone at syco ace gift :D
Sam burgess to play at centre for bath! Yes. Him and Sonny Bill go at it hammer&tong in the next RWC! Can't wait.
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If today, May 28th, is your birthday, we'd like to wish you a very happy day! Did you know that you share this birth date with quite a few famous people? Owain Glyndwr 1354 - Welsh ruler, Prince of Wales George I 1660 - King of Great Britain and Ireland from 1714-1727 Dr. Joseph Ignace Guillotine 1738 - Physician, he did not invent the guillotine even though he did propose the use of a mechanical device to carry out death sentences in France Thomas Moore 1779 - Lawyer, social philosopher, author Jim Thorpe 1888 - Olympic athlete, baseball and basketball player Taffy Abel (Clarence John "Taffy" Abel) 1900 - Hockey player Ian Fleming 1908 - Author, journalist, created character of James Bond T-Bone Walker 1910 - Musician, singer Dietrich Fisher-Dieskau 1925 - Singer, conductor Marvin Panch 1926 - NASCAR driver Jeannie Carson 1929 - Actress ("Andy Griffith Show") Sonny Burgess (Albert Austin "Sonny" Burgess) 1931 - Singer Carroll Baker 1931 - Actress John Karlen (John Adam Karlewicz) 1933 - Actor Jerry West ...
DAISY DUKE DAY at *** s Place in Nashville Tickets and info: Sat Night Concert/Daisy Duke Day/Brunch with Daisy Ben Jones and Miss Alma Saturday, June 14, 2014 at 10:00 AM - Sunday, June 15, 2014 at 1:00 PM (EDT) Nashville, TN DAISY DUKE DAY Meet and Greet 10-5 with the fabulous Catherine Bach,autographs and photo ops. Hazzard County cars galore. Meet Sun Record Artists Sonny Burgess and The Legendary Pacers, Sleepy Lebeef and more. Prizes and drawings. *** will be waltzing around. Saturday Night 8PM at The Palace next to *** s Place: Rockabilly Saturday Night Concert, hosted by Catherine Bach and Ben Jones! With Sun Record artist, Sonny Burgess and the Legendary Pacers, Sleey LeBeef and other great Rockabilly Artists. Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 at the door. Max 500 tickets to be sold. So get them early! Sunday 10AM at The Palace : A Special Brunch with Catherine Bach "Daisy Duke" Only 200 tickets- $25 , Hands on Hips Society members only $20, Kids 10 and under $10
Today on the show: Previews of the new Rosanne Cash & Sacred Shakers + Sonny Burgess covers Jack White! 89.1 WEMU 12 noon (ET)
There are four Rockabilly bands I'll ALWAYS hold in high regards. Not because they sold records. Not because they're examples of the "traditionalist" sound, but because they personified the spirits of Rock N' Roll, put the pedal to the metal and never looked back. 1.) Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks. Mostly for the single "Bo Diddley/Who Do You Love?" that was released on Roulette. Roy Buchanan, Pat Travers, Levon Helm (and the rest of The Band) and Lonnie Mack all appeared in this group, which mixed the Sun Rockabilly style with the rising Blues-Rock vein. 2.) Jerry Lee Lewis. While his Sun stuff was great, the one that REALLY knocks it out of the park is that FEROCIOUS record "Live at the Star Club 1964." Sheer explosive potential. Only way they could make it moreso would be to press the record into a C4 explosive. Also features the Nashville Teens, who would later be famous for "Tobacco Road" 3.) Sonny Burgess & the Pacers. One of the dynamite live acts that came from Arkansas (so did Ronnie Hawkins & the ...
Joe Lee passed away Monday of this week. Known by many as "Papa Joe", he owned Papa Joes records and tapes in Jonesboro in the heyday of the Record business. More famously , Joe owned Variety Recording , home of Alley Records. He was producer,engineer, musician, general collaborator and inspiration guy. He recorded many artists some of whom became quite successful and famous including ... Bobby Lee Trammel, Narvel Felts, Charlie Rich, Scotty Moore, Ace Cannon, The World Famous Sabers, Sonny Burgess and the Legendary Pacers, The Fabulous Esquires, blues legend Willie Bloom, Jim Messina, Ray Coble, Knowbody Else aka Black Oak Arkansas, The Joe Lee Combo, The Bill Black Combo, Larry Donn Gillahan, The New Castle Blues, The 1932 Ballroom Blues, Jamie Holmes, The Tuesday Blues, and God only knows how many I'm leaving out, because I just can't think of them all. Joe was an accomplished jazz sax player and musician... And somewhere in there he was a band director in Trumann, Arkansas. Visit ...
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Charlie Pride, Janie Fricke, Jolie Halliday...we sang on a few songs with Sonny Burgess, sounded pretty darn good, we might start a group!
Our stated meeting is indeed tonight, Tuesday, March 5th! Please join us for dinner at 6:30, as Ms. Angie Flores from CCISD will be giving a brief presentation on Texas Public Schools Week (which happens to be this week!). Also, if you wish to attend the Grand Master's Banquet, please see Brady McNulty for tickets. Tickets are $15 each, and must be purchased no later than March 22nd. The Grand Master's Banquet will be held at Al Amin Shrine on Friday, March 29th at 6:30 pm. Past Master Wolfgang Buschang will be catering the meal, and entertainment will be provided by Sonny Burgess and His Band. As a reminder: we will be meeting at the Lodge tomorrow evening around 5:30 pm to prepare the Fantastic Teeth Club kits that will be taken to the schools the following day. If you would like to help prepare the kits, or participate in the school program the next day, please let us know!
Listening to my fave Radio prog, Bob Harris Country, BBC Rad2 Thurs 7Pm, (as well as Del Richardsons' "Good Rockin' Tonite" Tues 7pm Caroline, of course). Bob started with Dale Watsons' " Johnnys' at the Door" started me wondering what is everyones' favourite Johnny Cash song, lately mine is " The night Hank Williams came to Town". It paints such a beautifull picture of how it must have been, living in small town America with the excitement of the biggest music star of the day coming to town. I can relate it to when the Beatles came to Plymouth and I managed to get a ticket outside and walked right in. But how I would love to be able to time travel and go back and see Hank, Elvis, Scotty and Bill, Gene Vincent, Sonny Burgess, Johnny Mason and all those good rockin' guys play live in their day. Meanwhile I'm really hoping that I will be able to get into The Ace Café on Saturday to see the Fab Dale Watson do his thing in a great venue right here in London. So what is YOUR fave Johnny Cash song?
Response from fellow Texas Artists about my new single DONE."Love it!" - Pat Green "Thumbs Up!" - Stoney LaRue "Sound good! Feisty!" - Josh Abbott "Love it! Sangin' your tail off!" - Sonny Burgess "I love me a goodbye song" - Bo Phillips Band What's your quote?
Just got off the phone with Sun artist Sonny Burgess. He interviewed me for his radio show for the upcoming concert I'm playing in Jonesboro in March. My band will be the opening act and will feature Stan Perkins, the son of Carl Perkins, Sonny Burgess and The Pacers and Narvel Felts.
A last minute show has just come up. I'll be performing at the White Elephant Saloon (106 East Exchange St.) in the Ft. Worth Stockyards today starting at 3:00pm with Sonny Burgess, Steve Helms, Matt Wayne & others for the New Year's Swearing-In Party for Constable Clint C. Burgess and other Tarrant County officials. If you're in the area, come on by. HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!
Sonny Burgess, Luke Stroud, Jean Hendrix and Bill and Donna Lewis performing tonight at the Silver Moon in Newport, AR...
Rudy "Tutti" Grayzell sings his 1958 Sun Records release "Judy" at Lincoln Center, NYC, 8/13/2011 backed by Sonny Burgess and the Pacers.
Sun recording artist Sonny Burgess, Luke Stroud, Bill Lewis and Jean Hendrix tonight at the Silver Moon in Newport, Arkansas! 7:30-10...
Weatherford College to observe Veterans Day with ceremony The new Ed Kramer Veterans Flag Plaza with its stunning display of the U.S. and Texas flags surrounded by others representing the five military branches will be the appropriate location for Weatherford College’s observance of Veterans Day Thursday, Nov. 8. Organizers have planned a fitting tribute to the men and women in the Armed Forces, “Past, Present and Future.” The ceremony will start with music by the WC Howlin’ Brass band at 10:45 a.m. WC President, Dr. Kevin Eaton and Board of Trustees Chairman Frank Martin, both veterans themselves, will offer welcoming remarks, and the College choir will lead the attendees in the singing of the National Anthem. Solo performances by Doug Jefferson, who will sing “America the Beautiful,” and Sonny Burgess singing “God Bless the U.S.A.” will highlight the morning’s ceremony. Additionally, Eaton will make a special presentation to Weatherford businessman and Marine veteran, Ed Kramer, for w ...
Listening to the Legendary Sun Records Story...and, it's...well, legendary. Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, Sonny Burgess, Charlie Rich...Billy Riley...and the list goes on.
Elvis - october 24 1955 Together with Sonny Burgess, Elvis performed in "The Silver Moon Club" New Port, Arkansas. 1956 Elvis had to leave for New York, but before that he, his parents and Juan Juanico attended a special screening of a rough cut of Love Me Tender. Except for Elvis everyone was enthusiastic. Elvis however was not satisfied by his acting. 1959 Elvis was again hospitalised in the 97th General Hospital in Frankfort for tonsillitis. 1961 Elvis had to attend a music meeting after which he was introduced to some fighters, to choose someone as his double in Kid Galahad. 1976 Elvis performed at the Roberts Stadium, Evansville, Indiana at 8:30 p.m. The crowd was 13500 and Elvis wore "Chief" suit with the second belt.
It's Depot Days in Newport today. Lions Club auction starts at 10:00 this morning. The music will start at 2:00. Kentucky Headhunters, Sonny Burgess and the Pacers, Ace Cannon, The Dunhams, etc. The price is right - FREE. The festival celebrates the Rock 'n Roll history of Jackson County. Bring a lawn chair to Front Street!
Three quarters of the way through building Pop Top. I've got Sonny Burgess, Roy Wood, Louis Jorday, new Dave Stewart (whom I waited on last week and found him to be delightful and his wife even more so and his kids the most polite and polished kids in the universe), Love Sculpture, The Yardbirds, Madi Diaz, The Fresh and Onlys and more! There's still time to get in a request or three.
Tickets to a Dallas Cowboys game...Tickets to a Rangers game...autographed baseball from David Murphy...goodies from Olive Beauty, fabulous baskets and lots more will all be a part of our KyleCares Golf Ball on the 14th. Not to mention some Texas BBQ and country music from Sonny Burgess!! Come join us...but you have to reserve your tickets with me ASAP!!
North Texas Fair, next Monday with Brian Burns, Brian Houser and Sonny Burgess! Two shows at 6pm and 11pm. Hope its weather like today! Come see us on the Bud Light Stage.
Great music in store for the Stoney LaRue Music and Arts Foundation Poker and Golf Tourney this Sunday and Monday in Lewisville and Grapevine. Check out the lineup and click the link to purchase tickets: Sunday at Hat Tricks: Josh Weathers, Johnny Cooper, Rob Baird, Steve Helms, Brandon Jenkins, Jason Eady, Bobby Duncan. Come for music, dinner (dinner tickets available) and poker Monday at Cowboy's golf course on the lawn in Grapevine: Stoney LaRue, Jason Boland, Bleu Edmondson, Sonny Burgess, Mando Saenz and other surprise guests! There's also a handful of spots left to golf so sign up ASAP if you plan to play. All proceeds from the event go to Cook Children's Recording Studio Project in Fort Worth
Composed by Jimmy Work, this is the Rock & Roll version of legendary Sun Record artist, Sonny Burgess with Dave Alvin's Blasters... also covered by Hank Will...
Randy Rogers is coming back to his hometown of Cleburne for the Celebrity Golf Tournament;) I remember when his grandma was still selling his CD's at the gas station a few years back lol Casey Donahew, Steve Helms, Sonny Burgess and a few more are gonna play too! *** i love living in Johnson County! We've got rodeos, cowgirls, and country singers... What more can a guy ask for!
Read quotes from Bob Dylan, Joe Walsh, Martin Scorcese, Ronnie Hawkins, Loretta Lynn, Phil Lesh, Sonny Burgess, Elvis Costello, Earl Cate, and Bobby Crafford regarding the passing of Levon Helm in this week's issue of Arkansas Times.
The Billy Lee Riley Benefit held in Newport, AR at the Silver Moon! There were lots of legendary figures of rock music that performed August 30, 2009 at the benefit for the Sun Record legend... Carl Mann "Mona Lisa", Sleepy Labeef, W. S. "Fluke" Holland (Johnny Cash's drummer), J.M. Van Eaton (Sun studio staff musician), Larry Donn, Dale Hawkins, Travis Wammack, Teddy Riedel, Smoochy Smith, Ben Jones *** from Dukes of Hazzard), Jeannie and the Guys, Sonny Burgess and the Pacers and Rockin' Luke Stroud!!! It was such an honor to perfom at this benefit for Billy Lee...
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