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Sonny Bono

Salvatore Phillip Sonny Bono (February 16, 1935 – January 5, 1998) was an American recording artist, record producer, actor, and politician whose career spanned over three decades.

Palm Springs Chaz Bono Al Franken Love Boat Gregg Allman Lake Tahoe Greg Allman Salton Sea Jimmy Carter Phil Spector Clint Eastwood Ronald Reagan Jesse Ventura

I always associate Stewart with a Sonny Bono tache but I guess it could be him clean shaven
Sonny Bono is rolling over in his grave... And the beat goes on... is wrong
Getting Sonny Bono to autograph my White House tour ticket stub on the steps of the Capitol building.
Gov. Brown the Sonny Bono wildlife refuge has been destroyed by greed for green ene…
She used to be a pretty good performer, but that was when her Republican hubby Sonny Bono was a…
i've got it channel your spirit animal Sonny Bono & sing the little birdie this song:
In 2009, Cher sued Universal Music Group on behalf of herself and her late partner Sonny Bono, claiming the label owed them $5 million.
Florida rapper WifisFuneral got jumped & knocked out after jumping into the crowd at xxxtentacion 's concert.
The opening track of the only Sonny Bono album sounds like Can produced by Lee Hazlewood
Sonny Bono was a congressman! And a good one! The Terminator was a governor. You never know 😊
Troll to Troll 2. Troll at least had Sonny Bono in it.
I always liked the Symphony of the Night look of Dracula. This Dark Crystal Sonny Bono with the ears…
MURPH: Call me Sonny Bono-- not because I died in a horrific ski accident-- but because... [singing] I got you, babe!
Copyright bar ironically serving patented cocktails? Also, bouncers ID you for public domain status. And the jukebo…
you can thank Sonny Bono for them not being in the public domain
I remember when Sonny Bono wore those.
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but how many Secretary of State's can also be Sonny Bono, though?
The most genuine, thoughtful, and very likeable person to ever be in DC: Sonny Bono.
For five minutes in a meeting I was doing the minutes for yesterday, 10 doctors argued about whether Sonny Bono or Bono (U2) was dead.
Please check out my political satire column this week at Shtick City Magazine!. This week: Sonny Bono & McCarthyism. .
Random uninfluenced dream: Sonny Bono playing an acoustic show to a crowd of about 200 people and a meet &greet after. People ❤️'d songs
That was the one I saw, with Ted Baxter challenging Murray Slaughter to a ship vs. ship contest--judged, naturally,…
Sonny Bono...Ronald Reagan...Arnold...they were all actors b4 they became politicians
Hitler and Sonny Bono were both Catholic. I'm just pointing it out
We are so happy to announce that Linus (aka Sonny Bono from Carson shelter) has been adopted!!!💙 YAY!👏 Linus...
Sonny Bono, skis, horses and hittin' some trees!
40 years ago tonight.Sonny Bono & Howard Hesseman in "Pirates of Tin Pan Alley" on 'Switch' starring Eddie Albert & Robert Wagner on
should probably focus on doing the sonny Bono story.
This came from the woman who married Sonny Bono and birthed Chaz Bono
.be sure to follow the Sonny Bono trail on your way down the mountain. America will be eternally grateful.…
Truth be told I always get bono confused with sonny bono
What are the odds that Columbo would mention Sonny Bono the same evening I saw Sonny Bono on The Love Boat?
Made a new friend in Palm Springs. Sonny Bono.
Charlotte Rae, Charles Nelson Reilly, Ted Knight, and Sonny Bono on on right now?!!?
Wasup you should check out my page to see big ***
Love the70's.. funcky clothes back then...Also Sonny Bono look and sweet daughter.
Oh yeah, she was seeing him while still married to Sonny Bono. They had a son together.
Pretty sure Sonny Bono would second that.
seeing the photo of Bono and GWBush reminded of when I see the photo of Phil Mitchell and Trey Songz.. 🤔🤔🤔
This is exactly why ppl get involved in politics. Clint Eastwood, Sonny Bono got involved bc govt told them no. Not…
1975, Cher married Greg Allman four days after her divorcing Sonny Bono, the couple then split after ten days
I was so very sad when Sonny Bono was killed. Now Gregg Allman has died. Cher maintained close friendships w/both through the years.
It's the curse of Cher. First Sonny Bono, now this. T&P for Allman's family. via
It was a big deal when Cher married Gregg Allman. Had it lasted, they could have had as big of a musical legacy as…
Cher if i could turn back time my condolences about Greg Allman and sonny bono still may they both rest in peace
First Cher lost Sonny Bono, now she lost Gregg Allman. *** today is a sad day for her.
Hamilton Collection
RIP Gregg Allman! You and Sonny Bono now get to share Cher stories for eternity.and show people your tattoo!
I was surprised to find she has only had 2 husbands, but has outlived both of them: RIP Gregg Allmann (& Sonny Bono)
CHER outlived both her ex-husbands. Sonny Bono being the other.
They wasted their effort on Sonny Bono and let this opportunity pass.
or Sonny Bono or Arnold Schwarzenegger or Clint Eastwood or Sean from Real World Boston or Gopher from Love Boat-
Wrote a very nice, flattering article on Sonny Bono and Post turned it around to make it sound negative. Sonny was MAD at me?
Sonny and Mary Bono were at the party too. You gave me an hour long interview for WaPo, but they failed to publish it. Stupid.
Mrs. Sonny Bono is a nasty, spoiled, Radical-Liberal loon. And ugly as sin.
Hi, i'm Sonny Bono, back from the dead but I bet this post won't get one Cher.
"Then put your little hand in mine; there ain't no hill or mountain we can't climb." - Sonny Bono. We are...
And from party that elected Reagan, Arnold, Fred Grandy, Sonny Bono, Kemp was an doubt others,plus Trump as u say
Act (officially the Sonny Bono Copyright Act) which extended copyright retroactively by 20 years earlier than the crime of damaging thug
Hope you're on the Sonny Bono , Michael Kennedy trail Jack *** !
Palm Springs? Meh. (except for the bronze bust of Sonny Bono at the airport)
Pouring one out for sonny bono today, reminiscing about what could have been if he and cher were able to remix a 2017 "I gotchu BAE" 😕
Cleo and Caesar were the early stage names of Cher and Sonny Bono. Tuesday morning's fact.
what's ironic is that Sonny Bono was more accepting of decision than his liberal mother true and he knows
Don't feel bad.. She did the same thing to Sonny Bono after he made her a star!...
Remember Sonny and Cher? Their daughter Chastity, she had a sex change operation, is now Chaz Bono.
Rest his soul, Sonny Bono a descent man and Cher a unhinged Biotch are a prime example of opposites attract
Had to google "who is Chaz Bono?" Wow. Sonny & Cher's kid looks like crap. The apple fell far from the tree & got run over by a tractor.
What a disgrace she has become to her parents and to the world. I will bet you Sonny is turning over in his grave...
I can't believe I sound exactly like Sonny Bono when I'm sick
Bono wasn't he a kind of politician? He would probably be a liberal too.
IMDb credits Chaz Bono for appearances on the Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour & later Show, when 'he' didn't even land a cameo.
Was born to sonny Bono and Cher as Chastity Bono. Later changed her name to Chaz
So that's who Chaz Bono is. I had forgotten about Sonny and Cher.
I'm sure Sonny Bono is spinning in his grave right about now. Sad!
I haven't met one millennial who can say Sonny Bono's name right. Oh well. Moving along pains I guess
The only Bono with any sense was sonny he left their ***
She is CHASTITY BONO a little blonde GIRL that was born in the 1960's to Sonny and Cher. Still a girl!!!
- Well father Sonny Bono was killed running into a tree, so...
(former daughter of Cher and the late Sonny Bono)Was that necessary? He is a He now! Legal or Illegal housekeepers? Hire American.
Sonny Bono who was a congressman the late husband of Cher he died under very strange circumstances also in a Skiing Accident
If Sonny Bono were alive today, he'd probably wish he was dead.
You use words that your father Saul Alinsky would use. Oh, but your father was Republican conservative Sonny Bono.
Illegal immigration is "illegal". Enforce the law." - Rep. Sonny Bono (R), former Congressman from California's 44th District.
OMG! Sonny Bono is rotating in his grave. Choke and puke
Chastity Bono, daughter of Sonny and Cher who famously "converted".
. When you look up Sonny Bono and Cher it says they has a daughter so.
Nah, take whatever that thing is skiing so it can Sonny Bono itself
aren't you Chasity Bono, daughter of Sonny & Cher?
Sonny Bono's grave is about 7 miles from my house. I can hear him spinning in it.
conservative father Sonny Bono is turning obpver in his grave to see his son breaking the law.
Calls "himself" an actor. Can't think of any movie he's been in. Sonny Bono rolling in…
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An Italian-American X truck driver named Sonny Bono helped his mom make some money... and he was a Republican
I miss Sonny Bono..he was one of us...RIP
.."Is he related to Sonny Bono?". ..put it this way, was Sonny Bono's adorable daughter and crazy Cher's confused son.
Sonny Bono doesn't realize how lucky he was to ski into that tree.
Is this the same confused Chaz Bono who used to be the little blonde hair girl, Chastity on the Sonny & Cher show?
. "I Got You, Babe" isn't bad... "Beat is for Sonny Bono,. Beat is for Yoko Ono!"
Thank God Sonny Bono is not alive to see who used to be that little girl!
sonny bono was great. Cher is a nincompoop.
Nothing surprises me any more after Al Franken & Sonny Bono!
Deport Bono with them there is no record that a male child was ever born to Sonny and Cher Bono
Being a celebrity is a pretty good tactic. Sonny Bono, Jessie Ventura, Reagan, Arnold, Al Franken, the orange guy...
The vibe I get is the love child of 1960's Sonny Bono and 1980's Greg Allman.
Cher, who has been married to Sonny Bono, Greg Allman and a *** s Angel, wants us to trust her opinion of President Trump?
This was the day in 1998 that Sonny Bono was killed in a skiing accident at Lake Tahoe. He was 62.
Jan.5,1998 Sonny Bono died of injuries sustained when he hit a tree while skiing near Lake Tahoe.
I just looked up info on Sonny Bono. Notice they mention he had 4 kids "(including Chaz Bono)". What?
between her & "Chaz", I understand why Sonny Bono skied arrow straight, face- first into a tree.
a few guys from high school that I used to get high with, Robin Williams, John Lennon, Sonny Bono, Marilyn Monroe & Janice Joplin
Running Wild's Wild Turkey Trot 5K! Honor to meet the famous Sonny Bono on S Palm Canyon. What…
Reagan, Arnold, Sonny Bono, Fred Thompson. The GOP loves celebrity pols as long as they agree with their politics.
don't forget Dirty Harry, Gopher from the Love Boat and Sonny Bono.
Another beautiful sunset at the Salton Sea - photo by Mark Stewart/USFWS (Sonny Bono Salton Sea NWR)
I am the Lorax, and I speak for the trees. . & the trees say they plotted together to kill Sonny Bono
My grown kid just said that Sonny Bono was in The Beatles OH MY GOD I AM A HORRIBLE PARENT
To quote Sonny Bono, "The beat goes on." . More drug makers are taking hefty price hikes on more drugs - STAT
Vin de Bono was Sonny and Cher's winemaker
Stay calm sweet face. See any trees? Tell them to scrap the scene. Sonny Bono found out the hard way.
Rock n' Roll Trivia of the Day. Sonny Bono is the only member of U.S. Congress to have scored a number one single...
Better men have had better policy: Lesser men elected. . Ventura? Franken? Swarzen? Sonny Bono? . Like your show. U and Megyn - No
Jack and Jill opens with a montage set to "I Got You Babe". Sonny Bono famously killed himself in 1998 after seeing The Waterboy.
I get too blunted offa funny homegrown so when I smoke out I hit the trees harder than sonny bono
Prince, a music legend, a cultural icon has sadly passed away at the age of 57. RIP
If you're in Atlanta please, please check out "WATS Cracking Garlic Crabs". Thank us later...
2 people were found dead tonight after a shooting occurred at Metropolitan Studios in Atlanta.
I'll bet Merle, Prince, Sonny Bono, Bowie, Weiland, that dude from the Eagles, Fogerty, Lou Reed, and Kurt are jamming right now in Heaven.
was gonna make a really bad Sonny Bono joke. But I refrained.
Poly APES students learning about wildlife at Salton Sea. @ Sonny Bono…
Didn't Sonny Bono die in a skiing accident in 1997?
2 weeks no weed ain't even that bad nam sayin. High key high off dope food and drunk but yeah finna hit the trees like sonny bono
Hamilton and Jackson our dads are under attack, when Mary Bono won with "Like Sonny Hit a Tree", on the $100,000 bill by Strategic Books.
Don't cling to fame. You're just borrowing it. It's like money. You're going to die, and somebody else is going to get it. - Sonny Bono
TossBack Tuesday 1988 Sonny Bono was inaugurated as the Mayor of Palm Springs. Sonny & Cher ht…
I feel kind of like the black sheep in Congress, but here I am.
You sure that ain't Sonny Bono and Dan Haggerty? (vintage shots of course)
In 1998, the widow of Sonny Bono, Mary Bono won a special election to serve out her husband’s term in the US House of Representatives.
Sonny Bono, Farrah Fawcett, and Robert Stack(the guy from the original Unsolved Mysteries tv series)
DVD: Awesome Season 4 of has amazing guest stars like Sonny Bono, Danny Bonaduce, and Kari Michaelson ( )
My most recent article featuring Phil Spector, Kim Fowley, Sonny Bono, Danny Hutton and more - available by donation ht…
Troll is Julia Louis-Dreyfus's first film, and includes June Lockhart and Sonny Bono, of all people.
ya I hear it's beautiful this time of year. down hill and Sonny Bono center pivot.
>shares some great Detroit stories including one with Sonny Bono at the Lafayette Coney Island.
Montel, maybe if you started local? Run for mayor, city council? If Eastwood and Sonny Bono could do it... 👍🏻
Congratulations to the Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman for being selected to the 2016 Pro Bowl.
hope you heal up soon. Glad you didn't do a Sonny Bono!
I'm hoping he pulls a Sonny Bono and sleds into a tree.
pat o'Connor looks like an aging sonny Bono here.
*SPOILER ALERT* Sonny Bono, Kenny Rogers, and the Jacket from My Morning Jacket all have cameos in the new Star Wars.
while you were away I started to look more and more like Sonny Bono. It was awful.
the late Sonny Bono became conservative after fighting beauracracy to put up a sign on his business. Didn't even take 20 yrs!
“And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.”
Lionel Blair interviews Linda Blair Sonny Bono's ex wife is replacing John Terry will be transmitted using up to Cameron and everything runs
to massive song "Bang Bang" written by Sonny Bono and covered by over 50 notable artists!
Sonny Bono suggesting a quick trip to the ski lodge.
This Christmas, I'm thankful for Todd not going the way of Sonny Bono.
Funny. Both John and George trimmed it up for '66 U.S. tour. "Let the Lovin Spoonful look like Sonny Bono."
Sonny Bono's last words. Wait, did I say that last time?
Hey, You got the name wrong. It's not Al Bono, it's Sonny Bono.
People underestimate me, but I've always been a stretch runner. ― Sonny Bono.
Todd take care and get well No more trying to be Sonny Bono!!
OK, this Aussie anti-marijuana ad campaign is hilarious. Reminds me of the classic Sonny Bono anti-pot 16mm we...
At least you didn't pull a Sonny Bono!
Sonny Bono cut off Chuck Norris while skiing. Once.
"Oh what fun it is to sleigh a singing song tonight" - Sonny Bono
In 1993 Spy magazine asked 20 new US Reps what to do about Freedonia? Only 1 did not assume it was a real place: Sonny Bono.
Me: I'm smart. Brain: Remember all the times you've used google to figure out the difference between Yoko Ono and Sonny Bon…
The bloke who sings on that Downtown song with Macklemore sounds just like Cher but looks like Sonny Bono.
What Ever Happened to Sonny Bono is he still Performing
Lets talk about why & Sonny Bono have been overlooked Someone needs to answer that ?
and yet she dressed up as Sonny Bono y'know I never noticed this irony
Remember how ridiculed Sonny Bono was when elected Senator? Yet he was praised for effectiveness!
to two former Mayors of Palm Springs, Frank Bogert and Sonny Bono, riding together.
Heard a 17 y/o track & still saying daang! He said I'm going thru more trees than Sonny! Sonny Bono ski'd into a tree & died
Skibadabeebop a Christopher Reeves, Sonny Bono, skis, horses, and hittin some trees..
Sonny Bono skis, horses and hittin some trees
Sonny Bono skies horses and hitting some trees! . One of the greatest albums in hip hop history
sonny Bono ski's horses and hitting some trees
Sonny Bono, skis, horses and hittin some trees!!! Hey!
Sonny Bono, skis, horses, and hitting some trees?
Sonny Bono, skis, horses, and hitting some trees.
I have just been informed, by a stranger on the street, that I look like "a young Sonny Bono." Better than an old Sonny Bono, I suppose.
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I'm reading Sonny Bono's autobiography, it's almost all about Cher but I still wouldn't have guessed the song, too pop for me
David,. If you ever read this, I saw a pic of Sonny Bono yesterday in Memphis...thought of you! 😊
“Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift.”. 2 Corinthians 9:15 KJV
When you call me babe, I feel like Sonny Bono, you can be Cher!
If only Sonny Bono were in the photo... Then, perfection.
Tree, to the late downhill skier Sonny Bono: "I got you Babe."
Just call me Sonny Bono on a speeder bike.
Sonny Bono wrote this... Check out "All I Ever Need Is You" by Rockin' Memories - Classic Country, "Vegas Style!" -
We all know one person for everyone of these 😂
OK I see u. *** flipped jimz more than an gymnastic class! Sonny bono line was crazy!!!
That would be the other Bono, Sonny, former husband of Cher. Elected to US Congress from California.
Yeah I make Sonny Bono jokes still... Suck in young people!
Remember Sonny Bono? Sonny and Cher? Well Sonny died skiing into a tree...
it's an agreement established back in 1992 (with the help of Sonny Bono) between the PSIFF and the city.
terrible taste in men though Sonny Bono looks like a pedo
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
One woman’s story of adopting a Dupont Circle park named after Sonny Bono.
In my opinion, one of the worst lounge lizzards on the planet, Sonny Bono made her
Congressman Sonny Bono died in a skiing accident. This a Real Thing that happened in America
Sonny Bono Park: tiny, triangular ... and home to congressional and musical artifacts?
Wtih my old pal Sonny Bono in Maui for his annual tennis tournament.
That is SONNY Bono, I am sure of it!
Sonny Bono acting his heart out. Bono is turned into a giant seed pod that explodes into a forest...
Sonny Bono is the best character in this movie RIP.
“Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of…
What did Sonny Bono, Charles Manson and Peaches Geldof have in common? They were all Scientologists.
considering her ex husband Sonny Bono was a Republican Congressman back in the 1990's kind if hypocritical
Today's snax is duck a la Sonny Bono. Mix some feces with some vanilla. Yum.
I liked Congressman Sonny Bono, it sad he was Murdered.
Someone wanted me to see this Pentagon General and Italian Mob meeting five months after Sonny Bono's death.
Congressman Sonny Bono's Murder not accident: I believe he was killed TWA 800 -
Cher's parents married and got divorced three times. Cher got married to Sonny Bono in 1964 when she was 17-years-old.
Bono is a handsome boy who is now available for adoption! Please come by and meet this sweetheart today!
Sonny Bono always said she was so dumb, she thought the moon was actually the back of the sun.
What do Gregg Allman, Sonny Bono, and Rob Camilletti have in common?. They were all Cher holders.
Ask Sonny Bono. He called her a total dingbat when they divorced!
David Letterman checking out Cher when she's hugging Sonny Bono on Late night with David Letterman.
“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.”
Jim; One time I was on the slopes at Heavenly and bumped into Sonny Bono. . Regards, Douglas Fir
reminds me of Airplane 2 when Sonny Bono says, "...and take the mints oh, and second bomb on left" to salesclerk.
. They found out Sonny Bono got a call from her saying she was coming to see him so he skied into a tree so he did have to
. I wish Bono had eaten a tree not Sonny Bono.
Somebody died on sunbury & morse. Car hit all them trees . Word to sonny Bono
Lmao Im not finna Sonny bono myself i promise
Phil Spector and Ronnie. Making classics. Is that Sonny Bono in the back?
At Going to Why does Sonny Bono put the brakes on digital processing? Find out step 3
All purpose parts banner
However I've seen some nuts stuff. MN elected The Body Ventura, Iowa Gopher off the Love Boat and CA Sonny Bono.
SO TRUE"Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time:”
and Sonny Bono was a senator... it was senator, right?
If you think bono's is better than sonny's get out of town
Things you didn't know: Sonny Bono first met Cher in a coffee shop next to a LA radio station. Using the name Caes…
Of course, that has given us the current Donald Trump situation and Al Franken, Jesse Ventura, Arnold, Sonny Bono.
We will all be singing "I Got You Babe" tomorrow in honour of and Sonny Bono!.
Ronald Reagan, Arnie,Clint,guy from Dukes of Hazard, Sonny Bono, Jesse Ventura. what could possible go wrong?
I'm gonna look like Sonny Bono for Glasto. Who's gonna be my Cher?
. And Comparing Bono ( Paul Hewson) with Sonny Bono further proves my point.
«I Got You Babe» is the title of that famous song with Sonny Bono, but it also sums up Cher’s views on choosin...
Did you ever think that Sonny Bono was Bono from U2?
Sonny and Bono Earlier in my life...
She not being mean anymore that's a plus
Sonny Bono hit that tree so hard, even got brain damage.
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Too bad it's not NEXT Sunday.. I've never seen a tree attack people. (Not counting Sonny Bono).
Sonny Bono died on Jan. 5, 1998 at age 62 after skiing into a tree near Lake Tahoe.
Sonny Bono, skis, horses, and hittin some trees!
sonny Bono. Horses, hitting some trees. How many retards will listen to me and run up in the school and start hitting some
Just talked to grandma she always knows what to say to put a smile on my face
nah sonny was cool and at least involved in politics in NA. Too bad he's dead. Talking Bono of Ireland and member the band U2
I know he did some radio after he left Congress but not sure what else. For pure entertainment value, my favorite was Sonny Bono.
Had you been hired by Habs you could have been rubbing shoulders with Bono the other night. (U2, not Sonny)
Giving up is the worst thing you can do
GLBT Pride Month, Day 13: The only child of entertainers Sonny and Cher, Chaz Bono is an out transman and...
Trudeau googles: did sonny bono die
Time to get my country on. Heading to the CMA Music Festival in Nashville. @ Sonny Bono Concourse…
I know this guy has class just by the kinda song he's listening to...60's Classics (Louis Armstrong, Bee Gees sonny Bono...)
They say they forgive you but they don't
People think because you hurt them it gives them the right to constantly hurt you
Remain focused on u and let other people do what makes them happy
: Slamming into tree as Sonny Bono did/don't think it was accident/more info coming out/he was political/Mayor/etc
. For Me, the 21st Century is defined by Sonny Bono slamming into that tree while skiing.
If you want to mix it up you can include him calling Ultimo Dragon's manager "Sonny Bono."
I'll trade you all of our Bono's and Sonny's BBQ for 1 Smithfields here in NE Florida
she's weaving with sonny Bono like precision
Sonny Bono was murdered when he began investigating government crime.
Rock Calendar 6-10-09: Chastity Bono, daughter of Sonny & Cher, prepares to undergo a sex change to become a man. No.1 LP: Relapse- Eminem
In my head I think of the relationship between Chaz Bono and Sonny Bono (granted I can't actually know any of this).
a fine experience (thank you). Nieces and nephews attended Bolles School-and love the local eateries-The Loop, Sonny's, Bono's
Definitely not one of her priorities but maybe one day I will be
Then she not even saying nothing to me
Always plotting on making more money.
Happy for u tho congrats u did that u started strong and finished strong
but I'm the only weirdo one around here
Can't believe it no pic gotta be another *** fr
She didn't take one pic with me she didn't even attempt to
Sonny and Bear. It's like Sonny and Cher, except Sonny Bono is singing a duet with a wild grizzly bear.
CHER talking about the love of her life, Sonny Bono! THANKS
you do that, I'm about to hit the trees harder than Sonny Bono
Translating artists like Sonny Bono from Latin root words? Sounds good.
Is that Jimmy Carter, Sonny Bono, and Batman chillin in the crowd together? Ha
Kid Rock is the Sonny Bono of my generation.
As discussed on episode 30! Karen Black, Sonny Bono, Juliette Lewis - on and on.
You think Bono of U2 named himself after Sonny Bono
This is a very touching heartfelt duet with Sonny Bono and Cher. I still get choked up with this video.
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Cher called Letterman an AH when he put her on the spot and asked her and Sonny Bono to sing I Got You Babe
I almost sent her lift tickets when Sonny Bono and that Kennedy relative both bought the farm in ski accidents...
Sweet. I was wondering the same thing! It's Sonny Bono for Mayor of Palm Springs button, wasn't it?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
You still hittin the trees harder then sonny bono?
Sonny Bono thinks that's messed up.
"Chastity. that's like Cher and Sonny Bono's kid right?"
Just realised Skrillex (aka Sonny) with normal hair looks vaguely like Bono. Also, Sonny Bono with Skrillex's hair looks vaguely like Cher.
Last night I had a dream I met Sonny Bono and Phil Donohue in Walgreens. And I'm not doing any drugs I'm aware of.
He was on the guest list with Sonny Bono and Jimmy Carter.
spring break was stopped at Palm Springs, CA years ago by then-mayor Sonny Bono.
Why yes, this is me playing Sonny Bono with Cher at the tonight. Fun show!
It was sad, a foolish accident. Like James dean, John Denver, sonny Bono and others. 7 was the first Furious movie I've seen.
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