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Sonic Lost World

is an upcoming action-adventure platforming video game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series of video games.

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this is what i do if people say Sonic Lost World is a bad game. Lol
That being said, Idk what they could do with modern sonic at this point. I'm not a huge fan of the bo…
I liked a video What SHOULD have happened in Sonic Lost World (Frozen Parody)
A short animation from a sonic lost world review
Lost world was unique in a ‘good’ way. Forces is just another 3D/2D sonic game similar to Generations and Colours
Oh man, remember one of your earliest ones for Sonic Lost World? Saying Eggman had never used an actual gun before?
"WHAT'S WRONG WITH MY MUSTACHE?!" - Eggman hearing Orbot and Cubot talking about his halved mustache at the end of Sonic Lost World.
I actually had a dream about enjoying Sonic Forces. But i would choose Lost World.
"If you weren't always destroying them, I wouldn't need so many." - Eggman explaining to Sonic why he builds so man…
Lost World was the closest we got to a recent Adventure style Sonic Game because it has no boost button.
Unpopular opinion: Sonic Forces is better then Lost World
Sonic Labyrinth, the GameGear games, Shadow the Hedgehog, Secret Rings, Lost World, Sonic Boom and eith…
The only early announcement I remember was the Sonic Boom one that came after Lost World. That was announced in Feb. 2014
Yahoo! Image Search: Top Images for sonic lost world
And I'll do it with 3D-Sonic Games too, because why not (only the ones I've played btw:. Unleashed > Generations >…
Yeah but what about Sonic Lost World for NS
you know in Sonic Lost World that one cutscene where sonic lost everyone and is trying to contact amy and knuckles…
I could find the way the world great again. Just find my lost peaces
I added a video to a playlist Sea Bottom Segue - Sonic Lost World [OST]
Sonic Lost World on 3DS has an entire stage build around OHKO segments. Not just a boss fight with OHKO attacks, no…
I added a video to a playlist Color Power - Orange Rocket - Sonic Lost World
He’s just trying to beat our boy from Sonic Lost World
"When it's the only thing keeping six angry Zeti from controlling my mechs! You moronic hedgehog!" - Eggman after S…
"I hone your abilities. I equip you with the most powerful mechs I can create. I even give you a giant sandwich! An…
Hidden springs were one of my least favorite things about Sonic Lost World and it's here in full force
I added a video to a playlist Sonic Lost World (2013) - Playthrough - Windy Hill
Sonic Colors was a good game. In fact, Sonic Lost World should have had the exact same play style.
I liked a video from Everything Wrong With Sonic Lost World (Ft. DanRock
Oh hey, all my downloaded WiiU save data is gone. New excuse to play Sonic Lost World. Might stream it in the futu…
I liked a video Sonic lost world skyfall no floor glitch
Basically everything. They're about as different as the Wii U and 3DS versions of Sonic Lost World.
Donkey Kong Country has been on my backlog but I'm also looking at Sonic Lost World coming to PC?
This is basically why I cant even tell if Sonic Lost World is a phenomenal or terrible game, its great and bad at the same time
Even Sonic Lost World, Sonic thought Amy, Knuckles, and Eggman straight up died
6. The "mario ripoff" argument for Sonic Lost World is retarded. Adding on with another unpopular opinion, I really liked Sonic Lost World
I feel lost in the restroom another staffer looked at us and was like a Super Mario 3D World title for Sonic instead?
Sonic Colors who? Sonic Lost World who?. Oh wait, no, Colors was bad for.. some reason. Too colorful, probably.
The point is that it's the same Sonic from Colors to Lost World. Nothing in the writing has changed.
Sonic lost world is actually great in concept and game mechanics, but it has really poor level design
The 3DS version of Sonic Lost World was dreadful. When it starts off it seems really promising but that potential quickly disappears.
I FINALLY finished Sonic Lost World 3DS with all Chaos Emeralds collected too, will I play it again? not a chance.
Obama reminds world that democracy is not eternal, and can be lost.
Lego Sonic actually looks better than any game since Lost World >.>
Pffft. It's like Sonic Lost World with the lives.
you like Sonic Lost World, your opinions are invalid
Didn't you just say a while ago Sonic is out of character in Lost World? Also people would only say that if it gets worse.
If the trends are to believed, I can't wait until 5 years from now when people say Sonic Lost World was one of the best games in the series.
Me when someone says:. "Sonic Lost World... a mediocre game... ...with an awful story... ...but parkour sh…
Its sad that Sonic Lego Dimensions is probably going to be better than all of Sonic Colors, Generations, and Lost World c…
Me gustó un video de de Everything Wrong With Sonic Lost World's Story in 5 Minutes or
I liked a video from Sonic Lost World w/ JayYTGamer - - Tropical Coast [PC]
I liked a video Sonic Lost World by DarkSpinesSonic in 1:19:52 - Awesome Games Done Quick 2016 - Part
Cool beans :P. I can bring games like Sonic Lost World, Star Fox Zero, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Runbow. Just to mix it up ;3
Somehow porting Sonic 2006 into Sonic Lost World caused the closest thing to a new Sonic Adventure-playstyle game.
Played Max Payne 3 (PC), Sonic Lost World (PC) and 2 other games in the last 24 hours.
I really want to make a Fred Flintstone mod for Sonic Lost World.
Fun fact: I've actually died a lot more and seen a lot more Game Overs in Sonic Colors than in Sonic Lost World.
Why has there NOT been A Sonic Xtreme Inspired Sonic Lost World PC Mod Yet? I'm Surprised Someone needs to get on that!
About to start playing Sonic Lost World, later going to do some HushMush:
Even disregarding Boom, Colors/Generations were great but Lost World and Sonic 4 weren't.
I can buy Sonic Generations for X360 now, or wait to buy Sonic Lost World in the future. Hmm.
I liked a video from Sonic Lost World - Parkour Challenge 1
My Crash Bandicoot mod for Sonic Lost World is getting better everyday! Look who I managed to get in too.
true, I mostly play Sonic Generations and mod lost world for fun, plus if u like dating sims try huniepop, it's pretty fun
Sonic Lost World ain't that bad of a game. Sure the mission aspect can seem daunting, but if you actually work at it slowly, it's easy.
Sonic Lost World and Sonic 4 Episode 2 wasn't even bad...they had alot of potential but it fell short.
Sonic Lost World and Metroid Other M are NOT bad games jfc. uhh Sonic and Metroid fanbases do not kill me please
I liked a video from Sonic Lost World - Zeena Trailer
So, what's the ACTIVE character names were available for the sonic lost world community hub senD HELP
Also more playable characters than Sonic. I'm pretty sure Tails could have been used in a few Lost World levels.
I tried the demo for the 3DS game Sonic Lost World(?), and I really didn't like it ^^;. but I've heard the new ones are crap, so
It's sad that Sonic Lost World had so much potential, yet was so badly executed that the only way it ever looks any fun is in a speedrun
And the Classic Sonic in gens grew up to be the Sonic in Lost World. In that timeline everything is fresh!
Finished Sonic Lost World tonight so at least I did something productive during Raw.
for a favorite Special Stage Music...I like Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn) and Sonic Lost World 3DS. To give some credit to SLW 3DS
I liked a video from Sonic Lost World || 3 || Nightmare Zone
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Another great product added to our store Sonic Lost World (PC), take a look!
The current 2+ years since Lost World gives me a lot of hope that the next Sonic Team game will be on that same level.
Sonic at his best (Colors, Generations, Lost World) is as high-quality and inventive as any Mario platformer I've played.
I liked a video from Sonic Lost World WEREHOG! - Mod Mondays & GIVEAWAY
.How do I give you sonic lost world, and how do i ask you nicely to play it?
I don't want Generations 2! It's too early for it & the only level froma main Sonic game they wouldadd would be Lost World, so NO!
I'm going to aim for at least two uploads a day this week. One of them being a Lost World mod. Who wants Sonic Advance …
I liked a video from Sonic Lost World || 1 || Windy Hill Zone 1
I liked a video from Sonic Lost World - Windy Hill Zone 3
Sonic Lost World (Wii U) & it pains me to say this, Mega Man X6…
The only thing Sonic Lost World made me realize is that I should try to give Sonic Colors another chance
Sonic Lost World is coming to PC/Steam!? Well... The mods should be fun! Replace the Deadly Six with TF2'S characters! --…
ok here's sonic lost world.oops, I LOST it
Lost World was comparatively great and I don’t really like the direction BOOM is going in.
I liked a video from SONIC LOST WORLD ON PC?! (My Reaction)
I liked a video from News Roundup Friday: Sonic Lost World on Steam? Ep. 44
Still pretty excited for Sonic Lost World coming out on PC
I might pre-purchase Sonic Lost World and I get All-Stars Transformed for free. So I'll give it a try tonight.
If I pre-purchase Sonic Lost World on Steam before it releases, by day-one release, I'm gonna stream it.
Don't worry Donnie I bet someone will get you sonic lost world ;)
Thought I would be able to get Sonic Lost World on Steam today but nope. The finances are just too much of a struggle right now. Sigh.
Sonic Lost World coming to PC on November 2 with free game if Pre-Order via
Sonic Lost World Is Coming to PC on November 2nd!: via
I tried Lost World recently, and it is, no word of a lie, the least enjoyable sonic game I've played.
“Eggman, you bite!". —Sonic confronting Dr. Eggman in Sonic Lost World.
Don't know about Bouncy AND grand but Sonic Colours and Sonic Lost World have good soundtracks with a few good orchestral tracks
Praise Gaben! Sonic Lost World is arriving on Steam November 2nd.
Colorwind Reacts: Sonic Lost World Coming to PC But that’s just my opinion. Let me know your thoughts in the comme…
I added a video to a playlist Tornado Time (Hidden World - Zone 2) (from Sonic Lost World)
I still seriously think Sonic Lost World is SOOO beautiful, like, Windy Hill act 2 and 4 just look so gorgeous!
Lots of people sent me this pic of Sonic in Hyrule Warriors. The art used is from Sonic Lost World. Looks fake guys. http:/…
The closest thing to dubstep I enjoy is Lava Mountain Zone 3's music from Sonic Lost World
Just a reminder, Sonic Team has been working on something since after Lost World
do a sonic lost world one for 3ds or wii u or both I suggest 3ds
I'd say the latest acceptable Sonic game is Sonic Lost World.
Everyone loves Sonic, right? I remember some good games. Sonic Heroes, Sonic Lost World... We're gonna play Sonic '06!. Lord have mercy.
so I beat sonic lost world. I hate it
Rewatching Sonic Lost World LP has made me realize that the main villains are just the aliens from Space Jam.
I liked a video from sonic lost world in ??? minutes
I was initially let down by Sonic Lost World until I picked it up again like a month ago. Not great, but not as bad as I thought.
can we burn all copies of Sonic Boom and make a Lost World sequel?
I liked a video from Sonic Lost World Review - Billiam
I liked a video from Johnny vs. Sonic Lost World (Wii U & 3DS)
When I saw sonic boom to me it looked to short so I never played the game at all I've played sonic lost world it was okay to me.
In hindsight, I've got to agree with you, Doc. Thanks for the save. Um...Can you get off me now?. -Tails with Eggman on him, Sonic Lost World
"Sorry you got stuck with a voice chip that looks like it was built by a two-year-old!". - Tails insulting Eggman's work, Sonic Lost World
"Well, there you go folks! The motion is passed unanimously!". - Tails after everyone agrees Eggman is a bonehead, Sonic Lost World
I liked a video from Multiplayer Sunday: Sonic Lost World - Local Races
I liked a video from Sonic Lost World Yoshi's Island Free DLC Playthrough
I liked a video from Sonic Lost World Nintendo Wii U Review
One friend though born May 18, 1 day before me, I made a promise with that if he got a wii u, I'd get him sonic lost world for his birthday.
I added a video to a playlist Tricky Maze ...for Lost World - Sonic Adventure Music Extended
I liked a video from Sonic Lost World: You're Too Slow IGN!!
Sonic Lost World's soundtrack yes Tomoya Ohtani is my hero
Okay.time for a quick review of these last year and half of Sonic (DISCLAIMER : I will use the Language and expressions I prefer. Every comment I deem unneeded will be removed : TL;DR : Garbage games, garbage comic adptation of the second one, garbage TV Show, but.hopeful for a better future. After these 4 years of fake "revival", two games unmasked the farce : Sonic Lost World and Sonic Boom. The first : an extreme derivation of these forced kiddy/"light-hearted" and pseudo/nostalgic features, questionable choices for gameplay, music and plot, terrible art design, forceful and desesperate focus on non-existent kids, Mario fans (with all due respect), more unnecessary Wisp and 2D sections presence. The second : a pseudo ambitious, over-exasperated take on the comedic direction. A flat-out boring, badly made, badly written, badly designed game for a pretty much failed console. A mediocre sidescroller for 3DS that feels like a cheap parody of the parody this series has become. A mediocre, bland, boring, uni ...
LEGO City Undercover. The only other Wii U game I have is Sonic Lost World, and... well, you've probably read my review
Please tell me that the requirement to get Super Sonic in Sonic Lost World isn't something ridiculous like "get every red star ring".
A download code for one of 10 games. You can use it to download any of the following games onto your Wii U: Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros. U, Game & Wario, Pikmin 3, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, Sonic Lost World, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games Sochi, Wii Party U, The Wonderful 101 and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Edition. Just purchase it, and I'll message you with the code. ONLY AVAILABLE TO UK RESIDENTS and must be used before September 30th. If for any reason it does not work I will refund you ASAP. I've listed this as £20 but I am open to offers. I am waiting for the code to be sent to me by Nintendo but is guaranteed to be with me by Thursday.
Song of the Night: Sonic Lost World - Desert Ruins Act 4. (I dare you to rap to this).
My upcoming purchases: Pokemon Red (got it on layaway at Press Start) Mario Kart 8 (I got this baby on preorder) Watch Dogs (Couldn't preorder for Xbox One but Im buying this one soon and preordering for Wii U) Wolfenstein The New Order (I hear its good and I wanna play it) Animal Crossing New Leaf (Im surprised I havent gotten this yet) Sonic Lost World (This is even more surprising) Dragon Quest IX (Ive been trying to buy it FOR YEARS)
I'd really love some Sonic Lost World-styled free DLC for Super Mario 3D World
The Legend of Zelda in Sonic Lost World looks really good, however I hope Zelda pursues the Twilight Princess look for the Wii U
My top 10 best Sonic games that I've played: 1. Sonic Adventure DX 2. Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (I asked you guys if YOU thought it was overrated, I didn't think it was) 3. Sonic Colors (Wii) 4. Sonic Generations (360) 5. Sonic Lost World (Wii U) 6. Sonic Rush Adventure 7. Sonic 3 & Knuckles 8. Sonic Heroes (Gamecube) 9. Sonic and the Secret Rings 10. Sonic Rush I'll post my least favorite ones later.
HIT THE BREAKDOWN Nintendo Direct 18/12/2013 Wii U - Hyrule Warriors (name TBC) - Dynasty Warriors with a Zelda look – Release date TBC 2014 - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze – February 21st 2014 - Yoshi Island Zone DLC available now for Sonic Lost World – FREE - Wii Sports Club – Golf available today – uses Gamepad in combination with remote for more accurate play. Gamepad placed on floor, acts as the tee. Don’t step on it, yeah? - NES Remix – 16 NES games with new ideas (Excitebike with a flashlight, Super Mario against a gigantic bowser, Super Mario in reverse, play Donkey Kong as Link) – Available today - £8.99 - Dr. Luigi – new twist on Dr. Mario (L Pills) with various gametypes and online – Jan 15th - £13.49 - Wii Karaoke U – New Songs. SO MUCH J-POP. - Rosalina, of Mario Galaxy fame, is in Smash Bros! She works alongside a Luma buddy in combat, but seems to separates from the Luma more similar to BlazBlue’s Cark Clover than Smash’s other dual character, the Ice Climb ...
Out of the 4 Wii U games I currently own(Sonic racing, Sonic Lost World, New Super Mario Bros U and Windwaker HD) none of the games are bad.
Sonic Lost World... was a disappointment. Best things about it: a solid 60fps through the entire single player campaign (honestly, probably the main reason I kept playing). The story's kinda good... Right up until the end. As far as graphics go, it looks outstanding (not that that really matters) And 3d sonic finally has his spin dash again... That's about all I can say that's outright GOOD about it. RANT INCOMING: Coming off the heels of a game like Sonic Generations, a game that pretty much perfected what a 3d sonic game should be, I had really high expectations for this. Not only did I think they could improve further, but it was coming out as a Wii U exclusive. They could focus the entirety of their effort on a single version (3ds version was made by a separate part of sega as far as I know/care). Gameplay was introduced that looked very different from the aforementioned Sonic Generations. I was put off a bit, but I still held out hope that it would be good. Then it came out, and I played it. PROBLEM ...
One more week until Sonic Lost World arrives in North America!
TOP 15 REASONS WHY I'M NOT BUYING AN Xbox One or PS4 at Launch! ( updated) by Danny 1. The best library of games are available on the current systems. 2. Most of the big games such as Battlefield 4, Assassins Creed IV, and Call of Duty Ghosts are going to be available on current gen systems. When you bought a Playstation it was because you couldn't play 3d games like Battle Arena Toshinden on your SNES or Genesis. Now all these blockbusters are getting ported left and right to current gen. So what's the point? 3. There's nothing revolutionary so far about the new systems. This ain't Playstation and Saturn coming out and ushering a new 3d era. 4. I got a truck load of games that I haven't beaten yet for 360, Ps3 and Wii. 5. I'm perfectly happy with my current consoles. 6. I rather wait if Wii U does well enough this Holiday Season to survive and get that 1st. New Super Mario U, Super Mario 3d World, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Sonic Lost World, etc are only available on Wii U and I love platformers. 7. Du ...
Hello Sonic and Shadow fans! I'm back from comic con and everything went well! Unfortunately, the Sonic and Megaman panel was in Thursday and my days were from Friday to Sunday, D'OH! I plan on finding what I missed on YouTube soon! I did get to try out Sonic Lost World though and it was awesome!~Shadow
Tomorrow I'm gonna head up to Gamestop and pre-order my copy of Sonic Lost World for Wii U!
All that plus be one of the first to try out the new Sonic the Hedgehog game Sonic Lost World, exclusively at the Archie booth at the SEAGA kiosk! ARCHIE ACTION HOUR: SONIC THE HEDGEHOG, MEGA MAN AND RED CIRCLE COMICS Date: Thursday, October 10 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm Location: 1A01 Speakers: Paul Kaminski, Mike Pellerito, Ryan Jampole, Dean Haspiel, Ian Flynn, Jamal Peppers Description: Get ready for action in New York! This year saw the two most popular video game characters Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man join forces for the first time ever in this year’s biggest comic book crossover event: “Worlds Collide”—now the dust has settled and it’s time for the iconic blue heroes to get back to battling for their respective home worlds post-crossover! In addition learnmore about the future of the critically hailed Red Circle superhero comics New Crusaders and The Fox! Executive Director of Editorial Paul Kaminski is joined by Archie Comics President Mike Pellerito, cartoonist Dean Haspiel (The Fox), writ ...
I'm a bit annoyed that Sonic Lost World release date was moved to 29 of Oct. Gotcha reschedule the video game party as well. :s
We then have Sonic Lost World on October 22, the Super Mario Galaxy inspired game that refines the 3D Sonic formula with two gear movement.
In the words of Sonic himself, "Ah, yeah! This is happenin'!" We've met our goal already with a week to spare!
Hey SEGA! I was wondering if you can officially comment on Sonic Lost World's delay! What was the reason?
Between that, Pokémon, and Sonic: Lost World, my 3DS is very excited for October to get here.
Gotta go..fat? Sonic meets Mario Galaxy, or so I can tell. I don't know if you've been tracking Sonic Lost World but here's a little review;
The upcoming Wii U and 3DS exclusive, Sonic Lost World, has unfortunately been pushed back by one week, and is now being released on the 29th of October, rather than the 22nd. This news comes after an extended cut of...
Ok guys, with my next Sonic Lost World Update coming up, I've incorporated things you have (
I don't mind the idea of a minimalist cast in Sonic Lost World, especially since Tails and Knuckles are to be in it. But Amy is pushing it.
Sonic Lost World eShop download details have been released by Nintendo Life.
Is there someone else in the world more excited for Sonic Lost World than me?
The opening cutscene of Sonic Lost World, it looks amazing. And some gameplay from Windy Hill Zone 3. Credits to GameTrailers! Gametrailers:
Hopefully I can finish the Wind Waker HD fast enough so I can enjoy Sonic Lost World on Oct 29th
My lord... Both versions of Sonic Lost World are pretty heavy downloads.
Did you hear about Sonic Lost World's NA release date being pushed back another week?
Parts of the Sonic Lost World theme song make me think more of Mario than Sonic
Sonic Lost World sizes : 8.37 on GB on Wii U, and 1.2 on 3DS. Quite meaty!
How big a download is Sonic Lost World? On Wii U, the European release comes in at 8475MB / 8.37GB. The 3DS game, meanwhile, is said to take up 10,253 blocks - or 1.25GB - on an SD card. These figures should be almost identical (if not the same) in North America. Sonic Lost World launches on October...
Mfw the ZOR in Sonic Lost World is fully emo and depressed.
Sonic Lost World Will Dash Away With Plenty of Memory on Wii U and 3DS: We've got both file sizes for you to c...
Now that is out, what is your most anticipated game of 2013 aside from that? Mine is Sonic: Lost World on right now.
Sonic Lost World's launch got postponed by a week... wondering if I'll see anyone raging about it. o3o;
I've never heard the theme to Sonic Lost World btw.
Just watch the Sonic Lost World Deadly Six trailer. The voices are nothing like I thought they'd be.
Sonic: Lost World has been delayed one week from this trailer they released.
Sonic Lost World hits Eurogamer Expo 2013 from 26th - 29th Sept in London. Play the game, get your photo with Sonic, & …
I liked a video from Sonic Lost World Opening Cutscene - The Sonic Show
Sonic Lost World delays expedition by a week
We are indeed offering the Daedly Six Bonus Edition for Wii U:
With “Sonic Lost World” needing only 24 days for its official release for the Wii U and the 3DS, Sonic brand manager Aaron Webber and producer Sam Mullen had some...
The first part of the opening cutscene from Sonic Lost World for Nintendo Wii U! Kindly shared from _...
A Four Minute Zizzle Reel This morning, Sega released a more than four minute trailer detailing the bosses of Sonic Lost World. You'll see boss stages and a bit of cutscenes in the video below, as ...
Sega Mexico confirms it Today is has been a non-stop barrage of news about Sonic Lost World, but not everything is new playthrough videos or screenshots. We also got wind of the first info about a ...
Can't wait for Sonic Lost world to come out.
Watch a short 60 frames per second video of Sonic Lost World at
Sonic lost world has been delayed by 1week, gives more time to make money for it. Thank you Arceus.
Check out this video demo of Sonic Lost World running at 60fps. Games like this look great when running at this frame rate.
Very random but People who complain about Kid Icarus controls need to toughen up their hands, Sonic Lost World release date delay is pretty lame, and next weekend is the season and series finale for two of my favorite shows. hope you know what Im taking about
Sonic really is on a comeback to being considered a real brand once more – following up on the awesome Sonic & Sega All Stars Transformed , Sonic Lost World is like a mix of Super Mario Galaxy and Sonic Colors and the new video walkthrough is pure next-gen goodness.
No real Wii U games outside of Sonic Lost World, X and Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze have caught my attention. =/
for Sonic Lost World, make sure that Knuckles is a pretty serious character and Amy Rose is a very kind yet raspy girl.
Sonic Lost World will be released on October 22nd: Today during the Nintendo Direct, Satoru Iwata confirmed th...
I just can't express my excitment for Grand Theft Auto 5, The Amazing Spiderman 2, & Sonic Lost World.
next up, Sonic Lost World and Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games. also, does Smash Bros. Brawl count??
The more I hear Windy Hill Music from Sonic Lost World. The more my ears gush, oh gosh this soundtrack will be awesome.
You've seen the Sonic Lost World trailer and read the details, but let us take you on a tour through three of the game's dynamic, ecclectic levels, complete ...
SEGA of America, Inc. today unveiled the titles it will be featuring at this year's E3. The lineup includes a diverse array of titles, from a new addition to the developer's iconic Sonic series, an HD remake, and an online strategy game. SEGA's full line-up is as follows: - Sonic Lost World (Wii U, 3DS) - Castle of Illusion (PSN, LIVE, PC) - Company of Heroes 2 (PC) - Total War: ROME II (PC) - The Cave (Mobile) Here are descriptions of each of the developers E3 showcase, courtesy of SEGA: Making its hands-on debut at E3, Sonic Lost World puts Sonic up to the challenge as he faces his most powerful enemy to date – The Deadly Six! Using his dynamic new parkour moves and Color Powers, Sonic must speed across a variety of unique terrains – racing inside, outside and upside down in every level. The game will launch exclusively on the Wii U™ and Nintendo 3DS™ this Holiday as part of the recently announced partnership that makes Nintendo consoles the number one destination for Sonic gaming for the next t ...
You want more details? You want more gameplay? There's plenty of new video and information about Sonic Lost World waiting for you – right now!
Loving the new orbit wisp in Sonic Lost World! 3DS exclusive power up?
I'm gathering information for two upcoming games: "Sonic Lost World" and "Dynasty Warriors 8."
I just found out that SEGA is going to release a new Sonic game called "Sonic Lost World" ... problem, it's only available for the Wii U, which I don't have. In addition, I've been excited for the upcoming Xbox One, but "Sonic Lost World" wont be playable on it. Dang, what should I do? Should I plan on getting the Wii U with "Sonic Lost World" and wait on the Xbox One, or should I plan on getting the Xbox One and wait on the Sonic game?
From the Sega and Sonic The Hedgehog pages: "Presented by Sonic Lost World, Sonic Generations of Skate returns to San Diego this weekend! The unique team competition pays homage to three generations of vert skating over the past few decades. Grab all the details here: Marcus
So there's a new game called "Sonic Lost World" starring the sexiest speeding hedgehog alive.
So, Super Mario Galaxy took a note from Sonic X-Treme and then Sonic Lost World took one from Galaxy? ;D
A trailer for Sonic Lost World has been released, showing off the new villains that were teased by Sega, The Deadly Six, as well as some gameplay. You can watch it below. Though it's only about a m...
This week could be a fairly busy news week for our friends over at Nintendo. Tomorrow, Sega is expected to reveal more details on Sonic Lost World for the Wii U and 3DS, and Japan gets a new Nintendo Direct on Friday at 8PM JPT.
Sonic Lost World is exclusive for Wii U and 3DS. We already knew that, but just in case you’re a doubter, Sega confirmed it outright on the game’s official Japanese site with the image you see above.
So it is because of Sonic Lost World. Sonic Thunderstorm will be on PS4, Xbox Infinity, PC and PSVita.
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