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Song Pop app is finally available for Kindle Fire. I've played games started months ago :) Who still plays? (Kindle apps come out too late - by the time I got Draw Something .. noboby played anymore. 2 ppl play with me.)
Ok, to all my Words With Friends, Draw Something and Song Pop friends, this week I will have a lot of free time in the evenings, so hopefully, I will get caught up in playing you all. I still love you, but have just not been able to find the time to play as much as I would like to.
To all of my friends out there who have stopped playing Song Pop and Draw Something... Start Playing Again!!
Ok so my cell phone company is apparently updating towers, or there is some kind of outage in the area, or perhaps solar flares have caused some kind of electro-magnetic chaos..but my cell isnt if you text me or call and i dont respond, its not cause im ignoring you (probably). Also, Words With Friends, Song PoP, and Draw Something are all apps on my patience everyone! Ill take my turn as soon as im able
If you're not playing Song Pop with me, you totally should be. And Words With Friends. And Draw Something.
Remember when Song Pop and Draw Something were popular?
Is anybody else addicted to Song Pop? I can't stop playing, but I think I'm going to burn out like I did with Draw Something.
For all my fellow Song Pop players: I have not had enough time to play so I have delete the app from my phone. I will be glad to play Words With Friends or draw something with you.
Ok..time to step away from Draw Something and Song Pop so I can sleep...maybe! lol
sorry friends, I don't play Song Pop, Words With Friends, or Draw Something, anymore
Im addicted to playing Song Pop, its like the new Draw Something lol
Bored of "Draw Something" or "Words With Friends"?. All you music lovers... Have you checked out "Song Pop". You're timed by your challenger to name that band or the song. Just passing the "fun" :)
Okay.I am all caught up on all 36 games of Song Pop, 13 games of Scramble, 27 games of Words With Friends, 16 games of Draw Something and my Birds are no longer Angry! Insomnia ***
Is everyone ALREADY tired of Song Pop? It's the only game I can keep up with. P.S. if you are playing me at Scramble, Words With Friends or Draw Something, you're playing my 7 year old ;-)
Well,I have played Song Pop, draw something, words everyone i pkay has gone to sleep...bumner...pkayed bingo and slots...guess i will sleep...good night.
What a long day! Now I can sit and play Song Pop and Draw Something!
I just had a very strange, empowering feeling... I deleted my Words With Friends, Song Pop, Draw Something and Hanging with Friends apps... I'm FREE!!
I'm burnt out on Song Pop...much like Words and Draw Something...I just get sick of playing after a couple weeks.
Time-shifted multiplayer is like playing Words With Friends or Draw Something or Song Pop but racing. Me like!
Always looking for more people to play Draw Something or Song Pop with. If you enjoy those games, feel free to add me! I do delete games that have been abandoned for 30 days or more in Draw Something.
I think before too long Song Pop is gonna be the new Draw Something
I'm addicted to Song Pop, Draw Something and Trivie. And to think that I have a play station and an xbox somewhere!
Yay! My phone seems to be fixed this time! Draw Something and Song Pop friends, I'm least until school picks up next week!
whatever happened to Words With Friends? and Draw Something? and Song Pop?
I stopped playing Song Pop & Draw Something. They were taking over my life
Song Pop is so much better than Draw Something.
What is this Song Pop game? Is this the game everyone is playing this month? Like how a few months ago everyone was playing Draw Something until it got old and they moved on to Song Pop? lol
First my draw something doesn't work last my Song Pop won't open!! So those of you that play Song Pop witih me.I cannot currently play!! :(
Anyone else having problems getting into Song Pop, Draw Something etc? Keeps freezing on me
I refuse to download Song Pop. If it's anything like WWF or Draw Something, I definitely don't need it.
Since my friends have stopped playing Draw Something, I have decided to start to play Song Pop!! Feel free to play me!
If anyone plays Words With Friends, Draw Something, or Song Pop; feel free to challenge me!
Now I'm stuck on this Song Pop game! I def gotta say it's more fun than Words With Friends and draw something. Anybody who's playin, add me!
Song Pop is like the new Draw Something.
Song Pop is the new Draw Something. It's that addicting. I'm just saying... However, I suck on the new stuff because I don't know it like, for example, the 80s, where I only need one note. Lol!
Anyone wanna play Song Pop or Draw Something? I am on. Gimmecaffeine.
Addicted to Song Pop, it will fade away soon enough just like Temple Run and Draw Something did...
feels out of touch: Draw Something and Song Pop. Why would anyone waste their time on such drivel?
The app Song Pop is a good time. Kind of like a cross between Name That Tune & Draw Something but quicker & way less work. Hit me up. Username is jastereo.
Blooming heck I though Draw Something was addictive but Song Pop is even worse!
Can't play this Song Pop game to save my life. Think I'll stick to draw something!
alright people you need to get Song Pop for your phones and challenge me to an audio guessing tournament! oh and Draw Something too
LOL, Charlotte just played 2 ppl on Draw Something, 4 ppl on Song Pop, but got stuck on Words W/ Friends. Then, I realized she had MY phone.
I got bored of Draw Something because I can't draw (a bit of a handicap really), however I have found Song Pop - a pop quiz app - bring it on!! Feel free to join me.
Song Pop seems to be flying. When Draw Something came out, I wanted to do this.. Cool iTunes integration, and no ads, yet..
Anyone wanna play Draw Something or Song Pop with me?
Sun & Ski Sports
Song Pop, iOS. Draw Something with songs. Jumping into this rabbit hole safe in the knowledge that it will take over my life for the next week or so, then quietly go away again. Who's with me?
Here's why Song Pop is the next Draw Something
Song Pop gets the official Zuckerberg endorsement, but can it avoid Draw Something's fate? by
Test your song knowledge with Song Pop, the best music game! Play with your friends or other music-loving strangers today!
Song Pop is way better than Draw Something...
Gotta get on Song Pop like draw something but with tunes! good fun & come on England enjoying a nice beer whoop!!
Really only 3 of my FB friends are playing Song Pop!! Get on the bandwagon people!! and get off the draw something and WWF train, it's slowin' down!
Song Pop is the new Draw Something, you heard it here first.
the Song Pop one? If you've downloaded draw something again, my username is Britt.Hendrix
Song Pop is going to be the new Draw Something. It's addicting!
download Song Pop free from Apps store. It's just as addictive. Draw Something has been out for a while now. Keep up Sarah!!
This app called Song Pop has taken over my life, it's kinda like Draw Something for music fans: :o)
So over Draw Something. It's all about Song Pop these days!
Download 'Song Pop' it's free. It's a bit like draw something, but better, and musical. My username is: Anthony_Kav
Okay so If ya have not tried the game Song Pop. It is as addictive for me as draw something was so try it.
A gente se vê no Instagram, digladia no Song Pop, se ajuda no Draw Something, se confidencia no Whatsapp, se ouve no Voxer...
If you love music and have an iPhone, download Song Pop and challenge your friends. More addictive than Draw Something! cc
Viciei no Song Pop e esqueci do Draw Something….
I can't stop playing Song Pop, it's more addicting than Draw Something!
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