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Some Like It Hot

Some Like It Hot is an American romantic screwball comedy film, made in 1958 and released in 1959, which was directed by Billy Wilder and starred Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and George Raft.

Marilyn Monroe Jack Lemmon Tony Curtis Billy Wilder San Diego Arthur Miller Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Seven Year Itch

I love when I pour my girls some hot tea and they be like 😮, and I go, "You heard it here first."
THE THINGS YOU MUST NOT DO DURING DATING:. . When some people are in love, it's like they. are No longer...
Peppermint Hot Chocolate. It tastes like hot. Managed to cough and get some on my white TShirt. I'm very good at be…
Not to mention Some Like It Hot... for free!!! :D
the thumbnail made me think he was wearing Marilyn Monroe's Some Like it Hot dress.
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And for some reason it was really hot the way he sniffed and licked my *** he was embarrassed by how turned on it made him.
it's like they couldn't help it. They were like that in the office as well. Talk about some Hot Chemisty
on the set of Some Like It Hot with Maurice Chevalier.
on Punk Aristocrats Radio 1 The Power Station - Some Like It Hot 🎶 Click the link to Listen!
Some Like It Hot (1959): Tony Curtis evades mob gangsters by negging Marilyn Monroe into having sex with him. 8/10
woah its actually some what cool today in Miami. Like it doesn't feel hot
If I can't sleep I watch the same 4 movies, The Maltese Falcon, Some Like it Hot, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and the Ghost and Mr. Chicken
Kyauk kyaw is an typical jelly dessert in Myanmar. Some people like it chilled and it’s perfect for a hot day.
I had some orange juice before drinking my hot chocolate and it now tastes like Terry's chocolate orange 🙈
Honestly, I think as well as you being hot, I just like your honesty with everyone. Even if some don't always like it.
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Some Like It Hot is honestly one of my all time favorite movies. Finally watching it again after like 2 years 😭
Watching the Orry-Kelly documentary, and I forgot about Marilyn Monroe's barely-there dress in SOME LIKE IT HOT. Like more nude than nude.
Pour Some like it like its Hot Big Trouble In Love me up before you The Pie
Ok my brother just give me some evil noodles that he ordered . I though it just hot like Samyang but GDI it's more evil than Samyang I'm died
It's like some teenager recording in their bedroom and it's kinda hot actually
I turned on GMA for a second to hear some Filipino host try to explain 'promposals' like it's the new hot trend..
"Why don't you have some dirty hot sex with me. It aint like I'm askin ya to give it up for free."
temperature is low ☽ Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at some
"Detroit is like a “Hot & Ready” [...] people who feel like it’s cheap and can just make some money real quick"
Watching Some Like It Hot with Mom. Bet I hear about it later. ;)
Marilyn Monroe - Marilyn at the premier of Some Like it Hot in 1959.
Dad's Army,Some Like it Hot Mum,. The Two Ronnies,News at 10,Milky Horlicks, Zz,Waking up on Sofa to NightScreen
I know, it's Sunday, but I felt like looking at some Hot Wheels Star Wars ships! U-Wing, Tie Striker and X-Wing! https:/…
I'm going to watch Some Like It Hot instead.
'wow they're hot' like some people think it does, i think that might be bc I'm kind of a demiromantic XD
i am feeling some type of depressed way due to the weather mostly being so HOT and its october like *** is going on! make it stop! 😩☀️🔥
Been at work for like 3 hours and I am none too happy about it. Got some red hot news this morning though so
i kinda wanna buy some milk to make hot chocolate but i dont drink milk in like any other context bcs i dont drink coffee or tea Is It Worth
Her comic timing in 'Some Like It Hot' is 👌🏼
tough1 cause styles high society,White Christmas has iconic looks & some like it hot is amazing
I think Joe E. Brown in Some Like it Hot said it best, "Zowie!"
It's starting to feel a bit like Fall outside & I just want to sit outside with some hot chocolate. 🍃🍂
Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon on the set of Billy Wilder’s Some Like It Hot (1959).
what no!Omg Trin like I really want you to try some now cause bro it's bomb asf. Taste just like roast. Put hot sauce on it!
*** yeah. Mix it up with some Goldschlager and it's like hot apple cider!
& don't tell me to leave if I don't like it. I got my degree in Social Work so I can help to rid this country of some of its hot-mess-ness.
I keep seeing people talk about Hattie B's Hot Chicken like it's some sort of attack in the news every other day now.
Yeah, the Note 5 I tested got SUPER hot, too. Some people say the S7s also heat up fast. Seems like it's a real crapshoot
** Some Like It Hot **. Paul Pitchley with a fish known as "Mustard" at 29.02.
Now playing on Blaze FM. Power Station Some Like It Hot "The Biggest and the Best!"
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I think you look like some kind of hot arthouse witch it's a really strong look for you
Don't be hot ever. it's hot. some like it hotter . and there is a thing of hottest [_-_-_- _-_]
Previously unseen photo of Marilyn Monroe on the set of the 1959 comedy "Some Like It Hot,"
Thanks for hosting the Summer Film Festival. Enjoyed the classic film Some Like It Hot on Saturday night!
Yes of course. The film I have enjoyed more than any other is Some Like it Hot.
Come try some of our delicious and popular cold brew! It's the perfect drink for a hot day, like today's gonna be!
. A matter of life and death . The Philadelphia Story. Some like it Hot. Into the Wild. Cinema Paradiso. The lives…
The Consequences of Love. The Lives of Others. Memphis Belle. Downfall. Some Like it Hot. Shaun of the Dead. Indy…
Se7en, Crash, Fight Club, Pulp Fiction, Some Like it Hot, Mystic River and The Lives of Others
Great to hear 🌞 Enjoy the summer 😊 Right now I would like some rain here- it isn't very hot but it's too dry
I was born in the twilight of the Soviet Union & Some Like It Hot was my first bright impression from foreign cinema.
Tom,you talked about Marlon Brando,music,Hank Williams & I remembered one wonderful film:Some Like It Hot with Marilyn Monroe
oh Some Like It Hot is in my top ten :) strange love and funny face are going on my 'To-watch-list' :D
Strangelove and Some Like It Hot are ace. Silly and funny. Funny Face and Wonderful Life give me warm happy feelings.
Stand by me, Good Bad Ugly, Shawshank Redemp, ID & The Last Crusade, Some like it hot, Planes Trains & Autos, Empire Strikes Back
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We live in a time when grammar dont matter as long as you bring em that platter with some hot sauce keep it boss like Rick, James Doe. 💸🔩🔫
Birdman. This is Spinal Tap. The Wrestler. Some like it hot. The Fifth Element. Fight Club. Almost Famous
(uk/us). Some like it hot . Singing in the rain ❤️. Lolita (Kubrick ) . Shining . Irma la douce . Psycho. Birds
. Some like it hot. Knockin' on heaven's door. What we do in the shadows. Sightseers. Hors de prix (Priceless). Rare window. Сlue
when I didn't know what daddy meant so I was like everyone be quiet Nicolette's dad is calling her but in reality it was just some hot kid
Top 15 best kitchens for sale ready for the
. 10 things I hate about you. Spirited away . Some like it hot. Fifth element. District 9. Return to Oz. Galaxy Quest
Deerhunter, Once upon a time in America, some like it hot, spinal tap, up, godfather I, godfather II.
apocalypse now . Reservoir dogs . Se7en . Fight club . The Simpsons movie . American psycho . Some like it hot
Pride and Prejudice 2005. Some like it hot. the mummy. Birdman. Raiders. Oceans trilogy. The Birds
If by some miracle someone like Margot Robbie fancied me and wanted a bit of the J man I think l I'd have to turn it down. She's too hot
but varies by degree. Some like it hot! Some like it cold! I like it just right!
Star Wars, Some like it hot, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Shawshank Redemption, Somewhere in time, Notting Hill, The Time Machine
Lawrence of Arabia, Pans Labyrinth, Apocalypse Now, Some like it Hot, Magnolia, North by Northwest & Network
Pah. My top 3 are: The Blues Brothers, Some Like It Hot, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
. Some like it hot. Like water for chocolate (!) . American Gangster. State and Main. Throw Momma from the Train. The Piano. Chef
I hope Shaun of the dead comes 2 Netflix @ some point. I watch hot fuzz like once a month.. I can watch it 4 times in a row &still laugh
Belle. Man of Steel. The Guest. Some like it hot. Rebel without a cause. Casino Royale. 127 Hours
Gone with the wind. Goodfellas. Casino. The departed. Step Brothers. Some like it hot. The odd couple
Make this: get a coffee mug of hot water, put some lemon juice, cinnamon, ginger and honey in and Down it like tequila
watched that, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and Some Like It Hot, which is great if I remember it correctly. Oh and Niagra.
Tony Curtis, Billy Wilder & Jack Lemmon at the 'Some Like It Hot' 25th Anniversary in San Diego | 1984
(like he wanted to last night) so first I got myself some water because it was hella hot and then we were on our way to the park but my feet
Some of the XXL freestyles sound like me and my boys in the car freestyling and yall think it's hot .
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Do you like while it's hot? Add some cream to yours and it'll cool about 20% slower than plain black coffee.
Today I'm going to an island that's in/near San Diego, where they filmed some scenes of 'Some Like it Hot'
currently I am in 01752. I checked on some independent coverage outage websites and it looks like we are in a hot spot here.
Hot Honey Shrimp is spicy, sweet and speedy: Hot pepper jelly fans will like this recipe Roasted shrimp with some…
A1- honestly I don't like some of that much it is way too hot here. Already a 100 degrees at 10 a.m..
and like I always thought it was hot how mark was a little red for some reason idk
I just liked this song "Some Like It Hot And The Heat Is On - 2005 Remastered Version" by …
Every time u feel like saying "she isn't even really that hot" warm up a waffle,melt some icecream on it & remember how nice l…
Marilyn on the set of Some Like It Hot
. . Some like it hot! 🌞. Loving the Tuscan Sun roses in our garden!
Greg quirks his brow. "No it's not. I'm looking like a hobo next to you *** hot git" he winks and choose some -
the signs as Marilyn Monroe films . scorpio: Some Like It Hot (1959)
Oo, features my 3 fave films: But I'm a Cheerleader, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, and Some Like it Hot. Worth a listen!
you can see her perform it live in the GREAT Billy Wilder film "some like it hot"
Some like it hot. Some like it pink! Pretty set of nails by
I love how 'Brexit' was created like it's some hot new celebrity couple. Waiting for Bengahzifer to start trending any minute now
My mama gone ask me why I buy some gym shoes it's to hot 💀 like girl they shoes
Some like it hot bt we like it adventurous! Under the waterfall at Paradise Valley
Fool the eye... Fool the brain: Some Like It Hot. Marilyn Monroe makes her debut on the blog. The ending is perfect.
Some Like It Hot is 1 of my all time favs! I love her vibrato!   10% Off
I used to see a hot gynecologist when I was married. It was like getting some strange once a year.
UK and EU is like hot and cold water. Some British won't believe, but it can flow through the same tap.
Eating hot fries are enjoyable .Until you have to take that good ole 💩 and it feel like somebody put some hot sauce up yo *** 😂
Dayum, I ran into some nasty low-rent ganja. It's like running into a hot babe and finding she supports Hillary Clinton.
It's cool being average looking cause some average looking guys aren't out to play you like the super hot ones. Key word some
I'm still not understanding how some people are still leaving their pets in hot vehicles.. It's like they don't know what common sense is.
I've already seen Seven Year Itch, All About Eve, How to Marry, GPB and Some like it hot.
Which I guess is why so many *** folks hate Some Like It Hot but it's one of the first inklings I had of my own identity
Go ahead & sneer away but when its wet & grey like it's now, t heart desires some Gobi Manchurian served with a mug of scalding hot tea :)
Holding on to anger is like grasping a Hot coal with The intent of throwing It at some one else,…
Some like it hot and how to stay cool. I have slowly but surely become a packing pro. In as such that I don't ta
DC greenlights Some Like It Hot remake with zombies
Some of us like it hot! We have up to 25% off all our fire safety equipment until end June.
Some like it hot... Cooled way down!. The PowerStation Robert Palmer in Jazz.
Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe on the set of 'Some Like It Hot'(1959).
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Pretty much anything Jack Lemmon is in I am on board but for some reason 'Some Like It Hot' never did it for me.
whoever designed Marilyn's dress in Some Like It Hot--when she runs to meet Tony Curtis on the yacht--deserves an award! Sexiest.Ever.
more like O2OC, Red hot chili peppers, some songs from ssx, Guns & roses, Fake bob Marley crap, it's just garbo
Let's face it, some like it hot - oh! Isn't that the title of.oh, never mind!.
Some food to eat like am sorry it was hot outside and I was hella nervous to be standing that close and not say something in the 1st place.😱
The world's largest private collection of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia is to go up for auction
Okay, so, here is some hot information, and we hope it sells like hot cakes !!...
Watch the video- it's more telling than most analyses. "Some adults like to bully us, call us names.": Attawapiskat
If I went to prom it be like Napoleon dynamite. Some hot girls mom would feel sorry for me and make her go with me.. Then she would ditch me
Maybe it's just a choir thing but when I hear sleepy voices I'm like "oh no honey you take some vitamin c and sleep" not "oh wow that's hot"
Arthur Miller with at the premiere of,"Some Like It Hot" (1959)
Some like it hot: The emerging role of spicy food (capsaicin) in autoimmune diseases.
It's finally hot enough to do some of my favorite activities like laying on my floor in front of my oscillating fan.
Some like it hot, but I have no choice, I live in Arizona
'Food bacteria versus spice' survey shows why some cultures like it hot and spicy.
Some like it hot, some like it cold, I can never please everyone
Some people get so *** pretentious over microwaved cups of tea like. It is the same hot water dudes. Not everyone has a kettle.
Some like it hot. Some do not. Are you or
Becky looks like she's got some hot tea but she ain't ready to spill it yet...
I find it funny how some people think they can waitress for the rest of their lives. Like you won't be young & hot for long.
so I was at this water cooler, thinking that the hot part of the WC is like warm like RP one then I turned it on, kinda splashed some
Marilyn Monroe filming a scene for Some Like It Hot. Pic as poster:
some 8 year old kid who lives next to me called me a brat because I have a "hot pink lifted golf cart" like dude it's my stepmoms lmao
It is a problem when you serve a yukgaejang that tastes like you took a bowl of hot water and threw some noodles and red pepper flakes in it
ah do u kno what is nice? having that fresh fresh balam minutes after it's hot off the press! Like some fresh bread, yea nice bread smellsss
I managed to flick some hot pepper oil into my eye. It's like stepping on lego, except with your eye. I would prefer death.
Just like the first half, it starts with defense. And hopefully that leads to some buckets. Need hot shooting.
like Tommie it is NOT that hot in Atlanta. put some panties on
Warming trends and impact on remote backcountry skiing
Photos of Marilyn Monroe during the filming Some Like It Hot. 1959
Hamilton Collection
Nephew just gave me some hot crunchy curls. Nose runnin like it's cold outside
Rewatching SOME LIKE IT HOT just got this stuck in my head.
it's so mf hot outside, I cut the faucet on to get some water the mf started coughing & was like *** I'm thirsty too"
Settle an argument.. Some like it hot 1959 a film lightyears ahead of its time? Should it be remade? And recast by whom?
I'm from Houston, Beyoncé put it in a song cuz it's a thing, & not just a POC thing. Ppl like sauce. Some like it hot. Move on.
Some of you are ridiculous. When it's cold you cry & complain wishing for summer weather & then on days like today you complain it's hot 🙄
My hot pockets always look like some limp smashed *** How TF do I get it Crispy? lol
Idk how some of you like this weather, it's way too hot lol
Some like it hot Check out the story behind now... Read Blog:
we should just drain some of this water and create pools and man made lakes in cities like Kansas and Arizona where it's hot😕😕
A springtime trip to Alaska prompted skier Andrew McLean to think about warming trends: https:/…
Some like their music mellow. Some go for the flute or the cello. But whether we like it or not. Some Like It Hot 🔥
One week it's like cold and windy and the next week it's blazing hot with some wind
thought of you when I listened to this . The Power Station - Some Like It Hot.
How hot is it? It's so hot that rumor is some San Franciscans are considering drastic measures, like buying a *second* pair of shorts.
It's too hot rn, I feel like some burnt toast
Just a reminder: It is spring play time! Come see "Some Like It Hot" tonight and Saturday at 7:30.
Some Like It Hot in Durban North... Hope their curries are still good
Not enough Tony Thompson in this video for me but the song kicks. Some Like It Hot - The Power Station Enjoy!
Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis on location at the Hotel Del Coronado, California for Some Like It Hot, 1959.
A far from archetypal problem drinker in Billy Wilder’s joyous and transgressive, and violent, Some Like It Hot
at Hotel del Coronado shooting 'Some Like It Hot' (1959) in San Diego, California.
Someone paid 14 thousand for the bra worn by Marilyn Monroe in the film Some Like It Hot.
Tony Curtis and his daughter Kelly on the set of Some Like It Hot.
So does that make Marilyn Monroe in "Some Like It Hot" Earl Morrall?
American actor George Raft died on November 24, 1980. 'Rinaldo' in "Scareface"; 'Spats Colombo' in "Some Like It Hot"
Help me & get your own chance to win $35.00 in points. Enter Some Like It Hot via
Marilyn Monroe, and the girls in the band / Billy Wilder’s Some Like It Hot (1959)
John Waters doesn't have the same goals in his films as Mildred Pierce. He's satiric. Ditto Some Like It Hot.
Some Like It Hot, Casablanca, Design for Living, Frances Ha, Nights of Cabiria, The BABADOOK, Mommy, Tom at the Farm,
I wish somehow Rosalind Russell and/or Jack Lemmon as Daphne from Some Like It Hot could be guests on it would be hysterical
I hate having a roommate that likes it to be hot at night. Like no I was here first it's gonna be cold, you can go get some more blankets😑
Join us tomorrow for a screening of Some Like it Hot, starring Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis & Jack Lemmon! 2 PM
I don't understand why I see some people in long pants and shirts... Like, it's hot. I'm dying for you
you know how some weather news has "is 70 degrees, feels like 75 degrees" I have a suggestion: anytime it's hot just say "feels like death"
Show me some love, and drop it like it's hot to my music and watch them racks fall from the sky over…
Man this store isn't hot like it is outside, some might even say it's
"Go and make your next delivery. Well, I'm sure you'd like Shulk to try some while it's still hot?"
Some Like It Hot: Sexy Romance box set is only $.99 - A Single Knight by Lexxie Couper...
Some like it hot. They drink these ... HATCHCHILETA
Hot with a headwind, not the kind of racing I like with a computer controlled street car. Lets make the best of it and get some points.
Young Frankenstein, Sean of the Dead/Hot Fuzz, some like it hot, Airplane, Top Secret, Black Dynamite
That's the hotel from the Marilyn Monroe film, I think it was Some Like it Hot
Simon and I have spent the afternoon in the very pleasant company of Billy Wilder. Some Like It Hot and then The...
Oh, some like it hot, but I like it. REALLY hot! Hee hee! [Keep all innuendos in your head, pls.]
"It looked like some love canal hot sauce"
SOME LIKE IT HOT by in Balmain SS15 flares styled by for
Some like it hot! Come get your Mango Salsa and roasted chiles at in Mt Laurel, NJ!
I had a crazy dream. but I was wearing some really hot lipstick so it's like whatever.
I hate when people try to scrunch hair that isn't naturally curly. It look like a hot mess on some girls
Some days when it's really hot, I feel like becoming one of the Wonder Twins and taking the form of a big...
MOVIES: Some Like It Hot completes the movie magic weekend in the next half hour:
Hey I made some for . Hope you like it. Love you Xx. h…
I meant good laugh but anyway. It's Saturday I feel like some grilled chicken and salad. It's so hot outside. MiamiGardens
It was a bery hot and packin day. Jiwon talked to women like they are his angels while create some unbelievable pickup lines.
New long run day!! (Hooray!) It was a hot one - I sweat like pasta in the microwave and got some new…
We need ash it hot centre midfield player some one who bosses a game and can pass! Someone like Steven Gerrard
My dad said since we leaving him he gonna go watch some hunnies drop it like it's hot 😭
SOME LIKE IT HOT: a classic, but is it a Discuss:
Beers and babes at Some Like It Hot, The perfect night after the footie!
Peppers a plenty at SJ Farm Stand! (Some like it hot!!!) Still a good supply of produce plus Geek Eats pesto and...
I just remember some guy danced like a chicken last night & I told him it looked hot so he kept doing it..
I just got my eyebrows and lip waxed and the wax was so hot it looks like I have some weird skin condition or a really bad sunburn
Some LIKE it HOT, others like it WICKED ;-) Sensual romance
Zumba classes at Some Like it Hot Yoga Studio- Oakville. Season start on October Saturday 1st at 11:30am. See ya there!
It's a busy one. Big Hero 6 now showing at the Old George Mall Salisbury. Next movie Some like it hot at 6pm.
A new favorite: Tony Igy vs Neon Hitch - Some Like It Hot by Tony Igy on
Some Like It Hot (1959) Tony Curtis couldn't keep Josephine's high-pitched voice so much of his lines as a lady were dubbed by Paul Frees.
Props to Jack Lemon and Tony Curtis' costumes in Some Like It Hot
"Goodbye Charlie" - isn't that what Spats Columbo says in the St Valentine's Day massacre scene in Some Like It Hot?
Watch this video: Tony Curtis on filming Some Like It Hot [part 1]
Cinderella was a hoot. Some of the others...not so good. Tommy Steele in Some Like It Hot is a career highlight for me.
Fact: For their tango scenes in Some Like It Hot (1959), Jack Lemmon and Joe E. Brown were taught the dance by George …
Hence Curtis homage putting on Grant-like voice during Some Like It Hot with Jack Lemmon retorting: Nobody talks like that!
The bra that Marilyn Munroe wore in 'Some Like It Hot' sold for $14000.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Love this scene with Jack Lemmon & Marilyn Monroe, from Some Like It Hot. Great movie & cast!
Classic movie review: 'Some Like It Hot' [1959]: Two out of work musicians, Jerry and Joe (Jack Lemmon and Ton...
If you can stand black and white, The Front Page, with Cary Grant, or Some Like It Hot w/Tony Curtis,Jack Lemmon, Marilyn!
Jack Lemmon, Marilyn Monroe and husband Arthur Miller on set of Some Like It Hot (1959)
Lolz let's see how many different classes for which I can write about "Some Like It Hot" or "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" 😂😂😅
Some Like It Hot when they get that Seven Year Itch!
My goodness, Jack Lemmon in Some Like It Hot is just absolutely brilliant
Some Like It Hot.. You gotta love that picture of Billy Wilder & Jack Lemmon, the expressions are priceless.
"Tootsie" Vs. "Some Like It Hot":  Two"Bosom Buddies" are teaming up for the closing weekend of the hilarious ...
I would really like some hot chocolate rite now it's tew *** cold outside
Hello I know it's cold out this morning but I'm some like a hot cup of Hot chocolate Hot an...
Some Like It Hot is such an amazing movie
Some girls are to bipolar it's like Hunny left or right? Hot or cold? Up or down? Not both🙌😂
The Power Station - Some Like It Hot Listening to some awesome John Taylor on bass as I take train home.
I added a video to a playlist The Power Station - Some Like It Hot
I work with some seriously incompetent people. Can't answer the phone, SLURPING THEIR HOT COCOA LIKE IT CURES AIDS
If you've seen this movie, you''ll understand ;-) | Some Like it Hot, 1959
Some like it HOT post is up on the blog. View my details will there 👠💋
Ate some Hot Cheetos late last night like an *** Paid for it this morning!
Lol I thought some low key fun, atleast that's what it looked like from a distance
It finally looks and feels like fall down here! Now I need some hot chocolate!
Tarantino says he'll retire at 10 films. If others had, we wouldn't have: Vertigo, Some Like It Hot, Zelig, Jurassic Park, Full Metal Jacket
Some like it Haute and some like it Hot!
Make sure to check out today's latest: Featuring pieces courtesy of
cut the hot dog like you gonna throw some dice - ya'll killin it this week. "I want that cook book"
Put some of that hot muscle relaxing creme on it & it already feels much better, but it looks like this now... ~ M.E.
My mum made me some hot chocolate but I don't like it
:) Some Like it Hot is one of my all time faves, along with The Odd Couple. May just have to re-visit ce soir!
I loved the second mid-80s set lists 'coz they all featured Some Like it Hot/Get It On and Arcadia.
MGMT was good for like a hot minute. Then they upgraded to some harder drugs and just lost it
pleased to hear it. Yeah am good thank you but like most people always wish for some hot,sexy loving in my life
Dont you hate it when your waiting for food and cracking jokes with the hot waitress an some next dude jumping in like fb invite 😤
Some like it hot, some like it chili. 💥
like legit people are complaining. Bruh, put on some clothes and some good shoes and keep it moving. I was HOT!
I really like when Michael swears like I don't know it's really hot for some reason
Yeah I like it quite a bit. Not as hot on it as some, but it's a great game.
like just when it's getting hot and heavy some crisis happens.and I'm like wait, no, I'm not done yet.
like it's going to be really hard for some random hot kid working the check out line at Target to top this.
*** said Chipotle like thats some extravagant place. Id rather a mf buy me some hot wings and fries and call it a da…
The art building is always hot as *** and smells like b.o. It's horrible. Put on some deo hippies
knows how to drop some *** like it's hot! We luv dat wagon...but the R lookin hot too! http…
Some like it hot but how hot is too hot?
Cutting a check to William Wilder and now all I want to do is watch The Apartment, Double Indemnity and Some Like It Hot.
It was delicious, if you like marzipan and chocolate you'll love it. I needed to add some hot water because it was so thick!!
It's days like today that I just want to curl up in my bed with some hot coco and watch movies all day long.
I wish I had that hot sexual appeal looking face some chicks do, like Kim K or Rihanna. But let's face it I look like a child…
Some like it hot! Some like it not.. Adjustable Heat Hot Sauce Review:
Looks like winter is back and it's that time of the year when a glass of whiskey and some hot soup sound about right
My hot girl test tends to be, if I woke up looking like that person for a day, how would I feel about it? Some I find to be a downgrade.
Some days it feels like it takes you forever to get home. I'm hot, the aircon doesn't work. Like, *** man. Where is my house? WHERE IS IT??
Arriving to school in style, we like it. Save us some hot cocoa next time!
Looks like it's time for some hot chocolate!
Nah, he's from Manchester so got to be Maxine Peake *thinks of Geraldine in Some Like It Hot*
Ooh baby, I'm hot just like an oven. I need some lovin'. And baby, I can't hold it much longer. It's getting stronger and stronger
Cold Weather Holidays - Some like it hot, but then again, some also like it cold!
Check out my classic erotica picks hosted by
For shame - talking over the whole amazing drum intro to Some Like It Hot just to say "temps" 10 times! Talk over Superfreak.
Why do child celebrities almost always become hot, it's like some sort of syndrome
Some girls that do a messy bun and baggy shirts still look hot but when I do it it’s like i’ve been doing drugs for 5 days straight.
who's got a girl down for this?? “What I looked like last night. It was some really hot sex.
Some like it 'hot' in East Grinstead.
"It looks like has some hot new clips ready for you
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