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Solomon Island

The Solomon Islands are a collection of nearly one thousand islands in Oceania that form a sovereign country.

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Pictorians will not be heard in incredible Solomon Island valleys.
In an alternate reality there are no zombies on Solomon Island, but everyone looks exactly like Even the babies.
and are working with to support in Solomon Islands
A bird's eye view of Solomon's Island, mostly. Sometimes I get really nervous when I fly the…
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I added a video to a playlist SOLOMON ISLAND'S LIVING GIANTS - written by Marius Boirayon
We kicked some *** and cleaned up the Solomon Island coastline while listening to beachy tunes.
Solomon Island's seasonal workers could have improved participation as New Zealand offers help.
Solomon Island seasonal workers could get help from New Zealand to improve their participation numbers.
Fmr Solomon Island militants want fraud probe over 'tensions' rehabilitation funds handout |
Solomon Island govt accused of inaction as victims of 2014 flash flood still live in tents
My brother maaad guitar solo in my island with at
A Guide to Traveling to the Solomon Islands: via
Another one in Solomon Island Pacific is moving, . Island hoping pa more
An 'I wonder' day and night poster I made with the students on my Solomon Island placement a couple years ago.…
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[Master Techniques From Japan to the World]. Converting an Island Nation’s Sunshine to Electricity in
((Pics from Felton, CA -- including other shots of the Solomon Island-looking covered bridge. ))
Giants might be found among high elevation Solomon Island playgrounds.
What a great example of using your resources and helping others. Thank you for spotlighting this
Anyone who needs a (free!!) Prom dress come to St James Parish church today before 2 pm ‼️ 5757 Solomon's Island Rd, Lothian, MD 20711
15 Solomon Island students left for Port Moresby yesterday. They are part of a group of 52 from
All over :. 🇻🇺VAN 0-1 SOL🇸🇧 Solomon Island defeat Vanuatu in the 2nd game of the 2R
Solomon Island's defensive structure is all over the shop.
Solomon Island v Vanuatu is about to kick off. Stream it here
| | CRASH | Solomon's Island Rd at West Street | Use caution in the area
Oh he's the guy who's out on Solomon island? And he smells kind of like car grease?
Yeah, one of the *coughs* finer things The Fog and the Filth has brought upon Solomon Island >.>
Some days the bittersweet beauty of Solomon Island inspires me to sit at my desk at the beach house & write.
Kick-off the holiday weekend in Fire Island, NY.
Swimming Pigs!! Head over to Papatura in the Solomon's to see these little guys in action.
Bye Solomon Island. I didn't get a chance to have a look of your beautiful side.
Solomon Island west papua supporters met with 2 freedom fighters from west papua who arrived in the country...
6-month assignment with Solomon Island to provide research, editorial & fundraising support
A little Solomon Island never hurt anyone.
When I wasn't single we went to Solomon's Island and sang "Proud to be an American" in the bar right off the water with the white ppl 🔥🔥🔥🔥
One of the Solomon Island residents who saved after the sinking has died,
The people from Solomon Island are so humble.
The guy sent warm greetings from PNG and Solomon Island 👒
It’s obvious the folk in Ugele don’t see too many foreigners;MARK HARADA's thrilled to be 1 of them.
These Japanese prisoners were among those captured by US forces on Guadalcanal Island in the Solomon Islands,Nov1942
Solomon Islands PM is not backing down over West Papua.
Soloman island on track to issue ePassport
| CRASH | Subscriber reports a crash on NB Solomon's Island Rd near the light for Admiral Drive | Left...
The late activist Mark Berman reminds us that & the Solomon Island hunts are linked to places like https:/…
No man is an island, but if they were let Trump be one of those climate change disappearing Solomon Island ones.
Resorts World Sentosa at centre of Solomon Island dolphin controversy
Me & Rachel are going to The Solomon Island to find a giant 😂😂
.((I'd love to see a Solomon Island Trilogy: The Park, The Commune (Billy Lee massacre), and The Class (of '67 Innsmouth event))
What could be more idyllic than to live on an island off the coast of Maine?.
I was checking out this photo of me and Peyton in Solomon's Island from just a couple days ago. Peyt, our skin is...
Fiji will be my third Pacific Island this year. Next year I want to see Tonga, Solomon Islands & .Aotearoa lol.
YAngMan:I read an article on above in Solomon Island's local newspaper, "Solomon Star", whereby Pacific Leaders says that there is no r .
Landlord sets tenant ablaze in Lagos: A landlord in the Idumota, Lagos Island area of Lagos State, Sola Solomon,…
Solomon Brothers Island Rains Tacori Ring Giveaway 9/1/15 1PPD18+: Enter for your chance to wi...
Enter for your chance to win a Island Rains TACORI RING valued at $400 from and Solomon Brothers Get…
Melanie's improved in Solomon Island & her understanding of life via
My job got me all way out Solomon's island today 😫
Electoral system reform on the table in Solomon Island - how to design a more representative system?
Recent visit from Brenda Boerger and team headed to the Solomon Islands to document rare loom/fabric for dance.
I liked a video from BLAK CHURCH LEAK: "SOLOMON ISLAND" Prod. By: DJ Krypto
| CRASH | Solomon's Island Rd at Old Birdsville Rd | watch for units responding
16 knots on the nose and 1-2 ft waves but a beautiful sunny day going to Solomon's Island today.
The people of Solomon Islands known as Melanesians, make up 95% of the island and are predominantly…
Png Tok wrote a new post, Lost Solomons fishermen found at Fead Island: Two fishermen from Solomon Islands who were…
Solomon Islands landowners claim Australians left '$40m eco disaster'... -
Solomon Islands landowners claim Australians left '$40m mine disaster' - (press release)
jleho:Hae! all I,m James from Solomon Island, I,m looking forward  for the course as for sure it will help broaden my knowledge to ta .
Artificial island. Malaita. Solomon Islands. Challenges for farmers with lack of soil and freshwater. SWoCK Project
...That said, wraps up Solomon Island plot, does for Egypt, and for Transylvania.
We have to visit Solomon's island. I need to see my peoples up close.
Solomon Island captivates audience with traditional song and dance
Take a look at the handsome Solomon Island ground boas from a member’s collection. Check out these lovely...
(George) The substance taken from him, originates from Solomon Island, with komodo dragon RNA.
The people of the Solomon Islands, known as Melanesian which make up 95% of the island, have naturally (cont)
"After helping me save the crew of the enemy at Surabaya, I fought at Kiska, Solomon, New Guinea and Atti island."
Built up artificial island for farming. Many challenges. Great work by SWoCK Project Solomon Islands
. We have a very interesting low pressure system Southern Pacific Ocean region now on radar Solomon Island region. .
Place To Visit In Your Cruise To: South Pacific. Solomon Island. Has reasonable prices and a lot of things to do.
I'm feel bad when I can't watch Law of The Jungle in Solomon Island :(
Oh my God what an awesome way to close the conference...incredible performances by participants, singing, dancing poetry. Where in the world do you get to see traditional song & dance of such a wide range of countries from Scotland to Germany, Myanmar, Asia Pacific, New Zealand, Solomon Island, Japan, Fiji, Timor Leste, Russia, Mongolia, Laos, Indonesia... Not even in the best concerts do you get this kind of mix. We South Asians were too many so we just got together on stage and played the good old Bollywood and then I couldn't control myself and started dancing like crazy. We also had the Rock and Roll and salsa well sort of. Together we sang Imagine, co-wrote a poem and collected thousand smiles and hugs. This has been an once in a lifetime experience for me. Leaving tomorrow at 8. Some photos of the evening captured before my phone's battery died.
Solomon airlines re feeling fuel at munda airport, Solomon Islands.
Just recently, a member of a Chinese base political party in Malaysia made a statement that Malays are also a 'pendatang' (immigrants) in Malaysia just like the Chinese and Indian. I myself was always asked, "where did your parents come from" from members of different etnicity when I told them that I am a Malay. My mother was born in Johor, Malaysia. My mother's dad was born in central Java, Indonesia. I do not know where my mum's mother were born but I do know that she have Javanese ancestry. A great or great great or great great great grandfather of my mum's mother is one of the 'peneroka' or first settler of a village located at 33 miles, Pontian Johor. My mum's mother told me stories about one of his great uncles who has the ability to tame tigers. She remember she saw with her own eyes when she was still a kid her great uncles visited their home at night accompanied by a tiger who is like a pet to him. My mum's mother has two other siblings who lives in Jambi, Sumatera Indonesia. A few kilometers awa ...
A Message from Pst Tinashe Sydney - Hello everyone,we concluded our epoch making meeting in Solomon Islands and it was divine. Over two thousand people got born again and thousands were in attendance. We had the largest gathering Makira province ever witnessed since its inception. The blind saw, the deaf heard, the lame walked and Jesus was mightily glorified! Get ready to see some clips that will bring tears to your eyes and stir up your faith to receive a miracle! We have no words but to give praise and glory to our Papa God, we may not of been there physically but there in spirit, through prayer and our seeds. Bible says Mark16:17-18 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;18 They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover. Wow, my heart has been touched and i cannot wait for tomorrows midweek service. Make sure you are ready ...
has anyone subbed LOTJ solomon island full cut yet?
Solomon Island"If you were exiled, what country would you choose as your new home?
. Might be an SIS Agent lol Sth Island Spy in Giga UFB challenge
All Goals are achievable. In Our gigabit UFB breeze. If South island just freeze. is reasonable😉
~another grape and brought it to ' lips] I think I would love to go to a beautiful island. Or maybe Venice. Have you been~
It's Family Pet Day at the on Solomon's Island! Come out and meet the pups!
Both indian ocean and solomon island?
14.10.17 welcome to Solomon Island specially for my baby ^^
Echo, our baby Solomon Island Eclectus is looking more and more grown up every day! Such a little sweetie!
in Solomon's Island : def not enough sleep.
Apparently Tupac, Biggie, James Brown & Solomon Northup (12 Years A Slave) are living together somewhere on an island. I had no idea.
Reported Solomon's Island Road at South River Clubhouse Road. Use caution and watch...
[VIDEO][HD] 141017 - Tao @ SBS 'Law of the Jungle' in Solomon Island :...
Wasn't Solomon Northup a character from Escape from Monkey Island?
can we get the whole North Island supporting our UFB comp
Video: 141017 SBS Law of the Jungle in Solomon Island - Tao
against the South Island. We can do this, ufb for us :)
boganville island went to PNG but tribal lands of the Solomon Islands
(+continued: comm units Frank and I give out for the Solomon Island Relief runs and certain other multi-faction ops)
.Sure do! Our Annapolis store is located at 3 Old Solomon's Island Road, Annapolis, MD 21401.
Video: Cyclones. Earthquakes. Tsunamis. Floods. Drought. . How to disaster proof an island?
Gisborne is last North Island town in Gigatown comp we have great vision and drive to win can we talk to you? for ufb
One guy astounded the north island not supporting gigborne in our UFB cause
Aay happy birthday the island misses you!xx
Big payouts for Solomon Island MPs: The dissolution of Solomon Islands ninth parliament ahead of next month's ...
Read all about why I love my new island home in for
$12.50 for $25 Worth of Seafood & More at Kingfisher's in Solomon's Island
South Island. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Regards from
It's all on Inter-Island Rugby in the Solomon Islands
[VIDEO] [ENG] 141010 Law of The Jungle in Solomon island - Tao (cr: squishysoo98)
Looking through old photos and found an image of my Solomon Island Ground Boas. The female was red,…
Very windy, choppy river waters off Solomon's Island today - NAS Pax River
According to recent study suggests nearly 90% of could be infected w/
Islands have one of the highest H. pylori rates in the world. What can be done?
I don't know about good, sir. Just doing the best I can, like everyone on Solomon Island. Seeing each day as a blessing.
Pacific Islands capital to be relocated due to coastal hazards: Taro, the capital of Solomon Island's Choiseul...
Veteran of Many Battles Dies in Plane Accident A telegram was received Wednesday by Jim Kilgore, driver for the Brookfield Dairy, that his son Orlie Kilgore, veteran of several naval air battles in the Solomon Island and other South Pacific areas, had been killed in an airplane accident in Kansas. Mr. Kilgore left immediately for the east. Young Kilgore was recently married, his wife living somewhere in the east. He was a radio operator in the naval air corps, and was recently assigned to shore duty. No further details were available at the time of going to press. Letters From South Seas Mr. and Mrs. Francis Floyd received a letter from their son, S 1-C Melvin Floyd, and a picture of himself, from somewhere in the South Seas. He also sent a large cocoanut which he climbed a tree to get. Some Place In Pacific Mrs. Albert Lillie has received word from her son Clyde, who is a fireman first class, from overseas, that he has landed safe some place in the Pacific, but can’t say where. New First Class Private ...
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Authorities say flash flooding in Solomon Islands has killed at least two people in the capital, Honiara.
There is limited International Media Coverage on this sad situation in the Solomon Islands. Homes with families inside have been washed away, engulfed by the raging water. Women have been washed down the river, slamming against the bridge and coming out the other end dead. Houses being washed away down the river like freight trains. Slamming into the side of the collapsed bridge, sounding like bombs. All power is cut off. Earlier today, people took advantage of the flash flooding and began looting local businesses. Do you care enough to repost & tag your friends in this REAL SITUATION?
Tru na,God must be angry with us(SOLOMON ISLANDERS)"... This rain man,, osem hem kros lo anything nma mhan!".. It keeps on pouring and pouring".. Btw,thank you God for this day".. Morning people!
A mother and child have been swept away in flood waters as heavy rains hit the Solomon Islands, local media and residents say.
My thoughts and prayers go out to all my brothers and sisters in the Solomon Islands...
Solomon Islands: Local news reports are indicating that at least eight people have perished in flooding, which is reported to be the worst flooding in recorded history for the islands.
My heart goes out to the people of Honiara, n especially to families who have lost their loved ones to yesterday's disastrous floods. May God save Solomon Islands, n give comfort n strength to those who r mourning the loss of their loved ones. May their souls RIP with God the Almighty!
A major disaster is hitting the Solomon Islands with aid workers expecting a big death toll from flash flooding and a developing cyclone.
Disaster in Solomon Is. Help needed. I want NZ to pay more heed to what happens to our Pacific Island neighbours.
There is such devastation in my precious part of the world - Solomon Islands - the past day or so. My heart is aching for the people and families who have lost loved ones. Everything in me wants to be there. I have been thinking about my emotions and realised that we always "wish we could be there" and that we feel helpless when we are "not there". We tend to say "All I can do is pray". That thought connected to the thought we need to be there is really saying "we can fix it" and "prayer is second rated". But God is calling us to be everything He desires WHEREVER we are. Prayer is powerful and we can achieve great things through our devotion to praying in God's heart anywhere in the world without being there. God we lift this nation up to you in prayer and we command devastation to cease and life to come.
The Qld BOM have upgraded the tropical low in the coral sea chances of development. Now giving the system a moderate chance of developing into a cyclone over the weekend Tropical Cyclone Three Day Outlook for the Coral Sea Issued at 2:30 pm EST on Thursday 3 April 2014 for the period until midnight EST Sunday 6 April 2014. Existing Cyclones in the Eastern Region: Nil. Potential Cyclones: A low is currently located to the south of the Solomon Islands near 11S 159E. The low is expected to remain slow moving over the northern Coral Sea until Friday but should adopt a more westerly track over the weekend. The low is in a moderately favourable environment for development and is expected to slowly strengthen over the outlook period. Likelihood of a tropical cyclone in the Eastern Region on: Friday Low Saturday Moderate Sunday Moderate
This is a Prayer Appeal to all the King's believers across Papua New Guinea and overseas to hold Solomon Islands in prayer during this time of disaster and State Of Emergency! The upper plains of Guadalcanal have been raining since Tuesday, causing the rivers banks to bust yesterday, especially in Honiara and surrounding areas. The situation was so critical that all schools and business houses closed doors early and urgently at 3pm yesterday afternoon. I called a kindred sister of mine about 10 minutes ago and she told me several, if not many, families are homeless today with no food, no shelter, and possibly no proper clothing and no proper drinking water. Lives have unfortunately been lost... A good number of them are children. Children whose parents went to work and came home to find they were no more. Speculations say around 50 bodies so far have been found, but the actual count has not yet started. Many families are heartbroken and lost for words. They need their spirits to be lifted and that's why t ...
Please stand with us as we pray for the Solomon Islands. There has been floods and houses, food gardens, etc have been washed away. Lives have also been lost. The situation on the land is very serious. God must continue to intervene for the sake of our people.
Malita Kane Tarakabu did u heard a rumors about a Disaster in Solomon island ? Koa tiia n contact nakoiia ? a okay or not .. update me sis Ia rang kan ongora. Blessed those who are in Solomon rite now. Stay safe
Costa Rica, Iceland, Solomon Island, Monaco, Panama, Japan and Granada have declared their demilitarized countries and neutrality to wars.
Team members please remember and pray for our family members and love ones and all the solomon islanders back home during this devastating flooding that is still damaging most parts of Honiara and rural areas. God bless our Solomon Islands.
Please share with those who need assistance: are being urgently evacuated and homes have been destroyed following flash flooding in the Solomon Islands’ capital of Honiara, where there has been extremely heavy rain over several days. Around 10,000 people have been affected and a large number of homes have been destroyed after the Mataniko River broke its banks today washing away several residential areas. Two people have been confirmed dead and the death toll is expected to rise. Oxfam’s Solomon Islands’ Country Director Katie Greenwood said the international aid agency is on hand to assist the government’s National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) to respond to the devastation. “Oxfam has an active presence in the Solomon Islands, and we are standing ready to support the NDMO with any requests for assistance,” said Ms Greenwood. “We are currently positioned to deliver emergency relief items such as tarpaulins, kitchen kits and hygiene kits to the worst-affected areas. “Oxfam is also offe ...
All my thoughts and prays to my family in the Solomon Island keep safe and love you all ..
Flooding in the Solomon Islands kills 2, another 2 missing. Photo: Sam Bolitho
Good morning once again Solomon Islands and our neighbour Pacific Is Countries. Today will be a sad day for some of us as we go through the loss of loved ones from yesterdays disaster that claimed lives. May the good Lord guide us in our bereavement. Amen.
Gud morning, can you play a song for every Solomon islanders who are tuning in this morning around fiji and in the Solomon Islands through live streaming. "We have nothing to fear for the future" To all the flood victims our prayers are with you all as we weave through this disaster and may faith remain strong..God be with you all...Can u play the song by Glory 4 'God sees the storm'..vinaka
*** ya . And I live in Solomon island too. Yes
2006 april riot,2007 second of april west n choi 8.1 Earthquake and tsunami and now of april 2014 heavy flood in honiara.month ia lelbet ia.btw just pray n in the lord.GOD Save Our Solomon Islands...
OMG...I just can't believe what happened to my beloved home Solomon Islands..This is the most tragic event ever...My heart goes out to those families who had lost their loved ones..just remind me of Noah times n the movie Noah..Please lord comfort,help n protect our families,frens,wantoks n our nation Solomon Islands..
PLEASE PRAY! I got word this morning, that a cyclone has hit the Solomon Islands. The place where Darvis and I were blessed to be able to minister, Koi Hill, was hit with a flash flood. The whole village was wiped out and some of the people were washed down the river. I will keep you updated as I know anything else. The Maetala family are safe. Thanks!!
In solomon island,they nver cut an unwanted old tree, they will yell n cursed that tree everyday..untill the old tree died n fall by itself
God save our Solomon Islands from shore to shore.Advert all floods and destruction coming our way. Forgive us what we do wrong aa we forgive those who do wrong to us. Keep us and all our friends and families safe from all sorrow's. And bring us not into any temptation. God bless Solomon Islands. These I pray in Jesus mighty name.Amen
Thank you for posting, so many people don't understand.Blonde hair and dark skin is not as unnatural as some may think... The Melanesian people of Solomon Islands, are genetically coded to inherit blonde hair and golden brown cocoa skin.
I am up now ready to go and perform my duties to protect my community. My first thoughts of the day goes to my friends, families of my friends, extended family members back in Solomon Islands, especially in Honiara who experienced the worst flooding from heavy downpour of rain for these last few days.
God help us,open our eyes 2 see what is happening in our beautiful Solomon Islands.4give me Lord,why all dis happen in April
i hurt this feeling,monitoring the weather and issue advices then some how things just turn out the way i expected apart from our reports.Why!!. Standing with silence watching the brownish flooded the city .This early part of the new day i want to pay my respect and condolence to our wantok who have lost their love ones in this massive flooding event,.i just cant sleep over this with my colleagues in the Met service and NDMO and anyone out there in evacuation centers... Let us not give up but keep dedicate our service for our good people in Solomon Islands !!! ..'' TO LEAD IS TO SERVE'' GOD BLESS Solomon Islands.
Wishing Gods love and care for family and friends in the Solomon Islands as they face adversity and the challenges of Nature.
Thinking of my family on Guadalcanal Solomon Islands. Massive flooding. Ngalimbiu, Matepono, Mberande rivers. Luvunasuta under water but receeding now. Love thoughts and many prayers.
Solomon Islands, our time of trials is here again, we have in the past experience disaster, today It's another of its own kind. We sud not be panic but follow instructions properly.. God help us...
I wanna go back to Solomon's Island
heavy rainfalls in Solomon Island...……and i thank God for showers of blessing…
I hope family n friends r ok in the Solomon Islands especially my DAD
God, save our Solomon Islands.Do not let us suffer yet
TO MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN SOLOMON ISLAND this time we need to be strong for our nation and our people. Its not time for questions but time to help and pray. Join us to pray and fast like the people of Nineveh as they reacted when they heard the prophesy of Jonah. They humbled themselves in prayer and fasting repenting and pleading the mercy of God upon them that is in Jonah chapter 3 and in chapter 4 the anger of God was averted when God saw how humbled they were in seeking his face. You can for fit your morning food and fast. You can forfit going out and spend sometime no matter how little time you can and pray for the flood that has almost touched half of the city to stop and restoration and healing for the wounded. And I believe that God that answered the people of Nineveh will answer us in Jesus Mighty name IF YOU BELIEVE YOU TYPE AMEN IN AGREEMENT Matthew chapter 18 verse 19
Isaaa!! :( :'( my heart cries out for my home country Solomon Islands in this time of TRAGIC NATURAL DISASTER just by looking at the pictures I can tell that my country, my family & my people are suffering again ;-( :-( prayers and thoughts are with families who have lost their loved ones and this time of Natural Disaster. GOD take safety precautions and do take care :-) :-( :-( :'(:'(
PRAYER TO SOLOMON ISLAND FLOOD VICTIMS It's the wave so high? It's the ocean surge so big that you cant swim? It's the water at your neck that your raising your hand for help? Are you already in the mist of the storm? Have you shouted and cried, fasted and prayed and it seems as if help is not coming? But can you try this and look up once more? Can you surmmon courage and look up? Praise God for I can see a foot already on the top of the situation coming for you. Can you hear Our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth saying to that raging flood and situation right now PEACE BE STILL IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST.
Thoughts are with my family and friends in the Solomon Islands, hope you are all staying safe during the flood. Praying for everyone in Honiara ♡
HEAVY RAIN WARNING NUMBER FOUR Heavy Rain Warning Number Four issued by the Solomon Islands Meteorological Service at 5:00 pm this evening on Thursday 03rd April 2014. A Heavy Rain Warning is current for all provinces. Situation: A tropical low with a central pressure of 1002 hectopascals was re-located near 11.1 degrees latitude south and 158.7 degrees longitude east, approximately 63 nautical miles northwest of Bellona Island and 100 nautical miles south of Guadalcanal Island. The low is moving slowly southwest. Rain heavy at times with squally thunderstorms are expected to affect the Solomon Islands within the next 24 to 48 hours. People living close to rivers, streams and low lying areas are therefore strongly advised to take precautionary measures because of flooding which may pose danger to lives and property. Motorists are also advised to use extreme caution when travelling in these areas. Do not attempt to cross rivers and large streams of unknown depth. Next update will be issued at 7:00 am tomor ...
April Riot in 2006, then more than 50 people were killed and thousands lost their homes in April 2007 when a magnitude-8.1 quake hit the western Solomon Islands, sending waves crashing into coastal villages and now the Flood also in April 2014 with deaths cases still to be confirmed.??? Is God saying something to Solomon Islands???
Wildlife filmmakers inspired me to learn about the ocean, few more than the legendary Ron and Valerie Taylor. I'm sad to have never met Ron, but so thankful to meet this awesome lady. Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands.
Tonight before I go to bed I am praying to you God to be with the beautiful people of Solomon Islands ...To God be the Glory...
Authorities in Solomon Islands say heavy rain and flash flooding have destroyed houses and shops in the capital, Honiara.
People let us fink that we are in disaster k! Lets fink human n undrstand whatz goin on in our country ryt now, people lost their homes their property n their loved ones! Solomon Island pepals we shld respect our self, we always claim that we are christian country, thn where is tha love n tha courage ti show fi our nation! People are dyin bt ba imi still steal yet! Oi ma ae osem go bak lo home if we fink that we cn't survive tiz Chumasi na!!
God bless our Solomon Islands from shore to shore Blessed all our people and all our lands With your protecting hands Joy, Peace, Progress and Prosperity That men shall brothers be, make nations see our Solomon Islands, our Solomon Islands Our nation Solomon Islands Stands forever more.
Going to my roots soon and now seeing all the flood footage within the town area makes me wonder if it's a good idea to go back home or to stay and wait for the weather to cool off a bit??? Honiara, Solomon Islands under heavy rain storm. Wish my folks are safe and sound. :(
8 years ago another dark April for Solomon Islands
Pls pray for the ppl of the Solomon Islands, May God protect my Solomon Islands family & friends
God bless to all the people of the Solomon Islands stay safe Laurie Quintal
So the Solomon Islands are experiencing the worst flooding ever three weeks before I go there I think I might volunteer my time to help rebuild should set up a fund raiser somehow
Thanks Robert. Here's one from the Solomon Islands in 2003.
Friends, PLEASE PRAY for the Solomon Islands and surrounds, experiencing SEVERE weather at the moment, many lives lost today, houses washed out to sea, bridges down - and that's just in the capital of Honiara that we know about via friends who live there and are in contact with mum who is getting updates. Night has now fallen and rain continues to pour and do much damage. A little boy was rescued from the ocean today and said his family was still out there somewhere in the sea. They have not been able to find them yet. As Derek Pongi told mum, "Nothing like this ever seen in Honiara before..." They are trying to reach Hospital and shelter to donate clothes and help but are unable to get out of their house yet for their own safety. Rosalind Jackson, Dennis Jackson
am guessing this is what i'm supposed to do. = I was given the age: 18 (gosh it seems so long ago...hehehe) Wea I lived: Honiara, Solomon Islands Wat I did: Studied, mum to 1 Wat I drove: my dads 1.5 tonne Who had my heart: jeremiah...(my boy) I am now: older, but still feels young...hehe Wea I live: somewhere in auckland Wat I do: in training, working for the government...hehe Wat I drive: downgraded to my old bomb toyota sprinter...hehe Who has my heart: my family like my status and i'll give you a number..Daphne, Louise, Jameelah
It's a big shock for all da citizens pipol of solomon island of da devastate flood which caused a great massive loss for da pipol of Honiara whom are da victims of da floods . It's a sad newss becos we lost sme life 2de . Sme r children :( . I'm deeply sad . Even da cyclone namu bk b4 was not as big caused like what hav happen 2de by da flood which was caused by heavy shower of rain !!! :) 2geda we put our hands to condolence our love 1 whom they lost their familis, hme even there life ... !!! :(
Heavy rain is causing flooding in the Solomon Islands, according to residents.
To my beloved Solomon Islands! My prays with all the families as you experience this period of rain and flooding as houses are destroyed, families are torn and people are missing! May God be with them all. Its pretty hard to know that somehow my people are struggling out there while i'm in a comfortable space in my room 😒
Oh Thank God.Luckily dad find his way back home, Dad's Text Message to me : " Son me hold up lo Mataniko Bridge after meeting, Police hem helpem mefala for go lo nara end, me kasim haus lo nite after bae leg na, bara big disaster na" Oh sorry Solomon Islands :(
Feeling sad at this moment. see the photos from Honiara, Solomon Islands my home country been wash by the flood, will prayer for u all for our God to continue protect u all in this time of trouble weather.
Hi All :-) Pleased to meet you all. I met up with Sopa this afternoon at uni and he filled me in on what you're trying to achieve here and I think it's wonderful. We talked about networking opportunities which would be beneficial for you whilst still studying and even post studies. I attend alot of networking functions as part of my full-time role at Cairns Business & Leisure Travel, PNG Holidays and Solomon Island Holidays. Tradelinked is one of those networking functions where we promote trade/business between Nth Qldand PNG businesses..If you'd like to come to one of those, let me know. Cheers Vyv
Friends remember the people of Solomon Islands in your prayers. We have been badly affected by the flooding, landslide and strong winds.Currently evacuation and search for the missing till continue.
RCDF should go to Flood Victims!! No Bridge No Vote! Solomon Islands stand up for your people and show them courage and respect in times of need!
Please friends & family remember the victims of the flood that happens in Solomon Islands in your prayers. May God be with them.
Thinking of all my Solomon Islands friends and their families. Take care during this scary time of flooding. Please send news on the state of NASI if you can...
Honiara is in big trouble wetem floodin.meanwhile beliga go hed too!! Only in Solomon Islands. Maekarake...instead of looking out for those in trouble... samfala take advantage for takem samting for free!! kwe ogeta ae!! Nafu na for duim kaen ya!
I am very confused as to why for the last 4 hours I have been watching BBC news ad nauseam on a gunman in Texas (all due respect to the victims) when the capital of the Solomon Islands - a Commonwealth country is apparently washing away???
To those who have lost their loved once we pass our condolences to you all. The damage will be in Millions! Whilst the nation sympathize the loss of life and properties this flood bring about there is also a powerful wisdom to it. We have Ethnic Violence, The Riots and now Flooding! We must wake up to the Sun of Truth! God The wisdom is: The flooding must be seen as a stern and last warning and the life of this people is a sacrifice for this nation. We must repair our relationship in the family, community, and our nation and with God. Our nation capital is populated and has been torn by deviant generation, unbelieving and unethical behaviors that have run headlines in our local media. People forget about God, Religion, immorality and Goes. The Flood that is currently damaging our capital must send a clear message and be seen as God using his creation to Speak to us “wake up I am still your God”. There is a proverb in some ancient holy scriptures which says “if nobody listens to my Words I will let t ...
Disasta arises and confrantng Solomon Islands,my good people of happy isles how you respond to disasta is ya back bone to prepared cos it can happen at any tme where we are not expectng it...but 4 nw lets share our heart to those whom facng the difficulties and even lost their homes and beloved one today,...may the Lord Our God bless us all in this tme of disasta..
To all my friends in Honiara (Solomon Island), May Gods guidance upon everyone of u's...
Thinking of all my friends in the Solomon Islands while they face dreadful flooding and lawlessness. Hoping they are all safe.
I just let you know to pray for all my relative and friends in Solomon Islands , especially for both bethsda and swim.
Whom Jah bless.., no one curse...Islands
My pray out to the solomon island ...O lord may u stop the rain n let not these beautiful ppl in alot of fear ..may u comfort them to a end of a fine safely day..amen
To all my spearo, surfing and fishing mates. Looking at getting a crew together at the end of the year to spend a week or two in the Solomon Islands. Thinking either a live-aboard or on shore somewhere in a small village. If you're keen let me know soon, as I will be organizing within the next month or so.
Just spoken to my daughters in Honiara, Solomon Islands and learnt that the continuous rainfall in the Happy Isles is causing flooding. Two bridges in the centre of Honiara have been washed completely and the other partially. Some residential areas are on low lands and these are flooded, houses washed away. Please Honiara residences heed warnings and act wisely.
US$9.1M World Bank Grant for Adaptation Efforts: Source: Solomon Times - Efforts to prepare the Solomon Island...
Check out JAPAN WWII Military picture postcard Rennel Island Solomon on via
Flash flooding in Solomon Islands. Loss of lives, homes, morals (looting). Old Mataniko Bridge is GONE. Washed away.
My fellow country folks, Solomon Islands, i stand wid u in dis difficult time..mother nature has her own way..i stand wid u...mother nature has her own way..mi stap wantaim u...
Stay safe my dear family and friends in the Solomon Islands... 😔 prayers to all during this disastrous time - I wish I was with you mum & dad
TC formation possible southwest of the Solomon Islands
To all in the Solomon Islands especially those in Honiara stay safe my prays are with you all please stay safe.
Massive cyclone back home in the Solomon Islands I hope all my famz is safe and well.. I'm hearing bridges falling down and the whole china town is under water.. True?
Naturally blonde from the beginning, meet the MELANESIANS people OF Solomon Islands also known as the 'Black Island' No European in the mix or ancestry over here, these are the Darkest skinned people outside of Africa, the 'Worlds only naturally Blonde Blacks', a matter of fact they have the highest rate of blonde hair cases outside of Europe, and don't go looking for any random study suggesting cultural mixing etc, many DNA studies have concluded that this unique genetic mutation is recessive, meaning it is inherited from both parents, researchers did not find this mutation in 1000 DNA samples from 52 countries around the world. Melanesian are black island people in the South Pacific that migrated from Africa their thousands of years ago unlike blacks in the Americas that came to the Americas as slaves. thus cementing what scientist have long time been asserting that all races came out of Black African
I'm going on a Big trip next year and it's gone be to Solomon Island I gotta see them kids
This is a man made island in a lagoon. This is typical Solomon island houses -- all with million dollar views --...
Gambling at the local markets in the hills on the island of Malaita--- part of the Solomon Islands. People walk...
Eating Hot Cheetos, Long Island Medium in the background, reading Song of Solomon, because I'm too lazy to go down to 's room
Where is the point where he arrives at? Is it that small island? pep_vilamala Solomon Islands- South Pacific
The Solomon Island of Bougainville is, in fact, part of Papua New Guinea.
Snapshot of Satellite for developing Tropical low Solomon Island region.
Caribbean😍 I'm not sure what island I was when we were at lunch though
I want to go to Solomon's island but I won't be able to anymore 😒
A Long Island teenager got into all EIGHT Ivy League schools. Everyone meet your future boss, Kwasi Enin.
Headed to the animal shelter in Solomon's Island to get a little doggie for my friend!
Further information for weak low Solomon Island region via the BOM.
Vancouver Island Social Venture Institute (SVI) Hollyhock peeps. RSVP for the reunion tomorrow night!
"I am fire. I am death" Guarding his gold...or carrots... George (not Smaug) the Solomon Island skink…
Took me 45 mins to get from Annapolis harbor 665/ Solomon's island exit to chinquapin smh
Solomon's Island in MD is a good spot we use to hit
Solomon Island : Human rights training for health officers -
Join our world at Teenyweenys 8,Louis Solomon close off Ahmad bello way Victoria island,Lagos.
Delegate of solomon island vs delegate of germany. (with Sujiwo) [pic] —
Hi,follback. I'm delegate of solomon island
Day of rest.: Solomon’s Island fire hydrant painted like wood and rope.  . Watching harry potter, making coffee...
Solomon's island guys, incase you couldn't tell.
Mayoral candidate Solomon gets endorsement from construction union
Picking up my DMP bradas from Solomon Islands!!! Island home Tour!!:) bikpla bagarap!!
Painters and Allied Trades union endorses Solomon for Providence mayor
MVC reported Solomon's Island Road at Bayfront Rd (258). Use caution in the...
MVC reported 4400 block of Solomon's Island Road. Use caution in the area and for...
Party to encourage greater involvement of Solomon Island churches in education
Its has been in the Prophecy that Nigeria wont Break up, Religious Leaders has been praying day and Night for the Unity of Nigeria. Millions of Nigerian keep saying "one day Nigeria go beta". No one want to die but everyone want to be in heaven, HOW? Who is going to be like JERRY RAWLINGS. When and Who will start the revolution in Nigeria. A country with "ALL" i mean ALL what a nation need to be so comfortable like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and others. A nation with full man power and well Knowledgeable. It very sad when i see my beloved country men and women do ALL just to get out of the country to an UNTHINKABLE destinations (Libya, Philippine, Haiti, Solomon Island, Jamaica, Zimbabwe etc). Many Nigerians have been imprisons in different parts of the world just for some stupid reasons, Many of our women have been taken for prostitution in Italy and others, Should we conclude our generation is a WASTED GENERATION? Nigeria go beta the popular music i have know since i will a little boy but many of us hanging h ...
Jenlyn Wini becomes the first Solomon Island woman to win gold in the Oceania Weightlifting Championship
Watching Cook Island and Solomon Island playing. Top avo all. :)
Tavanipupu is the only privately held Solomon Island, providing a truly unique opportunity to secure your own Pacific Island for sale. Once home to Prince William and Kate, this enchanting island could…
Happy Independence Day celebrations to our Solomon Island brothers and sisters!
A search Party is now out for the Solomon Island team leader to the Pacific Platform for Climate Change and Disaster Risk management meeting in Nadi. He missed the official opening, probably out there enjoying the 7th July Independence celebration with wantoks in Nadi. CI where ru?
Elley N Jim.vanuinui're na parade ni kua on the Solomon Island 35th Independence anniversary celebration today at the Lawson Tama Stadium, Honiara, Solomon Island. cheers & God bless
I'm blest with the lovely songs from SI this morning. Belated Independence Day wishes Solomon Island fans and friends.
WOw!what a great experienced for me dancing custom songs from Choiseul with girls from Lauru in front of the Solomon Island students to celebrate the 35th Solomon Island Independence today. Bit nervous but proud to show case my cultural dance from choiseul.
is @ de church with de children preparing them 4 2moros Nations Birthday S.I. Wiish de citizian of Solomon Island a happy independences day.
Happy Independence Day to all my Solomon Island wantok.
This Sunday 30th June 10am - Worship and ministry Service followed by a brief Annual Members Meeting and a farewell lunch for John and Kathleen Madsen. 5pm commencing our new Vanuatuan / Solomon Island service. All welcome.
Good moring my friends in Australia, Indonesia, Solomon Island and my wantoks in Papua New Guinea. Have a blessed weekend to you all
My friend Anna from Kiribati with Freda from Solomon Island...@ Fiji 2012
ADVERTISER ACCOUNTING MANAGER (Solomon Island, Papua New Guinea), Must have at least 4 years relevant experience and a Bachelors degree, Experience must include GL,AP,AR and billing, Age between 28 to 40, Prefer male, ... Email resume to vslchia_hrOR call to 014-918 for interview detail at
SARANG SEMUT ABOUT SARANG SEMUT Sarang Semut with its scientific name Myrmecodia Pendans is an epiphytes plant (attached to other larger plants, but not parasite) used as an ant nest. Other common names are Rumah Semut (Sumatra), Ulek-Ulek Polo (Java), Lokon, Suhendep, Nongon (Papua), Periok Hantu, Peruntak, Sembuku (Malaysia), Bay Ki Nan, Ki Nam Gai, Ki Nam Kin (Vietnam). This plant belongs to Hydnophytinae (Rubiaceae) family and comprises an ant maze inside which used as a hole to do their activities. Although the plant is unusual, but its owned medicinal values are remarkable. Sarang Semut was first introduced in the rural of Papua located in Eastern Indonesia commonly used by local people. This plant is processed as a porridge blended and also as a drink to strengthen immune body system. In addition, it is also used as drugs for various internal ailments. It can also be found in Peninsular Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Australia as well as Solomon Island. Technically, immune stimulant su ...
.departing manila on june 15 bound to Solomon Island.
THE BEST BOOK IN THE WORLD Here is a photograph of Kata Ragoso, a Solomon Island chief. I saw this man some time ago and heard him tell his story. He has a wonderful face, and is really a wonderful man. We will let him tell what the Bible did for him and the people of the Solomon Islands. While in North America he told his story to millions of people over some of the largest broadcasting stations. He said: "In the days gone by I did not know, and my fathers before me did not know, of the message of God revealed in His word. Then our works were evil. There was no love in our country. Our customs did not make peace, and we lived in filth. There was always anger, fighting, killing of men, and worshiping of idols. The supposed spirits of our forefathers would take possession of these idols, and, speaking through the devil priests, they would command us to make human sacrifices. Our men and women were always afraid. "But when the word of God came to us, we were made happy, and our customs were changed. Our vil ...
I am sharing my family geneology to my immediate families of my great bubu of Solomon Island, late bubu Willy Powell Davies of Are'are in Solomon Islands who married his beloved wife late Motu Vagi Udu, so anyone of you connected to this family. My sincere appreciation and thank you to my cousin Ascorh Lalokau for this very vital information I have always wished for over so many donkey years to really understand my roots in Hanuabada and of course Solomon Islands. Please put your likes and also comment on how you are connected to this family. So that shows we are not a mistake or foreigners to Motu Koitabu Besedia: Ascorh Lalokau She is known as RAERA TUTUHI (one & only daughter)..her parents were TUTUHI VAGI(dad) & KOHU HENI (mum)..Tutuhi Vagi's dad (VAGI LAHUI) & mum (KONIO MAVARA). Their children are; 1.Lahui Vagi (m) 2. Udu Vagi (m) 3. Boe Vagi (m) 4. Tutuhi Vagi (m) 5. Galoma Vagi (f) Raera Tutuhi married Maka Thomas (southsea islander) (1st marriage) Children 1. Tamasi Maka 2. Tuene Maka 2nd marria ... You are signed in as: Marino B Bual Historian says Oregonian Rex Barber shot down Yamamoto in World War II Special to The Oregonian updated April 20, 2013 at 11:52 AM Among the medals awarded Rex Barber of Oregon for his actions in World War II were the Navy Cross (top row, far left), two Silver Stars, the Purple Heart and the Air Medal. Editor's note: On this date in 1943, Japanese admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, the commander of the Japanese Imperial Navy and the architect of the attack on Pearl Harbor, was killed when the plane carrying him was shot down by an American pilot. Just who that pilot was – Lt. Rex Barber of Culver, Ore., or Capt. Thomas Lanphier –has been discussed for decades. Here, Donald P. Bourgeois, a military historian and retired lawyer living in Portland, details why he is certain it was Barber, who died in 2001. BY DONALD P. BOURGEOIS By April 1943, Americans were advancing up the Solomon Island chain from Guadalcanal toward the Japanese stronghold of Rabaul. The stra ...
Just Got Back!! Bad News Tried to make the Circumnavigation of DELMARVA peninsula, and 'failed' :o(. We experienced 27 knots in the bay and the forecasts were for 33 knot winds off shore when we got down to Virginia, to top it off, our anchor fouled with someone's anchor rhode, and wrapped around our propeller which took me 30 minutes underwater to cut it off, so we abandoned our illusion of grandeur for this trip. Good News We made some great new friends, like Aram pictured here who literally saved our butt, and showed us one *** of a good time in Solomon Island. Vera's Kicked Butt, and the Solomon Island Yacht club had more burgees than I have seen in a very long time! 9 days and we did well, thanks to my first mate, Noelle, and Aram. we lived this adventure!
A Mother in Solomon Island buried her new born baby girl more interesting news on the National..
Having dinner down at the bowls featuring my in-laws and the Solomon Island rangers..
u all my good frens need yr advice..I meet a lady about 2 months ago in here fb..we chat n things stated to get serious n seriou..Its a lon distance relationsip bat things wokaut well.We argue like couple even we not meet..Nau shes comin here PNG to be my wife..honst wit her by telin her our livin n lifestyl here n she acept everythin I told her..Shes from Fiji n wok n lives in Solomon Island..Today shes gone down to Fiji to let her famly know about us n she'l com over to png.She told mi,she paid 10,000 for her plan frm fiji to png n live everything behain to com for mi.Wil she acept our living n lidestyl standard here wen she arriv here..I honest wit her by telin da truth n she stil wnt to com over n be my wife..Im scared..WIL SHE ACEPT OUR LIFELY WOOD HERE???
Guyana were the other side on the move in the rankings, climbing one place to 58th on the back of a tight 19-17 win over Barbados in the NACRA (North American Caribbean Rugby Association) Championship., swapping places with Colombia. The defeat was a costly one for Barbados as they fall four places to 71st with India, China, the Solomon Island and Andorra the beneficiaries. (taken from
Solomon Island,South Pacific an indigenous tribe sings 'Shema' & claims to know the location of lost temple of Israel
The most blinded government in the world is the Solomon Island government. ~ full of politrickz
So we go to a mentalist on campus and the guy literally reads Logan's mind by answering these questions he wrote down: your initials are L.B? You were born May 27th? Solomon Island is where you've dreamed of going? And yes, you will marry the girl you brought with you tonight "propose already!" MIND BLOWN!
Solomon Island hit by tsunami. Marines, we need to help. Northern Australia also evacuating
News today...A tsunami has killed several people in the Solomon Island..9 Mexican Police killed in ambush in Mexico..pretty sure a car bomb went off somewhere and killed heaps.But in more serious news TV'S Nobody Chrissie Swans admits to smoking while pregnant.THE HORROR
Magnitude 8.0 earthquake in Solomon Island close to Papua New Guinea.
All my Solomon Island friends on f/book, who have been affected in one way or another by today's tsunami, may the good Lord comfort and strengthen you and your loved ones in this time of disaster. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. God bless you all.
Tsunami alert level 1 ang Surigao City, due to magnitude 8 earthquake in Solomon Island; from PHIVOLCS.
3 people dead, including child,and 5 others were injured, when 8.5 magnitude earthquake jolt in Solomon Island, tsunami has been issued.We pray the people in solomon were safe in the danger, God have mercy on them!
Here we again Hawaii under a tsunami watch cause Solomon Island got hit with a earth quake .
Tsunami warning along the shores of Japan due to the 8 point magnitude earthquake that hit today in the areas of Solomon Island . Hope everyone is safe.
Tsunami Alert up in some PH provinces after Solomon Island earthquake
CNN= An 8.0 magnitude earthquake strikes off Solomon Island that generates a 0.9 tsunami & damage dozens of houses. No casualties has been reported yet as I write this information.For more on these please tune in to CNN or Al Jazeera.
Solomon Island earthquake of 8.0 hopefully doesn't connect with my kid at Thursday Island, QLD not to far away! gr. can't connect with him on FB as he is so remote...mommy gr..
Tsunami warning to all the East cost areas in Japan. Due to the earthquake in Solomon Island this morning, we are expecting a small Tsunami arriving to the East Cost of Japan this evening. Please do not go near beaches after the dusk.
Those of you who subscribe to the NANCY BRADLEY PSYCHIC NEWSLETTER know she hit it right on the head again! 8.0 earthquake at Solomon Island, Feb. 5th, as predicted. To subscribe to the Newsletter and be the first to know go to: WWW.NANCYBRADLEY.ORG or ask for a subscription form at: nancybradley GREAT GOING AGAIN NANCY!
Aftershocks are still occuring in the Santa Cruz and Solomon Island areas. ~Aleisha~
Hi everyone warning! the Solomon Island is already destroyed by the 8.0 megnitude earthquake, look like the tsunami is going to hit our small paradise ( Tuvalu ) not a 100%, so we all pray to God to lookafter our people.
I guess we safe from the tsunami warning in the Solomon Island areas
Thinking of the Solomon Island villages wiped out by the earthquake today :(
Solomon Island had an earthquake, there's warning in some country that there;s tsunami coming to Philippines, Japan, Australia & other country. Hope & pray na di matuloy. Palau is under watch around 3.58 pm today. Lord please don't let it happen...
Nauru right in line of any potential tsunami from the Solomon Island earthquake. Don't think there's any higher ground there either. Hope OK
Honest mi jealous my small brother is having his air ticket now to fly to Bougainville n then to Solomon Island with her big sister Kirsty Saul. Hambak tupla blo Buin so Boarder blo PNG and Solomon Islands em tupla bossim.
This is a little promo video of the surf charter we took in the Solomon Island to film a short doco on surf travel.
It's on to Forest Grove MBC, Taylor, AR tonight! Excited to be sharing the Solomon Island work with them. News from Solomon's - Public schools may be closing soon due to lack of funds. Pray for the children and teachers.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Pacific Quotes at London Olympics By Matai Akauola in London 03 AUGUST 2012 LONDON (PACNEWS) - ‘Although we are small we are giving it a good go here.’ Tongan Crown Prince Tupouto’a Ulukalala sharing his thoughts on Pacific nations competing at the London Olympics. ‘I did my best I hope I did my country proud.’ 63rd ranked Fijian archer Robert Elder after narrowly losing to the world number two from Korea in their contest on Day 4 of Archery at Lord’s Cricket Ground in the London Olympics. ‘It was an experience of a lifetime.’ Palauan judoka Jennifer Louise Anson competing in her first Olympics. ‘My competition is good, I fight against one of the guys from MOZ, I don’t know which country.’ Solomon Island judoka Tony Lamo trying to work what MOZ stands for. Officials later told him that MOZ stands for Mozambique. ‘Now I know what’s expected when competing at this stage.’ Fijian weightlifter Manueli Tulo. ‘Tomorrow he starts his training again. There’s no rest.’ Fijian weig ...
Sheine Itsimaera Fiji should prepare for any possible earthquake and tsunami following an 8.1-magnitude earthquake which struck Solomon Island yesterday, killing 52 people and left thousands homeless. Fiji’s Mineral Development director, Malakai Finau urges the public to be prepared. Finau in a statement said earthquake and tsunami could not be predicted. The report was received through the Tsunami Information from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre in Hawaii. The earthquake originated at a depth of 22km (14 miles) and the epicenter was located at 39km South West of Honiara on the South Coast of Guandanal Island. By Ropate Valemei
Dropbox rocks, it makes sharing big files with Solomon Island and home super easy.
Latest news: We are scheduling appointments for August and September in central Arkansas after our return from the Solomon Island survey trip. We have several openings if you would like to hear a report just let me know. Also we have finished our DVD from ABA Video ministry. If you would like a copy drop me a line.
Solomon Island music. enjoy and share the solo vibes. If you want to download this song and more songs. Check out our website -
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