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Soldier Field

Soldier Field (formerly Municipal Grant Park Stadium) is located on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, Illinois, United States, in the Near South Side.

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FurBowl champs! 🏆 Always a good time with and friends at Soldier Field!
I mean she has 27 stadium dates + she will certainly add extra dates at the Rose Bowl, Soldier Field, Gillette Stad…
"More losses likely means lower attendance for Chicago down the stretch at Soldier Field... [the Bears] will host t…
The Soldier Field in Chicago was half empty today. Be careful we’re 65Million strong Con…
Nothin like the super bowl of the Midwest! Great first time at soldier field 🐻⬇️
Tell me again how isnt committing suicide by pandering to Hey NFL=> Bears Packers Game HALF EMPT…
This was John Fox’s most important game as head coach. . And it pretty much went as poorly as it possibly could. My co…
First Packers vs. Bears game in Soldier field with my love. Bears have let me down yet again (😒) but this man has gone above a…
Whoa! Half an hour before kickoff at Soldier Field 👇🏻. Thank you, America! 🇺🇸 😘.
Empty seats at Soldiers Field‼️Sorry NFL, we like r 🏈 & coffee laced with Patriotism. . https…
Prior to today's Bengals-Titans game in Nashville, former Kentucky Wildcat Wesley Woodyard led Tennessee onto the field a…
Hey NFL=> Game HALF EMPTY at Soldier Field In fairness to the it's…
Tell us the isn't working: . At the game, Soldier Field looks half empty!
This was a better win than you might think. Two reasons:. 1) Bears had been good at Soldier Field this season. They…
Per the Bears have been favored 6 times in John Fox’s 41 games as head coach. They are 0-6 in those games, 5 of th…
If NFL keeps doing what they’re doing, one day the Bears/Packers game will be half empty at Lambeau.
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Freezing rain, pack wins, how else would I pop my soldier field cherry lol. loving Chicago, so was de…
A year ago this would have been packed! But the NFL’s disrespect of our flag has ruined them. . Hey NFL=> Bears Packers Game…
Looks like patriots are winning of this storied rivalry only gets 50%. Only 50% left to go. Hey NFL=> Bears Packers Game H…
Veteran's weekend and some NFL players still took a knee.. unbelievable! Tons of no shows (…
I have found heaven...notice the astroturf at Hanson Field...this was the turf at Soldier Field for the ‘85 Bears..…
A Brief History of the Old Chicago Park District Administration Building at Soldier Field. (1939-2001)
December 31, 1988 Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Bears at Soldier Field was the original Fog Bowl
This happened to me years ago watching the Bears at Soldier's Field. We had to go to a nearby bar to watch the game on TV.
Well at least the Dolphins won but had a blast with this stud at Soldier Field!…
How about a Fog Horn? 📣📣📣📣 About as bad as the Ol' Fog Bowl at Soldier Field on 1988.
Visions of the Fog Bowl, Soldier Field, Dec. 31, 1988. You’re too young.
reminds me of this: Soldier Field, December 31, 1988.
As an attendee of the original Fog Bowl (at Soldier Field in 1988), this is NOTHING compared to that.
Seriously living the life right now, getting paid to watch the Bears play at soldier field
Senior Day at Soldier Field. Bears-Panthers will be starting at 1:15 p.m. 😊
Fog? This is nothing. I was at Soldier Field for the Fog Bowl playoff game Eagles vs Bears. That was real heavy fog…
"Does tonight's fog bring back nightmares of the Fog Bowl at Soldier Field and do you hold Doug Pederson responsible for that loss? 610-632"
Reminds of that playoff game at Soldier field in the 90’s
Panthers QB Cam Newton loosens up at Soldier Field. Maybe he should have been working on the game plan...
beginning to resemble that '88 Soldier Field fog game
This reminds me of the fog bowl game the played yrs ago at Soldier Field. Does anyone remember that game?
this is like the Fog Bowl at Soldier Field and the Patriots benefit from the Falcons failing on 4th down. 10-0
Loved my dose of local culture at Soldier Field today. observations to come.
Yeah soldier field is sold out every week no matter what. Looks like it's half full…
Reaching Bears fans at Soldier's Field today with
Former CB Peanut Tillman at Soldier Field talking to the fans.
2 young brothers at the protest at Soldier Field today related their frightening encounters w…
I know one stadium that’s never empty- Soldier Field when Chicago Bears are playing 🇺🇸🏈
What are the chances of someone on the internet being stupid & energetic enough to change von Moltke's advice
Soldier Field curse haunts Carolina Panthers - Carolina Panthers dropped their first road game of the season. U...
I've seen the Bears lose twice at Soldier Field!
Soldier Field is in better condition
I understand Soldier Field isn't the easiest to kick in but have to have som…
was trying to charge $195 trip from Soldier Field to Northbrook when it only cost 28 for us to get there.
Omg if was at Soldier Field, that means I'm halfway between him and origins. Need mor…
They’re 0-5 at Soldier Field for a reason now! LOL
Our School drumline is much better! 🥁 should try to get them to perform at Soldier Field as well! h…
A Sappers of 253 Field Company prepares to blow a bridge in Louvain and a soldier moments after one of the bridges…
WR Tanner Gentry and RB Christian McCaffrey talking football at Soldier Field
This is the ultimate Soldier Field tailgating vehicle. All the way from Canada.
Bears Game @ Soldier Field... in the rain. So much fun!
Engaged to this beauty here in Soldier Field. How about a shout out, ?
Eddie Jackson makes history as Bears beat Panthers at Soldier Field
Stock Market Report: Bears - When the Minnesota Vikings travel to Soldier Field to play the Bears, flat out wei...
Looking at Chicago, United States🇺🇸; It's 8:55 PM and 141 people are at Soldier Field! Phot…
Different vibe around Soldier Field as Mitchell Trubisky makes his NFL debut. It's hope, and the Bears have been missing it f…
According to google, this was Soldier Field in 1924 for the Army Navy game. This is a beautiful stadium.
It's 3-2 at Soldier Field. You read that right. 3-2 at Soldier. Not Wrigley.
The 14 best Grudenisms from Case Keenum night at Soldier Field (by
Had a blast at Soldier Field. fans were great, and the pulled it off!
I'm at Soldier Field in the fourth quarter of a tie game involving a bad Bears team and fans are still into it, going nuts.
Still awake? My story from Soldier Field on how Mitch Trubisky made a 128-yard effort in a 20-17 loss fun to watch
5 takeaways:. Soldier Field curse = real. Why did 8 start? Not healthy. Run game looked good. Keenum is a good leader. Forbath clutch.
Thank you for a great night! We didn’t win, but my first time to Soldier Field was fantastic for this lifelong Bears fan! 🐻⬇️
Vikings vs. Bears final, things to know: Minnesota Gets The Better of Soldier Field..for once. via
Tonight's sellout is the 280th consecutive at Soldier Field dating to Sept. 9, 1984.
“For them to not come out at SOLDIER FIELD! It’s DEDICATED to the I’m DONE with THEM!”. Fans On
It wasn't pretty, but the should never apologize for getting a win at Soldier Field. Also it's Duck, Duck, Grey Duck. Good night!
Big thanks to Darmin Serak of Pro Chauffeur Group for great job getting me from Wrigley Field after Cubs' W to Soldier Field before kickoff.
Soldier Field turf monster just struck again. This time taking down a toddler running inside the 10 yard line, postgame.
Keenum takes the reins, Vikings exit Soldier Field with 20-17 victory
This was me watching the new trailer at Soldier Field during MNF halftime
The Vikings have won at Soldier Field exactly three times since 2000. All of them have been by three points.
Comedic. Zim and Co faced more adversity and still wins 2 of the last 3 at Soldier Field. QB1 says he’s good, he is…
Stormtroopers on the field at halftime here at Soldier Field. Is one available to call offensive plays for the Bears in…
Soldier Field is the absolute worst venue to get out of and I've been to over 100 venues..
Guys, can't state this enough: When the *** was the last time you saw rally towels at Soldier Field in an October gam…
Plus the Bears always beat up the Vikings at Soldier Field. Doesn't matter how bad the Bears…
So you think a soldier should not retrieve as much data while I'm the battle field? What should they do then?
I have yet to see a soldier on soldiers field road
where the unknown soldier did not die. This is the field where grass joined hands. where no monument stands, 2/x
Glennon’s a good guy, but it’s not like we’re going to challenge with or without him. Beside…
I have seen counter snipers at Soldier Field in Chicago for some event. Can't remember which. I think they were local cops.
I'd be stunned at this point if Sam plays. On Soldier Field turf and a short week foll…
That's a dangerous hinge to base your hopes on. Soldier Field is a house of horrors fo…
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I saw them open up for the Rolling Stones in 97 or 98 at Soldier Field in Chicago.
ICYMI: Even knows the inability to beat the at Soldier Field is because of Aliens:
Zimmer is 1-2 at Soldier Field. Curse intact, unlike Sam, Teddy's, and Dalvin's knees.
And I was in the upper deck of Soldier Field, cracking jokes about Shea when he was subbed on. And then he scored 5 minutes later.
A soldier on a battle field is only one that comes to mind. Rest of these 2nd amendment clowns have never fired a s…
Awesome discussion with at the 20th Annual at Soldier Field this weekend! Wha…
I enjoyed celebrating the 20th Annual at Soldier Field this weekend! I briefly talked w/…
Grateful Dead Live at Soldier Field on 1995-07-08. Listen at the Internet Archive:
FUN MEDIA FACT: On this day in 1951 CBS-TV aired the first coast-to-coast telecast of a prize fight, broadcast from Soldier Field in Chicago
I’ll be watching it at at Soldier Field!! Time to watch Mitchell bring this team back.
My second property a 3 bdrm condo in the South Loop is a stone's throw from Soldier Field
A soldier is only as good as their intel. Gain the advantage with the WWII Field Manual:
That’s one of the best parts of going there! Soldier Field isn’t as great for tailgating as Areowhead.
Buffalo is a great place, excellent tailgates ! Agreed on Lambeau and Arrowhead...don't forget Heinz Field and Soldier Field.
For what it worth Ted Phillips is the one that made the decision about Tribisky. Same one that hired Fox and the remake of Soldier Field
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I got to see Jerry join Sting's set when the Dead did their 1993 Soldier Field gig.
That means soldier Field will have 22,000 empty seats...
And because this is Bears/Vikings at Soldier Field on MNF, they'll win by two scores.
Anything that was created and enhanced for the purpose of making a soldier,a more affective killing…
Great, a rookie QB against us at Soldier Field. It is like a Ouija board every *** time.
I know it’s only September, but on Xmas Eve at Soldier Field, & at Allstate on Xmas nig…
You mean other than basically anybody who knows how awful the Vikings are at Soldier Field?
Hey, they opened for Metallica in Soldier Field this summer.
hey! Please Dm me, Spice! Taking a tour of Soldier's Field on 13th. Have a serious question!!
At Soldier Field tonight and slipped into the visitor's locker room. Boiler Up !!! 🏈
Does anyone know if they do tours at Soldier Field?
i suspect that a previous Sec of Defense's definition of why a soldier has 'to die on the battle field' is different than mine
2 things going against us. MNF and Soldier Field. Lmao
For those wondering, getting in the door for Mitch debut will cost less than Game 3 of the NLDS. StubHub:
Ah yep i got it. I've hit a study wall and my brain isn't reading well atm. Well yeh none are, especially to Soldier Field
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This is a soccer stadium and still has a better All-22 view than Soldier Field...
Any of my Vikings people gonna be at Soldier Field for MNF??
At 6 on helps get us ready for Mitch-A-Palooza streaking into Soldier Field on MNF & Cubs-Nationals NLDS.
We’ll be lighting the night again this year in honor of Kevin Hansen. Please join us 10/21 at Soldier Field! Go to https:/…
He walked off the field like a soldier.
Had to spit in my face by throwing in the 07 Gold Cup final? Was a sad wee lad sitting in Soldier field n…
Please help him to find Soldier Field on Monday
100% agree. If this was a road game, I believe they may have held off longer. The pressure to never pu…
When Trubisky comes out for his first drive on Monday, I expect Soldier Field to break the decibel record or I'm gonna be disappointed..
Soldier Field will be rockin Monday night.
Very lucky. My 1st Dead Show was at Soldier Field/Jerry’s last show.
The ALL 22 angle at Soldier Field is the ugliest
In fifty seasons at Wrigley Field the Bears were 219-89-22. Soldier Field sat empty from 1959 to 1971 after the Cardinals left town.
show the clueless what it means to be an American. My column from Soldier Field:
IT'S GAME DAY! Here are five reasons why the are going to beat the today at Soldier Field!
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it's double complicated when the game is also being played at Soldier Field, a citizen-owned amenity.
Confusing AF. Just remember you play at SOLDIER Field.
The Steelers are protesting against Trump by sitting in the locker room during the national anthem @ Soldier Field against the Bears. ***
Temperature at kickoff expected to be 89 degrees at Soldier Field today. it's hot for
At Soldier Field covering the game with Dr Matthew Tate. Looking out for concussions.
Walking to Soldier Field with my wife and the flag.
last steelers game I ever attend... Pay for... Or watch. I'm done with the NFL. Soldier Field... Repre…
Disrespectful to the flag and soldier field smh
So the will not be on Soldier Field with today for today's anthem. SMH. Disappointed in whole Steeler org. today.
Where in the world is Nate Soldier? Not on the field for warmups and wasn't inactive.
Mike Glennon on cover of GameDay magazine today at Soldier Field.
You guys better be on the field for the National Anthem at "SOLDIER" Field today!
Shame on the for staying in the locker room during the anthem, and at Soldier Field no less. Unbelievable. Class…
The Steelers disrespecting soldier field and our anthem. Good call I'm done watching your product...that's my protest.
Confident of a Steeler win. Bears put Glennon on the tickets @ Soldier Field
So Villanueva and the rest of the team will not be on SOLDIER field for the Anthem. Totally disrespect to our vets!
Having fun at Soldier Field with my flag.
They’re really gonna skip the anthem at Soldier
First time at Soldier Field, Steelers at Bears. Temp: 85 degrees. They tell me this is not…
Can't make it to Soldier Field today? We've got you covered. . HOW TO WATCH/LISTEN:
Hopefully Bears players will ALL be standing for the anthem. Show some respect at Soldier Field!
you do realize you're at SOLDIER field and this is where you chose to skip the national anthem. Not very respectful.
Pittsburgh Steelers: ▶ Antonio Brown wears floral tuxedo as he arrives at Soldier Field to face Bears (ESPN)
.Cameron Heyward, Antonio Brown and Artie Burns warm up before the Bears game at Soldier Field.
Can't believe the are going to sit out the anthem at SOLDIER field . Completely ignorant .
Did anyone there discuss that Soldier Field is a war memorial?
At least they are on Soldier Field today, right?
*** of a move to pull at Soldier Field
It’s awful because there playing in Soldier Field too...
In other news the Pittsburgh Steelers are 1-11 in their last twelve trips to Soldier field. So there's that...
And to make it even more f’ed up...they are playing on SOLDIER FIELD!!😡 .
I guess the name Soldier Field will have to be changed now because it offends someone.
Talked about this on Fridays show, Soldier Field is gonna be very conducive to Ben audibling & being comfortable pr…
Report: won't participate in National Anthem today --
Don't think the thought this one through. Not coming out for the National Anthem on at Soldier…
Missi and Tunch give you an update from Soldier Field in Chicago.
Are you going to update fans on how Cowardly & his players are desecrating Anthem, USA in SOLDI…
are playing at SOLDIER field, a memorial to US soldiers who died in war, and are "skipping the national anthem" Classy.
First time at Soldier Field. Here we go Steelers!
They are at the Chicago Bears stadium called Soldier Field and won’t be out for the national anthem…
NOTE: The entire team staying in the locker room for the anthem and at a venue named Soldier Field. This will get some atte…
I hadn't thought about the extra optics of being in soldier field. Interesting to see if t…
Referee Clete Blakeman, a former Nebraska QB, and his crew are handling from Soldier Field.
Pittsburgh Steelers Antonio Brown makes his way to the locker room at Soldier Field in Chicago.
More than 100 protesters came out to Soldier Field Chicago
Kaepernick rally scheduled for Soldier Field on Sunday
I saw *** poor Quarterback play at Soldier Field today. Glennon holds on to the ball way too long.
On the road at soldier field. I'll take it.
Watching the soldier field U2 Joshua tree show on YouTube. Feeling young and old simultaneously.
This got the biggest roar of the first half at Soldier Field. It was topped by the final drive that came so close.
Leftist radicals are focused on getting anti-America millionaire Colin Kaepernick yet another paycheck.
Bears WR Kevin White was seen with his shoulder wrapped and his arm in a sling as he left Soldier Field, per NFL Networ…
I will not be a soldier in imaginary wars, but I will die on the battle field of our great injustices.
Bears can't seize upset chance, stomach disappointing 23-17 loss to FalconsZach Miller made the Bears' final catch Sunday at Soldier Field.…
announce 61,857 tix distributed. 56,990 at Soldier Field on this gorgeous afternoon.
I remember when a selfie on the day of the Bears' home field opener would be taken at Soldier…
just saw the GM pic congrats was guna go ended up finishing up Soldier field had to work late but that's awesome
Mike Glennon was what the asked him to be Sunday. My column from Soldier Field:
Leave it up to HC Dan Quinn to help us break the cycle of losing in Soldier field.
Hey champ I got this made from my friends at Soldier Field Bears pro store! Let's make it a great s…
Hey big guy great game today! Definitely a lot to build off of going further into the season! Was exciti…
Bear Down and... duck!. recalls why a 2015 trip to Soldier Field assured he'll never kick for the
Ran into the official cheering section at Soldier Field
And last, but not least, 4) the all-22 film for Soldier Field is ABYSMAL.
So now supporters of Colin are staging protests at NFL games? Enough of this guy!
About the only thing worth watching during today's game was the national anthem by
*** ..scared to get too excited about what's developing in Soldier Field...but w Cutler gone I'm not expecting automat…
Soldier Field 10 Mile race in Chicago, Illinois. I didn't think I'd ever be able to run 10 miles. But I did it and……
Ending to loss to Falcons is familiar. Evidence of progress isn't. Entertaining day at Soldier Field. Column
The Bears don't own Soldier Field. The city does.
I thought you left the Gabbert jersey in the seats of Soldier Field last year?
.got the 5th largest ovation from the Soldier Field crowd. Many happy to see the former '85 Bear legend.
Had a seven year old Bears fan stop me on the way out of Soldier Field to say, "Make sure to take care of Green Bay fo…
2 Chicago bars are boycotting the NFL until Colin Kaepernick gets signed via
And Soldier Field has it's first turf monster sighting this season.
First tackle of the year by the Soldier Field Turf Monster. Start of another productive season for him.
Fun fact: the last time the won at Soldier Field, the Falcons Radio announcers were Brad Nessler and
Chicago rally begins at Roosevelt and Michigan Aves @ 10 am Sunday vs
"The secret's out" : have a true "game-breaker" in rookie RB Tarik Cohen. My column from Soldier Field:
This is far from an original thought, but the Bears absolutely HAVE to do something to fix Soldier Field's playing sur…
Chicagoans plan to rally for Colin Kaepernick at Bears opener
Soldier Field ready for the Bears game tomorrow on Ch 20 Broncos Tonight Special Edition
I get in a round of Overwatch before work. Grillmaster Soldier puts down the healing field. "Team!" He shouts. "Drink up here!"
Not all books are read! Explore 'On Not Reading The Soldier’s Pocket-book for Field Service' for
You mean you don't like the green-painted dirt in FedEx Field or Soldier Field?
With regard to the future of Fratton park Mr Eisner should consider what the Chicago Bears did with Soldier Field
"German boys! German girls! Three cheers for our Reich President, Field Marshal von Hindenburg, the great soldier & leader of the World War:
On Aug. 17 at 8:30 p.m. CT, Coldplay’s Chicago Soldier Field show will be available for viewing in real time in over…
NEWS: Additional tickets just released for at Soldier Field [liveNation]
Excited to watch my buddy, play against the Bears at Soldier Field on Thursday night!…
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I can't wait to finally see them in concert at Soldier Field!!! My dream come true.
soldier 76's new skin uses a diet soda can for the base of it's Biotic Field
and are readying to broadcast ’s live in virtual reality from Chicago’s S…
Samsung & Live Nation are readying to broadcast live in VIRTUAL REALITY from Chicago’s Soldier Field. 👾
Bear Down Did you know insured the construction of Soldier Field in 1924?
NEWS: Coldplay's show at Soldier Field to be streamed live on Samsung's VR channel
The Bears today hold a closed walk-through ahead of Thursday's preseason opener at Soldier Field.
32 years ago tonight Bruce Springsteen rocked Soldier Field. Thanks to the bootleggers rolling their tapes we will…
Me too!!! Got tickets for the Falcon/Bears at Soldier Field the next day.😎
Having our own Battle of the Paddle inside Soldier Field. We still can't agree who won but I think it was me…
Thanks to all the fans for coming out to today! Had a fun time at Soldier Field!
Same banner at Soldier field Bears vs Titans 2017.
Soldier's new skin has a diet soda can for his biotic field via /r/Overwatch
It was an amazing experience with a great game against Thanks to all the fans for your suppor…
The Taft cheerleaders are ready for the season to begin! First football game is August 25 at 1 pm at Soldier field! http…
Masters of "Field kitchen" for days off have fed with soldier's porridge about 10 thousand v...…
"That there's some corner of a foreign field. That is for ever England.". The Soldier - Rupert Brooke
Army, university stretch battery life for GPS gear, mobile phones, field laptops
Take it for what it's worth. A peek at today's snapshot at Soldier Field.
headed to Soldier Field for first time since Xmas Eve game you've tried to forget. 8 camp observations here:
We've got the best images you'll see from today's events at Soldier Field. 📷:
Country Music Fact Today in 2015: Sam Hunt shows up during Taylor Swift's concert at Soldier Field in Chicago.
Not to be too parochial but nobody can tell me that Lions didn't benefit from Soldier Field tonight. I…
For those who saw Metallica at Soldier Field. Here is the live concert download! They sound so good on the live…
My deepest condolences to the family and friends of Mitchell Henry. You were always a soldier on n off the field. Rip & thank you 🙏🙏🙏
A French soldier gets soup from the field kitchen during the 2nd battle of the Aisne, France. . Autochrome by Fernand Cuv…
I have asthma & am colorblind. Major hindrances to being a good field soldier. I'm not complai…
My son is already 1/2 Asian, Chuche. Assumptions kill. 😂. See you out there on the field, soldier. Hop…
Setting the stage for the and concert at Soldier Field in Chicago for the Warrior Game…
Hope and enjoyed the beautiful Soldier Field tonight 👍🏻
one correction. Blake Shelton concert tomorrow is at soldier field, not wrigley :-). I'll be there!!
Can't wait to c u tomorrow at Soldier Field
And we're underway for the second 45 here at Soldier Field
Looking at the line at this United Center bar, I'm glad I got beer when I did. Still better than Soldier Field though!
Places tourists rarely go. Most spend their time between Soldier Field and Navy Pier.
Better chance of getting those tickets for Soldier field though.
We are live at Soldier Field at RSU soccer complex! Kickoff is a few short minutes away!
so jealous of seeing the ZooTV tour. I saw the Pop Mart tour at Soldier Field, but it wasn't near the production
The pitch is ready, come out and see us! RSU's soldier field
Chicago! Joining us tomorrow for the gig at Soldier Field? Visit the FAQ for all show related answers!
If you want to attend the opening ceremony of the Warrior Games at Soldier Field
Where the battle rages, there the loyalty of the soldier is proved. Not at the edge of the field. Martin Luther
Tomorrow at Soldier Field, catch a full concert from & to kick off
Photo Gallery and Recap: Metallica with Avenged Sevenfold and Local H at Soldier Field -
Know of grown adult soldier got circumcised after being deployed cause staying clean in the field was difficult. No joke.
I don't know why I never realized that soldier field looks like a spaceship
Took this picture after seeing at Soldier Field back in September, 2009. Great show! Psyched to see them rock…
all day shows at Soldier Field. One I remember was Derringer/UFO/Seger/Frampton. When Frampton went teenybopper.
I am encouraged by President Moon's assurances that he will work to level the playing field for American workers, busi…
within 2 weeks KC will have played AT&T Park and Soldier Field all without being in a promo cycle. that's weird and awesome. 😃
"There's no end to grief, because there's no end to love." ~Bono, June 4, 2017, Soldier Field, Chicago, IL
I regret not seeing U2 at Soldier Field last month 😕
Hey brainless disc jockey at already played soldier field.
Dog, when I went to Soldier Field to catch the Skins/Bears game this year the entire stadium runs ou…
Smart move by Northwestern. Playing ND at Soldier Field is like a road game for them. It will be…
Sure there are songs I like. I just have never joined in the love fest. When they were at Soldier Field the Deadheads annoyed me.
Gotta brush up on my songs!! Can't wait to see him tomorrow at Soldier Field with and
Kelly Clarkson. Blake Shelton. Tomorrow July 1 at the opening ceremony at Soldier Field…
It was mad litty! July 22 we at Soldier field for opening for
Kasi medical field din ako and a hot soldier is just so ideal. right? Cheret .
61 years ago today, won @ Soldier Field, 1956. Photo not from race.
Heading to soldier field for bears-packers game. Looking for a great game and to stay warm.
Nah. In previous trips they've sold out Soldier Field in Chicago and Michigan Stadium - 61,5…
Leaving CA feels like leaving a soldier in the field. It doesn't feel right jumping ship and leaving this beautiful pla…
1st concert of the summer ✔️ put on a show for a packed house at Soldier Field
So glad I caught this show. Eliza asked me last night, "You're still on a Metallica high, aren't you?". Absolutely.
Metallica was at Soldier Field last night and I missed it and I hate myself.
All American, beer in one hand hotdog in the other. Metallica til death. @ Soldier Field
I think it's hilarious that all the people I know who made fun on me for listening to Metallica in 1984 were at the Soldier Field show. I s…
This just in, an EBC fan show at Soldier Field tonight! Thanks for sending
Metallica concert at soldier field tn is about to be the highest concentration of dads in one place in the history of t…
12 weeks from now, the Bears will be kicking off their 2017 NFL season against the Falcons at Soldier Field.
Soldier Field LOVES My 11th show and the BEST yet!! An unbelievable evening in Chicago. Please come bac…
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