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Soldier Field

Soldier Field (formerly Municipal Grant Park Stadium) is located on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, Illinois, United States, in the Near South Side.

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Me too!!! Got tickets for the Falcon/Bears at Soldier Field the next day.😎
Having our own Battle of the Paddle inside Soldier Field. We still can't agree who won but I think it was me…
Thanks to all the fans for coming out to today! Had a fun time at Soldier Field!
Same banner at Soldier field Bears vs Titans 2017.
Soldier's new skin has a diet soda can for his biotic field via /r/Overwatch
It was an amazing experience with a great game against Thanks to all the fans for your suppor…
The Taft cheerleaders are ready for the season to begin! First football game is August 25 at 1 pm at Soldier field! http…
Masters of "Field kitchen" for days off have fed with soldier's porridge about 10 thousand v...…
"That there's some corner of a foreign field. That is for ever England.". The Soldier - Rupert Brooke
Army, university stretch battery life for GPS gear, mobile phones, field laptops
Take it for what it's worth. A peek at today's snapshot at Soldier Field.
headed to Soldier Field for first time since Xmas Eve game you've tried to forget. 8 camp observations here:
We've got the best images you'll see from today's events at Soldier Field. 📷:
Country Music Fact Today in 2015: Sam Hunt shows up during Taylor Swift's concert at Soldier Field in Chicago.
Not to be too parochial but nobody can tell me that Lions didn't benefit from Soldier Field tonight. I…
For those who saw Metallica at Soldier Field. Here is the live concert download! They sound so good on the live…
Update your maps at Navteq
My deepest condolences to the family and friends of Mitchell Henry. You were always a soldier on n off the field. Rip & thank you 🙏🙏🙏
A French soldier gets soup from the field kitchen during the 2nd battle of the Aisne, France. . Autochrome by Fernand Cuv…
I have asthma & am colorblind. Major hindrances to being a good field soldier. I'm not complai…
My son is already 1/2 Asian, Chuche. Assumptions kill. 😂. See you out there on the field, soldier. Hop…
Setting the stage for the and concert at Soldier Field in Chicago for the Warrior Game…
Hope and enjoyed the beautiful Soldier Field tonight 👍🏻
one correction. Blake Shelton concert tomorrow is at soldier field, not wrigley :-). I'll be there!!
Can't wait to c u tomorrow at Soldier Field
And we're underway for the second 45 here at Soldier Field
Looking at the line at this United Center bar, I'm glad I got beer when I did. Still better than Soldier Field though!
Places tourists rarely go. Most spend their time between Soldier Field and Navy Pier.
Better chance of getting those tickets for Soldier field though.
We are live at Soldier Field at RSU soccer complex! Kickoff is a few short minutes away!
so jealous of seeing the ZooTV tour. I saw the Pop Mart tour at Soldier Field, but it wasn't near the production
The pitch is ready, come out and see us! RSU's soldier field
Chicago! Joining us tomorrow for the gig at Soldier Field? Visit the FAQ for all show related answers!
If you want to attend the opening ceremony of the Warrior Games at Soldier Field
Where the battle rages, there the loyalty of the soldier is proved. Not at the edge of the field. Martin Luther
Tomorrow at Soldier Field, catch a full concert from & to kick off
Photo Gallery and Recap: Metallica with Avenged Sevenfold and Local H at Soldier Field -
Know of grown adult soldier got circumcised after being deployed cause staying clean in the field was difficult. No joke.
I don't know why I never realized that soldier field looks like a spaceship
Took this picture after seeing at Soldier Field back in September, 2009. Great show! Psyched to see them rock…
all day shows at Soldier Field. One I remember was Derringer/UFO/Seger/Frampton. When Frampton went teenybopper.
I am encouraged by President Moon's assurances that he will work to level the playing field for American workers, busi…
within 2 weeks KC will have played AT&T Park and Soldier Field all without being in a promo cycle. that's weird and awesome. 😃
"There's no end to grief, because there's no end to love." ~Bono, June 4, 2017, Soldier Field, Chicago, IL
I regret not seeing U2 at Soldier Field last month 😕
Hey brainless disc jockey at already played soldier field.
Dog, when I went to Soldier Field to catch the Skins/Bears game this year the entire stadium runs ou…
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Smart move by Northwestern. Playing ND at Soldier Field is like a road game for them. It will be…
Sure there are songs I like. I just have never joined in the love fest. When they were at Soldier Field the Deadheads annoyed me.
Gotta brush up on my songs!! Can't wait to see him tomorrow at Soldier Field with and
Kelly Clarkson. Blake Shelton. Tomorrow July 1 at the opening ceremony at Soldier Field…
It was mad litty! July 22 we at Soldier field for opening for
Kasi medical field din ako and a hot soldier is just so ideal. right? Cheret .
61 years ago today, won @ Soldier Field, 1956. Photo not from race.
Heading to soldier field for bears-packers game. Looking for a great game and to stay warm.
Nah. In previous trips they've sold out Soldier Field in Chicago and Michigan Stadium - 61,5…
Leaving CA feels like leaving a soldier in the field. It doesn't feel right jumping ship and leaving this beautiful pla…
1st concert of the summer ✔️ put on a show for a packed house at Soldier Field
So glad I caught this show. Eliza asked me last night, "You're still on a Metallica high, aren't you?". Absolutely.
Metallica was at Soldier Field last night and I missed it and I hate myself.
All American, beer in one hand hotdog in the other. Metallica til death. @ Soldier Field
I think it's hilarious that all the people I know who made fun on me for listening to Metallica in 1984 were at the Soldier Field show. I s…
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This just in, an EBC fan show at Soldier Field tonight! Thanks for sending
Metallica concert at soldier field tn is about to be the highest concentration of dads in one place in the history of t…
12 weeks from now, the Bears will be kicking off their 2017 NFL season against the Falcons at Soldier Field.
Soldier Field LOVES My 11th show and the BEST yet!! An unbelievable evening in Chicago. Please come bac…
No metal band should ever be polite or tame. But the once-mighty Metallica were at Soldier Field. My Trib review:
Sorta want bassnectar to have a show at soldier field but also sorta want him to have a show at Navy Pier 🌚
That is definitely concert I'll never forget. You could say, the Memory Remains @ Soldier Field
Soldier Field was rockin' Sunday night at a sold-out Metallica show. It was the 1st time the band has played there.
Who saw this flyer showed off last night at Soldier Field? We hosted them on their first Chicago show al…
I'm just REALLY upset that I missed Metallica at Soldier Field yesterday 😫😭
Word on the Streets They blew up Soldier Field so it was Shaking Voom
Metallica can still make a ruckus, but its boring Soldier Field show proved it's now a shadow of itself. Review:…
Rote, boring Metallica a shadow of itself at Soldier Field - Chicago Tribune
Metallica was a shadow of itself Sunday night at Soldier Field. Review (via
I think it scared me so much that it got my adrenaline pumping. I think it's a mama bird. Lives near t…
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Chicago! Heading out to the gig today at Soldier Field? Use the hashtag and you might be featured on
"Metallica Loves Chicago" last words of James after Enter Sandman. Great fireworks at Soldier Field
Soldier Field has been severely rocked.. MEGA!! What a way to end the leg!!
Soldier Field on Look who it is sitting next to me pop sensation Taylor Dane.
U2 is still searching for answers at "Joshua Tree.” Review of last night’s show at Soldier Field from
at Soldier Field: Still searching for answers at 'Joshua Tree'
George Halas had not been a fan of Soldier Field. League "semi-forced" Bears to leave Wrigley and move to Soldier in 1971.
Soldier Field was massive for the time, the Bears played in Wrigley for 50 years. The AFL-NFL merger…
Why did the Bears play at Wrigley 'til 1970 when Soldier Field was available?
Come visit us at the Chicago Beer Classic at Soldier Field! We're pouring our 4.7% Zephyr Golden Lager and 5.0% Aur…
" It was an honor to wear the Bears uniform and play quarterback at Soldier Field for my favorite childhood team.". -…
Lmao, Antrel Rolle trying to warn Demps about that Soldier Field pasture and Halas Hall facilities before he visits…
Dr. Martin Luther King makes a speech at the 'Illinois Rally for Civil Rights' at Soldier Field in Chicago, June 21, 1…
Unforgiven packages are still available at Soldier Field -- give it another try!
The major issue with Chicago is the Park District running Soldier Field.
Hamilton Collection
For any fans, this concert at Chicago's Soldier Field is the same weekend as the Cards play at
Closed due to accident in on Lk Shore Dr NB between Soldier Field and Roosevelt Rd
That Stadium Series game against Pittsburgh at Soldier Field was effing amazing though. That snowy atmosphere was perfect for hockey.
are they still using St. Louis rams stadium for anything? Chicago's Soldier Field is still probably the best for Iowa
Did the Packers think Matt Barkley was good? Well, kind of. Story from Soldier Field:
Check out some great - photos from a chilly Soldier Field:
Soldier Field was charging $12 for hot cocoa. Insane. Good thing was close to Soldier Field after the game.
Cold weather equipment issues at Soldier Field this afternoon.
It was a fun day with friends in and around Soldier Field.
I'm so glad I pushed off my Packers-Bears game at Soldier Field resolution until next year. Hopefully it will be earlier in the season! 💚💛💚💛
5°F in Chicago. Expecting temps to remain between 0°F and 5°F thru evening before crashing below zero. Soldier Field will b…
great defense today!! Loved seeing you play live at Soldier Field. Your D got the O going.
Frosty air during the Packers game at Soldier Field on Sunday.
I love it when Aaron Rodgers throws a last drive bomb at Soldier Field in December
I hope you're keeping warm and it looked beyond frigid when I saw Soldier Field on tv this morning!
I've waited 25 years to hear "Bear Down Chicago Bears" at Soldier Field. So, today was pretty…
With frigid temperatures in Chicago today, concessionaire Aramark says it expects to sell 12,000 cups of hot chocolate at…
Good news for many--- bears soldier field might be coldest place in Chicago (plus all that losing)
Temperature at kickoff in Chicago today will feel like -6, should rival coldest game at Soldier Field (Bears-Packers, 200…
.WIN vs. 30-27 after Rodgers to Nelson bomb, Crosbyfield goal:
All has been talking about since I moved was seeing at Soldier Field. Today my eyeballs froze but…
Browns will play the Bears next year at Soldier Field. Maybe they will have won a game by then.
Soldier Field surface looks good 90 minutes before Bears-Packers, but tough day to be sideline reporter https…
An incorrect temperature reading at Soldier Field.
BEARing the cold with the boyfriend ❄️🐻 @ Soldier Field- Chicago Bears Football
seeing that 60-yard play live at Soldier Field was an incredible moment.
You remember that, right? That's where they beat the Bears in the NFC title game at Soldier Field.
Sunday with my son in the sunshine. @ Soldier Field
Apparently today's Chicago Bears game will be the coldest in Soldier Field history if the temperature drops below 2 degrees htt…
Live shot of Bears and Packers fans headed to Soldier Field.
Breaking hearts at Soldier Field:. 2013, Rodgers to Cobb. 2016, Rodgers to Nelson
Huge win at Soldier Field today! PackNation was so loud in there that it felt like a home game!! Let's keep it going!!…
Anybody also freeze their toes off at the game today? @ Soldier Field
Planned on standing the whole game at soldier field until a guy behind me offered me a beer to sit down.
Frigid conditions at Soldier Field 'not a factor' during Bears-Packers game
Offering some perspective on Aaron Rodgers’ latest dagger at Soldier Field: Go easy on Cre’Von LeBlanc. Column:
Un"BEAR"able! Or are you braving the cold today and heading to soldier field?! Stay warm & safe! "Weather The Odds"
I am 2-0 when at Soldier Field. Both times ending on game winning plays. Today and a couple years ago Rodgers to Cobb on 4th Down
The thermometer at Soldier Field will read 3° today to honor of each of the Bears victories this season.
That pesky Aaron Rodgers has a thing for snowy Soldier Field moments.
With beat-up squad, tied at 1 minute mark, Rodgers to Nelson for the 60-yard dagger at Soldier Field! great start to the week
It's 4 degrees here in Chicago. Coldest game ever at Soldier Field was 2 degrees. I'm going to be annoyed if we don't b…
Not a record, but Bears-Packers temp still frigid at 11 degrees
What did the Packers think about the way Matt Barkley rallied the Bears? Story from Soldier Field by
Br down: 10 coldest Bears games at Soldier Field - Chicago Tribune
Soldier Field freeze - the Bears' history of arctic games
it's an older venue, but it's classic. Would be like tearing down Fenway or Wrigley or Lambeau or Soldier Field.
Not the stressful game I anticipated!! So ready (or not) for PACKERS V BEARS, Dec 18 @ Soldier Field! Let it...
Jordan Howard of the Chicago Bears runs against the San Francisco 49ers at Soldier Field on...
Group urges Kaepernick to stand during national anthem at Soldier Field on Sunday...
Critics call on Colin Kaepernick to stand for the national anthem at Soldier Field...
Que the Hugh Douglas on Jim Miller Murder at Soldier Field: "I saw him running towards the ball so I jacked his *** up."
Trying to visit Soldier Field, United Center, and Wrigley Field tomorrow.
Must do: Marine Corps Marathon, Run the Bluegrass, Des Moines Marathon (great finish line food), Soldier Field 10 Miler.
Not just for football. Ireland-New Zealand's attendance at Soldier Field is an announced 62,300 — largest ever for rugby in Amer…
IRTV: Tunnel Cam from Soldier Field - the build up, the tension, the joy.
Thanks to the 62,300 fans who joined us at Soldier Field today to create one of the largest rugby audiences ever in the US! 🏉…
Raise a glass to Irish Rugby beating the AB's fantastic effort Soldier Field or Lansdowne Road for the 6N?
A huge thank you to the supporters in Soldier Field today. It was for the
Stunner at Soldier Field!. Ireland beats New Zealand for 1st time, snapping All Blacks' record run of 18 straight wins with a 40-…
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Soldier Field is being blessed by the presence of the greatest athletes in the world. Chicago Bears 10-6 confirmed.
Now Playing, The Dead — Shakedown Street (Live at Soldier Field) from Fare Thee Well- Celebrating 50 Years of the Grateful Dead
What a stadium Soldier Field is. Crazy weather in Chicago. 10 mins until kick off. live on eir Sport 2!…
New Zealand All Blacks headline rugby match at Soldier Field via
No different than Soldier Field. Apparently can't grow grass well in Chicago.
- Young Soldier by Kiss The Blade on - Buy it
It’s time for heroes to emerge in the battle of Soldier Field. via
If he comes off Soldier Field in one piece today and ready to back up next weekend…
Soldier Field, Chicago, where the All Blacks play this morning, is a place where…
Is the crew that 'maintains' Soldier Field the same one the does Ryan Field? Looks like a freaking sandlot. Be better
My new condo across the street from Soldier Field
excellent result well dine Naas on route to soldier field two victories to match the Cubs what a week
If you want a good laugh, read the official uni response. Press officer clearly been reading The Good Soldier Svejk
Today is the day! ✔watching my live-in-person at Soldier Field. Meeting giants afterward. Pre-Party was legit.
I am loving the new album Walls.great listening leading up to game against All Blacks at Soldier Field
Overheard on the train by two young girls. "Oh that's where the Bulls play." We passed Soldier Field. 😑
it's a long way from Chicago to Lansdowne Road! Soldier Field here I come!
My sister just hooked me up with tickets to this sold out rugby game at soldier field. New Zealand All Blacks vs Ireland
Ireland V New Zealand All Blacks today at Soldier Field. South Shore train is full this morning. Fans with PBR for breakfast.
Be sure to watch NZ All Blacks take on Ireland tonight 8pm live from Soldier Field. Game will be on NBCSports
After a light run-out on the Soldier Field pitch yesterday, Ireland captain…
There'll be a minutes applause for Anthony Foley before tomorrow's game at Soldier Field, as the Irish players stand in a f…
Super excited to see take on at Soldier Field today. We Chicago Irish are ready to
Spare ticket for Soldier Field if anyone stuck? Face value, naturally (Plus sales tax, handling fee and cost of general incidentals.)
Wishing both teams good luck in the All Blacks vs. Ireland match today at Soldier Field!
Meeting up with a big crew before enjoying the ABs and Ireland at Soldier Field.
Help any of the 60,000 spectators going to Soldier Field today find your Club's tailgate party by commenting on this post with the location.
Pretty awesome. Members of the in town for a match tomorrow at Soldier Field, caught the parade today.
$5 Guinness and Smithwicks as we watch Ireland take on New Zealand today at 3pm from Soldier Field, Chicago! Let's…
are you running a valet outside soldier field for the huge Rugby match today?
Rugby & are coming to Soldier Field on 11/5. Join us and and register to become an...
Cannot wait to attend my first New Zealand All Blacks game at Soldier Field today 🏉😛 thanks to a great teammate!
FDR campaigning for 4th term at Soldier Field, Chicago, tonight 1944:
fans just passed by this Halloween decoration at Soldier Field, said Cutler seeing pass rush coming towards him wa…
Since 2001, the Vikings are 2-14 against the Bears in Soldier Field, the 2 wins (last year 23-20)(34-31, 2007) both wins last second fgs
Monday night on Halloween at soldier field vs the vikings with Cutler back?? Guaranteed Bears win
Less than three minutes before kickoff and it looks like a of fans dressed up as navy blue seats for Halloween at Sold…
😈 all tied up 🏈 💨 better than a loss, see ya next week @ Soldier Field
one game, I kinda expected it. Vikings have never been good at Soldier Field. The last 16 games speaks for itself.
Bears vs Vikings in Soldier Field, Chicago. A mixed reaction for QB Jay Cutler on his entrance. Incredible location…
Don't you hate it when you dress as an empty seat for Halloween only to show up at Soldier Field where so many have the same…
what are you doing at Soldier Field?
New Soldier Field has nothing on the original with the weird colored seats they had in the 80s. I also don't consider it…
Dressing like the legend at Soldier Field. Good times!
Hey . You were doing a Michael Jackson dance in our live shot from Soldier Field!
Soldier field was another great experience... This facility stands the test of time
in 2014, the faced USA at Soldier Field in Chicago. This weekend they return to take on Ireland.
What is with Soldier Field and Jay Cutler against the Vikings anyway?. Can someone explain how Cutler is Football Jesus vs the Vikes at home?
My first game and what a great one it was! 🏈 @ Soldier Field
Go Cubs Go at Soldier Field was pretty good too
Really happy with a GIF I did tonight that I can't use because of the gigantic dump the Vikings took at Soldier Field
Cool gesture at Soldier Field. They're playing "Go Cubs Go" as fans exit
So, that win was wholly unexpected... @ Soldier Field
My dad and brother,are out at Soldier Field. I'm at work with these guys for Shock the world, h…
good call. They never play good at soldier field
you have like three soldier field wins in near 20 years. They just suck there for whatever reason
I'm more interested to see attendance at Soldier Field. USA v NZ was a sellout there. NFL sized crowd.
Bears finish off a 20-10 win and they crank up "Go Cubs Go!" on the Soldier Field sound system.
MISSING PERSONS REPORT: The entire offense of the Minnesota Vikings. Last seen on Oct 9. If found please return to Sold…
"Go Cubs Go" blasting through the speakers at Soldier Field after the victory.
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"Here at Soldier Field, fans leaving in a good mood for the first time in a while" 💀 that's sad..
Men's soccer plays Newman at 2:30 p.m. in a key Heartland Conference matchup at Soldier Field.
Coldplay is heading back to Soldier Field next summer.
Man charged with running onto Soldier Field in gorilla suit and "All Lives Matter" shirt at Bears game
Anquan Boldin of the Detroit Lions is hit by Cre'von LeBlanc of the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field...
From Soldier Field, John Timu discusses his big tackle for loss and more from the Bears’ defense
Once upon the time. A soldier was in a battle field fighting against the enemies. Their side was overpowered and...
I just heard one of my cats vomit... but now I can't find it. . So this is what it feels like to be a soldier in a fiel…
Person in gorilla suit, 'All lives matter' shirt runs on the field during game:
John Timu and the boys racked up another win at Soldier Field and I was there:
Dankest Timeline: Black "White Supremacist" Runs on to Soldier Field Dressed as Harambe wearing All Lives Ma…
NOTE. Mexico will not play next Tuesday's friendly vs. Panama in Soldier Field; game will take place in Toyota Park!
No animal experimentation: Let's close the Field of Ageing Centre for Stem!
A man dressed as a gorilla ran onto Soldier Field. He got pummeled by security.
And the back of his shirt said what?
Also Breaking; *** in gorilla suit was tackled around the 45-yard line and is now being led into the bowels of Soldier Fiel…
"Fan wearing gorilla suit arrested after storming Soldier Field"
Brian Hoyer is a good backup quarterback. That’s it. Column from Soldier Field:
soldier field is awesome on game day forget Taylor swift
Still a cutler MVP believer and it starts tonight on primetime at soldier field
Superb atmosphere at Soldier Field last night. Chicago fans really do get behind their teams.
The Eagles go into Soldier Field and win with a rookie QB in primetime
You have a right to be as stupid and offensive as you would like to be. Doing this in Soldier Field just makes you especial…
Malcolm Jenkins stands with a fist raised during the national anthem before Eagles-Bears at Soldier Field:
Only if you ignore the Black Power Salute at Soldier Field.
The Bears are now 1-8 at home under John Fox and have their first six-game home losing streak since 1997.
in a few hours with at Soldier Field, Da Bears desperate for a win to kick start their season
Huge fire at pallet factory on west side last night. Not to be confused with dumpster fire at Soldier field.
This program isn't to be confused with what's taking place at Soldier Field
Good night Soldier Field, it was ugly but it was fun! Hope to be back for on Halloween
In case you went to sleep early, the Eagles beat the Chicago Bears 29-14 at Soldier Field in Chicago to move to 2-0.
Only 1 rookie QB has won a road game at Soldier Field in the last 15 seasons. Carson Wentz aims to be the 2nd tonight (8…
Eagles players join anthem protest at Soldier Field
Wentz and Eagles move to 2-0 after claiming solid road victory at…
Security on high alert at Soldier Field ahead of Bears game - WLS-TV
Jay Cutler's last 16 games at Soldier Field he is 3-13. Yikes.
For John Fox:. 50 years ago: MLK Jr.'s speech at Soldier Field, march to City Hall with demands for Daley
Talking at 7 with and trying to get a handle on how bad last night's Trestmanesque moment was at Soldier Field.
it's sickening, and they'll pack Soldier Field no matter what
Battleship Bay & Soldier's Field is some of my favorite places to be in the game.
Last night the announcers on talked about how John Fox's dad was a decorated SEAL, and how the Bears play at Soldier Field.
Great team win and my brothers showed out! @ Soldier Field Stadium - Chicago
.leaves Soldier Field with the W ... and the game ball 🙌.
I really wish I had the time this year to go see Ireland v New Zealand All Blacks in Soldier Field, Chicago. As that would be a class game
Make it 1-8 in the John Fox era at Soldier Field. He was a great hire though   10% Off
Northwestern band at halftime. Must mean Fighting Illini will be here later. Need to get beat by Western Michigan to play Soldier Field.
In the 90s the nation witnessed two Matthews from Philadelphia terrorize John Adams High. Bears cannot let the same happen at Soldier Field.
They have the right to but at Soldier Field? A memorial for soldiers who died in battle?
Will do. Planning on "Tilt" in Hancock bldg, have tour set up for Soldier Field, maybe weather permitting ferris wheel on Navy Pier
can we buy tickets at soldier field tomorrow? If so how much?
I'm biased, I guess. My first MLS game was at Soldier Field. I want the Fire to do well, I really do. It'll surely just take time.
has sold out Soldier Field, United Center, & Wrigley and we've been apart of all 3!
Luke Bryan goes 'I've sold out Soldier Field, the United Center and now Wrigley Field' . Uhhh what about 'Guaranteed Rate Field'? 😂😂
Are you going to the soldier field games tomorrow?
Bringing magic of Soldier Field to the kids & hoping NOT to have a love/hate relationship with this year's Bears 😜
Time well spent in Chiraq, I'll be back forsure 🇺🇸💯 @ Soldier Field
RelNews: What a waste of a Saturday at Soldier Field watching Bears -Chicago Tribune-
Chiefs. Bears. Less than one hour 'til kickoff at Soldier Field!
Good to see the Soldier Field turf barely playable as always
Six quarters at Soldier Field this preseason for Chicago, zero points. Out-scored 35-0.
Bears QB Connor Shaw was taken from Soldier Field by ambulance with a broken leg. Said Brian Hoyer: "Heartbreaking."
with real reasons for concern as Week 1 nears. column from Soldier Field: https…
Always good to see familiar faces. @ Soldier Field
. you mean only one responsible for a touchdown in Soldier Field this year is out? . No! .
And that's a wrap from Soldier Field. . Chiefs: 23 Bears: 7. FINAL.
In get its only pre-season, but the Bears offense and O-line in particular was consistently bad. Team seems to be worse at Soldier Field
It's 20-0 here at Soldier Field! Lots of talent on the preseason roster, it's going to make cuts hard!
Rice vs. Marist Tomorrow at Soldier Field 😈 BR finna take this W 🏈
We had a great time helping out with the Rock the Night 5K at Soldier Field last night!
August 23rd 2015 || OTRAT. 》 One Direction have a gig in Chicago (U.S.) at Soldier Field! 🇺🇸
49ers play in Soldier Field on Dec 4. Will be booed out of stadium.
Please forgive me, but here at Soldier Field is a, um,
BRTV is back Sunday night as the Crusaders take on Marist at Soldier Field. Kickoff is sch…
why? Soldier Field was big and expensive; Comiskey Park home of Cards. Where else could Bears have played?
Bears’ Connor Shaw Breaks Leg: Connor Shaw left Soldier Field in an ambulan...
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23 days until the play their next game at Soldier Field
Aaron Murray, Alex Smith and Nick Foles are taking warmup tosses before today's game at Soldier Field.
It's not like the Bears haven't *tried* to sell the naming rights of Soldier Field. 😉
you guys wanted to rename Soldier Field - and then 9/11 happened
tøp sold out MSG two nights in a row, one day they're gonna sell out Soldier Field and i'm never gonna be mentally prepared for that
󾮟 One of the best message:󾮟. In a battle,a soldier went to bring his wounded friend back from field. Other...
Watching film from the Bears vs Vikings game in soldier field from last year.thank God we have new Inside Linebackers
don't really care if the geography was wonky. Playing at Lambeau and Soldier Field every year was a treat.
"Looks good to me!" - The turf at Soldier Field talking about the process of peeling off floor to reveal a football field for the HOF Game.
I once saw Brett Favre eat cheese curds off the Soldier Field parking lot
and the Soldier Field turf takes another one down. you keep that trash there, impressive.
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