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Solar Impulse 2

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Solar-powered plane begins last leg of record voyage |
Solar plane returning home to a VIP welcome |
Abu Dhabi gets ready to welcome Solar Impulse-2 |
Abu Dhabi rolls out the red carpet as Solar Impulse 2 enters final straight |
Solar Impulse 2 on its way to Abu Dhabi |
Solar Impulse 2 takes off on last leg of round-the-world journey |
Abu Dhabi Solar Impulse 2 begins final leg of round-the-world trip |
Solar Impulse 2 on its last leg to Abu Dhabi to complete global tour |
Solar Impulse 2 leaves Cairo on last leg of globe circling trip |
Solar Impulse 2 sets off for Abu Dhabi on the final leg of its epic global journey |
Solar Impulse 2 embarks on world tour final leg |
Solar Impulse 2 departs Egypt on final leg of fuel-free global trip |
Solar Impulse 2 leaves Egypt for final leg of world tour |
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I added a video to a playlist Solar Impulse 2 First Takeoff from Abu Dhabi
The Solar Impulse 2 solar-powered plane completes its trip around the world
Solar-powered plane flies over Statue of Liberty, lands in New York in bid to circle the globe
A year ago Solar Impulse 2 set a world record as the first airplane to circle the globe powered only by SunPower so…
Solar Impulse 2: World’s first solar-powered around the world flight takes off in March
BBC News - Solar Impulse 2 plane set for round-the-world flight
Solar Impulse 2: Solar plane pilot set for 6-day leg – BBC News
Solar Impulse 2 gets ready for its final flight |
Solar Impulse 2 finally takes off on its record-breaking last leg
What it's really like to fly Solar Impulse 2: exclusive video reveals all about life on board
Every time you fly from Memphis to Melbourne, it’s on Solar Impulse 2, right?
Solar Impulse 2 plane lands at home of Wright brothers on latest leg of round-the-world flight. Panels
Solar Impulse 2: An Exclusive Insight into Life Onboard | WIRED via Around the world on a Solar Plane..COOL
Co-founder & co-pilot Bertrand Piccard speaks after landing the Solar Impulse 2 in Abu Dhabi
Prince Albert of Monaco speaks to Bertrand Piccard after the Solar Impulse 2 landed in Abu Dhabi htt…
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Bertrand Piccard lands Solar Impulse 2 in Abu Dhabi, completing the world's first around-the-world, fuel-free flight
Solar Impulse 2 is on its way home: SOLAR PLANE
Solar Impulse 2 leaves Egypt on final leg of historic world tour
CNA: Solar plane nears end of historic round-the-world trip - Solar Impulse 2 was on Monday approaching the end...
Solar Impulse 2 heads for finish line in round-the-world flight via
In-flight interview with Solar Impulse 2 pilot Captain Piccard video - CNET
Early Tuesday morning, Solar Impulse 2 is set to finish its historic round-the-world flight
An extraordinary achievement for through
Solar-powered plane arrives in Egypt on around the world voyage
Picture taken by Swiss adventurer Andre Borschberg onboard Solar Impulse 2 (Si2) during the flight from Tusla-OK
Solar Impulse 2, the solar powered plane, piloted by Swiss pioneer Andre Borschberg...
German test pilot Markus Scherdel steers the solar-powered Solar Impulse 2 aircraft with the Mont-Blanc
Eyewitness to solar aviation history: In 2015 the Solar Impulse 2 completed the first leg of its Round-The-Wo...
Incredible photo of Solar Impulse 2 flying over the Great Pyramids. What an inspiring journey so far!
Solar Impulse 2 set to make triumphant return to Abu Dhabi
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Solar Impulse 2 - what an awesome picture of two worlds.
✏ Solar Impulse 2 lands in Egypt, one more flight to go on round-the world trip
The Solar Impulse 2 landed in Cairo for its penultimate stop as it nears the end of its marathon world tour.
Solar-powered plane ready to make its final flight to Abu Dhabi where its round-the-world journey will end:
The Solar Impulse 2 flying over the pyramids, Egypt (Photo by Jean Revillard/Solar Impulse2 via Getty Images)
Solar Impulse 2 . The new plane empowered by solar energy..
PHOTOS: Experimental Solar Plane Flies Over Egypt's Giza Pyramids Egypt is the last stop before Solar Impulse 2 fi…
Solar plane lands in Egypt on penultimate leg of world tour - Solar Impulse 2, a spindly single-seat plane, fle...
Solar Impulse 2 lands in Egypt in penultimate stop of its world tour | Environment via /r/worldnews
Solar Impulse 2 is one flight away from circling the globe on no fuel 【PCWORLD】
Solar Impulse 2: In the cockpit of a trans-Atlantic flight
Solar Impulse 2 quitte New York et at... via |
Solar Impulse 2: Pioneering plane takes off on Atlantic stretch of record-breaking journey
Solar Impulse 2 begins transatlantic stretch of global journey
NormanBuffong: Solar Impulse 2 takes flight for Europe. | Gizmag via fancy
Solar Impulse 2 takes off for trans-Atlantic flight
Can the Solar Impulse 2 be the first purely solar-powered aircraft to cross the Atlantic?
Inside the Solar Impulse 2 cockpit - From 3,000 feet over the Atlantic aboard the Solar Impulse 2, Bertrand Pic...
Solar Plane Sets Down in NYC as Round the World Trip Continues (WATCH): Solar Impulse 2 has landed in New Yor...
york Solar Impulse 2 makes Statue of Liberty flyby, arrives in New York: Solar Impulse 2 arrived in...
Solar Impulse 2 temporarily grounded after hangar accident via
The Swiss-made Solar Impulse 2 landed in Dayton, Ohio, where inventors Wilbur and Orville Wright grew up
Solar Impulse 2 arrives in Dayton, home of aviation heroes - Gant Daily
Solar Impulse 2 making pit stop at home of aviation heroes - Gant Daily: Solar Impulse 2 making pit...
Belated congrats to Solar Impulse 2, flying to San Francisco from Hawaii last Sunday
Solar Impulse 2, trial solar powered plane seen flying over San Fransisco on 23Apr16 after 2.5 days flying
Solar Impulse 2 reaches San Francisco Bay Area following 56 hours of flight over the Pacific Ocean
Solar Impulse 2 reaches San Francisco Bay area after departure from Oahu
Great news, Solar Impulse 2 is ready to leave Hawaii and complete its around the world journey.
Impulse 2 shows the power of bold dreams.
The National Solar Impulse 2 shows the power of bold dreams The… via
Goregeous shot of the Solar Impulse 2 airplane.
I liked a video from Solar Impulse 2 First Takeoff from Abu Dhabi
After months-long hiatus, Solar Impulse 2 gets set to fly again
Solar Impulse 2 ready to resume round-the-world flight: Solar Impulse 2's attempt to circumnavigate the globe ...
I liked a video from Construction of Solar Impulse 2, the Round-The-World Solar
Solar Impulse 2 set to resume round-the-world flight in April
Two Swiss pilots are attempting to circumnavigate the world in a aeroplane
Solar powered plane to return to skies: Solar Impulse 2, the solar-powered aircraft, is set to return to the s...
Solar Impulse 2 ready to fly ortechcanada
Solar Impulse 2 - the sun powered round-the-world-plane - is back in the air conducting successful test flights
Solar Impulse 2 ready to fly Andre Borschberg, founder, CEO and pilot of Solar Impulse, discusses the technology b…
Top story: Solar Impulse Blog — Covestro colors Solar Impulse 2 as i… see more
Solar Impulse 2 performed a high altitude flight that lasted 16 hours!
Covestro colors Solar Impulse 2 as it prepares to fly across the USA
After 7 months on the ground, Solar Impulse 2 is ready to resume its around-the-globe trip
Solar Impulse 2 test flight has been a success
Solar Impulse 2 test flight success: The solar powered plane attempting to fly around the world has had a succ...
Solar Impulse 2 undertakes test flight over Hawaii via
Solar Impulse 2 makes first maintenance flight- Sun-powered plane Solar Impulse 2 makes first maintenance flight ...
See it before it soars: Solar Impulse 2 will be open for viewing
Solar Impulse 2 is ready to soar with the sun again.
Solar Impulse 2: Around the World without Fuel or Fear – from Davos | via
Solar Impulse 2 continuing its solar powered flight round the world on April 20.
Times Of Oman :: Solar Impulse 2 grounded in Hawaii after flight across ... - Times of Oman
Solar Impulse 2 took off early Sunday morning in an effort to take advantage of improving weather conditions
Solar Impulse 2 is about to embark on 5 days alone over the Pacific, powered only by the sun:
Audio: The round-the-world flight of Solar Impulse 2 and a new way of generating wave energy https…
Solar Impulse 2 lands in Muscat. First leg completed of this round the world attempt.
This morning, the Solar Impulse 2 began its elaborate fuel-free quest around the world
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VIDEO: Solar Impulse 2 starts around the world flight & other international headlines
It's just after sunset in Oman and Solar Impulse 2 is slowing descending to land in Muscat http:/…
Solar Impulse 2 took off from Abu Dhabi today on the first leg of its global trip:
Solar Impulse 2: Two Swiss pilots take off from UAE on world's first...
Solar Impulse 2 begins historic round-the-world, sun-powered flight -
The plane 'Solar Impulse 2' has made its first landing in in as it attempts the first ever solar-powered tr…
Solar Impulse 2 – follow the amazing world record fuel free flight in real time from inside the ...
Plan for Solar Impulse 2's round the world flight revealed
world’s first solar powered plane, Solar Impulse 2 to circumnavigate the world
Tests show the vertical stabilizer of Solar Impulse 2 shakes. Answer is to put "teeter controls" on the propellers.
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