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Solange Knowles

Solange Piaget Knowles (born June 24, 1986), who performs under the mononym Solange, is an American singer-songwriter, actress, model, dancer, and DJ.

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Solange Knowles and Jay-Z have never exactly been bosom buddies despite their familiar connections, but who ever thought that Solange would have the guts to hit him? Based on surveillance footage acquired by TMZ, Solange physically attacked Jay-Z inside an elevator at a Met Gala afterparty last week, with Beyonce standing next to them. The attack reportedly took place at the Standard Hotel in NYC, where Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Solange were attending an afterparty for the Met Gala. The video shows Beyonce, Solange, and Jay-Z getting into an elevator together, and seconds later, Solange loses it. The attack is pretty brutal, with Solange kicking and screaming at Jay-Z, even though his bodyguard attempts to stop her. Jay-Z can be seen trying to stop her, but he never hits her or retaliates. Beyonce, on the other hand, stands by without getting involved at all. It’s not clear what caused this fight, but it’s obvious that Solange was just waiting for an opportunity to unleash on Jay-Z before they got on the el ...
Are you okay were my lover Tina Knowles and Solange Knowles at tell them I love them.
Tina and her daughters (Solange Knowles and Beyonce Knowles)
Beyonce might have another wedding to attend soon. Reports are circulating that her younger sister Solange Knowles might be engaged!
So you guys are saying, USA has Beyonce & Solange Knowles while SA has Thandiswa & Ntsiki Mazwai?
.. Beyonce-Jay Z Divorce: Halo Singer Cheating on Rapper With Bodyguard Julius De Boer? Jay Z and Beyoncé, the most powerful couple in the music industry, are again hit by reports that the two are having marital issues. According to a new report by Star magazine, the Grammy Award-winning singer is cheating on her rapper husband with her bodyguard Julius De Boer. Boer was on the elevator when Solange Knowles physically attacked brother-in-law Jay Z after the Met Gala. "Jay definitely thinks that there was and may still be something romantic going on between Bey and Julius," a source told the publication. "He wanted to fire Julius last February, but Beyoncé said, 'Julius isn't going anywhere.'" "They've spent a lot of time together behind closed doors," the insider continued. "He's even stayed in her hotel room." Beyoncé and Boer raised eyebrows in 2009, when the 32-year-old singer was photographed leaving a hotel with her mouth covered while his lips appeared to be smeared with red lipstick. Meanwhile, ...
I thought 4 a second that Michael Buffer was gonna say the anthem was Gina e sung by Solange Knowles lol. Jay-Z, watch out!
Oh no, Karissa Shannon, Solange Knowles and Lyndsy Fonseca aren't looking so hot today! Are you a fan?
Ummm, was Solange Knowles just beating up Luke Bryan & Brian & Tyler of FL/GA Line in an elevator? Thought so. I've heard of love in an elevator, but ***
Oscar Pistorius needs a chance meeting with Solange Knowles...
Jay Z’ Ex-Business Partner Dame Dash Mocks Elevator Fight, Defends Rachel Roy Back in day, Jay Z and Damon Dash were 5 and 6, but a few years later, the relationship between the business partners went sour. Although the pair have been photographed chatting in public, there have been reports that the two aren’t cordial. After the Jay Z and Solange Knowles elevator fight, his ex wife designer Rachel Roy was rumoured to have caused the fight. On her show, Wendy Williams stated that there were reports that Jay and Dame used to swap girls and one of them was Dame’s former wife. She insinuated that Solange was defending her sister because Jay was getting too close at the Met Gala. In an interview with Hip Hop Motivation, Dame mocks the fight incident and defends his Rachel. On the elevator fight video: “I was laughing! That s**t was funny! I wouldn’t have handled it like that but I thought that s**t was funny cause Jay is the kinda guy you don’t see him move like that that much. And when he does mov ...
Alrite ladies and gentlemen, let's not start with the Mayo Angelou diccriding, cause majority of y'all don't know her bio, what she stood for and how she impacted the lives of African American women. Ya wasn't speaking about her before, ya was more concerned with Mimi and Nikko's shower rod scene, too busy worrying about if Jay-z should've strangled Solange Knowles in the elevator lmfao, like gimme a fuccing break, you people are faker then bootleg jewelry *** be copping from Canal Street. So please miss me with all the fake Young Jeezy-R.I.P. tributes, like get ya life together seriously.
Solange Knowles sees increase in sales after elevator Incident: After the notorious elevator fight between Solange Knowles and brother in law Jay Z, that caused a huge buzz on social media, blogs and websites world over, Solange is said to have a 233 percent increase in record sales. Early this month, surveillance footage sold to TMZ, shows R and B singer lashing out at the rapper brother in law in the elevator at The Standard Hotel following New York’s Met Gala. Beyonce is also seen in the surveillance footage standing aloof. According to Nielsen SoundScan data, Solange’s digital sales are currently at 2,000 downloads from 600 the previous week. The trio have since spoken out about the video, stating that they have “worked through” the drama. Original link Read More (y) ✍comment ☏share
I wanna see an elevator match of Solange Knowles and Ray Rice!!!
I personally think Solange Knowles is inspiring. I just beat the *** out of Chuck Woolery.
Who would win in a no holds barred elevator match? Ray Rice or Solange Knowles! Rice has a killer right hook but I wouldn't bet against Solange!
Caught In the Act — Solange Knowles Attacking Jay Z in an Elevator! Here’s an interesting bit of news. Beyonce’s sister, Solange Knowles, reportedly attacked Beyonce’s hubby, Jay Z, while in an elevator. The “fight scene” took place after the three attended the Met Gala. See More:
I would "LIKE" TO WECOME MY NEW friend Solange Knowles and URBAN INTERNET RADIO SYNDICATED Curtis Allen An additional post by Robert J. Austin TO MY FRIEND Motown Shadd and URBAN INTERNET RADIO SYNDICATED Curtis Allen NOTE: REYNAUD D. JONE CO-FOUNDER OF THE JACKSON FIVE IS LOCATED ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE PHOTOGRAPH Robert J. Austin From the earliest of our Gary. Indiana. Roosevelt High School-2300 Jackson Street Days of Midtown Little League right out in back of the Jackson's home and Roosevelt's poor sand lot football field .. Days that I can always remember to remember that seems like our playing time was just a string of one long happy day of neighbor summer games and singing stuck on endless fun and funny, I have known Joseph Jackson for that many decades and I have never viewed him any different than any other of all of our fathers and step father As some of us have know the both. Joe Jackson was just an ordinary Black father of the 1960's...Except he had an uncanny ability to stand tall up against ...
Jay Z, Beyonce and Solange Knowles post new pictures together - Celebrity Balla |
Hotel decries video leak of Jay Z, Solange Knowles fight via
Could Solange Knowles be arrested?: By Tracy Scott These days, the...
Could be arrested?: By Tracy Scott These days, the police can arrest people and bring them to...
You find out the ugly truth about things and this is not going to end well... The Beyonce Drama Gets Even Sadder -
Solange Knowles is my spirit animal
What in the *** is going on between Jay Z and Solange?? Only god Knowles!!
[CELEBRITY] Beyonce Shares Family Lunch Photos With Solange And Jay Z: The Carters and the Knowles are looking...
Jay Z , Beyonce , Solange and Mama Knowles spend some family time down in New Orleans. See the photos…
Solange Knowles Fight Purse Featured In Hilarious New Ad! - That's an ad for the Anya Hindmarch...
Play Nice: Jay Z, Beyonce, Solange And Tina Knowles Pose For Family Photo. Photo: Tumblr. It’s all hugs, kisses and love when it comes...
Beyonce, Solange Knowles, and Jay-Z displayed huge smiles in a photo on May 18.
I used Solange Knowles and Gary Bussey as pseudonyms for my psychiatry case reports
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Chris Brown assaults Rihanna, he's a monster who pays for it to this day. Solange Knowles assaults Jay-Z, "guess it's 100 problems..."
Here's Solange Knowles lashing out at Jay Z made out of paper clips.
Some internet conspiracy theorists think Solange is actually Beyoncé's daughter.
lol... we filmed this in the Capital FM elevator.
Beyoncé posted some pics to her Instagram. Beyoncé, Jay Z, Solange and Tina Knowles are all in the pix smiling. So fake.
Wendy wonders whether an arrest will be issued for arrest? What do you think? Watch.
Solange Knowles-Jay Z Fight: What the Heck Caused It?! - Needless to say, the Knowles-Carter clan is less than...
Momma Knowles pinchin Solange in the back making her smile
OFC arachnophobia! that's what happened in the elevator between Jay & Solange.
Beyoncé and Solange: 10 joyful photos of the Knowles sisters
"Watching Knowles and Carter probably hasn't made you a more well-informed person". via
When saw the trailer from + the Carter/Knowles fam were reuniting in NOLA -->
Beyonce is Solange Knowles' biological mother! YES... MOTHER!!! It sounds weird as *** but let us break it down for you. Reports are going around the inter
Mara who is worse ... Chris Brown , Oscar pistorius or Solange Knowles ?
Following the 2014 Met Ball Gala, Solange Knowles attacked Jay-Z in an NYC hotel elevator. Rumors initially suggested that the songstress was "protecting" her older sis, Beyonce (because HOV was getting a little too "flirtatious" with fellow pop princess, Rihanna).
In the opening Saturday Night Live sketch about Jay Z and Solange Knowles' elevator fight, Maya Rudolph returned to play Beyonce -- watch the hilarious clip!
How can one be a "vocal muse" to their own melodies ,story telling, and words they wrote? -Solange Knowles
"SNL" does a cold open sketch about the Solange Knowles and Jay Z altercation footage featuring Jay Pharoah, Maya Rudolph and Sasheer Zamata.
After the leaked footage from last week which showed Solange Knowles attacking her sister Beyonce’s husband Jay Z, Closer writer Jack White asks when do you cross the line and become too involved in a friend/sibling’s relationship.
The first news about Solange Knowles attending the Met Gala were all milk and honey: designer Phillip Lim told The Cut that the singer was a great date, playing for him before heading for the event.
The Jay Z and Solange Knowles elevator fight was spoofed on “SNL.” Check out the video here!
When gossip site TMZ posted surveillance footage of singer Solange Knowles attacking her brother-in-law, rapper Jay Z, the internet went wild.
Watch as "Saturday Night Live" spoofs JAY Z, Beyonce, and Solange Knowles and their family drama stemming from the leaked video of their elevator fight.
Jay Z, Beyonce and Solange Knowles may have released a statement saying that the now infamous elevator attack between Hov and Solange is behind them, but "Saturday Night Live" couldn't pass up the ...
From The Mark Kaye Show: Mark manages to rattle off 14 jokes about Solange Knowles and Jay-Z in 60 seconds! (Not too shabby...)
Solange Knowles allegedly attacked Jay Z - find out the details here!
Beyonce sent a loud and clear statement about the state of her relationship with her baby sister Solange Knowles when she posted a picture of them together on her Instagram account. But does this p...
My Sentiments Exactly By Patty Kimerer 5.18.14 It’s been a rough week for Shawn Corey Carter. Oh, I’m sorry, perhaps you haven’t heard of him by his given name. I am referring to rapper Jay-Z, who was recently accosted by his sister-in-law Solange Knowles. According to security footage from an elevator in which the two were riding, along with Solange’s ridiculously famous older sibling (and Shawn’s wife) Beyoncé Knowles, baby sis went a little ballistic on Jay Z and starting inexplicably smacking the sense out of him. Though no official reason has been claimed for the tussle, which was supposedly just a little familial squabble, I remain convinced that Solange simply finally snapped about how Shawn convinced his wife to name Solange’s sweet little nephew after a Nickelodeon cartoon dog or a Crayola crayon selection. Listen, I’d be miffed at my beloved brother-in-law Kevin if he’d persuaded my sister Gina to name my wonderful nephew Blue instead of Scott. Either way, Shawn seems to be ha . ...
Despite the drama being over and done with, celebrites and non-celebrites alike are still talking about Jay & Solange’s elevator fight. Rosie Perez told Confidentiwhat her tips for Solange Knowles would have been during a screening for Gang Related – which was ironically being held at Jay Z’s 40/…
CAUGHT ON TAPE: Solange Knowles attacks Jay-Z inside of an elevator at the Met Gala! -
Joel McHale, Joan Rivers, and More React to Jay-Z and Solange Knowles ... - Extra
JADE'S JOURNAL: The world’s eyes widened as ominous black and white footage was released of an elegantly dressed Solange Knowles pouncing on the all-powerful Jay-Z.
Girls expect you to act like Channing Tatum but be acting like Solange Knowles: Elevator edition. ***
"Extra" special correspondent Ben Aaron was on the red carpet at the NBC Universal Cable upfronts, chatting with the stars about the elevator brawl between Jay-Z and Solange Knowles. Joel McHale and Joan Rivers offered their hilarious takes, while "Destiny Child's" Michelle Williams pretended she ha…
First Porsha Stewart dragging Kenya Moore by the hair (RHOA), then Solange Knowles going cray cray on Jay Z in an elevator...Who's next to lose it and go schizo on another human being outright? I thought physical assault was against the law...hmmm...ijs
The ladies on “The View” weighed in on the alleged fracas between Jay-Z and his sister-in-law Solange Knowles and Whoopi Goldberg had a somewhat surprising opinion about the dustup.
The employee of Standard Hotel who leaked footage of Solange Knowles attacking Jay Z has reportedly been fired.
NYC's The Standard Hotel fires employee who leaked footage of Jay Z being attacked by sister-in-law Solange Knowles
Employee who leaked Jay Z and Solange Knowles video fired from Hotel - The Standard Hotel has fired the...
Dr Dre, just sold his headphone company beats to Solange Knowles xD she did it wrong though.. Beats by solange on Jayz
Petya Jordanoff Staff Writer After elevator camera footage of a fight between Jay-Z and Solange Knowles was leaked to news sources last week, Standard Hotel says it has identified a...
Solange Knowles attacked Jay Z after designer Rachel Roy got too close to rapper at Met Gala after-party
ICYMI: Watch the FULL ELEVATOR FOOTAGE of Solange Knowles attacking Jay Z after the Met Gala
Submitting a script 40 minutes before a deadline is like walking a tightrope with Solange Knowles with Nigel Farage at the other side waiting to give you a hug. Not my cup of tea.
Oh dear…I dare not even try to decipher what is going on in the household of Jay Z & Beyonce. This video footage of Solange Knowles (Beyonce’s sister) physically attacking Jay Z is shocking with Beyonce looking on inside the Standard Hotel elevator shortly after the Met Ball in NYC! I guess my next…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Remember when Solange Knowles knocked out Michael Oher with just one punch?
Rachel Roy refers to Jay-Z track after Solange Knowles lashed out at her at Met Gala | Mail Online
Solange Knowles - With all of the reports circling about the reason behind Solange and Jay Z’s elevator throw-down...
Between the Clipper owners follow up interview , Clay Aiken winning a congressional primary, and Solange Knowles ; SNL weekend update won't even have to write jokes they could just tell the news and get the same laughs
The Standard Hotel has hired a top Hollywood lawyer and is desperately trying to track down the employee who leaked the footage that showed Solange Knowles attacking Jay Z.
Solange Knowles and Rachel Roy reportedly got into a verbal yelling match before Beyonce's sister took the infamous elevator ride that let to her physical attack against Jay Z.
Find out why Brad Paisley wants to kick his pal Blake Shelton in his groin – Huffington Post Check out Daniel Radcliffe in this ‘What If’ pics and posters – Just Jared Jr Whoopi Goldberg says Jay Z had the right to hit Solange Knowles right back – Entertainment Weekly Tyra Banks will produce a [...]
Whoopi Goldberg thinks Jay Z had the right to smack Solange Knowles back. While the discussion focused mainly on Beyonce's inaction in the fracas, Goldberg provocatively suggested Jay Z could've hit her back. “I think Solange was ready for him to do whatever he was going to do,” Goldberg said.
Why did Solange Knowles attack Jay Z after the Met Gala? It's the question everyone's been asking...
Whoopi Goldberg: Jay Z had the right, push back the Solange Knowles (video) must visit"The View" Star says that men can strike again in a struggle women Whoopi Goldberg believes that Jay-Z had the right, back to clap Knowles. "The View" co-host of discussed TMZ Tuesday about the cause of Beyonce's s…
Jay-Z and Solange Knowles reportedly visited a jewellery store together in New York after she assaulted him at a Met Gala party.
Have Jay Z and Solange Knowles put their differences aside...or is this damage control? Just one day after their elevator fight video leaked, the brother and sister-in-law were allegedly spotted shopping together in New York City today. Read all the deets here and share your thoughts below.
I just want everyone to know, that I am ok. I took the cancellation hard... but not as hard as Solange Knowles.
Solange Knowles yelled at Rachel Roy before attacking Jay Z in the elevator of the Standard Hotel at a Met Gala after party last Monday, May 5
BREAKING NEWS: Outkast has decide to remix their song from the 1996 classic album ATLiens "Elevators" and it's to feature Jay Z and Solange Knowles!!! We were able to speak with Solange about being honored to have such a grand opportunity Solange: "It certainly has me at a loss for words!! I'm very excited!! It's sure to be a BIT HIT!!" We also caught up wit Jay Z to ask him about Solange being on a remix to the classic Jay Z: "I was there when she did her verse and the HOOK. She really came out SWINGIN on it!!!" Beyonce was also reported to be on the remix but decide that she would SIT this on out We will have more details as the story breaks.
Little Giant Ladders
Olivia Wilde is sounding off on all the recent Solange Knowles family drama. One day after video ...
In case you missed it, watch Solange Knowles' full, epic attack on Jay-Z in an elevator post-Met Gala here.
Josh Gordon and Solange Knowles just reminded many people that the money can only cover the truth but so long...they are still just as messed up as broke folk!
Now UsWeekly report that Solange Knowles first lost her temper with fashion designer Rachel Roy, a close friend of Kim Kardashian. The publication claims that Solange 'yelled' at Rachel - who recently attended Kim's baby shower - on the night of the Met Gala afterparty, when Solange was seen attacki…
Alec Baldwin and Solange Knowles have gotten in as many fights as Carlos Gomez since April 20. Reduce his suspension and get on with it!
Confirmed: Solange Knowles attacked Jay Z after Jigga told her that she will always live under Beyonce's shadow forever just like Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.
HARVEY LEVIN from TMZ is on with Seacrest at 10:40a to give details on the video of Solange Knowles attacking...
LMAO @ Headcrack on Dish Nation . "Solange Knowles got three hits in on Jay-Z which is more hits than she has had in her career" I am against domestic violence against males or females but that was funny!!! I commend Jay Z for not flinging her and that fugly *** dress across the elevator.
Theories of what may have started the infamous Solange Knowles vs. Jay-Z fight has hit the net and some are speculating that a previous verbal altercation at the Met Gala between the "I decided" singer and designer Rachel Roy and other guests may have occurred that led to an elevator fight with her…
Coming up talking to Harvey Levin from about the video of Solange Knowles attacking Jay-Z
Solange Knowles had a public row with Kim Kardashian's best friend, Rachel Roy, before her lift fight with Jay-Z.
A leaked security video from a New York City hotel reportedly shows Solange Knowles - sister of Beyonce - attacking her brother-in-law Jay-Z. The footage, obtained by US website, was purportedly filmed in a lift at The Standard Hotel on the night the trio attended the Met Gala last week.
Donaldson went all Solange Knowles on that baseball. take a 3-1 lead.
The video of Solange Knowles attacking Jay-Z is so much more interesting than macroeconomics.
Jay Z physically assaulted by Beyonce’s sister, Solange Knowles, in elevator (Shocking PHOTOS,...
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'I say we turn Solange Knowles loose on Boko Haram'.
All jokes aside from this Jay-Z, Solange Knowles fight. Ladies, stop putting your hands on men. Stop thinking you can fight a…
Solange Knowles sounds like a Biologic developed at the USAMRIID out of Ft. Detrick, MD. Does it come in powder or aerosol?
Wondering why Beyonce didn't come to Jay Z's defense when Solange Knowles attacked him? Here's what we know:
TMZ released security video that appears to show Solange Knowles, sister of Beyoncé, attacking her brother-in-law...
"In the words of Jay Z, sometimes you gotta strong arm a *** -Solange Knowles
Just watched the video of solange knowles attacking Jay Z in the elevator 😳
Rip to Solange Knowles the illuminati about to get her for hitting Jay Z
Jay Z and Solange Knowles in a Fight in the Elevator: via
I’d pay $200 to watch a pay-per-view fight between Solange Knowles and Donald Sterling
Why is Solange Knowles not arrested? If it had been the other way around, Jay Z attacking HER, he'd be in jail the sam…
it's because who doesn't know what a solange knowles is, duh. They had to show you up. 😑🔫
What happened?! An exclusive Met Gala timeline of what happened that night before Solange attacked Jay Z:
Raise your hand if you've been personally victimised by Solange Knowles
What could possibly have incensed Solange Knowles to this degree?!
"Solange Knowles is canceling her tour due to mental illness. Wait, she had a tour?"-TMZ
I see Solange knowles was... trying to kickstart her career.
Raise your hand if you have ever been physically victimized by Solange Knowles... 😭
"Yo, Solange, Imma let you finish, but Beyoncé is the best Knowles of all time."
This video of Solange Knowles attacking Jay Z is probably just another coded message from the Illuminati
I say we turn Solange Knowles loose on Boko Haram.
I applaud whoever did this to Solange Knowles' Wikipedia page 👌
“The best reactions to the supposed video of Solange Knowles and Jay Z fighting in an elevator 😂
Warren Holstein wrote: Ann Coulter and Solange Knowles walk into an elevator shaft. The end.
It only lasted a minute or so but Solange Knowles has been caught on tape in a lift trying to attack her brother-in-law Jay-Z. But what does Beyonce make of it all?
The internet has been buzzing with the video of Jay Z being attacked in an elevator by Solange Knowles (Beyonce’s Sister) while Beyonce watches. Lots of people have been responding to the video including celebrities but one response has gone viral and that is by the one and only 50 Cent! 50 both com…
Solange Knowles brutally attacks Jay Z in a shocking surveillance video. See it here.
2014 is crazy (so far) because of: -Mimi & Nikko's sex tape -Solange Knowles attacking Jay-Z -Sherri Shepard's divorce -NeNe Leakes & Cynthia Bailey are no longer friends -2 fights took place on RHOA season 6 -Donald Sterling -Eva Marcille & Kevin McCall have a baby, then get separated -Tori Spelling's marital drama -Ultimate Warrior's hall of fame induction and unexpected death -Nancy Grace's interview with DDP Please let me know if I missed anything lol!
Jay Z and Solange Knowles caught on camera. Looks like Solange may have been picking a fight. See it at 11.
Footage of a full on fight between Beyonce's husband Jay Z and her sister Solange Knowles has emerged from the night of the Met Ball. Video is breathtaking.
I wish 'Dancing With the Stars' would cast Solange Knowles and she could just beat the *** out of everybody.
Video footage has reportedly surfaced of Jay Z being physically attacked by his wife Beyonce's sister, Solange Knowles, in an elevator at the Stand
TMZ dropped a bomb earlier this morning (May 12) when the posted video footage of Solange Knowles throwing punches at Jay Z in an elevator at (or immediately
UPDATE: Jay Z is reportedly assaulted by Solange Knowles with Beyonce standing beside her husband. Additional footage has been released.
Note to self: Don't eff with Clay Aiken or Solange Knowles.
8 Things you may not know about Solange Knowles
I would not be surprised at all, if this whole situation with Solange Knowles & Jay Z, is actually part of a mass media smokescreen to take peoples attention, from actual matters to things which are of none of our Real concern. Never the less the memes images created, are highly amusing. But don't be easily swayed.
Now there's a longer video which shows that Solange Knowles' attack on her brother in law Jay Z lasted for just over two minutes in an elevator after last week's Met Gala in New York. Solange attacked, kicked and cuffed Jay Z while her sister Beyonce looked on, without making an intervention.
Watch Jay Z get beaten down in an elevator brawl with Solange Knowles
NY's Standard Hotel investigating leak of video showing apparent physical attack on rapper Jay Z by sister-in-law Solange Knowles.
Surveillance video captures Solange Knowles punching and kicking her brother-in-law Jay-Z following a Met Gala after-party.
Jay-Z now has 100 Problems. He was attacked an Elevator by Solange Knowles. See the video here.
Solange Knowles Violently Attacks Jay Z. Kicking, screaming, punching, the whole 9 yards. Why is she hitting Jigga man? Watch the video inside!
Solange Knowles beating and kicking Jay Z in an elevator!!? I wonder what set her off? Lmao
Crazy! Seen this video yet? Solange Knowles attacks JAY Z in front of Beyoncé!
Not sure what triggered this family feud, but after the Met Gala last weekend Solange Knowles was not too happy with brother-in-law Jay-Z.
Jay Z walks behind his wife Beyonce and her sister Solange Knowles while leaving a party seconds after a fight erupted between the stars in an elevator. While walking to the car, Solange looked noticeable angry and rushed into the car with Beyonce following right behind. When Jay was about to get in
A surveillance video has surfaced of Beyonce's sister, Solange Knowles, allegedly attacking her brother-in-law Jay Z.
Holy! Wonder what caused that tiff in the elevator between Solange Knowles and Jay-Z... Anyone got any good conspiracy theories?
A video showing rap mogul Jay Z under physical attack from his sister in law Solange Knowles in an elevator, has...
Jay-Z's sister-in-law Solange Knowles smacked him in an elevator and potentially could have jabbed him with a high heel had a bodyguard not intervened, this video posted by TMZ suggests.
Solange Knowles, the stylish little sister of Beyonce, may have violently attacked Jay Z in shocking footage obtained by TMZ.
Solange Knowles hits Jay Z in an elevator. They're calling it the only hit Solange ever had. 😂👊
THIS JUST IN: Beyoncé's Sister Solange Knowles Attacks Hubby JAY Z In An Elevator. Video has surfaced of the 'Drunk In Love' singer's sister attacking husband Jay Z in an elevator after the Met Gala- Beyonce is seen watching as the melee ensues. Catch the details here:
What on EARTH is going on in this insane footage, surfaced on TMZ, of Solange Knowles attacking Beyonce's husband Jay-Z at the Met Ball.
Is this Solange Knowles attacking Jay-Z in a lift? TMZ have just released this video:
TMZ has leaked footage from a surveillance camera in an elevator which caught Solange Knowles physically attacking Jay Z multiple times, as Beyonce stood by. It is unclear what prompted…
TMZ are reporting that a physical altercation between rapper Jay-Z and his wife’s sister, Solange Knowles took place in an elevator The Standard Hotel In New York last week...
This is a crazy way to end a Monday… footage of what looks like Solange Knowles physically attacking...
"This picture just hurts my head From Emile Heskey to Solange Knowles. Madness
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ALERT! ALERT! Solange Knowles' big, beautiful hair is missing from the 2014 Met Gala red carpet, and we don't know where it went. Our jaws literally dropped as Solange arrived in a sherbet 3.1 Phillip Lim gown, with a matching mani and pedi, of c...
Solange Knowles attended the Q&Q Launch Event at Open House Gallery on Thursday, April 24, in New York…
Solange Knowles photographed by Seiji Fujimori for The Ground Magazine’s fourth issue styled by Nick Nelson.
Solange Knowles by Seiji Fujimori The Ground Magazine Issue . Photography by Seiji Fujimori, Styling by Nick Nelson, Hair by Chuck Amos, Makeup by Munemi Imai, Manicure by Katie Hughes and Set Design by David Davis
Solange Knowles Joins the Fight Against Blood Cancer - CLICK to watch!
That one time Beyonce was Solange Knowles' backup dancer at
Solange Knowles collaborates with Puma for sneaker collection via
Solange Knowles collaborates with Puma for sneaker collection
Singer Solange Knowles has been working with Puma on the ‘Girls of Blaze’ sneaker capsule collection. The collection was unveiled earlier this year and to much
In Fashion: Solange Knowles collaborates with Puma for sneaker collection
Solange Knowles and Sister Beyonce Rock Coachella 2014 - I4U News: Daily News and Trends for the Geek M…
That's one "i was there" moment the crowd will be telling over and over and over to their friends at dinner this week
Solange Knowles looks just like Beyonce except she has an afro. Talk about a dream girl.
Photo: best-lovequotes: Solange Knowles for Harper’s Bazaar US, wearing… | via Tumblr on We Heart It.
Ever since I footage of Solange at Glastonbury, I was intrigued by her music. Them Knowles sisters know how to entertain.
Gonna be my favorite Knowles for celebrity day at school..
Solange Knowles - One of the best shows at Coachella. Girl can weeerk!
OMG they looks So AMZING Bow down to the sistersLoved seeing and on stage together tonight
Solange Knowles' album got me in the mood to cruise up the canyon 🙌
STOP. I've never even known any white girl who likes Chance the Rapper or Solange Knowles.
Remember when we saw half Beyonce last year aka Solange Knowles at FYF?
Charles just asked me if Solange Knowles was also Beyoncé 😂😂😂
Solange Knowles: Just when you thought she could not get any cooler – Nicolette Abbatangelo,
Solange and Beyonce Knowles surprised Coachella fans on the weekend with their awesome sisterly choreographed...
no but imagine just waking up and you WERE solange knowles like IMAGINE
This society we live in today: Solange Knowles Is treading Yahoo because she got on stage to dance with her sister..whoop-de-doo ***
UGH SOLANGE KNOWLES is the coolest ever why
Would you rather be Solange Knowles or Michelle from Destinys Child
Surprise! Beyonce Knowles joins sister Solange on stage at Coachella for hot dance routine
Would you rather be Kelly Rowland or Solange Knowles?
Solange Knowles is a star in her own right!
Solange Knowles - T.O.N.Y. Still one of my favorites♥
I feel like people are so shleep on Solange Knowles.. HER MUSIC IS WOW. 😍
Did you guys know that is the voice of the Proud Family theme song. It's a Solange Knowles ft. Destiny's Child track. GO SK!
Bow down to the sisters! Loved seeing and on stage together tonight!
Solange Knowles on Us Weekly, your trusted source for the latest celebrity pictures, news, biography, & videos. Beyonce Joins Solange at Coachella for...
FACT: Solange Knowles wears a necklace made out of the skulls of Jamie Lynn Spears and Ashley Simpson.
New banger by Solange Knowles ft. Kendrick Lamar - Looks Good with Trouble Enjoy! I Have a New Channel it like a Back Up to this Channel Subscribe this Chann...
pictures for makeup for Solange Knowles
Goes Braless, Dances with Sister on Instagram: Go, Miley Cyrus! Go, Miley Cyrus! Go! This singer may be too sad to care for another dog at the moment, but she isn't too down in the dumps to party it up on Instagram a bit. In the following footage, we see Miley (without a bra) and her 14-year-old sister Noah Cyrus doing a choreographed dance routines to Cali Swag District's 2010 hit "Teach Me How to Dougie." Watch them go right here and now: Miley and Noah Cyrus Dance Not bad, huh? The Cyrus siblings weren't the only sisters to show off their aligned moves this weekend. At the Coachella Music Festival in California, Beyonce joined Solange Knowles on stage for an unexpected sisterly dance duet. Watch these talented ladies do their thing below: Beyonce Dances on Stage a Coachella
We want to be Solange Knowles when we grow up. Or if we can't be her, we want to at least dress like her. She may be Beyonce’s little sister, but Solo is definitely not living in her shadow–she's l...
~MUSIC NEWS~ Outkast reunite, headline Coachella festival Beyonce and others make surprise appearances at Coachella Beyonce shocked crowds at the 2014 Coachella Music Festival in California by joining her sister Solange Knowles onstage. The "Irreplaceable" singer appeared unannounced at the end of her younger sister's track "Losing You" to perform a choreographed dance routine with her. Beyonce's unexpected appearance at the Empire Solo Club in Indio on Saturday night was very brief, and once the song finished, she hugged her sister and left the stage. The second day of the festival was full Appearances. "Happy" singer Pharrell Williams brought out a number of famous friends during his set at the Outdoor Theater. Rapper Nelly joined him for a rendition of his single "Hot In Herre," Busta Rhymes rapped Pass "The Courvoisier Part II" and Snoop Dogg performed "Drop It Like It's Hot" and "Beautiful." Rapper Tyler, The Creator and dance act Diplo also joined the show. However, the biggest surprise of his set w ...
One of the most talked about Coachella Music Festival performances has been that of Solange Knowles. In actual fact it has been called one of the best sets of the festival. And of course it all wen...
Solange Knowles, sister of Beyonce, was scheduled to perform at Coachella, the biggest music festival in the United States and little did her fans know that they were in for a huge surprise.
“Give it up for my dancing partner and my favorite person in the world, my sister Beyonce.” – Solange Knowles on Bey’s surprise backup moves at Coachella.
Fans of Solange Knowles were treated to a very special set at Coachella on Saturday night, when the True singer was joined on-stage by her sister Beyonce for a bit of a dance-off to 'Losing You'.Solange Knowles Danced With Beyonce...
Solange Knowles got a surprise guest during her performance at Coachella - her big sister. Beyonce came on stage to join Solange at the festival, and the two performed together and delivered a synchronized dance to Solange's song "Losing You." They laughed together during the joint appearance and...
Solange Knowles delivered one of the best sets of Coachella 2014 and all anyone can talk about is Beyonce crashing the stage during the finale. Yes, it was
Solange Knowles, little sister of super star Beyonce, is making a name for herself as a singer. She performed a great show at the Coachella 2014 festival on the weekend. The show got topped off by a...
Solange Knowles was spotted at LAX on Friday (April 9) enroute to Coachella 2014. The singer even has great airport style, wearing comfort black separates,
Solange Knowles dishes on going through a divorce by age 21.
I can't stress enough how much i LOVE Solange Knowles!!! I love her hair, style&music. she's all that👐
Beyoncé & Jay Z Crashed Coachella Last NightLast update on April 13, 2014 underHeavenly The Coachella Music Festival continues to rage on. Today's lineup, however, won't be able to top last night's. We're talking about the moment when Beyoncé crashed Solange Knowles' set by surprise. Oh, and if…
Following her rather chic arrival at LAX, Solange Knowles performed onstage during day 2 of the 2014 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival held at the Empire Polo Club on Saturday (April 12) in Indio, California. Forgoing prints for a bright solid…
Solange Knowles performed at The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Music Festival in California. Solange is not a newcomer to Coachella. She has performed for the past few years. Solange performed at...
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Solange Knowles performs Bad Girls in the back of a black cab for the Black Cab Sessions
Day 2 at Coachella was filled with surprises. Beyonce, Jay Z and Gwen Stefani, to name a few. Solange Knowles was in the middle of her set and without warning, the 32-year-old...
Watch Beyonce & Solange Knowles kill their show at
So to my coachella friends... If you missed Solange Knowles perform then your lives suck because Beyoncé and Jay Z did a special appearance on stage with her..
Solange Knowles hit the stage to perform at the annual Valley Music & Arts Festival at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California.
So last night at Coachella I watched Beyonce surprise Solange Knowles performance and Pharell bring out Nelly, Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg and Gwen Stefani for several performances. COACHELLA 2014 LADIES AND GENTLEMAN
Occasionally, I hear complaints from parents regarding their children, who have been diagnosed with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). My address to you is to never be discouraged. Continue to invest your focus in their development, because you never know who they will eventually become. Will Smith (Actor/Musician); Justin Timberlake (Actor/Musician); Solange Knowles (Songwriter/Singer); Will.I.Am (Actor/Musician); Michael Phelps (Olympic Gold Medalist); Howie Mandel (Comedian/Actor/Television Host); James Carville (Political Commentator); Terry Bradshaw (Super Bowl Champ/TV Sports Commentator); Whoopi Goldberg (Actress/Comedian); Stephen Spielberg (TV and Film Director/Producer); Liv Tyler (Actress/Model); Robert F. Kennedy (Statesman); John F. Kennedy (Statesman); Michael Jordan (Athlete) were all diagnosed with either ADD or ADHD. You had better ask somebody before you think to write your children off. You don't know what God has in store for them.
Solange Knowles and Erykah Badu are on the cover of Essence Magazine for their Black Hair Issue. Both of them...
In the up some on Solange Knowles!… ♫ Sandcastle Disco by Solange (at Clear Channel) —
Solange Knowles sat front and center at the Wes Gordon fall/winter 2014 collection in a green-lapis
Today on POPSUGAR Live!, we'll be taking you through all our favorite pieces from H&M's Conscious Exclusive Collection, which celebrities like Miranda Kerr, Jessica Alba, and Solange Knowles are alrea
Solange Knowles opens up about her divorce
Solange Knowles shows off her funky, eclectic style in fashion magazine, Harper’s Bazaar this month. The New Orleans resident (after leaving her brownstone apartment in Brooklyn) kept it cute in a $12,500 Chanel dress, a Moshino jumpsuit and Ralph Lauren sweater dress shot by Julia Noni. Bey’s fab little sister has isolated herself in Cajun country as she works on a new album. "I figure there's no better way to buckle down and finish it than to be as far away from everyone as possible, cell phone and computer behind. I'm not very good at writing songs when I have a lot of clutter in my mind."
Sarah Paulson continues her run at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week with an appearance at Miu Miu Women’s Tales 7th Edition screening of the short film Spark and Light on Tuesday (February 11) in New York City. The 39-year-old American Horror Story star was joined at the event by Solange Knowles, Zosia Ma
Solange Knowles (wearing the Buffalo David Bitton “faith jean” and DJ’ing in the Buffalo David Bitton DJ booth), Ashley Sky, Laura Prepon, Aaron Paul, Nelly and more attended Buffalo David Bitton at the Playboy Party at the Bud Light Hotel recently in NYC. Ashley Sky is a spokesperson for Buffalo Da
The world is going mad. Snoop Dogg or Lion is painting his nails with Cannabis & Superman decorations, Dwayne Wade painting his toenails black, Solange Knowles wearing a dress with what looks like roaches all over them & Pharrell wearing cut off jean shorts, church shoes, a white dress shirt with a bow tie & a fedora. Okay, I can handle Pharrell's get up because the skateboard kid can pull off any look, no matter how weird it is, but the nail & bug thing tho? I don't think so...
[PHOTOS] Beyoncé and Solange Knowles hosted a star-studded masquerade party for their mom Tina’s birthday on Saturday. Jay Z, Kelly Rowland, Monica, Jennifer Hudson, and Kris Jenner were all in attendance!
Pearl Thusi and Solange Knowles. They LoOk alike nyana in a way
Tiwa Savage Or Solange Knowles: Who Wore It Better?: I like Tiwa's but I want to know your opinions.
It’s a tru. Puma has just announced that its tapped Solange Knowles as its new artistic director and creative…
Beautiful black women! Who do you think looked better in the dress,is it Tiwa Savage or Beyonce's sister Solange Knowles?
Tina Knowles today's Mother of Beyonce and Solange Knowles and known especially as the head designer of the House of..
Ok I'm so not feeling YO GABBA GABBA today? Jack Black in a jumpsuit is just a NO .. And Solange Knowles looking like she's from the felinstones?? I DONT THINK SO ... Just wrong lol
Absolutely love this look by Solange Knowles
He wasn't just a regular guy, tony was the other night. I could have been inlove by now if I wasn't for tony *singing* solange knowles T.O.N.Y
Pretty Instagram Photos for Your Pinning Pleasure - And who better to be our tour guides on these virtual adventures than those with unfettered access to the world's most exclusive and lavish settings — i.e. the rich and famous? We trolled the Instagram feeds of celebs like Taylor Swift, Solange Knowles, and more to deliver a veritable feast for the eyes. Prepare to be dazzled...and majorly jealous.
Happy new year folks! To kick off 2014, I will be counting down 50 of my favorite female singers. This comes at the request of my one of my personal favorite commenters and life heroes, William Seiling. I know he has been waiting for this for a long time, so I am quite thrilled to finally be revealing this list. He will probably hate it. Well, okay, let's get started... 50. Solange Knowles The younger sister of Beyonce is not exactly blessed with the powerful vocal ability or pop star prowess, but she is still relatively musically talented in her own right. Solange caught my attention with her 2009 single, "T.O.N.Y.," which was a track on her second and most recent full-length album to date. While she may not be living up to the level of success as her older sister, whom is a major role model in her life, she is still a noteworthy singer and has sold nearly 500,000 records in her career. Solange will most certainly never gain the enormous popularity of Beyonce, but her music is worth a listen from time to ...
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I love this collaboration that I'm calling the African Infused fashion design. It's tribal prints designed into western American flares. Welp, Maya of Boxing Kitten has a Muse in Solange Knowles and a supporter in me.
We're watching Bring it On: All or Nothing with Camryn and she said you look like Solange Knowles
HAPPY NEW YEAR!  It's great to be back!  I love Christmas music during the holidays, but gotta say it's nice to get back to the regular stuff!  New Year, New Music.  Here's this month's batch! 1.  Ordinary Love (U2) - U2's glorious tribute to Nelson Mandela, from the soundtrack to the biography film about him. 2.  Modern Jesus (Portugal. The Man) - The latest from the band that's neither a man nor from Portugal!!! 3.  New Year's Resolution (Camera Obscura) - Seemed appropriate given the timing.  More cool vocal stylings from the Scottish band.  Now to work on my own resolutions... 4.  Let Her Go (Jasmine Thompson) - It feels a little soon for this song to be covered, but Jasmine's vocals are so angelic I don't even care!  To hear the original, check out my November 2012 playlist. 5.  Sonnentanz/Sun Don't Shine (Klangkarussell featuring Will Heard) - One of those groovy little songs I heard on the internet and was happy to see was available in the US.  Apparently this is a huge hit in Europe. ...
Solange Knowles - Sandcastle Disco Lyrics Who would've known The rain and the sunshine Would Ooh Baby Baby Build up these walls of mine? And I can't see you ...
By _YBF Solange Knowles performed at Australia over the weekend. See pics from her performance inside and listen to Nicki Minaj's "Boss A*s B*tch Remix" inside. Last night, Solange Knowles performed at the Falls Festival in Lorne, Australia. The …
I was just on the ADHD webpage and found out about more famous people who haven't let it hold them back! Will Smith- Actor, Howie Mandel Host of Deal or No Deal, Dave Neeleman founder of JetBlue Airlines, Justin Timberlake, Bruce Jenner, Pete Rose, Solange Knowles, Beyonce's Sister, Paris Hilton. Ty Pennington host of Extreme Makeover, and there is more. Follow your Dreams!
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I just saw a photo of Ed Droste drinking Sierra Nevada in Australia with Solange Knowles and now I have a goal to work towards in 2014.
A backstage video from our September issue photoshoot with the great Solange Knowles. This is just a preview! Video Credits ...
Up Vampin spending the rest of the night talking to the beautiful Solange Knowles.
The 5 Things I learnt from the First Day of Falls... 1. I look like a drug dealer... 4 times I was asked if I had various drugs. For the record, I did not. 2. Hannah from London Grammar is attractive... Now this is obvious to most people with eyes, but I was stuck on the rail with 4 Tween Girls who would not stop banging on about how gorgeous she was. He'll of a singer btw. 3. If you flash your boobs at me more than twice, I write you off as an acceptable person to have a conversation with. 4. Solange Knowles is no joke and has the coolest hair in the world, the second statement coming from a young lady who was tripping balls and felt the need to share that with me. 5. Vampire Weekend, you win the first day. We'll played good sirs. Special mention to The Roots, so weird to see them playing on our little island. Very cool
My biggest supporter is the one I'm in love with most, Solange Knowles.
Cheesing hard, Solange Knowles just added me on fb !
I was wondering why Beyonce and Solange Knowles parents were no longer together?! Now I know it was because their father was a cheater! Another old man still playing younger and immature boy games! He ruined his marriage to a woman who helped him to raise 2 successful daughters and build a Multi-million dollar empire for a younger woman who was obviously looking for a meal ticket! Mrs. Knowles was way more attractive than the mistress when she was younger and still looks gorgeous today! She's an amazing stylist, clothing designer and business woman too! You messed up BIG TIME Mr. Matthew Knowles! Wisdom is suppose to come with age! There's nothing more pathetic than an OLD FOOL who doesn't know the value of true respect and honor in a marriage! He'll be lucky if his old butt lives long enough to see this little boy graduate from middle school; much less become a grown man! Pitiful indeed!
Let me clear something up just because Solange Knowles said she would try to come an see me on my birthday doesn't make her ungrateful I paid no attention to that Rick Ross u didn't have to say that to her that was very disrespectful towards her & I spent a whole year with Bey Carter while she was on tour bey have never treated me in a disrespectful way
JermaineandBecky, this is Solange Knowles' 9 year old. Does he remind you of Cameron Christopher? Of course, Cam is far cuter.
Didn't know Solange Knowles was performing at falls.
Jeanne Deroo, Editor of French Elle, created an uproar after she released a photo of herself wearing blackface and an Afro wig. Deroo claimed that she was attempting to portray Solange Knowles while attending a private party. But after posting the picture on her Instagram page, it instantly went vir...
It was a who's who of the fashion world at the Blue Jasmine premiere last night in NYC. The Woody Allen film attracted the likes of Solange Knowles, Jenna Ly...
Tell me the truth boy am i losing you for real_Losing You,Solange Knowles
I wanna take the time out to thank my mama for giving me an my sisters the best Christmas ever she got us everything we wanted I have the best mother ever an also wanna thank my god mother Bey Carter for buying me some boots an Solange Knowles for buying me a purse I love y'all xoxo -Merry Christmas to u all I hope y'all enjoy y'all Christmas-
My top 3 female musicians dat i admire: "RapSody,Elle Varner and Solange Knowles"
Fast forward to 2013 where box braids are making a relentless comeback! This 90′s hair do was so trendy more than a decade a go we actually thought we would never see it surface again. But with mega stars such as Beyonce and Solange knowles opting for a full head of box braids it’s no wonder it is o...
this is for all the musicians/ producers out there. Im a second year vocalist. Basically, I'm looking for a people to work with to make songs with, the influences of artists such as Solange Knowles, Sampha, Kelela & Jamie Woon, Carla Jaye with the opportunity to record them and even do some live set up gigs. wondering if any of you guys are up for something like this? get back to me thanks.
Solange Knowles is known for her off beat style and eclectic sound, but the 27 year old recently opened up with CL's Angel Laws about more than just the musi...
Specially now since they have the same braids "Pearl Thusi reminds me of Solange Knowles"
Totally lost the dinner argument with the kids over Tamar Braxton and Solange Knowles as compared to their's like me going- "you know who can SING...Randy Jackson!"
Wow some celebrities have some pretty hot brothers 😍
Cash in by solange Knowles has me deep in my feelings rn
Solange Knowles, we love your style! It goes without saying that Beyonce’s little sis is o
Solange Knowles, we love your style!
Diary of a Clotheshorse: Puma teams up with Solange Knowles
Solange Piaget Knowles and Amber Levonchuck are my realest women crushes.
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