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Solange Knowles

Solange Piaget Knowles (born June 24, 1986), who performs under the mononym Solange, is an American singer-songwriter, actress, model, dancer, and DJ.

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Would you rather learn Helen Mirren or complete Solange Knowles
Evening Standard apologises for cropping Solange Knowles' braids in cover photo - why is this racist
The Evening Standard apologises to Solange Knowles after altering her hairstyle on front cover of its magazine
Solange Knowles tells Evening Standard "don't touch my hair" after it digitally removed her braids for front cover https…
Evening Standard apologies for cropping Solange Knowles' braids in cover photo
Evening Standard sorry for airbrushing out Solange Knowles' braids - The Guardian
Solange Knowles tells magazine 'don't touch my hair'
Beyoncé and Solange probably text “Get your mother” to each other at least twice a week. I love Tina Knowles
UK paper apologizes for Photoshopping out Solange Knowles’ braided crown
How many times does Solange Knowles have to say it? Don't touch her hair.
Newspaper apologises for airbrushing out Solange Knowles' braids
The Guardian: Evening Standard sorry for airbrushing out ' braids. And don't
Solange Knowles leads Soul Train nominations by
Evening Standard magazine has apologized for digitally altering its cover image of
“UK paper apologizes for airbrushing out Solange Knowles’ braids – National”
UK paper apologizes for airbrushing out Solange Knowles's braids
Evening Standard apologises for airbrushing out Solange Knowles' braids
Solange Knowles receives apology from Britain’s Evening Standard
FLASH: UK paper sorry for airbrushing out Solange Knowles’s braids: LONDON --- Britain's…
Magazine sorry for airbrushing Solange Knowles photo: The…
Magazine sorry for airbrushing Solange Knowles photo
Solange Knowles receives apology from Britain's Evening Standard -
Solange Knowles receives apology from Britain's Evening Standard Retouchers deleted the Don't Touch My Hair hitmaker's hairstyle from the c…
British newspaper apologizes to Solange Knowles for digitally altering her braids on magazine cover photo.
UK newspaper apologized to Solange Knowles for digitally altering an image of the singer on the magazine cover
Solange Knowles pays homage to Lil' Kim, who doesn't get the recognition she deserves.
Solange Knowles urged to cancel upcoming Vancouver show over connection to "Condo King" Bob Rennie.
"I am a proud black feminist and womanist and I'm extremely proud of the work that's being done. " - htt…
Welcome to New Detroit where Solange, a Grammy-winning Knowles sister, has billing below Alt-J and Foster the People at a…
Keep your eye on these beauty muses—we have a feeling they're just getting started. .
Black Girl Magic! Solange Knowles is the Cover Girl for Bust Magazine’s April/May 2017 Issue
Solange Knowles on her feminism: 'I am a proud black feminist and womanist'
Solange Knowles: "I am a proud black feminist and womanist"
Here’s some sisterhood lessons from Beyoncé + Solange: Why women should stop comparing + competing with one another
Fulfill the Female At the rear of Solange Knowles’s Favorite Line
Many famous people have ADHD including Justin Timberlake, Will Smith, Michael Phelps, and Solange Knowles!
A whole bunch of fierce ladies stepped out to check out the Chloe Fashion Show this morning!
Solange Knowles vs. Halle Berry: who rocked the big curly hairstyle better?
Solange showed off a new, warm auburn shade in the front row.
Chloe designer's swan song in Paris; fashion gets political: Solange Knowles was among the fashion, film and music…
Solange Knowles takes to the stage at the
Solange Knowles is a Victorian vision in white lace at
Solange's glittering Mardi Gras look is beauty win.
Solange Knowles, a privileged multimillionaire who made her money in the group Destiny’s Child
Kendrick Lamar & Solange Knowles are not happy with the Recording Academy / GRAMMYs.
I cannot believe Xolani Gwala just read Grammy award winner Solange Knowles as Betonce's sister. She does have a name!
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Tina Knowles, the mother of Beyonce and Solange and a successful designer, found her way to happiness at 62.
Solange Knowles in Black and White Dress out in Manhattan
Solange Knowles joins lineup for Peace Ball on inauguration weekend
I think many people, especially from other cultures, just don't und...
If you ever felt overshadowed by a sibling, remember: singer Solange Knowles is Beyoncé's sister.
I desperately need Solange Knowles and Frank Ocean to collab for an album. please God.
Bey warned her! Tina Knowles is taking a social media break after a little gaffe involving Jennifer Hudson:
WEEKEND READING: "It was important to work at my own pace"~
plot twist in a plot twist: Nunez was Solange Knowles in the elevator with Jay Z & Beyonce
Solange Knowles & LaLa Anthony stepped into the weekend after rocking two of the hottest looks of the week. Get...
Anyone with Solange Knowles as their avi is annoying in real life
Cranes in the Sky x Solange Knowles (Saxophone Cover) via
People freaked out after Tina Knowles Lawson posted a pic of and in an elevator. h…
Get me a president who will finally get Solange Knowles to quit trying to be anything other than Beyonce's sister
Don't touch hair! See 5 of the singer's best unusual beauty looks:…
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Tina Knowles post and deletes photo of Jay Z and Solange peacefully sharing an elevator
The fight was 2014 which was epic, but it's 2016. Let's move on (:
Many were watching “Saturday Night Live” for Solange Knowles, but a Berklee student also got on stage
A seat at the table // Solange Knowles. I highly recommend it.
Only could make a metallic suit look subtly glamorous.
Solange Knowles looked radiant at the 13th Annual CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards.
RED ALERT: Jay Z and Solange got back in the elevator together! .
Tina Knowles posts photo of Solange & Jay Z in elevator... WHOOPS! via
Tina Knowles Posts, Then Deletes, Pic of Solange and Jay Z Chilling in an Elevator
Tina Knowles removes Instagram snap of Solange and Jay Z in elevator that evoked 2014 Met Gala family fight
Tina Knowles channeling her daughters, Solange and Beyoncé.
Solange performed at my middle school when I was 12. I sat in the third row, and knew that the Knowles family would forever be my family.
Braids by - The women behind Solange Knowles beautiful braid master piece on SNL.
Rick Ross put his own spin on Solange Knowles' A Seat at the Table single "Cranes in the Sky." The R&B singer
Solange Knowles: She's more than just Beyonce's sister. Solange Knowles is more than just Beyonce's little siste
I just CANNOT get enough of these Belly and Solange Knowles albums.
Solange Knowles: How her visual album puts the spotlight on race, fashion and gender
Oh, you didn't hear?! is holding down the No. 1 album in the country. Grab your seat!:
Solange Knowles x Cranes in the sky
“[…] every form of activism is so valid and so necessary.” —Great interview with about her new album
So I have a pair of those limited edition Solange Knowles Pumas.I only wore them twice does someone want them
Solange Knowles released her third album Friday. It’s a beautiful statement about what it means to be black, while al…
not going fake like Solange Knowles album wasn't good .
So, Solange Knowles recorded a number one album. A Seat at the Table. That's what we want. Rewind selector! .
I love Solange Knowles way too much😍
Solange Knowles album touches my soul
Solange Knowles thinks white people cant have A Seat At The Table but if I say black people can have a seat at the back…
"because how many times has someone stuck their hands in your head + said, “is that weave?” ~Mama Tina:
"Solange Knowles & the Need to Stand in Unsafe Spaces" via
Solange Piaget Knowles, more relevant that that J Ballad guy or whatever 🙄 neeexxxt
WEEKEND READING: Our boss lady shares some of her inspirations + favorite "lews" with us on
...Solange as therapist. Lil Wayne as patient, admitting to mental health issues...
"Many times the tone just simply says, I do not feel you belong here." -
Happy birthday to solange knowles son Julez Turned 12 today 🎊🎉
and to include Solange Knowles who just dropped one of the Righteous albums she and her sis set R&B on fire
Magical rainbow mini thread of Solange Knowles in honor of her birthday✨
And of course.Some Led Zeppelin.Some Braids,Dilla's Donuts,Madonna,Solange Knowles,if I can find James Blake and FKA
Jessica Alba goes to spa in morning during Paris fashion week–Lily James, Solange Knowles, Lorde and...
Thank you to Solange Knowles for reconfirming my Blackness. I love my Blackness.
Solange Knowles in on the psychological effects of institutional and everyday racism https:/…
Solange Knowles' new album is a meditative exploration on being black in America: Just hours before Solange K...
Solange Knowles is the queen of visuals 👑
Trace Ellis Ross and Solange Knowles are my inspiration
"There's a secret language between black girls destined to move mountains and cross rivers...". -Solange Knowles
Jus kno He kicking every rapper out the elevator like he solange knowles
All purpose parts banner
On the plus side I was hugged by Solange Knowles today...
Solange Knowles and SZA are seriously underrated
Solange, my favorite legitimate Knowles sister... ☕️🐸.
my last Gwen Stefani concert I found $50 on the pavilion bathroom floor and met Solange Knowles
is that the one with Solange Knowles? Because that's probably my favourite one, not gunna lie.
did Google her. A Google search brings up solange Knowles. This one of wales spurned gfs?
Soul Cleansing: LA by Solange Knowles might be the most woke Sunday... Via News Break:
Baby Blue Ivy is so cute kama wabisha angalia hizi picha. Aunt yake Solange Knowles alimpost on instagram...
Kelly Rowland revealed to HipHollywood that her classy clap backs are inspired by Solange Knowles.
Solange Knowles is a cancer do I'm never getting sad again
The Bring it On movie with Solange Knowles and Hayden Panettiere is now on Netflix 🙌
Solange Knowles Weds Alan Ferguson in Front of Friends and Family in New Orleans - November 2015
A lesson in colours from Solange Knowles:
I liked a video from Solange Knowles Reacts To Jay Z Fight
They slaying in this pic!!! Erykah Badu, Solange Knowles, Janelle…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Solange opted to wear three colors — and looked good in all of them.
Solange Knowles beautiful and talented pretty gorgeous and all in you have a nice day
Photos: Solange Knowles steps out in green at NYC charity...
After dropped, the internet replied with HUNDREDS of memes that’ll leave you in stitches 🍋😂
Solange Knowles. carefree as can be. this woman is black and beautiful and will let you know it. she is so pure.
Solange Knowles makes amazing music and we should talk about that more
At breakfast with friends, funny how quickly the conversation turns to Aaron Carter, Solange Knowles and Jamie Lynn Spears.
Beyoncé, Solange, and Tina Knowles show Jay-Z Lemonade for the first time...
Solange Knowles, Elsa Hosk, and Linda Ramone: A Look at the 11 Best Interiors of the Week via
Solange Knowles, I probably talk about her fashion everyday but the way she mixes patterns... There's no competition https…
Solange Knowles wears a bright yellow dress with a neutral bag and heels
Feel like solange choreographed this. Bey looking over at her for direction. Love the Knowles sisters
Solange Knowles - Arriving at LA airport in Los Angeles, February 2015
I added a video to a playlist The Story of Sacrifice - Jay Z Beyonce Solange Knowles
Angelina Jolie, Diane Keaton, Solange Knowles: Beauties who rocked the Oscars red carpet in pants via
Solange Knowles to ride in Muses Mardi Gras parade Feb. 4...
Solange Knowles shares son's touching message after she loses wedding ring...
This front row moment with and almost stole the show htt…
The 10 Best Living Instagrams of the Week: Solange Knowles in Cuba and More...
Be on lookout for Solange Knowles' wedding ring lost in Mardi Gras parade...
Second person to tell me I look like Solange Knowles. Must be true then, ***
Pakistan2days: Solange Knowles : Musician and model on fashion week and why her heart belongs to New Orleans
Kylie Jenner, Tyga, Taraji P. Henson, Kelvin Hayden, CL and Solange Knowles are seen outside the Alexander Wang…
New update:- Four times Solange Knowles wowed in African prints (See Photos)
Solange Knowles beautiful face and natural hairstyle.
This Solange Knowles party gonna be crazy tomorrow I know she gonna spinning some heat
"This is Beyoncé's Jacket" an audio book written by Solange Knowles, read by me
Solange Knowles to ride with 2016 Krewe of Muses...
Yay! Funny Nigerian gets a reply from Solange Knowles
Solange Knowles to ride as Krewe of Muses' honorary Muse...
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Solange Knowles to roll with Krewe of Muses...
📷 yagazieemezi: Solange x PUMA 2015 Fall/Winter “Word to the Woman” Collection Solange Knowles and PUMA...
I'm gonna go on record and say that Solange is my favorite legitimate Knowles sister.
“But when a black woman stands up for herself suddenly she has an attitude problem.” - Solange Knowles (via...
Solange Knowles as Zola, Kenan Thompson as Z (cuz y not), Aaron Paul as Jarrett, and Kesha can debut as Jess 😂😂😂
If 18 isn't an adult then 17 is a toddler!..Demi Moore, K. Kardashian, Melanie Griffith, Solange Knowles etc all married as teens.
Out and about at today: Keri Hilson, Solange Knowles, Cara Santana, Jesse Metcalfe, Mark Ronson, Nick Grimshaw, ​Diana Krall...
Solange Knowles, Keri Hilson, Labrinth, Andreya Triana, Geri Halliwell and Olivia Palermo confirmed for -
Solange Knowles shares her beauty tips and icons.
Twice as nice! Solange Knowles turns heads in cut-out dress after covering up with quirky crochet suit as
Solange Knowles at Michelle Obama’s dinner in New York - Celebrity Fashion Love the pastel pink shoe
To make up for missing last week's here are two beautiful and empowered feminists : Solange and Beyoncé Knowles
"I Decided" was written and composed by Solange Knowles and producer Pharrell...
Headwrap and wine, our current mood from Solange Knowles.
Solange Knowles shares what she keeps inside her beauty kit
Me too gyal,but now you looking like somehow solange knowles
"That jacket must belong to Solange Knowles. You know it's very cold growing up in Beyoncé's shadow."
Remember when u were caught breaking into Solange Knowles email & trying to sell stories to the media about her & Beyonce?…
I love Solange Knowles. She is the perfect image of a carefree black girl.
Solange Knowles is just too cool. collabo with
Solange Knowles and I share birthdays, so I'm technically somehow related to Beyoncé, right?
Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter, sister of Solange Knowles, born in Texas.
Solange Knowles jumps in to defend Zendaya against the Fashion Police hair-bashing: …
“When the traveller goes alone, he gets acquainted with himself” -Solange Knowles-
Perfect print style by Solange Knowles! fashion
I kind of have the biggest crush on Solange Knowles
The fact that Solange Knowles is in Bring It On All or Nothing though
No one looks better in yellow than Solange Knowles.
I liked a video from Beyonce & Jay Z with Solange Knowles depart 2015 Vanity Fair
Condoleezza Rice, Solange Knowles and Ice T all have MUSIC in common.
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the similarity is Ice T Mum is CREOLE ,Solange Knowles mum is half CREOLE,Condoleezza Rice' Grandmum is CREOLE
Some pretty dope people born in June; Solange Knowles, Lionel Messi, John Garang, and Tupac Shakur.
Solange Knowles looked sublime in this Marios Schwab dress (also: MAJOR shoe envy)
Solange Knowles stands out in yellow fur coat at star-studded event via big bird from Sesame Street
Solange Knowles channels Big Bird in bold yellow furry coat with shoes to match
Solange Knowles has that Pearl Thusi thing about her. She'll get it right some day.
Solange Knowles' business partner Armina Mussa was stabbed 10 times in New Orleans:
Solange Knowles' close friend was stabbed 10 times in New Orleans
Parisian chic! Solange Knowles catches the eye in bold colourful coat as she joins forces with Naomie Harris at th…
Newly weds Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson are reportedly separated.. Via
Carina Fashion: So late Solange holds up Paris Fashion Week: PARIS (AP) — Solange Knowles had top fashion edit...
, Solange Knowles, Viola Davis, Chiwetel Ejiofor & More at the 87th Annual Academy Awards
Solange Knowles is impossibly sexy in this very French ad campaign:
Did Solange Knowles find out she 'owed more than $55000 in back taxes' from ...
[PICS] Solange shares THROWBACK Pic of The Knowles Family from 1990; Beyonce was a cutie SIRKENAYO_NET
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The taxman gave Solange Knowles a wedding gift — the songstress, 28, was slapped with a $55,000 tax lien from the state of California.
Beyonce's sister, Solange Knowles, finally addressed the elevator incident between her and her brother-in-law, Jay Z. Solange will cover the August issue of ...
Fiesty songstress Solange Knowles (pictured) was given a one-two punch by good old Uncle Sam right in the pocket!  Reportedly, just three days after Knowles…
"There was a tape of Solange Knowles assaulting Jay-Z for nearly 3 minutes in an elevator…" — el jim chapo guzman
I'm tired of that solange pic. I'm tired of the Knowles family.
I have to say. Solange Knowles is one stunner is a fashion sense.
Solange Knowles looked great during her wedding, but after the reception she broke out in hives ... and by process of elimination, she's either allergic to s...
STUNNING. makes her first official appearance after her wedding and honeymoon. http:/…
Solange Knowles is back at work with PUMA, for a capsule collection of sneakers titled "Wild Wonder"
Solange Knowles returns to work after splendid honeymoon
There's something so similar between Solange Knowles' wedding and Kanye wests runaway video.
Solange Knowles and hubby arrive on white push bikes to get married. Cool idea.
Proof Solange Knowles Had The Last Laugh In 2014: There is life after So maybe you...
the solange knowles and ezra koenig songs on this usb stick and I forgot that it was the catchiest song ever
This blushing bride loves her capes! See Solange in her first post-wedding appearance:
No question... Solange looks great in capes!
why did you ask if that was me? Do you know who Solange Knowles is?
Photo: Solange Knowles in our Haati Chai x Amarilo Asnee Ring (at
Photo: solangesolo: Solange Knowles and her husband, Alan Ferguson, at the airport in Miami. (11-21-14)
Solange, Jay-Z ‘must be all right’: Solange Knowles has reportedly made it clear she and brother-in-law Jay-Z ...
New York Post - Are Solange and Jay Z cool again? - Solange Knowles showed there’s no more bad blood between her a...
See the latest looks from Solange Knowles, Karolina Kurkova, Monica Bellucci, Lea Seydoux, Naomie Harris & more at
Solange Knowles is chillin’ in Brazil on her honeymoon, baby North West is flossing all over Beverly Hills, and Lenny Kravitz and Jada Pinkett’s mama are showing off their bangin’ bodies…
Solange Knowles delays the release of new shoe line in honor of Michael Brown:
James Earl Jones as Solange Knowles on her wedding day
From Jerry Hall to Solange Knowles, we look back at the best alternative wedding looks
Kim Kardashian, Solange Knowles: Most Beautiful Brides of The Year: Here come the brides!
***"HOW BEYONCE SAVED SOLANGE ON HER WEDDING DAY" - Tina Knowles*** It was a wedding that broke the internet, one of the weddings of the year, one of the most photographed, but behind the scenes, it was a wedding that was nearly ruined when the beautiful bride, 28 year old Solange Knowles broke out in painful hives. And her mum, Tina Knowles has spilled the wedding day secrets. Sitting down with Entertainment Tonight, Tina explained what really happened: 'I just think the wedding epitomized Solange as a person, and her and Alan's artistic flare. Of course, like all weddings not everything went to plan, and Solange's big day was almost ruined when she broke out in painful welts between the ceremony and the reception. Luckily Beyonce was there, her mother said. 'Solange went through the wedding and the sit down dinner and she was just fine. And then they had a second line in the streets of New Orleans and she was dancing so hard, I think she just go overheated. And the seafood, I think she had a reaction to ...
Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson wedding Here comes the bride all dressed in white! Just a few hours after Solange Knowles said "I Do" to music producer Alan Ferguson, Vogue magazine gave readers a first look at the star's wedding dress and ceremony. As it turns out, the bride wore a stunning gown created by Humberto Leon for Kenzo. The two had been spotted on numerous occasions in and around New Orleans in the months leading up to the wedding. "Everyone I worked with on the wedding are friends who I love," Solange shared with the publication on her wedding day. "Everything was a labor of love." Speaking of love, those closest to the singer also joined the white theme with stunning gowns and looks for the official photo shoot. Inspired by the work of Italian artist Vanessa Beecroft, Beyoncé and Tina Knowles gave a straight face as they posed with Solange in the front row. And for those wondering what Solange was wearing during her bike ride in the city with Ferguson just a few hours beforehand, E! News ...
I still have absolutely no idea who this guy is who married Solange Knowles ? Look a lot like John Shaft to me 👀
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Get it! Solange Knowles and her son Julez shared an adorable moment at her wedding reception on Sunday, Nov. 16. The
"Solange Knowles, Amal Clooney and the Return of the Wedding Trousseau" by VANESSA FRIEDMAN via NYT
Charles Manson and Solange Knowles both got married smdh LOL... Welp... I guess there is somebody for everybody LMAO
That looks painful! Solange Knowles breaks out in angry red hives on wedding day... as big sister Beyonce tries to cover her up It's every bride's worst nightmare... that an unsightly blemish might ruin their wedding photos. And poor Solange Knowles appears to have suffered a nasty case of hives after walking down the aisle with her video director boyfriend Alan Ferguson on Sunday in a fun-filled New Orleans ceremony. The singer was pictured with unfortunate red lumps all over of her face and neck, something which TMZ has attributed to a food allergy, as she clambered into the back of a waiting car with her sister, Beyonce, and brother-in-law, Jay Z. Her superstar sibling was at hand to help and appeared to be comforting her, covering her up in the back of the vehicle. A source told TMZ: 'Solange suffered some kind of food allergy, though she isn't sure what it was from.the hives were gone in a matter of minutes.' MailOnline has contacted the star's representative for comment. Luckily for Solange, it seem ...
Solange Knowles, 28, just wed her video director boyfriend, Alan Ferguson, 51, (below) in New Orleans this weekend.
Solange Knowles ties the knot – and a million hipster wedding blogs swoon
Solange Knowles wed Alan Ferguson in New Orleans over the weekend.
Solange Knowles and her husband Alan Ferguson at their wedding. New Orleans, USA
Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson are officially married! Congrats to the happy couple:
Solange Knowles, 28, has wed! The singer married her music video producer fiancé of five years, Alan Ferguson, 51, on Nov. 16. The lavish event took place in New Orleans, where Beyonce, 33, Jay Z, 44, and close friends and family gathered to watch the couple’s nuptials! The couple arrived to the Mar…
Solange Knowles, 28, said I do to her video director fiance Alan Ferguson, 51, yesterday, Novembe...
Solange Knowles weds Alan Ferguson in plunging pant suit, cape in New Orleans with sister Beyonce via
Congrats to Solange Knowles on her wedding to Alan Ferguson. Hipster meets Vogue.
Keeping you for good! Solange Knowles marries Alan Ferguson in modern New Orleans ceremony
Beyonce, Jay-Z and Blue attended the union of her sister, Solange Knowles with Alan Ferguson, which took place in New Orleans. Solange Knowles is now back to being a married woman, after she tied the knot. See more pics below… Photo credit: UK Dailymail The post Photos: Beyonce, Jay Z, Ivy Blue…
I am that chick who marries well *xoxo* Solange Knowles Congratulations to Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson. They are a beautiful couple. May the Lord bless their union!
Solange Knowles tied the knot with video director and longtime beau Alan Ferguson tied the knot yesterday in a lavish New Orleans wedding in front of about 200 family and friends, The happy couple said “I DO” at the Marigny Opera House in New Orleans. Around 2 p.m., the pair arrived via…
Solange Knowles (28) got married this weekend to Alan Ferguson (51). She wore this jumpsuit and cape - do you love it or hate it? Is it going to catch on as the newest wedding fashion?
After the whole lift incident, we were kinda sceptical as to whether Beyoncé and Jay-Z would actually turn up to Bey\'s sister Solange Knowles\' wedding . Thankfully, it looks like they\'ve put it all behind them as Bey and co rocked up to watch her sister tie the knot with musical director Alan Ferguson.
Solange Knowles: she married Alan Ferguson before Beyonce and Jay-Z ...! « sincesunrise
American singer Solange Knowles is now officially married to her longtime love Alan Ferguson.
Solange Knowles, younger sister to Pop diva, Beyonce got married over the weekend to her longtime Boyfriend/heartthrob Alan Ferguson. It was regarded as the second biggest wedding in Knowles family history and it was rated as a rousing success. The marriage took place in front of 200 family and friends Sunday in New Orleans,as reported by People Magazine. The paper also reported that the younger Knowles sister had tried to borrow a page from her megastar sister and keep the nuptials top secret but sources leaked the affairs. Ferguson, 51, is a music video director with long-standing ties to his future in-laws, including having directed clips for Beyoncé and Jay Z. The bridal party included Solange’s 10-year-old son from a previous marriage, Daniel Julez, and niece Blue Ivy as a flower girl. Singer Janelle Monae was reportedly among those on the guest list.
The internet went cray this morning after news broke that Solange Knowles and her longtime boyfriend Alan Ferguson are reportedly set to wed in New Orleans in a top-secret ceremony this weekend. Th...
It's a lovely day for a white wedding, and Solange Knowles has married Alan Ferguson, wearing a plunging v-neck, complemented by a flowing cape and suit trousers while her husband wore a matching all-white suit and black shoes.The happy couple tied the knot in New Orleans on Sunday, and Beyonce and
Solange Knowles has kicked the miss title next to her name and dragged on the Mrs. one after marrying her long time boyfriend video director Alan Ferguson. Solange 28 and Alan 51, married in unique all white ceremony in the presence of their close friend and family including her super star sister Beyonce, her daughter Blue Ivy and husband Jay z. [ 46 more words. ]
Solange Knowles is married! The singer/DJ sensation officially tied the knot with long time beau Alan Ferguson in New Orleans. Friends and family including
Solange Knowles (28) and her long-term boyfriend Alan Ferguson (51) have made their love official! The two officially jumped the broom, marrying in New Orl
Solange Knowles gets married in Kenzo and Stunning Wedding Portraits from Vogue
Solange Knowles' wedding dress revealed! These photos are EVERYTHING.
Solange Knowles' wedding outfit makes me want to swear a loyalty oath to the Rebel Alliance. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Solange's classic white wedding bliss breaks the internet.
And because we just love Solange Knowles' wedding photos, here's something from her. Have a nice day, ladies! 🙆
Solange Knowles' wedding photographs have been published and they're simply beautiful:
"In the best version of INTERSTELLAR, the fifth-dimensional tessaract is the Solange Knowles wedding." 😂😂😂
Clearly Janelle Monae hasn't spent much time around the Knowles outside of Solange to be the only person smiling in those wedding pics.
Solange Knowles prewedding outfit and official wedding party portrait. Beyoncé to the left of the bride. Any thoughts on the bridal cape and dress?
Solange Knowles tied the knot on Sunday, Nov. 16, see the portraits of her stunning wedding gown, complete with a cape, plus sister Beyonce's maid of honor dress
So any thoughts on Solange's wedding dress ?? If you're not familiar with her, she's Beyonce's sister Solange Knowles. I've heard lots about this dress. I know there are plenty of in the house along with fashion experts. What's your take on it. Leave a comment. Share your thoughts. ❤❤❤:) :)
Solange Knowles marries her longtime love, Alan Ferguson, all the details on who designed her gowns, attendees, plus the official wedding portraits here:
A first look at Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson's Wedding Dre1alliance Entertainment
Solange Knowles-Official Wedding Photos-the jasmine brand ... Solange noted that she those involved with her wedding were close and personal to ...
KB's Red Carpet Highlight: if Solange Knowles' pre-wedding cape jumper, followed by her cape wedding gown, is the definition of high fashion! I love it!
The Shade Room 4 mins · Solange Knowles and her Fam took to the streets of New Orleans for a traditional NOLA second line during her reception, but unfortunately she had an allergic reaction! If this isn't the worst thing that can happen on a wedding least she was stuntin' all day!
Yup, Beyonce’s baby sis has indeed tied the knot. Solange Knowles, 28, married video director Alan Ferguson, 51 in New Orleans on Sunday..
Leave it to Solange Knowles to wear something like this to her wedding.Beyonce's younger sister said "I do" in New Orleans on Sunday with new hubby and…
You want to break internet? Don't be naked, just be solange Knowles
Congratulations to soul singer Solange Knowles we absolutely adore her wedding transportation and the funk that goes with it!!! Love It!
I do hope that everyone realizes that there is a "HUSBAND" in Solange Knowles wedding pictures. I see everyone congratulating her... but she had to get married to someone... Is anyone going to congratulate him, or y'all know something I don't?
*Well, as of today, Solange Knowles, 28, can cross "get married" off her list of things to accomplish. That's right Beyoncé's baby sister married her lo
That old adage, "you never know who you're sitting next to" is beyond true. I am so happy for the people who are living their dreams and constantly finding new ones. The photographer of Solange Knowles wedding is an old childhood friend of mines doing AMAZING things. Make sure to check out some of his work, you can Google him, Rog Walker.
These photos from Solange Knowles's wedding got everybody looking like they came from Mount Olympus.
Solange Knowles set to wed this weekend: Solange Knowles will wed her boyfriend Alan Ferguson in New Orleans, ...
Ray Allen rides more coattails than Solange Knowles at a Grammy after party
... . Seriously. . Has anyone ever seen Solange Knowles & Orlando Jones in the same room?
DeRay Davis on Solange Knowles attacking Jay Z in Elevator during Met Gala at DBA Club WeHo…
Ray Rice, Rae Carruth, and Solange Knowles walk into a bar...
Is there any way Cari Champion can get on an elevator with Ray Rice AND Solange Knowles?
Whoopi Goldberg is quickly becoming an advocate for men who inflict domestic violence upon women. You may recall back in May, during the Solange Knowles-and-Jay Z elevator fight, that Goldberg said Jay Z had every right to hit Solange back. “I think Solange was quite ready for him to do whatever...
Solange Knowles appears on the cover of the August issue of Lucky Magazine and talks about the famous elevator fight with Jay Z.
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