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Sol Campbell

Sulzeer Jeremiah Sol Campbell (born 18 September 1974) is a retired English footballer.

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Sol Campbell, Berbatov, Carrick, Bale and now Harry Kane all loved Spurs until a big club comes sniffing. When will you learn?
Nobody will outdo the Arsenal coach that day Sol Campbell came back to WHL 😳
Sol Campbell is English. He's not white So you're wrong.
what about sol Campbell? His plane overshot the runway and ended up on the motorway at Southampton years ago. Not a mention of this
We deserve someone like after putting up with the likes of Sol Campbell
it's like Sol Campbell going back to Spurs after he won the double at Arsenal. Imagine it
Yeah but you would of had Sol Campbell and Pogba walkout in Charlton kits
Day 1: man like Sol Campbell. Greatest defender of all time. Man used Spurs to join the biggest team in North Londo…
shearer, speed, given, Nicky butt and SOL Campbell??
exactly, it doesn't stop a player leaving. Just ensure we get a big fee. No more Sol Campbell free agents.
Let's add Harry Kane to the list of players that also love Spurs. Sol Campbell, Gareth Bale!
Brace yourselves Sol Campbell all over again Ends up at Arsenal
Tottenham set to make Harry Kane their highest paid player of all time*. *Still on less than Arsenal gave Sol Campb…
My man stormzy looks like a weird hybrid of Benteke and Sol Campbell ffs
NOW: My Sporting Life - Sol Campbell!. speaks to the Arsenal legend about his life and career.
is it Eriksson's fault that Rooney was sent off in Germany or that Sol Campbell has a goal disallowed in 2004? Margins.
Phil Neville just said Mkhitaryan could be 'the missing link' 🙊But he looks nothing like Sol Campbell! 😂😂😂
still looking for Sol Campbell and Adams in the Emirates crowd 😂😂😂
Sol Campbell once went through an entire school without being grassed, but you can bet Wenger will say he never saw any of it.
I think its important that we appreciate that Pompey were up 2 - 0 against the '08 Milan team. Sol Campbell must ha…
But mans like Sol Campbell and ex-England players think and demand shortcuts to a top coaching job. Punditry ain't guna cut it mate.
do you think the new legend SBC will be Sol Campbell? He's been at a few clubs as wel
Sol Campbell is a legend for Arsenal. Spurs fans would say no. Jennings can to us too. Completely different.
should of got sol Campbell or Dwight Yorke imo. Both done loads at club level
harry come back home ..U r next Sol Campbell
you should get sol Campbell, spurs fans like him so much 😉
don't you remember we looked at it? Chatting wham about Sol Campbell or something😂
Criticism of Theo Walcott has been unfair, says former Arsenal defender Sol Campbell
Tuesday evening and I'm getting angry about Sol Campbell being a treacherous snake. Like don't care for either club but still
In the bin with wannabe Tory MP Sol Campbell she goes then!
Great night yesterday catering for the Launch of "The Nth Degree Club Book" at Sol & Fiona Campbell's Fabulous FBC…
only 1 person dying will make people happy and that's sol Campbell
Spurs fans:. "You can stick Sol Campbell up your *** "
Ex-footballer Sol Campbell drops price of his
New post: ". Ex-footballer Sol Campbell drops price of his grade II-listed country mansion to £5.2m (maybe he shou…
Sol Campbell's Northumberland pad is still on the market after a year
Sol Campbell's luxury Northumberland mansion still for sale after a year.
I'm anti Tory. UKIP now have a egg in charge. I'm heartbroken. Haven't felt this betrayed since Sol Campbell joined Arsenal.
Rose to do a Sol Campbell and win Arsenal the league cba
Sol Campbell warns against rushing injured England players back for Euro 2016
Just shut up Sol Campbell. You don't exist.
Chris Powell overlooked at Derby, Paul Ince at Wolves now JFH has gone. Wonder what Sol Campbell and Jason Roberts think about this 😴😴😴
Sol Campbell: 'Tottenham are more frenetic and decisive whereas are methodical and more sophisticated. "
Soccer IS one of the American sports. Spurs' best player since Sol Campbell left has been Clint Dempsey.
Ex-Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur star Sol Campbell confirms talks for first managerial job
Sol Campbell!!! I love koscielny but not at Sol level yet...but he's Terribly close...sol , what a rock!
yeah I know... Racist on the Cumbrians that isn't it
A supposed Arsenal fan on my TL just said Kolo Toure was better than Sol Campbell. I don't even knw how to react to such blasphemy.
I'd still say Sol Campbell...for all the reasons.
Kolo Toure was a better defender than sol Campbell at Arsenal.
Sol campbell? Didn't watch Tony Adams that much but I respect his history at arsenal but for me Koscienly is Arsenal greatest
i have seen Sol Campbell and Scott Parker have it. Does it matter really anyway.?
that's the same kinda reference to sol Campbell or Titus bramble
Arsene with Ian Wright, Sol Campbell and William Gallas. Shame they didn't add Piers Morgan to *** on everything.
Tony Adams only rated by yer da for showing PASHUN.Isn't even in top 5 CB for Arsenal. Sol Campbell, Kolo Toure, kos,Per, Keown all better.
Ripon Ferdinand, Tony Adams, Jaap Stam, Sol Campbell, John Terry, in that order Ledley King would be top 2 if he played more
Genuine question: What would you actually do if Sol Campbell died?
Despite signing for 5 clubs in his 19 year career(AFC twice),Sol Campbell was never signed for a transfer fee,he always transferred for free
sol Campbell and Alan sugar off the top of my head
Ian Wright, Will Gallas and Sol Campbell sitting around the table with Arsen Wenger 😍😍
actually feeling more like sol Campbell
. Yeah, at that age your fragile, playing against seasoned pro's like Sol Campbell & Adams 😱
Anyone who knows me knows how I feel about Sol Campbell. But could well be up there.
I got 38. Failed to get Mark Wright, Upson, Lescott, Crouch(!) and Sol Campbell. For shame.
Arsenal's signing of Sol Campbell on a free in 2001 was one of the best and most controversial moves in PL history. ht…
Remember when Tottenham did a greatest ever XI and arsenal fans hijacked it and voted for sol Campbell in it 😂😂
also there was no flairs with the sol campbell pack! That was fake also!
even i have a Spurs hat, and Sol Campbell goes more than me.
Funny, I didn't see Sol Campbell on the show?
I just saw Sol Campbell lacking lol
I predict sol Campbell will score first against Malta ⚽️. Vote below to receive the latest 18+
we are Judas aka we are Sol Campbell
if he was any good he would have done a Sol Campbell
id hate his guts tbh. Would be like sol Campbell esqe move
. Have you got any of when Sol Campbell dies? 😬
Van the man. That first touch to get away from Sol Campbell at Highbury. Awesome fair play. He was absolute quality
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Sol Campbell takes stage to help present awards to some truly outstanding GCSE cat finalists
I just can't wait to hear the views of Sol Campbell on a black manager being sacked. He quoted 2pac when Chris Powell got…
Sol Campbell? Tony Adams? Terry Butcher? Jack Chalton? Even Roy McFarland 😂 if you take away the injuries and less caps lol
Toure and Koscielny, plus Wenger also made Tony Adams, Sol Campbell and Per Mertesacker better
"It is good for the young players who could see a Thierry Henry, a Ljungberg, a Sol Campbell or a Keown"
Wad thou gan up to 3435 views and Washington Men at The Somme 676. Hope Sol Campbell has had a look cos William Jonas featured in both.
Thinking back on my Arsenal days,very few transfers have made my jaw drop.Malcolm MCDonald,Charlie Nicholas,Sol Campbell,Dennis Bergkamp!
I remember the DB day like yesterday!! All my Christmases at once! Sol Campbell was pretty awesome too!!
On this day 15 years ago, Sol Campbell left Tottenham to join Arsenal!
Nuff man like Paul Ince, Sol Campbell, Rio Ferdinand, Jason Roberts just being wasted here when they could be coaches back home
Ashley Williams and Wes Morgan are straight the Sol Campbell school of defending. #
LeBron chose 23 in honour of Sol Campbell, not Michael Jordan as originally thought.
For the same price as Vlad Chiriches we could sign Sol Campbell, pay all his wages, and win the title at WHL.
Sol Campbell and Piers Morgan were both for Leave, I'll let you draw the connection between those two.
I can't bear the thought of waking up in a country that have backed the likes of Katie Hopkins, Nigel Farage, Michael Gove and Sol Campbell.
Katie Hopkins and Sol Campbell are voting Leave. Debate over. That's all the info you need.
It's not about being on the right side of history, it's about not being on the same side as Katie Hopkins, Duncan Bannatyne and Sol Campbell
David Beckham, Idris Elba & Daniel Craig are Sol Campbell, D James & Icke are I know whose side…
But the leave campaign have utilised names like Elizabeth Hurley, Sol Campbell, Sir Michael Caine, John Cleese
Michael Gove really thinks Sol Campbell is John Barnes doesn't he ?
John Barnes has now said he supports leaving just failed London Mayoral candidate Sol Campbell as the football champion
.oO( ...Sol Campbell joining the Leave side of means they are not just rich white men anymore. Now also one rich black man!... )
Michael Gove on David Beckham backing Remain: "Sol Campbell is for Leave, as indeed is John Barnes."
Interior decorator to the rich and stupid. Ex of Sol Campbell. Absolute weapon.
Sol Campbell, William Gallas, Edgar Davids and other big. names to play in the. on 8th June. in Kumasi and…
Not sure if that's Sol Campbell or Wes Morgan?
Is there a more puzzling sight than Boris Johnson and Sol Campbell acting like they're best buddies?
Amazing Vote Leave rally in London this afternoon with Priti Patel, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Sol Campbell.
Michael Gove and Sol Campbell with the positive messages for
U havn't had a top class centre half since Sol Campbell! Year after year Wenger ignores this fact & overloads on midfielders
Update your maps at Navteq
Sol Campbell and Lauren but otherwise, mostly lame
You're largely wrong, but... You hated Sol Campbell at Spurs and liked Ashley Cole & RVP at Arsenal. Sporting rivalry - hardly new
Sol Campbell isn't one of ur best centre back..?Pires wasn't one of your best winger,??.Ashley cole not ur best LB??
Clarkson, Cumberbatch, Bohnam-Carter & Branson say in. Botham, Michael Caine & Sol Campbell say out! Botham swings it for me!
Sol Campbell won as many league tittles at Arsenal in his first 3 years as Tottenham have in their 133 year existence!…
Harry Kane wouldn't happen in the EU, says Sol Campbell.
Sol Campbell: "I've always dreamed of winning the league at White Hart Lane. So i left and joined Arsenal." 😂👍 https:/…
"I always had two teams one Arsenal and the other playing against Tottenham ". Sol Campbell.
Sol Campbell on if there's a power shift in North London between Arsenal & Spurs: "Power shift is not one season."
Enjoying the seminar currently Good to see Sol Campbell and Denise Lewis, also Helen Grant MP!
yeah sorry forgot about darren anderton and david ginola, legends of the game. oh also Sol Campbell
Errr. Sol Campbell, Everton defender with lots of pens to his forgotten name, Roberto Carlos, Italian defender,
and i had that Sol Campbell photo primed to go.
I agree plus he'd never desert Spurs, he's got more invested than Sol Campbell had n he's never lived it down
Really brave of Obama to contradict the intellectual powerhouse team of Ian Botham and Sol Campbell
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The greatest dive in EPL history is Wayne Rooney going over Sol Campbell's foot. To break Arsenal's precious unbeaten run
Sol Campbell has loved watching Harry Kane&development, praises Tim Sherwood - HITC
Sol Campbell has loved watching Harry Kane's development, praises Tim Sherwood
Both sides wheeling out the big guns now: Sol Campbell for leave, June Sarpong for remain. Clash of titans
and Milner. Terry and Sol Campbell. David James in nets and Fowler and Shearer up top.
How is Joel Campbell Costa Rican if he is related to Sol Campbell who is ENGLISH? *** AF
Show needs to be brought back. I want Scottish teens asking Sol Campbell about Syria, abortion & food banks
Courtney Love joins at tonight’s talk with David Furnish, Sadie Frost, Pam Hogg and Sol Campbell among VIPs.
Sol Campbell, Ian Wright, Andy Cole, Daniel sturridge that's just some I can think of.
Just bored Sol Campbell in a conversation about at
weve never replaced Sol Campbell,Patrick Vierra or Thierry Henry.People say we cant but with the money we have we can.
David Platt, Sol Campbell, Paul Scholes, Steve McManaman, Jamie Redknapp & Robbie Fowler will play in the England vs Germany legends match.
Sol Campbell: Arsenal are still North London's top dogs - their football is superior to Spurs...
Who is the leader in this team? The likes of Patrick Vieira, Tony Adams, Sol Campbell etc are non existent
Roberto Carlos has been seen in Harts with Sol Campbell & Mancini coming in as manager
Jermain Defoe, Michael Owen, Joe Cole,Sol Campbell, Jamie Carragher,Andrew Cole,Ledley that short time
*** you're comparing Sol Campbell a guy who was conned into signing for us to aborah wow
Sol Campbell got released after 1 game, doesn't paint the true story
I'm thinking Sol Campbell. They might as well have rolled out 'el tel' too...
Tottenham lack 'winners in their team' according to Sol Campbell via
Think Townsend could be decent enough on the left, but alternatively he could be our worst right winger since Sol Campbell.
"remembers former teammate and professional Tory Sol Campbell" lol
how is there not more votes for sol Campbell?
[The Indian Express]Then came sentimental returns for the ageing Sol Campbell and Thierry H…
So sol Campbell ask for a picture with my mum...😂
I’m privileged to promote peace in Ghana - Sol Campbell: Former England captain and Arsenal legendary defender...
Ghana base arsenal fans besieged sol campbell in ghana
Sol Campbell grew up a Spurs fan and came through the ranks... Guess we should all like him too?
Fizzy Vimto, Fanta Orange, Cream Soda, Dr Pepper. No better fizzy drinks. If you try to disagree you're Sol Campbell.
sol Campbell! Sven! And you didn't even get out of league one so I think your opinion is the most irrelevant
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Gerrin! SSN reporting we solved our centre back problem!!! Welcome Sol Campbell lad!!!
Naomi Campbell and A$AP Rocky photographed by Brianna Capozzi for POP Magazine Spring/Summer 2016💮
too many superstars up front, grew up with legends like Adams, bould, sol Campbell, etc need more defensive coaches!
The players today are the poor versions of the ones we have had back then. Could really do with Henry Vieira & Sol Campbell.
Arsenal legend recollects memorable moments in Ghana:
Ironic Sol Campbell was the half-time guest. A wall like him could replace Per. Could Wes Morgan/Ashley Williams do it? Even just 2-3 years?
lol he's the sol Campbell of our time imz. Cyaant forgive dat treachery!
it was Jens Lehmann that was sent off not Sol Campbell.
Maybe it was because of yesterday's game, but I thought the reception for Sol Campbell was pretty muted.
In his latest Olive Press column Campbell outlines ten points to conspider when buying an off-plan property. Read...
My hate for Gemma Collins is on a par with Jack Wilshere, Theo Walcott, Paul Merson and Sol Campbell.
I agree, I hope Wenger reacts. Remember he didn´t played Sol Campbell in Spain (and Bendtner scored Lol)
We will win the title this season, I'm so confident if we don't I'll get a tattoo of sol Campbell holding the prem trophy on m…
Sol Campbell taking a selfie at HT when Arsenal are losing 1-0 is what is wrong with that club
when sol Campbell dies, when sol Campbell dies were gonna have a party were gonna have a party when sol Campbell dies💤💤
"When Sol Campbell Dies" should be the national anthem. The bloke is a monumental ***
Watching the NFL, Tiger Woods just got a home run but Sol Campbell isn't playing well.
No Hall of Fame for Sol Campbell today! Thanks for voting:
Tottenham fans at Leicester last night, singing "We're all having a party when Sol Campbell dies".
Steve Harper saw what Sol Campbell,Petr Cech and Ashey Cole did and thought he could go one better
Steve Harper has just done a Sol Campbell
Steve Harper desperate to get a piece of the Sol Campbell lifestyle.
When Sol Campbell dies, when Sol Campbell dies, we're all having a party, we're all having a party
Bet Paul Ince and Sol Campbell are raging they haven't been nominated for an Oscar
Ex-England and Arsenal legend Sol Campbell privileged to promote peace in Ghana: Former England captain and Ar...
Toure doing his best impression of Sol Campbell there.
Sol Campbell will arrive in Accra on Sunday January 17. He meets Former president's Rawlings and J.A Kufuor the next day. Peace Cup loading
Conditions at Selhurst Park today are perfect for someone to attempt to beat this beauty from Sol Campbell..
waddle was a fab player. Mine are John Barnes, Steve McManaman n Sol Campbell
About time! Respect to Jimmy for this! Now have a word with Sol Campbell and Jason Roberts because they're...
What do the following players have in common: Laurie Brown, David Jenkins, Willie Young, Jimmy Robertson, Pat Jennings and Sol Campbell?
Sol Campbell puts his Northumberland mansion up for sale at £5,950,000
Sol Campbell who would have dealt easily with Kane & Vardy because of how good he was, was given a nervous breakdown by . Bobby Zamora !
you miss Sol Campbell and Tony Adams too.
Roy Hodgson, David Haye, Sol Campbell and more arrive for Daily Mirror Pride of Sport awards (Mirror Football)
Roy Hodgson, Sol Campbell, David Haye and co. arrive for Daily Mirror Pride of Sport awards
Just been going through Sol Campbell's timeline, he's basically an A-list Pete Price
I mean is the only show that can have both Paul Merson & Sol Campbell on it at the same time and not have it be a low point.
Debate football with Sol Campbell and feminism with Bridget Christie
Strachan brought Steven Pressley in. The club at 1 stage were looking at Sol Campbell. I think the consensus is we need an old head.
Players to play for both North London clubs:. Rohan Ricketts. David Bentley. William Gallas. Emmanuel Adebayor. Sol Campbell
Sol Campbell, Stan Collymore, Jason Roberts, John Barnes and Oliver Holt's heads are currently blowing up with 2 black managers sacked today
Chris Powell sacked with his side near the bottom of the table... just waiting for Sol Campbell to say it's only because he's black
Would love to see the reaction if Town appointed Malky Mackay after sacking Powell!! Sol Campbell would spontaneously combust!!!
Waiting for John Barnes and Sol Campbell to pipe up about the Chris Powell sacking.
Jeremy Clarkson, James May, Richard Hammond and finally Sol Campbell will get a job!
I'm all for genuine cases of discrimination but Jason Roberts, Sol Campbell & Paul Ince should hang their heads in shame playing the (1/2)
Joe Cole follows Sol Campbell, George Best and Paul Gascoigne in dropping down the leagues... who else makes our…
Campbell's Former Arsenal and England defender Sol Campbell picks his o...
Sol Campbell announces he's thinking of becoming a Lord...
pretty much all footballers qualify - Sol Campbell and Frank Lampard v active. Jimmy Carr to host, even though he is Labour
This will be my catchphrase the next time I think the fates conspire against me, car breaks down etc. "But I am Sol Campbell"
Somewhere Sol Campbell is hearing the news about Zac Goldsmith and muttering to himself "But I am Sol Campbell." https:…
More textbook overbearing weirdness from Sol Campbell (via
I reckon it was Ronnie Pickering disguised as Sol Campbell.
Wonder if Campbell used his "But I am Sol Campbell" line when being told he won't be London Mayor:
Ah yes, a reminder of the greatest Sol Campbell story of all time.
"But I am Sol Campbell." Odd story about the former footballer in today's Observer...
Sol Campbell o release statement saying the only reason he wasn't chosen as Tory candidate for London Mayor is racism.
Sol Campbell song by Tottenham fans... Sums up that scummy club! Rascists and utterly disgraceful!
So it appears to be Sadiq Khan v Zac Goldsmith in the London Mayoral battle. No Sol Campbell then??
Sol Campbell: "I'm also helping out the Conservatives on various issues to do with sport and diversity.”
Couldn't have an Xbox. I know that the only legend I'd pack would be Sol Campbell...
stop playing those *** years and years when i wake up and when I'm about to sleep! I have horrible visions of sol Campbell
😂 I remember having him and Sol bloody Campbell. 😩
When Sol Campbell starts ranting. There's a touch of the Kanye's about it.
Watching Sol Campbell on sky saying he was the best defender in the world and wasn't England captain because he was black
Watching the Sol Campbell interview on sky sports. He has a dig for what he wrote in the Mail about his exit from Notts County
I know buddy, we all have a weakness. Mine is Justin Timberlake. Dougs is Sol Campbell. Chiefs is me
Watching Ravi Bopara interview Sol Campbell on Sporting Heroes. He just loves talking about himself.
Watching sporting heroes: sol campbell doesn't have come across as arrogant
There is a prgramme on sky called " sporting heroes " " sol campbell" wow !!! Is there no repeats available instead
I'd bloody love Terry Connor, him or Sol Campbell
Time to change channel! Ian Darke and Michael Owen commentating and those bin dippers playing would be enough to make sol Campbell straight
I was hoping for another Sol Campbell style transfer.
Do you define a Sol Campbell type as "black"?
Sam Ramm HaroldHotspur and RealDealDanny are all equal to Sol Campbell imo
6 premier league games. England call up. Sol Campbell. 4 seasons. First call-up.
Zack talking about slide tackles I can't help but remember Sol Campbell.
Credit to for his take;. So.. Sol Campbell returns to Spurs, AND wants to play up front & pick the team….
your Sol Campbell background photo is 💯
Sol Campbell on saying he is happy at the club! he is a liar!! Gonna transfer list him right away
Sol Campbell is a bigger legend imo
Looking forward to Wes Morgan morphing into a prime Sol Campbell against us again.
Since Spurs last won the league... . Sol Campbell has been born, Left Spurs on a free, Joined Arsenal and wont 2 Leagues…
A joke that can be appreciated by Tottenham fans:. Why did Sol Campbell cross the road? To win the league.
birthdays today include Cyril Hodges, Sol Campbell, Stephen Hughes and Junichi Inamoto.
Sol Campbell has a portrait of himself in his games' room. Course he does.
at least you've not got Sol Campbell along side O'Shea 🍆🍑
greeting Sol Campbell's on his first return back to White Hart Lane as an Arsenal player
Sol Campbell: Man Utd's Wayne Rooney is the only character in the PL
It's got Sol Campbell on the cover isn't he like in an old peoples home now?
Lmao this is worse than the Sol Campbell transfer.
BRILLIANT: Sol Campbell's never ending slide tackle in full.
AMAZING: Sol Campbell's never ending slide tackle in full.
Sol Campbell reckons footballers are boring and have no personality. The exception according to him? Wayne Rooney.
Listening to Sol Campbell on Danny Baker's show; says he used to look at property prices at the age of 8, shouldn't be surprised by him then
chim chimney chim chimney chim chim cheree who needs Sol Campbell when we've got
'I wouldn't even behead Sol Campbell, which is saying something' - the words of my father.
Never mind, Lolls, we all have our cross to bear. . PS Sol Campbell & Terry Venables live/lived in Chelsea.
You can clearly see that they're missing Sol Campbell, Matt Taylor and Jimmy Dickinson...
President Matthew Torres has been spotted shaking hands with Sol Campbell in town earlier today
Kenya News (This could be Arsenal’s year, Sol Campbell tips the Gunners for Premier League glory.) Mipasho
Sol Campbell: Everything about was better than when I joined in 2001
Zat Knight came on for Sol Campbell to make his England debut - Carrick was playing centre-midfield...
Interesting views on experience. Think got fingers burned with Sol Campbell failure but veterans CAN work. Gary McAllister anyone?
a little bit more unrelastic but Sol Campbell and Gary Neville were both nearing the end of their careers after the WC.
Stephen Carr gutted he has spelt Sol Campbell wrong
Who remembers when Sol Campbell absolutely mugged Spurs right off?
in 2001, Sol Campbell made his hugely controversial transfer from Spurs to Arsenal.
The advert Nike released when Sol Campbell left Spurs for Arsenal...
CLASSIC: The advert that Nike released when Sol Campbell completed his move from Spurs to Arsenal.
A bit back I complained about a pic of Sol Campbell in your column, so its just to say thanks for Kelly today. Excellent again!
from my small cross section he's more a right side Maldini then a Sol Campbell. Likeable, good and can play two positions!
It's more of the Asprilla to Darlington or Sol Campbell to Notts County ilk...although Juninho was brilliant at Boro!
Sol Campbell using the race card I see. Works both ways. I wonder if Steve Bruce thinks "if I was black I'd have had as many caps as Sol"
answers it was Tony Adams, Alan Shearer, Gary & Phil Neville, Steven Gerrard and Sol Campbell
Brendan Rodgers, Sol Campbell, Jack Grealish, Jessica Ennis Hill, Wayne Rooney & Gary Lineker all in the 1 place
Sol Campbell says that on paper he was a worthy candidate for England captain. This is true. But unfortunately nobody likes him.
I hear Sol Campbell but I think Lol comedian around currently
The Labour Party should have asked Sol Campbell to stand to replace Chuka Umunna. Sol Campbell is not afraid of public scrutiny.
"I want to be a lightning rod away from central London." Sol Campbell tells on his mayoral ambitions on
Sol Campbell didn't captain Arsenal because he was black, he says. Instead well known White guys Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira were.
Remembering the time my dad came home and ripped my Sol Campbell autograph up and I started crying, he said you'll unde…
Sol Campbell says he is 'from the street' as he talks mayor of London election hopes... but ex-Arsenal star re...
Just saw some old lad in the HIPAC looking at the poster of Michael Johnson. He turned to his wife and told her it was Sol Campbell! . 🙈
Sol Campbell's never ending slide tackle, a thing of beauty...
and yet not one suggestion any of us has made is as ludicrous as Sol Campbell becoming Mayor
George Galloway, Sol Campbell, Diane Abbot. At this rate if Dave Benson Phillips decided to run for Mayor of London he'd get my vote.
Sol Campbell is such a massive bellend. So far up his own *** he can't see the wood from the trees!
I'm not renewing until we re-sign Yakubu, David Norris and Sol Campbell.
Sol Campbell standing for London Mayor ? What next Peter Tatchell as Prime Minister, No wonder Russia stays well out of it . they must laugh
I was surprised when Sol Campbell stood for mayor. Footballers hate politics - Steven Taylor thought Downing Street was…
Sol Campbell seems so caught up in the race for London Mayor that he's forgotten that his nickname amongst many North Londoners is 'Judas'
Darren Bent trending above Sol Campbell. Suspect Darren Bent would be a better mayor as well.
Sol Campbell wants to become mayor of London 😀
Sol Campbell to stand for election as Conservative London Mayor candidate
Danny Ings, Harry Redknapp, Darren Bent and Sol Campbell are all trending at the same time..
He led his club & country now Sol Campbell wants to be Mayor of London . Full story
Former England captain Sol Campbell to stand for election as London Mayor
LATEST: Tom's shed spotted in quick pursuit of Sol Campbell in a never ending power slide on Gwaeny
I think Sol Campbell and Jason Roberts are free? Worth a punt??
David Ginola running for FIFA presidency, he was out on the lash with Sol Campbell and Mista Ifsta in Newport the other night 😂
We rehearsed day and night. Nigel Martyn wrote a rap verse, Tony Adams brought his sax. Sol Campbell was furious not to be on lead vocals.
A throwback to Sol Campbell's never ending slide
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