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Soda Fountain

A soda fountain is a device that dispenses carbonated drinks. They can be found in restaurants, concession stands and other locations such as convenience stores.

Ice Cream

is there such thing as CC Lemon from a soda fountain anywhere?
"sorry ma'am for the wait I gave you a little extra lemonade". ".wheres the ice?" . "Oh it's by the straws in…
Grandfather was brought over by his sister. She opened a grocery, he opened a soda fountain cigar store.…
The self serve soda fountain with one million flavors is a towering achievement. Even more so now that I have final…
Whenever I feel really down it always makes me feel better to mix all the fountain soda's together
For example I just carried in a full fountain soda undetected without a bag
The problem is that this depends on the beverage! . I generally am not a big ice person, I would say…
Can I choose to be stupid and live in ignorant bliss?? Like be soo stupid a soda f…
Soda and creek here in SE WI. But a drinking fountain is called a bubbler. . In SW WI it was pop. And t…
I grew up in a community now named Uptown and StateThomas. We kids of Jewish, Mexican, African and European ethnic…
Soda is best from a fountain machine
Treat yourself this Saturday at Watson's Soda Fountain & Cafe 🍬
Thought it was common courtesy for people of his size to not stand in front of the soda fountain. Guess I was wrong.
Organic milk from a carton is like drinking fresh water from a soda fountain
Hot Stuff Breakfast at Wagner Shell, w/ free 16 oz. coffee, cappuccino or fountain soda.
vacation countdown A-Z in 239 days what might we see... . (G)hirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate…
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Appreciating every post online is where u can calls the soda fountain a *** such as C, or a picture just ask.
Bandwagon Hiptser: Everyone who has normal opinions is the drink and calls the soda fountain a *** when it splashes at me
Indeed they do. I usually drink it too fast to notice, but on occasions where I've let fountain soda sit...😭😭😭
Who teaches you to pour beer? Different kinds of beers require different pouring dad taught me a mill…
there is nothing better than a Dr pepper fountain soda 😛
At a place that both has a soda fountain and serves beer. I had beer. After I finished wife asked if I wanted water…
I may or may not have just stared at a fountain soda machine for 5 minutes trying to figure out how to get ice... t…
How dare you, a grown *** person, make a graveyard of all fruit flavored sugar-free Sprite flavors at the soda fountain. Shame in you.
Just bought and promptly spilled a large fountain soda all over my carpet and now I want to d i e
Hard to detect the blueberry - Drinking a Pugsley Signature Series: Smashed Blueberry by @ Watson…
I haven’t had a soda in 2 days and I have a caffine headache from *** that no medicine will get rid of. . I’m about…
Only water cannon Johnson knows anything about, is a soda fountain, disgraceful.
Thank you to the two nice people on the LIRR who offered me napkins when the person across from me managed to have…
I can’t be the only one that presses the soda fountain trigger a bunch of times to line the pop up with the cup
Camie got up and got herself some juice from the soda fountain. She returned to her seat then bega…
Flight delayed 30 mins. Decide to get lunch. Prices high like all airports. Get fountain soda for $2.39 that is 50%…
"sure thing." *She sits a napkin in front of Camie and flops a piece in front of her, the cheese o…
The only soda worth having, is a fountain soda.
I give into it occasionally with a fountain soda from Panera. Keeps me from buying it and having it at home.
Eating at this place called Katsu Burger for lunch. Probably gonna need bypass surgery after. Also they have a Jon…
New fountain, who dis?. is now proudly serving Jones Soda and fresh brewed tea right here in the bir…
on a budget? 2 slices and fountain soda only 6 bucks @ Goodfellas Cafe & Winery
This makes me want a root beer float now.. I can make them best though I use to work at a…
I don't particularly enjoy water I prefer flavored beverages such as soda but straight up hating water…
Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to stop using the soda fountain. There are lots of other patie…
I liked a video taste test of Mountain Dew pitch black fountain soda from quik stop
When my son was born last year our hospital had a soda fountain too. After about 20 hours of bei…
BREAKING: I just drank ALL of the Coke Zero at the studio. It's a soda FOUNTAIN machine. It's a sign, fam.
I am a Master Carpenter and Shop Foreman for a theater program. Outside of sets I have crafted so many things from…
It’s a 1 on the scale, but see it. Non-alcoholic drinks is something I’ve been thinking a lot abou…
I don't do fountain drinks, but Zevia is awesome, as is just club soda and oj, or tonic water or similar.…
I also hated water. That gross tasteless liquid is harder to start drinking than quitting soda. Anythi…
This soda fountain has the best feelings in the moma.
Usually when they call you a swell gal and buy you a tutti frutti down at the soda fountain.
WAITRESS: You said a large fountain soda, correct? And what toppings do you want on your pizza? . ME:
may have just become my favorite stop Barq’s Creme soda on the fountain?
Just got accused of stealing fountain soda at
Yeah dude, but supposedly I cant serve anything with Ice or use any of my soda guns/fountain or use an…
I want an Icee and Ben n jerry's and a fountain soda
Congrats. You made be spew a soda fountain
If you buy VIP -- (price: Diet Fountain Soda of LARGEST variety) you get to HOLD Nux & sit Shotgun.
How come draft beer is better than canned beer but canned soda is better than fountain soda???
I am irrationally irritated that raised its fountain drink prices by 10 cents. I know I'm being ridiculous,…
SodaStream Genesis Home Soda Maker Starter Kit, Black and Silver. The Sodastream Genesis is designed with a modern…
I was surprised at how good the chicken sandwich was and also that they charged $3 for a 12oz drink…
Today’s Pet Peeve: Told the cashier at that the diet side of the fountain soda machine wasn’t working and she…
Yay! It’s Come see us for 50¢ fountain sodas and $3.50 floats all day at all three locations! Mi…
Like right there on the tables or did he want to give it to you standing up against the soda fount…
So the day I got my license I went home and cleaned out the 10 year old car my family had driven. I was trying to g…
Pharmacies long ago exchanged the trust that community participation brings (re: soda fountain & lunch counter) for…
Fifty years ago you’d have been writing that denying a seat at the soda fountain was…
Which days can you add fresh cut fries & a fountain soda to any pita, bowl or salad for just $2.99? Only the days t…
Hello my new friend.. I loved going down there.. My friends in NYC had a place o…
Lol no tomatoes pls and a fountain soda great ty
I've been in plenty of those, as well! Usually the next stop was a Casey's for fuel,…
If your horchata comes from a soda fountain, you are a shame
I mostly get take out at Taco Bell because Pepsi products on the soda fountain are such a disappointment
It sickens me how a salad with my for toppings at the downer and a water bottle is like $11 but chicken and fries.…
Have you tried the new Norma Jeane Sundae at Shug’s Soda Fountain & Ice Cream? It has everything from Lowrider Baki…
There was no Dr. Pepper at MFF, so I'm on my second fountain soda in as many days and have no regrets.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Little girl goes to get a drink at a water fountain, her mother causes a scene just to stop her bc it’s public and…
I have a romantic connection with my fountain soda.
Mobile Mini Sun Cup sounds like the small fountain soda you get at the gas station.
Which of you monsters is raising your kids without teaching them that it's one person at the soda fountain at a time?
Interrupting our regular scheduled NYC post with a shout out to this adorable soda fountain and…
I just want one of those soda fountain jars to keep straws organized in and so many of them have furiously negative…
Question: Why is it that the Dr Pepper at the soda fountain seems to be running out of syrup (when it burps while p…
Asking for logic from a particular demographic ia like asking a soda fountain to dispense money. P…
Lunch Special: Free Fountain Soda with purchase of any wrap or gyro.
Shorty just walked in late to this work meeting . AND then dropped her fountain soda on the way to her seat😭😭😭 daaamn darling
As a kid, I never dreamed I would be able to find Ski in a soda fountain outside of Clinton County, IL. This is beautiful.
For some reason that sticks with me the most, that elephant sitting at the soda fountain, destined to burn to death in a year.
And it's all true. Even the thing about the baby elephant at the soda fountain.
I added a video to a playlist How to Make Coca Cola Soda Fountain Machine with 3 Different Drinks at
For some reason, if I drink a fountain soda from Burger King, I can't sleep. So hello 4am
My grandfather was in the Navy, got his degree upon discharge, and managed the town’s paper mill until he retired.…
Planning to become a spy but the truck stop soda fountain is an alluring temptress.
I really wanted to go to the picture shows and take my best guy to the soda fountain for a root beer…
This soda fountain has the racist font, can’t trust it.
The fact that fountain drinks literally cost 8¢ to make and restaurants charge yall $3.00 for them is hilarious. Stop drinking soda! 🗣
Everybody's wondering that you go to get a drink from the soda fountain you're drinking leaded water also…
The Wilton Candy Kitchen is the oldest Ice Cream Parlor/Soda Fountain in the U.S. & has been serving visitors for 1…
New York passed its bill against supersized drinks. Fortunately, no one has said anything about sticking my head under the soda fountain.
DM [A 2010 study found that 48 percent of soda fountain contained fecal bacteria, and 11 contained E. Coli]
Main observations from my first time visiting Scotland:. 1. Fountain soda doesn’t exist. 2. People LOVE mayonnaise. 3. Rain
Somebody needs to redesign a soda fountain to be more accessible such that one indecisive person standing in front isn't blocking every tap.
When u mix all the streams in the soda fountain
If you serve horchata , at least make it fresh. . Not out of the soda fountain .. 💔
Asking if the restaurant gives free refills on fountain drinks. What restaurant DOESN'T give free refills on soda?!
Doc’s Soda Fountain and Deck’s Pharmacy Museum in Girard, Illinois on Route 66. Don’t miss this quaint stop!…
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
No sugar loaded sodas here, when I asked for a fountain drink it's all green tea or fruit juices! Wow, a place WITH…
One of the worst things ever: getting a fountain sprite at a drive thru & the syrup to soda ratio being disgustingly off 😭
Sorry, not a P-Sub fan. Menu is way too ambitious, soda fo…
A bar but instead of bartenders there is fountain soda type machines for mixed drinks
Turkey Hill has Pepsi and Coke in their soda fountain. That’s a company I can get behind 🙏🏼
Got Dr. Pepper out of the school soda's definitely coca cola. Worst surprise ever.
After finishing our WODSgiving comp, treat yourself to some Ice Cream from the West Orange Creamery & Soda Fountain.
Tonight! Civics Night at the Soda Fountain welcomes back Daniel Squadron for a round table political discussion. Join us! 7-9pm.
May we recommend a treat from our Old Fashioned Soda Fountain? Perhaps a Rootbeer Float? Chocolate S…
Does anybody, by any chance, have the image of the waffle cone being poured soda from a fountain. I've bee…
$5k you can give every attendee 2 free slices of pizza and free fountain soda all weekend. Way more attr…
I hope it comes from a soda fountain and you can mix all the beers if you want to
Illustration of a soda fountain drink isolated on a white background.
It would be crazy not to visit Ghirardelli Soda Fountain & Shop for a Chocolate Soda on We dare…
Super happy and proud that Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain is in Tastes of Brooklyn on Nov. 16. Buy tix at...
Well, if ya check the's apparently a very regional thing.😊No one around here calls it sod…
I bet you're gonna those puritans that don't just randomly mix flavors at the self-serve soda fountain.
Yo might want to do something about flies coming out of the soda fountain 🤢
I want a Sprite but not from a can, like one from a soda fountain
It’s so busy at Evaroni’s my mother just got up and got us drinks at the soda fountain 🙄😂 😭
You are describing a soda fountain.
mom: *overfills her cup on the soda fountain*. me: oh... cup. mom: ah! I get it now ☺️
brand or put that into a soda dispenser fountain. Strange how even food can become intellectual property. Wow. Mind-blown.
youre in my area now where i grew up, make sure you go to Esther’s Hobby Shop and Yetters for chocolate and soda fountain
Is it annoying to anyone els that Chick-Fli-a keeps their soda fountain behind the counter
My life is a lot like when you're getting water out of a soda fountain and you accidentally hit the lemonade
The Ladybird Diner in Lawrence has super pies! And the soda fountain bar is a nice touch. Thanks for the recommendation. 👍👍
The Neolibs promised Jefferson Beauregard Sessions that they'd segr…
At an oil change place and they offer me free fountain soda. ♡
How could you not love And that soda fountain just takezs it to another level... 😎
You became an adult the day your dream-house didn’t have a soda fountain
I don't understand why people feel the need to eat during a 50 minute class period, especially during an exam. Can the f…
Sun's out... I think it's time for a treat. And my, Shug's Soda Fountain at Market sure looks tasty!
Sometimes a sip of fountain soda is so refreshing.
I liked a video Coca Cola Soda Fountain Machine Refrigerator for Ice Cream and Coca Cola
This was Dad at the movies this week "What a World!" Bout about this machine…
Multiple times. Mainly using soda fountain though
Gas station chili dogs and a fountain soda…dinner of champions!
White soda never tastes right out of a fountain. 🙅🏼
McDonald's wack for only having soda for fountain drinks. Fire whoever idea that was
I wish I had a fountain soda machine in my house
Oh wow a gas station of another time, was there a soda fountain in there?
It happens after I get dead and when I am using Soda fountain for some reason
It's in a bucket over by the soda fountain and it just says Kool-Aid. Looks super sketch but it's so dang good!
If they don't have Big Red in the soda fountain you might as well leave.
This is like when my grandma tells me about playing jacks down by the soda fountain as a kid.
I need chicken nuggets and a fountain soda.
Guaranteed hangover cure : steak and eggs , any fountain soda , and cold shower .
I wasn't sure what country I was in until I saw some lady wash her hands in the soda fountain at McDonald's.
Power vaccum and soda fountain. hands down.
At a bar in Phoenix totally thought I saw Kendall Jenner but it was actually just a soda fountain with nothing but Pepsis.
I'm Lara Croft's butler in TR2, forever shuffling around the house, but with a tray of weed paraphernalia and a large fountain soda.
Fountain soda had little to none syrup. Workers are weird. The cheese part of the Mac and cheese ain't even that c…
I thought fountain drink machines at fast food places were connected to huge tanks of each type of soda under the r…
I liked a video How To Make A Soda Fountain in Minecraft
This soda fountain bar is really pretty. @ Poka Lola Social Club
Me and Adam did a Wunderfizz only challenge earlier (Unquenchable allowed but not perk spawning gg's inc. no Soda fountain), so funny 😂😂
I don't have enough money for the soda so I want to just drink out of the water fountain, but everyone else got soda. Now I cant get up 😟
Ice Cream sundae at an old fashioned soda fountain
And if you want soda in a can you have to pay for that too on DCL. Even though fountain soda is free.
I know you probably don't wanna talk about ee4c but could you please ban near death experience, perkaholic and soda fountain
Sos someone bring me a fountain soda pls
Pretty downtown while in town for the plus…
I'm now the Duke of Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain on
Ok but also I got a soda fountain and workaholic back in a two vat liquid divinium in Dr montys factory
Whenever I'm at a place with a soda fountain, 99% of the time I'll mix a bunch of drinks together.
I should self-RT this every time I do, which YOU WILL FIND, SIRS AND MADAMS, doubles as a list of times I've used a soda fountain
Take a break from the daily grind with a sweet treat from the old-fashioned soda fountain
SIZZLING NEW FUN TIME MOVE: Just like stuff a banana up in your desiderata's old-fashioned soda fountain
Still reeling about the fact that didn't have water in their soda fountain for me to fill up my bottle so I had to get fkn plastic. 😤
I remember LBJ and his love of Fresca! No butler; he used tax payers 💰 to install a soda fountain in Oval…
Had a blast being a part of this with Now that's some
Downtown for generations, a soda fountain may soon disappear
This looks like the sweetest and most attractive high school soda fountain date ever.
Lyndon Johnson had a Fresca fountain installed in the Oval Office. If you're into soda-related presidential trivia.
This is not revolutionary. Past presidents have had similar devices... LBJ even installed a Fresca soda fountain *…
Does anyone else think out of the soda fountain tastes like nectar of the gods? Cuz holy moly 🙌🏻
.. correction. it's a diet coke .. I want one too.. actually I want a soda fountain next to my pool tabl…
lame. Didn't LBJ actually have a soda fountain that made Fanta come out of the desk itself?
Yeah but only at the soda fountain I used to work at
OMG a Dr. Pepper soda fountain a dream for you and your dr. pepper peeps
Seems it might be cheaper to just add a mini fridge to the office. Or even a soda fountain.
Few things are more disappointing in life than expecting a particular drink at a soda fountain, and getting water instead.
Wanna hear a sad story? Decided to splurge on a fountain soda cuz it's the best soda & the coke was pure water! so I had to get lemonade🙄
TIL that many people on my forum have strong opinions about fountain soda.
Sputtering soda fountain in slow motion at fast food joint.
Literally a cliffhanger. They had to pump fountain soda to the back of the bus to rebalance it.
Soda in different forms actually has different mixtures. Bottled vs can/fountain/which restaurant/ etc etc.
I treat my skin like the fountain of youth and all this girl gotta do is drink soda n she has perfect skin.. it don…
Fountain soda mixes are different from regular soda/different places mix the syrup and water differently
Well was the cup empty before you got it or did it come through the fountain as you…
comforted by the proximity of the soda fountain and the bubbly whispers of Dr. Pepper and "Mountain" Dew guiding me
Please send sprite-pink lemonade fountain soda to my little *** hole.
I need a fountain soda so bad right now
I barely drink soda. I gave it up for Lent one year and lost my taste for i…
Today, in 1833, the patent for the first soda fountain was filed. Celebrate with a root beer - maybe from a DIY kit fr…
Kinda sounds like Bernie's campaign if we're being literal but I know exactly what you mean.. "and so…
On this week's episode, learn the history of a beloved soda fountain, a rose competition and much more.
I'm past the craving stage, just struggling to stay awake at work and the soda fountain is just around the co…
Not sure how I feel about having a urinal cake in a soda fountain.
Republican campaign promises as frivolous as the Jr High class prez promise of soda pop in every water fountain
Rob thinks that bottled soda and fountain soda are the same? Simpleton.
Follow the story of a beloved soda fountain, from Clintonville to Circleville. More from
UNSETTLING NEW SEX TIP: Gingerly observe best practices with her "old-fashioned soda fountain"
Castelia City's Central Plaza is home to a picturesque fountain and a pair of soda machines in Pokémon Black and White! http…
All for Ice Cream, and Ice Cream for all 😍 @ The Green Corner Store & Soda Fountain
Family fun day continues! (@ Johnny's Soda Fountain and Luncheonette) on
For all you Nedra Broccoli fans of the Soda Fountain, I thought you enjoy a little trivia.
Downtown Buffalo gets its first Ice Cream parlor in decades: Jerk's Soda Fountain.
I love the original Soda fountain shops that are still around, so sick
AHH so this guy at the gas station was being super dorky. I get my fountain soda and pay for it and he says "do you need a bag or receipt?"😂
Well that brought me back to when I was a little girl & we had one of those drug stores w/a soda fountain.
Doghouse Brings the Weenie to College Park: The folks who opened Infusion Tea (Website) and Soda Fountain (Website)…
I need a plethora of fountain soda diet cokes
. Hope you have time for a treat at the soda fountain. Kids love the root beer floats!
Btw, I so want an old school soda fountain to appear here...🍧 @ Walgreens
I always drink 1 gallon of water a day, mainly from comedy club fountain soda.
Just saw some guy fill up his one gallon jug straight out of the fountain drink dispenser w soda in front of the Jack in the Box cashiers
U know that childish move where u pour a lil bit of soda from each fountain spout? I just did that with soup.
Listening to people eat french fries and drink fountain soda on lunch while eating my 100th consecutive prepped meal is the worst.
ICYMI: Shug’s Ice Cream and Soda Fountain opens this weekend in Pike Place. Sundaes and egg creams galore.
Yeah, fancy pants Mary Hatch got to order the choc. sundae at soda fountain. Course, she ended up dissolving in tears.
Does the town where you live have one of those old time drug stores with a soda fountain in it? Mine town doesn't...
I pitty the fool who drinks from the soda fountain!
I don't even drink soda but I want a Pepsi or DP fountain drink rn 😭
What's the most absurd tax you can think of? How about Chicago’s 9% soda fountain syrup tax?
It's this weekend! Soda Fountain Rag and and loads more play the Sunday, but it's ace al…
An organic cafe and juice bar is coming to Old Saybrook!.
Enjoy a Grilled Cheese with choice of Chips or Pasta Salad today at the Soda Fountain for lunch!
Today through May 5th stop by The Store and get a FREE 22oz. fountain soda! Just present this coupon!
How about a chocolate milkshake today? Uptown Bill's serves them over the old Pearson's Soda Fountain
Come join us at the Soda Fountain in Steelville on St. Patrick's Day evening
This key lime hibiscus tho! (@ Spinning J Bakery and Soda Fountain in Chicago, IL)
I checked in at Johnny's Soda Fountain and Luncheonette on
Megan Kelly the Drug store was a real.old one the Soda Fountain ice Bmcreame bar stools .
Tonight, indulge in cocktails & Ice Cream at Ultimate Adult Soda Fountain:
Pepsi Soda Fountain Machine by mdsimmons1118 - model on Warehouse
It's still a thing. I buy it at the store and it's in the soda fountain at Rubio's.
OH GOSH REALLY? Do you have pics? Not sure if I've seen them if they aren't from the DS, parks, or Disney soda fountain.
Because of course I want no ice! It takes up space that could be Coca Cola, and the fountain soda is already cold enough!
new Ice Cold Coca Cola Pause and Refresh neon sign Coke Soda fountain Lamp…
First Midwest Bank Amphitheater: Add lids on drinks for water and fountain soda to prevent others fro... via
so I just brought this homeless woman some dinner and she proceeded to put every possible type of juice/soda in her fountain cup
I'll be satisfied when there are teavana tea dispensers in gas stations instead of fountain soda machines 🌸🍓🌱🍍
The soda fountain at Moes is too advanced for me..
Yes, the old timey soda fountain is a favorite of ours for lunch. Breakfast goes to the Julian Cafe. Mom's for pie. 👍
"Fountain drink? Oh you're fancy, I just asked for a soda cup."
Wallgreens soda fountain and candy counter - dating myself.
The house my parents live in was outfitted with a bar and soda fountain in the late 70s by the guy who built it.
Wait kim just washed her hands at the soda fountain...
Hamilton Collection
I mean, having that one soda line, but these are like fully separate soda fountain stations? It is just something that feels...
*me trying to choose a drink from a soda fountain*. Me to Megan: "What do I want?". Megan: "Deez nuts." .
I used to go to Julian all the time as a kid! They have great pies and a lovely soda fountain shop!
I've discovered the Soda Fountain Room at the Lemay House. They're expecting over 5,000 visitors despite the rain.
These look like the perfect size afternoon snack! The Soda Fountain of Venice thanks for sharing!
Stop by today for our $5.00+ Lunch Specials. Monday - Friday 11-3pm. • 2 Regular Slices and a Fountain Soda. •...
I have a blast each year helping out at the back to school supply event held at the Soda Fountain in Baxter...
Route 66 Soda Fountain in Baxter Springs, Kansas. Photo credit by Franklin B Thompson on Flickr.
Ben’s Town Antiques in Benton Features a Working 1930s Soda Fountain: Photography Note: Photos are by post author…
Those are great. I haven't seen ones like them since an ancient soda fountain near Grandma's house.
Basden need to come through with this fountain soda
I just bought a fountain soda for the first time in hella days it's v fizzy
Shut up soda fountain, you're drunk.
They contain that and take my order. I get a fountain drink and go to soda fountain. It is all out of soda. All 8 are totally empty.
Why doesn't the Las Vegas costco sell the fountain soda cups at the register?!
Redirecting my feelings to the soda fountain like WWHY ARE U OUT OF VANILLA COKE THO
Once again fountain soda saved the day
I used to sneak my own fountain soda in, but the last time was disastrous...So only homemade food for now!!
And by that, I meant when I go to establishments that serve food where you go to the soda fountain to pour your own drink.
Orders "coke" @ restaurant w soda fountain & has no intention of actually drinking a coke. It just sounds better than saying "soda"
I got my authentic soda fountain root beer float and it's quaint and gorgeous downtown. I'm happy.
I never drink soda anymore but can never resist a fountain diet coke at the movies. Ready to get our on!
Want a soda fountain like this in my future house plz.
this taco bell in the middle of nowhere in sc has mountain dew kickstart in their soda fountain¿ i just got a large im never sleeping
3 Dr Peppers a day: Elizabeth Sullivan, 104, finds (soda) fountain of youth.
"I'm not mad and I don't care but you were staggering last night" mom. Dad calls you need a fountain soda you were staggering last night
lol the boos feel the same way. Pepe asked for a roast beef and a giant jug of pretzels and a soda fountain
is this how you turned a profit last year? You realize the margin on fountain soda with ice is a lot higher right?
I loved the soda fountain at Kresge's. My friends and I used to take the bus to the plaza - we were the first...
I need a bottle of water, fountain soda, gatorade, lemon snapple and another bottle of water if I'm going anywhere near Irish day today
This Vanilla-Lemon Coke tastes like i'm not grown up enough to use the soda fountain at Wendy's.
I cant get a 44oz fountain soda w/out Robby calling me white trash. I've tried explaining - its diet coke... Its only trashy if its Dew
omg get me I feel so sick and can you please stop by 7/11 and get carmella a fountain soda I'll give you money 😂😂
Teenagers at a soda fountain, 1940s
Extremely rare soda fountain syrup dispensers among top highlights in Morphy's Advertising Auction
Here you go Joseph Thomson, keep drinking that Dr. Pepper! :)
I checked in at Fair Oaks Pharmacy and Soda Fountain on
In honor of Bang-Up Betty truck show today 12-3 at The Green Corner Store & Soda Fountain, there will be Bloody...
Clinton’s Soda Fountain, site of President Truman’s first job, on Independence Square
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