Social Security & Patty Duke

Social security is primarily a social insurance program providing social protection or protection against socially recognized conditions, including poverty, old age, disability, unemployment and others. Anna Marie Patty Duke (born December 14, 1946) is an American actress of stage, film, and television. 2.3/5

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My day started at the Social Security office trying to get a new card (I put mine in a safe place but can't remember where the safe place was). Mark and I were arguing about the name of the actor who played Patty Duke's Dad on the TV show. In-between answering the SS clerk's questions, Mark and I would argue. At one point, the clerk asked me, "TV or real life?" I said, excuse me? She asked, "Patty Duke's Dad in real life or on TV?" On TV, I answered. Tappity, tappity, tap went her keyboard, "William Schallert", she said without looking up. "Now, where would you like your new card mailed?" Somerset has the coolest Social Security clerks in the world.
Social Security brochure... Yes, that's right... Patty Duke & George Takei!
I took the liberty of extending a greeting to Social Security staff in Vancouver WA from Mr Takei and Patty Duke. Hi Nurse Chapel! Vote!
Well, as of 1 September, I am officially retired from the work force. After 48 years, I finally no longer have to roll out and go do other people's bidding! A freedom I've long anticipated, and one I will appreciate greatly. Filed my Social Security online, just like Patty Duke. Life goes on and the best is yet to be!
Patty Duke tells Kirk how to apply for Social Security online-
Chubby Checker also did spots for Social Security. Confirmed: the old funny girl is Patty Duke.
Why are Patty Duke & George Takei dressed up in Star Trek uniforms advertising Social Security? Why does Soc Sec need to advertise at all?
At the Social Security office, there's an ongoing video of "helpful hints" given on a Star Trek set, in costume, featuring George Takei and... Patty Duke?!
so I post about watchin the last episode of Star Trek with my dad last night , and to get another business license for this county I need a new social security card , walk into SS admin office this morning (morning is 2pm for me) and the first thing I see is a big Star Trek social security office ad , playin on the tv's and a posted right as you walk in , I would have taken a picture at the front door but with all the tsa like security heavily guarding the SS office, and the signs on the walls explicitly outlawing all picture-taking, considering the poster was right behind a armed guard, I kinda thought meh maybe it aint worth it Takei reprises his role as Hikaru Sulu, helmsman of the USS Enterprise, in a new series of Star Trek-themed public service announcements from the Social Security Administration. Patty Duke explains to a skeptical Takei the convenience of signing up for Social Security benefits online. “You’ve navigated through asteroid belts, right?” Duke asks Takei. “Well, compared to th ...
Watch Patty Duke apply online for Social Security retirement and Medicare benefits at home in her pajamas. To apply online visit
Patty Duke tells George Takei how easy it is to apply for Social Security benefits online. Just go to to find out. To obtain a transcr...
The huge Patty Duke poster here at social security is hilarious.
Did you know Social Security has two spokesfolk, Patty Duke and Star Trek's Mr. Sulu?
Chubby Checker is helping Social Security get the word out about a new twist in the law that makes it easier to qualify for Extra Help with Medicare prescrip...
George Takei & Patty Duke for Social Security. When was Patty Duke ever on @ Social Security Administration
So, George Takei and Patty Duke are doing Social Security ads now...
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